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Professor Pierantoni: Cardinal Burke Appears Pleased with Filial Correction

Today, LifeSiteNews published an interview with Professor Claudio Pierantoni, one of the signatories of the recent “Filial Correction” of Pope Francis with regard to Amoris Laetitia. Professor Pierantoni is an Italian scholar who now lives and teaches in Chile. He has just recently published a lucid and excellent defense of Professor Josef Seifert – whose archbishop dismissed him because of his polite criticism of Amoris Laetitia – in which he calls the treatment of Professor Seifert to be a “persecution of orthodoxy.”

In this new interview – and when speaking about the history of the filial correction – Professor Pierantoni reveals that Cardinal Burke even seems to be pleased with the Filial Correction as it was first published on 24 September:

The formal correction, as you remember, was already promised for January. But in April, when we had the Rome conference, there still was no hint that Cardinal Burke was going to issue a correction. So, in a little group, we started to think about a lay correction. Then, in July, when our correction was taking its final shape and had gained a certain number of signatures, we heard with great pleasure that Cardinal Burke was again thinking of a correction on his part. […]

I think that now Cardinal Burke must proceed to issue his long promised correction. If I were him, I would call it a “fraternal correction” (better than “formal”). He has in fact given us hints that he approves of our “filial” initiative and feels supported by it, and so I’m sure he now knows that very soon is his time to act. Perhaps two or three more cardinals, or half a dozen bishops, will join. Maybe more, maybe less. But even if he were the only one, I think he must soon issue a correction. [emphasis added]

Professor Pierantoni also highlights that there are many more supporters of the filial correction than the current signatories, but that they have held back their names due to outside pressures and due to fear. He also recounts how already some of the 45 theologicans and scholars who had earlier issued a critique of the papal document Amoris Laetitia have been pressured into silence. He says, as follows:

I have heard from many people in Catholic institutions (here in Santiago and elsewhere) who have been directly threatened with this [to suffer reprisal for their public criticism of Amoris Laetitia], and therefore they didn’t sign. For example, I have heard from some people who signed the document of the 45 and they were told not to sign anything else or they would lose their position. Of course, one is more at risk depending on the kind of institution. I have heard of people being threatened, not directly from Rome but by the local institution, sometimes striving to be “more Roman than the Pope.” […]

I sent it [the filial correction] to 10 people, for example, and 7 out of 10 told me they didn’t want to sign it out of fear of reprisals. A few did not think they were prepared to make a direct correction of the pope, although they agreed on the content. I can tell you that many, many people basically agreed on the content, many more than those who signed. [emphasis added]

This piercing report from Professor Pierantoni is being confirmed by a similar report as it was published today by Cardinal Gerhard Müller who said in an interview with Edward Pentin:

I heard it from some houses here [in Rome], that people working in the Curia are living in great fear: If they say one small or harmless critical word, some spies will pass the comments directly to the Holy Father, and the falsely accused people don’t have any chance to defend themselves. […] It’s the same in some theological faculties — if anybody has any remarks or questions about Amoris Laetitia, they will be expelled, and so on.

103 thoughts on “Professor Pierantoni: Cardinal Burke Appears Pleased with Filial Correction”

  1. The time is now. Cardinals Sarah and Muller, at the least, ought to join. We’re all going to return to the earth as dust: as others have said, I hope the excuse is that they’re enjoying palatial living in Vatican City or in a Bishop’s accommodations or whatever. The worst case scenarios are either one is forced to retire, become a parish priest or live at a Monastery. You’re going to have food, housing and access to the sacraments either way. And given the fact that most possible signatories might have, at most, 20 years in front of them on this earth and then that thing called eternity in the afterlife, I don’t understand the dilemma.

    • I think the problem with some Bishops and professors is that they will be replaced with someone who is heterodox. So it is not always a selfish act to be silent, but to “hold the spot” on behalf of the faithful.

      • I understand that line of thinking–I thought the same in the recent past. However, I think they have to make a stand now. There is no Dunkirk moment: they have to stand up and give courage to the faithful.

      • A crock.

        They “fear” being replaced by a heretic so they act like and support heretics?

        That reasoning is standard fare among the “conservative” Protestants who are in the liberal mainline groups. It’s an excuse. It’s total bunk in my opinion.

        They FEAR because they FEAR. It’s that simple.

        And FEAR makes them heretics. Just like the {almost entire} prelature of England during H VIII.

        That reasoning is total capitulation.

        • They have no fear, they just don’t want to be disrupted and removed away from the beloved parishes and parishioners who like them so much. Desert place is no good for priest. The colleagues want to stand up and fight for Jesus and His Church are ok, their free wills. Not me, I choose to be obedient and stay put. Go ahead rebels.

      • Mater, are you endorsing such wrong-headedness? One is going to devise all kinds of reasons not to stand with Truth because one thinks he’s going to somehow outwit evil?!

      • In medicine one distinguishes between acute and chronic conditions; they must be treated differently. If this were one passing Pope, in isolation, then it would be enough to endure until his natural death and his replacement by a better Pope in the next conclave. But if it is an attempted takeover and inversion of the Church, permanently perverting her mission, with the college of cardinals being stacked with anti-Christian Marxists, then more active resistance is necessary. Otherwise, the outcome is certain: the silent faithful will be replaced at the time of their death or retirement, and the Church will be lost. Resistance must begin while it still has a chance of success. … Obviously this is a judgment call and good people can differ in their judgments as to the nature of the disease and its best treatment.

        • Excellent. God gave us this Holy Church for salvation, only a refuge we have; so we have to protect it from enemies outside and inside. Do our part and God will take care the rest.

    • I think perhaps that at part of the dilemma, at least for some, is fear of offending God. To people like us who comment here regularly and read 1P5 and similar sources, that sounds ludicrous, but think about it. We live in an unprecedented time. A situation like this has never happened in the 2000 year history of the church. In addition, some readings of Vatican I seem to say that it is impossible for a pope to fall into error. And even further, with the “shining luminaries,” as they are often viewed throughout most of the Catholic world including the hierarchy,of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, there is this idea that the Pope is above reproach. I have a friend in seminary who is a good Catholic favorable to tradition, but he would never, ever say a bad word about his Bishop, much less the pope… not out of fear, but out of reverence for the office established by God.

      I think we call all agree here that such reverence and deference is misplaced, but I think it explains rather well not only the lack of support from many clergy and prelates, but the long wait for the fraternal correction from +Burke et al as well.

      • I hate to be flip, but you are describing Mottramism. It is one thing to be properly respectful, and it is another to accept absurdity.

        There is no way to square this circle.

          • He keeps attacking and insulting Jesus and His Catholic Church that indicates he must be at least a Satanic agent or devil possessed.

          • Take a concrete and pertinent example and one that’s fictional. When Pope Francis says repeatedly that importing masses of Muslims into Europe is a dandy idea, some of us with powerful noses whiff a strong scent of absurdity. In the realm of fiction, do you remember the scene from Woody Allen’s film Bananas? The one where a tinpot Latin American dictator tells his subjects that, from now on, they are to wear their underwear on the outside and speak Swedish? That’s just as absurd. Absurdity is like pornography: you may not be able to define it, but you certainly know it when you see or hear it.

      • “but he would never, ever say a bad word about his Bishop, much less the pope… not out of fear, but out of reverence for the office established by God.”

        Truly, this is a demented perversion.

        So, for example, his Bishop can play just like others and ignore or even encourage the abuse of children while the priest stands by doesn’t do jack.

        Really, this thinking is a scourge on the Church.

        Tell him to stick with the NO.

      • Nowhere does Vatican I say that the Pope is impeccable, that it is impossible for him to fall into error (willingly or not).
        The charism of infallibility is engaged only when the Pope speaks ex cathedra, i.e. when he, invoking his supreme Apostolic authority, defines a doctrine of faith or morals, binding for the entire Church. All of the above conditions must be met simultaneously in order for a papal statement to be infallible, i.e. guaranteed error-free.

        • The passage used from Pastor Aeternus is this one: “Indeed, their apostolic teaching was embraced by all the venerable fathers and reverenced and followed by all the holy orthodox doctors, for they knew very well that this See of St. Peter always remains unblemished by any error, in accordance with the divine promise of our Lord and Savior.” Taken incorrectly this could be interpreted as impeccability… it ignores facts and history to take it as such, but it’s used. I don’t by any means agree with the false interpretation but there it is.

          • Thank you for the clarification!
            We must do everything in our very limited power to dispel such false notions about the papacy.

            In Christ,


          • It sounds like he should have restated that the See of Peter is not without errors. The way he says it The Pope is always error free.

      • “Those who blindly and indiscriminately defend every decision of the Supreme Pontif are the very ones who do the most to undermine the authority of the Holy See. They destroy, instead of strengthen its foundations”.

        — Melchior Cano

      • One must always be respectful to one’s rightful superior, however that does not mean that one should remain silent when one’s rightful superior is in serious error, to do so is to not respect him in accord with Christian Charity but rather to respect him according to the sin of servile fear and of pride under the guise of humble obedience, which is no respect at all.

        This is known as the Sin of Human Respect. and

        Unfortunately many well intentioned and deeply pious people have been taught to never utter anything against a superior as it would be a sin against obedience and humility. This is not “meet and just’ as it does not serve the superior but rather flatters and allows them to continue on their erroneous path, perhaps even to perdition.

        • Fr.RP . your spiritual children are very lucky to have you! I have never felt so disappointed, frustrated, bordering on anger as I feel towards the Pope, to the point that I have contemplated leaving the Latin Rite,into which I was brought up, but what restrains me is my belief and faith in the Church founded by Jesus and His promise to be with Her until the end of times. I do pray for the vicar of Christ.

          • This morning at my parish we offered an hour of adoration and the Holy Rosary for the Repentance and Conversion of the Pope. Never in my life until the last few years would I have thought this were necessary publically.

            We have been praying thus for over a year, but mostly for the Cardinals to have the strength they need from God to do what they must do.

          • They’re not lucky, they’re blessed to have Fr. RP. I wish he was closer to southeastern PA. I’d love to see him in person.

          • Well, one thing I can truthfully say is that I am like Saint Paul in one way: nothing very great to behold with the eyes. 🙂

          • We could also say with St. Paul: “But by the grace of God I am what I am.” (1 or 2 Corinthians; can’t remember which one!)


            On a more serious note, please consider writing a post on how Catholics should conduct themselves when they have to attend a non-Catholic funeral.

            I just came from a non-Catholic funeral tonight but did NOT participate in the service.
            Two Catholics I know attended the funeral and participated in the service. I told them that Catholics aren’t supposed to pray with Protestants. The reply was along the lines of “Well, it’s not a sin anymore. God doesn’t mind.” (It’s not an exact quote but the gist of it.)

            I didn’t have the time to explain to them why it’s a sin against the First Commandment.

            Thank you, Father, and God bless you.


            P.S. I hope you signed the filial correction.

          • As to conducting themselves at a non-Catholic funeral (protestant is presumed based on your post, for they should never attend a pagan funeral) if they must then they should do so with respect, and austerity of countenance and disposition. No trivialization of Heaven nor celebratory eulogy. They should make it clear that they are praying for the deceased (rosary in hand!)

            However, by attending one is participating in some way, no matter their disposition or lack of joining in the ceremony, whatever it may be according to the differing heretical sects. Sorry, but that is the truth.

            As to the Filial Correction I have corresponded with Dr. Shaw on this and am still praying for guidance as to whether or not the Lord is calling me to sign it. My Faith and position via the Faith is known to my Bishop and in large part to the Diocese. I have a few things via theology etc… that I am working out and am considering issuing my own filial correction.

            As usual, my main concern is the disruption of my parishes and not myself. My parishioners know where I stand and they have been given the Catholic Faith, so I am not shrinking from my duty as a Pastor.

            Please pray for me to be Faithful to the Lord in every way. And to know His direct and perfect will for me in this manner. I do not wish to disappoint Him in this manner.

          • It was a Protestant funeral. I stayed in the lobby until the service was over but could hear quite a bit of it. The irony here is that one of the readings wad from 1 Peter 3 – which I looked up in my Douay-Rheims Bible on my smartphone. (I could tell that their version of Scripture was distorted.) My main intention was to give my condolences to the two daughters.

            Should I mention it in confession?

          • Not necessary. And offering your condolences to the daughters while praying for the deceased are spiritual works of mercy.

          • Thank you, Father!

            What kind of advice should I give my fellow Catholics who think it’s ok to participate in a Protestant funeral? When I say that it’s a sin against the First Commandment, I usually get a reply like the one I originally posted or something along the lines of “The Pope does it so it’s ok.”

          • My father-in-law was Protestant and died some years ago. I went to his funeral service. To not go would have deeply offended my in-laws, and my wife (who converted to the RCC). They all knew I am Catholic. There was zero ambiguity, and I have never received their “sacrament” either.

          • Father….how difficult a situation. The laity cannot compare this situation to our own working lives. Our bosses are in their positions as part of God’s plan but somebody else could be in their position and it would not interrupt the plan. In other words, we are, in our working lives, “plug and play”.

            The pope is not. Because God is omnipotent, obviously his wil is going to be done. Yet, each pope does seem like one unique man of his moment. One does not feel that they are interchangeable. Therefore, it is very difficult to wonder if one is working against God when do anything other than pray in earnest for the pope, cardinals, bishops and priests.

            This is very, very confusing.

          • Praying daily for every parish priest, bishop and cardinal to be faithful to Christ’s teaching. Be encouraged to do what is right, and the Lord will take care of the rest.

        • Respect for the office of the superior is right; as for the person who has been in serious error, he needs to be called out for his grave misdeeds, scandal cover-ups, and misleading the flock.

          I admire Bishop Gracida’s courage both in words and action – A shepherd exhorts the sheep. Powerful, strong words.

          Laity, Rise Up! :

          U.S. Bishop joins correction of Pope Francis for ‘propagating heresies’


          These are true shepherds of the flock.

          The “Francis effect” has been devastating for the Church and God’s people.

          The ‘Francis effect’ is silencing Catholic bishops, priests, and laity –

          Many faithful cardinals, bishops, priests and even seminarians have suffered for defending dogma that is why the spirit of fear exists – many more clergy would have signed the papal correction, but they feared reprisal.

          Former Vatican doctrine chief: ‘People working in the Curia are living in great fear’

          Cardinals Burke, Mueller, Sarah are just a few of the faithful clergy who need to be honored as examples of faithful adherents to the Magisterium. I pray that justice will be restored soon.

      • I get it, Jafin. Believe me, it may not seem like it but I am pretty careful about what I say about the pope, too. Yes, it scares me. Over the last four months I have probably received the sacrament of reconciliation seven times and I have confessed to disliking the pope/saying uncharitable things about him at least three times. Yes, it frightens me a great deal. But I am also scared not to speak up. These are confusing times.

        • I understand your concern, but it’s important to note a few things, Brian. For starters, it can’t possibly be sinful to merely dislike the pope; we are under no obligation to like anyone. Even some canonized saints are said to have been disagreeable types; their contemporaries may have loved them but didn’t necessarily like them. Speaking uncharitably of the pope, of course, is sinful, but it’s also sinful to badmouth your next door neighbor. What we need always to be mindful of is the dignity of the office, whether it be a bishop’s or the papacy. No Catholic should be fearful of respectfully saying that a bishop or pope is wrong about something. We only sin if, after learning somehow that our criticism of the prelate in question is faulty, we persist in our error and continue to admonish him. And, naturally, we always have to be wary of the possibility of giving scandal with our words or what we write. For me, that’s where respect enters in: we have to choose our words of criticism a lot more carefully than normally in these cases, to weigh each, before saying or sending them.

        • I have confessed my accusations that this pope is commie, heretic, false prophet and even evil incarnate and my real conservative confessor didn’t say a thing, seemed like he agreed with me? No confusion if you asked Holy Spirit for guidance and would find out and be grateful to God that all of them were exposed and disclosed. God is marvelous.

        • God has given us guidance on this issue:

          “If I say to the wicked man, “You shall surely die.” and you do
          not warn him or speak out to dissuade him from his wicked
          conduct so that he may live: that wicked man shall die for his
          sin, but I will hold you responsible for his death.”
          Ezekiel 3:18

      • I got my understanding of the proper attitude vis-a-vis the hierarchy during the extended homosexual scandals in the US. I have the highest regard for the office of bishop and, therefore, I have the highest expectations. I was able to read the private files covering decades of abuse and cover-up in my diocese (they were released to the authorities and public in a “deal” with the state’s AG to avoid indictment of several people in the chancery). Any “reverence” that would tolerate the kind of men who oversaw what I read in those files is no “reverence” I want any part of.

        • I’m with you… the point of what I’m saying, though, is that this is the mentality that is drilled into the heads of the seminarians… they’re being emasculated and groomed for servile obedience… It’s honestly sick. Men responding to a call from God get turned into this…

    • They don’t need to put words into action, it’s so risky; they’re safe and Francis leaves them alone now. They don’t want to get isolated and harassed like “Dubia” cardinals, this pope is so evil and cruel. They realize that all heresies are the way to atheism. By the way they’re trying to be obedient and humble so they can enjoy as much as they can all the comforts they have. They are all CINO (Conservative In Name Only). God have mercy.

    • I think there is a very valid reason that they have not joined in – maybe it’s because they received censure from PF, and they don’t want it to be seen as retaliation?? Both of these cardinals have spoken out loud and clear on Amoris Laetitia, change in liturgy, Mass ad orientem, homosexuality, transferring of faithful priests in the CDF by PF, etc. Their silence is not out of fear, it is out of not wanting to muddy the waters.

  2. “we heard with great pleasure that Cardinal Burke was again thinking of a correction on his part. […]”


    Like he had put it on the back burner because he had more pressing business to attend to?

      • It is most excellent and I hope that you read it asap as you will be edified by it (and of course properly horrified at the reality that you already know but once again must confront upon reading the article.)

        • Just read it.

          It is quite fascinating to me that every time I read a significant and respected Catholic leader; theologian, priest, bishop, whatever, give an unambiguous assessment of the current situation, I’m most encouraged.

          Thanks for the link and you are right.

          Everybody should read this!

          • It is because you love the Truth and when you hear the Truth it cries out to you that you are not alone, that God is with you and that others like you are at Calvary with you!

  3. I don’t understand this spirit of “fear” from the shepherds of the Church – who are they more afraid of God or Francis?
    Let them take a lesson from the martyrs in the Middle East who are dying for their faith!

    • I do not wish to give credence to servile fear, as it is not credible. So, please note, I am not seeking to defend servile fear in anyway.

      However, one thing is often overlooked when people discuss fearful shepherds (especially when they are quick to call them cowards): that of protecting their spiritual children, as in their particular flock.

      One of the things I have spent much time in giving council to parents is over their legitimate fears for their children (and the fears are legion.) Every good pastor has many of the same fears for his spiritual children that biological parents have for their children and the primary fear is that they will be lead astray by another.

      So, many pastors may not speak out publicly, as in to the whole world, about things but they do speak out in their parishes from their pulpits etc. They try to nourish and guide their flocks according to the Catholic Faith even when their own Bishops or even the Pope are not, and they do so as a direct response to what those Bishops and even the Pope are doing and saying.

      They do this in order to keep their spiritual children safe from spiritual harm. And many of them have a legitimate concern about being removed and ‘who’ will come to replace them. They know that the wolves hirelings far outnumber the faithful shepherds and that if they are removed for speaking to the whole world the Truth, the one who will replace them will be chosen because he will not speak the Truth to the Parish let alone the world.

      So, many of them remain silent in the ‘press’ but are anything but silent in the Pulpit or in the classroom etc.

      When I reflect on the fears that I have about being removed, excommunicated, or laicized for speaking the Truth it is true that “what shall I do, how will I live’ comes up, but it is not the most pressing of fears and it is usually immediately quelled upon prayer and an act of spiritual abandonment to God. However, the one that isn’t quelled so easily, is what shall happen to my spiritual children?

      Just yesterday I had several parishioners at different times express to me how they hoped that I would be able to stay here past my current time of assignment because they have grown in their faith and know the wasteland that surrounds them in the various parishes in my small Deanery. They were not even saying this because they thought I might be removed for speaking the Truth, even though I have told the parishes that I serve that this is a real possibility (I have spoken the hard truth several times at Diocesan meetings with the Bishop and even with members of the laity present.)

      A Priest, especially a Parish Priest and most especially a Pastor is a Father and his natural place is in his home with his family (which is why the evil post Vatican II practice of shuffling the deck every few years, which I suspect had everything to with homosexual predation, is so destructive of Parish Life. What would we say about a natural family that got a ‘new’ Father every six or twelve years? We would say that it is a disaster that will only beget chaos and ruin, which is exactly what it has begotten in the Church and I have told my Bishop this and requested to be allowed to remain in my little parishes until I die, because they are my family and I am a Father to them. And my spiritual family is no picnic! Yet, I love them and desire to remain with them so that I can lead as many of them to Salvation as is possible with the Grace of God.)

      So, please pray for the good shepherds that they are not inhibited by servile fear and that they would be governed by the Fear of the Lord and His Love above all things, but also remember that does not necessarily mean that all of them need to preach to the whole world via the internet or press, but if that is what God is calling them to, that they do so with Holy Boldness.

      I have been in my assignment for several years and from the beginning had a parishioner who attacked me without mercy and made life very difficult. I prayed for him often and even rebuked him publically and warned him of hell. After almost eight years he came to me and repented and I absolved him and he died in a state of grace. Being a priest is the greatest blessing there is, and being separated from one’s flock, even the difficult ones, is the greatest suffering there is for a priest. This is what many of them fear because they know Hell is real and that many of their children will end there if they are not constantly guided and nourished with the Saving Truth of Jesus Christ.

      What I always tell parents is what I must hear myself: God is in charge and if they refuse your council you must continue to pray, fast and do penance for them to merit actual graces for them so that they may repent and be saved. Yet, do not force them to abandon you, if they are going to make them do it because they are sinning not you. Tell them the Truth always in Love and explain that the Truth you tell them is Love.

      One final thought: the vast majority of Faithful Catholics are so because of Faithful Parents, naturally and spiritually. The fact that there are Faithful Catholics is due to the fact that there are Faithful Shepherds who taught them and nourished them with the Holy Catholic Faith, and much of that was face to face in a parish setting or at a conference, retreat etc…, not via the internet (yes, there are many Catholics who received their awakening to the Faith via the Internet, and thanks be to God for that!) The point is, that the people of God need Shepherds who will feed them the True Faith in their Parishes or they will perish.

      When the time comes for the majority of the good shepherds to be driven into exile (and I fear that time is rapidly approaching in earnest as it has already begun) they will need to be supported by you the faithful laity: as in taken into your homes.

      I think that the Church is mystically somewhere in here: Revelation 12: 13-17So when the dragon saw that he had been thrown down to the earth, he pursued[d] the woman who had given birth to the male child. 14 But the woman was given the two wings of the great eagle, so that she could fly from the serpent into the wilderness, to her place where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time. 15 Then from his mouth the serpent poured water like a river after the woman, to sweep her away with the flood. 16 But the earth came to the help of the woman; it opened its mouth and swallowed the river that the dragon had poured from his mouth. 17 Then the dragon was angry with the woman, and went off to make war on the rest of her children, those who keep the commandments of God and hold the testimony of Jesus.
      The Woman is, of course Mary, but she is also the Church.

        • I know you do Rod. I am grateful. Sorry, I am tearing up right now, life is hard on the battlefield when many soldiers who ought to be alongside of you are not alongside of you but against you.

          May God Bless You.

        • Priests such as you have given so much, sacrificied so much and with the joy of sacrificial love. Don’t worry about the faithful, our faith isn’t going anywhere because of priests like you. You can bank on that. Steve will get my number as well.

      • Face to face it will be. I already have a few in mind when the time comes. It would be an honor to wash and cook for a priest like you. The laity will be there for you and priests as yourself. Mary will help us

          • Dear Father – having recently moved to country Australia and being ministered to by a faithful priest who loves His Lord in the Mass of the ages, I could not read your account and fail to be moved. I too have been touched by the genuine mercy of a faithful priest who loves by speaking the hard truths in season and out of season. I think you are right in that those who still hold the faith will be cast out much like Elizabethan times with priests and bishops being sheltered by the faithful. Our Lady said as much at La Salette and indirectly at Fatima.

            About Apoc XII I think you are spot on. Remember that Sister Lucy cited Chapters VIII to XIII in regards to the 3rd secret. JPII touched on XII in 2000 at Fatima and as you probably know XIII deals with the rise of Antichrist and his false prophet. The Passion of the Church is being played out in its final stages. The Church will have it’s Peter who flees and Judas who betrays the Church, but we know how the story ends.

          • So Father, when are you moving in? I would turn my basement into a chapel and open my home in a heartbeat; I have plenty of space — cozy and comfortable. There is no need for holy priests to go without provision. And there is no need for doing the dishes and laundry.

            And please do not start tearing up; if you cry, it should be tears of joy. The Lord does not abandon his people.

      • Articles such as the above are proliferating at an astonishing rate. Further to this,your comments, and those of the many knowledgeable and faithful souls, greatly intensify the feeling that the escalation of this unprecedented crisis in the Church has reached an unstoppable momentum and must surely arrive at its epoch-marking climax in the near future.

      • Thank you for your insightfullness Fr. I so can understand the ‘fear’ of a good priest having to ‘leave his children’ especially in the toxic atmosphere we presently have going on in the Church. He is going to ‘leave the flock’ for the wolves to devour? NO!! He cannot. Our priests are in a terrible dilemma, needing to proclaim the real truth of Christ and defend Him unto death, and on the other hand, defending his children from ravenous wolves of which he will also be accountable!
        We ( I think I can speak for others) are praying for all of you EVERY DAY!! We have the most wonderful and loving Mother God could ever have provided for us, and she WILL guide us and protect us!

        But now there’s this:

        • I wonder if this re-appointment of Cardinal Burke is in the hope that Cardinal Burke will not issue a fraternal correction?

          Besides, having given the power to local tribunals who have no training, the pope has pretty well rendered the Apostolic Signatura ineffective.

          • I hope this is not a case of cardinal Burke being bought off by the Pope. It makes me think of Sir Richard Rich at the end of A Man for all Seasons with his collar of office “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? But for Wales?”

          • This heretical pope is a fearful dictator who is much worse than Nero, . Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Se Tung combined. He has been killed a lot of souls already by spreading heresy and he knows how to use communist method of control which makes false accusation, blackmail and intimidation to keep people silent. Thanks Mary, Mother of the Church for exposing this evil and his cohorts. Vatican is purification time. Where are you going to hide?

          • You are absolutely right. To “fearful dictator” I would add ‘ruthless persecutor of the faithful and a traitor to Christ and His Church.’

            Thinking about this man and his words and actions I have concluded he does not believe in God. If he did, he would know God knows everything he says, does and thinks. Bergoglio has no fear of God because he doesn’t believe in Him. I think that should be repeated over and over again everywhere by every faithful Catholic until it is impressed on the brain of everyone on the planet. “Pope Bergoglio does not believe in God!”

            It should be written on the walls of buildings, on the pavements of cities and towns, including the pavement of St. Peter’s Square and all over Rome and certainly on every internet website which deals with religion and secular sites that run stories about him, which are endless. Bergoglio should be made to know he’s fooling only himself. God will not be fooled or mocked.

          • This^^^^ This is my biggest statement to all those who think the Pope is infallible. The Pope and Cardinals who are doing all this evil cannot believe in GOD else they would not do what they do! GOD sees all and knows our hearts. They obviously work for satan. If they did believe they would be in fear of their souls at judgement.

      • This is the type of fear that I was speaking of when I said that some Bishops are primarily concerned about their flocks and do not want to be replaced by someone else. I know I do not want my Bishop and Archbishop replaced.

      • “Professor Pierantoni also highlights that there are many more supporters of the filial correction than the current signatories, but that they have held back their names due to outside pressures and due to fear” – how sad that the tactics of the left – intimidation, fear, reprisal, have now entered the Church – the prophecies of Our Lady at Fatima and Akita become more relevant than ever –

        * the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. Don’t be afraid, she added, because anyone who works for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be fought and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue. …

        * Akita – The work of the devil will infiltrate even into
        the Church in such a way that we will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops opposing bishops … the priests who venerate me will be scorned…church will be full of those who accept compromises…
        These faithful clergy will be blessed.

      • Thank you Father for a heartfelt post and a wonderful testimony. What I have said regarding fear is not the one of which you’ve written. I don’t know whether or not it is servile fear, but the fear about which I’ve written is the fear of losing the things of this passing world. I believe we all should have and will need in the not so distant future is the courage, conviction and faith of a physician friend of mine, a member of a previous parish, who was a partner in an independent medical clinic and well respected in the community; a really nice guy. He lost EVERYTHING — partnership, meduical license, income, house, wife, children — because he was active in pro-life and refused to perform abortions. The last I heard he had borrowed money from his parents and was attending law school with the aim of working with one of the legal advocasy groups.

      • “The fact that there are Faithful Catholics is due to the fact that there are Faithful Shepherds who taught them and nourished them with the Holy Catholic Faith, and much of that was face to face in a parish setting or at a conference, retreat etc…, not via the internet (yes, there are many Catholics who received their awakening to the Faith via the Internet, and thanks be to God for that!) The point is, that the people of God need Shepherds who will feed them the True Faith in their Parishes or they will perish.

        When the time comes for the majority of the good shepherds to be driven into exile…”

        “… My children, do not ever forget to pray for your shepherds. Pray that they can accept all people as their children; that, according to my Son, they may be spiritual fathers to them. Thank you!” October 2, 2017 Message to Mirjana

  4. I would remind those who did not sign the filio correction of the following: 1. Silence gives consent. 2. Jesus tells us in the beatitudes that those who are persecuted because of Him are very blessed and great is their reward (paraphrased). 3. In Acts, Peter tells the sanhedrin that he and the other apostles are duty bound to obey God before men (paraphrased). His statenent is an example of a truth we are to foollow 4. Jesus says, ‘what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul’. If we fail to defend Christ and His True Church due to fear of losing our livelihood or even our lives, although this fear is understandable, we are then at grave risk of losing our souls. I would rather lose my income and die of starvation which ends my temporal and temporary life than to suffer eternal damnation out of trepidation. Silence in the face of evil regarding Christ and His Church is not only consent or agreement with the evil. It is denial of Christ and of Catholic faith and, thus, apostasy.

    • Mike, if I were to be excommunicated as a layperson for having submitted my signature on the petition at ….. I would dance with joy and have the document professionally framed. I say this in all sincerity. What joy!

      • Why would you jump for joy? I know that you’d be standing with our Lord. But you would also be deprived of all the special graces dispensed with the sacraments (provided there are any and they are valid). Of course being excommunicated from a church that is becoming no longer HIS Church wouldn’t matter much. Just curious.

        • Why? Because I would be standing with Our Lord and I would be standing upon His Truth. That is the highest honor and the highest privilege. Read the Beatitudes (Matthew 5: 1-12). To be persecuted and reviled for His name-sake and for the cause of righteousness ….

          ….. carries with it great and rich reward. What is promised is the kingdom of heaven. The Lord, himself, tells us to rejoice and be glad!

          As for Sacraments and special graces: You have answered your own question, Mike. A church that has rejected Christ is not His Church. There are no sacraments or special graces. Sadly, Francis & Friends are in the process of rejecting Christ and Christ’s Church.

      • Susan, I’m sure it was an honest mistake, but might want to change the web address you linked to. It isn’t the right one and links to a lingerie website.

      • I have wanted to add my signature as a Catholic theologian, but couldn’t fibd where to do it. Did you change the link you cited?

  5. Britain’s “Catholic Herald” headlines today [9/30] “Pope Francis reappoints Cardinal Burke to Apostolic Signatura.” Hmmm….
    We do live in interesting times.

      • To my mind Burke cannot be bought or rendered mute.
        Perhaps the Bergoglians believe with Burke reinstated it provides them a measure of credibility which I believe they realize is rapidly slipping through their hands. It also perhaps allows them a greater awareness of the Cardinal’s interactions, thoughts and some governance of his activities and whereabouts.
        Its good for everyone, but particularly for those who are aware of the connivance which is transpiring. Its good for Cardinal Burke to be there, right in the middle of the storm.
        We need him there.

  6. I do agree with Concerned Parent. I often think of all these martyrs in the Middle East who are dying, anonymous, unsung and unheralded, for their faith. Who are these AMAZING people and why are we in the West (myself included) so timid in the face of persecution? What if St John Fisher had reasoned that he could not speak up because a worse bishop might fill his post. I’m sure a worse bishop DID fill his post but what a glorious witness he gave us!
    I know many good Novus Ordo priests who know there is something very wrong in the Church and I’m praying they will unite and take a stand. It’s easier for us laity because we can’t be persecuted in quite the same way. Our good priests do stand to lose everything so we must support them. All of these signed statements are good and I’m so glad Steve S. spearheaded the current one – four years of silence was too long, time to rise up.

  7. I think Cardinal Burke’s return to the Signatura (though functioning in what sounds like a titular role) spells the end his role in any formal correction. Some type of agreement has obviously been reached.


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