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Feeding the Marriage Memory Hole: Evidence Mounts

The frightening thing, he reflected for the ten thousandth time as he forced his shoulders painfully backward (with hands on hips, they were gyrating their bodies from the waist, an exercise that was supposed to be good for the back muscles) — the frightening thing was that it might all be true. If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say of this or that event, it never happened — that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death.

The Party said that Oceania had never been in alliance with Eurasia. He, Winston Smith, knew that Oceania had been in alliance with Eurasia as short a time as four years ago. But where did that knowledge exist? Only in his own consciousness, which in any case must soon be annihilated. And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed — if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

— George Orwell, 1984 

In yesterday’s piece about Cardinal Kasper and Amoris Laetitia, I noted that the German Cardinal had made a blatant attempt to co-opt Pope John Paul II’s gradualism in Familiaris Consortio as a stepping stone for the much more subversive approach in AL. I then concluded:

It seems that we have at last come full circle. In February, 2014, when Cardinal Kasper gave the consistory keynote that introduced us to the idea of a push for Communion for the Divorced and Remarried, we could see that it wasn’t just talk. Time after time, Francis made clear that he supported the agenda, at first by silence, then by action, and finally by words.

The coup is complete. They got what they wanted. And just like every other doctrinal perversion that has come along in the past 50 years, they will try to shove every understanding but this one down the memory hole and call it “development.”

Today, I spent some time connecting dots, and I realized that this assault is already well underway.

We saw evidence of this reality first with the appointment of the Kasperite Cardinal Paglia and his appointment as the new head of the Pontifical Academy for Life and the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family. Shortly thereafter, Paglia gave an interview to Vatican Radio — with a very distinct message:

With these new appointments, in Paglia’s eyes the pope clearly wants to continue the new course which emanates from the Synod of Bishops [on Marriage and the Family]  and his encyclical [sic]  Amoris Laetitia. [my emphasis added]

What I hadn’t realized is that at the same time as we were hearing of Paglia’s appointment, Monsignor Pierangelo Sequeri was tapped to be the head of the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family in Rome. Sequeri, according to LifeSiteNews,

was consultor for both the extraordinary and ordinary Synod of Bishops and took part in the working groups who helped draftAmoris Laetitia. It seems that the implementation of such documents would be in his field of interest. Yet only time and further developments in the Institute will tell if the nominations are in contrast to its mission.

Then earlier this month, it was announced that Cardinal Robert Sarah — who continuously makes waves in the Church by simple statements of basic orthodoxy — would be replaced at the last minute as the keynote speaker at the Roman Institute’s commencement of the academic year. His replacement? Pope Francis himself. That speech took place earlier today. In it, the Holy Father returned to a familiar theme — that the Catholic concept of marriage is an unattainable ideal that requires pastoral innovation and compromise:

“At times we have also proposed a far too abstract and almost artificial theological ideal of marriage, far removed from the concrete situations and practical possibilities of real families. This excessive idealization, especially when we have failed to inspire trust in God’s grace, has not helped to make marriage more desirable and attractive, but quite the opposite.”

“Theology and pastoral solicitude go hand-in-hand,” said Pope Francis. “A theological doctrine that does not let itself be guided and shaped by the evangelizing purpose and the pastoral concern of the Church is just as unthinkable as a pastoral plan for the Church that does not know how to make a treasure of revelation and tradition with a view to the better understanding and transmission of the faith.”

In yet another story that broke just this morning, it was learned that Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne, Australia, “shocked students and staff” by announcing that the John Paul II Institute in his diocese, would be closed at the end of 2018:

The archbishop yesterday sent a letter to faculty and staff of the institute notifying them of the decision citing concerns about low student numbers.

The Catholic Weekly understands that student numbers had increased in recent years.

The institute was founded in 2001 to “promote marriage and the family for the good of the whole Church and the wider community, within the context of higher education in Australia and education in theology”, according to its website.

I couldn’t find any statements made by Archbishop Hart on Amoris Laetitia, but I did pull up a news story from January of this year in which this shepherd of over a million Catholics (as of 2013) “urged schools to be sensitive and respectful to students who wanted to invite a same-sex date to the biggest night of the year.”

“These are quite often emotional situations and it’s very important that we always have respect for the dignity of the human being involved,” he said.


“Students in a secondary school are growing up and in developmental stages where relationships are more like strong friendships and are not usually permanent, they are not in a situation where they are committing,” Archbishop Hart said in a statement to Fairfax Media.

“The Catholic Church respects any relationship but always sticks quite firmly with its teaching that a relationship in the eyes of the church is heterosexual, between a male and female, and that is something we would always stand by.”

Archbishop Hart was criticised last year for allegedly burying Jesuit Social Services’s Not So Straight report, which had found widespread bullying and homophobic abuse of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students in Catholic schools, leading to high-levels of self harm, and even suicide.


Academy principal Sister Mary Moloney said it was a progressive and modern Catholic school that dealt with any issue or concern with an open mind.

“The philosophy of allowing students to choose whomever they wish to accompany them to our school formal will continue into the future,” Sister Moloney said.

You can reach your own conclusions about such moral leadership. Joseph Sciambra (whom I interviewed this summer about his formerly “gay” lifestyle and his conversion to Catholicism) has his own take here.

This is systematic. Cardinal Schönborn as official interpreter saying that AL is “binding”. The Buenos Aires letter. The capitulation of various bishops conferences (which Francis and his cabal have sought to empower from the earliest days of his pontificate). The Cardinal Vicar of Rome — who reports directly to the pope as “bishop of Rome” — allowing communion for the “remarried” in his diocese. Cardinal Farrell, new head of the Vatican division for Laity and Family, saying that AL “is the Holy Spirit Speaking”. Countless other examples, if you want to start digging.

And it is amazing to see that as progressive as Pope John Paul II was capable of being — even on marriage — he was a bastion of orthodoxy compared to these revolutionaries. This is why they have been attacking his work on marriage and family from the get go. Familiaris Consortio is simply an impediment to Amoris Laetitia. As are, no doubt, some of JPII’s other writings on the matter.

The rapidity with which AL is becoming the de facto law of the Church by diktat is breathtaking. I return again to the words of Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández, close friend of Francis and ghostwriter of most of the major documents of this pontificate — particularly Amoris Laetitia. You will perhaps recall that he told us to expect this:

“The pope goes slow because he wants to be sure that the changes have a deep impact. The slow pace is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the changes. He knows there are those hoping that the next pope will turn everything back around. If you go slowly it’s more difficult to turn things back.” The interviewer then proceeded to ask him whether it does not help his adversaries when they know that Pope Francis says that his papacy might be short. Fernández answered: “The pope must have his reasons, because he knows very well what he’s doing. He must have an objective that we don’t understand yet. You have to realize that he is aiming at reform that is irreversible. If one day he should sense that he’s running out of time and doesn’t have enough time to do what the Spirit is asking him, you can be sure he will speed up.” [emphasis added]

82 thoughts on “Feeding the Marriage Memory Hole: Evidence Mounts”

  1. This disturbing report that Steve just wrote reminds me of Saint John Bosco’s vision of the orphans in his care running down a beautiful wide road straight to Hell.

    Do anyone of these men who run our Church even believe in God? Do they even believe in the Roman Catholic Church?

  2. I’ve been loathe to say this of Pope Francis, but now I will, God forgive me.

    Take him, Lord. Take him now before he can cause any more damage

    How long, Lord? How long?

      • Wouldn’t it be something if the Cardinals were to gather for the next conclave and, after the doors were locked, before the first vote, the flu or something similar broke out, killing only Bergoglio’s appointees? Could the rest of the Cardinals fail to get the message?

        • Perhaps the Sistine chapel will suffer catastrophic structural failure, and collapse in an accident. I do not wish these men any harm, but they will surely find themselves on the other side of Heaven with Satan if they do not respond to all the graces our Blessed Lord is trying to give them.

  3. I sense the whole rewriting of history concerning the Reformation also afoot. I read the Catholic Luther Accord approved by JPII and recent commentary from our prelates that say Luther would not have been excommunicated today and that the Reformation was one big misunderstanding. Reading Bellarmine makes it very clear that it was not one big misunderstanding. Each side knew exactly what they believed and what the other side believed. These people are taking the understanding of Protestants today concerning Justification, which is all over the map, and are throwing it back into time to clear the name of the original heretics and to white wash the whole event.

    • I read the Catholic Luther Accord (most of it anyways, I got interrupted repeatedly) just a few days ago myself. What I found interesting about it was that it basically said “So we believe this, and they believe that. It’s different but it’s not, so let’s be happy!” This whole thing is making me sick.

  4. It feels as if we have no priest, prophet, or king on this earth. But we have the High Priest in Heaven and our Blessed Mother and we appeal to them to help us and to save us.

  5. I despair at reading the latest expectations arising from the long awaited Papal celebration of Lutheran heresies. Why continue to adhere to the centuries of RC teaching if, according to this Papacy and its sycophantic gaggle of ingratiating Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, I can perpetuate a life of mortal sin because of my subjective circumstances and still be in a state of Grace able to receive the Holy Eucharist; not be committing a sacrilegious act by receiving a Lutheran communion; condone a Priest committing a sacrilegious act by knowingly giving the Holy Eucharist to a Lutheran or remarried divorcee; support abortionists and not be concerned for my soul; be accepting of homosexual unions as a Christocentric act of inclusiveness and mercy; that most RC marriages are a sham; that The Church’s outreach to the young should accommodate a near pornographic representations of marital intimacy; accept that to proselytise as Christ commanded is in fact a violation of another’s right not to believe and remain in their sin.

    It is possible that Holy Providence is truly at work, having allowed since VII, the darnel to grow with the wheat and now what we witness is the darnel’s flowering so we can see its proliferation. Standing head and shoulders over the wheat it thinks it is its time and it owns the farmer’s field, and it is the fruit of the harvest. Well now we see you in plain sight and now the Lord of the harvest is coming to cut you down!!

  6. The Bishop of Rome does not believe the Grace of God can make a marriage perfect.

    He believes that ideals are bad and that naturalistic goals are more reasonable. I mean who can really be faithful or not commit adultery in their heart? Its just too hard because…. well you know… we are just human. He needs to get clarification on what marriage is supposed to be.

    He should try to refer to the catechism sometime:

    The grace of the sacrament of Matrimony
    “By reason of their state in life and of their order, [Christian spouses] have their own special gifts in the People of God.”145 This grace proper to the sacrament of Matrimony is intended to PERFECT the couple’s love and to strengthen their indissoluble unity. By this grace they “help one another to attain holiness in their married life and in welcoming and educating their children.”146

    CHRIST IS THE SOURCE OF THIS GRACE. “Just as of old God encountered his people with a covenant of love and fidelity, so our Savior, the spouse of the Church, now encounters Christian spouses through the sacrament of Matrimony.”147 Christ DWELLS with them, GIVES them the strength to take up their crosses and so follow him, to rise again after they have fallen, to forgive one another, to bear one another’s burdens, to “be subject to one another out of reverence for Christ,”148 and to love one another with supernatural, tender, and fruitful love.

    If you do not believe that Christ is involved in a holy marriage then you cling to non ideals and think it is just some type of agreement between a man and woman. You can be okay with quicky annulments and you can give the okay for sacrilegious activity,

    God will not be mocked and yes the last quote from his ghost writer is correct, he is running out of time.

    • The problem is that you and I believe this teaching, but there are so many, many shepherds who do not. My wife and I have, and continue to see the manifestation of this grace in our own marriage. “Strive to enter through the narrow gate.”

  7. There’s something very strange about the way these novel ideas surge into the public mind. It’s like this with transgender in the United States. Maybe 2-3 years ago it was hardly discussed. As soon as Obergefell made gay marriage legal, transgender is everywhere. It’s like this with the Pope. Suddenly everything is Lutheran, Lutheran, and more Lutheran and Marriage FrancisChurch-style. It’s in your face and it’s everywhere all the time.

    This is not the way of being led by reason or by the Holy Spirit. This is the way of perpetual revolution and authoritarianism. It’s the way of strong-arming dictators who impose their visions upon us all. I have a dictator for a pope. He forces his novel heresies upon us and practically damns us for resisting. No more!

  8. In a way we can take heart from this papal lunacy. If he is really suggesting that the Church has been wrong from the teaching of Our Lord himself down to his last predecessor, then logic would dictate that he also can be wrong. And if he can be wrong then nothing he can do will be permanent. Everything he does can be reversed once a Catholic succeeds to the See of Peter. May the triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart come soon.

  9. What is ironic about all of this is how decisive leftists are in forcing their change. The picture they like to paint of themselves is one of mercy and tolerance, but the truth is that they will jam their ideology down your throat subito; eliminating resistance and appointing their cronies to positions of power. Meanwhile, “conservative” popes spend decades dithering, compromising, effecting little to no correction. The closest thing we’ve had in the last 50 years is Summorum Pontificum, and I have yet to hear a peep about it in my diocese. If I didn’t have internet access, I wouldn’t even know it existed.

    On the positive side, the problems in the church are so clear and obvious now to traditionalists that their solutions could be brought about with unbelievable speed if only we had a pope faithful to tradition with the courage to do what is necessary. If I were pope for a day……

  10. Jorge is a double agent, I have no doubt. He is not stupid. Is he THE False prophet? I don’t know. He is truly Evil for putting reprobates into key positions, because of this, he will damage the Church for many decades.

    • I have to agree. For those who follow Catholic prophesy, Jesus gave warnings during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II to remain faithful to him and the teachings he has handed down to us and to no one else. Pope Benedict XVI faithfully completed what Pope John Paul II did not finish. Recently, the remnant was described not as those few faithful who hold out to the end, but to those few who remain faithful to tradition in following the teachings of Pope John Paul II. We are seeing now how they are being trashed and disregarded.

    • The job of the false prophet could be to reverse John the Baptist and make crooked the path. But if one connects islam, as does Shoebat, then abeting the hajrah into Christendom and weakening its only proven cure, the Church, undermining it and the faithful – that actually would fit. In fact it points to Walid’s thesis of looking for a coming caliph, even similar to what the “twelvers” say as the fulfillment of this – the iniquity.

  11. Like all of us, Jorge Bergoglio has precisely as much time as God will give him – not one second more. Truth, and only Truth, wins and triumphs because Truth has a capital “T” -it is not a concept or a theory, it is Jesus Christ God Almighty and it is His Church, not Jorge’s, not Blaise’s although he declared otherwise, and certainly not any active fornicators with high positions in the Vatican.

    • I wouldn’t rule it out. But I wouldn’t rule out simple stupidity and miserable judgement on the part of Francis the man. Ever notice that he resembles Alfred E Neuman? The “What, Me Worry?” Pope.

  12. This has all been weighing on me for some time now (a couple of years). The first FrancisSynod was when my eyes really opened. I’ve been reading almost daily for all this time about new errors coming from Rome. It’s only after reading this article and some of the comments below that I truly felt sad. Tears are forming in my eyes even now as I write this.

    I know the Lord will always triumph. I know the Church has not changed. I know that one day all of this will be fixed, and I know that one day, at the end of time, evil will cease. I know that Jesus Christ is still fully present in the Precious Body and Blood that I receive at Mass. I know this is all in time. I know that, ultimately, we’re ok.

    But, Lord, how many souls will be lost? I weep for these souls. So many are being led to perdition at the very hands of THE VICAR OF CHRIST! I recently spoke to a friend of mine, for the first time, about this very matter. My friend said, essentially, that all of that responsibility lies of Pope Francis at the end of his life and to not be troubled… but how can I not?

    I know that most of us are hoping, praying, waiting for a bishop to finally speak up, to finally call the Pope out for what he is. I know we’re all watching and trying to stay safe as much as we can in the communities and oases of tradition we can find… but what of the hundreds of millions of Catholics out there, drowning outside the Ark? I know we must pray, we must fast, we must sacrifice (my wife and I are going to be praying and fasting on Oct. 31 instead of the usual revels in anticipation for the celebration of the saints)… but what else can we do??? Domine, misere nobis!!!

    • Remember when in the Garden of Olives Satan tried to dissuade Jesus from taking the sins of the world on his shoulders & going through with His Passion & Death by Crucifixion? Even when their weight pressed His face to the ground & blood flowed from every pore He still obeyed His Father’s Will so that we could be redeemed. The sins of these times & the disloyalty of those who should be most loyal were then known to Him. He waited for Judas’s betrayal which led directly to His Passion & Death being realised. To-day it is the same thing over again but this time it is His Bride who is being crucified, as Fr.Nix poignantly pointed out recently in his article Birth Pains of the Church & which was confirmed by God Himself to him.

      There are many Catholics who cannot face up to the times we are living in – many reside in the Vatican & Episcopal Palaces worldwide. They forget who they have been ordained to follow & obey & therefore cannot carry out their duties to the sheep. They are inadequate & should never have been given the positions they presently hold or even been ordained in the first instance. We have been told that all who persevere in these times will be saved. Those who wilfully lead the weak astray will perish. We have been given the grace of Baptism & furthermore the strength of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Sacraments & the Holy Rosary. We cannot expect any support from what once was The Holy See but must diligently prepare ourselves for the battle which will undoubtedly come. Our Lady has promised that the Pope (?) will consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart but it will be late & when all seemed lost that would be the time of Her Triumph. With the earthquakes in Italy & Lund just around the corner, maybe the chastisement will be fully realised before too long. It would be a miracle is everything was accounted for by next May, but of course we must leave these matters to God & not be too concerned about what we have no power over. Trust is what is required now – He expects no less.

  13. It is obvious to anyone who has graduated from the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family that the 1968ers and their disciples have got marriage and the family in the cross-hairs. People have been bending over backwards to excuse a man who speaks in coded language. The CIA and KGB should give classes to those who don’t want to hear what’s really going on. The refusal to wear the liturgical vestments for the solemn event on the loggia on the day of the election gave the first signal (i.e. forget the Liturgy). Then came the words announcing that cultural wars were unhelpful (i.e. forget the culture of life vs the culture of death, which told the prolifers to pack their bags). And then came the pretense at not being able to use the faculties of reason (i.e forget the morality of any act whatsoever in the area of human sexuality – that killed the natural moral law).

    Now if your still trying to defend the indefensible after the ever growing list goes on and on, go back and read what was said in the Philippines (January, 2015). It was the pretense of holding up the teaching on Humanae Vitae. That document is despised in powerful circles – and the JPII Institute stands or falls with it – so it has to be reinterpreted. Did Paul VI really ‘in his encyclical… (teach) confessors to be particularly compassionate for
    particular cases.’ Anyone who has studied it – and the JPII folk have studied it – will be hard pushed to give it that spin. But if your a Martini-ite (with a dose of Kasper thrown in with you Rahnerian weltschaung) then anything goes.

    The question is: when will God – for the sake of those who love Him – end their suffering?

  14. The point of all this has to be to destroy marriage and the family while undermining the Catholic faith. The so called reasons given for “accompanying” folks in irregular relationship are nonsense. Most folks in “irregular” relationship couldn’t care less what the Church thinks. So, to me, the real reason for these mostly symbolic actions has to be to weaken the faith of most currently practicing Catholics and make it easier for them to disobey the precepts of the Church. In other words, all of this is meant to subvert the faith. It is from the evil one.

    • This is an important insight:

      Most folks in “irregular” relationship couldn’t care less what the Church thinks.

      So why? What is this about?

        • I suppose it’s not necessarily deeper than that kind of thing. I’m looking for some reason for particulars to discover a strategy, but I suppose that there really doesn’t have to be any.

          • If you want to get into it try ‘Iota Unum’ by Romano Amerio.–A study of Changes in the Catholic Church in the XXth Century. It all goes back to Luther and the French Revolution as expressed in the heresy of Modernism condemned by past Popes but unfortunately vigorously embraced by Pope Francis who has become our Luther. My guess is that we are close to the end times.

          • Francis is not the first pope to coddle up to Modernism. Every pope since Pius XII has furthered the heresy either through accommodation or outright support.

          • I reject that. The Church has been well served by its Popes since 1871 when the Papal State was eliminated. Even Vatican II was inspired by an incorrect but understandable belief that the Church was facing modernity from a position of strength. JPII and Benedict were both in the truest sense Holy Fathers. Francis is like a throw back to the Renaissance Popes like Leo and Clement – corrupt in his heart. What has been sobering is the lingering authority of “progressive” bishops like Kasper who have jumped on a remarkably weak minded churchman to accommodate the entire Church with 21st century secularism and thus justify the wrecking job they have done on the Church in Europe. I think we can hope that Francis and company employ tactics that are devious to the extreme because they fear the Church would still defeat them if the situation was made clear enough.

      • Buy a copy of Randy Engall’s book, The Rite of Sodomy.” This book will rock your world and answer more than just the question you asked above.

    • All of this also furthers the Homosexual Collective inside the Catholic Church. If a pope can change everything about what Jesus taught us about marriage, then every other sexual perversion is than acceptable and “moral.”
      As I have already posted elsewhere, in my educated opinion, Francis is no longer pope by virtue of his continuance in both oral and written heresy saying the heresy is now official church teaching. All of this, that is, IF he was ever validly elected in the first place.
      Mother of God, help us!

    • The real meaning of Francis’ “accompaniment” is to approve of other people’s sins and make them feel that non-repentance allows them Mercy. A lie.

          • We cannot judge these things. We can only say that his actions are wrong. About his state of mind and his intentions we cannot judge. We should pray for him that he will be enlightened.

          • I’m confused. Are you suggesting that we must assume error and not malice? So the inability to know a man’s heart precludes the possibility of understanding actions as malicious? We can’t use a working assumption of someone being corrupted?

            I’m self-catechized (via books and prayer) and so there are sometimes gaping, unexpected holes in my knowledge. I’m not being clever. I really am interested.

          • Yes, in my opinion we should assume error but not malice. I am no more an expert on this than you. Catholic teaching seems to indicate that we cannot (because we are unable to) judge another person’s motivation. Why? They may be insane, affected by drugs, acting on angry impulses of which they have little control, etc. To me it is enough to know they are in error and not worry about the cause.

  15. I wonder if the Holy Spirit ever gets tired of being quoted as the source for The Joy of Adultery and Bergoglio’s various other buffooneries.

  16. Okay. So, who exactly now has left the One True Faith? Francis or is it me if I go to either the SSPX or any of the Sedevacantist chapels? This whole sordid affair is simply beyond words on this side of heaven or hell.

    • You don’t have to go anywhere. Just don’t go into the wilderness and keep from the desert. Stay with Christ so long as His presence is in the Church.

      As soon as his commission in Mathew 16, immediately after, Christ called Peter by the name Satan. Clearly Christ doesn’t mean to listen to even Peter when he recommends something other than God’s will.

      Infallibility does not operate outside faith and morals and does not operate in opposition to Christ. Even Burke said this about, for example, AL.

  17. “At times we have also proposed a far too abstract and almost artificial theological ideal of marriage, far removed from the concrete situations and practical possibilities of real families. This excessive idealization, especially when we have failed to inspire trust in God’s grace, has not helped to make marriage more desirable and attractive, but quite the opposite.”

    This man is an enemy of the Faith. This statement is pure wickedness.

  18. So AL is quickly becoming binding along with Vat II. Hmm …I thought they were
    merely “pastoral”. Incidentally, I never heard the word “mandate” used in the
    Catholic Church before liberal progressive Modernists got control of the in-
    stitutional church….and they want us to believe that rigidity is passé.

  19. We have the current occupant of the Chair of St. Peter correcting all its previous occupants by virtue of the authority he holds as Sovereign Pontiff. Undoubtedly this indicates he holds them in error despite the fact they held as true by virtue faith, and upheld by virtue of the Chair, what he now regards erroneous by virtue of that same office.
    This cannot stand.
    Are we being mocked by this man?
    Are we held as stupid by this man and his cronies?
    Are we being abused by a fraudulent and irresponsible exercise of papal authority?
    Are we to be held to obedience to papal authority by an individual who has no respect for that
    authority unless it is exercised by himself?
    The papacy is being deliberately eviscerated by ecclesiastical gangsters.
    Unless they are boldly called out and held accountable there will be no turning back – as Tucho
    Fernandez has so boldly announced. This group of insidious jackals — Danneels, Maradiaga, Bonny, Tagle, Kasper, Marx, Schoenborn, et al., ad infinitum – and self-serving conformists inhabiting religious orders and the priesthood – prominently the Jesuits – have embarked upon the deliberate dismantling of Roman Catholicism. This began at least in 1958 and we have tolerated it, respectfully and with trust, despite many unmistakable indications that it was a nefarious project. There is no longer any doubt and we can no longer give obedience to this fraudulence.
    The man sitting in the Domus Santae Marthae is either unbalanced, mendacious, or moronic –
    perhaps all three. If he is not, he is perhaps simply evil. This contrivance is no better than a street corner drug dealer.
    Is there a man in the hierarchy and the diocesan priesthood that will not loudly proclaim the
    demonic character of this operation? Are we led by faithless lemmings, geldings, cowards and theological morons? We are in the clutches of predators.
    The faithful laity are entitled a faithful hierarchy and priesthood. Until it is restored we are abandoned to our own perceptions.

  20. This one may take the cake for bizarre remarks from the Argentine Pope. Let’s see: “At times we have also proposed a far too abstract and almost artificial theological ideal of marriage, far removed from the concrete situations and practical possibilities of real families. This excessive idealization, especially when we have failed to inspire trust in God’s grace, has not helped to make marriage more desirable and attractive, but quite the opposite.” Francis doesn’t define “at times” but he is allergic to clarity – a bit like Big Brother. As Church practice concerning divorce goes back 2,000 years and is based on Christ’s words (no problem for Kasper – he rejects the historic accuracy of the Gospels – check his book on Christology). That would mean “since the days of Apostle Paul” the Church has an an “almost artificial theological ideal of marriage.” Now let’s ignore for the moment the self-evident fact that every demand made by Christ – and the Church Universal – requires the believer to go beyond from “practical possibilities” (anyone out there find it easy to forgive those who have hurt you, or to love your enemy?). Let’s just observe that Catholic marriage did without divorce for 2,000 years. We can also add that until the mid-20th century divorce in Protestant denominations was extremely rare. The “practical” approach toward marriage only began in the 1960s when “no fault divorce” inflicted a vicious blow to one of humanities’ most important institutions. So most of humanity for most of history has pursued an “almost artificial theological ideal of marriage.” The result of this institution “far from practical possibilities of real families” in the West was the most creative and coherent society in human history as long as it remained sheltered by the light of Christ. In the 20th century we have increasingly become surrounded by an ever-growing mound of social roadkill.

    So what Francis means is this. Because the search for personal autonomy in our malignant secular culture of today has destroyed objective truth for many, we can no longer expect the people of today to act the way they have for 99% of historical time. If the Pope was acting like a Pope he would have turned his guns on the contemporary culture that cares little for truth and nothing for the sanctity of human life and urged the faithful to remain devoted to the true and beautiful. Instead, Francis teaches the existence of social evil has essentially conquered Christianity and the only way to honestly go forward is to surrender unconditionally. Logically this would mean the end of the Church in the secular West. (Think of the fate of every Protestant denomination that has decided to accommodate our morally crippled world.) And, to make matters more ridiculous, we are to believe that cultural crisis facing Catholics has been caused by the Church itself.

    But that’s the point – as impossible as it is believe. Francis thinks we can only find a real understanding of the human condition by bringing Mother Church down to the level of the “culture of death” and the “tyranny of relativism.” And all in the name of Mercy. And why do this? To earn the praise of Euro bishops that have dug the grave for European Catholicism? Certainly not to encourage the places in the world where the Church is expanding at warp speed. I’m not sure whether it is best to describe Francis as completely incompetent or simply unhinged. Regardless, we cannot expect the world’s bishops to engage Francis openly. So it is up to the lay faithful to make clear that Francis does not speak for us and to make clear the pain we feel seeing the Church being dismantled by a handful of wannabe secularists. By all means pray for Francis. Pray that he resigns before more damage is done.

  21. The Red Giant Papacy: expanding in every direction consuming and destroying Catholicism in its wake as it seeks to survive by cannibalizing everything, and yet signaling that it is in its death throes.

    This is the last desperate attempt of the Modernists, Masons and cultural Marxists to irrevocably wreck the Church. It is the real and substantial death of the “spirit of Vatican II.”

    Did they never learn that the gates of Hell shall NEVER prevail?


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