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There’s Already a Bizarre Schism Among Some Clergy, Says Bishop Schneider

Bishop Athanasius Schneider, the internationally renowned apologist of the fullness of the Catholic faith, admits that we are already witnessing a bizarre schism among some clergy who profess union with the pope but who have broken their ties with Christ, the Truth, and with Christ, the true Head of the Church. Bishop Schneider made these comments in his recent interview with the French internet TV station TV Libertes.

(Editor’s Note: the video with English transcription has been provided courtesy of Novus Ordo Watch (NOW); a word of caution – while NOW has provided a service with their translation, they are an outspokenly sedevacantist publication and we do not endorse their positions.)

Having responded to the question what might happen if the dubia presented by the four cardinals remains unanswered, Bishop Schneider was asked if the problem of the pope’s silence continues  isn’t there the risk of schism. Bishop Schneider replied:

It is not only a risk of schism but a certain type of schism already exists in the Church. In greek, schism means to separate oneself from the totality of the Body. Christ is the totality of the Body of Divine Truth, and unity in His supernatural body is also visible. But we are witnessing today a bizarre form of schism. Externally, numerous ecclesiastics safeguard formal unity with the pope, at times for the good of their own careers or out of a kind of papolatry. And at the same time they have broken ties with Christ, the Truth, and with Christ, the true Head of the Church.

On the other hand there are ecclesiastics who are denounced as schismatics despite the fact that they live in canonical peace with the pope, and remain faithful to Christ, the Truth by assiduously promoting His Gospel of Truth.

It is evident that those who are internally the true schismatics, in relation to Christ, make use of calumnies for the sole purpose of silencing the voice of truth by absurdly projecting their own state of internal schism on those ecclesiastics who, regardless of praise or rebuke, defend the divine truths.

In fact, as sacred Scripture says, the word of Divine Truth is not bound. Even if a number of high ranking officials in the Church today temporarily obscure the truth of the doctrine of marriage and its perennial discipline this doctrine and discipline will always remain unchangeable in the Church because the Church is not a human foundation, but a divine one.

Earlier in the interview Bishop Schneider explained the nature of the schismatic beliefs being forced on the Church by certain ecclesiastics:

My questioning of Amoris Laetitia first of all concerns the very concrete question of admitting so-called “remarried” divorcés to Holy Communion. In fact, during the last two synods on the family, and after the publication of Amoris Laetitia there was, and continues to be to this day, an arduous and tumultuous fight about this concrete question.

All of these ecclesiastics who want another gospel, meaning a right-to-divorce gospel, a gospel of sexual liberty — in short a gospel  without God’s sixth commandment. These ecclesiastics make use of all evil means, that is to say ruses, deceptions, masterful rhetoric and dialectics, and even the tactic of intimidation and moral violence in order to attain the goal of admitting so-called “remarried” divorcés to Holy Communion, without the latter fulfilling the condition of living in perfect continence, a condition required by divine law.

Once the objective is attained, even if limited to so called exceptional cases of discernment, the door is opened to introducing the gospel of divorce, the gospel without the sixth commandment.  And this will no longer be the Gospel of Jesus, but an anti-gospel, a gospel according to this world, even if such a gospel be cosmetically embellished with terms such as “mercy”, “maternal solicitude” or “accompaniment”.

In this context we must remember an apostolic exhortation of St Paul who said, “But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be anathema”. (Galatians 1:8).

In response to the question, has an event of this kind ever happened in the Church, Bishop Schneider replied:

On the subject of doctrine and practice concerning the sacrament of marriage and of the perennial validity of the moral law we are witnessing in our times an ambiguity of such scope only comparable to the general confusion of the Arian crisis in the 4th century.

Asked what might happen if the dubia submitted remains unanswered by Pope Francis Bishop Schneider replied:

The essential task of the pope is divinely established by Our Lord, which is to confirm all the brethren in the faith. To confirm in the faith means to dispel doubts and to bring clarity. Only the service of clarifying the faith creates the unity of the Church and is the first and unavoidable task of the pope.

If the pope does not fulfil his task in the current circumstances, the bishops have to indefectibly preach the unchanging Gospel concerning the divine doctrine of the morality and perennial discipline of marriage. Coming fraternally in this way to help the pope even, because the pope is not a dictator. And in fact, Christ said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great men exercise authority over them. It shall not be so among you; but whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be your slave.” (Matthew 20:25-27).

Moreover, the entire Church must pray for the pope, so that he finds the knowledge and the courage to fulfil his primary task. When St Peter, the first pope, was imprisoned the entire Church prayed continually for him and God freed him from his chains.

At the beginning of the interview Bishop Schneider pointed out that Pope Francis has made it clear that Amoris Laetitia is not part of the Magisterium:

The magisterial value of the apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia is determined by the intention of its author, Pope Francis, who expressed it with clear statements, as for example in the following, which I will quote:”I would make it clear that not all discussions of doctrinal, moral or pastoral issues need to be settled by interventions of the magisterium.” (AL 3). These are the words of the pope.

The proper function of a magisterial act, according to Vatican II, consists in, I will quote, “The Magisterium is not above the word of God, but serves it, teaching only what has been handed on, listening to it devoutly, guarding it scrupulously and explaining it faithfully in accord with a divine commission and with the help of the Holy Spirit, it draws from this one deposit of faith everything which it presents for belief as divinely revealed.(Dei Verbum, 9).

In Pope Francis’s words, he made clear he did not have the intention of putting forward his own magisterial teaching. According to Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia’s goal was to create a situation for doctrinal, moral and pastoral discussions and that these discussions need not be settled by interventions of the Magisterium.


Schism is a mortal sin against the faith of the Church which the Catechism of the Catholic Church describes as breaking the first of the Ten Commandments, “You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.” We are required to nourish and protect, with prudence and vigilance, the faith handed to us by the apostles and the individual gift of faith given us as a grace by God. We must do everything in our power, with assistance of the Holy Spirit, to reject all that is opposed to the Faith.

As Bishop Schneider warns, an unspecified number of clergy are in a state of internal schism against the divine truth of Christ, and they are employing evil means to hide the reality of their schism including the tactic of intimidation and moral violence. To justify their schism these ecclesiastics are also attempting to project the accusation of schism against clergy, such as the Four Cardinals, who are prudently and earnestly seeking to protect the faith. The personal insults and attacks directed at the cardinals who submitted the dubia indicates the truth about who are the real schismatics, for schism is a sin against charity.

As St Thomas Aquinas comments,  “schism is essentially opposed to the unity of ecclesiastical charity.”

Originally published at EWTN GB. Reprinted with permission.

100 thoughts on “There’s Already a Bizarre Schism Among Some Clergy, Says Bishop Schneider”

  1. Thanks Steve and 1P5 crew for making this transcript available to us. May the Lord continue to bless and protect all who are courageously seeking to preserve the Deposit of the Faith against those modernist who dare to assail the Holy Faith and do so by debasing their only hope for salvation: The Mercy of God.

  2. Wow. I believe the term my students would use for this is a “total smackdown”. Congratulations and many thanks to you, Bishop Schneider, for having the courage to call the situation we currently face for what it is. Schneider has just put everyone—Kasper, Marx, Spadaro, and even the Pope himself—on notice. Thank God we have at least a few good men, including the four cardinals, who are unafraid to provide “binary answers” on matters that affect the salvation of souls.

    If only every prelate had half of Schneider’s courage . . .

      • Agreed. The man cannot be accused of being “lukewarm”, that is for certain.

        Perhaps with much prayer and fasting, our Lord will judge us worthy of receiving an anti-Modernist pontiff to succeed Francis who will in turn reward Bishop Schneider for his steadfast loyalty to the true Gospel of Christ and give him not only a red hat but make him head of the CDF.

        Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, ora pro nobis!

    • He put his finger on the real issue when he quoted St. Paul: If anyone preaches another gospel, anathema sit. This is not just about adultery, this is about the all-important issue of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

      • Yes, they want to drive God out of His own Church. Do away with the Ten Commandments in the spirit of Mercy, stop evangelisation, convince everyone they are OK where they are – God loves them unconditionally so repentance is replaced by accompaniment. It would seem that those committing the most heinous crimes (Sodomy, Abortion, Decapitation in the name of Faith) will also be made welcome in Heaven, but then PF says there is no Hell so maybe he also believes there is no Heaven.

        • Yes, Ana. Imagine telling God Himself that his Commandments don’t hold in our modern world because our situations are too complex? It boggles the mind.

  3. Today’s reading is 2 Timothy 4:1-8 which Franciscus wants nothing to do with.

    The Pope will be removed from office for heresy and so it is a good idea to read Prof Lamont’s piece at Rorate to try and prepare your own self for the spiritual tsunami headed our way so you can avoid being submerged by the ineluctable chaos that the tsunami will bring.

    • Somehow I don’t see Francis beng deposed rather I see him resigning when the wolves that he sourrounded himself with turn their coats when they see their agenda is exposed to the light.
      Bergoglio is not going to address the dubia to officially promulgate heresy.
      But one way or another, it is not going to turn out well for him. Maybe when he packs his bags for Argentina he can take that vile Luther statue with him.

      • I agree. Bullies are cowards and it seems that the only way ‘out’ for PF is to resign. They can then elect another modernist and the game will continue. I really hope I’m wrong and will continue to pray for Bergolio’s conversion.

      • I’m sure his lesbo-Lutheran buddies in Göteborg will suit him up with digs, three squares and a white bow tie as long as it takes for him to transition into the Swedish State Church.

      • “Maybe when he packs his bags for Argentina he can take that vile Luther statue with him.”

        If it survives the trip. I think most people are unaware that that “statue” was actually made of chocolate.

          • Not sure.

            Maybe it was done in an effort to show how sweet Martin Luther actually was. Or maybe how dark he was. Or maybe somebody wanted to bite his head off.

            I wonder if it was hollow.

      • + Archbishop Lefebvre did that over 30 years ago. He submitted dubia re religious liberty to the CDF. Cardinal Ratzinger answered some but others were left unanswered. Angelus Press (1-800-96-ORDER) has it under the title Religious Liberty Questioned.

        So please don’t reinvent the wheel. ? 🙂

  4. More reason to have joy!!! Christmas presents rolling in, now!

    Every time I read one of these new statements by an actual Christian among the prelates I almost get giddy inside, for I know it will enrage the enemy of all that is good and cause a sharper response. We MUST have a sharp response this time, guys. The Church leadership has compromised with the devil for far too long.

    Time to get it all out. We are working toward clarity, praise God.

    And praise God for Bishop Schneider!

  5. It becomes ever increasing clear with each utterance and report on the Four Cardinals and their supporters that their position is unassailable. At the same time the perspective, the motivations, the credence of those standing in opposition to the Cardinals is manifest as erroneous, nefarious and unquestionably contrary to the perennial teaching of the Church. It can only be denied by the cognitively impaired and the mendacious drowning in fantasy.
    The behavior of the supporters of “Amoris Laetitia” hiding behind each other, proxies hurling childish invectives and Pope Bergoglio hiding under his desk sitting mum provide a form of comic relief in this tragic circumstance.
    Perhaps I’m sporting my rose colored glasses today, but could it be that the lot of the hierarchy who are maintaining silence (prudential or otherwise I do not know) are aware that the only way out of this alive is to let the crowd in the Domus Sanctae Marthae hang themselves with a little prodding from our own version of the “Magnificent Seven.” Who knows? Life in the clerical universe has its own rationale.
    In any event, the Bergoglians are looking fairly shabby except in the eyes of those hankering for an extra length of leash for their own concupiscence.
    I wonder when and if he will crawl out from under his desk? The longer this goes on the worse for Pope Bergoglio and his cronies.

    • I agree.

      It is very possible that THIS TIME time itself is on our side, and that immediate action is not the best course to take. I have to admit that I type that biting my lip, but in truth, this whole affair has the pregnant possibility of commencing a cure to many of the ills that have plagued the Church for 50 years and longer.

      I do not think Burke, et al are simply going to be threatened or bullied into submission. To suggest they will be would, I think, amount to an affirmation that the Church is going to apostatize.

  6. If Schneider, Burke, and Co. are already of a mind that an informal but real schism exists in the Church, it is highly doubtful that they will balk at taking the next step after formal correction; namely, deposition via imperfect council. If they really believe that an informal schism has occurred they have a duty to expose it, and make it formal, so that the faithful at least have the opportunity to reject – rather than remain in false communion with – those who have already abandoned the faith.

    • It has been in place for decades and this is the moment to bring it out. The fantasies peddled by clerics and religious women as theology over the past fifty-six years are well beyond reason.
      Can it be done without making a bigger mess? Doubtful. But, as they say, its all part of “the process.”

  7. Wonderful to read Bp. Schneider’s comments! They are the words of an intelligent, charitable and faithful man who understands his calling and is genuinely concerned about the flock.

    When I read Francis’ latest ravings today about “coprophiliacs,” I realized that everyone must admit that this man is not intellectually, psychologically or morally fit to be pope or in fact hold any position in the Church. He needs to go off and do penance silently for the rest of his life.

    • Yeah, how does someone like him know about coprophilia? Even I just learned about it from the news about his recent comments. It’s really yucky. I can’t imagine why a prelate would use such a disgusting term.

      • I felt as if I needed a bit of brain bleach after reading his words. He’s very fond of hurling insults at people, but this one is way out of bounds.

    • After the seeing the “headline” on Drudge, against my better judgement, I decided to take a look. When I saw his theme I got a spasm and I dropped out, but that five syllable word did catch my eye. It is a little longer than most in his lexicon. However, I had no impulse to determine its meaning so I forgot about it – until I spied your comment.
      So I looked it up.
      We have a serious problem.

      • I agree – there’s a major problem here. I think he’s unhinged. I guess maybe that would get him off the heresy charge, since he’s probably not sane enough to make a rational decision to adopt a heretical doctrine, but whatever he is, he sure shouldn’t be the pope.

        • As Bishop Schneider stated:

          “Moreover, the entire Church must pray for the pope, so that he finds the
          knowledge and the courage to fulfil his primary task. When St Peter,
          the first pope, was imprisoned the entire Church prayed continually for
          him and God freed him from his chains.”

          We must pray unceasingly to God and Our Lady Destroyer of All Heresies for Francis’ deliverance from whatever ‘spirit’ has hold of him.

          • The only way out of this is the revelation of the Third Secret of Fatima (NOT the Vision, but the exact words of Our Lady which follow: “In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved…”) and the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Cf.

          • The necessity of this being accomplished depends on the success of the formal correction which needs to be issued speedily.

          • The only BIG difference is when the faithful prayed for the imprisoned St. Peter, St. Peter was NO HERETIC, so they were not praying for St. Peter to come back to the Faith!! There is some kind of law of Grace that Grace refused by the person to whom God offers it, results in a negative effect on their heart. A series of Graces refused by the person results in the person not being offered further Graces so that a final hardening takes place. I cant recall which Saint wrote this – possibly St.Peter Damian?

          • Our Lord, Who knew Peter would deny Him three times, spoke these words to Peter beforehand:

            “And the Lord said: Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and thou, being once converted, confirm thy brethren.” Luke 22:31-32

            Pray for Francis’ deliverance. Let us always remember Our Lord’s prophesy and counsel to His disciples:

            “And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold. But he that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved.” Matthew 24:12-13 Let us persevere in true charity and pray that Francis might be freed from whatever has brought this sickness upon him.

          • This theory has been around in the Church for centuries, and is valid. It is plain from Jesus words when He said that certain persons had been ‘blinded’ – that they could not understand Him because of that. It is real and usually caused by deep sin.

          • I think he is in the grip of some “spirit,” and it’s not a good one. Even more than his formal heresies, he loves creating chaos and pain. So yes, prayers for his deliverance are in order.

      • Having read the word above and read the continuing comments on it, I too looked it up, and wish I hadn’t.

        I have long assumed that he is a fully paid up supporter of NWO. Of course any “Catholic” who is such is if not somewhat bad then a little mad.

        But now I wonder if he is just not totally insane.

        Something else I am not sure about. Whether the thought of the action that he describes is significantly worse than the certain knowledge that right now, someone, somewhere in the world is defending him saying it.

        • For some time I’ve been of the opinion that Pope Francis’ obsession with mercy and forgiveness are symptomatic of a cognitive dissonance and an emotional imbalance.
          It appears that he and other men and women of his generation who knew pre-Vatican II pastoral practice as young adults, embraced uncritically the wave of notions that swelled up in the wake of the hijacked Council. Born in the thirties and early forties, they entered religious life during the boom of the fifties, were likely afflicted by scrupulousness – a spiritual malady not so familiar to those born after the Council. Their painful obsessive-compulsive preoccupation with personal sin found its terminus in the “spirit” of Vatican II. That same “spirit” has become their new obsession because it represents their “release” from the neurotic cycle which subsumed their emotional and spiritual lives. A concurrent reaction against what is perceived as “rigidity” would seem to be reasonable in such a personality.
          This “James Dean” generation, now in geriatric mode, are now really “rebels without a cause” because the Council was a tragic failure. They can’t bring themselves to recognize that reality in all its horror and accept their share of responsibility for its endurance. To do so would rob them of their personal safe-space, their comfort zone, where responsibility for personal sin is consigned safely to the dustbin.
          I have seen far too many in this age group following this same pattern. It
          is actually a bit bizarre. It appears to be an immersion in fantasy, an
          abandonment of critical reasoning skills and a attentiveness to contriving justifications for what does not reflect simple reality. And this was in gear long before they approached their senior years. “Down the rabbit hole” as they say.
          Pope John Paul, the Pope of Divine Mercy, had no problem recognizing the Mercy of Almighty God as a jewel in a setting of all the Divine Attributes and all the truths of the Faith. This is certainly not apparent during the current pontificate.

  8. Where are the other Bishops? I fear the average Catholic does not even know what is going on. Where are we when 48 percent vote for an advocate of baby murder. My parish and Bishop are like crickets. The Pope is more Lutheran than Luther. The issue of divorce and communion is only the first crack. The gradualness theory of the Pope is an attack on the core doctrine of sanctifying grace. When that heresy (the Protestant concept) is enshrined, then anything goes (sodomites etc.). In effect there is no more sin (we just can’t help it). Once saved, always saved. This is the basic Catholic doctrine under attack. The attack on marriage is an indirect sneak way to assault this Doctrine. A direct assault by the heretics would be too risky.

    • From what I can tell most Catholics do not know what is going on except to know very vaguely that there IS something going on.

      I think it is going to come as a bloody shock when Francis quits or gets deposed and most all of the “conservative” Catholic world is going to wake up to the news that the guy they’ve paid just about zero attention to but tons of lip service to is front page news for making heretofore unheard-of history by proving Bellarmine wrong and Suarez right…

      • I’ve had discussions with a few of my friends recently, 1 couple who really had no idea what was happening except that they’d heard “he’s not a very good pope” and wanted to know more. Another who I thought would have a read of what’s going on in the Church and learned today that he didn’t think anyone ACTUALLY held genuinely the idea enshrined as Papal Positivism. So, yeah, most Catholics have no idea what’s going on… but they all know something is, you’re right.

        That said, while those of us who DO know what’s going on should do what we can to help those with less time or energy to expend on these things, I’m not sure how much it matters they know the specifics. The honest prayers of the faithful for the intentions of the Pope and the good of the Church will be heard in heaven, their true meaning determined, and these prayers will be efficacious.

        • I agree.

          I’ll answer any questions I know the answers to, but I don’t say much to people because just explaining the FACTS makes one sound like a kook to suggest that 4 world-renowned Cardinals and others are calling into question the teaching of a POPE. It all falls into the category of “You can’t make this stuff up!” but when explaining it, it sounds like you are!


          • It all hinges on the order you go through things. With the couple I mentioned above, I knew they were relatively knowledgeable on Catholic teaching, especially for the current age. They are what I would refer to as well catechized. So when I started mentioning the letter of the Pope to the Argentine bishops and it’s contents, the event in Lund and what Mortalium Animos says in relation… when explaining Pius X’s Pascendi Dominici Gregis and the modernists at Vatican II… All that, they were able to readily understand it…

            But you’re right, some of it makes you sound like a quack… especially if you get into the communist and masonic infiltration of the Church. Some of that sounds like a spy flick!

          • “But you’re right, some of it makes you sound like a quack… especially if you get into the communist and masonic infiltration of the Church. Some of that sounds like a spy flick!”

            Maybe because it is… folks here and the traddie clerics need to focus on Christ’s gospel of mercy and keep their eyes/ears/noses/mouths out of peoples’ bedrooms!

            I agree with you on one count… LET’S GET THIS SCHISM STARTED!!!

          • Nope, I am fully aware of the crisis that plagues the RCC… that is why I am rooting for a formal schism so the neo-trads can go their own way and leave the great commission to followers of Christ–not imperial Romanism.

            Now shoo yourself!!

          • You’re on a traditional website. You’re opposing the views presented here, which is your prerogative. But then commenting in a trolly manner… This means you’re a troll. So, shoo! Meaning leave. Unless you have something substantial to discuss. We don’t take kindly to trolls here.

          • It is “interesting” that you are not interested in hearing an alternative point of view. What does that say about your openness to dialogue with and/or accompany the “least of these” and those on the margins of life as Christ has admonished?

            I will leave you (on my on accord thank you) with some wise words from the Bishop of Rome which effectively refutes your rigid, fundamentalist perspective:

            “Before the problems of the church it is not useful to search for solutions in conservatism or fundamentalism, in the restoration of obsolete conduct and forms that no longer have the capacity of being significant culturally.”

            “Christian doctrine is not a closed system incapable of generating questions, doubts, interrogatives — but is alive, knows being unsettled, enlivened. It has a face that is not rigid, it has a body that moves and grows, it has a soft flesh: it is called Jesus Christ.” –PF

          • Some things are better left unsaid, not because you might be seen as crazy, but in order not to give scandal and cause the other to sin. What we say depends on what aspect of the crisis we want to share and to whom we are speaking.

    • BREAKING: Vatican re-affirms that homosexual men should not be admitted to priesthood @lifesitenews.
      It didn’t, however, state what repercussions would rebound on the multitude of practising sodomites already installed in the CC, many of whom hold very high positions.

        • I don’t think it is the problem. I rather have a legion of faithful Roman Catholic men who shoulder faithfully the cross of same sex attraction (with the utmost discretion) than one more heterosexual heretic.
          And they are here serving faithfully. We need to be mindful of that.

        • It’s not a palace. It is a kind of hotel. Yes, the one you mention is actually in charge of it. He also took his gay lover into the Nunciature in Montevideo to live with him there. When the next Nuncio arrived and found out, he sent a report to Rome, but it “disappeared”. PF made him part of a commitee which had to do with the Vatican Bank.

          • Take a look on-line and you will see the Pope’s new home sure looks like a palace. So inappropriate when 1) millions were spent to accommodate the Pope and his entourage, and 2) he already has a perfectly good home in the Vatican, which still has to be paid for, maintained and cleaned daily.

          • I am not sure about the actual cost of PF living in that guesthouse, but it is probably more costly than if he lived in the Papal apartment.

      • The Vatican affirms all kinds of things, but do they really expect bishops to listen? In seminaries that actually ordain new priests, what percentage are sodomites? Maybe half? The other half being effeminate…

  9. Speaking of which: It’s deeply disappointing to hear Piers Paul Read – who really should know better – throwing insinuations of Jansenism at Cdl. Burke and company:

    It shows just how far the pendulum has swung since the 17th century, when the devotion of the Sacred Heart was a tonic to an age when soteriological depths of near nonexistent worthiness of communion were being plumbed. But that is not the peril of our age, which has lost almost all sense of personal sin.

    • They always pull Jansenism out. Rigorists, Pharisees, yada, yada, yada. Can you imagine what it is like to be at table with these people? I’m beginning to think they are all on the vaguely functional side of paranoid-schizophrenic.

      • It’s the sort of thing I’d expect from James Carroll or Massimo Faggioli. And we have heard enough of it aimed in the direction of Francis critics as it is.

        But it’s surprising to see it from a man (Read) who not long ago wrote an incisive book lamenting the virtual disappearance of the Four Last Things as a lived reality in Church life and discourse over the past two generations.

        At any rate, you’re right: Jansenism seems to function for some Catholics as a catchall label for anyone that seems to come across as too rigorist, as fascism does for political liberals. Most couldn’t define Jansenism properly if forced to it.

  10. Bishop Schneider is earning my deep respect.

    He’s right, too. The Catholic church is already experiencing schism. In practice a vast portion of the Church is effectively Lutheran.

    Bishop Schneider and the other guys have their work cut out for them. I just wish they’d give us some orders and a clear job to do. How to approach de facto “Lutheran” parishes and bring the truth to them?

    Of course, time will clean up much of this just as time cleaned up the generation of Hebrews who refused and balked at entering the Promised Land. They died in the desert. I suppose we will see a whole generation of Catholics die in the desert of Lutheranism.

    But for the sake of the cradle-Catholic Caleb’s and Joshua’s who have persevered for so long in the Church, I hope the heretic generation passes quickly or better yet converts. For myself, I’m just an “Amorite” convert. I have immense respect for the patience of those who have held out for so long.

    In the meantime, I sure wish some prelate…or janitor!…would loop a rope around the neck of that damn Luther statue and drag that thing out of the Vatican to a stinking dump or heave it to the bottom of the Tiber.

    Abomination of Desolation.

  11. I totally agree with the last comment (LB236) although sadly so many have not really spent the time to investigate this. I am grateful to OnePeterFive for bringing this forward. Now, I remain in prayer for all.

  12. In our diocese there has been no mention of any controversies concerning Pope Francis or his writings. Classes are available for those parishioners wishing to know more about Amoris Laetitia, etc. However, little is said in the pulpit about Pope Francis or his communications. This makes it appear like our Bishop is formally going along with the Pope but not promoting his heresies. I imagine many Bishops are doing the same: not wishing to announce the emperor has no clothes.

  13. Just saw that Edward Pentin tweeted yesterday (December 7) that, according to his sources, “#Pope has been directly asking various allies to defend #AmorisLaetitia, and attack the #Dubia and the 4 Cardinals.”

    Surprise, surprise . . .

    • A senior priest here told me the Church has been in silent schism for many years. Fr Crean says 37 so his article dates to 2005. What is occurring now however is a serious shakeup for all those Bishops (who living in denial) who told themselves that the Church had officially embraced pluralism, and the message being put forward was it was possible to balance a working relationship between those who believed in the supernatural life, and those who believed in only making a difference in this world. It’s never worked. Always the naturalists and their influence rose to the surface and dominated and strangled Catholic education, but at least during the previous pontificates they were polite and in these painful working relationships, restrained. God always provided Dioceses of refuge. Cardinal Stafford wrote a stirring account of what happened to priests in 1968; suddenly behind the scenes, heavy coercion was being used on Priests in various Dioceses to cave in and join the rebellion against Humanae Vitae. He said that period broke friendships which have never recovered. But how must it be now? So many good Catholics must be suffering and wondering about their future.

    • Perhaps with the disreputable and scurrilous statements coming from the Pope and his henchmen increasing by the day, more and more people within the Church will have their eyes opened to the present crisis and the Holy Spirit will guide the four cardinals to wait for critical mass before taking the next crucial step(s).

  14. There has been a kind of internal schism against the divine truth of Christ, for some time now. It had, and has, to do with the rejection of the constant Teaching of the Church and with Humanae Vitae, and the widespread practice of contraception. Rather than mercifully preaching against the widespread practice of contraception which has led to a catastrophic divorce epidemic in the last half century, clerics seek to practice mercy for symptoms of the disease and not it’s causes.

    I believe the Lord has led us to the point of an impasse and a new dawn.

  15. Great point Jesus Christ is the head of the Church. Not the Pope who is just the caretaker but if the caretaker shall neglect his duties. Problems occur. Also lets refer to Galations 1:8. A passage you can easily use to attribute to stuff like islam and mormanism too: “But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!”


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