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The Church and the World in Vertigo – We Are Still in Need of the Full Fatima Message

This might well have been one of the most poignant Easters in our lifetime. It was overshadowed by Pope Francis’ purported claim — later half-denied — that Hell does not exist, a claim which caused the public indignation of Catholic author and former presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan:

Nor is it only in the realm of doctrine that the pope has sown confusion among the faithful. [….] There is a division inside Catholicism that is widening, between a Third World and traditional church that are growing, and a mainstream Church in Europe and here that is taking on aspects of the Anglican Church of the 20th century.

And how did that turn out, Your Holiness?

And then it was overshadowed by the claim of a French priest that Pope Francis told him it was good that he is blessing homosexual and “remarried” couples. Also by Father Anselm Grün’s claiming on Good Friday that there could be a female pope. Additionally, we have Cardinal Gerhard Müller celebrating on Easter Monday a Mass for the recently deceased and highly controversial Cardinal Karl Lehmann, praising him for his “great service as a theologian and as a bishop.” And then we had yet another Holy Thursday at the Lateran Basilica, the ecclesiastical seat of the Bishop of Rome, without the presence of the Pope symbolically washing the feet of twelve men and enacting a celebration of the Last Supper. Confusion and equivocation abound, and the cumulative impression, more and more, is that this dislocation and disorder are intentional. The Church is spinning, as it were, and there seems to be no stabilizing anchor.

At the same time, the world is  also spinning, perhaps on the way to war. During Easter, for example, 17 Palestinian protesters were killed and more than 1,400 were wounded by Israeli snipers, with the Israeli government at once speciously claiming that it had to defend itself. A war again appears to be breaking out in the Holy Land. Also during Easter, sixty Russian diplomats were asked to leave the Russian embassy in Washington, DC, under the suspicion that they were acting as intelligence agents. Such an expulsion could well be an act to prepare for war. The public reason for this expulsion was a biological weapon attack on two Russians in Great Britain, which is now blamed on Russia herself. However, what really happened is still unclear. Yet the U.S. and other countries are already acting boldly.

As did President Donald Trump a year ago when he ordered a U.S. missile strike on the Shayrat airbase in Syria as a punishment for the purported use of sarin gas by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a deadly attack on the rebel-held area of Idlib in April, 2017. In February of this year, however, the U.S. admitted to not knowing whether Assad actually used sarin gas, thus opening up the question as to whether the U.S. attack on Syria was itself an unjust provocation and even an act of war. The lack of clarity is obvious.

Just as obvious is that Trump is not keeping some of his promises. Not only does he seem unwilling to keep America out of unwise further wars – in Buchanan’s words, he is right now assembling his “war cabinet” – but he has also just signed an excessive spending bill of $1.3 trillion – to include an increase of the military budget (some claim the largest in U.S. history), as well as the continued funding of Planned Parenthood, which contradicts his own words in defense of life. Even many of Trump’s most vocal supporters are questioning the direction of his presidency.

So, while the Church is spinning in confusion, the world is, too. One does not know any more what to expect, but things seem to be heading to a breaking point. And that point could lead to war.

Does all this turbulence not remind us of the entire message of Fatima? That is to say, that merciful message that was apparently so demoralizing and so dreadful that the Vatican decided not to publish it for forty years, but when it did, it was only in a truncated way?

We know Our Lady of Fatima predicted wars and other grave chastisements, but she also gave us supernatural means for a healing, namely: the Rosary, the Five First Saturday Devotions, and, most of all, the unattenuated Consecration of Russia.

Our Lady also showed us, through the three seer children, a vision of hell, which now seems like a providential opposition to Pope Francis’ own precarious musings on this topic.

But Our Lady did more than that. Just as she warned us earlier, in the 19th century, in La Salette, that Satan would come to reign in Rome, she must have repeated some similar sort of warning concerning our own times now. She is a loving and merciful mother and would certainly not want to leave us essentially unprepared for the current Church crisis. For the sake of our eternal salvation.

We would also remind our readers here of Dr. Alice von Hildebrand’s own revelations, according to which the Third Secret of Fatima was about an “infiltration of the Church to the very top.” In 2016, when publishing Father Ingo Dollinger’s claim that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger admitted to him that the Vatican did not publish the whole Third Secret in 2000, I myself contacted some high-ranking prelates in Rome, asking them to publish the missing Fatima document, and they indirectly confirmed to me that there is still a part of the text missing.

Thus, I invite all of our fellow Catholics, and all people of good will, to express their public resistance, earnestly demanding the publication of the remaining truth about the Third Secret of Fatima which explains the vision of a bishop in white walking up a hill and being shot; as well as wholeheartedly demanding that Russia must be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We have to make our voices heard. This is one way we might help the truth along a little towards a deeper and more genuine peace  – both in the Church and in the world.

Therefore, I ask everybody to spread the thoughts of this text, to start petitions, and to make it to be a heard message of Catholic witness.

While living out this sincere resistance, let us faithfully hold on to the Rosary, praying our Hail Marys, wearing the Brown Scapular, going to Mass — especially on First Saturdays — while still performing our duties in our varied states of life.

May God hear our supplications; may Our Lady of Fatima turn her merciful warning gaze upon us; and, finally, may those in Rome who know – and who would be able to speak – come forth into the light of truth and help a besieged Church and an insurgent world.

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