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Cardinal Burke: “The Faith is in Danger!”

LaVerità Interview With Cardinal Burke
January 11, 2017
Original available at La Verità website (Paywall)
Translation by Andrew Guernsey

“There is no ultimatum to the Pope, but we must press forward: the faith is in danger!”

It is the leader of the cardinals who wants to correct Bergoglio: “The confusion in the Church is evident. Clarity is needed.”

The discussion over the dubia, doubts submitted to the Pope by the four cardinals on how to interpret the exhortation Amoris laetitia continues to draw attention. Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the watchdog of orthodoxy, in an interview with Tgcom24 said that the questions should not have been made public (the letter to the Pope was in September and the disclosure to La Verita was in November), there is no need to correct the pope because “there is no danger to the faith.”

“The confusion in the Church over the interpretation of certain passages of Amoris laetitia is evident,” Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke , the most outspoken of the four cardinals, says instead to La Verita: “that is why I do not see how anyone could be able to say that there is no danger to the faith. Moreover, we have communicated in a very respectful way five dubia to the Pope, and when they were not given a response, we decided, for the good of souls, to make public that there are dubia and that all the faithful are called to pay attention.”

Burke, a signer with Walter Brandmuller, Carlo Caffara and Joachim Meisner, then raised the issue of a possible “formal correction” of the Pope. And according to reports from several Italian media outlets drawing from an interview published it the United States [with LifeSiteNews], Burke gave an ultimatum for this “formal correction” that expired after the feast of Christmas. In reality, there is “absolutely no ultimatum,” confirms Cardinal Burke.”Many media outlets have misunderstood. In that interview in the United States they had asked me what would be the next steps with respect to the dubia presented to the Holy Father, and I simply said that nothing could happen at that moment seeing that we were about to enter into the liturgical season of Christmas and of Epiphany. Only afterwards could one possibly think of how to proceed, but it certainly was not an ultimatum for a confrontation with the Pope.” The dubia revolve around access to Eucharist for the divorced and remarried who live more uxorio [as husband and wife], access that, in certain cases, Amoris laetitia permits. And which instead, the previous magisterium had ruled out on several occasions, except in the case of a commitment to live as brother and sister for those divorced and remarried persons who cannot be separated for valid reasons. Brandmuller has said that the possible “formal correction” of the pope would be able to take place “in camera caritatis” [in the room of charity] ” “In fact,” Burke specifies , “I have never said that a public confrontation ought to occur. I agree with Cardinal Brandmüller, the first step would be to ask for a private meeting with the Holy Father to point out to him the unacceptable statements in Amoris laetitia, showing how, in one way or another, they are not adequate to express what the Church He has always taught.

There are those who claim that an institution of “formal correction” of the Holy Father does not exist in the discipline of the Church. Have you invented it?

“Of course not. St. Thomas Aquinas in his theological writings proposes the problem of the possible formal correction of the pope and it is also in the discipline of the Church. It has been rarely used, there are some examples, and certainly we can envisage the case of a Pope who in some way might be able to fall into error. In this case, a correction must be made.”

To claim that, in certain cases, the divorced and remarried who live together “more uxorio” [as husband and wife] can approach the Eucharist means to commit an error?

“We could say that the statement is materially erroneous, because it is not possible to receive the sacraments for a person who is living more uxorio [as husband and wife] with someone who is not his or her spouse. To claim instead that this is possible constitutes a formal error that goes against what Jesus himself taught and has always been the teaching of the Church “.

Therefore, to claim this is a heresy?

“No, it seems to me that it can qualify as an error, but we are dealing with a complex situation.  Heresy is the obstinate denial or obstinate doubt, on the part of the baptized, of a truth that one must believe by divine and Catholic faith.  One heresy could be that of one who sustains that there do not exist intrinsically evil acts; to affirm this would be to say something contrary to the doctrine of the Church and would clearly be a heresy.  The affirmation about access to the sacraments of which we were speaking a while ago, on the other hand, refers to a practice that contradicts two doctrines: that of indissolubility of matrimony and that of the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.  At first glance we can say that certainly it’s an error.”

Let’s return to the dubia. There were those who insinuated that the four cardinals are divided among themselves. Is it true?

“This is totally false, we are united and that’s why I do not want to make any speculation about possible next steps to be taken for the initiative that we have undertaken. If we do it, we will do it after having confronted him. ”

But do you still think the Pope will respond to your dubia?

“We are always waiting for a response from the Pope as our supreme pastor. To not expect a response would be disrespectful of his office. ”

For many, the answer has already been given: the four cardinals are merely “doctors of law”, severe and insensitive.

“It seems to me that the moral law is not something that imprisons a person, it is exactly the opposite: the moral law frees the person and directs him to do good. In fact, when there is no respect for the moral law, chaotic situations are produced, and morally there is a sort of imprisonment. For the person of faith, we must say that the Divine law liberates, and it is not a negative thing. And then to teach the moral law is a great act of love of neighbor because it points the way to authentic freedom and happiness. It is impossible to claim that a person can find some form of happiness while sinning.”

The Pope has spoken of encountering “malevolent” resistance that “presents itself when the devil inspires wicked intentions.” Did you all feel addressed specifically here?

“I do not know to whom the pope was referring, personally I certainly did not feel guilty, because it is not the description of my position.”

With your public initiative, does it seem to you to be contributing to dividing the Church rather than uniting it?

“What divides is falsehood and ambiguity, the truth always unites. It is absurd to say that four cardinals who ask five reasonable questions, and of fundamental importance for all Christians, are acting in a way to divide the Church. We are serving the Petrine office, giving the Pope the opportunity to confirm us in the teaching of the Church, faced with a situation that is proving ambiguous in practice.”

Do other cardinals and prelates endorse the merit of the questions you have asked?

“We are not only four. I personally know other cardinals who fully endorse the dubia “.

Why so much noise for a problem that many have a hard time understanding?

“We are dealing here with a question that concerns the Church in a profound way: matrimony and family, which is its fruit, and they constitute the foundation of the very life of the Church.  Our task is not to lose ourselves in difficult or vague questions; we are simply giving our contribution to the growth of the Church in the most elementary cell of life. “

Ultimately, the only crime that remains is that of being intransigent traditionalists?

“Well, all these labels are very convenient for not addressing the core of our concern, which is the life of the Church. The dubia, like it or not, are directed to this.”

142 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke: “The Faith is in Danger!””

    • “Outmatched” by an absolute clown in costumes befitting a burlesque queen.
      This self aggrandizing fop with this overdeveloped sense of his own intellectual ability preaching an absolutist line of rigid authoritarian misinterpretation of Jesus’s teachings, hiding his hateful intent under the guise of canon law is exactly what is so wrong about current ultra conservative Catholicism.

  1. Not only is the True Faith in danger but over a billion souls who profess it, yet publicly confronting the one who put it in jeopardy is against an unwritten rule, even though that one may not be canonically elected but a destroyer (St. Francis of Assisi).

    • Dear Ana, Once i remember something about Archbishop Fulton Sheen and he said that the revolution would happen from the pews. At the moment here in France it is not happening, but maybe France will restore the true faith with the other nations that refuse to submit to the deception. I’m grateful to be able to read your comments on the interweb!

      • I’ve been saying this! Catholic Brexit! Uhg, I ve heard your bishops are championing the intake of 10s of thousands of military aged male fake refuges.

    • Jafin,
      Instantaneous thought: If all the comments (I read) represent the cross section of all the faithful (Catholic, I hope), we may not need all these cardinals (Princes of the Church) to elect for us next pope at all, as they are more of the mark, than the public. Perhaps we could do it better without them at all, as it appears, they failed at conclave and failing us all the way… Do they pray and listen to the Holy Spirit? Most of us knew it, when reading private revelation i.e Quito, Fatima, Akita, for long that is something wrong and worst to come in the Church. My brother is a biblist prof. and bp. Long time ago when he wrote to me, I am worried that you believe in Medjugorje, I answered to him I am worrying that you don’t believe in it. During JP II and B XVI, we have very prayerful, but very liberal, late PP, follower of card Kasper, with who I argued that he is not a Catholic priest, as he openly said he would be happy to remarry people, homosexual, or any sex act outside marriage is not a sin, on election of B XVI, He blessed congregation on Sunday in the name of the Fuhrer… it was in the paper, or on Christmas Eve said, even you arre not a Catholic, but feel good just come to the Holy Communion. Died at 5:55 AM on Good Friday.

      • The CC has become an unelected tyrannical Marxist government which has nothing to do with Catholicism. Popes are required to uphold the Word of God – PF upholds the word of the NWO Marxist & Masonic Modernists who paid to get him on the Seat of Peter. JPII rules for electing a pope were dismissed by these deviants who have given us an ‘extended’ papacy of their own making. It’s like breaking up a good marriage & insisting the spouse get along with her new husband because that is what she is now required to submit to. Papal vows, like marriage vows, are for life & cannot be done away with on a whim, especially a diabolical whim.

        The four Cardinals need to get a push on. The more exposure this satanic takeover gets the better. The devil likes to work in the dark but Catholics should be Children of Light. All this filth must be exposed & treated. The whole place needs exorcising!

        • But Anna today I just read: “Pope ordered Card. Burke to clean out Freemasons from the Knights of Malta. JAN 11TH 2017 BY DEACON NICK DONNELLY.
          Hopes that the contraceptive scandal would be addressed came on Nov. 10, when Cardinal Burke was received in private audience by Pope Francis. During that meeting, the Register has learned, the Pope was “deeply disturbed” by what the cardinal told him about the contraceptive distribution. The Pope also made it clear to Cardinal Burke that he wanted Freemasonry “cleaned out” from the order, and he demanded appropriate action.”

          • But he changed his mind when VIP friends of Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager approached PF & alerted him of their dissatisfaction that he was removed, even though Cardinal Burke had not initiated that action. PF is unstable, saying one thing one moment & another the next & his actions to date have been anything but pope-like. How can anyone deem him to have been canonically elected when the St. Galen Group (Mafia) have celebrated getting ‘their man’ on the Seat of Peter? How can we have an ‘extended papacy’? It is nonsense and is most likely fulfilling St. Francis of Assisi’s prophecy before he died: “A Man, not Canonically Elected, will be raised to the Pontificate… In those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a Destroyer”

      • Interesting thoughts. Regarding your initial comments… you’re actually probably right that, based upon human knowledge and intentions, faithful Catholics could elect a better pope. I’d be throwing in for Cardinal Burke or Bishop Schneider myself. However, our church is hierarchical, this is how Christ established it, and to violate that by simply having the laity vote would violate that order. It is fitting and right that the Cardinals decide who will be the next pope. It’s been that way for almost 2000 years. The exact definition of what a Cardinal is has changed a bit, but the principle is unchanged; those who the previous pontiff has selected as his closest advisors select who the next pontiff is… usually from their own ranks. So, while we may select a “better” pope according to our own ideas, it is not God’s way. Pope Francis, with Popes Benedict XVI, St. John Paul II, John Paul I, Paul VI, John XXIII, Pius XII, and everything before are the Popes Our Lord wanted at that time. For whatever reason, likely several really good reasons, Francis is the Pope Our Lord wanted for THIS time… as difficult as that has been for all of us.

        • I’m not so sure Our Lord is involved in the election of popes. Satan for sure, but in some things, like the governance of world affairs, I think Jesus just let’s things roll along until the day comes when he drops the hammer. This Pope’s actions are world affairs.

          • The Church is His church. Every Pope is elected allowed by His will. If it wasn’t, then Francis wouldn’t be Pope. And I don’t think Jesus is going to simply ignore what’s happening. He has certainly allowed this horrible Pope. He has allowed all this to happen. And He will correct it. To say Our Lord has no involvement in the election of Popes, His Vicar on Earth, the visible Head of His Church, the instrument for His Salvation to be brought to this world, but Satan does? That’s kind of looney, no offense. The governance of the Church is not a worldly affair. It is a heavenly one. That is why this Pope focusing on worldly affairs and not the heavenly is exactly why he’s so bad.

  2. Confusion is a demon and Cardinal Burke with the other outspoken cardinals and the silent Cardinals is taking the fight to them.

    To be honest I’m waiting for a “FALSE NEWS” article to appear implying that Cardinal Burke wanted to be Pope. Come on Jesus sort out this nonsense! It’s your church!

  3. Can I just say that whenever Cardinal Burke speaks, one hears calm, well-reasoned, clearly articulated arguments to support his position, all while maintaining the dignity required of a prince of the Church and respect for the Chair of St. Peter?

    Whenever Francis speaks, on the other hand, one hears disjointed, borderline schizophrenic vitriol directed toward whomever his target of the week happens to be (Pharisees, the rich, traditionalists, etc.) filled with language that, in former times, would be considered scandalous and inappropriate for polite company.

    It’s clear, to me at least, that Burke and company have gotten under Francis’s skin. And he hates it. I mean, he really hates it. The fact that Burke has refused to give in under Francis’s petty, childish insults and veiled threats only causes my respect for him to grow.

    • All of this is true and I agree 100 percent. That being said, I truly wish someone would simply call PF out in the same manner that John the Baptist did to Herod.

      • Yes! Personally I’d like someone to ask him directly if he believes in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. I’m not sure he does.

        • That is a truly scarry thought. He’d probably say something incoherent enough that his reply would be worthless and his minions in the Curia would support it because “He is the Pope”.

        • I’m 99% sure he does not. He, and all bishops, should submit to annual polygraph examination–like pilots and train drivers are drug tested. How can non-believers exercise legitimate authority over Christ’s Church? If they fail it, let them keep the big hat as a souvenir and even wear it around the house with the shades drawn. But get them a different job.

          • For one thing he does not genuflect following the consecration he recites at his Masses. Some say he has bad knees, but his knees don’t prevent him from kneeling to wash the feet of Muslims, women and assorted heretics and unbelievers. He is capable of bowing to the Body and Blood of Christ, which some aged and infirm priests do, but he does not even do that. That means to me he is deliberately showing his disrespect to Our Savior and does not find His Real Presence in the Eucharist.

            There is tons more in his antics. If you want more, just let me know and I’ll list some for you.

          • Sorry it’s taken so long to get to you. Your message got lost in the glut.

            Shortly after he was placed in the Chair of Peter by the St. Galen’s mafia a woman from Argentina posted a conversation she had with Bergoglio. She said she called him and said her pastor told her she couldn’t receive Communion because she’s divorced and remarried. His reply was, “Go ahead and receive. What’s the harm in a piece of bread and a little wine?”

            There can be no clearer message about what he thinks about the Body and Blood of Christ.

            A Lutheran woman approached him and asked why she couldn’t receive Communion in a Catholic Church with her husband. A ten year old child could have answered her question, but not the Pope. He told her he’s not a theologian and couldn’t tell her, but he hopes that will change. He’s working on it now.

            When he became pope he didn’t have a crucifix on his shepherd’s staff, just a bare cross as Protestants use. He corrected that insult a cople of months ago, but I doubt the change came from him. He as probably told by one of his stooges that was taking things too far.

          • If you google it you’ll probably get a more complete answer than I could give you. Use ‘St. Galen’s Group’ instead of ‘mafia,’ which is my name for them. Let me know what you learn.

      • It would be great, yeah, but I’ve seen where some bloggers are expressing frustration that Burke isn’t being more like a John the Baptist, and I really think that’s off the mark. Burke carries such a weight of responsibility in the Church that every thing he says should be measured for maximum effect. He’s a St. Thomas More rather than a John the Baptist, and he’s playing his part well. I agree, a more blunt object like John the Baptist would be much appreciated, but he would likely have to come from outside the hierarchy.

    • But he has been successful in term of dividing, undermining, and sabotaging Christ’s Church. Most of the cardinals, bishops, priests and lay people keep their mouths shut and have no guts standing up to defend our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church when this satanic pope continues attacking Jesus’ teachings and His Church’s doctrines. What’s a shame! Lord, deliver us from this evil.

  4. Its amazing how many people are clueless about this whole thing. Even priests have no idea what is goingon.

    Maybe I have too much time on my hands, but I’m with Burke, this question of divorced and remarrieds goes to the heart of what it means to be catholic. THere can be no crack in the door of mortal sin. And, if the eucharist is accessible to those who refuse to believe in Jesus and his teachings, it is meaninless.

    And, it IS freeing to live a moral life. Ask a woman strapped into the stirrups in the midst of an abortion how free she feels, of a man, addicted to pornography that he gets fired from work. A homosexual, contemplating and attempting suicide.

  5. His approach is meek and mild, yet full of strength for our Lord.
    The contrast grows greater now between Cardinal Burke and Francis.
    What a truly holy man we have in Cardinal Burke.
    He has born a great deal for the Church, us, for all souls.
    Let us keep him especially, as well as all our cardinals/bishops in great prayer.

  6. What on earth will happen when the Cardinals request a ‘private meeting’ with Bergoglio? Will they even get it or will he ignore this request as he has ignored the ‘Dubia’? Dollar to donuts he won’t even receive them.

    • They could just charge right past the Swiss Guard… I mean… there’s that possibility.

      Also, if they desire a meeting with him and he ignores their request for long enough, they do what they did with the Dubia. They make it public. I suspect the correction will come fairly soon (or will be attempted), but we won’t hear about it for awhile… possibly not until March, though I hope it’s sooner.

        • If the Bergoglio is found to be heretic, we will need the Swiss Guard to get him on a plane for Argentina. Without them it’ll be all but impossible.

          • Poor Argentines, they have suffered enough. Many in Argentina can’t stomach him. God will call him sooner or later.

          • He should be imprisoned along with his cronies for life. Don’t send him back to Argentina where he could do more damage. That place needs damage control from his time there.

      • Better yet is if they attempted to charge past the Swiss Guards and were shot down in the attempt.

        And even better YET would be the same attempt with the Swiss Guards stopping them and holding them at gunpoint…while a non-com of the Swiss Guards sought out and found the Pope and demanded that he see them!

    • The four cardinals could announce that they are 2 transgender married couples from masonic lodge 101 in Buenos Aires and beg the favor of the popes blessing. I’m sure he’ll receive them.

      • Hilarious, Mary. But sadly, true. We are living an ecclesiastical nightmare. I love the Church. I love sinners–and want everyone to experience the freedom of living in the truth, and not the shackles of sin. Amoris Laetitia simply enslaves people to their base desires. It’s situational ethics and a slippery slope to boot. You can fornicate, sodomize, masturbate, mutilate your sexual organs, and more! and be accompanied your entire life with Amoris Laetitia.

        • Pearl of York, what a disgusting thing to say… AL says nothing of the sort. Your comment says a lot about the vagrancies of your own mind, perhaps, but very little about the pope’s apostolic exhortation… I do hope you were speaking in jest.

          • It enshrines sitational ethics. The Maltese bishops demonstrate this. As long as you are at peace with your sin you may receive. Don’t be a Pollyanna, Scott. That’s exactly what you are.

          • Stop projecting, Pearl of York, and come out of the darkness before it’s too late…. I am no Pollyanna but I suspect our Lord will be infinitely more pleased with pollyanna-ishness rather than a foul-mouthed reprobate such as yourself. Good luck with all that!

          • Go back and read your filthy post, Pearl… do you always project your own “base desires” on others, let alone the Bishop Rome who didn’t say anything remotely similar to what you attributed to him?

          • Before he became pope, Francis regularly gave Holy Communion to unrepentant fornicators (unmarried co-habiting couples) in the slums. Disgusting, isn’t it?

          • And you know they were unrepentant because….?? And so what if he did? It’s the old debate… is Eucharist food for the sick or a prize for the perfect. I’m sure you are aware of the many popes and prelates throughout history who partook of your sexual sins, do you really believe they made sincere confession before receiving their daily/weekly “prize?”

      • or atheist journalist, or recently converted to Protestant “bishops”, or church hating/bashing Hollywood elites, or well heeled atheistic business executives, JUST DON’T SAY you are a faithful Catholic, the only thing that will get you is a laugh

        • I quite agree. As offensive as it may seem, I believe it accurately reflects the world view of our Pope Francis. The best way to deal with unpleasant realities, is to look them squarely in the face strategize with known and researched facts, pray, fast and act with decisiveness, invoking the Holy Spirit.

    • With the floodgates of mercy now having been open for nearly four years, there are probably innumerable safe spaces in the Vatican where Francis could secrete himself if he feared that concrete reality might be about to intrude. The only foolproof way to coax him out may be for the four cardinals to loudly hum the Internationale as they conduct their search. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to resist joining in.

  7. It is very revealing that so many, even the highest placed members of the hierarchy, do not see that the Faith is in danger. Let us spell this out in itsy-bitsy baby-steps for them:

    1. If it is permissible for the divorced and “remarried” (aka. public permanent adulterers) to receive Holy Communion, then Jesus Christ was wrong about the sinfulness of divorce and “remarriage” which He equated to the sin of adultery.

    2. If Jesus Christ was wrong about the sinfiulness of d&r, then He could be wrong about other things too. (Contemplate the fact that the following words are also wrong: “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church”!) In fact if He was wrong about anything He is not God.

    3. If Jesus Christ is not God then all His claims to divinity are not only false, but they are blasphemous – and the Catholic Church is built on a blasphemous lie.

    4. if the Catholic Church is built on a lie, then nothing which She teaches in the Deposit of Faith received from the Apostles needs to be taken as true either.

    5. If we have no guarantee that the Faith is true apart from the word of an institution which is built on a blasphemous lie, then the Faith is in DANGER!!!

    I understand that this may not be comprehensible to those who believe that theology permits the equation: 2 + 2 = 5, but surely the majority of cardinals and bishops cannot be so brain-dead. Can they?

    • It’s a slippery slope, to be sure. Once one begins entertaining the possibility that one aspect of Catholic teaching may be subject to change (to fit the “spirit of the times”, of course), it doesn’t take long for the whole edifice to come crumbling down.

      Of course, I personally doubt that the “2 + 2 = 5” crowd actually believe in the Catholic faith. But then again, what do I know?

      • True, because if it were true that it is Loving and Merciful to desire that we or our beloved, remain in our sins, no doubt, we would not need our Savior, Jesus The Christ.

        The fact is, it is not Loving or Merciful to desire that we, or our beloved, not overcome our disordered inclinations and become transformed through Salvational Love, God’s Gift of Grace and Mercy, so that we are not led into temptation, but sin no more.

    • I think the bottom line is they don’t BELIEVE in God of an afterlife but only power. His words to Card.Müller when asked what his priests did to warrant dismissal: “And I am the pope, I do not need to give reasons for any of my decisions. I have decided that they have to leave and they have to leave.” Just about sums up the humility of this man.

      • “Oh, but he buys his own shoes and rides around in an old Fiat! He doesn’t live in the palace, but in a hotel! He’s so humble! He kisses babies!!!!”

        /sarcasm off

          • He’s an arrogant dictator. You know who is the most arrogant one? He and his minions are responsible for the lost souls and what they’re going to say in front of the Just Judge?

        • “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees that like to be seen …”

          The political gesture is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

      • I don’t think Bergoglio believes in much of anything except his own womderfulness, but I can tell you one thing that neither Bergoglio nor the clergy and theologians spawned by VII believe in: the Cross. It’s no coincidence that’s you stopped seeing crucifixes in church design after VII, and in fact that they were removed from older churches and replaced either with nothing or with the jump rope Jesús (or sometimes the high-dive Jesus) somersaulting over the altar.

        They don’t preach or believe “Christ and Him crucified.” It’s impossible to be a Catholic without the Cross, and in fact, they’re not.

        • This Papacy is also a cross that must be borne. Charity before all must be our watchword. We can be assured that this crisis is the great test for all of us. It’s one thing to point out error, it’s another to lack charity – I’m not pointing at you, Isabel, but just making the point that Cardinal Burke has chosen the better path and that we must be willing to suffer this cross and drink the bitter cup until God decides that the time has come for relief. But how hard it is not be become bitter and angry at these proud men who make of themselves little gods.

          • Barbara, this Papacy is a sign that our liberation is near. I am not talking about “theology of liberation” but pf the final liberation from sin that Jesus promised.

        • No, not totally corrupted, but mostly unwitting tools of the demons. The cure is God’s mercy for them so they will be converted to Him before they meet Him as Judge. Let’s pray for that.

    • In the Protestant world view:
      2 + 2 = whatever number you want it to equal
      Christianity is whatever you want it to be

      In the Catholic world view:
      2 + 2 = 4
      If not, then the whole structure collapses

      Take your pick:
      Catholic = Protestant
      Trash it all = Atheist

    • Excellent analyze. Thanks for this. It is very loud and clear. PF’s secret agenda is to destroy the RCC and the best way to succeed this is to pull Jesus down to human level from His Divinity and the Catholic Church will automatically collapse that means no salvation. Obviously he’s not a “Vicar of Christ, but a “Destroyer.”

      • Dankin, what evidence do you have to infer that PF has a secret agenda… let alone a secret agenda to destroy the RCC? Is this your conspiracy theory or do you have hard evidence to support it?

        As you are likely aware, allegations of this sort (allegations w/o evidence) are every bit as pernicious as the charges you claim to be railing against.

    • And to add to that, would the Faithful then be tempted to conclude that gates of Hell are prevailing or have prevailed against the Church; therefore, again, what Jesus said was untrue?

    • Of course you’re right and of course they know the implications of AL. It may not matter. If a number of Cardinals are modernists who don’t actually believe in God, then your reasoning is moot. Their atheism cancels it. You remember Bella Dodd, don’t you?

      • I don’t remember Bella Dodd as I wasn’t a Catholic when she and her revelations were doing the rounds. However, I have heard of her and I know what you mean. Modernist Cardinals and bishops are probably already lost souls who there is not much hope for. The reason we write what we do in the blogosphere isn’t primarily for them though. It is to reach out to the hundreds of millions of confused, poorly catechized and betrayed Catholics for whom there may still be some hope.

        Its worth sharing everything that comes out from 1P5 and the Remnant etc on facebook and other social media in the attempt to wake people up to reality. Those sites’ news-ticker algorithms do a great job of spreading the message – even to people who don’t want to hear it.

        • Bella Dodd was a communist who, after she came to her senses, testified under oath before a Congressional Committee that, in the 1930s she placed over 1000 communist men in seminaries all over the Country. Some in the current hierarchy of the Church were their acolytes.

          You’re right again about posting good apologetics on social media. It’s something I must do more of. Thanks for reminding me.

          • If I recall correctly, Bella Dodd was directly responsible for infiltrating the education system (public schools, universities), but she was aware of the infiltration into the Church and some of the numbers.

    • You have described the situation perfectly. All of your points are unfolding before our eyes. Most people, Catholics included, no longer believe in the NECESSITY of God. Some still have the vestiges of belief, especially around Easter and Christmas, but for the most part ‘society’ and ‘science’ have given us a wonderful new life where God simply is not needed. If we can create such a wonderful life here (as long as the VISA doesn’t max-out) what the heck do we need to think about God, or any sort of afterlife for?

      This is modernism, marxism, and any other evil ism you care to name. Man is God.


  8. Q.Ultimately, the only crime that remains is that of being intransigent traditionalists?

    A. “Well, all these labels are very convenient for not addressing the core of our concern, which is the life of the Church. The dubia, like it or not, are directed to this.”

    Way to avoid the bait and get right back on target! We have a real cool character on our side, doggedly determined yet professional and charitable. God bless him.

    • He enjoys Clarity of Thought, which comes with living in a pure and holy manner. St. Thomas Aquinas noted that one of the punishments of sensual sinfulness is the befuddlement of the mind.

      • Thanks for this comment! I’ve never thought about that on my own! St. Thomas Aquinas is such a genius, which speaks clearly of his purity of soul! How beautiful are the Saints of the Lord!

      • Isn’t it the truth, though? I really admire his humility, here. In his place I’m pretty sure I would have happily taken the opportunity to vent a little, which would only be understandable considering the pressure he must be under. His restraint is very admirable.

    • And to not give a response is and continues to be disrespectful of his (own) office.

      This thought may also have occurred to Cardinal Burke but prudence dictates that it remains just a thought…….for the time being.

      • He implied it with his statement. The lack of a response is entirely disrespectful to The Holy Trinity and the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and all of her members, Militant, Purgative, and Triumphant.

  9. God is allowing us a chance. The four Cardinals, the dubia, are a way out of the church of madness Bergolio wishes to implement. It is the Masonic Church, the church of yes you can, and we are called to decide which church we will belong to. So many people think in terms of 140 characters, they can handle no more. These are millions of people, not thousands. Many Catholics will not be able to follow this process, and will go on to follow the Masonic Church with all it’s lies and errors. It is happening, it will happen. We have to remember those people, who are literally our brothers and sisters. It is as easy to follow Bergolio in this as it was for Catholics to support and vote for Hillary Clinton, who is corrupt and who is for abortion and same-sex unions. Yet Catholics voted for her, as half did for Barack Obama.
    One of these days, while we are going about our lives, Four Cardinals will be entering a room where the pope sits. It seems like time would stand still at that moment, while the battle rages for our faith.

    • Half Catholics supported and voted for pro abortion candidates committed mortal sins and have to go to confession and repent, otherwise you souls are in great dangers.

    • I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. PF is no match for Cardinal Burke’s clarity and knowledge of doctrine. I bet in the end PF’s rejoinder will amount to, “I’m the Pope, and I can teach anything I want” (after the ‘ad hominem’ attacks are over, of course).

  10. The simple common sense, the wisdom, the fidelity to Christ and His Church is overwhelming and crystal clear. There is no ambiguity, duplicity or malice here.
    This man is a faithful priest.
    When is the last time we have heard from our chief shepherd or our local pastor this:
    “…the moral law is not something that imprisons a person, it is exactly the opposite: the moral law frees the person and directs him to do good.”
    In other words, “… My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.” Matthew 11:30
    Now that is mercy.
    God reward and protect Cardinal Burke. And God bring to deep conversion those who style themselves his adversaries.

  11. And this is what is so beautiful on display in this interview: Truth and reason is always calm.

    Contrast: you eaters of excrement!

  12. Cardinal Burke is demonstrating the Clairity of Mind that I posted about earlier, this comes form a life ordered to Jesus Christ and His Cross. Notice that he doesn’t fall into ill tempered speech (alas, I admit of this imperfection and the elimination of this is one of my chief priorities, please I beg you good readers to pray for me in this regard) and that he can’t be deflected from his purpose to chase after every possibility? He sees everything necessary, and yet stays right where the argument is in its current stage of development, which frees him from all of the false accusations hurled at him by his faithless intellectual inferiors.

    May God strengthen him and his Holy and Righteous Cause! Amen.

    • Dear Fr RP,

      God bless Raymond Cardinal Burke keeping in mind, with certitude, that he and the other three need our prayers, fasting, and sacrificial offerings. His response to the following question is problematic. When the word, “complex” is used, it typically sets a tone for confusion, not clarity. Here is the question and answer:

      “Therefore, to claim this is a (sic) heresy?

      “No, it seems to me that it can qualify as an error, but we are dealing with a complex situation. Heresy is the obstinate denial or obstinate doubt, on the part of the baptized, of a truth that one must believe by divine and Catholic faith. One heresy could be that of one who sustains that there do not exist intrinsically evil acts; to affirm this would be to say something contrary to the doctrine of the Church and would clearly be a heresy. The affirmation about access to the sacraments of which we were speaking a while ago, on the other hand, refers to a practice that contradicts two doctrines: that of indissolubility of matrimony and that of the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. At first glance we can say that certainly it’s an error.” ”

      Manifest heresy is the pertinacious obstinence of one who embraces material heresy, yes? Cardinal Burke says this, “One heresy could be that of one who sustains that there do not exist intrinsically evil acts; to affirm this would be to say something contrary to the doctrine of the Church and would clearly be a (sic) heresy.” Amoris Laetitia places an affront to the 6th Commandment and to the teaching of Saint Paul on reception of the Blessed Sacrament, as well as Saint Thomas Aquinas. I would humbly submit that to place an affront to a Commandment of Almighty God qualifies, in Raymond Cardinal Burke’s words, “would be to say something contrary to the doctrine of the Church and would clearly be a (sic) heresy.” Further, when Cardinal Burke says this, “One heresy could be that of one who sustains that there do not exist intrinsically evil acts”, he is affirming the error of Pope Bergoglio who is sustaining, that in the specific instance of the “concrete circumstances” of a given individual(s) life lived, that an intrinsic evil simply is not an intrinsic evil, if the divorced can be “remarried” and living more uxorio. This places an affront to the metaphysical law of non-contradiction which causes Amoris Laetitia to implode, with certitude, under its own weight.
      Not once since Pope Bergoglio has claimed the Chair of Saint Peter as the Vicar of Christ in this world, has this emissary of Lucifer admitted error in his duplicitous speech, that which continues to be powered by the preternatural, as it is near perfect duplicity, nearly perfect syncretic construction and more often than not, extemporaneously spoken. May Almighty God have mercy on us. In caritas.

      • What you say has a lot of weight. Personally I dont think it acceptable that the Pope teach error (upon error upon error)! If it cant be said the Pope is teaching heresy, and he is only teaching error, well that is still totally unacceptable as the spiritual representative of Christ on earth in His Church. If he is teaching error in morals, and morals is an area where the Pope is meant to teach infallibly, then that should be the catalyst for correction. What no one would want of course is for the letter of correction to be followed by a swathe of essays coming from “the opposition” claiming that the Pope is NOT teaching error. Whatever, The Letter of Correction needs to be totally simple, clear and public.

        • Yes, there is a difference between teaching/preaching error, and heresy. They are both evils but they are not treated the same. For the time being we must acknowledge the difference. The future may ripen Francis ‘errors’ into heresy. Patience!

          • Your post reminded me of a story a friend once told me. She had an in-law that refrained from taking communion. After this went on for several months, she asked why. The in-law said she refused to accept the Church’s teaching on contraception. She strongly believed the Church was in error. The woman didn’t use birth control. But, she strongly believed she was right and the Church wrong. She had so much respect for Christ and the Eucharist to go to communion, despite her disagreement.

            You don’t see that very often.

          • Good morning Barbara,

            With humility, I submit that you are not reading Raymond Cardinal Burke’s language as he presents it. The second part of the question and answer of Cardinal Burke that I posted above is here:

            ” The affirmation about access to the sacraments of which we were speaking a while ago, on the other hand, refers to a practice that contradicts two doctrines: that of indissolubility of matrimony and that of the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. At first glance we can say that certainly it’s an error.”

            After reading the second part of Cardinal Burke’s answer, now read his first part where he develops just what heresy is:

            “Heresy is the obstinate denial or obstinate doubt, on the part of the baptized, of a truth that one must believe by divine and Catholic faith. One heresy could be that of one who sustains that there do not exist intrinsically evil acts; to affirm this would be to say something contrary to the doctrine of the Church and would clearly be a heresy.”

            You see Barbara, his Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke cannot have it both ways. He initially codifies what Pope Bergoglio is doing in Amoris Laetitia, coupled with his unwillingness to answer the Dubia (read as, “obstinate denial”) as heresy but he finishes his answer with,

            “At first glance we can say that certainly it’s an error.”

            What precisely is, “at first glance” to mean in this context? Amoris Laetitia has been published and released for many months now. Is Raymond Cardinal Burke suggesting that his participation in the “Dubia” was a knee jerk, “first glance” type of response? Of course he isn’t as it stands res ipsa loquitur to the contrary. Heresy is an “error”. He sets Amoris Laetitia’s fruits up as doctrinal error, as they place an affront to doctrine and Cardinal Burke told us that:

            “Heresy is the obstinate denial or obstinate doubt, on the part of the baptized, of a truth that one must believe by divine and Catholic faith.”

            As Pope Bergoglio is apparently “baptized” and he is in obstinate denial (ongoing refusal to answer the Dubia), as he places an affront to the 6th Commandment of Almighty God, thus denies that which Raymond Cardinal Burke says “one must believe by divine and Catholic faith”, and if not he is guilty of embracing heresy, according to Cardinal Burke’s definition of same. I pray this helps. In caritas.

          • Let me give you this one example of your many errors, Mark.

            You said, “Pope Bergoglio is apparently “baptized” and he is in obstinate denial (ongoing refusal to answer the Dubia).”

            Refusing to answer the Dubia is not denial of a settled doctrine and, therefore not heresy. It is merely refusing to answer questions put to him. I agree he is a manifest heretic, but you have to pick your spots better than that.

            As to your overly long screed, let me put it to you this way. Cardinal Burke is reading the Summa Theologica. You are reading Dick and Jane. I appreciate your zeal in opposition to King Francis. I am offended by your silly attacks on one of the only men courageous enough to stand up before the whole world and defend Christ.

          • Dear winslow,

            “Refusing to answer the Dubia” will be the act, on the part of the Roman Pontiff, by and through which that same Roman Pontiff, declares himself to be a manifest heretic, as the Roman Pontiff has no peer on this earth. You did not read the response very well. I never suggested that “refusing to answer the Dubia is denial of a settled doctrine”. What I did say is that “Amoris Laetitia” places an affront to the 6th Commandment which is “settled doctrine”. Perhaps winslow if you brought your passions down from the ordinate position of your judgmental functionality and placed your intellect into the ordinate position where it belongs, you may learn how to better read what is before you and cease with the ad hominem belittling of your opponent, which only speaks to your own lack of ability to argue intellectively.

            Lastly, I am not “attacking” his Eminence, Raymond Cardinal Burke. Rather, I am simply reading what it is that he is saying. Something that you seem to be rather challenged to do. In caritas.

      • Two things to remember: First, Cardinal Burke is a top Canon lawyer and the former chief judge of the Signaura, the Church’s Supreme Court. He knows what he’s talking about.

        Second, Bergoglio is a Jesuit, a very clever, devious man who knows what and where the boundrys are. He will never place himself in a precarious position re heresy. You can bet he scoured every syllable in AL before he released it. What he does is, instead of committing heresy himself, he provides the loopholes for others to do his dirty work for him. Jesuitical to the core and ultimately a coward and a fraud.

    • Father you do just fine, Cardinal Burke is being protected by the Holy Spirit in this situation it would do him no good to say what he really thinks. Smart brains, smart mouth or when needed. Lol. You have your mouth to make sure we can read between the lines more clearly helping us understand what is going on. We need more of you kinds of priests. The Cardinal is playing chess so to speak and has to hide his moves to win. Excellent chess player, calm and knows the game. The Pope is outmatched because I believe he is NOT listening to the Holy Spirit but a light that has fooled him into thinking he is right. That light as we know can come from a fallen angel to deceive us. I hope and pray the Pope sees this before it is too late for him. He is not in good health. God help us all.!

    • Dear Father RP,

      Clarity of the mind is a grace and i will continue to pray for you! Thank you, for asking for prayers.

      In Christ,


  13. JPII: “It would be a very serious error to conclude… that the Church’s teaching is essentially only an “ideal” which must then be adapted, proportioned, graduated to the so-called concrete possibilities of man.” (Veritatis Splendor, 103)

    Bergoglio: “we have also proposed a far too abstract and almost artificial theological ideal of marriage, far removed from the concrete situations and practical possibilities of real families.” (Amoris Laetitia, 36)

    “without detracting from the evangelical ideal, there is a need to accompany with mercy and patience the eventual stages of personal growth as these progressively appear.” (Amoris Laetitia, 308)

  14. “We are always waiting for a response.” In the state of war, nothing changes. Thus, if Bergoglio continues to ignore the request for clarification, then he continues the state of war. Time to watch the superior forces (angels and demons) at work. How and when will Bergoglio lose? My lame prediction is that the state of war will give Bergoglio poor health and then surrender in two years: Jan 2019. Yup, a long war. Good news: “Other cardinals who fully endorse the dubia.” If more and more cardinals support the winner (Burke), then the surrender will be sooner. I support Burke 100%. Oh, and the comments here are helpful.

  15. Good for Cardinal Burke. Let us pray that he and the other Cardinals forge ahead with fortitude.

    My overview of this situation is that it is a natural outgrowth of easy annulments that have been available for years. Pope Francis is saying why bother with all of this needless pettifogging about what constitutes a valid marriage. Let the partners decide this for themselves. In other words, the gates to Pope Francis heresies on marriage were broken long ago. What we are living with is Vatican II Protestantism.

    Let us ask our Lady of Fatima for help. She knows the problem and the solution better than anyone.,

    • Don’t you think that “in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph” is a perfect response to the storm of impurity now shaking the Church?

      Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. We have to pray, declare, and live the truth. Popes come and go. The Church remains.

  16. Slightly off topic but there has been some comment on the supposed silence of Cardinal Sarah. However in his book ‘La Force du Silence’ there is a passage at paragraph 257 which I have paraphrased and translated with my additions in square brackets and my embolding. I wonder whether soon after it was published last September it was not seen as an ultimatum by Pope Francis and the drastic action that he then took in replacing all of Cardinal Sarah’s staff and announcing publically that there was to be no reform of the reform. It is a warning.

    257. I refuse that we should spend our time opposing one liturgy to
    another, or the rite of Saint Pius V [the traditional latin mass] to
    that of Blessed Paul VI [novus ordo]. … [Cardinal Sarah wants] a
    liturgy that privileges silence … without this contemplative spirit
    liturgy will remain an occasion for hateful divisions and
    ideological confrontations instead of being the place of our unity
    and our communion in the Lord…. this silent liturgy turned towards
    the Lord … What I am going to say does not contradict my submission
    and obedience to the supreme authority of the Chruch. I wish
    profoundly and humbly to serve God, the Church and the Holy Father,
    with devotion, sincerity and filial attachment. But here is my
    hope : if God wants it, when he would want it and in the manner
    that he would want it, in liturgy the reform of the reform will take
    place. [The Cardinal goes on to explain why and how the poor in the
    West are leaving the Church] because she has been taken by assault by
    ill-intentioned people who pretend to be intellectual and despise the
    small people and the poor. That is what the Holy Father must
    denounce loud and strong. For a Church without the poor is a Church
    no more ; it is a simple club….

    • Good morning Nicolas Bellord,

      And thank you for this. In Quo Primum, Pope Saint Pius V commanded that there be one, singular, Roman Rite of Worship, among many other things, in harmony though with what Cardinal Sarah is saying here. There can be, in truth, no internal conflict in the preeminent liturgical celebration of Holy Mother Church, that of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, where our Blessed Dominus Deus Sabbaoth and Savior, Jesus the Christ, represents Himself to the Father on the Holy Cross for our redemption. We now have that which profanes and blasphemes with countless sacrileges occurring across the globe daily within the structure of Holy Mother Church in the Novus Ordo Missae, which is in utter alignment with the will of the Craft, whose emissary and as such the emissary of Lucifer, Annibale Bugnini, injected with hubris, malignity, and vitriolic animus, into the Heart of the Church, with the ultimate effect of destroying the Catholic Religion, in complete accord with the Alta Vendita.

      This, all in preparation for the presentation of the person of the anti-Christ. The way that Pope Giovanni Battista Montini “suppressed” the command of Saint Pope Pius V in Quo Primum, would suggest that he did not suppress it, as his language profanes the singular authority of the Holy Roman Pontiff as Chief Shepherd, negating the command of Pius V in praxis, without in reality negating it. The powers Christ gave Holy Peter to bind and loose must be used in accordance with Christ’s Will if they be executed authentically, as that stands res ipsa loquitur, and the act of Pope Montini in Missale Romanum is inconsistent with this, as a de-facto understanding from his language. The darkness in all of this is profound and quintessential. I pray Cardinal Sarah will revisit his “reform of the reform” language, as there is Luciferian evil all intermingled with Novus Ordo Missae from its evil root, whose tree then can only produce rotten fruit. In caritas.

  17. “Clarity is needed.” There will be no clarity unless a formal act of correction is released publicly. The longer Cardinal Burke delays, the more pressure will be exerted for him not to do it.

  18. Oh Lord such clear, concise, charitable answers from a most Holy Shepherd compared to …I can’t even write it…God have mercy on your church

  19. Cardinal Burke appears to be going in the right direction, but going back to the days of JPII/Karol Wojlyta or Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger is not enough. Let’s be consistent: a total embrace of Tradition, reversion of the Catholic Faith, and the nulling of Vatican II as well as its aftermath is what is called for here.

  20. AL affects some very basic beliefs (dogmas) of the Catholic Church and is an attack on
    the Sacraments of Holy Communion, Penance and Holy Matrimony not to mention
    minimizing the importance of Holy Orders and Baptism (Is participation in the divine
    life of God and the removal of sin really necessary ?) AL also seems to disregard and
    destroy the 6th commandment of God (in effect for some 3500 years). It causes dis-
    belief in Christ and confusion about his teachings. One could go on and on. The
    error/heresy question seems like a distinction without a difference.


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