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Fra’ Festing Rediscovers His Fight

When Fra’ Matthew Festing abdicated his position as Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta — at the pope’s direct request — it left many scratching their heads. How could he allow himself to be pushed out so easily? How was it that his earlier resistance to interference in the sovereign order over which he presided suddenly seemed to evaporate? Festing is hardly a man without martial training or skill. Rather, he is an English nobleman whose father, Sir Francis Festing, served as Field Marshall of the British Army — the highest rank attainable in his branch of the service. The younger Festing himself also served in the Army, attaining the rank of colonel. In the 1990s, as Grand Prior of the English Knights of Malta, Festing would borrow a truck, load it up with food and medical supplies, and drive it across Europe into the heart of the war-torn Balkans to give it to those most especially in need. As his Aide-de-Camp, Jack Straker, related, Festing

“would drive from his home in Northumberland, up to Aberdeen in Scotland where Shore Porters would lend him a truck.”

“He would leave his car there, drive the truck back to his home and fill it with supplies he had gathered up. From there he would drive down south, picking up one or two extra volunteers and more supplies,” and then on, straight into one of the most dangerous war zones of the time.

“He and his friends would drive through Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Serbia, giving out aid and dodging shrapnel as they went along.”

Fra’ Matthew did many of these trips for several years, sometimes twice or three times a year, until it became more efficient to collect money and fly out to the areas to give financial aid or purchase local supplies.

In other words, he is a man with a spine, not put off by danger. A man who comes from fighting stock. A man who rose to the top of a complex and ancient chivalric order not through political calculation, but pure dedication and pluck.

And today, we are happy to inform you that he’s returned to form.

Last week, we told you that the papal delegate to the Order, Archbishop Becciu, wrote a letter to Festing with the approval of the pope, telling him not to come to Rome for the election of a new Grand Master — an election which he is very much entitled to attend. This, even though the pope told Festing he would not oppose his re-election — a re-election many within the Order favor. Yesterday, Sandro Magister took the story further:

To some, the interdict brought down by the pope on the former Grand Master of the Order of Malta, Fra’ Matthew Festing, seemed to be going too far. To others, not far enough.

The fact is that for 7pm on Thursday, April 27, on the eve of his journey to Egypt, Francis has convened at Casa Santa Marta a hefty representation of the members of the Order who have come to Rome to appoint their new superior general. To be exact, the following fifteen:

– Fra’ Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein, Grand Commander and Lieutenant ad interim;
– Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, Grand Chancellor;
– Dominique de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, Grand Hospitaller;
– János Esterházy de Galántha, Receiver of the Common Treasure;
– Erich Prinz von Lobkowicz, President of the Association of German Knights;
– Marwan Sehnaoui, President of the Association of Lebanese Knights;
– Jaime Churruca y Azlor de Aragón, President of the Association of Spanish Knights;
– Thierry de Beaumont-Beynac, President of the Association of French Knights;
– Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre Del Tempio di Sanguinetto, Grand Prior of Rome;
– Fra’ Luigi Naselli di Gela, Grand Prior of Naples and Sicily;
– Clemente Riva di Sanseverino, Grand Prior Delegate for eastern Emilia and Romagna;
– Fra’ Ian Scott, Grand Prior of England;
– Fra’ Emmanuel Rousseau, member of the Sovereign Council;
– Jack E. Pohrer, of the American Association;
– Mons. Fra’ Giovanni Scarabelli, Professed Conventual Chaplain.

Properly speaking, the one who called the fifteen to the Vatican was substitute secretary of state Angelo Becciu, who since February 4 has been the pope’s special delegate to the order, endowed with full powers. But in addition to him, it has been announced that Francis will meet with them too.

The reason adopted in justification of the meeting is the one already indicated in the letter from Becciu to the members of the Order of last April 15: so that the “event,” meaning the election of the new superior general, “may take place in an atmosphere of peace and of restored harmony.”

And this is the same reason with which Becciu, in the name of the pope, justified the obligation imposed on Festing not to take part in the upcoming conclave of the Order, which will open on April 29, and not even to be present in Rome during the days of the event.

This unheard-of prohibition of the former Grand Master – already forced to resign by the pope in person on January 24 – had raised understandable dismay among the Knights of Malta. To some it had seemed an unprecedented abuse of power. To others, even among Festing’s opponents, an excessive action that therefore required a further act of correction and pacification on the part of the Vatican authorities.

But there is a postscript on Magister’s report:

Eighteen hours after this post was put online, the agencies Reuters and The Associated Press broke the news that former Grand Master of the Order of Malta Fra’ Matthew Festing has decided all the same to go to Rome – where he landed on Wednesday, April 26 – to participate in the election of the new superior general, defying the veto of Pope Francis.

According to statute, the former Grand Master has the right to take part in the conclave of April 29, both by voting and by standing for reelection.

Festing was a member of the Grenadier Guards. I hope he’s hearing their song.

UPDATE (4/26/2017)Edward Pentin has a report on the story indicating that the Vatican is now relenting on allowing Festing to participate. (One wonders what they could possibly hope to do if he insisted.) Pentin writes: “According to sources within the order, Fra’ Festing will be coming to Rome to vote in the Saturday election partly because his absence as a professed knight would have invalidated the ballot.”

Pentin also makes note of a sordid internal struggle, as related by an anonymously written paper from a source presumably within the Order itself:

In a lengthy paper obtained April 26 by the Register, an anonymous member of the order backs up what Fra’ Festing and others said were the main reasons for Boeselager’s dismissal last year, one of them being the former grand chancellor’s responsibility for allowing the distribution of contraceptives, including abortifacients, to the poor in parts of the developing world.

The paper referred to an investigative report commissioned by the order and published in January 2016 which revealed that Boeselager had known that Malteser International, the humanitarian arm of the Order of Malta, had been systematically distributing and promoting the use of condoms, oral contraceptives and other birth-control drugs and devices expressly condemned as immoral by the Church. Yet he did not report on these activities adequately to the grand master and the sovereign council.

The anonymously written paper also claims that the Vatican is supportive of Boeselager and the order’s wealthy German members partly because it is cash poor and relying on outside financial help.

“The German bishops practically control the Vatican because they are so rich and the Vatican so poor,” the author stated. “Indeed, the Vatican is constantly in danger of becoming insolvent and is easily manipulated by the German bishops.”

This is said to explain why the Vatican did not want Boeselager dismissed, formed a commission of investigation into his dismissal largely made up of people connected with a $118 million bequest to the order based in Switzerland, and had him swiftly reinstated.

Another reason for the rush is said to be that the trustee, who had had dealings with Boeselager and members of the Holy See commission, was being prosecuted and threatened to make unsavory revelations about various figures in the order and the Vatican if the order did not withdraw criminal proceedings against her.

I can confirm that I have also seen this paper, and the information it contains is extensive, the detail impressive, and the implications somewhat staggering, reaching all the way into the Vatican itself. It reads like an international crime drama, and makes mention of a number of lawsuits threatened against media outlets and journalists who attempt to tell the story.

To borrow a cliche: the plot thickens.

UPDATE 2 (4/27/2017): A statement on Vatican Radio in Italian says that the pope met with the top leadership of the Order yesterday. Translated:

Last night [April 26], at 19:00 [7 pm], a private audience of the Holy Father took place with Msgr. Giovanni Angelo Becciu, Substitute for General Affairs of the Secretariat of State, and with the highest leaders of the Order of Malta. The Press Office of the Holy See confirmed it in response to questions from some journalists.

There is no indication that Festing was present (he’s a former Grand Master, after all), but no doubt his presence, inasmuch as he is in Rome, was felt. The Vatican is now trying to spin Festing’s decision to come to Rome as always having been left to his conscience, but Becciu’s letter — invoking an “act of obedience” gives the lie to that story:

166 thoughts on “Fra’ Festing Rediscovers His Fight”

  1. May the Lord protect him from his enemies and may he increase his fortitude and resolve and grant his true brother Knights the same.

    • We must continue in our prayers, not just for those dear to us but our enemies as well. Christ desires to win ALL in His Kingdom- we must be diligent to the end so that All as possible come into His Kingdom!!!!
      ( the evil one seeks to kill, STEAL, and destroy) We must be in prayer, fasting and reparation for just the opposite – Alleluia!!!!! To God be the Glory!

    • The current situation reminds me of the siege of Malta in 15..
      20000 knights were besieged by half a million turks.
      The turks were defeated !

      • Your figures are way off. There were only a few hundred knights and `perhaps 30,000 Turks. Do you think the Turks had the wheewithal to transport a half a million soliders? In those days nobody had.

        • Jdumon is right to invoke Malta. The year was 1565, only six years before Lepanto. And it was only a few hundred knights with a few thousand other soldiers against what should have been an overwhelming Turkish attack. The Catholic victories at Malta and Lepanto saved Italy, Rome, and possibly Europe, but they were not the work only of men. Extreme effort and heroism were required on the human side so that Divine Providence could complete what was needed. That is the lesson for us: we proceed with every possible effort against the odds so that God and our Lady can make up what we cannot achieve on our own. We cannot know how or when the victory will come. It is our role only to do our utmost as best we can determine, suffer defeats, and fight again.

  2. This just got very interesting…

    But Good Lord, that last part explains so much about the Church right now…

    You can’t serve both God and mammon!

  3. My, my! The update adds some important information for the whole situation. I’m glad that this isn’t over! Deus vult! 🙂

    • He has publicly stated his opposition multiple times in no uncertain terms. In this at least, thank God, he maintains the teaching of the Church

      • Lots of British MPs and wannabe MPs declare their opposition to abortion. Many even say that they wouldn’t have one themselves (and not just the men).

        But when asked in more detailed ways they don’t think it’s appropriate to stop other people having them.

        Bergoglio’ s close relationship and admiration of many of the supporters of abortion make me feel that he is rather like these MPs. Emma Bonino. Hillary Clinton. That “population expert!!” who spoke at The Vatican who said that he sees a Vatican much changed from the one he had always condemned.

        And even if he genuinely does want it banned altogether it is very clearly SO far down his list of priorities that his talking about it makes it appear that in fact this is one of his ways of keeping up the Catholic pretence.

        So many Priests in England now have stopped allowing pro-life collections and speakers at Mass. They are emboldened by his lack of interest in the subject.

        Actually I agree that he would like it stopped. But that’s it absolutely NOT a priority for him.

        • I can agree with you there. It was incredibly frustrating when he made no mention of abortion in his speech to Congress

        • Abortion “not a priority for him.” Bergoglio stated precisely this, not long after his installation as ….. whatever. Abortion is a satanic Eucharist. It is a blood sacrifice of the most innocent of human life to the Evil One, who probably is empowered more by this “crime that cries out to heaven for vengeance” than any other sin, apart from blasphemy. However, when it comes to understanding the gravity of abortion, Bergoglio shows an abysmal ignorance. But that said, he seems to be abysmally ignorant in many other areas as well. I wonder what garbage we can expect to issue forth from the Petrine Panderer to False Religions both while in Egypt, and in his customary impromptu ‘press conference” during his return flight to Rome?

  4. It’s all so exciting isn’t it? I wonder who’s going to play whom in the HBO miniseries. GOT to get Jeremy Irons in there. Maybe he could play Boeselager? And Gary Oldman as Francis.

  5. “The German bishops practically control the Vatican because they are so rich and the Vatican so poor,” the author stated. “Indeed, the Vatican is constantly in danger of becoming insolvent and is easily manipulated by the German bishops.”

    What a revelation that is – the ramifications are huge. I’d say there’s going to be quite a rumble – a big one.

    • Remember Pell a year or two back saying they’d discovered one billion USD they didn’t know they had? Seems that the Vatican’s financial management is as dodgy as it was in the days of Marcinkus, the Archbishop connected to the super-powerful P2 Masonic Lodge.

    • The influence of the german episcopate is directly proportionate to its wealth. Seeing at which speed the pews are emptying in the german churches, this influence isn’t slated to last very long.
      The bishops are so worried about this situation that they are threatening to refuse catholic funerals (!) to the catholic faithfuls who decline paying the tax for the Church.

    • I think the Vatican’s financial position is a direct result of the papacy of the monster in the Chair of Peter. I, for one, used to donate to Peter’s Pence. No more, I assure you.

  6. So Fra Festing is being disobedient to his superior? Whatever happened to obedience? While I personally distrust PF, when PF gives an order, we *need* to give him the benefit of the doubt and obey. It’s not like PF told Fra Festing to kill someone or something. PF should be able to give a command to do or not do an action that in itself is morally neutral, such as *do not attend elections*, and then Fra Festing does not attend elections. It’s that simple, and such disobedience can swing both directions if we ever get an orthodox pope.

      • Absolutely right. It is as if a father unjustly throws his son out of the house and tells him not to come back. Bergoglio’s order is merely an extension of his ongoing injustice against Fra Festing. And this is laying aside the fact that Bergoglio had no sovereign authority to intervene in the matter in the first place.

    • To be obedient or disobedient, one has to have a legally-constituted authority over one. You cannot be obedient or otherwise to no-one or to nothing. Fra Festing was the authority of the Knights of Malta, an independent and sovereign body. Bergoglio had and has no authority over him, so how can he be disobedient?

      • Indeed. Bergoglio has about as much sovereign authority over Fra Festing as the princes of the heretical GermChurch have over the Vatican. But Bergoglio appears not to grasp either of these realities.

      • Obedience as a Catholic… But I know that many SSPX have already made up their mind that they can disobey as they personally see fit. Despite his apparent personal incompetence, are you subject to the Supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis, or do you rebel?

        • ” … many SSPX have already made up their mind that they can disobey as they personally see fit.”

          What on earth do you mean?

          As for me Dominic, I’ve said it before and maybe I will have to say it again: of course I am subject to Pope Francis – WHEN he acts as a Pope (defined formally at Vatican I in “Pastor Aeternus”). When he scatters the flock, does not lead, does not confirm the brethren in the Faith, teaches heresy, then I will follow the EXPLICIT COMMANDS of Scripture and the Fathers and run a mile in the opposite direction.

          • What Dom’nic is advocating is not obedience, but false obedience, or in other words, subjecting the higher authority (the moral law) to the lower authority (the pope) who must always be at the service of the moral law, just as he must be at the service of the One Who gave us the moral law.

          • Servility is the word. And notice how he steered the conversation to what he really wanted to talk about – the SSPX

          • Unfortunately, every time we hear about Pope Francis, he scatters the flock. When he was elected Pope and offered the appropriate vestments, he refused, reportedly saying “the carnival is over”. I beg to differ: the carnival began precisely with his election.

        • So if the pontiff tells you to jump off a cliff you’ll do it? That would be ridiculous. We are not bound to an unjust, insane order from a superior.

    • The Pope himself has repeated many times that one should obey one’s conscience first. Nobody can oblige anyone to act against his conscience.
      That is exactly what Festing is doing.

    • The Pope has NO jurisdiction over the Knights of Malta. Fra Festing made a serious mistake when he bowed to Bergoglio. He should told him to buzz off.

  7. Well, Comrades, the stench of money lies somewhere near the heart of this tawdry affair, along with Bergoglio’s predilection for sexual deviancy and all its devotees, whether contraceptors, aborters, trannies, casssock lifters or whatever.

    The power of the Germans can only be broken when a Pope announces that all the money raised by the German religious affiliation tax should be collected in one account and sent straight back to the German State.

    • Why collect it at all? The Pope could direct Catholics in Germany not to check the box on their tax returns. They could freely give whatever they like directly to the Church. And any priest or bishop who tried to deny the Sacraments to anyone for not paying the tax should be immediately reported to Rome. I am speaking of a different pontificate.

      • Thanks for the info re the actual collection process. Yes this money has to be given up. It has to be done.

        The German Church employs some 750,000 lay people so I’m told, and it’s they who are the true ecclesiastical power in the land.

  8. Don’t worry folks, the fix is still in. Agreeing to Festing’s presence is for purely cosmetic purposes. The order to stay away looked bad and the corrupt cabal which has orchestrated this railroad job from the beginning wants to maintain a veneer of respectability.

    In true Latin American, banana republic style, entirely befitting the ridiculous Lider Maximo who now fronts this circus.

      • Oh. Dear. Is that what this is, do you think? Not a charge, but a theatrical play?
        If so, God help us, we are to be pitied.

        • One has to see the 1920s drawing room farce in all this or we’d all go mad.

          I just hope Fra Festing is the crusty old Colonel who erupts with his shot-gun out of the cupboard where he’s been hiding to find Lady Maud in flagrante delicto with Algernon, the local dandy.

  9. I hope Festing by the grace of God is re-elected. All of these problems because the pope is not a leader, he is an arrogant cunning manipulator, cut from the same cloth as Obama. He should apologize to the world and resign, then run along in his cute vestments that we paid for.

  10. I abhor violence or even ill will. Certainly in our church we wish to see peace and harmony.
    But it is time for a battle. If Fra Festing is re-elected, how many will rejoice at this small victory against the man, the men, who are openly waging war against Christ, against His Church and the faith, against us. There is a time that arrives, when people who love peace have had enough, and seeing there is no alternative but to fight, are ready to charge.
    God bless and help all those who love Holy Mother Church and will defend her. God be with Fra Festing.

    • Yes, but the pope can squash him again even if he is re-elected. But glad he did come to Rome. The take over of the Order of Malta was a travesty and reinstating the contraceptive distributor for money reasons is sinful.

  11. Fra’ Festing behaved exactly how a knight should do. By no means his resignation should be considered an act of weakness and his presence in the the election in Rome should be considered a challenge to anybody. Now it is up to the Council Complete of State to preserve the Catholic Christianity of the Order and its Sovereignity.

  12. The first Vatican order to tell Fra. Festing to stay away from the Vatican was malicious. The flipping of that order shows the Vatican is in itself confused and does not know what it is doing.

    The liberals in the Vatican can not govern the Catholic Church. They are taking the Vatican as a Secular Political State and are using the same tactics you see in the American Democratic Party.

    Let’s hope and pray that Fra. Festing can get re-elected to head the Nights of Malta once again.

  13. ” Now this is not the end. it is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps the end of the beginning.” Winston Churchill

    The story made me think of the quote above. Maybe Fra Festig standing up to Francis will mark a turning point that we will one day look back on with gratitude.

    • From what I can tell Fra Festing must be the first to stand up to that bully in the Vatican. After four long years of his wicked tenure.

  14. I hope all the cowardly bishops of the world took note of how quickly the Vatican backed down the minute Fra Festing’s plane hit the ground. Bullies are cowards, too.

  15. I’ve updated the story with some new information. Seems the Vatican is now trying to spin this (sorry, the link is in Italian and I’m not going to keep bugging the translator when Google doesn’t make too much of a hash of it) as always having been a matter for Festing’s conscience.

    Look at the scan of Archbishop Becciu’s letter. He invokes religious obedience. Since when was a religious under obedience allowed to just let his conscience decide what he should do? This whole thing is falling apart.

    • “UPDATE (4/26/2017): Edward Pentin has a report on the story indicating that the Vatican is now relenting on allowing Festing to participate. (One wonders what they could possibly hope to do if he insisted.”

      Indeed, Steve.

      It makes one wonder what the Pope could possibly hope to have done if Festing had resisted in the first place.

  16. Life in the Bergoglian world.
    The quintessential example of life in this ecclesiastical epoch.
    Happy to see the lid lifted, but boy, what a $tench.

  17. Looking forward to your further coverage of this, Steve. I really hope you’ll decide to continue focusing on real scandals like this rather than (perhaps unintentionally) whipping up a storm around the orthodox credentials of the FSSP, based on the views of one man, which does little for the cause of tradition when viewed from the outside and creates unnecessary division within. I’m always impressed by 1P5 but was disappointed you decided to go with that inevitable can of worms. God bless.

  18. Follow the money. Why, with enough money you can even rent the Sistine chapel for a secular use! With Hollywood money you can have a meeting with the pope who will welcome you and your ‘significant other’. And so it goes.

  19. Well the medieval knights of old were meant to be ‘sans peur et sans reproche’ so while there was never any doubt about the ‘sans reproche’ part, Fra’ Festing’s little trip to Rome has also removed any shadow lingering over the ‘sans peur’ part that might have been cast by his acquiescence to the Pope’s previous resignation request.

    To continue the martial medieval metaphors, should Fra’ Festing be re-elected, it could be a case of the ‘Ten Commandments are really Just Guidelines’ faction within the Knight of Malta being gloriously hoist by their own petard.

  20. The following is from Gloria TV;

    INTERNAL REPORT of the ORDER OF MALTA: The version of Cardinal Burke

    Update : I deleted the link for now…(it was supposed not to be made public, and I think it was posted publicly by Gloria TV in error). Please see my reply to Jafin (moderator) and to @FMShyanguya below.

    Not sure why it has been made public – just 2 hours ago.

    UPDATE TO update above: reposting the original link (which gave Cardinal Burke’s version of what happened) which I had deleted above:

    And a post from Lifesite News just today entitled ” Knights of Malta members petition Pope for ‘reasonable explanation’ for meddling with Order”

      • Thank you FM, but I am having second thoughts about having posted it. I got it from Gloria TV, whom I think are very orthodox, and perhaps it was made public in error. I have asked Jafin the moderator if I should remove it. I am inclined to …as I would not want to cause Cardinal Burke any more grief, nor would I want to cause Fra’ Festing further grief.

          • Thanks for your support – and to Steve as well. It seems the Order of Malta is big news…the Knights have petitioned the Pope to give a ‘reasonable’ explanation for his meddling in their affairs. …so I reposted the original link I had along with the link to the post from Lifesite News on the Knights’ petition.

            Much needed push back is occurring on the part of the laity. Fulton Sheen did say it would be up to the laity,…and it seems he was right . …

          • Much needed push back is occurring on the part of the laity. Fulton Sheen did say it would be up to the laity,…and it seems he was right . … Succinctly and well captured.
            If Pope Francis becomes a liability to his masters [as it appears he increasingly is], watch for them to dump him. He himself has indicated a short papacy of 4-5 years [also if one makes a bargain with them/and who they worship, Rumpelstiltskin always comes to collect…].

      • I know what you mean. I hesitated to post it, but I got it from Gloria TV – which had posted it at the time, – now that I think about it -perhaps in error. Do you think that I should delete it? I don’t mind. Your thoughts as moderator?

        • After having read it, I think it’s fine. Perhaps Steve will have something to say, but there is nothing in there that is a new revelation, so I think it’s fine. It’s just all the facts put in one place. It got leaked, and perhaps the leak is ultimately for the better.

          The politics that surround this whole thing just ridiculous. You’d think the Church of God would be a bit less full of these things, but where else would the enemy desire to sow division and doubt than within the Church?

          EDIT: I’d like to add that I don’t think it was posted by in error as there is a link to the original scans of the document. It was intentional. How, why, or when it was originally leaked is unknown…

    • I read it yesterday from your link.
      Do not feel as if you did anything wrong. Honestly — it merely filled in a few “missing” episodes that were basically alluded to in previous reports. They were helpful and “besmirched” no one.
      Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
      We need more of it, and more of The Light, to be sure.

      • Thanks James.

        I’ve reconsidered and reposted the link, along with a new link from Lifesite news. It’s seems that the Knights of the Order of Malta are asking the pope for a reasonable explanation of why he has meddled in their order.

        More sunlight …more disinfectant hopefully.

        • I sure hope so. These last years in the Church with the uncovering of one unseemly thing after another that was covered over for so long I keep thinking of Jesus saying “what you speak in the dark will be heard in the light”…and it does seem that the Judgement of God begins with the House of God as it also says in scripture.

    • More dubia for the Pope?

      Certainly they will be answered in a timely fashon but the Malta dudes will have to get in line behind the 4 cards.

      I’m jus’sayin’.

  21. Amazing news from MSDott below – the leaking of a two-hour interview between Cardinal Burke and a Knight.

    Is it the Masons behind it all?

    And even more amazing: Francis shows himself (in private) to be a different man in important respects to the man we all see him to be. What have they got on him? What’s he afraid of? Or is he some sort of split personality?

    Questions, questions. But no answers.

    • His coauthor in books and buxom buddy is the famous argentine rabbi a notorious mason. And he wants to expel masons? Either bipolar or deeply hypocritical and cunning in inciting Burke to a fight that was lost ab initio. This may well blow up because my nose tells me there is financial funny business going on.
      What have they got on him? Good question that I have asked myself.

      • Ok, here’s a wild thought — Bergoglio is told that there are Masons in the KM by a senior Knight who is genuinely concerned about it. So he sets Burke up as a stalking horse to see if these individuals can be identified. Burke comes back later and says “no”. This is actually the answer that Bergoglio wants to hear, at which point he shunts Burke aside and gives the green light to the German faction (= Masonic) to immediately up its efforts to take control through a destruction of the current and ancient constitution of the Order (this “democratisation” of the Order of course will allow them to control the Order from behind the scenes).

        Seen in this light, what is happening is a Masonic takeover of the KM and of course the destruction of its Catholic ethos and hence its adherence to Catholic teaching.

        Why would they do this? Well, the KM is one holdover from the ‘ancien regime’ to which of course Masonry is always implacably opposed. Then there is the benefit to Masonry of the subtle imposition post revolution of a new, liberal attitude to contraception and abortion in its work. And finally there is the control of the money.

        Remember that last year there was a hack of the Mason’s Number Two Lodge in Paris. One document hacked, an email from the Grand Master of the Lodge to another, stated that “Abortion is the core of our creed”.

        Masonry is entirely diabolical.

          • I sincerely believe you. Been on the wrong side of a practicing witch myself in past.
            Avail yourself of booklet “Deliverance Prayers For Use By the Laity” Sensus Traditionis Press
            Excellent guidance & prayers

  22. The Germans are evil an need to be rooted out,they are the one’s who gave us Francis the Antipope,this Pope Loves Islam more than Catholicism,the sooner he is gone the better.

  23. It is all so terribly evil – further from the Holy Faith, these worldly manipulatios could not be. Lord have mercy on us.

  24. There will be no vote. The evils in the Vatican will have this thing completely rigged. Clearly this whole issue is connected to the Global Elites in a way that is imperceptible to us simple men. When I first came across this story I did not appreciate this, but as time goes on, it is increasingly obvious that international and powerful figures in league with the evil one have stakes in this whole matter. Exactly what is still hazy.

    • It is as Malachi Martin foretold and gave some hints of in his fiction (“faction”). We are being conned with smoke and mirrors. How sure of their success they must be to not even try to gloss over the gross injustices and cover ups. It all smells. Never have I seen such a confluence of global,national, cultural and spiritual chicanery. Chills the blood.

  25. Has Fra’ Festing discovered his fight?
    Will he rise to his status as Knight?
    Or is this more of the same?
    Another Vatican game
    To rub salt in the wound of our plight.

    • There once was a Noble Man Festing
      His status the Pope kept molesting.
      When the Pope built a Wall,
      Noble Men stood up tall.
      Leaving Hor-hay to do some arresting!

  26. With Festing’s unexpected coming back in the game, the € 118 000 000 question is: Will the Vatican be able to rig the election or, in the case of Festing being reinstated as Grand Master, will the Pope be obliged to swallow his pileolus ?

  27. Are we talking about the Church that Christ established and that is lead by the Holy Spirit? Or are we talking about the corruption and shenanigans of a political party? Follow the money. I can’t tell the difference — church or politics — appears to be the same damn thing! Lord have mercy on your people.

  28. My expectation proved to be correct, according to reports, the higher powers prepared a shortlist of candidates for election and of course, Fra Festing was not on the list. The elites had this sewn up. Even Fra Festing’s attendance actually gives some legitimacy to what the dark powers have worked in this situation.


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