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Are Some Knights of Malta Trying to Silence the Catholic Press?

In my summary of newly-alleged details about the Sovereign Military Order of Malta’s inner workings, I concluded with this statement:

Are we expected to believe this is all just a series of coincidences? Rumor has it that some of the players in this story are…aggressively litigious, so perhaps we’re not supposed to ask.

It appears that no, we’re not supposed to ask.

In a note published yesterday at the Austrian Catholic website, indicating that they are now in receipt of a cease-and-desist order for their reporting on the financial dealings of Albrecht von Boeselager as Grand Chancellor of the order (translation courtesy of Maike Hickson):

In the wake of international reports concerning some inconsistencies in the Order of Malta, some people in responsible positions have taken juridical steps against the Catholic media that have brought to light unpleasant things.

Rome ( This week, has been confronted with a judicial cease-and-desist order initiated by the Order of Malta, and this was done with regard to a report of the BILD newspaper. The BILD newspaper had reported that Grand Chancellor Boeselager accepted a donation of 30 million Swiss Francs, the origin of which is dubious; merely quoted from the report of the BILD newspaper.

A spicy detail: the BILD newspaper itself has so far not been confronted with possible legal actions because of its report, as was able to learn after contacting the newspaper. The editor of, Roland Noé, interprets this as an intentional “strategy of intimidation” against Catholic media. It started already at the end of 2016, when reported in an article about the distribution of condoms by some charitable organizations of the Order of Malta. Also in that case, there then came an immediate letter from a lawyer and, subsequently, an injunction and restraining order. Juridical steps on the side of are currently being considered as well. The possibilty to publish a statement, as offered by, has not been accepted [by the other side]; a direct communication without a laywer — as is the usual procedure among Christians — has so far also not yet been accepted by the responsible persons of the Order of Malta.

The piece has links to a screenshot and another webpage belonging to Malteser International, the Knights of Malta’s international relief organization, that appear to promote condom use.

It seems that all the attention on this matter is hitting a little too close to the mark. My understanding is that European free speech laws are an absolute disaster, offering very little protection for the press there.

I’d recommend keeping all this in mind in case any more reporting on this topic suddenly disappears.

10 thoughts on “Are Some Knights of Malta Trying to Silence the Catholic Press?”

  1. Naturally Frankie-Boy will remain aloof from all of this, and his apologists will claim that he doesn’t know. Like he, (or at least Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo), didn’t know the truth about the marxism-based global warming fraud that was inserted into Laudato Si. Or the lavish New Age pagan light show projected onto St. Peter’s basilica on December 8th 2015. Even though he reportedly sat and admired it from his balcony.

  2. Evidently where there is fire of this sort, it isn’t too soon after that the smoke appears in the form of cease and desist orders. This horse is out of the barn in this case, but we should be wary of those who wish to suppress the Truth, they might guard the barn door very closely from now on. It will be an interesting balancing act, between following the responsible course of confirming stories and battling the need to getting them out quickly before they are squashed by those they implicate in wrong doing. Be wary of false stories meant to discredit those too quick to publish, because that is part of the smoke being released these days. At least 1P5 knows it is on the side of the angels in this battle against the World.

  3. This is clearly the Light of Truth being cast on the evil one who hate a Truth. We are in a spiritual battle these days- we must pray, pray, pray as our Blessed Mother asked at Fatima. Prophesy has shown what is now happening. Stay close to the Holy Sacraments, fast and make reparations. We will be safe in our Mother’s Immaculate Heart and the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus?


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