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Stalinist Purges and More in the Knights of Malta: New Fast-Breaking Developments

On 16 May OnePeterFive described the takeover of power in the Order of Malta by the German, secularising party led by the Grand Chancellor, Baron von Boeselager. The story goes back to December 2016, when the then Grand Master, Fra Matthew Festing, attempted to dismiss Boeselager. The latter got Cardinal Parolin, the Vatican Secretary of…

Are Some Knights of Malta Trying to Silence the Catholic Press?

In my summary of newly-alleged details about the Sovereign Military Order of Malta’s inner workings, I concluded with this statement: Are we expected to believe this is all just a series of coincidences? Rumor has it that some of the players in this story are…aggressively litigious, so perhaps we’re not supposed to ask. It appears…

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