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Müller, Küng, Marx, and St. Joan of Arc


Cardinal Müller Put under Pressure and Hans Küng is Encouraged

Saint Joan of Arc as the Patron Saint for our Sustained Combat

On this Feast of St. Athanasius, and inspired by the story of Saint Joan of Arc, I was encouraged to write this article.

At the end of last week, three major events happened that are very troubling for faithful Catholics. One event relates to Cardinal Gerhard Müller, one to Father Hans Küng, and the third relates to Cardinal Reinhard Marx.

First of all, reports came to us that Carlos Osoro, the archbishop of Madrid, Spain, forbade Cardinal Gerhard Müller from presenting his new book on hope  at the Catholic University San Dámaso, because this book is — Osoro alleges — “against the pope”. Guiseppe Nardi, who first reported this story in German on, refers to the original Spanish source, Infovaticana.comI report here on this story since, from other sources as well, I know it to be the truth.

Infovaticana also surprisingly reports that Archbishop Osoro has been incorrectly reporting, in his official Curriculum Vitae (which he had once sent to the Vatican), that he has four licentiates, namely in philosophy, theology, natural science, and pedagogy. As has now been confirmed, Osoro, in fact, does not have those licentiates. After Infovaticana had also reported on his scandalous treatment of the head of Doctrine in Rome, Osoro has now said that he himself will participate at the presentation of Cardinal Müller’s book, but it still will not take place at his own university. Rather, the presentation will happen at the private University Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid. It is unlikely that the archbishop would have given such a prohibition to a senior cardinal of the Church, had he not felt a sense of assured protection from above. In fact this incident seems only possible due to the fact that, indeed, there is an objective disagreement between Pope Francis’ reforms and Cardinal Müller’s doctrinal position which affirms and preserves the traditional teaching of the Church.

In addition, it has now been reported that that Cardinal Müller was not given the copy of the final version of Amoris Laetitia – but only, instead, a much less problematic text – for his own final doctrinal review. It is once more due to the important work of Guiseppe Nardi that this important fact – which has subsequently been confirmed by other sources – was reported first in Italy, and has now been made known far and wide. While it seems clear that the orthodox forces – with Cardinal Müller at the top – are being increasingly ignored, pushed aside and even bypassed, the progressive forces are in fact being further promoted and now also encouraged in other ways.

Therefore, it is important to report on the second important event of the last week: the encouragement of the progressivist, Father Hans Küng, who was removed in 1979 from his teaching position as a Catholic theologian under Pope John Paul II for his heterodox teaching. For now, it seems, his hour in the spotlight has at last come. As the National Catholic Reporter first reported, Hans Küng has now received a personal letter from Pope Francis in which he is encouraged to discuss – and thereby effectively to question – the Dogma of Papal Infallibility itself! This story has now been reported also by the official Vatican website in German, on Radio Vatikan, as well as by the official website of the Swiss bishops. The pope’s encouragement comes in response to an open letter to the Holy Father written by Küng in March of 2016. In it, he requested an open discussion of this settled dogma. He also explained rather explicitly why he wanted to question this Dogma: namely, because Papal Infallibility is now is a barrier that makes impossible the further reforms of the Church in many other fields. Küng wrote:

The themes [of reform that came up in recent times] were: agreements among the different confessions; mutual acceptance of the offices and of the celebrations of the Last Supper; questions of divorce of marriage and of the ordination of women; concerning forced celibacy [sic] and the catastrophic lack of priests; and, finally, and especially, concerning the leadership of the Catholic Church.

This proposed agenda for further reforms shows that the essential parts of the Catholic Faith are already under attack by the notably heterodox Swiss theologian. And now, it seems, he continues his assault with the support of the Vicar of Christ, who has been put in his office for the express purpose of defending the irreformable Deposit of Faith!

The third event — no less discouraging to the faithful who loyally cling to Christ, His Church, and her teaching as it has been handed down to us from the Apostles — relates to a position of prominence recently given to German Cardinal Reinhard Marx, head of the German bishops conference and proponent of the Kasper proposal. This same cardinal – who only a year ago had announced that Germany would go its own way if the synods on the family spoke up against the German bishops’ own approach toward the “remarried” divorcees – has now been given the distinction of presenting and discussing approvingly the papal document Amoris Laetitia in L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s offical newspaper! On 27 April, Cardinal Reinhard Marx praised Amoris Laetitia, saying:

Instead, he [Pope Francis] leads this doctrine back to its kernel and to the language that comes from the Gospels so that some things can be newly discovered. Even the indication that existing doctrines and norms of the Church are in need of an adaptation in the pastoral practice, is not [however] a novelty which Pope Francis introduces.

Cardinal Marx does not explain here, however, the way in which a change in the doctrinal teaching of the Church concerning those couples objectively living in the state of sin would putatively lead “the doctrine back to the language of the Gospels.” Mathias von Gersdorff, one of the most courageous defenders of the Catholic Truth in Germany, has raised the question as to whether German priests will now soon be compelled to admit “remarried” divorcees to the Sacraments. Knowing well the position of the German Bishops’ Conference under the leadership of Cardinal Marx in this matter, von Gersdorff raises the following question:

Should the German Bishops’ Conference come to instruct pastors and other pastoral workers to give Holy Communion to remarried divorcees (if only in individual cases), conservative priests would be put in front of a grave decision of conscience. For, they would be ultimately forced to commit a sacrilege; that is to say, an especially grave sin. They of course can turn to Rome, but nothing indicates that they would receive help from there.

The Catholic Church, therefore, faces a very serious situation, where many vulnerable souls are at stake and where there seems to be a growing atmosphere of intolerance toward those who try to defend the Catholic Truth.

Joan of Arc, John Everett Millais (1829–1896)
Joan of Arc, John Everett Millais (1829–1896)

In this context, it was surprisingly providential for our little family when I was sent an announcement from Ignatius Press concerning a new DVD about Saint Joan of Arc that had just been released. In the middle of my recent series of articles about Amoris Laetitia, I decided to request a review copy of this film. On the evening after my open call for the pope to rescind Amoris Laetitia was published, I watched the entire well-made film late into the night. It turned out to be the right decision, since St. Joan of Arc is, in so many ways, the saint for our days!

When Saint Joan of Arc heard the call from God to unite France and to crown the true French king, the country was in a desperate situation. As it was depicted in the movie, “France was without hope.” The ongoing war and occupation sustained by the English for a long time had exhausted the French, and the lack of security and food took away most of the rest of their energies. Do we not feel sometimes like this today, though in a more spiritual than material sense?

The film beautifully depicts how Saint Joan of Arc rouses the spirit of the people. She instills in them the fire of resistance to a protracted evil and, with this newly heightened spirit, they even start winning some battles. The saint does not only gather the people to build up a strong resistance, she is also strategic; she applies the principle of “seizing, retaining, and exploiting” the initiative and not only to be reactive to the prior initiatives of the enemy. At the same time, she is also merciful with her opponent. If possible, she would rather spare the lives of the English, even though they had been deeply cruel to her people.

In addition to this spirit of trying to do the seemingly impossible and of not giving up, but, rather, trusting in God, Saint Joan also possesses a profound acceptance of God’s will. After she successfully helps Charles VII to be crowned, she receives the message from God through Saint Catherine that she will now undergo a deep suffering, that she will be betrayed by this very same king, and that she has to undergo this, too, for him and for her country. “And in the end,” she hears, “all will be well.” Little did she know that this meant that she would finally be burnt at the stake. But Joan of Arc gives herself fully into God’s providence, trusting and at the same time fighting when necessary. The movie depicts her as a strong woman who contradicts others where the truth is being opposed, and who does not put a specious authority above truth. Yet, at the same time, Joan also fears and suffers. Only at the last moment of her mortal life, surrounded by flames, a dove is portrayed as coming down from heaven – and she then understands that the words “and all will be well in the end” in fact were meant not as an assurance of her corporal liberation from the English and from her episcopal accuser of heresy, but, rather, her martyrdom.

One last and inspiring part of the movie needs to be mentioned. When our eight-year-old daughter wrote today a little review of this movie, she named as one of the three most beautiful parts of it “that Jean de Metz (a soldier who accompanies Joan of Arc in her battles and, in the end, stands there in front of her bound at the stake, holding up to her a crucifix) was so loyal to her.” During lunch, she and her brother discussed how Jean’s name is John in English, and how St. John the Evangelist was also so loyally standing next to the Cross of Our Lord. And they were not to forget the loyal St. John the Baptist, either.

I can only request that all those who read this consider purchasing this DVD, so that they, too, may be inspired by this portrayal of Saint Joan of Arc. She is our saint. She will help us continue this combat against the siege and occupation of Rome and against this seeming occupation of the Seat of Peter itself by a man who now even seems to contradict God’s Laws. Saint Joan will give us the spirit to try the impossible, to be forceful and strong when God’s truth is undermined, and, yet, to keep true charity. She will give us the strength to fight when all seems to be against us, when the Powers That Be seem to have all that they need to accomplish their maneuvers. She will teach us that he will finally win who is with God, and not against Him. She will teach us that the saints are with us, and, most of all, the Heavenly Mother.

As Sister Lucia said not long ago to Cardinal Carlo Caffarra: “the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family.” We have been given enough to know what needs to be done. Let us do it!

Let us also remember that Saint Joan of Arc, in light of supernatural Grace, won in the end. France was finally united. So will it be so that, one day, with the help of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Catholic Church will be more fully loyal again – and radiant with love for Christ.

42 thoughts on “Müller, Küng, Marx, and St. Joan of Arc”

  1. We have to continuously pray for Cardinal MULLER. I am certain that the lightning that stuck the dome of St. Peter’s when Benedict announced his resignation was a clear sign from heaven. What Francis is doing is going to explode beyond proportions and will destroy the Church. Since when did the defender of the orthodox faith, the Prefect of the CDF, become an “enemy of the pope”? We pray for Cardinal Muller.

  2. There are a few wonderful homilies on St. Joan at Check out October 18,2015 and March 14, 2016.

  3. Does anyone else find it interesting that just about every nation that has given into modernism is being struck with the plague of Islam through political liberalism?

    Protestantism delivered Europe over to secularism, and secularism is delivering Europe over to Islam.

    Europe will either be Islamic or Catholic.

    • I’ve written about this elsewhere on the site (on my phone and don’t have it handy). Belloc’s maxim has been appropriated: Islam is Europe, and Europe is Islam.

      • Ahh, I haven’t seen that. I’ll search for it.

        The remnant of civilization is being pigeonholed between virulent, red-flag-waving liberalism and Islam. It will be an interesting future.

    • A case can be made that the ultimate strategy of liberalism and Islam is totalitarian control effected quite often through the tactic of murder. Because liberalism cannot force an increase in supply it must control demand through abortion, euthanasia, etc. Islam often resorts to the tactic of convert or die.

      Pope Francis should be calling out both liberalism and Islam as creations of the evil one.

    • I agree the secularists figured it would be a battle between Christianity and Secularism. But they didn’t figure on Islam. I think it would be harder for them to subvert Islam from the inside since they probably won’t be trusted as outsiders (Pope Francis would not have gotten this far if he was a convert) and internal subversion takes years. Any external attack on any organization only strengthens it. A battle between Islam and moderated hedonistic secularism will probably be won by Islam. And then it is a choice between Catholicism and Islam.

    • Hi Brother Andre. This has nothing to do with the subject but I wanted to ask you a question and didn’t know how to reach you. You were being interviewed by Christine Niles and did a prayer in Latin and you’ve mentioned that you don’t go to any mass but the TLM, do you think the other mass is not valid and praying in English is wrong? I don’t have the opportunity to go to a Latin mass every day, none around and only know of one on Sunday that is an hour away. I came back to my faith 8 years ago and only have been to a few Latin masses. I feel like when I have a reverent priest it is more meaningful, but I know the Latin seems more holy. But I don’t have the choice and I want to be sure that with all the faults of that mass I am still receiving my Lord. I also bought the book you recommended to that Sedevacanists, true or false pope and I am trying to find and interview you posted with Christine Niles that I saw but can’t find it with Charles Coulombe on his book the Vicar of Christ. I downloaded his book on my phone. Thank you

      God help us!

      • Praying in English is fine. There are lots of ways to pray. But here we are talking about the Church’s sacred liturgy. The traditional Roman rite has been offered in Latin for much more than a millennium, and it should remain that way. There is no claim on my part that the vernacular liturgy is invalid, no, only undesirable for a number of reasons. Unless the celebrant is seriously tampering with the form (the words) or the matter (bead from wheat and wine from grapes), the New Mass is valid.

        Is this the interview you are looking for?

        • Yes. Thank you so much. I know you are faithful. I just need reassurance. And unfortunately CM doesn’t get the Pope criticism thing. I was getting frustrated on a number of things with those moderators. But it seems that Video below they allowed him to express his opnion. I am assuming that is her doing the interview for CM? They just posted an explanation again of the Popes exhortation. I appreciate your comments after the exhortation and Bishop Snieders who they loved. I found another very good informational site, OnePeterFive. He is faithful also and you don’t get deleted for expressing your frustration over the Popes behavior as I am always respectful, but if someone is going to put an article on about the Pope they have to expect people to comment and question what is he doing. It is not a sin not to like the Pope, but we must pray for him.
          I said I bought this book you recommended and they said that many past Popes including Francis and Vatican 11 have not exercised their infalliblity, but are teaching in non dogmatic and pastoral language. So we wonder why we have such confusion. Bottom line nobody has changed the teachings, and they can’t , but has surely given bad impressions if even the bishops are arguing what he means. He is not clear and has made some disturbing comments. Anyway, I always want to make sure I am not sinning and doing the right thing by God and I am learning a lot about Popes and Vatican 11. God bless and thanks again for responding so quickly.

          God help us!

  4. Joan of America! Dear Reader, There exist volumes of texts written describing the life of Joan of Arc. As a consequence of her mission, Dear Reader, this story “could” be an appendix to those books and a further summation of the consequences of her earthly pilgrimage.

    The Treaty of Paris was signed on September 3, 1783. The first sentence of this historic document begins, “In the name of the most Holy and Undivided Trinity.” This unparalleled document signified, in writing, the end to the eminent American Revolution. What a momentous occasion – independence – in thoughts, in words, and at last, in deeds! The three men who represented America, at the signing of this treaty, insisted to the European representatives that this document begin with that proclamation!

    Anyway, Dear Reader, some twenty years before, when the French navy was nearly decimated by the British in the Seven Years War (1756-1763), all hope of an American victory could have been lost! However and providentially, that British victory in the Seven Years War with France eventually led to the loss of the British’s sovereignty over the American colonies. Somehow and in some way, in the ensuing years, the combination of the reemergence of the French navy and the guided-determination of the American army, General George Washington was able to corner General Charles Cornwallis and his British divisions at Yorktown, Virginia in the fall of 1781 at a most precise moment.

    That mysterious convergence of soldier and sailor provided a new reckoning among the countries of our planet. Without that super-timely meeting of those two military forces, America may have been left in the dust! Nevertheless, because of that single moment in time, the Treaty of Paris became the hallmark of a gargantuan noble cause. The world was now witness to an accord, extraordinaire; one never seen before or since!

    From 1763 thru the early part of the 1780’s, the British were overconfident and certain that their navy was second to none on the planet. In the years following the Seven Years war, the British fortunately neglected their great navy. Meanwhile, France went to work. A renewed sense of urgency aroused the French, and a strong navy soon emerged. Twenty years after Quiberon Bay, the final naval battle of the Seven Year War, the French navy surpassed that of the British. Even though this budding superiority lasted but for one specific moment in time, it provided for an outcome that had far reaching effects throughout the ensuing course of history.

    About three centuries before that Treaty of Paris, the indefatigable fidelity of Joan of Arc to her heavenly messengers facilitated the ascension of the cowardly dauphin to the throne of France. The Dauphin was crowned Charles VII, king of France, in 1422. All of what we now call France soon united under his banner. The country of France was now capable of becoming a participant on the world stage. In the years covering most of the 15th thru the 18th centuries, France seated thirteen kings. It steadily constructed a viable navy. Naval competency was critical for most European countries in order to become a viable contributor on the world stage. France could now participate in trade, commerce, security, and expansion with the best of them. In retrospect, this French navy would be instrumental for the birth of the United States of America (USA).

    Dear Reader, What long-term plan would there be for the Supernatural Realm in calling a humble teenaged girl to be transformed into a warrior? Was it only to unify a country divided by awful memories of The Hundred Year War (1337-1453), the Black Plaque, English domination, and rampant pillaging and plundering from its own fellow citizens? Was Joan put on trial, sentenced, convicted, and martyred by the hands of a misguided few for France alone? What further purpose could there be in uniting all of France under a frightful king? Could it be that we may consider Saint Joan as Joan of America? Her love for Mary, Dear Reader, was untiring!

    On September 5, 1781, out in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, along the eastern seaboard of the American colonies, the long awaited French fleet led by Admiral de Grasse arrived. He challenged, and then dominated the British armada. This now meant that General Cornwallis was unable to escape by sea. The Continental forces under General George Washington prevented General Cornwallis neither advantage nor escape by land. The Redcoats were finally trapped. General Cornwallis sent word of surrender to General Washington. The following day, the surrender papers were signed on the battlefield, October 20, 1781. On the British throne, King George III sat dumbfounded.

    Joan was burned at the stake on May 30, 1431. Did her accomplishments affect the surrender of General Cornwallis to General Washington at the Battle of Yorktown, three hundred fifty years later? Could this have been the ultimate purpose for her pilgrimage on Earth? Was it Divine Providence that her meritorious acts somehow saved the American Revolution? Three times the Queen of Angels sent St. Michael, the Archangel, to Joan!

    At the royal French court of King Louis XVI, the three American signers of the Treaty of Paris, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay, proved themselves wise. Their diplomatic skill proved far more profitable than their British counterparts did. They argued intensely to gain invaluable terms of national interest. This masterpiece would later guarantee a prosperous future for the USA. Again, Dear Reader, the Treaty of Paris begins, “In the name of the most Holy and Undivided Trinity!” Was the earthly mission of Joan now consummated?

    Just five years after that treaty, Admiral François de Grasse died a downtrodden and defeated man on January 14, 1788 in Paris, France. Louis XVI was beheaded on January 21, 1793 in Paris. Shamefully the French monarchy was abolished. General Cornwallis died October 5, 1805 while exiled in another British colony – India. George III died after having become deaf, blind, and mad in his Windsor Castle on January 29, 1820.

    George Washington, it should be historically noted, was the first conqueror ever to freely relinquish his power to another; this he did as the Commander-in-Chief of the USA. That profound act was the vanguard for a free and democratic republic. It occurred on March 4, 1797, the first day in the Presidency of John Adams. Two years and nine months later, on December 14, 1799, the father of our country bled to death at the hands of his practicing physicians.

    Consequently, in the two centuries since the signing of the Treaty of Paris and some five hundred years since Joan, the USA has freed millions of people around the world and within its own borders. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Patroness of America! The benevolence of the USA has alleviated more suffering on our planet by gifts of food, clothing, and treasure than the conglomeration of all other secular countries that now exist and had ever existed!

    Furthermore, in the 20th century alone, the USA liberated France twice from two harrowing and vicious world wars. In the first one, Joan was depicted on many USA army-recruiting posters. In the second one, World War II, France was liberated from the clutches of the most diabolical dictator our planet has ever known!

    Dearest St. Joan, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and The Sacred Heart of Jesus, if I am not in a State of Grace, then please help me get there, and if I am in a State of Grace, then please help me stay there!

    Thank you, St. Joan!


    PS: Sister Lucia of Fatima speaks on the Most Holy Rosary:
    “The Most Holy Virgin, in these last times in which we live, has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Rosary to such an extent that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all, spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our family, of the families of the world, or of the religious communities, or even the life of peoples and nations that cannot be solved by the Rosary. There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary.”

    My dear friends in Jesus & Mary, with the Rosary, we will save ourselves, we will sanctify ourselves, we will console our Lord, Jesus, and we will be instruments in obtaining the salvation of many souls.

    • Thank you for Sister Lucia’s message about the Rosary.

      Thank you also for the history you provided, although I don’t share your interpretation of it. The United States is just a country — one that has been anti-Catholic since its beginning, one whose founders included Freemasons, and one that has, with the approval of law, murdered some 56 million innocent, defenseless babies since 1973.

      • You are so welcome, H!
        And yes, as foretold by Our Lady of Fatima, the evils of Russia will spread throughout the world. Since, 1917, Russia has spread abortion and other evils, taken away unalienable rights from honest to good ness people in their own country. Under Russia rule, these rights were and are done at the point of a gun in most cases same as with China and many other places around our globe. Today, we in America are so blinded that we give these rights away with a smile, so to speak, thinking we are doing good.


        During the United States of America (USA) Revolutionary War (1775-1781), this General George Washington was often observed on his knees in prayer, especially in the early mornings. George made the Sign of the Cross at meals; he learned this salutation to The Blessed Trinity from his Catholic lieutenants, Stephen Moylan and John Fitzgerald. Several times as President, George secretly slipped into a Catholic church to participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

        As I stated in my previous reply, the Gallant George Washington, it should be historically noted, was the first conqueror ever to freely relinquish his power to another; this he did as the Commander-in-Chief of the USA. That profound act was the vanguard for a free and democratic republic. It occurred on March 4, 1797, the first day in the Presidency of John Adams. Two years and nine months later, on December 14, 1799, the father of our USA bled to death at the hands of his practicing physicians.

        On that day, Father Leonard Neale, S.J., arrived at Mount Vernon from St. Mary’s Mission across the Piscatawney River to be present in the last few hours of George’s life on Earth. Along with the Holy Crucifix, an Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary and an Image of St. John the Apostle were among the artifacts that could be observed on Mount Vernon at the scene of George Washington deathbed.

        George Washington had been a somewhat practicing Episcopalian and participated in a variety of protestant religious services throughout his lifetime, but on the night of December 14, 1799, George Washington converted on his deathbed; George confessed his Faith in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Catholic Church to Father Leonard.

        As evidence of this fact, in 1870, the Washington Hall was named for George Washington at the Notre Dame University, which was established in 1842. Dedicating the university building, “Washington Hall,” in honor of George Washington was accomplished not only because he was a most honorable and victorious general of the American Revolutionary War, the father of our country, and the first President of the USA, but plus, he is Catholic! Only a “Catholic” individual could have a building named in his or her honor on a Catholic campus.

        In the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge, alone in prayer, it is recorded that George had a visit from an Angel. The Angel showed George the three great perils that will come upon USA: the Civil War, WWII, and a Third War. The most fearful is the third war. The Angel showed how in this most horrific conflict that even with the most of the world united against her, its enemies would not prevail against America! However, the Angel warned that every child of America must first learn to live for God. With these words, the vision of the Angel vanished, and George arose from his seat and felt that he had seen a vision wherein he had been shown the destiny of the United States of America.

        In all respect, on January 6, 1893, Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903) praised George Washington, “For the Church amongst you, unopposed by the Constitution and the government of your nation, fettered by no hostile legislation, protected against violence by the common laws and the impartiality of the tribunals, is free to live and act without hindrance.”

        In a letter to Charles and John Carroll, on March 15, 1790, who were also colleagues of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington wrote, “ . . . And I presume that your fellow-citizens will not forget the patriotic part which you took in the accomplishment of their Revolution, and the establishment of their government; or the important assistance which they received from a nation in which the Roman Catholic Faith is professed.” In 1784, John Carroll became the first Bishop, and later the first Archbishop, of the United States of America.

        O St. Joan in Heaven, help us!

        • Wow! I did not know all that. Thank you for taking the time to share it.

          I do think that we have to be careful not to let our love for our country turn into an idol, though. God comes first, and His Church. We must measure everything by God’s standard, and I just keep coming back to the 56 million+ babies murdered with the approval of our government. I think we are accursed until we repent of that as a nation.

          • For sure! That despicable crime is so so evil. We hear alot of so-called flag-waving prolife politicians spout on about this and that. But, this horrific evil continues day in and day out. All of the despots of our modern era, for instance, hitler, stalin, and mao etc, promoted the doctrine to eliminate unborn children, who did and do not meet their criteria for personhood; now, many, many Americans continue to promote and give assent to this doctrine of death & cowardice, as if it were good and just. O my! Woe betides them!
            Blessed Jacinta & Blessed Franceso of Fatima, help us!!!!
            JAMLY, H!




    Saint Joan,

    Saint Tim,

    Queen Mary

    Of Scotts


    The true Mass

    So knew

    Their true lots.

    They could

    Have said

    “Oh no

    I shant!”

    But they

    Were Saints

    No persons


    Not ones

    To lord

    Their innate


    While being

    Prepared like


    On wood.

    Or having

    Their eye-lids


    And nipped

    Even though were


    With kings

    They sipped.

    No, no


    With joy

    No fuss…

    “For you, et

    Pro multis.”

    Now daily

    For us!

  6. Really splendid and informative article. Only one quibble: St. Joan of Arc’s name in French is not “Jean” (the masculine form of the name), but “Jeanne,” the feminine form. Nevertheless, whether “Jean” or “Jeanne,” the name is still related to “John” in English, so the connection to St. John still holds.

    • The Jean we referred to with reference to John was not Jeanne d’Arc, but Jean de Metz who so loyally supported St. Joan of Arc – just as St. John was so loyal to Our Lord.
      Thank you for your kind comment!

      • On the ‘coincidence’ of names, isn’t it interesting that St. Francis, we are told, was named by his father after the country? So now we have a Holy Father whose name signifies (among other things) that nation which emblems forth in many ways through her history, the sufferings of our Holy Church.

  7. St. Joan of Arc is my parish’s patron saint, thank you very much. This painting of her in armor is on the front page of our bulletin.

    St. Joan, ora pro nobis!

  8. An interesting caveat to the story of St. Joan of Arc is the case of her friend and member of her special guard, Gilles de Rais. Once she was martyred, the noble despaired and lost all faith in God and the Church.

    The clergymen that used to fill his court were replaced by sorcerers and alchemists in a futile quest to change lead into gold. He was persuaded by the magi to enter into a pact with Satan, who demanded child sacrifices, in order to successfully transmute lead into gold.

    Of course, he never achieved the sort of alchemy that the occultists promised. Instead, he developed a taste for ritual sacrifice, sensual things, and an affinity toward arcane religion. His Satanism would lead him to the abduction, torture, and murder of more than 140 children. Outwardly, many believed him to be a good Christian; having celebrated mass with no extravagance spared. Yet, secretly he practiced the most abominable rites of Satanism, attracting many nobles and occultists across Europe bound by blood oaths.

    The lesson I take from of his story is not to despair of God and the Church, and most especially at the fault of unfaithful clergymen.

  9. Does anyone know how accurate is Mark Twain’s account of St. Joan of Arc? I read it a while ago and wonder about that.


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