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Pope Francis Dismisses Entire Membership of Pontifical Academy for Life

A shocking new piece of information comes to us from Germany, from the website, which is principally run by the well-informed Vatican expert and loyal Catholic layman, Giuseppe Nardi. He reported on 18 November – the day before the controversial “non-existent” Consistory of Cardinals in Rome – that Pope Francis has decided to re-write the statutes of the Pontifical Academy for Life in a way which essentially re-makes this organization.

Relying on a 5 November 2016 report published by the German branch of Vatican Radio, called Radio Vatikan, Nardi has published the new statutes of the Academy. Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia was appointed as the new head of this Dicastery in August of 2016, which in itself signaled a change of direction for the Academy. Now, as Nardi reports, with these new statutes, all current members will be removed and a new set of up to seventy members will be installed.

As the new statutes say, these new members will be appointed independently of religious orientation. From the revised statutes:

§ 5 – Directions and Norms for Members

a) Academicians are selected, without any religious discrimination, from among well-known ecclesiastical, religious and lay persons of various nationalities, who are expert in the disciplines pertaining to  human life… [my emphasis]

The new rules set forth that the members will be re-affirmed every five years which means that the life-long members of the Academy will need to be re-affirmed. The new rules will go into effect on 1 January 2017. As Nardi puts it: the new rules mean three things: “the purge of all members of the Academy, the elimination of the [Jerome] Lejeune Oath [similar to the Hippocratic Oath], and the exclusion of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.” An oath to defend the dignity of a person “from conception until (natural) death” is, according to Nardi, no longer to be required of members.

Nardi explains further:

With the end of the year 2016, all members of the Academy will lose their office, even if they had been originally called to office for a lifetime. On 1 January, 2017, Pope Francis is fully free to name a complete new set of names for the Academy. With it, there will be a breach of the continuity which was essential for the Academy since its foundation [in 1994].

Important in this context is that several members of the Pontifical Academy for Life have been strong defenders of Catholic Doctrine in the face of the Francis Revolution. No less prominent a Catholic figure than Professor Josef Seifert — who has written one of the most compelling, merciful and convincing rebukes of the post-synodal exhortation Amoris Laetita — has himself been a member of this papal institution, and will now most probably be replaced by someone more lenient with regard to the laxer “Francis Doctrine.”

It is also noteworthy that the word “genuine ‘human ecology’” appears in the new statutes of the Pontifical Academy for Life – whatever that means. “Mutual respect between the sexes” has now to be part of the new program, too, of course. As if that had anything to do with the defense of life.

In this context, it is also important to keep in mind that, under Pope Francis, the theme of the defense of the Unborn Child has diminished in importance. Only recently, Edward Pentin, the well-respected Vatican expert, published an article describing this very troubling fact by showing that, during the U.S. Election, the Vatican favored the Democratic Candidate Hilary Clinton, even though she is a staunch public defender of “abortion rights” – i.e., the purported  “right” to kill one’s own innocent child. As Pentin put it:

However, Corriere della Sera reported Nov. 10 that, according to its research, most in the Vatican were backing Hillary Clinton as the “lesser evil.” [sic! itself a non-Catholic principle] Trump, on the other hand, was considered “unelectable” due to his “aggressive chauvinism,” in addition to his threats to deport 11 million illegal Mexican immigrants and ban Muslims from immigrating to the United States.

Moreover, Archbishop Paglia now stresses, according to the above-mentioned Radio Vatikan article, the importance of bringing in “new impulses” and of promoting a “renewal.” The Francis Revolution thus continues. When will Catholics around the world wake up and stand up to a man who is increasingly undermining the very foundations of our beloved and holy Catholic Faith?

100 thoughts on “Pope Francis Dismisses Entire Membership of Pontifical Academy for Life”

  1. The silence will remain.
    Even in the Church I attend, which has a Latin Mass, (St Ann in Charlotte NC) the priests will say nothing against this heretic pope.
    Nothing will change until the priests directly address the issue of heretics occupying the Catholic Church, and the people withhold their money from their bishops until they get off their fat asses and do their duty.

    • The priest will not speak in such ways about the Vicar of Christ. It is not possible. As a priest he must be obedient. You may not agree, but this is how it is and must be.

      But, he can reaffirm the faith in so many ways. Of course, that is going out on a limb as well, depending upon the bishop a priest is under.

      This is very, very difficult for our priests. Please pray for them and don’t give up on them.
      They are under tremendous attack right now, suffering more than we can imagine.

      • One cannot place obedience over the truth. You cannot obey evil, especially when the evil wears a bishops hat. Obedience to Jesus Christ and HIS teachings comes first. Jesus never promised HIS path would be easy. Otherwise the Church becomes a cult of personality, no better than The People’s Temple .
        It is only difficult if you do not have the courage to confront the heresy. Francis is clearly a heretic, and teaches against the Catholic faith, which he has proved numerous times. Therefore in my estimation, he is not the Vicar of Christ and is owed no allegiance. I do pray that more of our priests would show some courage, but so far I’ve only known one.

        • You are correct, ” You cannot obey evil.”
          The holy priests will not!
          Their actions will speak and carry more weight than words against this pope.
          For I agree, a holy priest simply cannot obey evil or that which goes against the faith.

          • I have heard myself, one such priest who has clearly pointed out the problems with Amouris Laetitia and who has asked his parishioners to pray for the conversion of Bergolio.

        • Excellent argument, Mike. Have confidence on Jesus. He’s always performed marvelous deeds in perfect timing and perfect detailing. We were frustrated in the last two years that almost no clergy who has gut standing up against the evil pope and now we have 4 princes attacking directly to heretical pope. God works in very mysterious way and the outcome never lass than perfect. It is undeniable that PF is not the Vicar of Christ, he must be devil’s incarnate. His time is short. Please come, Jesus Christ.

      • Nonsense. Athanasius stood up. Saint Nicholas stood up. Silence against attacks on the Spotless bride is not obedience. It is cowardice.

        • Many of them don’t want loosing privileges of having perverted sex (sodomy) to the minors, fame, money and power. Those are Jesus’ betrayers.

      • Speaking of the difficult position faithful priests are in, if this heretical pope succeeds with his agenda, many more changes will be seen – in the liturgy, the Sacraments, the church buildings themselves – and while they will be subtle and seemingly “inclusive” they will be so apostate that Our Lord will withdraw His Presence. At this point the sheep and goats will br required to align themselves, for or against. Then it will no longer be a matter of obedience to an apostate pope, but faithfulness to our Lord and Savior. It’s going to be a wild ride…

        • I would agree. Fidelity to Christ is the call to all priests, to the faithful.

          At the end of the day it always comes down to this:

          “Are you for the Lord or for Satan?”

        • As far as I am concerned, the minute that Francis praised Kasper’s theology and invited him to be the sole speaker at the consistory in 2014 – that was the moment when it became a question of following Francis OR fidelity to Christ. Francis has placed himself in opposition to Our Lord and people need to decide who they follow now.

      • It is not all that difficult. A priest, if he chooses not to mention Francis by name, has an opportunity every Sunday (and in Novus Ordo parishes every day) to teach what the Church has always taught. He doesn’t even have to mention that there is someone teaching error. If HE speaks and teaches the perennial truth at least his flock will know – and they can figure out which is black and which is white.

        • Absolutely.

          I was referring to specifically calling Francis a heretic, etc., as this would not unwise, and against the priest vow of obedience. This really would serve little purpose as well regarding helping souls to be saved in my humble view of things.

          Priests must speak the Truth and serve Christ first for the souls entrusted in their care.
          Let the chips fall where they may.

  2. The ball is firmly in the court of the Princes of the Church to stand up for Christ. To date only four have been seen to do so. If there are more they need to come out into the open & be counted. The laity are tired of signing petitions & sending letters that have been ignored. Even now the Dubia, an official document requiring PF to answer Yes or No to the questions posed, has had no response. In this past Year of Mercy PF has shown absolutely no mercy to faithful Catholics trying to adhere to the precepts of the CC & hand on the faith to their families. Her has shown no regard for parents or their struggles to bring up their offspring in this unbelieving world. In fact, he has told them not to breed like rabbits. No such censure of polygamy as that might offend Muslims. He has shown no respect for Europe’s Catholic culture – we are to welcome young Islamic men even if they quickly prove themselves to be terrorists & rapists. He always has time to greet pagans, liberal politicians, celebrities, footballers, a notorious abortionist & find the time to join in 500th anniversary commemorations of a schismatic Martin Lutheran but no time to meet with concerned Cardinals.

    The power to depose, or at least correct, this individual lies entirely in the hands of the Cardinals. Are they Pink or Red? The outcome of the crisis we have been living through will depend on their answer to that question.

    • He is impure and spreading his impure agenda by any means, under the guise of mercy.

      I do not know if he is conscience of this or is just a “dupe” used by Satan.
      But, it does not matter.

      PLEASE CARDINALS!!! I beg that there be more of you to speak.

    • His time is very near, like a mad dog bites anything around. Pro-life Donald Trump has initially defeated PF’s organization, evil NWO and four good cardinals has stood up against Francis’ heresies. More cardinals, bishops, priests and faithful Catholics will follow and the real revolutions in USA and in Rome have started. God is patient enough, the “Destroyer” must be destroyed. This arrogant, deceptive mason and his cohorts have never learned that their secret society have tried very hard from French revolution to now with an ultimate goal of destruction the Catholic Church. Off course, they failed terribly. The Church is Christ’s Church, nothing more nothing less. God is invincible and Satan and his people of lie nothing compared to Almighty God. Domine, Libera nos a malo.

  3. As an italian native speaker, I would also point out that the new statutes do not “promote mutual respect between the sexes” but “between the genders [generi, in italian]”. In our language those two words are not simplistically interchangeable, the latter is far less used and inevitably brings to mind the infamous “Gender Theory”. Therefore, some commentators described the new wording as a prelude to the acceptance of some principles of that ideology.

    • Carolus, with respect, if you are a native speaker of Italian, you are presumably not also a native speaker of English. The Italian word “generi” can be correctly translated into English as “kinds,” “genders,” or “sexes.” Leaving aside the alliterative usage of the original Italian …”generi e generazioni…”, but given the ideological conflict you allude to, as well as the context provided by recent papal documents, the English word that most appropriately translates “generi” in the original is the English word “sexes.” That being so, please consider how strange it seems for you to say that using a word that, in addition to being consistent with Church teaching, avoids ideological conflict, is a “prelude to the acceptance of [gender] ideology. Partito preso? Speriamo di no,ma sa, certi commentatori non vogliono convincersi mai.

      • Relata refero, Cincinnate:
        I get the euphony in “mutual respect between genders and generations” (What does that even mean?!); still, the statute of a Pontificial Accademy is not a poem, and words should be chosen accordingly: it may well be that “homoiousios” sounds better than “homoousios”, but the former implies heresy, the former orthodoxy.
        Of course, “genere” may be translated as “sex”; but in our legal language the concept of “genere” is a novelty (our Constitution speaks of “distinzione di sesso”, “distinction of sex” in the official translation). This new wording might innocently be another anglicism, I concede that; but is undisputedly linked with gender theory: e.g., the “gender equality courses” (“corsi sulla parità di genere”) were the Trojan Horse by which LGBT activists entered our schools to indoctrinate our children, as to the latest education reform.
        Therefore the word “genere” avoids the ideological conflict you referred to only if mistranslated (and english speaking Catholics are used to “cover-up mistranslations” of the Pope’s off-the-cuff remarks)

        • With respect, I don’t think it is a mistranslation, let alone not a “cover-up” mistranslation. I think it is an accurate translation that has the additional benefit of not providing English-speakers with a (specious in my view) reason to criticize the Pope (who approved the Statute) for something he didn’t say, basing their criticism on the “easy-cognate” translation course usually taken by translators of Papal documents, who take that route rather than, in this case, looking to the substance of everything he has said or written about “gender theory.” BTW, wasn’t your Constitution promulgated in 1948 or thereabouts? I don’t think its usage can be relied upon to buttress your position with respect to the several possible English translations of an Italian word, particularly since, as I believe, the issue, with the resultant lexicographical diversity, had not yet been raised.

          • Dear Cincinnatus; as I conceded, the use of “generi” instead of “sessi” may well be an inelegant anglicism: indeed, the translation is better than the original! There are far sounder reason to criticize these new statutes (such as the abandonment of the “Lejeune Oath”) than the usage of an ambiguous word. And it won’t be that sentence to steer the academy towards the acceptance of “gender theory” principles: in fact, the new “Amoris Laetitia” style purge imposed upon it will serve to that effect. As to Pope Francis, his attitude towards “gender theory” is typically modernist: he roars against this “ideological colonization” (once again: what does that even mean?!) one day, and the other he ‘welcomes and includes’ a transgender lady with her “wife” or speaks about “He, who was she, but now is he”.

          • Thank you for your thoughtful response. I have some thoughts about the “Lejeune Oath” that I would like to share in the not-distant future.

  4. I hope at the very least all those ‘conservative’ bishops and other Catholic ‘leaders’ learn a lesson –

    This is what heretics, apostates and liberals do – They purge you so that their agenda can be met.

    So what you should be doing is acting likewise. PURGE your staff, schools, hospitals of every heretic and compromiser and liberal. NO TOLERANCE! NO CARING FOR THEIR JOBLESS STATE! THIS IS WHERE UNRESTRAINED ‘MERCY’ AND NICENESS GETS YOU!



    • And parishioners stop giving money to modernistic church, go to attend traditional mass. Detach totally from modernism that corrupts Catholic’s morality.


      • There is no place to go, which at least allows us to see the true gravity of the situation. Given that reality, we can be all the more assured that Christ is present and will in His time bring this to its just conclusion.
        Stand fast. Remain at prayer. Take it one day at a time. Cling to Christ.
        God reward you both.

        • I agree James. All the other denominations are members int he World Council of Churches, soon to become World Church Council if the communists or whatever we call communists these days have their Luciferian way.

    • No. Outside the Catholic Church there is NO salvation. There is no place to go where you can be saved. Stay where you are. Go to confession weekly. Go to Mass as often as you can. Say the Rosary every day. Stay in the barque of Peter no matter how high the waves get. If you have a bad priest, a bad bishop, and a lousy ‘mass’ offer them as a penance for your sins – and pray for them all.

  6. I find it wryly amusing and not funny at all to read once again leave it all to the princes of the church to act. It seems on so many blogs that we the laity do not have a court in which we are to play the ball or in the Danse Macabre. Without the laity there is no church and we can by doing nothing, by dissing and dismissing the Holy Ghost the
    Divine Eternal Spirit of Supernatural Love and Sanctifying Grace we have ended the age of the Holy Ghost that came down to us at the first pentecost. Not the end of the world that the dreadful mistranslated “EON” is made to say. The end of the world is a gigantic gnostic error. We are through the indifference and the ingratitude and all the other sacrileges and blasphemies heaped upon Jesus Christ the most Holy Sacrifice of our altars telling God go back to the Church in Heaven that will always exist.

  7. Like many liberals, Francis is a blunderer when it comes to politics. In the recent American election, his anti-Trump stance, for example, helped rather than hurt Donald Trump. The pope is too limited intellectually to see that Americans don’t especially like it when foreign leaders interfere in US politics; they never have liked it. If I remember correctly, Francis beat a hasty retreat when DJT told him he had no business saying who was Christian here and who was not. Whether Trump was correct about that or not, I enjoyed seeing this pope set back a peg or two. I wish our bishops had half the gumption Trump demonstrated on that occasion vis-a-vis the Argentine pontiff.

    • Too many Cardinals coddled Clinton. Dolan is the most shameful example of this to say the least. He Dolan did this while Trump a Non Catholic pilloried Clinton at the Al Smith debacle dinner for her anti Catholic Christian policies etc..

    • “pope is too limited intellectually” – Don’t underestimate Francis. Too many conservatives act like liberals and dismiss their opponents as unintelligent. Intelligence has no relation to wisdom and virtue. The pope may sound like a moron that is because of pride and perhaps other vices (maybe sodomy?) not because of a lack of intelligence.

      • I don’t underestimate him. When I said “too limited intellectually,” I had in mind specifically his rumored parochial Latin American distaste for the Anglo world in general. He demonstrated amply when he was in Mexico a shoddy understanding of the psychology of the American people, perhaps even a disdain for it. No one can deny that Trump masterfully blunted Francis unwise sally into American internal politics and turned it to his own advantage. I find it unimaginable that a pope like Pius XII would have ever entered such a minefield in the first place. That said, I see him as far less intellectually gifted than Benedict, John Paul, or the aforementioned Pius. He’s clever, yes, and maybe even a crafty schemer, but not an intellectual.

        • Agreed. He is no intellectual in the sense of a Benedict. But he maybe more clever and cunning than your typical intellectual. I have met a lot of street people that were of average intellect but unbelievably cunning and could con and trick people more intelligent than them.

    • Good point. PF is carrying a mission to make world chaotic for NWO controls them and leveling down RCC from within while DJT has noble cause to bring the country back, may be back to God too?. Our government has been evil global one. Trump is much better than this evil clown and any of his minions. Pray for T and the Church.


    True, Pope Francis talks out of both sides of his mouth-causing unnecessary stress and chaos to believers! Many Catholics were unhappy with Pope Benedict XVI resignation which was unheard of in 2000 yrs except with a early Pope Pontian, who was made Pope in the year 230, and reigned until 235..Later considered a martyr.  Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation was surrounded with an investigation of male prostitution within the Vatican taken from a stolen file on the Pope’s desk from a priest and his reporter, that brought it to the Italian Newspapers. Jorge Bergoglio, a Jesuit, controversial religious order, from a Socialist country, Argentina, was the first non- European, elected Pope. Strange the two Popes, kept their positions, one as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. A Bizarre situation indeed, that visionaries and saints prophesied, such as Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, a Roman Catholic Augustinian Canoness, mystic, Marian visionary, ecstatic and stigmatist.  Now, with all that said, the Catholic Church gave Christianity and the Bible and the Christian Calendar to the World! The World is indebted to Jesus’s Church and the Enemy of Christ wants to destroy it. Secret societies from Freemasonry to other Satanists KNOW THIS FACT! Infiltrate and Destroy the Church and so Goes the world!!!
    “Few promises of Jesus are as scary and yet so encouraging as the one made to Peter in Matthew 16:18.
    “And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”During a frustrating argument with a Roman Catholic cardinal, Napoleon Bonaparte supposedly burst out: “Your eminence, are you not aware that I have the power to destroy the Catholic Church?” The cardinal, the anecdote goes, responded ruefully: “Your majesty, we, the Catholic clergy, have done our best to destroy the church for the last 1,800 years. We have not succeeded, and neither will you.” And so it goes on & on…
    Yes, the Catholic Church is Very important and for years and years imperfect men were used by God in God’s Church! God’s promise continues, the gates of hell, shall not prevail against His Church! No need to worry!

  9. He is pathetic, as are those who lend him their support.
    Those who know the back story to this epic horror and do not speak are complicit and culpable.

    • True, in one sense things are getting scary, but this is the only way to clean up the mess. I’m hoping that the latest dubia by the four cardinals finally gets the ball rolling and that not just Amoris Laetitia is challenged but everything from Vatican II onward’s.

    • These days are wrought with great anxieties. I am not one to talk, for I must remind myself of these things as well: stay in prayer, remain dutiful to your station in life, have charity in your heart and with those who have less than you, and remain confident that God’s will be done and pray for the grace to abide in it.

      God bless you.

  10. I told you Jorge is a Double Agent. He’s working for the population control elites. He’s destroying the Church from within and turning Her into the thousands of Protestant denominations with decentralization. Bishops and Cardinals should not allow this to happen, but they like their comfortable life too much.

    “And the Lord said: Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat” – Luke 22:31

    Satan got Jorge alright!

    • Maybe the decentralization is a double-edged sword that can be used against him. If things are decentralized, then the individual bishops, truly orthodox and catholic bishops have a greater opportunity to preach and live the Gospel of Christ unimpeded.

        • In essence the idea of decentralization wouldn’t be bad for the precise reason i’ve said. But yeah. I believe your insight into what he wants to decentralize is correct.

      • WRONG. You have good intent, but coming from the Protestant wold, what you say is the ultimate toxin to the faith. The Catholic faith is either Catholic or it is not. There is no such thing as a “doctrinally decentralized” faith.

      • Marko you have the right idea. Bishops have complete power in their own diocese. All this nonsense about Bishops’ Conferences telling bishops and the rest of us what they must do is a novelty brought out of Vatican II. If a Bishop is faithful he will rule his flock and help them get to Heaven. If a Bishop is a coward he will go along to get along and lead his flock to Hell.

  11. Francis is slashing and burning and dismantling while he still has time. What must dear St. john Paul think about this farce of an academy for life? I cannot believe my eyes. My heart aches for this dismantling. My heart aches for Cardinal Sarah at the CDW. My heart aches for these four Cardinals who are humbly standing their ground for the faith. We must remember that one of the four..Cardinal Caffaro was told in writing by Sister Lucy of Fatima herself that the final battle with satan will be over marriage and the family. He takes her words very seriously. Those words made me shudder the first time I read them because, here we are…living in these very times of which Lucia spoke. And yet…….Francis says…full speed ahead.

    • No longer really a Catholic group following or upholding the teachings about the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. Nor will it defend the unborn whose blood sacrifice to the demon continues unabated and the official Church stance now quieted with concern as great for ‘climate change’ or ‘immigration’ as with those intrinsic evils whereupon the devil laughs.

  12. What is Human Ecology?

    Ecology is the science of relationships between living organisms and their environment. Human ecology is about relationships between people and their environment. In human ecology the environment is perceived as an ecosystem (see Figure 1.1). An ecosystem is everything in a specified area – the air, soil, water, living organisms and physical structures, including everything built by humans. The living parts of an ecosystem – microorganisms, plants and animals (including humans) – are its biological community.

  13. This guy who has taken over the Chair of Peter is not working for the Church Jesus Christ founded. He’s an imposter and we Roman Catholic’s cannot follow a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing!

  14. It’s hard to find the words to describe that awful, sinking feeling I have after reading this.

    Would anyone at 1P5 be willing to put together an article with a list of books that families should have in their personal libraries?

    I have a copy of the catechism, my Bible, and a few others but I know I’m woefully unprepared here as someone whose faith only caught fire four years ago… And with all of these changes up top, I’m concerned that it’s going to get harder to find the right books to teach my children the faith.

  15. In expectation of Hillary’s election this sounds like a welcome gesture in keeping with her declaration that “hurtful” religious doctrine must change. Maybe she got this idea from Pope Francis himself.

    Pope Francis actions get more evil by the day. For many of us he has completely lost his credibility and is Pope in name only.

    • USA and Catholic Church are on the verges of destruction and God of Mercy has picked Trump and four Cardinals to carry out the rescue mission. Deo gratias.

  16. Pope
    Francis have given us fast track annulments, hosts synods on the family
    to promote communion for those in “irregular unions”, says the great
    majority of Catholic sacramental marriages are invalid and that some
    unmarried couples living together have
    “real” marriages”. After all of this, four our of 200 plus cardinals
    dare to question him. Truly a very sad state for Roman Catholic Church
    and the Bride of Christ. Holy Mary interceded for the newly married
    couple at the wedding in Cana because the wine was running out. How
    fervently she must be praying for us now. Jesus will act soon to in His
    righteous anger cleanse his holy church just as he did to cleanse the
    temple when overturned the tables of the money changers.

  17. Remember God is allowing this. What is left of the Church is in need of cleansing and Pope Francis is doing it. As Assyria was the means of Gods punishment of Israel, Francis is the means of punishment to an unfaithful Church. These new leaders will force Catholics to either abandon heretical bishops and priests for faithful parishes (though perhaps disobedient to ecclesistical authority but obedient to God) or join the heretics in their sin and ultimate destruction. This is not something to fear, but due to it, we must repent.

  18. The events we are observing are necessary. In fact, it is obvious much more heresy and apostasy are needed because the horrors we have witnessed so far aren’t been enough to cause a rising of men of God in the Church beyond a small number. Remember what it took to allow the Hebrews to be released from the power of Pharaoh. We are witnessing just such a series of catastrophes ravaging the Church. But the hearts of the ordained are still hardened, calloused I suspect by sodomy and the cowardice and moral indecision that flows from it.

    Yes, pray, and yes, speak directly to your priests. Inside, many are deeply disturbed by all of this, assuming they are even paying attention, which some aren’t, dumbed-down by so many years of chaos in the Church, they have been left without interest in the affairs “of the Vatican”. I suspect others are silently rejoicing, hoping for the day when they can out themselves and receive communion with their faggot friends and lovers.

    This is a war like none other.

    God is in control.

    In 1942 things looked mighty grim all over the world. 3 years alter things looked mighty different. Let us live and pray with the same spiritual courage our fathers had in moral and physical courage during that war.

  19. Everything is going great in the Church! Love and Mercy abound! Everyone move along from this article, nothing to see here, just ordinary run of the mill governance, nothing to see here….

  20. Red Hat cardinals should Reject Cupich, Farrell, De Paglia, De Kessel etc. and Repudiate Amoris Latita before a schism envelops the church. Time for Benedict 16th to speak up as he did in Favor of AB Sarah urging to face the east by priests at Mass.

  21. “I am worried by the Blessed Virgin’s messages to Lucy of Fatima. This persistence of Mary about the dangers which menace the Church is a Divine warning against the suicide of altering the Faith, in Her liturgy, Her theology and Her soul. … I hear all around me innovators who wish to dismantle the Sacred Chapel, destroy the universal flame of the true Faith of the Church, reject Her ornaments and make Her feel remorse for Her historical past.”

    Msgr. Eugenio Pacelli (the future Pope Pius XII)

  22. Your article poses a question: When will Catholics around the world wake up and stand up to a man who is increasingly undermining the very foundations of our beloved and holy Catholic Faith?”
    Please explain to me how we an do this?

  23. Few Cardinals indeed will stand up; so many liberals have been appointed since v2. I’m from Dallas diocese, and the newly appointed Cardinal Farrell, formerly Bishop of the diocese, is pretty liberal. He supports illegal immigrants over citizens, homosexual “outreach”, the new Protestantization, etc. Token conservatives appointed are too old to vote for a new Pope.

  24. The article asks : When will Catholics around the world wake up and stand up to a man who
    is increasingly undermining the very foundations of our beloved and holy
    Catholic Faith?

    I personally woke up after the shock of Amoris Laetitia! That is when I discovered the website that has helped me through this. Also, If I hadn’t read Fr. Gruner’s Crucial Truths To Save Your Soul prior to learning about Amoris Laetitia, I would have been completely disoriented. Some of this is beginning to come to the attention of friends and family. I will make sure prolife friends and family read this article. If I have to attend the local liberal parish to fulfill my Sunday obligation, I will not contribute to the collection basket. Money would be better spent contributing to such websites as these and giving a relatively larger share to more traditional parishes that are unfortunately a bit further from me in distance.

  25. Holy shit! And there are still Catholics who drool the egg of this vicarista disguised as pope. Death to the Pope before he kills the Catholic Church. This pope follows the guidelines of George SOROS. Get out FRANCISCO!

  26. Jesus relentlessly went after His, God authorized, Pope Francis equivalent, Church leaders in His Jewish Church. Jesus knew that His God authorized Jewish Church leaders would kill Him for speaking out against their evil. Jesus, a simple Jew, always respected the authority God put into the evil Pharisees and Scribes as Successors to Moses. Jesus told us to do every thing the Pope Francis equvalent, evil Pharisees tell you to do, but Jessus used His speech to tell the world, for milleniems, how brutally evil His, God authorized, Church leaders were. What an honor for Cardinal Burke and his righteous Cardinal brethren who stand with him as they walk in the very foot steps of Jesus, the footsteps of Jesus which got Him Crucified.


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