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The Roots of Violence is the Hatred of the Truth – Dialectical Neo-Communism in America

Image: The Glienicke Bridge across the Havel River in Germany, where it formed the border between West Berlin and East Germany. (Source)

While reflecting on how to write with integrity this article on the current neo-Hegelian and neo-communist (“dialectical materialist”) revolution going on in our beloved country, my husband’s and my dear friend, Brother Andre Marie, M.I.C.M., posted his own excellent reflections in light of Our Lady of Fatima. In his article, Brother Andre Marie states the following:

So many of our current problems are a fulfillment of the Virgin’s prophesy that “If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church.” The Cultural Marxism that plagues us is one of these many errors of Russia. Even the continued civil strife we see before our eyes right now — when some are even talking about the possibility of a second Civil War in these United States — can be blamed on a failure of Catholics to fulfill Our Lady’s request. For She did promise peace. And that blame falls on Catholics of low station and high, clerics and lay.

My own article wishes to explore a little more the question of whether or not we are dealing today, in part, with a neo-communist or ongoing neo-Marxist revolution. I wish not to limit this discussion to the question of confederate statues, but would like to include the larger moral revolution we are in. The basis for this article may be glimpsed from my own biography. Having grown up in Germany, a country which was torn apart by communism and where many Germans were subject to the cruelty and falseness of communist leaders, it always stirs me when I now again see certain phenomena that remind me of that time. I was also blessed to have met in person people who fought communism from the Western German side, such as the prominent journalist Gerhard Löwenthal or the Social Democrat who had fled to the West, Helmut Bärwald. Their stories and experiences have deeply imprinted themselves upon my soul. I will never forget sitting one evening with Gerhard Löwenthal and a politician from East Germany – it was not long after the 1989 fall of the wall – and listening to that politician’s description of how his own father had to watch as his farm was taken away from him by the communists. I will never forget the tears in that man’s eyes.

So, why am I now again stirred to see the specific parallels between “then in Germany” and today? This politician’s story already tells it: injustice. Injustice – often an arbitrary and seemingly random injustice – done to people out of prejudice and a particular ideology, and often for mere political-power reasons. Revolutions are cruel because they take away all differentiations, they take away humanity and they take away truth in proportion. You are either with the revolutionaries or against them. If you are against them, you are to be branded as an inhuman counter-revolutionary. That is, no matter what one is then resisting about the revolution at that point!

The communist revolutions starting with the October Revolution in 1917 – now one hundred years ago – have one thing in common: the construction and manipulation of dialectics between certain parts of society, which are being led into acute opposition against each other in order to foster chaos and confusion. The original Marxist idea was that the proletariat was suppressed and disadvantaged and that it had to be freed from its oppression. Only a proletarian revolution would free these people from their fate, and thus could a just society purportedly be established where everybody was given just wages and managed equality. Similar to the earlier French Revolution, calls for equality seem always lead to the effective extinction of those who had previously been privileged, thus basing their “progress” on an enormous amount of cruelty and inhumanity. One common aspect is that one panders to the selfishness of man: by first impressing on some groups the thought that they have been inordinately suppressed and humiliated, one increasingly fosters thereby their sense of outrage and a sense of now claiming more rights for oneself – even if it is at the expense of others.

In normal conditions, such unjust situations can be solved peacefully, by a gradual adjustment of those elements in society that are not just. This is what actually happened, more or less, in Germany in the late 19th and early 20th century with regard to the protection of the workers; the process had been started back in the 19th century by Otto von Bismarck and his social welfare reforms. This gradual rectification of unjust conditions was the reason why the German worker was not so easily led into revolutions in the 20th century, which was one reason why the neo-Marxists had to find other discontented groups in society, such as students and marginalized minorities or races. (Notice that the Communist Revolution did not take place in Karl Marx’ own country, Germany, but in Russia, where the living conditions were, at the time, much worse. The German soldiers and workers revolted in 1918, but that was mostly due to the terrible conditions of World War I.)

The neo-Marxists such as the thinkers of the Frankfurt School developed further theories about people and groups which are minorities and which feel suppressed and thus could become an element with “revolutionary potential.” In German, we call it the “Minderheitentheorie” (minority theory), or Herbert Marcuse’s “Randgruppenstrategie” (strategy of minorities). It is simply a replacing of the workers as a suppressed group by other groups in that society that are marginalized or otherwise disadvantaged. The idea remains the same: to push those groups that feel (or are, in fact) unjustly treated or suppressed into an organized and ardent form of resistance. As we all remember, it was Barack Obama himself who had learned such a communist-cultural strategy from the radical doctrines of Saul Alinsky. Such minority groups could be just about anyone who could be talked into feeling disrespected: women, children, the unemployed, different ethnic minorities, the handicapped, the workers, and so on.

“Organizing revolution” and “organizing resistance” means – in all of these cases – that there is an elite, or oligarchy, who makes those groups aware of their “dispossessed” status and organizes them for resistance. None of these revolutions happened naturally or spontaneously; they were instead organized by a small elite: the “agents of revolution,” “agents of change” or “chaos managers.” And such an elite always needs money in order to be able to reach and influence those marginal or unjustly treated and discontented groups. Thus, every revolution has discreetly in its background the financial men. Karl Marx’ companion, Friedrich Engels, used up his father’s fortune in order to support the author of Capital (Das Kapital). The Frankfort School had the multi-millionaire Felix Weil as its financial supporter. Today the name of George Soros will also likely be known to many of us. He is a great supporter of PICO (People Improving Communities through Organizing) and of Black Lives Matter, which has been in the middle of many of the anti-Trump protests. (In discussing Soros’ ally Jeffrey Sachs and his new role at the Vatican, I once pointed out how much Soros himself had influenced and profited financially from the general misery and impoverishment of former communist countries in Eastern Europe in the 1990s.) Thus, from the very inception of these largely left-wing revolutions, they have to deal with the paradox that they are heavily relying on financial (or “capitalist”) forces that are, in principle, a contradiction in themselves to what these restive and discontented movements stand for. (We remind our readers once more of the recently published 1918 historic letter from the Secret Vatican Archives which speaks about the connection between High Finance and Revolution.)

As my husband, Dr. Robert Hickson, recently discussed in an article, these communist revolutionary elites had studied carefully methods of mass manipulation in order to organize their revolution. He often quotes James Burnham – himself a former Trotskyite – who explains:

The Bolshevik approach to mobs, riots and “command of the streets” is rather more serious. In his design for the revolutionary party – the conflict apparatus – Lenin, like Bakunin and Nechayev before him, incorporated the ideas of Louis Auguste Blanqui, a French revolutionist who lived from 1805-1881….He [Blanqui] believed that the key to successful revolt was the development of a small secret “cadre” organization. Normally the cadres would remain underground, abstaining from political affairs…. The trained cadres could, however, deploy through the mass and take leadership. [my emphasis]

My husband, after presenting some of James Burnham’s own writings on this matter, raises a set of important questions in light of current events in our country:

Even in his three 1960 essays, James Burnham has certainly prepared us always to ask such questions – and even certain discerning classes of questions with which to interrogate every situation – in order to help us detect the presence of certain forms of modern warfare and their agents, to include those who conduct “strategic deception and diversion operations” and subtle “false-flag operations.” Lest we be too rash and self-destructively peremptory, we must, minimally, also always ask (and try to answer) these kinds of perceptive questions “Cui prodest?” and “Cui bono?” To whose benefit, for whose interests, and, finally, for whose actual good?

In any of these violent approaches that supposedly aim at “improving” society, it is not the majority of the people who is either interested in, or willing to fight and sacrifice for, such revolutions. The normal man is just being swept over. “My generation has been hit by a freight train,” said the courageous former Communist, Whitaker Chambers. The example of East Germany shows the same. The normal citizen was just trying to make a living and to raise a family. They were frightened by the violence and subsequent terror, and by the ongoing unjust persecution of the purported “counter-revolutionaries.” Does this not sound familiar today? How many of the people whom our readers know now identify with, and commit themselves to, either of the two violent clashing parties or factions right now? Many of our readers might agree with us when we say – quoting once more Brother Andre Marie here – that that these two groups are two bad alternatives, neither of which represent an appropriate Christian response to such revolutionary challenges in our time:

As with so much of our national discourse, the discussion surrounding this incident misses the point. The “alt-right” neo-pagans and white supremacists on one side, and the “antifa” and “BLM” progressivists on the other are really flip sides of the same bad coin: a vision of society that asserts man’s rights (as perceived by the warring ideologies) while ignoring the rights of God. It is a domestic American version of what happened to the Continent in World War II: German Socialists and the Russian Socialists attempting to divide Europe between them, with the populace forced to take one godless side or the other.

Professional provocateurs on both sides of this current false dialectic show up at these events to make a scene, to get attention, and (if they get lucky) to punch a hated rival in the face or cause senseless property damage. Nothing good could actually get accomplished, for both parties have false principles.

As Brother Andre Marie here implies, what is being eroded between these two secularist or neo-Pagan groups is everything that is essentially and openly Christian: charity, family bonds, the respect for human life (from its inception unto the natural end!); but also: friendship, civility, and a dignified discourse.

Since the 1917 Russian Revolution, what has most suffered under all these different varieties of revolution is Christianity itself – a Christianity that also seeks to alleviate the suffering of the poor and of the sick, that seeks to educate and protect the young – from whatever social class they come – and to christianize and civilize society so that mankind may have a peaceful life on earth and might even gain – amidst the risks –  eternal happiness thereafter.

I remember from my own family history how, under the twelve-year German National Socialist reign, Christians had a difficult life. And just as we see now, their virtues and attitudes were consistently under assault. For it must be understood that National-Socialist ideas of race and supremacy are not the principles of Christ. People (during those twelve years 1933-1945) had to investigate their racial backgrounds in order to justify their positions in society. On a more personal note: my own grandparents could not marry until the end of World War II and the end of the Third Reich because my grandfather – a prisoner of war in Germany – had come from Yugoslavia. He was forbidden to marry my German grandmother due to his ethnic Slavic background.

But the revolutionary socialist ideas of Eastern Germany that followed the war were not Christian either. Everyone had to dig down into his family history to try to discover whether he could find among his ancestors some kind of proletarian association that would help him boost his standing with the communist state.

And under both systems, let us not forget the prisons and the tortures and the deaths.

When will we here in the U.S. face a mandate to start digging down into our family history in order to show some percentage of this or that ethnic background? In some ways, we are doing that already with our quota systems. Our system is no longer merit-based, but rather based on whether we belong to a certain group, sex, or preferred ethnicity. My husband remembers a friend of his whose duty it was in the 1980s to escort high-level Soviet visitors through the U.S. Whenever he asked the visitors what they thought reminded them the most of their own country under communism, they very often, and very promptly, answered: “Your quota system. And it will kill you.” Because it is another form of coagulated injustice.

I have some close German friends who grew up in the Communist part of Germany, and they have imparted to me down the years many insights that are valuable for us in our current situation. In general, they say that the present situation now feels to them again like communist times, except that it is perhaps today even worse, because the enemy is much more diffuse and permeating, and also because the Cultural Marxists now aim at changing one’s mentality, rather than merely one’s mere external compliance with the reigning ideology. But fear abounds today again, the fear, for example, to be rashly judged to be a “racist” or a “bigot.” Where intimidating violence abounds, fear also abounds.

How many Americans know that in Germany right now, a person who publicly opposes Muslim immigration into the country – and who publicly speaks about the increase of crimes committed since 2015 by many of these same immigrants – would be accused of being “right-wing,” “pro-Nazi,” or even “un-Christian”? Girls and women are no longer safe on German streets, but no German man may say anything against this lawless, loveless, and barbaric development. How is a man to protect his family any more in Germany? Are there not to be found parallels to communist times in Germany where one was not allowed to criticize the proffered policy of one’s own government? Is it an accident that Germany is being ruled – for 12 years now – by a woman who had made her own academic (and political) career in the communist part of Germany?

Who, finally, is the real target of all these fast-path and slow-path revolutionary movements, to include the Soros-supported Muslim mass immigrations into Europe? What are some of the criteria today that make a person a member of a “hate group”? Are we not “counter-revolutionaries” today when we oppose both violent parties of the current conflict, or also the killing of the babies in the womb; or when we insist that a marriage is between a man and a woman? (It is worth mentioning here that only recently, the traditionalist Catholic newspaper, The Remnant, has come already under such accusations!)

Let us remember in this context two important sentences expressed by wise and experienced men. One comes from Father Vincent Peter Miceli, S.J. While still writing his own book The Roots of Violence, Father Miceli promptly answered my husband’s brief question to him as to what the very roots of violence are: “The roots of violence is the hatred of the truth!” And Hilaire Belloc himself was haunted by the wisdom of Cardinal Edward Manning’s stunning words of insight to him as a youth: “All human conflict is ultimately theological.”

I think that we may come closer to an understanding of our own current situation if we deeply reflect upon these two terse and trenchant sentences. Then we might come to see that, ultimately, these conflicts that are currently being built up and exacerbated are finally a targeting of the remnants of loyal Christianity in the United States. Moreover, Dialectical Materialism (“DIAMAT”) itself – and the even more subtle Hegelian-Gnostic “Dialectical Idealism” – are, indeed, both formidable foes and erosive subversive processes. Also currently manifesting themselves in the Catholic Church.

Sister Lucia of Fatima herself told the historian William Thomas Walsh in 1946 that the United States would one day be overcome by communism. As Father John A. Hardon, S.J, often used to say to my husband, with much earnestness and insistence: “Robert, the days of America are numbered.” Let us then also remember that it was Father Hardon (d. 30 December 2000) who said, at the end of the 20th century, the following:

This is the mission of the Holy Spirit as we approach the twenty-first century. It is nothing less than producing saints among Christians in every state of life. Ordinary bishops, ordinary priests, ordinary religious, ordinary fathers and mothers, ordinary Catholics will not even survive the massive revolution through which the Church is going in our day. We need heroic Catholics, sanctified by the Holy Spirit, to restore even sanity in the modern world.

In one way, we all are called to become martyrs. (“The final test is martyrdom,” Dr. Samuel Johnson the Lexicographer often used to say.) Martyrs are witnesses to the truth. And speaking the truth is also an act of charity, because God is Truth and God is Love, and He wishes us to help as many souls as possible to get into heaven. By speaking the truth about the Faith, we invite people to enter upon the steep path toward salvation, unto eternal life and happiness. If that means that we encounter and must resist the new “solvent” revolutionaries of our time and their hatred, then we had better prepare for that – with the indispensable help of Grace. Nature is not enough.

77 thoughts on “The Roots of Violence is the Hatred of the Truth – Dialectical Neo-Communism in America”

  1. “Communism will triumph” Sister Lucia said, “even in America?” the author William Thomas Walsh asked her “Yes,” Sister Lucia replied.
    it will be a short lived triumph but make no mistake, they’re going to get their victory. If only one of those popes could have made the consecration. Everything in God’s time.

    • +Fr. Nicholas Gruner (who would have been a priest 41 years on 8/22 – eternal memory!) often said and wrote that the Pope will not get the graces he needs to order and make the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with all the bishops of the world until he reveals the Third Secret of Fatima (I.e. the exact words of Our Lady which follow: “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved…”)

      If you have children, think of when they’re little and they wanted something, e.g. a piece of cake. You tell them to eat their dinner first and THEN you can have your cake. No dinner, no cake. The child can pout, sulk, scream, cry, cuddle up to you but until they eat their dinner they can’t have cake.

      The same principle applies imo. God is extremely patient with us (especially me). He will give us peace but on His terms NOT ours.

      • The revealing of the true Secret of Fatima, or at least the part that has been kept hidden, by a next coming Pope (I cannot imagine Francis doing it) will expose the post conciliar Popes as liars and cowards.
        In my opinion this would shake the Church in an unspeakable way.
        Therefore I am not certain this will happen.

  2. This is all very nice, but it ignores the realities of mass Third World immigration into America and Europe, an unprecedented movement of peoples in such a short time, with all the dislocation and damage that follows and the fact that the Church, indeed, all churches, have been not only accomplices but active promoters of the destruction of the homelands of the European peoples and for which it consequently bears responsibility. Unless that is dealt with, that is, reversed, all your ramblings are simply beside the point.

    • What promotes the destruction of European homelands is a loss of faith in God accompanied by abortion, sterilization, assisted suicide, widespread contraceptive use and the corresponding plummeting birth rates.

      All that started well before third world immigration.

    • Your point about immigration should not be dismissed. But this problem is the result of a false ideology, liberalism. While unlimited immigration is a great threat to European and American civilization, the wounds are self inflicted by Europeans and Americans misled by the false religion of liberalism.

      While runaway immigration is the cause of many evils, Maike Hickson has penetrated into the anterior and deeper causes of which it is one of the effects.

      • It has become glaringly obvious, to anyone with even half-a-brain, that Islam is a politically protected religious ideology. It is undeniable that Islam is making astounding advances throughout the entire Western, post-Christian world. And we are seeing the incremental imposition of sharia law on Western populations that have been rendered deeply comatose by the demand to adhere to the pernicious dictates of ‘political correctness’. Our Blessed Lady singled out the ‘errors of Russia’ as the means by which we would permit ourselves to be led down the path of our own enslavement and destruction. She never mentioned Islam, because she didn’t need to. Islam is being ruthlessly exploited by another diabolic ideology that is more powerful than itself. Islam has been co-opted as an instrument of nihilistic Marxism.

        • Agreed. It has been co-opted as an instrument of nihilistic Marxism, and Anarchism, and other anti-Christian ideologies, but mostly liberalism, which is the false ideology that man’s will, not God’s is what matters in the governing of human affairs.

          At rock bottom, it’s all a grand conspiracy headed up by Satan, the ultimate conspirator against Our Lord Jesus Christ the King.

          When Europe’s spiritual immune system was more robust, she could defend herself from these essentially spiritual pathogens. Now she is weak, and the pathogens are taking over. The evil must play itself out before things will get better.

          • My sincere thanks to you, Dr. Hickson, for posting the link. I shall set time aside to read the article ASAP.

          • “……. the Analogy of a Self-Sabotaging Cultural Immune System” sums it up pretty well, I think. I noted particularly the reference to “Our “Lady’s being asked to leave the marriage Feast of Cana.” In 1571, the whole of Christendom faced an existential threat from the Ottoman Turks whose objective was the establishment of a caliphate that would extend as far as the Atlantic coast of Europe. Had they succeeded, the entire world would be vastly different to the world we know today. At that time, there still existed a Catholic mind to which the Pope, St. Pius V, could appeal, and glorious victory, against all odds, was obtained on October 7th. of that year through the inestimable power of the Rosary. The Muslims would try once again, in 1683, and were repulsed thanks to the intercession of Mary Help of Christians.

            In June 2006, I read of a parish in Detroit that was to hold its last ever Mass that weekend, after which the church and other buildings were to be sold to an Islamic organisation to be converted into a mosque, and and Islamic academy and cultural center. And the name of the parish? …… Mary Help of Christians! It was as though the Church had said; “You’re welcome to all of this, because we no longer believe, so we’re happy to take your money.” The ‘Catholic mind’ no longer exists, even all the way up to the very highest levels of the Church. It is as though they really do will the auto-destruction of the Church.

          • Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply, my husband and I appreciate it very much. God bless you!

  3. Great article!

    It’s a sad state of affairs today that the majority of the youth aged 40 and under do not understand or know anything about communism and how they have been brainwashed by their educators.

  4. “Who, finally, is the real target of all these fast-path and slow-path revolutionary movements, to include the Soros-supported Muslim mass immigrations into Europe?”

    It is not just “Soros-supported”. It is Francis supported and Catholic Church supported. What is the target: One World Government and One World Church.

    How much money did Catholic Social Services receive for resettling Muslims into the USA with a great number of military aged men? The Washington Post published an article giving the amount as 1.6 billion dollars.

    It isn’t just the Catholic Church that is involved in the lucrative practice of “refugee resettlement”. It is the Lutherans, AG, Baptist and a host of others coming together in Church/ government “partnerships.”

    The churches are the Judas’ of the people and are acting under the guise of mercy and charity. The financial reward is great. This will not end well; we are destined to repeat the history of Muslim invasions and wars.

  5. A good article. There indeed does seem to be a correlation between neo-communism/Marxism, and what is happening in our society today in which we are told that the “oppressed” must be freed. It’s a similar ploy. The French Revolution was also mentioned. Though the French Revolution was really an attempt to get rid of the influence of the Catholic Church in French society. The appearance was given that the oppressed were being freed, but that was not the true agenda.

    I wonder if it has something to do, too, with what Hiliare Belloc wrote, concerning Capitalism, will always eventually turn into a servile state. He maintained that Capitalism really had its start in England, after the English Reformation, in which the State confiscated all of the land which belonged to the Catholic Church, which was about 30% of the total land. Wealthy landowners were able to obtain most of that land from the Crown, and thus they became very powerful and influential – more powerful even than the Monarchy, which eventually lost its influence due to these wealthy elite.

    When these wealthy elite took over lands originally owned by the Church, many farmers who had farmed that land were booted off, and left without means of support. Eventually, more and more peasant landowners were left landless, as the Elites took over more of the land in England. Being disposed of land, they then had to seek employment – to work for someone else – for wages. Thus was born Capitalism, a system based on having a “wage earner” class, according to Mr. Belloc. If we had a system where we owned our own land and “means of production” (according to Belloc), then Capitalism as it is would not survive, and thus there wouldn’t be a “proletariat” to be freed. But since most of us are now “wage earners” we need some sort of protection; hence the labor unions.

    It is easier to manipulate the “wage earners”, since they are dependent on others (employers) for means of support. That’s the history of Capitalism in the West, in a nutshell. The U.S. just followed along, and joined the Capitalist system that England started.

    • Might I make a small suggestion. Through cutting edge farming techniques nowadays, it is possible to farm an acre or even less of land, and make a tidy living. Never Sink Farm in NY is one example. His YouTube videos and website are just one example of what people are doing to escape being a wage earner. There is a plethora of information now available on this sort of thing. Christians must become much more self sufficient in order to get through the hard times that are coming. There is even a family in CA who grow enough food for a family of four on 1/20th of an acre.

      • I agree. I’ll view the videos. It would be good if Christians could be more self-sufficient. That’s what Hiliare Belloc was all about, really, in his economic view. We need to go back to everyone being landowners, in the true sense, and owning their own means of production. That’s the only real path to freedom, and not being so manipulated by the secular and increasingly pagan state, and thus having the truths of the Catholic faith put in jeapordy, as they are now.

        It’s a good idea to read of how these families are able to make it on a small scale, since we have lost, for the most part, our ability to grow our own food in sufficient quantity. It’s not always an easy thing to do.
        There’s a reason why Communism/Marxism doesn’t allow for private property, for the most part.

        • Another idea is to plant fruit trees. Just about everyone has enough room to plant a few apple or peach trees. Nuts, too. Start small now and work to improve knowledge and success. It is not easy, but it is doable. The library is still free, the county extension agent is available to help and of course that fab gardener down the block will usually love to give advice. One other website that is very helpful is I think they are up to 75% of food from their own garden. Don’t buy their book, it is a recap of the website in book form. Their idea was to not go in debt for starting their small farm and to work 15 minutes a day toward their goals. Love your comments, btw.

          • Thank you. I’ll check out the website you linked to. Fruit and nut trees are a very good idea, as well as not going into debt, and working a little bit everyday toward the goal of growing food.

      • Wow….that’s an excellent video. I don’t know the name of the priest who is giving the talk, but he summarizes Communism very well, tying in the errors of Russia, Our Lady of Fatima’s warnings, and the Pope’s excellent encyclical on Communism. The terrible errors of Engel are quite frightening – that women need to get out of the home and into society and the factories, which will keep them from being “oppressed.” Of course, the intentional re-definition of the family has come to pass, with all of its attending problems, and it hasn’t made for a utopian society as Engel believed. Quite the opposite. Of course those who benefit from women working in the factories are the factory owners (of which there are many here in the U.S., and especially in Communist China) I’ve long believed that Communism is just an extreme form of Capitalism. What’s also mentioned in the video is the coordinated effort to instruct citizens of our society in order to get them to accept the principals of Communism. Then there’s Our Lady’s remedy of prayer and sacrifice, which we should try to do.

        IMO, the Popes have been remiss in not consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but it will be done eventually, of course.

  6. One important factor about all the current turmoil is that many are getting swept up in all the propaganda without really looking into the truth of the matter. The riotous behavior of silencing not just what they are “fighting” against like the Neo-Nazi’s, white supremacists, but anyone who even stops to think, “wait a minute have we gone too far”. Just like the thugs of revolutions past, the mob mentality wants desperately to exercise their “truths” like the brown shirts in prewar Germany with force. All revolutions begin with a seed that rings true with the masses whether it is lack of food, poverty, rights, anti-establishment, that congeals people to this idea of radical change. I believe we are witnessing this right now.

    If we look at the seed of this current social manifestation it is about racism. They have defined the enemies (actual racist because you need some actual truth, and all the ones who they have demonized in the past for perceived anti-civil rights that go beyond racism). They now attack what they have determined to be symbols of the enemy such as the statues. Is not the toppling of statues the classic scene in all revolutions. What a true revolution lacks, as we have seen it take shape in the USA, is that there are no goals in which a group can achieve a victory without the destruction of society. The destruction of society is the only goal and benefits one side with the other soundly defeated. They will move from soft targets like statues to other targets that they believe supported the former. Christianity will be next and there are already whispers as to that fact.

    How do we end their momentum, how do we open discussions to the contrary, how do you speak to people/groups who already believe in their “cause” (like all causes of the past) and will not open their eyes, how do you approach people that have demonized others to show that they are in fact not?

    • I presume you’re speaking rhetorically, with the “how do you [verb] people who just won’t [corollary verb]?” Their hearts have been hardened. They will not change, they will not repent, unless God open their eyes and show them the true nature of their hearts. At that point, there is still a large percentage who will not change, and will not repent. There are lots of large armies warring and going to war with the faithful upon Christ’s return.

      If you aren’t being rhetorical, then don’t approach them at all, ever. They need Jesus. Let them be Jesus’ flock to tend. If you must approach them, take a large body of friends whom you trust, and a goodly measure of rope.

  7. Dear Maike,

    Thank you so much for this insightful article. In it, you make the following statement:

    “The neo-Marxists such as the thinkers of the Frankfurt School developed further theories about people and groups which are minorities and which feel suppressed and thus could become an element with ‘revolutionary potential’.”

    In our time, that manufactured “group” with exceptional revolutionary potential are those self-identifying with LGBT ideology. And this “group” is the perfect vehicle, the supreme agent, in the ultimate Satanic revolution: Transhumanism.

    I highly recommend to you — and to all readers — the following article, which brilliantly elucidates the connection between pan-sexualism and Transhumanism:

    Holy Family, pray for us!


  8. Thank you for this very clear article. It’s helpful to get sober perspectives on what’s happening. I feel I have to say I’m sorry for having been born in a good family, white too!

    Lack of history and lack of literacy shows when we hear people react emotionally to what has happened five minutes ago. The ‘past’ is swept away – no lessons learned. Shame.

  9. I’ve begun to think that the “accidental,” “unforeseen,” “surprise” election of Donald Trump was no accident, as it has been the trigger for all the subversive Marxist groups, established by George Soros and his lackey Obama, to openly tear American apart, with the open collusion of the fifth column media. A President Trump has given them exactly what they wanted : a high-level target.

    The John Birch Society described the calculated process of Communist unrest very precisely in their 1966 video “Anarchy USA,” here:

    • Of course it wasn’t an accident, nor was it unforseen, or unforseeable. It was a surprise to many, but not to all.

      Trump is their target. He stands athwart their path to victory and domination. What do you think their plan was under Hillary?

      • Cetera – my uneducated guess is that Hillary was the short road to war with Russia, which has been on the NWO agenda for quite some time. Under Trump, it may take a bit longer….enter, stage left, Catholic prophecies about a Russian invasion of Europe.

  10. A very thoughtful and thought provoking article. As I read it there stirred in me a cery strong sense of the following: 1. As Satan’s time winds down he becomes more frantic. 2. All dialectical movements are his tools; he is the father of hate as wrll as lies — and hatred produces both destruction and death. 3. What is happening throughout the worl, not just the U.S. is far worse than neo-communism or neo-fascism because it has now become a direct, frontal attack on the sovereignty of God — it is not mere godlessness. But replacing God with the god of oneself and the practice of satanic selfishness. As for Anerica, yes, her days are numbered; this is from someone who will renain nameless (at least for now): [August 22, 2017,
    Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary: The Lord says, “A warning stroke across the midsection to reveal My displeasure in their blindness of unbelief goes unheeded and now, stylus in hand, I mark for erasure the son of Sodom, the daughter of Babylon. Yet again they are blinded lest they perceive and turn that I should heal them.”*
    * Stoke across the midsection — Total solar eclipse, June 6 1918.
    Mark for erasure — Total solar eclipses, August 21, 2017 and April 8, 2024 form an X across the United States.]

  11. The force behind the Bolshevik Revolution was based on hatred of Christianity. The radicals were ethnic false Jews who hated the czar for his Christian beliefs. Essentially, this same group has taken over and radicalized the Democratic Party. It now appears that their reach is enormous and is now extended into the Vatican where they elected one of their own.

    • Agreed! Read “The Israel Lobby” by two academic authors who lost their positions in universities for writing this book. Read “Facts are Facts” by Benjamin Freedman; “The Jews” by Hillaire Belloc; “Waters flowing Eastward;” and “War! War! War! by Cincinnatus. And books by Michael Hoffman. This group owns and controls everything: newspapers in the U.S., since 1917; the FED, since 1913; banks; most other media now (TV, publishing houses); Hollywood and the whole entertainment industry; garment industry; big food chains; controls the universities and public schools; and probably the pharmaceutical industry. The USA appears to be wholly owned, and the rot is manifest. God help us!

      • I agree. Just take a deep breath and don’t let it affect your life. Jesus carried His cross a reason. Let Him carry the load and relax with a cold soda.

  12. Good piece.

    All Catholics should be familiar with Pope Leo XIII’s Quod Apostolici Muneris {On the Evils of Socialism}.

    In the West, partly due to our generally secular world view, we have predominantly seen Communism as an economic system. That is gravely unfortunate, however, because that is only one side of the coin.

    The other side of the coin is the moral and religious. In school, studying communist systems, I spent most of my study on the economic and political systems in Communist countries and not the moral underpinnings, and then when I became a Catholic and due to my interest in the systems themselves I dove into the Church’s analyses of the philosophical origins of Communism. The Catholic Church has always been recognized by Communist leaders as the greatest threat to world Communism. It is entirely the reason great efforts were made in the ’30’s to infiltrate the Catholic Church with Communists. Bella Dodd’s testimony before Congress is enlightening in this regard.

    At any rate, various documents of the Catholic Church, notably Pope Leo XIII’s Quod Apostolici Muneris {On the Evils of Socialism, published 1878} are nothing short of prophetic. They expose and outline the roots of communism and the goals in high relief and serve as a stark warning against them. Study of the primary documents of Communist thinkers verifies the assessments. Protestant writers tended not to address these issues in the 1800’s, but later, many did as well, though sadly the Protestant groups have amended their doctrinal positions to accept a certain number of these tenets.

    So what are these moral teachings?

    1] Elimination of traditional marriage and gender roles {customary apparel all the way to the now pervasive “LGBTQ…”, etc, culture}.
    2] Introduction of legalized abortion.
    3] Replacement of Family and tribe with State.
    4] Replacement of authority and responsibility for educating children from family/father to State.
    5] Introduction of legalized, no-fault divorce.
    6] “Separation” of Church and State {in the modern sense}.
    7] Suppression of Catholic Church in specific and other expressions of Christianity and religion in-general .
    8] Universal health care and dissemination of contraceptives.
    9] Official State Atheism.

    It is fascinating to note that these were cultural/historical novelties introduced by Communist philosophers and founding fathers of Communist systems, tho some can be seen in the heretical movements of the Middle Ages such as the Catharists/Albigensians as well as in the teachings of some of the so-called “radical Reformers” of the Reformation era. These doctrines are integral to Communist thought and cultural planning. See how they have been incorporated in Communist nations by legislation or by force.

    Exceptions to rules are instructive. Note that Stalin modified Leninist marriage and abortion policies when fear of declining population arose, and during the dark days of the German invasion of Russia during WW2, Stalin loosened up on a number of these tenets in order to emphasize “Mother Russia” and “Motherland” in order to steady for protracted war the wavering and diverse groups in the Soviet Union. Naturally, until the war was over……………….

    Not just the Liberals, but the culture of the United States now reflects all of these Communist tenets. We do not demonstrate a Communist economic system, but in terms of morality and religion, we very much show off “the other side of the coin”. And in human history, these changes have happened VERY fast, over the last 75 years.

    For these reasons, it can be said in a manner of speaking that the USA is indeed a “Communist” nation.”

  13. Thoroughly convincing analysis of Soros’ work funding the alienating and splitting up of American society. So who is the watchman who can unmask this work for the common person? What journal or newspaper would carry this story? This same process is now purposefully creating divisions in the Church! Is there nothing to combat this process humanly?

  14. “…French Revolution…Communist Revolution…Frankfurt School…Herbert Marcuse…Saul Alinsky…Organising Revolution…Karl Marx…Felix Weil… George Soros…Jeffrey Sachs…Bolshevik…underground cadres…Soros-supported Muslim mass immigration…killing of the babies in the womb…that a marriage is[n’t] between a man and a woman…Dialectical Materialism…” and in summary “Since the 1917 Russian Revolution [Invasion!], what has most suffered under all these different varieties of revolution is Christianity itself -”

    I do not believe for a second that the author knows what she knows and yet has missed the unifying force behind all the hammerings that Christendom has taken since the C16th. It is a supremacist ideology with a book that clearly states that its motivating force is a hatred of Christ’s Church. But other researchers have named the problem, see Dr E Michael Jones and Dr Kevin McDonald.

    Both these men, like all people of goodwill, make a clear distinction between a supremacist ideology, which we should oppose implacably and nominal adherents to that ideology, who are fellow-humans with a soul to be saved and a dignity to be honoured to the extent that they do not practice their supremacism. The Church codified this response as Sicut Judaeis Non.

      • I would have thought someone who shares the mind of God would understand the difference between a supremacist ideology and its nominal adherents. The Church does. That’s why it formulated Sicut Judeis Non.

          • No, it’s what reasonable people are aren’t anti-Semites think

            Though I’m reasonably certain none of the Persons of the Trinity are fans of Nazism. Particularly the One who became incarnate as a Jew

          • Clearly you have yet to reach St John’s Gospel in your Biblical studies.
            Get back to me when you have something to contribute that isn’t an hysterical stereotype.

          • The “Jews” in the Gospel according to St. John means “inhabitants of Judaea” most of whose descendants were wiped out in the Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in A.D. 70. Today’s Jews are mostly descendants of the Diaspora who were spread throughout the Near East decades and in some cases even centuries before the birth of Christ and therefore had nothing to do with His death.

            The charge of “deicide” against the Jews is ridiculous in that 1) we are ALL guilty of crucifying Our Lord, thanks to our sins and 2) it was the Romans who did the actual crucifying

            Do you hate Italians too?

          • Obviously you introduce “deicide” because it’s a little spiel you have prepared to show you are pure of heart.

            Spare me your little virtue signaller’s roadshow and take it elsewhere.

          • “Virtue signalling” is the wailing lament of those who are mad that someone has pointed out that what they are doing is not, in a fact, a virtue.

            Do you now, or have you ever, believed that Jews after A.D. are uniquely “cursed” by God for their part in the Crucifixion of Our Lord? Do you now, or have you ever, believed that the Holocaust is a hoax or overplayed? Do you now, or have you ever, thought the world would be a better place if Jews had to wear yellow armbands or specific hats and live in ghettos?

          • Do you think that now, or in the future, I have any intention of answering you? You’re a self-righteous bore.

          • Sure if by “losing the argument” you mean that the person with whom I was having the argument (if you can call it that) refused to answer questions, keep deflecting and resorted to ad hominems like the heretics to whom he claims to be stridently opposed.

          • Only Hitler was Hitler.

            But there’s far too many people who, even now, embrace his ideas and hate Jews…people like you.

          • Besides you? Richard Spencer, leader of the National Policy Institute.

            Most are nameless cowards who, like you, pop up on the Internet and blame the Jews for everything that’s wrong in the world

          • You never mention them by name but it’s obvious you are referring to the Jews in your screed of an original post

          • My original post was on selfish parents like you bringing babies to Mass. You are projecting your prejudices onto me. Classic virtue signaller.

          • Classic deflection while avoiding answering anything. You are not as deft as you think you are. Just answer the question: do you hate Jews? Do you think they are responsible for everything bad in the world?

            The only projection going on here is by you. Projecting selfishness on others when it is you yourself who are being selfish in crying about how a child is disrupting Mass for you! Oh my…how dare they! Such impudent brats! Do you thank God you are not like us selfish parents who dare to bring our children into the House of God?

            I am the very last person anybody with modicum of reason could accuse of being prejudiced against Jews. I am constantly defending Jews and the Jewish people from attacks of anti-Semitic keyboard warriors like yourself. You’d think after seventy years people would’ve learned.

          • Let’s see if you can answer a direct question: is israel’s use of white phosphorous ordnance on a civilian population moral?

          • No, it’s not. A lot of what they do is not.

            But the secular State of Israel is hardly representative of all Jews. And nominally Christian states have done plenty of immoral things against civilian populations.

  15. “When will we here in the U.S. face a mandate to start digging down into our family history in order to show some percentage of this or that ethnic background?”

    I’m sorry, have you ever heard of a thing called “one drop rule”????????

    The article has a lot of fundamental flaws, but this lack of knowledge of American culture might be the result of your German birth and upbringing, since this rule is rather familiar to most Americans. The mandate to “dig down into” one’s family history to show some percentage of non-White background has actually been going on in America already… for centuries. Though it was only recently that having a percentage of a certain “ethnic” background (inappropriate terminology) began to be something of an advantage…

    Up until some decades ago, if someone found you had a non-White fourth-grandfather that could mean you’d never get into the University, would not be permitted to sit in the front seats of a bus. Would be forbidden to enter the army, or a restaurant, or movie theaters. Or be a judge, or be eligible to office in many states. Also, in some cases, you’d not be admitted in many Catholic (!) schools as a pupil. Even white non-Catholics would be admitted but Black Catholics would not.

    Hence the loss of black Catholic parishioners to Black protestant denominations. And hence the racial division that still plagues American parishes.

    The Nazi Tribunal known in America as The Supreme Court once ruled that blacks (by which they meant anyone with 1% black background) had no rights which a White was bound to respect. Just google Dred Scott. So, remember, the necessity to “dig down” into one’s family history IS ALREADY what the American people do on a regular basis, for good or bad.


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