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Belgian Bishops Approve of Amoris Laetitia’s Approach to the “Remarried” Divorcees

Belgium, Landscape

The Belgian bishops have recently (on 24 May) issued a Pastoral Letter in Dutch and in French where they, too, give their consent and support to the post-synodal exhortation, Amoris Laetitia, thus joining the ranks of the German and Maltese bishops’ conferences, as well as some Argentine, Italian, and U.S. bishops. The significance of this Belgian action is that, together with the Germans and the Maltese bishops, they are representing all of their nation’s own bishops. Additionally, we might soon expect to hear of an appreciative papal response, at least indirectly sending Pope Francis’ gratitude to the supportive Belgian bishops.

The Belgian bishops’ letter states:

One cannot thus rule that all of the remarried divorcees can be admitted to Communion. One cannot rule, either, that they are all excluded. The path of each person demands the necessary discernment in light of a pastoral decision made in one’s conscience.

Just as in the case of the German bishops, the Belgian bishops also propose that this path of discernment can be accompanied by a dialogue either with a priest, or a deacon, or even another “pastoral agent” (which means a lay person). It is in this specific context that the Belgian bishops now speak, with reference to Amoris Laetitia, of the additional “help of the sacraments.” This process of discernment has to be undergone, both in light of the conscience of the “remarried” person as well as of the officially involved pastoral caretaker. It is once more proposed, with direct reference to Amoris Laetitia (37), that much scope is to be given here to the various individual and accompanying consciences. The following passage has nearly the same wording as the German pastoral guidelines with regard to the “remarried” divorcees:

It can happen that someone decides not to receive the Eucharist. We have the greatest respect for such a decision. It can also happen that someone decides in his conscience to well receive the Eucharist. This decision also deserves respect. [emphasis added]

By comparison, the German pastoral guidelines now say:

The individual decision – under the individual circumstances – not to be yet able to receive the Sacraments deserves respect and esteem. But, one also has to respect a [individual] decision in favor of the reception of the Sacraments. [emphasis added]

The Belgian bishops also openly express their “great appreciation and great gratitude for Amoris Laetitia.”

With their own approach to the “remarried” divorcees and their possible access to the Sacraments, the Belgian bishops seem to take an approach similar to the German bishops, stating that not every “remarried” person may per se have access to the Sacraments (thereby giving the impression of their equitable balance); but at the same time, giving full scope to the individual consciences of the concerned persons, thus giving permission to have access to the Sacraments.

The Belgian bishops do not make any reference to the moral obligation to live chastely as brother and sister, that is, if a “remarried” couple wishes to have access to the Sacraments.

Thus, another national bishops’ conference seems to have fallen into a promiscuous trap of effectively allowing adulterers to have untroubled access to the Sacraments.

However, as Sandro Magister has just recently pointed out, Pope Francis does not have many national bishops’ conference supportively behind his indulgent reforms. Most of the support for Pope Francis, according to Magister, comes from Europe. As he says:

With the appointment as president [of the Italian Bishops’ Conference] of Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, after that of the secretary general three years ago, Pope Francis now has full control of the Italian episcopal conference, one third of whose bishops have been installed by him, even in dioceses of the first rank like Bologna, Palermo, the vicariate of Rome, and soon also Milan.

Appointments are a key element in the strategy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. It should suffice to look at how he is reshaping in his image the college of cardinals, which in the future will elect his successor. After the latest batch of cardinals, announced one week ago for the end of June, chances are slimmer that the next pope could mark a return to the past.

Italy aside, however, winning the agreement of the bishops is anything but easy for Francis.

The only national episcopates that he can count on today are those of Germany, Austria, and Belgium, nations in which the Catholic Church is in the most dramatic decline. [emphasis added]

As Magister shows us here, the pope receives most support from those national bishops’ conferences whose countries are rather thoroughly losing the Faith. This is not a good sign for this papacy.

Steve Skojec has just written – concerning the more recent unworthy outbursts of Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga – that it now seems that the circle around Pope Francis – to include Francis himself – are thin-skinned and sensitively nervous. They might even now realize, after all, that they do not have the support of the majority of the Catholics for their unmistakably radical agenda of reform, in spite of their voluble protestations to the contrary.

Let us pray that this disquietude among the arch-reformists is based on reliable facts and that their anxiety will at least slow down their proposed ongoing revolution, if not halt it entirely. How long will Pope Francis still be able to manage his restless papacy?

154 thoughts on “Belgian Bishops Approve of Amoris Laetitia’s Approach to the “Remarried” Divorcees”

  1. These things must happen in order for the full number of apostate regions of the Catholic Church to be known.

    The presence of one decent Pope will prompt the schism of these groups from the Catholic faith.

  2. “Therefore whosoever shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 11,27)
    “Know you not that the unjust shall not possess the kingdom of God? Do not err: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor ADULTERERS, Nor the effeminate, nor liers with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor railers, nor extortioners, shall possess the kingdom of God.” (1 Corinthians 11,27)
    “The time is accomplished, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent, and believe the gospel.” (Mark 1,15)

  3. If the next Pope is another Bergoglio, there will be no months of “bad translation” and “out of context” or other excuses. Ideally, if he comes out on the balcony wearing only the white cassock, the booing will start immediately.

    • Let’s go the distance. Atheist and “gay.” Tobin in Newark, Wack in Pensacola-Tallahasse, Dolan strolling down Fifth…

        • That is how the diocese is titled. I was surprised as well, but I live far afield of their. Who knew?
          Did you get a load of Bishop Wack’s picture at
          Left-hand column, somewhat down…
          You can’t make it up.
          All hell has broken loose.

          • I saw it.
            Very, very sad.
            We are awaiting the assignment of a new bishop in our diocese.
            Very worried are we.

          • We received a Bergoglian a couple of years back. I withheld my annual appeal check this year and replaced it with a picture of Bergoglio in his Martin Luther suit. It will remain my annual appeal contribution until something new turns up.
            Speaking of which, I just saw the Superior General of the Jesuits has disabused us of belief in the Devil.
            Who knew?

          • My wife and I are going to start doing this for all the CRS appeals we get, as well as the diocesan appeal. Thanks for the idea!

          • An enhanced financial contribution was redirected to two other Catholic enterprises — I won’t name them for fear the lads will determine who to go after at some point.
            It provided me the greatest satisfaction to know I was not funding heresy and I could bark back to those who would see our Church evaporated.
            Viva Cristo Rey!

          • Wow…

            I am beginning to have trouble seeing where Anglicanism stops and the Catholic Church starts… Seems all these types are squirming around in the same sleeping bag.

            SOMETHING has to break and the true spirit of sanctification sweep through the Church.

            I hope.

          • Oh it will… I don’t know when, or even if we’ll all still be alive then… but it will happen…

    • I would argue that the Catholic Church is indefectible and a perfect society. I would also argue, that it is the Vatican II conciliar movement within the Church that is becoming Protestant and is in schism. The one true Church now exists in isolated pockets around the world. This new Church will not ultimately win, however, many will suffer because of it.

    • Well, as readers here understand, a schism would have to be a separation from the Pope. But, now, Bergoglio is the leader/fomenter of the schism. So…we would have to conclude differently about the gravity and nature of the current situation.

  4. People argue and argue that Amoris Laetitia doesn’t really condone such things when, frankly, it does not matter what Amoris Laetitia does and does not condone. Vatican II never said to remove communion rails, yet churches all over the world swiftly did so in the years following the council and no one with authority called them out on it. Whether or not that change was actually requested, the fact is that most Roman Catholics today do not receive communion at a communion rail. With regards to Amoris Laetitia, we need clarification on the Church’s teachings- not from a prefect of some congregation, from the Pope himself- immediately. It’s not just a Francis problem either- he’s just a lot worse at it than his predecessors. Instead of making the rules clear when it is clear that those who ought to know better are breaking them, he goes on about “dialog” and “encounter.” Those things have their place, perhaps, but certainly not when those with authority are falling into such fundamental error. Francis likes to focus on the gray areas of the faith, which is fine- but not when people are questioning even the black and white.

  5. I would like to hear more from/about the African and other bishops and episcopal conferences who are maintaining adherence to Familiaris Consortio, et al. I think we haven’t heard enough about episcopal opposition to changing Catholic pastoral practise. 1P5, can you write more about this?

  6. “The Belgian bishops do not make any reference to the moral obligation to live chastely as brother and sister, that is, if a “remarried” couple wishes to have access to the Sacraments.”
    So much for Cardinal’s Muller’s procrastination. He needs to get up to speed and tell these heterodox bishops that they are not interpreting the pope correctly. That what he said in his interview with Raymond Arroyo, isn’t it? talk about myopia!

    • The Catholic “Fathers” quit BEING fathers many many years ago. They are now largely deadbeat dads.

      Discipline does not have to exist in a void of love, but ramifications of disobedience should exist. From what I can tell, “Church discipline” hasn’t existed in the Catholic Church in the lifetime of anyone breathing today.

      Having a rule and not enforcing it is worse than having no rule at all, as it teaches disrespect and disdain for any and all rules.

  7. Come Holy Spirit….what evil…poor Jesus and Mary, Bishops betraying Them and the little ones redeemed! The Holy Spirit tells us we are not determiners of Holy Truth, only God is….the Bishops say ‘eat of the forbidden fruit of determining for yourself what is good and evil, surely God did not tell you not to do that, and even more surely, “you will not die if you do”!! What about the Holy Spirit through Saint Peter: as our beloved brother Paul, according to the wisdom given to him, also wrote to you, speaking of these things* as he does in all his letters. In them there are some things hard to understand that the ignorant and unstable distort to their own destruction, just as they do the other scriptures.

    • Many of the newer translations have “surely die” or some such idea in the interaction between the woman and the serpent. I’ve always found that interesting, as it implies that Eve knew she was walking on the razor’s edge from the beginning. She KNEW death was the promised punishment that awaited her so the serpent couldn’t simply say “You won’t die” but rather, “You won’t SURELY die”, introducing ambiguity to what was previously clear teaching {sound familiar?}.

      The serpent didn’t have to sell her the idea that she would not die at all, but rather that death was not a certainty, thus taking the promise of God from a certainty to a possibility.

      And she bought it, as did the man.

      How many sins or results of sins of the sexual revolution tempt one similarly?

      Look at AIDS. A disease that could be eradicated in a generation if sexual purity was kept. Ditto essentially, divorce itself that so often has adultery as its cause. Poverty itself in the Western world is primarily caused by the breakup of the family…breakups caused by the fruits of the sexual revolution.

      No. Those who demand sacrilegious communion know inside they are tempting God, but they are willing to live the lie Eve and Adam gave us, the lie that “maybe” they won’t have to pay the price. And that is good enough for them.

      • Yes, tragic that we have so easily been led back to the original anti-creation, anti-God, lies and murderous death…may Our Lady be our Refuge and Rescue in Our Beloved Lord, to be, live and die Resurrected, Ascended in God the Holy Spirit with Jesus at the Right Hand of the Father!!!

  8. What else can you expect from the bloody Belgians? The liberal darlings of Europe, the paedophilia in their country rotted the higher clergy years ago: to whit, the infamous Belgian Catechism which included cartoon drawings of naked children and how to molest them; the total refusal of Cardinal Daneels to heed the concerns of Catholic parents or even to meet them (he even called the Police to break up their demonstrations against him); the euthanasia laws and Daneel’s protection of his replacement, an Archbishop known to have raped his own nephew.

    Any Pope worth the name would place the entire country under an Interdict until all the higher clergy had been laicised and replaced.

    • “…place the entire country under an Interdict ”

      Some day we will get a Pope who may have to do just that to vast regions. I see no other way to clarify the Gospel {CCC 1697}.

      • Gents, it’s beyond monstrous. It’s utterly demonic. I have read somewhere that Belgian Church figures were connected to Marc Dutroux. It’s like one of those 1970s Hammer horror films.

        • What you cite here with your links above gives pause for us to have sympathy for all those Protestants who see the Catholic Church as the Harlot of Babylon and the Popes as Anti-Christ. In the absence of discipline of the offenders by ANY Pope who knew of them and their actions, indeed, when the current Pope himself is a friend of these monsters, it is at times very hard to argue otherwise.

          • My dear Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ, I am a convert of 6 years and understand your comments regarding the view of Catholicism. Although these prelates witness is horrible, the Church’s witness over 2,000 plus years started by Christ is MUCH stronger???? Her thousands of Saints and their witness. THIS the Church I came into and will remain even if it becomes a Remnant Church in the end as prophesy indicates. My daughter just came into the Church this past year filly aware and disturbed by PF. We must do as our Blessed Mother asks pray, pray, pray, offer reparations, fast, live daily FOR HIM , speak the Truth in love, Trusting Him every inch of the way????????????????????????????

          • All my adult children also have converted to the faith under the pontificate of Bergoglio {we did, too, technically, as he was elected right before the Easter we joined}. None of our statements here can be said to involve the criticism of “Catholicism”, rather, of those who would destroy it among the prelates. It is not the faith we condemn, but those who are actively wrecking the witness of that faith.

            And as bad as it is in the Church we have the words of none other than Billy Graham’s grandson reminding us that in Protestantism the problem might even be worse.


            The Catholic Church will always be under more scrutiny partly because we are so much easier to scrutinize.

            But when dealing with Protestants we must be aware of the gravity of the problems, and not shy away from them. A Pope who is manifestly the friend and ally of such a one as Daneels cannot be defended if one intendeds to maintain a scrap of personal integrity.

          • I came back to the Catholic Church having made the discovery that She is the Church that Christ himself established and gave divine authority to. I came back only to find that the upper echelon of Christ’s Church is actively and vigorously working to destroy Her from within. Yes, the smoke of Satan … I have asked myself repeatedly, “What have I come home to?”

            It seems as long as I stick to the Church’s historic teachings, I am on solid ground. If I listen to and follow the innovations of Francis and crew, I will end up shipwrecked and will find myself along with these blind guides/ wolves in the very pit of hell. Francis’ god of surprises and make a mess theology are rotten fruit of a rotten tree. Yes, these are hard words, but these are true words. Another day, another heresy and another insult.

            As for the Protestant world, 500 years of Luther and Calvin (and the others) have reached its pinnacle of creating a religious Tower of Babel. The Protestants seemingly can agree upon nothing except that the Catholics are wrong — how wrong is a matter of dispute. Yes, Protestantism has become “deeds not creeds” because there are no set of doctrinal beliefs or creeds that unify and that Protestants can all agree upon.

            So if the choice is between historic truth from the Church Christ himself established and incomprehensible babbling (It.Is.Madness!) from the communities in revolt, my choice is the remnant church that is Christ’s Church. I best get busy fixing up my basement so mass can be said by remnant clergy who remain faithful/ loyal to Our Lord and Our Lady.

          • Amen.

            “It seems as long as I stick to the Church’s historic teachings, I am on solid ground.”

            I agree and we take that position exactly.

            Except what is a struggle…is that the historic teaching also includes assent to “teaching” by the Pope. Now we may scratch our heads on what exactly constitutes “teaching’ from this ceaselessly blathering Pope, but nevertheless, at times, the conflict remains.

            I suspect this is at the core of the vain attempts Müller and others make to reconcile the words of this Pope with the historic teachings.

            In the meantime, I study the bible and the Magesterium and have decided to leave to the future leaders a full assessment of just what this Pope is, does and says.

          • Rod, do you really think there will be a full assessment by future leaders of the Church as to just what this Pope is, does and says? Or is it more likely that we will look up and see the Lord’s return? I am honestly betting on the latter. As Father RP said in another post, Death and Hell await anyone who betrays the Lord and does not repent. I have no doubt the Lord will judge rightly and justly — and I would much prefer to be with the remnant on the narrow path than with the multitudes on the wide road that leads to hell. My guideline: if Francis says it, it is suspect. As far as I can tell, nothing Francis has said thus far is binding on the faithful (in the Chair of Peter); he is much too smart to do what he is doing (undermining and destroying the Church) directly. Ambiguity and confusion are his methods of operation. By their fruit you will know them …. I have tasted Francis’ fruit and it is rotten to the core.

          • I don’t know, but I do know that there have been times of great trial in the Church in the past. I think not just of the Arian Crisis but of the confusion that reigned throughout Europe during the “Babylonian Captivity”. it is easy for us today, with historical hindsight, to look back and say “There was only one true Pope” but at that time, it was very confusing indeed.
            and though the issues were not sweepingly doctrinal as they are today, they WERE an immense challenge to faith itself, to see the prelates fight over their preferred candidates.
            We can take some solace in the hope that few knew much of what was going on, but in fact, many did, and surely it was for them a great struggle, just as the days are for us.

            I pray for a courageous pope who is not afraid to put under the ban whole dioceses and/or nations or regions who deny the faith.

            We are finding out a clear list of same today, thanks to Jorge Bergoglio.

          • I am more or less with Susan on this. I expect more a form of direct action from God than I do the Church cleaning out the stables from within. The rot and stink of corruption is so far advanced now that the earlier renewals we saw (the great renewal from the 1460s or 70s is one great example, that one of course “stolen” by the protestant rebels) seem almost an impossibility.

          • The problems that now beset the Church and indeed the wider humanity can only be resolved by direct, and massive Divine intervention. And, it’s coming; I’m convinced of that. When, I do not know. But I’m certain that things cannot continue to deteriorate at an accelerating pace before the whole thing blows. Therefore I prefer to believe that this chastisement and purification will not be long delayed. AS Pope John Paul II said in Fulda, Germany in 1980, “How may times has the renewal of the Church been wrought by blood? This time also, it will not be otherwise.” It’s going to be enormously painful, But ….. Bring It On! For the sake of future generations; Bring It On!

          • The four best known stigmatics of the 20th century – Theresa Neumann, Marthe Robin, Elena Aiello and St Padre Pio – knew the nature of this age and that the great chastisement was at hand.

            Fr Benjamin Sanchez relates in ‘The Last Times’ how the triumph of the Immaculate Heart was made known to Marthe Robin by Our Lord:

            ‘I play with the plans of men. My right hand prepares miracles and My Name shall be glorified in all the world. I shall be pleased to break the pride of the wicked much more when the world will be most hostile to all that is supernatural. And much more admirable and extraordinary will be the event that will come out of the encounters.’

            ‘In the place of the throne of the Beast, two glorious thrones will arise, one of My Sacred Heart and the other of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.’

            ‘Then it will be understood that neither human power. nor demons, nor the genius of industry will end the war …. it will end only when reparation has been consummated.’

            ‘Be courageous for the Kingdom of God is near. It will begin with something that will come so suddenly as to be unexpected.’

          • I thank you, Gerry, for quoting Marthe Robin, as related by Fr. Benjamin Sanchez. If I had previously come across that particular quote, I had long forgotten it. It is my personal belief that ours is the most deceived, ignorant and, yes, stupid generation in all human history. Previous civilisations which we, in our ignorance and arrogance, regard as ‘backward’ did not have the priceless advantage that we have in the full revelation of Jesus Christ. Our abandonment of supernatural faith has permitted our enslavement by ‘scientism’ by which a technocratic elite have gained almost total control over every aspect of our lives, determining what we can or cannot have; what we can or cannot do; where we can or cannot live, and even, ultimately, if we live. As for the prevailing, nay, ‘mandatory’ pseudo-scientific explanation for all things, St. Paul summed it up perfectly: “The more that they called themselves ‘philosophers, the more stupid they became'”

          • Rod, I cannot recommend highly enough the book, Trial, Tribulation, and Triumph by Desmond Birch. It’s examination of Catholic prophecy casts a very hopeful light on our present hardships.

            In short, after the current socio/geo-political order crashes and burns in the very near future, the pope you long for is coming, along with a restored Catholic monarchy that will re-establish and spread Christendom like never before.

            You can read a good synopsis here:


            Among the most uncanny of these prophecies (which span centuries) are those which speak of European civil wars induced by an alliance between Mohammedians and what we now know as atheist communists. And out of the ashes of their chaos and destruction arises an Angelic Pope and a Great Monarch who, not only defeat the enemies of Christ, but also restore the Church to a glory never before seen.

            Truly astonishing! Keep the faith.

          • This has been a tough conversation since the priest crisis blew wide open. It requires understanding the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ and the pure Bride as opposed to the structure/organizational Church run by very sinful at times men and women. History shows us that Christ does keep His promises. The Church is renewed and restored time and again, even as God did the same for the Israelites after so many falls from grace. (and may I add Protestant churches have their own skeletons rattling around starting with Martin Luther)

          • Indeed they do.


            I recall some years ago getting in a disagreement with a Protestant family member about the priest crisis, only then to read his support for a protestant leader whose orphanage in the Philippines was shut down by the Filipino government for sex abuse of the children!

            But if we learned anything by the priest crisis, it is that we must on one hand not jump to judgment due to the number of FALSE claims, but on the other, demand absolutely and strict, no-holds-barred and decisive action if the claims are legitimate.

            Just why a man like Danneels is not in jail or worse but rather a friend of the Pope is beyond disgusting. It is horrific.

          • It is a scandal, Rod–in the full Biblical sense. It makes one think chillingly of millstones.

          • Yes, I am afraid to say that what you say is right. Perhaps the protestants on this question were right all along – or “nearly so”. The Whore of Babylon may actually be the anti-Gospel false Church of the Novus Ordo, ecumenism, Pope Bergoglio and the assorted heretics of the Great Apostasy.

        • This is undoubtedly true. Organized satanic pedophilia is the glue that holds the entire global order together. It is an inverted sacrament, and it is what permits these people to form bonds that transcend political, cultural, and “religious” differences.

          They will never sell each other out, never switch sides, never cease working towards their common goal.

          • I am beginning to believe that what you say here is totally true. From Hollywood to the Hague, it is about diabolical sexual deviancy…sexual deviancy that Pope Bergoglio stood shoulder-to-shoulder with in Lund, Sweden last year.

            How long, Lord?

            How long will this go on?

          • Foolishly, I held out some hope that Trump and Sessions would be the ones to finally expose this network and prosecute it out of existence.

            It appears now that they are unwilling or unable to do so. Sad!

          • It is everything but simple. Even if we should have 101 big Trump (trumps), than still.
            It is bigger power needed against those, servants of devil. And more time too.
            You can wish what you want, but when majority of all living people are totally unaware of those things, it is too difficult to achieve certain things. And to not forget, we have here to deal with devil himself and his servants in many sectors.

          • You are correct. The power behind Bergiglio’s throne are the Thrones in the abyss including, at theit head, satsn.

            I was thinking recently about the predicted Three Days of Darkness. And some curious questions arose; whose days, ours or God’s? And “darkness” — physical, spiritual or both? We certainly seem to be entering a period of total spiritual eclipse.

          • From time to time I think about three days of darkness too. I’ve read about that from different sources, if I’m not wrong one of them was padre Pio. I believe that TDoD is one possible option in the plan of our almighty God. As consecration of Russia to Immaculate Heart of Regina Caeli is one, or the proclaiming of fifth Marian dogma – Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate of all Nations.
            In case of 3 days, I think in our timely element, 72 hours, but,… those hours must feel very long and very dark, both spiritual and physical. For that case we should have a blessed candles to be able to see, and above all ROSARY in our hands and the prayers in our minds, hearts and souls.

          • You are right. My uncle told me this many many years ago when I was young long before anyone was saying it. He didn’t use the term Kabuki theater but the meaning was the same. He was a banker and a devout Catholic. (kind of a tough tightrope to walk I guess)

          • I pray that Pres. Trump and Attorney General Sessions will pursue them.
            Patience is needed ….this is large evil network and the gathering of air tight evidence will take sometime.

          • I’m afraid it isn’t the gathering of evidence that is the issue. It is the “superforce,” a network of extremely powerful people who are committed, body and soul, to blotting out the name of Christ on Earth.

            Do not imagine that this is a “Democrat” or “Republican” thing. The Prince has his servitors in both political parties, as well as in law enforcement, the intelligence community, the legal system, and the media. They have thwarted investigations and coverage of the network for going on 4 decades.

          • I am not ready to give up on the Trump administration….it’s a little early to do that. I assumed we were talking about the “pizzagate thing”.
            The worldwide network of the new world order is a huge threat to the world…in league with the international banking system etc. ….Bergoglio seems to have ambitions to become the head of a one world church.

          • Sit down for this……. Trump will become a Catholic.
            And fasten your seatbelt the turbulence.

            Trump / USA will protect Israel….
            GOD wills it.
            God will help the USA.
            But we were circling the drain by abandoning Israel with Obama / Clinton’s.

            The Catholic Church is heading for major schism again..
            Bishops against Bishops.
            Cardinals against Cardinals

        • How often I’ve recalled “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” when taking a gander at our Church — particularly the 1978 remake…

          • Me too, James. Often. We are living that 1950’s b-grade movie. (didn’t see the remake) Remember you couldn’t fall a sleep or you’d be taken over? You didn’t know who to trust. One day they’d be with you in the resistance, the next day spouting the “party line” because they had FALLEN ASLEEP. If that doesn’t just explain everything. Can’t fall asleep folks. Stay awake, stay alert, stay informed and stay at prayer. This is spiritual first, then material. “The Rosary is the Weapon.” Also I wouldn’t give up on Trump pursuing investigations into these things. He’s only been in office 5 months and pummeled from every side every day since. He’ll get there. But pray for him. Seriously. Really pray for him.

          • As good as the original was, the remake is truly superior. Never gross or rude. Simply powerful.
            And yes, we need to pray for Mr. Trump and any world leader who has both feet on the ground. The wonderful prime minister of Poland (I forget her name) — the Hungarians. The upcoming British elections are not looking good.

          • Actually, I’ve read WH at least 4 times, so I remember the first chapter. That’s the reason why I always tell people if you’re going to read Windswept House, go to confession and Holy Communion then read it on a Sunday afternoon in full sunshine. The first chapter is enough to give one nightmares.

          • You’re right! You have to be in a wholesome situation to read it. Same thing with Hostage to the Devil. Rosary in hand, Guardian Angel on guard.

          • Oh my Good God! I see what you mean! With appointments such as this pathetic deviant, Bergoglio is once again unmistakably declaring his utter contempt for the Church and for all faithful Catholics. I think this psycho really gets off on insulting us.

          • I didn’t knoe about this appointment. That is utterly terrible, totally demonic and extremely sad (both Chicago and Tallahassee-Pensacola are my home dioceses — long story) snd both have now literally snd figuratively have gone to hell.

        • I recall all “the usual suspects”, i.e. politicians, judges, senior police, media types etc. being involved with Dutroux’s “paedophilia/murder incorporated, but I don’t remember reading any suggestion that Catholic hierarchy were also involved. That said; if they were, it would not surprise me in the slightest. I’m sure there must have been, and possibly still are members of the Catholic hierarchy who have been involved in satanic ritual paedophile sex orgies and child sacrifice. And not just in Belgium, either.

    • What you wrote above, I found out too, just a few years ago…
      Can you imagine, when you go to NO Mass, there you get a booklet each Sunday, with the Sunday readings, etc…
      7 a 8 of 10 times, you’ll get some prayer of c.Daneels on the backside of that booklet!
      Often times you have there prayers from Henri J.M. Nouwen too!
      Just imagine how many ways they use to feed the people with a POISON!

    • I had no idea. This one escaped me.

      And Daneels is a friend, confidant and adviser to the Pope. Indeed, very possibly without Daneels we would not have Bergoglio AS Pope.

      God help us.

      My wife says often that had Francis been Pope when we were in RCIA we would not be Catholics today. I find it hard to disagree with that line of thinking.

      • Everyone can be sure that without Daneels there will never be Jorge as bishop of Rome!
        110%. I wonder how people didn’t know more about st Gallen group. It is all real, no a tale.
        Daneels was on the local Belgian TV and have said things, you should not believe it could be possible to say such things for someone who (just seems) he belongs to the same Church were I and you and other faithful ones belongs too.

      • Your Catholicism will long outlast the Bergoglian Revolution, even if you must, for a while, withdraw to the catacombs, figuratively if not literally. It is Bergoglio’s appointed role to preside over the climax of this greatest ever crisis in the Church so that this vile, festering malignant disease can be completely and permanently excised. It is for this reason that Fr. Linus Clovis recently stated what to many of us has long been self-evident, in that the present pontificate is a great blessing for the Church. It is, of course, a blessing in disguise, but it is undoubtedly God’s perfect plan for the eradication of the rot, once and for all.

    • And all these most unworthy of prelates are enjoying various protections and promotions and even ‘advisory’ positions. The devil–you know that “construct” of the mind to name evil that the head of the Jesuits speaks about–is laughing and giggling with joy: so many more souls dragged to hell.

  9. I posted this elsewhere, but it sure applies here.

    The Lutheranization of the Church continues…

    Luther wrote, “Since the downfall of Popery and the cessation’s of ex-communications and spiritual penalties the people have learned to despise the word of God. … they have ceased to fear and honor God.” {Paul Maclachlan, The Bible: It Use and Abuse (London, Charles Dolman, 1851), p. 241}

    This quote right here sums up the essential problem with the Church today. It started in an official sense with the declaration by Pope John XXIII in the opening address to V2 that the Church would enter a new phase and no longer condemn the wrong but only affirm the right.

    Without that essential part of the Gospel {see CCC 1697 and the “joys and demands” and the entire history of the Church since Jesus and His frequent condemnations of evil} lax “Fathers” have raised an unruly, undisciplined and lost family, a family that appears so like that described by Luther himself in the quotes here provided.

    One courageous Pope could, by the authority and power granted him by Christ, drive out the money-changers {for it is, after all, really about Mammon…isn’t it? die Kirchensteuer, etc…} and radically purify the Church. Yes, one sound pontificate could raise up the name of Christ as merciful judge, ignoring neither descriptor.

    After the pontificate of Bergoglio, the names of those avaricious, impudent and morally-debased money-changers are notoriously, obnoxiously and manifestly known, making the job of a good Pope that much easier should God in His wisdom decide to grant us one.

  10. Belgium, a nation of 10 million souls, acts as a kind of mirror of the rest of Europe. Of the 10 million citizens, 1 million are Muslims; another 450,000 are native Italians. Belgium’s Total Fertility Rate last year was 1.67 children per female (you need a TFR of 2.1 to maintain current population). The last time Belgium’s TFR was at 2.1 or above was 1971. The influx of Muslim Salafists and other immigrants has allowed Belgium to increase its population since 1971. However, the population net change over time has rapidly decelerated. As late as 2008, Belgium’s population had a net growth of 2.2 per 1000. Every year since then, it has fallen. Last year it stood at 1.1 per 1000. If trends continue it will fall below 0 and go negative (like Germany) within the decade. The median age in Belgium is 42; but for Muslims living there it is 30. In other words, half the Muslims living in Belgium are younger than 30, half the native Belgium are over 45. The age of a Mass attending Belgian Catholic is over 48.

    These esoteric stats are important, as they give a glimpse into what has transpired. Most Belgian Catholics are near or at middle age. Since VII, Belgian bishops have been at the forefront of “change” within the Church. However, most Belgian Catholics have had fewer than 2 children. To make matters worse, Belgian invited in hundreds of thousands of Sunni Salafists into their nation. As the Catholic Church ages and wanes, Islam grows not just in size, but also influence. Brussels today has many Muslims in its city council. Overtime, as trends continue, and customs and laws change, native Belgians will begin converting, or emigrate out of Europe. This will be especially true for women.

    So, accepting the heterodox AL by Belgian Bishops might seem as a victory for Pope Francis. In reality, it is a hollow victory. The future of Belgian points towards Mecca and not Vatican City.

    • Sobering…….yet very true. I know a number of Bishops and a Cardinal. In private their views on the western Church (European especially) and Islam are not what you hear in public. With the exception of Poland, the Church in Europe is dead. Many in the clergy are very worried about Islamization. At some point…….there must be a change in course, a schism, or a fitful descent into oblivion.

      • I think we can look at the History of North Africa in the decades right after the conquest by Muslim armies. This will give us an idea what will happen in Europe. It wasn’t right away that conversions began. Initially, the Muslim garrisons and administrators separated themselves from the Christians. They levied a tax on all non-Muslims, prohibited the building or repair of existing churches; outlawed christian seminaries, libraries, and other places of education. Only approved business and farms were allowed to trade, barter or do business outside of the local christian neighborhoods. Of course, the occasional pogrom sped things along. Within 100 years the number of bishops across North Africa dropped from over 400 to less than 10. Human Nature usually points to the path of least resistance. It wasn’t the first generation of conquered Christians that converted, but the 2nd and third generations. Eventually, Muslims in the eastern caliphates implemented the program of establishing Janissairies from the stock of Christian boys. It wasn’t long before Christian mothers or formerly Christian mothers offered up their sons.

        That is how Europe will be converted. We need to look towards the future and prepare for this possibility. We cannot allow for it to happen here. Unfortunately, the Pope and Vatican are for now irrelevant in this regard.

          • Rod, I think at this point, whatever Francis says, believe the opposite. If he denies something, then what he denied is very likely true.

          • It seems a bad joke to say such a thing, but in many cases, alas, I think it actually makes sense…

            The problem is, I find him more troubling. For example, the Church has always taught the poor are to be specially provided for. So when Bergoglio goes on about them, he is correct to address the topic, and well within the Tradition to do so…but to then suggest or imply that a {condemned!!!} doctrine, that of Communism, has ANYTHING to offer the poor, is to twist the words of Tradition. But of course he does so in a masterful way, so as to provide ambiguity in defense of a direct attack against apparent heresy.

            And yet…we must remember, that ambiguity itself has been condemned as in the case of the Synod of Pistoia where both flagrant heresy and ambiguity were condemned.

            So we are then back to the beginning.

            Trouble with Bergoglio.

            Let God’s will be done.

            May Bergoglio through his approval and friendship expose and cause to be exposed all those who do not fear God and who seek the destruction of the Church, and may the next Pope by some miracle drive out those evil ones.

          • Bergoglio, in his mad dash and frenetic activity to fulfill the second greatest commandment has forgotten the first. Loving thy neighbour as thyself (and thus caring for the poor) is dependent on one’s observance of the first, that is loving God with all. Our pope has forgotten his first love. Check the epistle to Ephesus recorded in the Apocalypse (chapter 3 if I remember correctly.)

          • True, but he didn’t forget it, he replaced it.

            Paragraph 161, Evangelii Gaudium, another document Cardinal Burke has said isn’t Magesterial which I take him to mean “I hope this rag isn’t Magesterial”…

          • Well it’s clearly not magisterial. Cardinal Burke would be unwise to say WHY it’s not magisterial at this point because that would get him excommunicated and we need him… but he’s right. First, it is not written with a clear intent to bind the faithful to it and Secondly, it is not in line with previous magisterial teaching… therefore it cannot be part of the ordinary magisterium. It looks magisterial, but it’s not… just like everything else Francis has done… at least, that’s my assessment and I THINK it’s right.

          • “…just like everything else Francis has done… at least, that’s my assessment and I THINK it’s right.”

            This is the point a Priest I know has made, that at some point in the future the Church may condemn these writings, or their writer, or both.

            At this point we haven’t even gotten a Syllabus of Errors vis a vis interpretations of V2 docs, so that project will have to get in line, I suppose.

          • I suspect any condemnation regarding Bergoglio will come before V2 actually, unless Bergoglio himself starts a commission (fat chance of that!) The reason being, the tangled thread will have to get untangled from the end and go backwards… V2 and its nonsense will be later. Just a guess. 🙂

          • EG plainly can’t be magisterial. Para 253 declares that Islam is a religion of peace. This has attracted surprisingly little mockery – I guess because Francis is the sort of Pope the world and its media love.

          • Good post. And lest we forget, the late Cdl Conner, who has famously known for defending orthodoxy, was a great friend to the poor in NYC. Especially the working poor.

          • Seriously I am waiting for some fantastic “miracle” to flow from that man any day now. Then we will know exactly who he is.

        • 1400 years of knowledge………and the Church is unwilling to confront the evil we face. I agree, we must do what we can to stem the tide.

        • I know I bang on about it a lot, but please check out “Catholic Prophecy” by Yves Dupont (TAN books carry it I think). It is very clear that for a time Islam will overrun most of Europe as a just punishment for it’s apostasy. Russia will also be involved as an instrument of chastisment until it is converted. I am writing from Australia and we can already see this pattern in our major cities albeit we may be 5-10 years behind Europe in terms of immigration of this kind.

  11. Some explosion just happened outside the Vatican within the last hour. Massive amounts of black smoke are filling the air. I’m not seeing any reports yet on what caused it or what the damage/casualties are.

  12. So we are to ‘respect’, or ‘accompany’ perhaps, a person’s decision to SIN? Will those in positions of authority also accompany the sinful, unrepentant person to hell? Perhaps! But, may I ask, are there any Catholics even left in Belgium?

  13. It occurs to me that every single Catholic — lay and clergy — will be called to answer the dubai as his/ her own “test of truth”. Francis, I am convinced, will never answer it (officially), lest he undo the agenda and practice he is implementing. What will separate the “wheat” from the “chaff” will be five words: “Yes, No, No, No, No” …. Or alternatively, “No, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.” Orthodoxy or heterodoxy …. heaven or hell ….. choose this day whom you will serve … God or Satan ….. I think we know who Francis has chosen. And I know who I have chosen.

      • Oh my! Truth is anything we want it to be. It seems to me that we can come up with an entire list of things that don’t even exist ….

        sin …
        hell …
        judgment …
        Jesus’ divinity and humanity
        the Resurrection
        the Virgin Birth
        the Trinity
        ….. add your favorite here ….

        Could the head of the Jesuits possibly be wrong? Say it isn’t so. Lord, have mercy.
        (sarcasm off tag)

        • When you said this above: “I think we know who Francis has chosen.”
          I was thinking,… we should ask ourselves another question: As we have chosen to belong to Christ true Church, to which church he and they belongs then?! It is to obvious, not the same as we are.
          Then, the next question for all of us must be: How long, and what more we need to see, hear and experience, that we can say,- the buildings of our Church are occupied!? I mean, it is so obvious, and it is day after day, the list of all kind of heresies is becoming with each hour bigger and bigger,… and we cannot denied that our Faith is not their faith, our belief is not their belief, our God is not their god…
          I wish, I wish so badly, that we had today at least one saint Athanasius of Alexandria.
          But we don’t have even Alexandria, let alone st Athanasius.
          Saint Athanasius pray for us!

          • Your additional questions are soul piercing. What makes it difficult is that one may not know where the Bishop stands because he has not taken a public stance and because he will not permit the priests in his diocese to speak about the matter. “I can’t talk about that.” When does silence become complicity? When does a refusal to denounce sin/ heresy become tacit approval? Sins of omission anyone?

            How long and what more we need to see, hear and experience …. to understand that the buildings of our Church are occupied? Our faith is not their faith? Our belief is not their belief? Our God is not their God? Yes, all of these things are problematic. Their sin/heresy is not my sin/heresy — but do I make it so by my participation? A priest on another website said when the mass is changed (as it will be), then it is time to leave.

            I had an epiphany as to how I might fulfill my obligation to attend mass, and yet not walk away scandalized by what the priest says during the homily. There are several Spanish language masses in my greater urban area/ community. I speak not a word of Spanish. I could attend, enjoy a beautiful romance language mass, take Communion and not understand a single word. I could read the scripture to myself in English.

            When I want a faithful homily (i.e., meaningful and/or educational), then I simply go on line and watch a youtube video or a podcast. This just might be my solution

          • Silence on an important issue can not and must never be.
            Silence can be a sign of someone’s wisdom, but also it can be cowardice, betrayal, ignorance, indifference,… and more non-Christian qualities!
            One simple example. If I see an old woman who wants to cross the road but one big truck is coming with dangerous speed, which she totally does not see, but I see the situation- my silence will actively help to KILL her.
            We do not need even to mention, because we all know, that all bishops must have enough knowledge about all certain important issues of these days.
            Therefore their silence makes them guilty!

            According to Matthew’s Gospel, in chapter 23, Jesus’ speech refers to same people like these bishops.
            Only in that one chapter, Jesus resolutely and very sharply warns them even seven times with words “Woe to you”.
            Let’s us, in this case, pay our attention on the 23 line:
            “Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you tithe mint, and anise, and cummin, and have left the weightier things of the law; judgment, and mercy, and faith. These things you ought to have done, and not to leave those undone.”

            From the three very important things, for which Jesus criticizes them, because they leave them constantly undone, I’ve made two extra bold because the traitors and cowards, scribes and Pharisees of these days, are overmuch misusing the third one, making it totally falsely.

            Namely, mercy without healthy, righteous judgment based on, deeply rooted in the true faith is worthless! Often times counterproductive, scandalous, blasphemous!

            I don’t know what the priest on another website meant with “when the mass is changed”, but the Holy Mass is changed already to the mass, and from that point, a few decades later, in some parts of the world in much worse,- to a mess. I am in West Europe and I cannot attend NO here any more. I can’t hear things which are said by some priests as the prayers for purpose like this; ‘for divorced people that they may find a “new, better partner”‘. Or even prayers for those who are in the process of divorce so that God may help them to finish divorce a.s.a.p. and to find a “new and better husband or wife…”! Yes, this came from the mouth of a Catholic priest who is above 60 years old.
            The prayer of our Lord Himself which He gives to us, they have a few months ago also just simply changed. They ask God not more to be protected from temptation but from some ‘testing’…
            Or all that jibber-jabber about so-called ‘spirit of assisi’, or the homilies which goes only about us who are all the same, all brothers and sisters, baptized or not, but we all can be almost sure will be saved…
            Just ask the head of jesuits, who is without any doubt a communist, like the one who has installed him on that place ( who recently denied even existence of devil(!?)

            They tech and preach almost nowhere more about the four last but certainly not least important things: death, judgment, heaven and hell.
            Therefore is for them also quite logical to never talk about the necessity of Sacrament of Confession and Penance.
            Now it’s all about that modern way of NO, that hippie but creepy feelgood way of ‘worship’.
            They don’t dare to say that hell don’t exist, but make a great effort to let the faithful ones think it is empty. Or at least, not empty, but (will be) filled only by demons. Which are, by the way, now all released and free to be among us working overtime…

            These times are times of the division of the spirits.
            We are for Christ or for Belial. There is no third option. It has never been third option.
            They all, who should and can speak, have and must speak now. Tomorrow can already be to late.

          • “I am in West Europe and I cannot attend NO here any more. I can’t hear hear things which are said by some priests as the prayers for purpose like this: “for divorced people that they may find a ‘new, better partner’.” Or even prayers for those who are in the process of divorce so God may help them to finish divorce asap and to find a ‘new and better husband or wife …’ ” Yes, this came from the mouth of a Catholic priest who is above 60 years old. The prayer of our Lord Himself which He gives to us, that have a few months ago also just simply changed. They ask God no more to be protected from temptation, but from some ‘testing’.”

            Someone (meaning you) gets it. I am from the mid-western United States. Each time I go to mass, I do not know whether I will leave in peace or in outrage. Yes, there are problems with the prayers of the faithful, but even more so the homilies. For example, the priest does everything else “correctly” with the Liturgy of the Eucharist, but during the homily compares and equates the knowledge of Jesus about the Samaritan woman to the knowledge of a psychic or medium or fortuneteller. He says not a word that going to visit such an individual for a reading is a mortal sin, but instead he gives the impression that these things are perfectly acceptable in the Catholic faith. That which is holy (Jesus) is profaned in the homily and then revered in the Eucharist!

            Another example, the gospel that is preached is 180 degrees different than the actual gospel. The deacon who gave the homily made a joke about it to which everyone, including the priest, laughed. I was not laughing. I went to a priest whom I respected and asked if what was said was the gospel. This priest hemmed and hawed and finally had to say, “No that is not the gospel.” Then I asked him, “What is the gospel?” He gave me an answer worthy of an A+. Then he told me I should not confront the deacon about his homily — his exact words were “don’t be too hard on him, Susan.” He said the homily is the “least holy” part of the mass. He told that that what I should do instead is to write my own homily from the readings of the mass, and compare what I come up with to what the priest or deacon actually says during the mass.

            So it doesn’t matter if the gospel is spoken in the church anymore? No matter what is spoken, I am to remain silent? And what is the point to having a seminary trained priest or deacon give a homily at all if I (as a layperson) can just write my own? “Least holy” — is that different from “entirely unholy or profane or blasphemous or heresy”? So it’s okay to have a drop of poison in otherwise pure spring (living) water? So we should trash the teaching authority of the priest or deacon too? Actually, the priest whom I respected (no longer after that meeting) did trash priestly teaching authority. And a number of priests themselves are doing a bang up job of trashing their own teaching authority each time they give a homily. (Francis himself is our model and best example; another day, another heresy). What then is the point? We simply go to mass to receive the consecrated host because the priest is ordained, the host is unleavened and he said the proper words — ignore everything and anything else that happens at the mass? My cognitive dissonance is screaming loudly.

            What the priest on the other website meant was the mass would be changed in such a way as to invalidate the Eucharist. He expects this to happen church-wide by the end of this year (2017). He said a priest on a local parish level could invalidate the mass, say, by having the women (or men) of the church bake leavened bread for the host. The matter being used for the Eucharist in that situation would be improper. That would invalidate the mass, and one should not attend.

            But with respect to a church wide invalidation, I understood him to mean the official adoption, for example, of a joint communion celebration with the Lutherans, or different wording to the Eucharistic Prayers that would not be adequate/ sufficient, that sort of thing. He said that would be the abomination of desolation in the temple (the Church). Then, and only then, would it be proper and fitting not to attend mass — in fact, one should then flee the mass. One would not be guilty of mortal sin to not attend the mass because it would no longer be the mass.

          • In Bangkok a couple of years ago I went to the Nervous Ordeal at the Cathedral there and walked out when some laywoman got up an started a “bidding prayer” for homosexuals, that they may live their lifestyle with dignity or some such bollocks. I do not believe anymore that the Novus Ordo Church can be saved, the doctrinal rot has gone too far.

          • It doesn’t even deserve to be ‘saved’. In first place, it never had to happen.
            What is goed, doesn’t need to be changed.
            What is good and holy’, must never been changed by no one!
            The NO idea and all that work, should never come from Holy Spirit.
            Whole Church must go back to the TLM liturgical way of worship God, or attendees of NO will not be able to be called Catholics (for many of them that’s a fact already now).

          • It’s astonishing that there are those still confused, still unsure. Clearly the sensus Catholicus was already in tatters even by the time Vatican II came around.

            We had Archbishop Lefebvre. There will be others sent to us.

  14. Let’s hope the photo above is an omen for the Modernists. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the memorial for the Dutch soldiers who fought on the side of the British and Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo.

    • Maybe, but the Brits bailed out Belgium twice in the first half of the 20th Century. I say they should think twice the next time the Huns invade.

  15. Are Modernists running scared of Catholic bloggers? Are there more Catholics starting to resist them? Only time will tell – and the signs will be large Catholic families and our best sons stepping forward to be priests. Where Modernists don’t see these realities they will continue to contracept themselves out of existence – no matter what silly guidelines are presented. From here on in it’s a numbers game: Belgium, like every other country, is future-Catholic-history unless we pray the Rosary.

  16. Clearly the Pope and many of the European bishops see the internal forum as the primary means of bridging the wide gap between Church teaching and the beliefs of the “faithful.” Ultimately, personal conscience is declared king.

  17. On June 9, 1881 Our Lord to Marie-Julie Jahenny: “I see them embrace the religion of a merry heart, without thinking about Me, on the Church, of their baptism and all that is good for the Christian soul … by manifesting these signs to My people (i.e., the warnings), I want to bring back My people, before the punishment, because I love them. I see eagerly entering this guilty, sacrilegious, infamous, in a word, a similar (religion) to that of Mahomet. (i.e. similar to ISLAM), there I see BISHOPS ENTERING. By seeing these Bishops, many, so many, and in their suite all their flock, and without hesitation to rush into damnation and Hell, My Heart is wounded to death, as at the time of My Passion.”

    Since Islam allows a man to have more than one wife, up to four, isn’t ‘sanctioning’ a second marriage while another partner is still living by granting them Communion just another round-about way of allowing polygamy like Islam? Sure sounds like it!

    Islam also has another absurd teaching: not only does Islam allow divorce, but a husband cannot reconcile and take back his divorced wife and remarry her unless she has been remarried to a second partner and divorced him too! Yes, unless she has actually committed adultery.

    Quran (2:230) – “So if a husband divorces his wife (irrevocably), He cannot, after that, re-marry her until after she has married another husband and He has divorced her…”

    Hadith and Sira: Sahih Bukhari (063:190) – “Muhammad tells a woman that she cannot return to her first husband until she has sexual relations with another man.” Islam therefore encourages the estranged wife to go off with someone else and divorce him if she wants to be reconciled with her lawful husband!

    So, is “Amoris Laetita” setting up this blasphemous religion “similar to that of Mohammed” by giving Christians false teaching that it’s all right to ‘shack up’ with someone else while your other partner is still living?

    What a frightening propsect!

    • There was a case exactly like this three or four years ago in Qatar.

      A man as a joke did the “I divorce you” bit by social media to his wife – he was just larking around. Unfortunately it was spotted and the divorce was enforced. The couple immediately applied to the mosque or whatever for remarriage but the wife was told she had to marry someone else, have it confirmed that she’d slept with him, then she could divorce him and re-marry the original husband.

      Devilish, the entire religion.

      • Devilish ‘cult’ is more like it! Mohammed sounds exactly like other warped cult leaders with sex on the brain.

        For instance, we’re all led to believe that Muslims respect Our Lady as the mother of a prophet and that she is the highest of women, and that there is “hope” for establishing mutual respect between Christians and Muslims because of this, but don’t believe it!

        Mohammed told his followers that Mary had been promised to him in marriage once he got to Paradise, and that’s no ‘spiritual / platonic’ relationship he was talking about. Muslims believe Mary was literally given to him as a carnal marriage gift in Paradise. Disgusting.

        • After living in five Islamic or Moslem-majority countries I don’t believe it.

          Rome’s attitude to these demonic, false religions is sill determined by the treasonous and utterly back-of-a-packet-of-Rice-Krispies document called “Nostra Aetete”.

  18. One cannot thus rule that all of the remarried divorcees can be admitted to Communion.

    In practice, though, I dare anyone to find an instance of someone actually being denied in Belgium going forward – at least outside any traditionalist apostolate or religious house.

    • Indeed, as bad money drives out good, so bad theology drives out good.

      This is, in the end, about money and keeping folks contributing. In Germany that relationship is nearly one-to-one, as the State supports the churches through taxation, and “Catholics” have been leaving to avoid being taxed.

  19. Have Catholics given up on the conscience?

    As in all things, the remedy for Leftist indoctrination is not Rightist indoctrination.

  20. Another landmark on the road to oblivion of the Catholic Church in Belgium. Enjoy sharia law you faithless renegades. So tragic. The land of Banneux, Beauraing, St. Damian de Veuster and so many more is now an apostate cess pit.

    This is what happens when the sodomites take over your church. The pews empty, the seminaries empty, heresy is preached, parishes close, the Muslims move in. Game, set and match. And Bergoglio strokes his chin and muses…..”it’s a complex problem…..”

    Belgium is the poster child for the “spirit (small ‘s’) of Vatican II. This is where it all ends. In abandoned churches and heresy. In effeminate, faithless bishops.

    • Yes, this is right. Modernists undermine the Church for 100 years; the Marxist powers infiltrate the Church with atheists and sodomites; the German Church feels guilty post-War for the mass murders of the Jews et al; de Chardin and the other heretics persuade far too many that we are now New Men (as per the rationalists and Communists) in a wholly different era formed by Evolution and Space – and the Papacy caves in, “opens the windows to the world”, and the demons flood in like a horde of Mongols. The ensuing sacking of Holy Mother Church is manned and led by a mass of homosexuals and heretics making common cause.

      Has there EVER been such a congruence of enemies attacking the Church at once? Never. This crisis is surely the worst in history: it attacks on all fronts and it attacks everything, doctrine, moral teaching, sacramental teaching, even the Words of Our Lord Jesus Christ are mocked and spat at.

      The Great Chastisement, we are told, starts with a seemingly small incident. I expect it each and every day.

      • Indeed I am expecting the “abomination of desolation” any day now, as well as the “great signs” of the one to deceive the nations.

        • Two nights ago, I had a very disturbing dream of an Islamic terrorist attack in a Catholic Church here in America. I am not someone given to such dreams. I rarely remember my dreams. (Unfortunately) This dream will not be forgotten. Perhaps it came as a result of the recent terror attack in Manchester, England. Or perhaps it was a warning from the Lord of things soon to come.

          • I wonder what the situation is in other parishes but I can tell you that I know of one where quite a number of men are armed, trained and will defend their wives and the children of the parish from any such attack.

            I suggest that Catholic men take the situation seriously and prepare for the types of scenarios that could occur.

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