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The SSPX Debate

Dear OnePeterFive donors, supporters and readers,


Since the publication of our editorial stance on uniting the clans to rebuild Christendom, we have endeavored, by your prayers, to execute this contribution to the online Traditional movement. We have focused greatly on the liturgy and defended the mustard seed of religious life as the soul of Christendom. We have promoted the forgotten customs to grow the domestic Church, and discussed the theory of Christendom and the organic society.

We also want to continue to promote the “way of beauty” as the beating heart of Christendom against the uglification of the world.

We will continue to promote the works of great men of God who strove for Christendom in our age, starting with the greatest Thomist theologian of the 20th century, Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange.

We are seeking more submissions from Catholic families to share ways of building Christendom in their own family and context.
What are some ways you can build Christendom now? What has worked for your family? Send submissions to editor [at]

As we build Christendom we must oppose the errors which stand in the way of the reign of Christ. Against Liberalism, Communism, and Feminism invading the Church we will tirelessly fight. We have begun the Synod Watch series which analyzes the current occupation of the Vatican by corrupt forces past, present and future, as well as repudiating all of the falsehoods undergirding Traditionis Custodes. And in our editorial stance we identified three errors which are more subtle for orthodox Catholics: extreme ultramontanism (the “spirit of Vatican I”), sedevacantism, and the Greek schisms. We welcome submissions on all these topics.

As Traditionis Custodes has been thoroughly refuted and it is left to the bishops and laity to resist this error, we now turn to the practical methods of resistance. This raises questions in the hearts of the faithful and brings up an old debate still unresolved: Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society of St. Pius X. At OnePeterFive we support the Unite the Clans movement which sees the SSPX, FSSP and other such groups as allies in one movement for the restoration of Tradition. This simply means that we unite to fight against the Marxists inside and outside the Church, who seek to put Tradition “down the memory hole.”

However, this unity does not mean that we avoid the issues which divide us, but merely see them in a properly ordered way: some things are simply more important than other things.

Some questions are more urgent matters (like the restoration of the Latin Mass) and others are more difficult and doubtful (does supplied jurisdiction justify 1988?). Furthermore, if one supports the work of Archbishop Lefebvre, this does not mean that everything he did or said was inerrant. On the other hand, many believe him to be a saint and the Athanasius of our time.

We believe that traditional Catholics can debate these issues even while we unite the clans to fight the Pornocratic Marxist occupation of the Vatican and the false spirits of Vatican I and Vatican II.

Further, a healthy debate among Trads helps us to flesh out the finer points of our movement and helps us practice charity and penetrate the truth as we continue to do the work of our forefathers before us, who overcame, by the grace of God, a much worse situation regarding the Latin Mass since 1970. To foster this healthy debate among Trads we introduce another ongoing series: the SSPX Debate. The first two articles of this series (pro- and con-) will be published next week. Again feel free to submit your own contribution to this debate.

And as always, please email me with any questions, comments or concerns. Currently I’m catching up on all my emails so thank you for your patience.


In Christ the King,

T. S. Flanders
St. Francis Xavier

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