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Polish Bishop: Four Cardinals Exercised “A Duty”; “It is Only Just to Answer Them”

In what appears to be the first (of hopefully many) prelates to speak out publicly in favor of the Four Cardinals Letter, Auxiliary Bishop Józef Wróbel of Lublin, Poland, said in an interview with Michele M. Ippolito of La Fede Quotidiana that “The four cardinals were right to ask for clarification on Amoris Laetitia. If anything, it is only just to answer them.”

In the interview, the bishop is very candid in his support:

[Your] Excellency [Bishop] Wrobel, what do you think of the letter of clarification on Amoris Laetitia sent by four cardinals to the Pope?

They have done well and they have exercised correctly the provisions of canon law. I think it is not only a right, but even a duty. It would have been just to answer to their observations. They asked no questions about the next day’s weather, but on issues concerning the Church’s teaching and therefore the faithful.

The doubts regarding AL, do you find them pertinent?

As I said before, a clarification on the document, and especially on chapter 8 is opportune. The text effectively lends itself to various interpretations, it’s ambiguous.

Why does it lend itself to various interpretations?

Because it was not well written. Probably with too much haste, without analyzing the contents and the possible consequences with careful [extreme] attention. There is a need to bring these questions to the Vatican and to the collaborators in whom the Pope has confidence. Drawing up such important texts in haste does not render good service to the Church.

Can one give Communion to those who have remarried civilly?

You couldn’t give [them Communion] before Amoris Laetitia, it’s not possible now. The doctrine of the Church is not subject to changes, otherwise it is no longer the Church of Christ founded on the Gospel and the Tradition. It is given to no one to modify the doctrine insofar as no-one is master of the Church.

Communion to gay couples?

It is not possible, and mercy is not a permission slip. Homosexual acts are a very grave sin, much more than those committed among heterosexuals. In fact, they go against nature.

His comments on Amoris Laetitia are strikingly firm, but equally so is his answer to a question that is high on the Vatican’s list of priorities: the welcoming of refugees:

Immigration, what to do?

Welcoming is in the Christian spirit. Above all, in moral theology, the primacy is in charity. It looks first to those closest [to us], to the neighbours, in order to get to those further away. And so we should first of all ensure that those who live close to us — relatives, children, parents, fellow citizens — are doing well and only afterwards take care of those who come from outside. Demagoguery leads nowhere.

Like Bishop Athanasius Schneider before him, we see in Bishop Wróbel an auxiliary who cares far more about the Catholic teaching and the faithful than about advancing in his own ecclesiastical career.

And in a way, their work elevates them far beyond the dignity of a diocesan see. They truly become bishops of the world.

We can only pray that this is the beginning of a larger trend of support for the four cardinals from among the world’s apostolic successors.

Roberto Tomasso contributed to this translation.

61 thoughts on “Polish Bishop: Four Cardinals Exercised “A Duty”; “It is Only Just to Answer Them””

  1. There goes the possibility of him receiving a Diocese during the current pontificate. Someone may soon be receiving a visit from the OARCPF…

    Such doctrinal rigidity and focus on justice is unbecoming in a Bishop of the Church of unhinged Mercy.

    • They shouldn’t be worried. If PF is declared as having removed himself from the teachings of the CC he cannot excommunicate or sack anyone. That’s why it is important for the Curia to step up to the plate now as we need to know who these silent men are. It won’t be good enough for them to say later when he’s gone that they ‘silently’ supported the four Cardinals. We will just evaluate them as cowards.

  2. It’s good to hear from the Polish Bishops again. Bishop Gadecki has been so silent of late, so too Bishop Lenga of of Kazakhstan. I had also hoped that Bishop Schneider would have been ready to support such a Dubia. It is, of course, up to the Cardinals to make a formal declaration if PF doesn’t resign first, but support from the episcopate is necessary also as they will be charged with implementing this disastrous Papal Exhortation which should not be allowed to become part of the Magisterium.

    • It is, of course, up to the Cardinals to make a formal declaration if PF doesn’t resign first
      Cardinals Bishops. The Cardinalate is one of the grades of ecclesiastical institution (vs. Divine Origin) [cf. (link): Catholic Encyclopedia > H > Hierarchy]. From Church Tradition, it falls to the the episcopate to correct the papacy [the imperiousVoris/CM and others of like thinking plain wrong], hence my amazement, barring a very few, at the silence of the entire episcopate. Perhaps the silent ones, especially those in the West have been compromised [cf. Church sex scandal].

  3. Bishop Wróbel is quoted as saying about the ambiguity in Amoris Laetitia, “Because it was not well written, probably with too much haste…”

    I think the good bishop is being far too diplomatic. I myself would tend more towards the ‘deliberate, carefully calculated and insidious attempt to comprehensively undermine the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of marriage’ type of assessment.

    • EG, LS and AL are all garbage. I think pretending they are legitimate Catholic theology is ridiculous at this point. They can’t be rehabilitated.

      Some prelates might just want a nice little “correction” to the errors of Pope Francis but really, such a correction is going to have to deal with Tucho’s Puke or it isn’t a viable correction at all.

      I think this thing is going to get messy. Very messy indeed, unless the Cardinals simply accept a “negotiated settlement with” {READ: “capitulation to”} Francis and his Lutheran buddies.

      This time period is actually pregnant with much opportunity.

      I am praying for:

      Condemnation of the texts.
      Removal of Francis.
      Syllabus of Errors regarding Vatican 2.
      Just in case the Electors need reminding: The election of a Catholic as Pope

      I’m open to expanding the list.

    • Yes exactly. Writing a story like AL and LS requires far more careful calculation and craftiness than simply stating Catholic truth because the former needs to be (man) made-up and the latter is already established.

      • Regarding your comments on SSPX at Voris’ site, please read up articles on SSPX in other sites. Voris is biased and is not tolerant if someone asks meaningful questions on his site (like what did Pope Francis say about Muslims being saved etc.) He is a smart businessman (like instead of having others to subscribe for $30 a year he offers $10 a month (that is $120 a year) for accessing materials that you can easily find them for free).

        • Dear Daniel,
          Thank you for your comment. I do not agree on everything that M Voris says or has said and some topics seem not to be spoken about. That is a pity. But I really do not think he is after the money, really not. Most of his words/texts do not make him very popular and people just go to another site when they do not like his strict comments and explaining the teachings of the Church in a pure way and straightforward .

          About the SSPX, we receive a magazine of this Brotherhood of priests and both my husband and I really appreciate the care for the souls and the sincerity of the members. But we, not yet at least, do not go to Holy Mass or other sacramental things (I do not know how to translate better what I mean) at a SSPX parish. My comment on churchmilitant makes clear why, I hope. We just don’t know what to do sometimes and we are very lucky that we live close to both the German and Belgium border. We can choose from FOUR Holy Masses (FSSP and other) in the tridentine rite within an hour driving.

          In a few weeks or months we maybe have a quite similar situation as back in time with the problems around Vat II, the SSPX and FSSP and so on. When that will happen, everyone has to make a decission and that will not be so easy too I’m afraid. In these cases, finally the personal conscience (of which pope Francis talks too much) does matter I think. Let us pray that it will not be necessary and that the teachings of Christ will be declared and pronounced very claer and lightsome!!
          God bless you!

          • Thanks for your reply! I am in Los Angeles and I am blessed to be led to Traditional Latin Mass ( I started with Latin Mass that used to be called Indult Mass then FSSP came to L.A. and I joined them and I still go to their Catechesis classes for adults and now I usually go to SSPX parish for confessions and Mass on Sundays so like you I am blessed to live in an area to have many options). I used to be a premium subscriber of CMTV too till Voris started attacking other Traditional Catholic media like The Remnant Newspaper, Catholic Family News, akaCatholics (I would encourage you to take a look at these sites also OnePeterFive they are all for Traditional Catholics to know and grow in the Faith). I don’t know how far your family has traveled on the road to traditional Catholicism. I would say two priests (both passed away) influenced me in understanding Vatican II and the situation we are dealing with now. One is the late Fr. Gregory Hesse (Austrian) and another one was late Fr. Nicolas Gruner (the Fatima Priest) I would encourage you to type their names and watch some of their videos on youtube. Fr. Hesse is called “people’s theologian” and really break down complicated theological issues in laymen’s term. Also please get the book written by Fr. Gruner shortly before his passing titled “Crucial Truth to save your soul” I buy this book and give to other Novus Ordo Catholics. It is also online free. God Bless!

          • Thank you for your reply. I will surely check out the websites you mention. Since eight years (at first very occasionaly) we go to the traditional Mass with our four daughters (from 11 to 17 years old) and since this july we all five wear a veil during H Mass. We are very greatful for the grace we received from God to experience and live all of this. Sometimes we still go to a novus ordo Mass but only when family or friends have an important reason to invite us there (First Holy Communion, Confirmation or funeral…) or when we really have no possibility to make a longer journey in the evening on a weekdays Church Feast (f e : St Joseph / St Peter and Paul). But it is so sad to see how the shepherds of the church try to lead the flock….ehm… they actualy do not lead their flock, I’m sorry to say but there are almost no exceptions on that statement.
            We know and regret very much that things went so wrong since Vat II. Surely, the Holy Spirit tries His utmost best to inspire every cardinal and bisshop that is present on a synod or other meeting. But having said that, that does not mean that they all will listen to Him!!! There were so much powers going on and around than to influence everyone to surrender to the world (I believe that is the best way to summarize) instead of to submit to God again. And partly, that happened without any doubt. But what to do? Staying in and doing the good things and suffer from the bad ones or “stepping out” and not be in communion with Rome? Very hard to decide. I say it very black-white here but I know it is very much more complicated ofcourse.
            I will surely read about the two priests you named. Let me guess: I will be very impressed and affected of what they say, I fear (or hope ; – )…). We are living in difficult times…
            God bless you!

  4. I’ve tweeted @Pontifex urging PF to answer the Dubia. I know he ignored all the petitions & letters to date but the Dubia is a formal document issued by four Cardinals & must be answered. Maybe tweeting might be the way. His mouthpiece likes it & might get frightened if enough Catholics got in touch this way.

  5. As an ex-Lutheran, I find the silence in the face of really quite clear attacks on the teaching of the Church quite remarkable.

    Now it is true that in the heretical sects, argumentation over doctrine is continuous but there is no way the types of duplicity we see in the ambiguous teaching of the Pope wouldn’t be noticed and addressed posthaste even in the mainline sects.

    It appears the natural and honorable respect prelates have for office of the Pope has made them particularly susceptible to this type of “guerrilla” attack. That and 50 years of the war of attrition wearing against their integrity and religious sensitivity. And no doubt personal perversions and moral chaos {caused by widespread practice of sodomy?} and just plain cowardice play roles as well.

    • A “dubium” is a formal, classic device by which a question of doctrine is brought, usually, before the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. A “responsa,” a written decision or ruling, is the proper form by which a dubium is answered.

      The cardinals submitted the pending dubia to Pope Francis via confidential communication in deference to his office. The Holy Father’s failure to respond formally to questions central to Catholic doctrine necessitated the public airing of the matter.

      Similarly, there is only one *faithful Catholic* way to answer each of the dubia posed by the four cardinals. However, each responsa would constitute a repudiation of the novelties of “merciful accompaniment” proposed in AL, Chapter 8, and in certain of the footnotes.

      The Church is blessed that the cardinals have formulated a skillful defense of, and that members of the hierarchy are awakening to, the Truth!

      • I agree, but you need to read my post. You misunderstood what I said.

        The “guerrilla attack” I am referencing is that made by the Papal proxies against the Big Four. The Pope is not directly confronting them because he can’t. He cannot take a direct line against what is obviously orthodox teaching. So he takes his shots through guerrilla proxies.

        I suspect this is his strategy.

        We will see how long it lasts. I don’t think it can go on forever, in that attacks like the one just made by this Greek Bishop will draw out support for the Magesterium from other bishops who care, however few that may be. At some point a substantive discussion is going to have to take place.

        The dubia do not merely address the potential for papal heresy. They address the potential for papal apostasy.

        Some Greek bishop can yammer all he wants but everyone must know that a simple and frank answer to the dubia would suffice to quiet the Big Four…if it’s orthodox…

        In the meantime, we need to encourage Catholics who are confused about the process to get a copy of Denzinger and peruse the method used throughout history. In fact, it is the method the Popes have used themselves!

        There is nothing insulting about seeking clarification on teaching and I think anyone is going to be able to see that very soon.

  6. If the majority or all of the Cardinals publicly state the truth then AL will be consigned to a hastily written and vague document. The silence of the pope indicates that he is not convinced that AL is truthful otherwise he would be able to defend AL conclusively.

  7. We are now in an age–perhaps the last age–when new martyrs are within the Church itself. Surely Satan has found a new home.

  8. Just as with this last U.S. election, I’m praying that with a few pebbles tumbling, and more Bishops speaking publicly in favor of the dubia, it will cause an avalanche. Yes, he was a little too ‘diplomatic’ in giving the Pope room for error in ‘haste’, but they want to give him every benefit of the doubt. With this interview, he was also asking Francis for ‘correction’, as no faithful Catholic Bishop is wanting schism. This idea of ‘ambiguity’ however is bogus; the document is clearly in error.

  9. This whole episode reminds me of when the Lutherans and the Anglicans squabble amongst themselves between their conservative wing and their progressive wing over the sex issues. Now its hit the concilior church too. Find a TLM and protect your faith and that of your children.

      • I agree with both of you.

        My Dad was a Methodist minister and I actually came to the Church from Lutheranism. Humanly speaking, what we have in the Church now is the same thing they have; open internal conflict.

        What I hope we do NOT see is more or less continuous and unending open internal conflict a la the Meth/Luth/Angl ecclesial groups. The Church needs to be purified and we desperately need a good sharp fight to cure or clear the Body of the toxins of heresy that are plaguing it.

  10. Leave it to the Poles to stand up and be counted. Bergoglio pointed a finger at Poland and told them to take in Muslim refugees back during WYD. I have to imagine that Bergoglio is as popular as Putin is in Poland.
    Glad to see the good bishop speak up….and I’m proud to have Polish ancestry.


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