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Letter to Tosatti: “I Fear We Are in the End Times”

Dear friends, enemies, and any other readers, this morning I thought I was going to have a day off. Then a message arrived from “Big Shot”, which, I must confess, truly took my breath away, because of its tone and because I know that “Big Shot ” has seen it all and is not someone who is easy to impress. Read a little…

Dear Tosatti,

What I am going to write you this time is not made up to make you laugh. Not only am I speechless — because by now nothing in this pontificate surprises me — but this time I am frightened. The acceleration of these last few days is surprising, as if it [the pontificate] was facing a deadline and did not want to lose time with the niceties of being diplomatic. After a long time of saying things that are of ambiguous interpretation, we have now passed to declarations which need no interpretation because they are declarations of war against the Catholic faith, against Jesus Christ, against the Immaculate Virgin. First, the declarations of esteem for Martin Luther (most recently that of Archbishop Bruno Forte on October 30), then the declarations by a theologian favored by the Pope (Andrea Grillo) who explains (without any correction by the Holy See) that “transubstantiation is not a dogma,” then the surprising and disturbing public correction of Cardinal Sarah made by the Pope, and finally the conference on the rapprochement between the Church and Freemasonry (November 12 in Syracuse [Sicily – Ed.] with grand masters, a prelate, and the Bishop of Noto, whose logo depicted a disturbed Christ holding a compass, the symbol of Freemasonry.

The poster for the upcoming conference of “rapproachement” between the Church & Freemasonry in Sicily. The title reads, “The Church and Freemasonry: So Close and Yet So Far”

Certainly after the opinions expressed by Cardinal [Gianfranco] Ravasi [President of the Pontifical Council for Culture] about the need for a rapprochement with our “Masonic brothers” we shouldn’t be surprised, but Ravasi is Ravasi, when he is not speaking Aramaic and Ancient Greek, and it’s always possible that he said something without understanding what he really meant….

But I am now frightened above all by the rapid sequence of events, as if we were drawing close to a deadline (That of the vision of Leo XIII? Of the prophecies of La Salette? Of Saint Brigid? Of Our Lady of Akita? Of St. Vincent Ferrer?)

What then should we expect will be the next move? Should we imagine that the next “rapprochement” will be with the tempting serpent of the book of Genesis to whom we ought to issue an apology, “justifying” his “good intentions” of bringing knowledge to Adam and Eve? Should we consequently reprove St. Michael the Archangel for having kicked him out of Paradise? Should we perhaps ask Mary Most Holy to apologize for having struck his head? Or even ask Jesus Himself to make an apology, for not having been open during the temptation in the desert to having a multicultural and pluralistic dialogue with Satan which would have been advantageous to them both?

Dear Tosatti, you won’t believe it, but I am beginning to really be afraid. I have begun to pray once again the prayer of exorcism to St. Michael the Archangel written by Pope Leo XIII (recited at the end of Holy Mass until 1964 when it was unexplainably “deleted”). I ask myself if I will have the strength to take action without any assistance from my Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, sensing rather that it sets itself daily more and more against the Gospels and the Truth that it taught me. The Cardinals and Bishops who still believe in the Truth of Christ had better do something quickly! I fear we are in the End Times, dear Tosatti. I am a “Big Shot” but terrified…

Editor’s note: The above letter was originally published at Stilum Curae, the blog of Vatican-watcher Marco Tosatti, on October 29, 2017, and has been translated here for our readers with permission. It is the first we have heard of “the conference on the rapprochement between the Church and Freemasonry” coming up in November. Though we have reported to you in the past on “the opinions expressed by Cardinal [Gianfranco] Ravasi [President of the Pontifical Council for Culture] about the need for a rapprochement with our ‘Masonic brothers'”, we can appreciate the letter writer’s sarcasm when he says, “Ravasi is Ravasi, when he is not speaking Aramaic and Ancient Greek, and it’s always possible that he said something without understanding what he really meant….”

In the context of the news of this upcoming “conference of rapprochement”, it seems opportune here to recall the relevant condemnation of Fremasonry made by Leo XIII in his encyclical letter Humanum Genus, published on April 20, 1884:

2.)… At this period, however, the partisans of evil seems to be combining together, and to be struggling with united vehemence, led on or assisted by that strongly organized and widespread association called the Freemasons. No longer making any secret of their purposes, they are now boldly rising up against God Himself. They are planning the destruction of holy Church publicly and openly, and this with the set purpose of utterly despoiling the nations of Christendom, if it were possible, of the blessings obtained for us through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Lamenting these evils, We are constrained by the charity which urges Our heart to cry out often to God: “For lo, Thy enemies have made a noise; and they that hate Thee have lifted up the head. They have taken a malicious counsel against Thy people, and they have consulted against Thy saints. They have said, ‘come, and let us destroy them, so that they be not a nation.'(2)

3.) At so urgent a crisis, when so fierce and sopressing an onslaught is made upon the Christian name, it is Our office to point out the danger, to mark who are the adversaries, and to the best of Our power to make head against their plans and devices, that those may not perish whose salvation is committed to Us, and that the kingdom of Jesus Christ entrusted to Our charge may not stand and remain whole, but may be enlarged by an ever-increasing growth throughout the world.

311 thoughts on “Letter to Tosatti: “I Fear We Are in the End Times””

    • Update for you cs. After Confirmation at our local parish this last Sunday, close friends and family (and others) were invited to an after function. I was amazed (as is becoming the usual) how many children present sat down and engaged me once again in what I call a discussion about basic Catholic theology. So I decided impromptu to go further and give them just part of my first prepared lesson in my catechises, entitled – The Attributes of God and The Origin of Being.

      They understood everything I presented – their questions proved it! Now some of the parents who were there (those I hadn’t met before) were very much taken with the lesson and I was asked ‘What do you do and which university did you go to’. I replied: The University of Down on The Farm with #8 Wire, Engines and Our Mother Mary. The kids understood exactly what I meant – but for some reason they couldn’t – you should have seen their bulging eyes full of dozens of questions which they daren’t ask in front the children….:) More to come (Mother Mary is on the move and The Holy Spirit was at work all round that day – no doubt about it).

      • Dear Griffon, We need someone like you in our parish. Here in France children really have no idea and trying to find someone to interact with the young kids is a battle.

      • This is such welcoming news GriffonSpitifire. Thank you for sharing and may God be with you all.

        Let us pray to respond to Her call through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    • Grillo is a “punk”. He is no match for Our Lady and the Holy Spirit.

      So Francis wants to provoke, does he? The bully wants a fight……does he? He shall get One.
      He shall see the mighty hand of Christ’s Church fall upon him and all his minions………

  1. Well, I said to myself (and to friends) that something was going to happen in 2017 due to it being the Centenary of Our Lady of Fatima. Well, I didn’t think that “that something” was multiple BIG somethings! The Vatican has been in supermegauberhyper-overdrive this year. Vatican II on steroid, steroid and bit more steroid! Masonic rapprochement? Why not just have an ecumenical service with Satanists? I mean, surely we misunderstood Satan’s intentions, right?!

      • As a Malachi Martin super supporter, it does appear that Satan is being rehabilitated into acceptance in an ecumenical society. Francis has already said that Judas was misunderstood and repentant. The same could be said of Lucifer except for his sin of pride and refusal to accept the Son of Man as an equal.

        • I started reading WSH a few years ago and that particular part made me put the book down. Grotesque it was, evil beyond compare, it makes me want to run from the RCC when coupled with the other current real life evil manifestations we now know. I hope we are in the endtimes and Jesus has his foot raised to cross the threshold to redeem this fallen wicked world.

          • Exactly! While there is so much about the RCC that infuriates me to the point of believing that staying is a sin, there is NO faith on this Earth that compares to the catholic faith. Therefore I am in a sort of limbo. Sometimes the desert is the only place.

  2. Gates of hell will not prevail, but they are here indeed! Consider yourself privileged and chosen, for we have been made for this moment before creation. Out of all times in history God choose to bring us here and now and how many saints would have liked to have been here physically.

    The sound of trumpets are not too far gone. If we are to be martyred, so be it. The only thing that matters is to look at Christ and hear the words; “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

    We can do this brethren, we are in this together! God help us and Virgin protect us!

        • Grrrrrrrr,,,, but I’m Leo D. Lion, I’m ready to fight for the Lord.
          Protect the children, the innocent, fight for the Truth.
          Kneel you say. But I can’t evil advances.
          Jesus I Trust in You.

        • I am actually quite serious here. By “on your knees” I mean that when we are in total supplication to our Lord, beseeching His Divine Will for our part in this debacle, He will lead us. Often, our part will not be to heroically throw ourselves into the Lion’s Den, but to pray as we have never prayed before. For many, that’s all we can do at the moment.

          God can and will use our prayers — just look at Lepanto.

          • I wonder why praying on ones knees is so difficult for NO Catholics and protestants? Even as an Anglican I kneeled in prayer and at the communion rail, a tradition that the Anglican Church has kept. As a traditional catholic it disturbs me in the NO churches when we stand to pray. Although eastern rite Catholics. Orthodox and Jews stand to pray.

          • EjB, please don’t bring this down to the old NO vs Latin discourse. I was trying to reply to Leo D., who seemed to earnestly be asking what he should do. I know many people who are like Leo — frozen in indecision.

            This has NOTHING to do with which Mass you prefer. It has to do with the condition of your heart. Now is the time for everyone to learn how to be silent with the Lord — learn how to LOVE Him with every fiber of their being so as to become attentive to His every nudge and whisper.

            I highly recommend Cardinal Sarah’s new book, “The Power of Silence” to understand better the importance of learning to hear God through silent reflection. As he so eloquently says, silence is not the same thing as quiet. We need to learn how to distinguish the two and seek to pursue silence even when we are surrounded by a cacophony of noise.

            You can be “on your knees” with the Lord while sitting on your couch or sitting in traffic. It is a heart position, not necessarily a physical position.

            When we learn to HEAR the Lord, we will know what He desires of us. We will know when to move forward or stand still. When to turn left or right — or when to back up. In this time of confusion and clanging gongs, it is more important than ever that we learn how to “be on our knees” before the Lord, no matter where we physically are.

          • Margaret, the Lord wants your heart; that’s it in a nutshell. You can seek Him in the silence of your heart and He will respond. Your physical position matters not one whit; it’s the heart position that He cares about.

          • ANy of us if near to one can pray with any of the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches & they stand, but because they have so much OTHER Tradition around you don’t feel less reverence…. BUt Christ understands those who are infirm and have to sit: just hold a cane in your hands so others will know why…that’s what I do… Bless you all, warrior saints!

          • I’m Ukrainian Greek Catholic. In my parish, we don’t kneel from Pascha (Easter) to Pentecost inclusive. (And after 40+ days of kneeling and doing prostrations, you have to stand for 50 days!) During the rest of the year, we kneel.

            However, at our cathedral everyone stands for the Divine Liturgy.

          • Im sorry but you are wrong. People who are traditional Catholics know where their hearts are. The Vatican 2 churches have let the rest of you down. This has EVERYTHING to do with NO vs latin.

          • Plenty of Catholics attend or offer or serve Mass according to the revised Missal. And they are no less Catholics, members of the CC, than we are. It’s dangerous and sectarian to identify any group in the CC as the CC – we all need each other, regardless of liturgical Rite, otherwise we are not acting as One Body, but as disconnected body-parts 🙁 Sectarianism seems to be a particularly temptation to fall into, so we need to help one another to avoid it – especially when it is most tempting. We are not atomised units unconnected with one another – we are members of Christ, and, members of one another. And that makes us all responsible for one another.

            I think the OP is correct.

          • First of all I know about the other rites. My father and his family were ukrainian Catholics and I often attend the eastern rite church which is far more traditional than the Vatican 2, I might add. Secondly I never said Vatican 2 Catholics aren’t as catholic as I am as a tlm catholic. I don’t WVER turn my nose up at novus ordo Catholic’s. They are the ones who have often shamed and mocked ME for being traditional because I wear a veil and sing latin grewgorian chant and palestrina in the church choir. Further, Vatican 2 always allowed for the TLM and both pope JP2 and pope Benedict confirmed that. Yet the Vatican 2 crowd, and you as well, try to push the revised rite on those of us who wish to keep tradition. I wonder why it is that you feel the need to do that.

          • But, Granny, It DOES have to do with the NO vs TLM (Traditional Latin Mass).
            You are, I’m sure, familiar with the phrase: “Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi” / As we pray, so we believe, so we live.
            Because the NO prayers at Mass have been so watered down and no longer puts us kneeling, as the creature kneeling before his Creator, we have abandoned humility in prayer.
            It is not that we “prefer”the TLM but it is that the TLM wordings in the Mass shows that we pray as we believe; that God is the Creator and we are (or are supposed to be) His humble, obedient and believing creatures.
            Thanks, GrannyAtlanta, for the comment of kneeling within our hearts (as Margaret said: “was very consoling”) it did me much good, too, to hear that, as I have arthritis and feel guilty about praying and not kneeling.

        • All your posts are well stated…
          And understood.
          Leo D Lion’s recent humble activity in last 5 days:
          *Sacrament of Reconcillition
          *Received Communion
          * Lead the Rosary before last Sundays mass… Glorious Mysteries.

          * Leo D Lion’s main spiritual appetite ” indulgences!”
          * Leo D Lion’s best physical sensory attribute – unique ability to smell a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
          * Leo D Lion’s worst attribute –
          A sinner.

          In conclusion, due to a severe shortage of shepards this Lion will protect the sheep. Until properly relieved…

          Two restaurants are located next to each other…
          A Catholic restaurant
          A Protestant restsurant..
          What’s the difference????
          – Look into the Protestant restaurant and they are all sitting at the table reading the menu.
          – look into the Catholic restaurant and they are all sitting at the table eating Supper.

          God Bless You

          Oh BLOOD and WATER which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us I TRUST in YOU.

          • Hi Leo. I know you are being funny in your post, but I am as serious as a heart attack. 🙂 (Mainly because I know many people are confused and truly searching for answers.)

            None of us have ever seen what is currently happening in our beloved Church. The chaos is apparently unprecedented and we are all looking for answers. As you say, there is a shortage of true shepherds and we may even end up having no access to a true shepherd at some point in the not-too-distant future. What will we do then?

            If we don’t KNOW God and KNOW His voice, we will be led astray. NOW is the time to hunker down and discipline ourselves, learning to be still and LISTEN for His voice. He is training us now, IF we let Him.

            But, that takes physical time, spent in silence, learning how He speaks. He has a “love language” which He will adapt to each and every one of us. (I only half-jokingly remind Him that I only hear 2×4’s — I have a tough time when He whispers!) We have a “love language” that has been cultivated over the course of 25 years, beginning when I first face-planted on the ground and truly asked for His guidance.

            Back then I was going through a difficult trial and I committed to seeking Him daily. As a personal challenge, I decided to stretch myself and go to daily Mass during Lent. As a single mom raising 3 kids, it was tough, but I accomplished it. At the time, I couldn’t wait until Lent was over so I could stop going. Then, after I stopped, I realized how much Peace it had given me in my daily life and I actually missed it. Since that time I’ve tried to keep up the practice.

            I have been a committed Adorer at a local Perpetual Adoration chapel every Sunday at midnight for going on 22 years now.

            Over the years there’s been an ebb and flow to my devotional routine, but each one has been at the leading of my precious Lord. He always challenges me and I never regret the time I spend with Him, even though my sinful nature still looks for excuses at times.

            About a year ago I felt convicted that I wasn’t spending enough “alone” time with Him each day. Oh, I had the rosary and daily Mass and such, but He wanted more. He wanted ME. Undivided attention. Just me. My daughter and two grandkids lived with me, so after repeated nudging me for UNDIVIDED attention, I cleared out half of my walk-in closet and set up a simple “prayer closet.” The family quickly learned that if Grandma was in her closet, they were NOT to enter my room.

            It worked. God got my attention and this last year has been the most glorious time of deep, loving communication between me and my Lord. He has challenged me, surprised me, caressed me, and guided me. I now am eager to be in silent dialogue with him as often as I can. I don’t even put the radio on in the car any more. Traffic jams just give me more time with my Lord!

            He has trained me to hear His voice, no matter what the surrounding noise is. I can hear His whisper in a crowd and know within an instant what He is calling me to do.

            I’m no different than anyone else here on this board. I’m a sinner in need of Grace. I am so, so far from perfect, but I strive to be more holy today than I was last week.

            God has a mission for every one of us. Times are going to get a LOT worse before they get better and we MUST learn to hear God or we will be deceived.

            God has a mission for you, Leo. I promise! It may not be to step in as a Shepherd. But, if it is, then you need to hunker down and learn to hear Him in the whisper so that you can lead with a roar!

          • Yes Granny, I recently completed one of His Missions for 30 + years, literally 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, and after 9/11/2001 total commitment for a long time.

            I’d publicly disclose my professional credentials to you but it wouldn’t be appropriate on this media platform.

            I know why God has me here.

            When I was young and beginning this journey it was imperative to condition my being and learn to be unbiased, suppress prejudices, become non-descriminate and be truthful and ethical in all endeavors.

            In the beginning it was challenging but eventually I realized God was doing the work and I was getting paid.

            But I’m getting older and needed to hand over the baton to my younger protege.

            Ok enough of that.

            You mentioned about the “chaos is unprecedented”
            Well ,,,we all know who the purveyor of chaos and division is..

            Anyway after reading your posts I know that you know where all this is going…. and that a lot of parishioners don’t have a clue and it will be difficult for them to discern.

            A lot who posted here including you,,,, have identified and are using the “weapon of choice ” THE ROSARY..
            and Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph.

          • LOL, you picked a bad day to ask that question! On Thursdays I fast for our priests and The Church. Toast and water……oh, and coffee, of course!! As much as I HATE to fast, this has actually been a beautiful experience for me. Go figure!!

          • Thanks for the laugh! (I’m starving and you really would LOVE my spaghetti. I was married to an Italian and learning how to make good spaghetti sauce was a prerequisite to me marrying him.)

          • A marriage contract does contain unusual stipulations.
            Oh my,,,,oh no!!!!!!!!! A LOVEABLE spaghetti so tired of Prego.
            Now I’m hungry!!!!!
            You’re starving!!!!
            I have a headache!!!!!!!
            New score:
            Granny A. 1. Leo.D. 2

            Somehow you still won…

            Its obvious you are an expert in marriage contract….

          • How beautiful! If I had the ability to figure out how to upload pictures, I’d share a few of the favorites I have in my home by local artists. One is a painting of Mary Magdelene weeping at Jesus’ feet, wiping them with her hair. Another is a beautiful black and white drawing of St. Teresa of Calcutta’s face. Both are in prominent places where I can see them and ruminate on them often.

          • Here’s how I did it, and it was easy, I just discovered it this morning, how to upload a picture or document,,,

            When you post or reply, notice a small pic icon, to the left of the banner “post as Granny Atlanta.

            Click on, or tap the pic icon and Bada Bing Bada Boom, it takes you to your pics etc.

          • Thank you, Margaret. Typically, I scoot down to the Cathedral for Mass on Thursdays so that I can pray at the seat of our Archbishop and then go into their Adoration chapel for an hour afterwards. Meditating on the Luminous Mysteries has really brought out a deeper appreciation for the priesthood. I try to spend a good part of the day praying for specific clergy and, sometimes the Lord puts it on my heart to send letters of gratitude to some of them. It really has been a blessing!

          • GrannyAtlanta, I am blessed by your writings! Thank you. I am not as advanced as you are, but I am there and I am in line with you my sister and long for that constant communion too. There is nothing better in this life! God bless you.

          • Bergoglio is Antipope (many facts are known, such as resigning in error & resigning under pressure from a plot. Benedict is Pope! Universi Dominus Gregis anuls the elction of bergoglio and he’s excommunicato latae senteniae! SO I believe.

      • Study the Faith as it was taught before Vatican II, and do penance and prayer. Accept no compromise with anything that came after the 60’s.

        • That is not workable, because it implies that the Church ceased to teach or exist after then. If the Papacy still exists, how can we ignore what the Popes teach, whether it seems right or not ? I wish I knew the answer.

          • The Papacy still exists. The office cannot be dissolved. The recent men who have been elected to the Chair have been heretics who have driven the revolution causing the worst apostasy in history.

            If you cannot submit to them, because you will become another heretic/apostate statistic if you do, then how can they be Popes?

            If they are, then the Papacy is the most useless thing God ever did. But this is unacceptable, so we have to look more closely at the recent individual claimants, and ask if they ever held this most exonerated office, don’t we?

        • When we read the book of Daniel it is said that one of the reasons is pressure so answered it’s because three times a day he was on his knees praying to God. Apparently being on our knees is very humble, and a very nice position that God recognizes a special in praying and receiving the Eucharist… I know I can’t knell, because of the bad knees I have, being I’m in my seventies and all, and of Course God always looks at the Heart I feel most of all. And everything we say, do, and think, may it reflect that we have chosen Christ and that by our words and actions and thoughts we honor him and try to live as he wants us to live according to everything he has taught us in Holy Scripture. Have a blessed day. Patricia

          • CHrist promises in John He has gone to prepare a place for us and is coming to take us to be with Him. John 14. & Rev 3:10 & 2 Thess 4:17 He promises to come and rescue us like a thief in the night to steal his jewels (that’s us!)! Its our Blessed Assurance, a promise from Him to us! John Paul II cried “Be not afraid!” Just repeat that comforting phrase whenever you need. I have found the Blessed Holy SPirit blesses it! “Be not afraid!”

          • Amazing, we are reading each other’s thoughts. Many times today those same words of St. John Paul II swirled in my thoughts

            St.JPII aka the Spark from

    • By the very last sentence I understand that you like myself are a fan of a wolfe wearing a roman collar 🙂
      Cannot wait for more stuff coming from him.
      God help us and Virgin protect us indeed!

    WHO held the Fort
    Till the Calvary came
    Fighting for all
    In His Holy Name?

    WHO fed the sheep
    As the pastures burned dry?
    A few Good Shepherds
    Heeding their cry.

    WHO led the charge
    ‘Gainst heresy’s Huns
    Defending the degreed
    To His lowliest ones?

    WHO battened down
    The hatch of the barque
    To warm cold souls
    From shivering-seas dark?

    “WHO?” mocks Satan
    Delighting in doubt
    Fills you with questions,
    Never lets you find out.

    “Hoc est enum
    Corpus meum…
    and for many…” who kept
    The dead words – Te Deum!

    • ” She answered: Be not against me, to desire that I should leave thee and depart: for whithersoever thou shalt go, I will go: and where thou shalt dwell, I also will dwell. Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.”

      Ruth1: 16

    • The SSPX is in schism. Attending an SSPX Mass does not fulfill your Sunday obligation. Perhaps no one has ever told you that; surely, the Society would never tell you that. So they are lying to you by omission, and putting your eternal soul in jeopardy. And why? PRIDE. Same as Adam and Eve, same as Lucifer. Same as the homosexual parades…

      Just because they wear fancy vestments and have the same haircuts and celebrate their illicit masses in Latin, does not make them holy! In fact, they are cowards for leaving the sheep to fend for themselves while they run off and hide. If they really wanted to be courageous, why not tell the Truth? Why not enter communion with Holy Mother Church? Why not fight from within the Church, like so many of our faithful priests?

      There are plenty of faithful diocesan priests throughout each diocese. They struggle with Pope Francis, too. But they deny themselves, take up their crosses daily and follow after Jesus, fighting the good fight within Church. SSPX priests do not deserve your admiration… they deserve only your pity and prayers for their conversion.

      • Why must you spew such vitriol? Pope Benedict not only lifted the excommunications of the consecrated SSPX bishops, but he said that the SSPX is NOT is schism. What part of NOT IN SCHISM do you not get? The SSPX clergy and bishops have VALID ordinations/consecrations. They offer a valid liturgy. Sorry, but it is currently Rome that must return to the true Faith!

        • In Pope Benedict’s 2009 letter addressing the remission of the excommunications of the four founding bishops of the SSPX, he confirmed that “until the doctrinal questions are clarified, the Society has no canonical status in the Church, and its ministers — even though they have been freed of the ecclesiastical penalty — do not legitimately exercise any ministry in the Church.”

          “The canonical excommunication of the bishops for their illegal ordinations was revoked, but a de facto sacramental excommunication remains for their schism; they put themselves out of communion with the Church. After that we are not closing the door and never will, but we are inviting them to be reconciled. But they too must change their attitude, accept the conditions of the Catholic Church, and the Supreme Pontiff as the definitive criterion for membership.”
          +Gerhard Cardinal Mueller, former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

          “[T]he fact of the matter is that the Priestly Society of St. Pius X is in schism since the late Abp. Marcel Lefebvre ordained four bishops without the mandate of the Roman Pontiff. And so it is not legitimate to attend Mass or to receive the sacraments in a church that’s under the direction of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X…
          They’re no longer excommunicated, but they’re also not in regular communion with the Catholic Church.”
          +Raymond Cardinal Burke

          Validity and liceity are two different things. I suggest you do some more research before you defend those cowardly wolves in their priestly vestments.
          As for spewing vitriol… fantastic Ad Hominum attack by the way; you could probably work for Hillary!… I suppose I will turn to St. Paul for my response:

          “So now have I become your enemy by telling you the Truth?” Galatians 4:16.

          • What are the “doctrinal questions” that need “clarification”?

            The very ones that were invented at Vatican II. Do you say that the Society should give up the Catholic Faith and adopt the errors of this epic failure which calls itself a Council?

            Should they accept the protestantised Novus Ordo Missae, which denies the essential Catholic doctrine of propitiation?

            CardinAl Burke has caved in to all this. So what does it matter what else he says? This was Fr Ratzinger’s baby in the 1960’s. He has been on board with the cause of this great apostasy from the beginning.

            It’s by the outward profession on of the True Faith that we know whether someone is a member of the Church. The SSPX certainly hold the Faith as it was commonly held before the disaster of V2 came ontological the scene. I don’t know about the others.

          • I read this today from “Breaking in the Habit’ blog by a future Franciscan priest of the Holy Name province. I believe he’ll be ordained next year. I’m still wondering what he means by: ” It is with this perspective, this overview of the way that certain things change while other things stay the same—that some things that are old are important while others were just mistakes—that the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council may continue to feel jarring for some, but they appear inauthentic to none.”
            …..Here is History of the Eucharist:
            For many, the liturgical reforms following the Second Vatican Council was a jarring experience. Even for those who favored them, the changes were so great in some places that it was difficult to reconcile what they were presently doing with what they had been doing. The new was a rupture from the past, and that was either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on one’s perspective.
            Even today this perspective prevails. As we’ve become entrenched in our camps, very few have a satisfying perspective for me. Either the Tridentine Mass was the true Mass and the reforms were heretical or the Tridentine Mass was oppressive and the reforms brought us back to true worship. There is no harmony in the story. There is no sense that it was the same Church that promulgated the Tridentine Mass as it was that promulgated Sacrosanctum Concilium (Second Vatican Council liturgical document that offered principles of reform). No, for most people, one is right and the other is wrong.
            I struggle with this perspective.
            Too often with progress we want to forget the steps and people and decisions that came before us and dismiss people of the past as outdated or backward. They didn’t have the same sensibilities that we do. They weren’t as enlightened as us. Um… duh? Isn’t that the point of progress? We would not be where we are without the journey of those who came before us, and they with the people before them, and so on. What’s often lost in the discussion is that sometimes the people in the past, although outdated (by definition…) today, were progressive and pastoral and faithful in their time too. When we look at the Council of Trent in its context we understand that it’s perspective was both necessary and pastoral.
            On the other hand, too often we romanticize the past, look to those who have gone before us as having some undeniable gift that we do not have. Sometimes we look at things that are old and give them tremendous respect and reverence simply because they are old and traditional. But guess what. Even the oldest and most traditional things all started out as new. At some point in every tradition’s life it started as a break from what was traditional before it. It is only over a long period of time when the initial memory is forgotten and new memories are made that something becomes traditional and romanticized and immune to change. As important as the vision for the Church of the Council of Trent was in the 16th century, it would have been seen as ridiculous in the 5th century and wasn’t what the Church needed in the 20th century.
            In the history of the Church, a history that has spanned almost two thousands years, both of these perspectives are always at play. As the living and true faith, we as Christians are constantly growing and adapting. As we change, so does the Church and our approach to the world. And as an institution founded on a memory and an ancient identity, we are always trying to hold on to the past, maintaining and conserving what inspired us from the past.
            It is with that that I present this week’s Catholicism in Focus, “The History of the Eucharist.” In six minutes, using Henri De Lubac, S.J. as a guide, I try to offer a general overview of the ways in which the Catholic Church’s liturgical life as been in a constant state of changing preservation. We are always growing. We are always trying to hold on to the traditions of the past. It is with this perspective, this overview of the way that certain things change while other things stay the same—that some things that are old are important while others were just mistakes—that the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council may continue to feel jarring for some, but they appear inauthentic to none. What happened in the Church following the council was not a betrayal of tradition but the continuation of the complex, ever-growing, ever-changing life of the Church.

          • The Church needed to suppress the essential doctrine of the mass as a sacrifice of propitiation after twenty centuries, and whoever has a problem with this is just hankering for the good old days. Progress is progress. That’s what I took away from this fellow. Did I miss anything?

          • Henri De Lubac‘s name appears in lists of bad company, all radical and aggressive modernists of the 20th Century. That this author proudly says he relies on de Lubac is a very bad sign. Whatever he thinks ought to be ignored.

          • Far too many words to get at the truth. One simple question for you: What’s the percentage of people in the USA calling themselves Catholics who believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist? In France? In Germany? in Italy?

            The liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council are pure heresy and a dagger to the throat of the true Catholic faith.

          • Mike: My math teacher marked my test wrong because I wrote that 2+3=5. But my math teacher is a stupid head, and he doesn’t know anything! And then my principal backed him up, but I don’t have to listen to him because he likes to drink. And then my mom told me that it was wrong, but what does she know, she doesn’t have a degree in Mathematics!”
            You’re argumentation is brilliant! Attack those that are telling you the Truth, so that you don’t have to acknowledge it, and you can make up your own!

          • Hang on right there.

            The Church cannot ever make a mistake when she teaches.

            The errors/heresies of Vatican II completely contradict previous Church teaching. The new mass expresses a contrary theology to what the Church has always believed and taught.

            Therefore, neither Vatican II nor the new mass could have come from the Church, so no Catholic can be bound to accept them.

            Their acceptance or rejection cannot be used as some sort of bargaining tool or big stick to threaten Catholics with.

            The Church is visible because her members outwardly profess the same unchanging Faith that comes from the apostles. Whoever publicly rejects a single doctrine, or publicly holds to a single heresy is accursed, and outside the Church.

            “If we or an angel preaches to you any other gospel other than that which you have received, let him be anathema”. St Paul

            That is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. It is not negotiable.

          • VII is a *pastoral* council. Per Pope John XXIII at the beginning of VII and Cardinal Felici after VII said that VII is a pastoral council. Therefore, VII was not protected by the charism of infallibility except in those areas where previous dogmas were reiterated, e.g. quoting the Council of Trent.

          • So why would the SSPX accepting it be a condition of being in “full communion” with Rome if it is not binding and chock laden with “pastoral” errors and heresies?

            Does it matter or not?

            Can the Church lead souls into error, and when these souls appear before the Judgement, God says, “Thou fool! It was only pastoral. Now you have died in unbelief and shall be damned.”

            The “only pastoral so it can teach heresy” line is a tired, false and long abandoned fig leaf.

          • You declare you are telling the truth, but you can’t prove it. Somewhat like Protestants. Ponder what Mike has to teach you, Don’t just rattle off an ignorant reply.. Take his teaching and study it against the facts. Look at the global result of Vatican II, which has taken us to the end of the line in the heretic Bergoglio. The truth is in the results, not what you or any NO dupe has to say.

          • Thanks very much Winslow. I would like to point out though that Our Lord said, “You have one Teacher, the Christ.”

            The Magisterium is His instrument on earth through which we are “each taught by the Lord”.

            Anything I write is only what I have learned from the Church, pre-Vatican II. I have no teaching authority whatsoever – just the duty to defend the Church’s Holy teaching whenever it is attacked, and when that attack could lead souls into error, heresy and damnation.

            I understand what you meant though, and am happy to be of whatever use I can to anyone, but I wanted to clarify that point.

          • I appreciate your modesty. Mike, but we don’t need to turn this into a dispute.

            “Thanks very much Winslow. I would like to point out though that Our Lord said, “You have one Teacher, the Christ.”

            So why did he send the Apostles into the world? It was to teach His word. I assumed you were doing the same thing.

          • Thanks again Winslow. Yes, but the Apostles were the first Bishops. They had ordinary jurisdiction to teach Divine revelation. I’m laity. I learn, but then try to put forward the teaching of the Church into the everyday.

            I thank you for backing me up the other day, but I just wanted to clarify that it wasn’t my teaching, it was the Church’s. I didn’t mean for it to sound like a dispute, just a clarification.

            Thanks and may God bless you.

          • I would appreciate if you do not lecture me. I am trying to keep this nice. You know nothing about me or where I come from. That said, check out The Remnant website regarding the SSPX situation. Mr. Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara addressed this issue many times including on their YouTube channel. As for Cardinal Mueller- well, it looks like as of today (see LifeSiteNews) he has changed his tune and now tacitly supports Francis’s heretical exhortation. Looks like the Vatican Mafia got to him. BTW, I am finished commenting back and forth with you as it appears you are a troll. God Bless.

          • With all respect due, Pope Benedict’s document (recently reminded by Cardinal Burke) has a bit more weight on that matter than opinions of Mr Matt and/or Mr Ferrara. But at the end of the day it is your choice (and your consequences).

          • You would not disagree just with me (who am I after all?), you’d disagree with the opinion of Pope Benedict XVI and I think quite a few cardinals.
            As a side note: I do not mind to be lectured, my ego should take it with ease 🙂

          • No, Frodo, I disagree with your assertion that Pope Benedict’s letter carries more weight than the opinions of Matt and Ferrara. I do not address the content of the Pope’s letter per se.

            I have done extensive research on Vatican II and have studied its documents. Much written in them is heresy and Pope Benedict is constrained to defend them. I do not have a dog in the fight.

            The Pope and the Cardinals you refer to have much to answer for.

          • It’s rather funny to see you quote Cardinal Müller talking about schism when he’s a heretic himself who denies the dogmas of transubstantiation and the Blessed Virgin Mary’s perpetual virginity.

          • He also denies the bodily Resurrection of Our Lord. But none of that matters to David, you see. Because Mueller has got a free pass. It’s called “full communion”!

            But with unretracted public heresies such as these on the public record, joined to the fact that the Church is “the Congregation of the Faithful, not of heretics”, then the next question to ask is, “Who is Mueller in ‘full communion’ with”?? Not the Catholic Church. Let’s get that straight for starters.

          • Yes indeed. It seems like David Lindor is running his own little scare campaign to keep people away from the SSPX and proper traditional Catholic doctrine with his groundless notions of schism. But he wouldn’t be the first to do so. Yet I wonder if more Catholics had just ignored these false warnings and gone to the SSPX earlier on and in the greater numbers the crisis in the Church could perhaps have ended sooner?

          • I wish I had made the move years earlier than I did. I was an FSSP party line man through and through.

            Archbishop Lefebvre was a villain and all that nonsense, so I thought. I started looking for more satisfying answers as to why the Church was in such a mess in the first place.

            When I looked more deeply into the horrific truths about “Pope Saint John Paul Two The Greatest Ever”, well, that led me to look more into the 1988 stand off between him and the Archbishop.

            I realised that there were two very different sides to the story. Like someone living in Stalinist Russia however, anything but the officially approved, mainstream narrative of the story was Thoughtcrime.

            Eventually I committed the most unspeakable thoughtcrime of them all: Archbishop Lefebvre was RIGHT!

            Needless to say, the rest of the lights came on and I looked into a whole host of issues related to the crisis in the Church, what its essential nature was, who was behind it, and what I could do about it to protect myself and my family. Thanks be to God.

            So when the Davids and the Cardinal Burke’s of the world come along trying to frighten the faithful away from being Catholics, by simply “holding fast to tradition”, as Divine Law commands us, I can see straight through the old tricks that unfortunately robbed me and my family of the wonderful graces for so many years, that the SSPX make available. I’m never going back!

          • I’m very happy that you made the jump over to tradition. Thanks be to God indeed.

            I’m currently in the process of converting to the Catholic Church through the SSPX. I suppose that makes me fortunate in the sense that I’ve never had to experience the post-conciliar church, its false teachings, and the Novus Ordo mass. I’ve seen videos of the bastard mass in action but fortunately I’ve never attended one and I never will. All that I’ve known is traditional Catholicism and that is all that I’ll continue to ever know. And the difference between actual Catholic doctrine and what is taught by heretics like Müller is truly day and night. The more I learn, the more I’m taught, the more I realize how enormous these differences are, but it has also made me appreciate the beauty of Catholic doctrine all the more.

            I can only hope that as the crisis in the Church intensifies more and more Catholics will leave the conciliar church and return to tradition.

          • “What Catholics once were, we are. If we are wrong, then Catholics through the ages have been wrong.
            We are what you once were. We believe what you once believed.
            We worship as you once worshipped. If we are wrong now, you were wrong then. If you were right then, we are right now”.

            Robert DePiante

          • Pope Francis gave SSPX priests jurisdiction to hear confessions during the Year of Mercy and it still stands to this day. He did not revoke it.

            SSPX priests pray for Pope Francis BY NAME in the Canon of the Mass, Rosary, Benediction etc.

            True trivia tidbit for you: Archbishop Lefebvre personally threw out seminarians who were spreading sedevacantist ideas in SSPX seminaries. A SSPX priest (who was then a seminarian) saw the Archbishop do this right before his eyes. He stayed with the Society and was ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre.

            The SSPX is in an irregular canonical situation.

          • Fr Cekada once asked the Archbishop if Paul VI was really the pope.

            He replied, “I will not say he is not the pope. But I will not say one cannot say he is not the pope.”

          • You think you have more communion with Antipope Bergoglio, arf arf arf, Its in Church Dogma that in emergency times – emergency solutions are legit….YOU’D choose Bergoglio, but I’d choose Lefebvre any day – he only did what he had to do to MAINTAIN Catholic HOLY TRADITION. He won’t have to answer in Heaven for his heroic witness, but YOU WILL For this irresponsible and erronious screed called being the “accuser of your brethren.”! Christ may say that in His eyes YOU were in the schism, not Lefebvre! “In times of doubt,” said St Vincent of Lerins – “Choose Holy Tradition!” YOU choose to be with the Accuser (& with Bergagglio) & you know who that is don’t you Slubglob?

      • “The SSPX is in schism.”

        No,they’re not.

        “Just because they wear fancy vestments and have the same haircuts and celebrate their illicit masses in Latin, does not make them holy! In fact, they are cowards for leaving the sheep to fend for themselves while they run off and hide.”

        “run off and hide.”!!! Hilarious!!! The OTHER Latin Mass priests ONLY do the Latin Mass and that’s good but
        they are not feeding the sheep the WHOLE Faith. The SSPX have schools, daily Masses, Convents, Monasteries, Retreat Houses, Seminaries and on and on. My poem SACDERDOS was written to give hope in these horrendous times. There are thousands and thousands of laity assisting at the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass Daily confected by hundreds of SSPX Priests & Monks. When this crisis ends someday the Holy Mass, Schools, Convents, Retreat Houses, Monasteries & Seminaries will be there for all because the SSPX continued to preserve the WHOLE Faith while calumnied, slandered, berated & hated. We pray but we persevere in the True Faith building and making sacrifices. As the mother of 10 someone once asked, “How can you have all those children? You don’t work, what does your husband make?” I told her, “Sacrifices.” and that’s what the Society of St. Pius X and the laity do every. single. day!


        Brer bishops
        Brer priests
        And brer people of god
        Dialogue, collaborate
        To sacrifice just seems odd.

        Brer mother of ten cried,
        “I assist tried and trued.”
        Brer people of god cried,
        “Chill out
        Take a lude.”

        Brer priest said,
        “Ms. Brer come on smile
        Serve with me
        The True Faith, let pass,
        Make a mess – harmony!”

        With these words
        Brer mother got sick
        And threw up
        So brer priest urged her, “Go
        If you can’t drink our cup.”

        “So you’re urgin’ I go?”
        And her head she did scratch,
        “Jus’ please don’t throw me
        In no Pius
        The Tenth Patch!!”

        But brer priest
        Flung brer mother
        Out the door shut the latch
        And forced her to land
        In a Pius the Tenth Patch.

        So sacrilegious celebration
        Is given the nod
        By brer bishops
        Brer priests
        And brer people of god

        But high on a hill
        Brer mother of ten
        Is singin’ and kickin’
        Her heels
        Up again…

        “I was born and raised
        In a Pius the Tenth Patch
        Known as Catholic Church
        And there still ain’t
        No match!!!”

        • I recognize that you very well might be stuck in your invincible ignorance, but that is not any way to make an argument.

          David: “2 +2= 4.”

          Long-Skirts : “No its not!”

          Oh, well… in that case!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Things are not True because you want them to be True, they are True only if in fact they ACTUALLY are True.

          “The SSPX have schools, daily Masses, Convents, Monasteries, Retreat Houses, Seminaries and on and on..” That’s right, and Holy Mother Church has NONE of these! You dolt! Go write some more poetry.

          • Not the point, Mike.There are increasing numbers of provocateurs commenting here. I’ve seen them ruin other sites; people just get tired of dueling over their baiting inanities and finally leave. I don’t want to see this happen here. Calling a respected personage such as Long Skirts a “dolt” (whose son, I believe, is a priest of the SSPX) is unacceptable.

            Happily the site has Moderators; but they need to crack down on these agitators and eliminate them ASAP. As well written as are the essays here, the combox community is often why I read this site.

          • I think David has gone away anyway. I reckon taking this guy head on is helpful, both to the casual readers of the com box, and to the misinformed troll.

            The Remnant are so heavily moderated, you can’t get a comment passed by the mods unless you put Salza and Siscoe on a high pedestal. “Ooops, this comment looks like spam. We’ll get this fixed.”

            It’s better to send him packing, hopefully to hit the books, publicly, and let the readers make up their own minds.

          • Ten years ago they were my go-to people, but now I only have a quick look a few times a year. It’s a waste of time.

          • Agree Mike – the Remnant now deals only with the mid-West of America and has nothing else, beyond the occasional article, for the rest of us.

          • I have a lot of time for Chris Ferrara, but in general Michael Matt, Ferrara and their talk show style has become deeply irritating. The veneration shown to Salza and Siscoe is almost idolatrous – and there are some who comment here who are among the venerators. The “Moderator” is a shoot first, insult later knuckle dragging oaf.

          • If you read the comment policy at the Remnant, you’d get an idea of WHY the Remnant is so heavily moderated.

            Mr. Matt and his family in the past have received threatening phone calls, death threats etc because the SPLC has designated the Remnant as a “hate group” (as though a Catholic family of 9 people is a hate group [sarcasm]).

            They can’t allow anything on the Remnant website that can be used against them or even give the appearance of scandal. THAT’S why they’re so heavily moderated.

          • It’s got little to do with that. It’s got everything to do with “protecting the brand”, as his site itself states.

          • That’s a terrible thing for Mr Matt and his fine looking family. I didn’t know the reason for the heavy hand.

          • What’s with all this UNCHRISTIAN arguing??? I’m about ready to dump this site as I have so many other Trad sites because of the despicable ways the people on them “talk” to each other!!!

          • Hello Katherine. The crisis rages on. We are in the middle of the worst attack in history. It’s not nice sometimes. Heretics are nefarious. Be on your guard. There’s more to tradition than incense and chant. Learn more, defend more. May God bless you.

          • That lady has 3 sons who are SSPX priests and is a mother/grandmother of a large Catholic family. She’s a lot of things, but I can guarantee she’s NOT a dolt. (I’d save that designation for another blogger – not you, obviously.)

      • Please tell me the fruit of these diocesan priests upon the flock? So many perhaps, faithful as they were, kept low, and did WHAT? Please tell me. What was so courageous about them? Maybe I have missed this

        Perhaps it is those of the SSPX who are the courageous ones? And those who stayed and hunkered down, were complicit in leading many souls astray?

        • So let me see if I understand you correctly….

          The SSPX are clearly in schism; the sacraments they celebrate are illicit and non-efficacious, unless Holy Mother Church in her mercy provides for her children stuck in invincible ignorance. They do not legitimately exercise any ministry in the Church!!!

          Yet you are going to go after those faithful priests that ACTUALLY celebrate the Sacraments licitly?! What incredible vitriol!

          Here’s a question, for all reading this; have you ever met a Latin-rite priest, validly and licitly ordained, who was ordained in the last 10-15 years? 2002-the present. Men that have, in spite of the clergy sex abuse, in spite of having very limited role models in the priesthood and bishops who are not very supportive of young vocations, have chosen to dedicate their lives to the Lord, for the salvation of souls?

          It is sickening that you would look at guys ordained in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and think that this is the face and the future of the diocesan priesthood…. just sickening. It is this attitude that no doubt has helped contribute to the shortage of priestly vocations. But the new generation of priests is not like that at all. I promise you, the revival of Holy Mother Church is not going to come through the ‘ministry’ of the schismatics, it will come through the blood, sweat, and tears of the men who have truly sacrificed everything for Christ.

          • They are ordained in a new rite which is contrary to what Pius XII said was necessary for validity. How much homework did you actually do on all this before you got all fired up and came out swinging punches on behalf of the enemies of the Church?

          • Michael Davies has some huge holes in his theology. Read John Daly’s book on him. Davies is not as good as he makes out, although he did put together a ton of good information.


            John Daly spoke with Davies’ son Adrian about the Order of Melchizedek, and Davies’ mysterious sudden about face in the last chapter. Davies was building the case for the new rite of Orders to be flat out invalid, but he had a Novus theologian review the manuscript before it went to the publisher, and concluded with the opposite opinion that he had been heading for throughout the book. The Novus theologian advised him to change the conclusion. He said it’s vslid because it’s impossible that it couldn’t be otherwise. That’s it.

          • Nevertheless, while Michael Davies did some really marvellous work he wasn’t right on everything. He really thought Ratzinger was wholly orthodox for one thing.

          • Only God is right on everything. The last time I looked, neither of us nor Michael Davies fits that bill. ????

          • Correct.

            But if one is going to argue for the validity of the Novus Ordo, it should be from the Church’s own Sacramental theology, not from opinion.

          • But he offered theological opinions publicly. I was never satisfied with his white-washing of the reasons why the new rite of Ordination, so defective in so many ways, is undoubtedly valid.
            For one’s sources, it’s best to stick with the Church’s pre-Vatican II teaching on such matters.

          • One goes to the sources wherever they can be found. It’s a strange fact, but a fact nevertheless, that sites such as Novus Ordo Watch are better places to find official sources than very many “Trad” sites.

          • Caveat lector, Benedict.

            Somewhere in Scripture it says that he who loves danger shall perish in it.

            I’m really afraid for you.

          • I’m no sedevacantist Margaret, and won’t be. My position is that they have all been valid Popes since the Council, but come the Restoration, their Encyclicals, acts, all of them including the canonisations, must be wiped from the Acta Sedis as compromised, poisoned by the errors of false philosophies and Vatican II.
            As for Bergoglio, the Church will one day declare him a heretic and throw his mouldering corpse into the Tiber.

          • I know you’re not a sedevacantist, however:

            “Reading is food for your mind.”

            Source: Schudlo, Rev. M., compiler. My Divine Friend. 1959, Redeemer’s Voice Press.

          • John Daly is the man who first translated many of the Church documents from Latin pertinent to understanding the mystery of the crisis. Salza and Siscoe found them online, unaware of who translated them, claimed they did it themselves, and then used the very translations to attack Daly and Lane!

          • He was NOT “Pope” Michael. You should pray for the repose of his soul on All Souls Day instead of insulting his memory.

          • Dear Margaret, You say it’s valid because Mr Davies says so. I don’t mind making a joke here and there, as this all gets quite heavy sometimes. He’s not the pope. He’s entitled to his opinion, and so are you and I. Mr Daly’s book on him, which he has made available as a free PDF, as well as a hard copy, might help you go down deeper into the crisis.

            That’s all I want to do, and I confidently assume that’s what you want too, else you wouldn’t be here.

            I want to understand what happened to the Catholic Church, and what I need to do to protect myself and my family against this terrible diabolical attack upon the faithful.

            After years of adhering to unsatisfactory conclusions that seem to point you straight back into the abyss, with a bit of Latin and incense thrown in, (S&S, Davies, The Remnant etc)I studied a bit more widely. You should do the same.

            Oh, from last time, can a public heretic be a member of the Church or not?

            Thanks Margaret. I am not an enemy by the way. We are the sheep, and the wolves are attempting to take us all out. May God bless you.

          • Define “public heretic”.

            I know 3 church-going Roman Catholics. The first is “ecumenical” in the sense that he thought that Christians and non-Christians worship the same God (indifferentism – a sin against the 1st commandment). I told him that non-Christians don’t believe in the Trinity, so how can we worship the same God? He couldn’t answer.

            The second didn’t believe in Purgatory (!). Everyone goes to heaven except really bad people e.g. murderers. I explained to her that the existence of Purgatory is something which we must believe as Catholics.

            The third loves PF. I told her that I love the TLM because it’s closer to the Divine Liturgy than the NO. She told me about how she grew up before VII when the Mass was in Latin and how you couldn’t understand anything yada yada yada.

            These three persons are publicly in good standing with the Church. The first two probably wouldn’t know the meaning of the words “heresy”, “heretic”, “schismatic” etc even if you hit them with a Catholic dictionary. (The third would probably argue with you.)

            The first two don’t go around parading their ideas. The third is more outspoken (and that’s the nicest way I can put it).

            Now I know you’re going to tell me that I should avoid these people and/or call them heretics. However, I am not a bishop or a priest who has authority to excommunicate them or pin labels on them. I can pray for them and explain to them the traditional teaching of the Church (which they probably learned in Catholic school before VII anyway).

            Finally, here’s my true story: When I was in college in the last millennium, the Catholic Community center off campus (NO) had the complete works of the Fathers of the Church. I read St. John Damascene De fide orthodoxa. In it he lists 100+ heresies. I read the list and came to Arianism. I snickered and said to myself: “That’s dumb. Everybody knows that Jesus is God.” (That’s how naieve I was.)

            As I read farther down the list, I started to get scared. Finally, there was one heresy (I think it was Docetism or something later), but I felt like St. John Damascene was pointing his finger at me and saying: “THAT’S YOU.”

            I panicked, ran to Father and said: “Father, I’m a heretic!” He said to me: “Margaret, calm down!” He heard my confession (I think I insisted on going) and really helped me.

            Now if he had said to me: “Margaret, you’re a heretic and unless you repent you’re going to Hell.”, would I have listened to him? Would I be here typing this today? I don’t know.

            “There but for the grace of God go I.” – St. Philip Neri

          • If they are of good will and want to be taught by the Church, they will abandon their error or heresy as soon as they find out that it is not what the Church teaches. That’s probably where Providence has put you.

            It seems like it has fallen to you to help them. If they still persist, then you drop them. Being nice is good and all, but if it is either that or telling Gods truth, then you don’t need me to tell you which one has to go. On the other hand, we don’t need to be obnoxious. We should be as polite and restrained as we can in Charity to the other. If you do what God wants, the potential fallout is none of your concern.

          • Those men ordained in that time period who are sickening, as you say, are the rotten fruits of the heresies of the bogus council and new rite of mass. It is the refusal of these very “doctrinal issues” by the Society which are the cause of the SSPX being in a so called schism. That’s what you’re saying by quoting Benedict.

            The SSPX clergy are unaffected by all that garbage, and are exemplary models of priests, but you say they should submit to the cause which produced such rotten fruit?

            Your argument is completely untenable, David, and you are wrong. But there’s still time to study, pray and think this all through, although it might lead to some unpleasant and undesirable conclusions about the state of things in our day.

          • Dear David Lindor,

            I do not got to an SSPX parish. Our family travels about one hour to an FSSP parish. We are most fortunate to have this nearby. For those who do not, however; and have only their diocesan parishes, who in good faith, desire the HolySacrifice of the Mass, how can one chastise this decision?

            The shortage of priestly vocations does not rest due to the SSPX. How easy it is to scapegoat them for the ills of the Church’s problems…. The shortage of priestly vocations rests in the poorly formed diocesan seminaries, churches that like look and act more protestant than the protestant churches. I could go on, but what is the point?

            Why oh why, do so many vilify those who simply want the faith, who attend SSPX, not out of rebellion, but of desiring the Mass, the Traditions of our faith? Some have no where else to go to receive the Sacraments and to nourish their faith…..can’t you all just leave them alone?

          • Speaking for myself (since I am not David) –

            There are plenty of folks out there like myself that attend the NO mass and tolerate it because it is all we have right now. We may have an SSPX chapel within reasonable distance, but while we long for those reverent liturgies and traditions, we are reluctant to go there because of their irregular canonical status. So we wait (sometimes impatiently) and pray for that reunification which looked hopeful recently but seems to have hit a wall.

            Anyways, I am totally sympathetic to those who attend the SSPX and have no quarrels with them until certain persons start insisting that the Novus Ordo mass is invalid. That to me is an attack on the unity of the Church, and millions of good people (including clergy and religious) who attend/celebrate that mass. So I agree with you about ‘leaving them alone’, but it goes both ways. We’re all in this together.

          • Thank you for your response.
            And I would agree; that is does go both ways.
            We must try to understand each other and not be in this ” competition” with each other, as sometimes, it seems to take on that flavor.

            I think we shall have to be about defending Christ and His teachings, and trying to find the most reverent Mass and pray the Mass as. best one can; for we shall ALL need many graces from our Lord.

            May God be with us all.

          • Readers, see my post above. This maniacal attack by Lindor has to be shot down clearly and decisively.

          • Margaret, I find the American habit of seeing the world through the prism of films and cartoons, often posted here, to be deeply inappropriate on a Catholic site, for all sorts of reasons, not least because they are a major distraction from the subjects discussed and do not provide a sufficiently-accurate metaphor or analogy. I wish you and others wouldn’t do it.

          • That was meant as a compliment. Re films and cartoons: Patricia does it on CT occasionally on your side of the pond, so I hope I’m in good company.

      • In 1975-75 there was an exorcism in Switzerland in which Our Lady oversaw — as to a good woman who was possessed by several demons who were forced to give their names….During it the demons were forced to tell the truth and admit the fact that Vatican II was plotted and engineered by Masonic Cardinals in communion with and thru direction from Satan and with great demonic assistance, the Vatican II “reforms” come from hell….It was repeatedly stated from “above” thru the demons that it was a grave error to give obedience to “Modernists” — no obedience is owed them regardless of who they are or what title they have…, there was much laughter throughout by the demons as to the utter stupidity of humans–dumber than a block of wood–even wood sprouts at times….The fact that the true Mass given by God was the Traditional Latin Mass was forced to be stated by the demons by Our Lady and that it has infinite graces — while the substituted Masonic Mass has grace if the consecration is done properly but much, much, much less — and that many, many people who would have been saved by the excess graces of the Traditional Latin Mass are now burning in hell because of what the Masonic Cardinals were able to do together with the stupidity of the “Modernists” who have decimated the Church for decades…– The stigmatist Julia Maria Jahenny was told all this by Jesus in 1902 and He predicted this “New Mass” abomination in 1902 (look it up…)–It was also stated by the demons that God himself will end “Modernism” in the Catholic Church — which looks to be the only way it will end given the grim reality of what we see occurring now in the Vatican–it was stated by “above” that everybody was meant to read the Exorcism Transcript (that has the attestation of 8 priests and the Impramitur of a Bishop…) but nearly no one has and the good translation is $350 on Amazon if you can find it but there are none available, it is gone….There is a copy of some of the transcript that someone put online and then engrafted into the intro the nutty “Bayside Prophecies” that have nothing to do with the Exorcism in 1975-76 but look like something meant to discredit the transcript, the part after the Bayside nonsense intro is still well worth reading — which I defy anyone intelligent and open minded to read and not understand that what is there did come from “above” and that we are now in the Apocalypse “End Times”–just check out the weather…..

      • A disgusting parcel of lies which readers should immediately ignore.

        On January 8th 2003, the Vatican’s Ecclesia Dei Commission, in response to someone who asked about attending chapels of the Society of Saint Pius X founded by the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, wrote in a letter that:

        1) Attending the Society of Saint Pius X chapels fulfills the Catholic’s Sunday obligation,

        2) That Catholics are permitted to make financial contributions to the Society of Saint Pius X.

        In the letter the Vatican office says that there is no sin attending the SSPX’ Masses providing that the individual attending does not intend to separate himself from the Roman Pontiff (which I, as an SSPX Catholic layman have never once seen in any way).

        David Lindor – remember the name.

      • Sorry, David, but attending Sunday Mass at an SSPX chapel DOES fulfill one’s obligation if the reason we are attending, is because the TLM Mass fills us with a piety that we do not find at the NO Mass and there is none other that can be found near us, however if we attend the SSPX Sunday Mass as a sign of protest then it will NOT fulfill our Sunday obligation, It is all in our intent for attending. This was explained long ago by, I believe, Pope Benedict.
        As to the ordinations though not licit, they are still valid.

      • David Lindor, you know nothing. I don’t know who or what, perhaps Satan, provided you with the bilge you have regurgitated, but you are dead wrong. Emphasize ‘dead.’

        Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop Castro de Mayer were the only two bishops in the world who would not sacrifice the Catholic Mass for the mass of the modernists. Their diocese were the only ones in the world which did not fall into decline, as did just about every diocese in the USA.

        It was the sainted John Paul II who was in schism after Vatican II. He wrote much of ‘Gaudium et Spes’ which is modernist. It was he who wanted to be a nice guy and pray with heretics. There is much more you don’t know. You have much to learn, David Lindor.

  4. Well, I just came by an article regarding Rocco Buttiglione’s new book with an intro by Card. Muller: The article just basically says, “we, the people can figure it out for ourselves, so long as we think.” Very frightening. The powers in the Vatican are going forward at a very fast pace. “Truth stumbles and falls in the streets, Truth is nowhere to be found….” OT.

    • It is as if Mueller did a ” complete turn about.”
      Something IS very, very bad in Vatican. This evil is moving at great force, for it knows its time is about up.

      All glory and honor to Christ our Sovereign King and behold His Queen.

      • Yes, strangely Muller came out in support of “Amoris Laetitia”. He believes that some divorced should be allowed Communion because of their circumstances. That might make sense except that Francis told Eugenio Scalfari that he supports Communion for “all” divorced. The exception is the rule and Muller is asleep at the switch.

        • Hi sentiments do not greatly surprise me, nor perhaps many of us here, but the manner, the direct boldness of the statement does stun me a bit.

          I think Muller is protecting himself.

          • That too. But don’t doubt his desires and efforts for a higher place…
            It seems that he is primarily calculating. But he should better do his job and leave calculating over to God. I don’t trust him.

          • He is protecting himself at this point from what. He has already been sent packing for a slight odor of the Inquisition and the imposition of right and wrong.

    • Mueller is a Resurrection-denying, Transubstantiation-denying heretic.

      Look it up.

      You’ll find the info on a blog a bit further to the “right”. While you don’t have to agree with the conclusions of that blog’s author, the information he presents is quite shocking.

      You’ll never think Mueller is anything other than a rank and file heretic, like the rest of his pack of wolves after seeing what he says publicly. Don’t be taken in by this character.

  5. “Big Shot” must be Benedict XVI. Someone ratted on him after he wrote this and one of Francis’ thugs paid him a visit which is how he got his black eye.

    Sounds outrageous and probably is but in the current utterly bizarre pontificate, nothing is beyond the realms of possibility…………….

    • I don’t for one minute believe that this is from Pope Benedict. Why? Because he is closely guarded and watched — a message like this would never leave the confines of the compound.

    • I did not know Pope Benedict suffered a black eye. Dear St Benedict, intercede for Pope Benedict!

      Pope Benedict has black eye in new photos
      Oct 28, 2017

      • Word is he fell down and that’s how he got it.

        Despite how much of the current mess actually does fall on his shoulders… I miss him. Things were a lot easier when he was pope.

        • “The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness”
          ― Pope Benedict XVI

          Rejoice and be glad, for you have been called to stand with Christ.

  6. The only thing to fear is accepting these prelates and post conciliar claimants to the Papacy.

    If you submit to them, by accepting these diabolical heretics as members of the Church, you will be caught up in the attempted “deception of the elect” which Our Lord warned of in Matthew 25. They are not inside the Church. How much more obvious does it need to be?

    The true Church remains unaffected and unchanged, except she is not as easy to see these days. Wherever they profess the true Faith, hold fast to tradition and reject the conciliar novelties, there is an instance of the true Church. There are the Catholics.

  7. Can’t be BXVI as some here think.

    “… the prayer of exorcism to St. Michael the Archangel … recited at the end of Holy Mass until 1964 when it was unexplainably “deleted” …”

    Ratzinger could certainly explain why it was deleted. All part of the ‘razing of the bastions’ of which he and his fellow Modernists were ardent supporters.

  8. To quote Art Bell–same tone of voice–when upon fielding message after message, call after call, from people guessing the Third Secret of Fatima, somebody sent a fax (ahh the 90s) saying they heard “from an old Jesuit in Australia that the Third Secret was that Satan would control the papacy. Which, upon hearing and fearing it was him, caused Pope John XIII to faint” and Malachi Martin said “sounds like they were hearing the text of the Third Secret–OH MY!

    I have commented that I feel this way. That time is speeding up. Steve has soaid it. Others chime in and say it. There are too many people who feel this way to shrug it off. Heck, clearly even the pope and his confidants feel this way.

    • Remember, back shortly after the Synods on destruction of the Family, I think it was Abp. “Tucho” Fernandez who said that if Francis feels his days are growing short, he will speed up to make reforms such that things can never go back to the way they were. Maybe it was Bruno Forte… I know it was reported here. Anyways, it seems that day is coming.

  9. Where will the faithful attending NO masses turn? I am four hours from SSPX, five hours from FSSP. Will those who remain NO but refuse to go along with all of this be looked upon as modern versions of John of the Cross for suffering with the Church to the end or should we flee like the Apostles to SSPX or simply to a life of prayer and preserving the faith without the sacraments? Granted, I need the nourishment of Christ in the Eucharist to sustain my family and I for the journey but I absolutely need access to confession. Where will I go? What will I do?

    All I can do is trust in Christ and somehow work even harder at avoiding sin, obviously mortal sin in particular. Christ gives us the grace we need, he will not abandon us. Lord, help your sheep who are scared and possibly without shepherds.

    • I’ve contemplated the situation you describe. Following the English Reformation, Catholic Priests came in disguise into England to feed the flock. They did not need to receive “faculties” from the local Bishop to say Mass! That was impossible. To me, the same situation will shortly apply. True Priests will need to be more mobile to enable the faithful to attend Mass more regularly. Hopefully Priests are already thinking about these things.

    • There is a lot of speculation about jurisdiction and whatnot… here’s the long and short of it… when things go pear-shaped, or sideways, or really bad, whatever you want to call it, essentially, canon law basically is tossed out and you get the sacraments from the faithful places you can.

      That said, the day is coming rather soon I think, where some of us are going to have to really consider whether we can stay where we are, or if perhaps we will need to move our families to get to a parish where we can still receive the sacraments from good priests. I, personally, am in a very good place where the FSSP is only about 25 minutes away, the SSPX is within an hour, heck, even the SSPV are not far if things get really bad… and I happen to know a couple of very good diocesan priests who see things as they really are, and only celebrate the NO because they must out of obedience (always with the Roman Canon though.) I realize I’m very fortunate. But others, perhaps like yourself, will need to consider if a move is possible. Nothing will be as it was for long.

      • “Nothing will be as it was for long.”

        And this will be good. It is time to shed our flesh, our earthly comforts. I have lived in the shadows of ” appearances” for too long; time to march for Christ.

      • Thank you for this.

        The most important questions to ask when seeking the Mass and the other sacraments is this: “Is it what the Church does?” and as St. John Chrysostom asked “Is it Tradition?”.

        The loner diocesan “Latin Mass priests” around today, the priests of the FSSP, the ICCRS and yes the SSPX and even the SSPV are all Catholic inasmuch as they do what the Church does and has always done and are within Tradition. Never mind if an individual priest rubs you the wrong way as long as he isn’t an outright formal heretic and/or schismatic or just plain nuts. They’re human, and so are we. We’re not Donatists; we’re Catholics in a dire emergency and we need God’s grace. Seek the Church and her priests where one can find it. Simple as that…and then thank God when you find them. Amen.

  10. I agree the pace of destruction is picking up but also there is a new attitude visible. It’s a total disdain for what any of the laity – even lalty holding positions of influence in universities or Church institutions, think. Has PF taken a holiday in 3 years ? For an 80 year old, how does he keep going? The Jesuits have been working on a rapprochment with Masonry for decades, but one senses this time it will launched as acceptable.

  11. The supposed author of this ridiculous letter, believing us to be in end times, cites the authority of “…the vision of Leo XIII? Of the prophecies of La Salette? Of Saint Brigid? Of Our Lady of Akita? Of St. Vincent Ferrer?” Why not cite astrologers or other non-biblical sources? The only lines in this letter which didn’t sound utterly hysterical were those referring to real world developments, such as the extraordinary rebuke of the great Cardinal Sarah. The rest sounds like superstitious, non-biblical nonsense with no divine authority.

    • Feel better now?

      You made two references to the phrase “non-biblical.” You sound much more like a fundamentalist Protestant than a Roman Catholic. For your Catholic update: non-biblical sources aren’t anathema within the parameters of Catholic tradition; within the dogmatic realm, Tradition is part and parcel of Revelation.

    • So you’re calling Pope Leo XIII a liar or a delusional? You’re rebuking a saint and arguing against Church approved apparitions? Do tell, Anne.

    • Just remember, Anne, the Bible itself is a Catholic book granted to you and the rest of the world. Historically, Tradition reigned without a canon {agreed-upon set of texts/books} of Scripture for almost 400 years. And the canon God granted us was granted through the authority of the Popes.

      You might care to investigate the origin of the truncated Protestant Old Testament. For the books of the OT said to be canonical by Protestants today are those approved by a council of Jewish scholars AFTER the Apostolic age and, indeed, a council that while asserting a canon that was not accepted unanimously in the time of Christ, also rejected all the Christian writings of the New Testament.

      The Protestant Old Testament which Protestants like to call the “Jewish Bible” wasn’t used by Christ and the Apostles. Rather, we know from the New Testament texts that Christ and the Apostles used the Septuagint…and other documents which have been lost to us over time {see the book of St Jude}.

      Naturally, the Protestants would reject some books, those they call the “Apocrypha” which are otherwise known as the deuterocanonical books, as in those books are some texts that disagree with Protestant doctrine. And more…there are some books that refer most clearly to the coming Christ, the latter which would, naturally, be unacceptable to the Jewish scholars who rejected them in the time after Christ! The same Jewish scholars who gave you the “Jewish Bible” that Protestants so eagerly lift up as the canon of the Old Testament.

  12. Forget Amoris Laetitia, hadn’t Francis already declared heresy in Evangelli Gaudium #247 by saying the Jewish covenant had never been revoked?

    • Thanks for the reminder. There is so much garbage in Evangelii Gaudium. E.g. Para 32, on devolving doctrinal authority to Bishops’ Conferences = instant disintegration of Church. Or Para 253, which declares that Islam is opposed to all forms of violence. So I had overlooked this nonsense:

      “247. We hold the Jewish people in special regard because their covenant with God has never been revoked, for “the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable” (Rom 11:29). The Church, which shares with Jews an important part of the sacred Scriptures, looks upon the people of the covenant and their faith as one of the sacred roots of her own Christian identity (cf. Rom 11:16-18). As Christians, we cannot consider Judaism as a foreign religion; nor do we include the Jews among those called to turn from idols and to serve the true God (cf. 1 Thes 1:9). With them, we believe in the one God who acts in history, and with them we accept his revealed word………..

      249. God continues to work among the people of the Old Covenant and to bring forth treasures of wisdom which flow from their encounter with his word. For this reason, the Church also is enriched when she receives the values of Judaism. While it is true that certain Christian beliefs are unacceptable to Judaism, and that the Church cannot refrain from proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Messiah, there exists as well a rich complementarity which allows us to read the texts of the Hebrew Scriptures together and to help one another to mine the riches of God’s word. We can also share many ethical convictions and a common concern for justice and the development of peoples.”

      It is plainly a deliberate strategy of this Papacy to write enormous rambling documents (Evangelii Gaudium, Laudato Sii, Amoris Laetitiae) which hardly any sane person will have the time or the endurance to read. This has a double advantage. No one will spot the poison buried in the verbiage and, because you can’t face reading the whole tome, you feel unable to criticise it.

      • I certainly can’t read all that. LOL 😛

        Fr. Kramer pointed this out.

        Old Covenant was made null and void by the crucifixion.

        Oh how I love clarity!

      • “It is plainly a deliberate strategy of this Papacy to write enormous rambling documents (Evangelii Gaudium, Laudato Sii, Amoris Laetitiae) which hardly any sane person will have the time or the endurance to read. This has a double advantage. No one will spot the poison buried in the verbiage and, because you can’t face reading the whole tome, you feel unable to criticise it.”

        The strategy of Vatican II. The paper avalanche.

        • “I know that weeds shall grow in it
          Faster than men can burn;
          And though they scatter now and go,
          In some far century, sad and slow,
          I have a vision, and I know
          The heathen shall return.

          “They shall not come with warships,
          They shall not waste with brands,
          But books be all their eating,
          And ink be on their hands.

          “Not with the humour of hunters
          Or savage skill in war,
          But ordering all things with dead words,
          Strings shall they make of beasts and birds,
          And wheels of wind and star.

          “They shall come mild as monkish clerks,
          With many a scroll and pen;
          And backward shall ye turn and gaze,
          Desiring one of Alfred’s days,
          When pagans still were men.

          “The dear sun dwarfed of dreadful suns,
          Like fiercer flowers on stalk,
          Earth lost and little like a pea
          In high heaven’s towering forestry,
          —These be the small weeds ye shall see
          Crawl, covering the chalk.

          They crawl… covering the whiteness of the chalk.
          They crawl. And they don’t fight like men.

          (“The Scouring of the Horse”)

      • Exactly.

        I’ve read these documents and I believe your assessment is correct.

        In fact, it goes further.

        Looking back, we see that after V2 Vatican and papal documents became voluminous. Now besides tempting Psalms 10:19, just as you say, those seemingly endless words form a backdrop of camouflage, hiding the real “New Magesterium” which are the short, meaty, bullet statements that prompt change in practice or belief.

        Thus the writers always possess plausible deniability while having at their fingertips novel ideas and beliefs that can advance their agendas.

        Bergoglio has taken this method and masterfully sped up the process.

        We are now, with the 3 documents you note, staring at a new religion.

        You can see why some like Cardinal Müller keep pleading for the orthodoxy of Bergoglio’s writing, fearful possibly of the theological implications of them all being worthy of nothing but condemnation. That, or he is on the side of obfuscation and novelty himself? I don’t know, but what I do know is that what is being pitched as “Catholic” now can’t be easily meshed with what went before Vatican 2, tho the actors like Müller keep playing their parts like continuity has been preserved.

      • One of the tenets of Pelagianism was that “The Mosaic Law is as good a guide to heaven as the Gospel.” i.e. they do not need the grace of Christ. But surely Pope Francis is not a Pelagianist?

    • How about denying the First Commandment?

      {EG 161}

      I do not believe that at present, heresy has any meaning in the CC.

      That ability to identify and define needs to be on the short list of restoration.

  13. The world won’t end before the fullness of the Jews come into the Church.
    But a great chastisement, that could indeed be very soon.

    • Did you hear the Sanhdrin has been re-convened in Israel? A Torah scholar, Ariel Cohen wants to order a re-trial of Jesus so as to exonerate Him of the charge against Him. Hasn’t happened yet, but he’s working on it and promoting it to get support. Said a trial at night was illegal under Jewish law. Also, Caiaphus was not the actual head of the Sanhedrin at the time, but acting head, and no one should have been condemned to death under the acting head. Also there is a stipulation in Jewish law to reconcile a first born son into the family/community, and that has to be done. I am fascinated by this, how hard do you think the devil is going to work to prevent this?

        • I have not heard anything about this on any mainstream Catholic media, but to me this is the biggest news I’ve EVER heard!
          It’s all over the internet, google re-trial of Jesus, nazarene space, Ariel Cohen or wnd.

          • From Alloro’s website:

            “The Message of Ariel Cohen Alloro is perfectly balanced between Judaism and Christianity and is using the proper tools to create unity among all believers in a Messianic redemption of the world.”


            Interestingly, the point Alloro is trying to make is that Jesus is NOT a Messianic figure but rather simply a Chasidic Jew of notable repute, one treated unjustly in the past.

          • Yes, this is probably his belief. But what he intends and what might happen may not match. What I find interesting is that the charge against Jesus was blasphemy-He said “I Am” which meant He is God. The Jewish people all understood what He meant by this.

            If he is exonerated of the charge of blasphemy, what does this lead to? The only way which he could be innocent of this charge is that he is NOT a blasphemer–i.e. He says He is God because He IS God. This is what we believe by the grace of God, but the Jews did not, other than the first Jews. I am curious what will happen at this trial if it ever happens. It could change everything, even if this is not the intent. In order to remove the label “blasphemer” from Him, the Jewish people will have to accept Him not only as the Messiah, but as the Son of God. Of course, if He is condemned again, nothing changes.

            But why is this happening now? Is this God’s way of nudging Israel toward a different perspective on who Jesus is, by leading them in baby steps, since the Pope has distanced himself from the mandate of evangelizing the Jews?

          • “…since the Pope has distanced himself from the mandate of evangelizing the Jews?”
            Just to say,- there were more than this one, who have failed in their main task,- evangelizing of non- and wrong-believers.

      • You are mistaken. It was not the Sanhedrin but Pilate who sentenced Jesus to death, under the unbearable pressure of the Jews, granted. No death sentence coud be issued but only by the roman power in Palestine.

        • I did not say the Sanhedrin sentenced Him. But they are the ones who found Him guilty. Pilate sentenced Jesus to death because of the vote of a mob, but he knew He was innocent. The Sanhedrin held the trial at night, condemned Him then handed Him over to the Romans be executed. And it is the Sanhedrin that must exonerate Him.

      • The whole thing (IF true and gathers legs) is a devilish idea. Utter nonsense!
        False propaganda exercise to undermine the Truth of every event after the Crucifiction,
        beginning with the Resurrection itself!

        • What do you think of Pope Francis decree that we are not to set up missions to convert the Jews, when Jesus said “go and proclaim the good new to all nations”? The Jews are completely left out of all evangelization efforts with THIS nonsense.
          I think it is our Lord not abandoning His people that this little flame has arisen in Israel. It could all go to pot depending on how if unfolds, but I believe this is a sign of providence, seeing that no effort will go to “proselytizing” the Jews, being such a big sin and all in the Francis church. The world is fast becoming pagan, but our Lord will not return until the Jews have converted.

          But you are free to see this as a devilish idea.

          • I don’t trust it jobina.
            And don’t get me started on the “jews” I would quickly be accused of
            “anti-semitism” as I am accused of “heresy” by the hard core “sede-

          • Well, fortunately, all we have to trust is Our Triune God, Our Lady and the prayers of the saints. I think that’s plenty! All the rest, we’ll have to wait and see.

  14. Every Catholic school boy and girl should know that the Freemasons cannibalized the priests during the French revolution!

    The idea of Pope JPII and others receiving awards from them and smiling in photos with them is abominable!

  15. This Pontificate is obeying the orders of its German masters, a church infiltrated by leftists, homosexuals, communists and Freemasons. is it any wonder the Church is walking down the path to disaster? I pray the days of this Pontificate are shortened. Pope Francis the Destroyer!

  16. Well the “god of surprises” has nothing on the petty little third world dictator who regards himself as the “vicar of surprises”. To be sure I thought today would bring us the canonization of the Luther abomination and the declaration of him “Doctor.”
    But no.
    I get the announcement of the marriage of Freemasonry and Roman Catholicism.
    Surely soon we will have a “Mao, Marxism and Mary” production in St. Peter’s Square and everyone will get their hammer and sickle crucifix.
    Their motto “back in the day” was “read the signs of the times.” The cretins pushing this fiasco off the cliff can’t read what is in the mirror.
    Oh what a mighty fall it will be.
    That will be the consolation.

  17. I’m surprised to see no comment on the image of Christ with compass. It isn’t a modern image concocted for this Masonic event. It’s quite old, and very familiar to me, but I can’t identify the artist.

    • “… whose logo depicted a disturbed Christ holding a compass, the symbol of Freemasonry.”

      It’s at the end of the first paragraph.

      • I meant a comment in the comments section, not the article.

        The description of the image by “Big Shot” seems hysterical and lessens his credibility.

        • Did you happen to notice the “all seeing eye above the pyramid”? How about the words on the poster? Is the compass or is it not a symbol of Freemasonry? Are the Mason’s or are they not sworn enemies of the Church?

  18. It is clear, pope Francis said a lot of things that are not Catholic. He is not a good pope, he is a very bad pope. Really sad!! But there is one positive thing in all this I must say, he definitely makes people think more about the Faith. Everyone HAS TO make choices now, because of all (t)his mess. Let us hope that there are many many souls that start to re-catholicise !!

  19. We must all be brave now and that means not hiding behind a nom de plume when leveling serious charges in published articles. If Big Shot were truly terrified, wouldn’t he throw caution to the wind and simply sign his name? The forces of evil within the Church, men like Kasper, Marx, Maradiaga, Galantino, Danneels, the Jesuit T Martin, etc. do not hesitate to undersign their names to outrages, and those who oppose their dastardly projects shouldn’t hesitate to PUBLICLY chastise them.

    • Ever notice how in the modern Church that simply does not happen?

      Reminds me of how Republican congressmen treat their fellow Democrats. When speaking about them it’s “My good friend” or “My fellow Senator” or some such slush.

      The truth is we need a fight in the Church. Not a defensive one, either. We need our orthodox leaders to identify and speak directly to the enemies of the faith, calling them what is true, not massaging them with platitudes.

  20. I would like to see a moratorium, on Catholic websites, on references to the “gates of hell.” Especially since, 99% of the time, the “gates of hell” are portrayed as running around attacking the church.

  21. “BETRAYAL OF CHRIST” – by Hieronymus Bosch ca. 1500. – 1510.
    This painting “Betrayal of Christ” is a part of bigger picture/painting called “The Temptation of St. Anthony”. Jeroen Bosch painted it between 1500.-1510. Hieronymus (Jeroen) Bosch was a Dutch painter, from Aken Germany, (1450 – 1516) but has lived in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Duchy of Brabant, Burgundian Netherlands.
    He was a good Catholic with clever mind, en was also a very good friend with Erasmus of Rotterdam (who was a very good friend of Thomas Moore).
    You may be willing in our days to pay some more attention on his very prophetic works. Which he really deserves.

  22. At this point, why don’t we have a Conference for Rapprochement Between the Church and Satan? Because that’s pretty much the same thing going on here.

  23. I’m sorry. This article is over the top—as if we have never had heretics and false prophets in the Church. St. Paul said, from the very beginning, “I know that after my departure savage wolves will come among you, and they will not spare the flock” (Acts 20:29). Through every era and every age of the Church, we have had heresy, politics, divisions, and scandals. Nothing has changed. This is still Christ’s Church; the Church is still the ark of God’s people; the Pope is still the pope; the gates of hell will not prevail, even if they do some damage.

    I’m not scared. Everything’s happening as Jesus said it would. “Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid… I have told you this before it happens, so that when it happens you may believe.” (John 14:27, 29)

    Pray, chill, and pray some more.

    • And Christ also tells us the world does not go on indefinitely. There is much about our time that is different from other times. The apostasy and the immorality is staggering. The Flood, Sodom & Gommorah and Ninevah all had one thing in common with our age. No, this is not business as usual.

  24. Who, one wonders, is “the Big Shot”? The well-known and highly reliable lay Catholic commentators would hardly refer to themselves, or be acknowledged by one of the standing of Marco Tosatti by such a descriptor. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Tosatti’s correspondent is one of the ordained. And, to use such a descriptor, he must be a prelate, and evidently one with intimate, first-hand knowledge of the current shenanigans in the Bergoglio Vatican. It indicates that the cauldron has reached boiling point, and the lid is about to be blown sky-high.

  25. … “whose logo depicted a disturbed Christ holding a compass, the symbol of Freemasonry”. No, that is The Creation from an illuminated Bible, circa 1220 in Paris. Not sure how one gets “rapprochement” from a debate, either.

    I’m inclined to believe the worst about our heirarchs, but there’s an obligation to keep things objectively true when conveying information, otherwise it risks descending to the level of inflammatory gossip.

    • Google translation comes up with “to a meeting on “rapprochement” and this word conveys a better grip on what is planned as some Jesuits have officially spent decades in ‘interfaith’ discussions with Masons. Indifferentism, equality, fraternity and liberty are their specialities.

  26. God sees time in all one glance, so of course He sees today and the struggles we have to stay true. But let us keep up the good fight and do all we can to keep Holy Mother Church and the true teachings of Our Lord from the Bible. To defend Her no matter what. God is with us, and He sees our struggle, and He knows that we all are suffering who want to be true, and His Grace is sufficient for the day, for us. Let us pray to The Holy Spirit for guidance day by day, and listening who his promptings and Inspirations, let us follow what He wants us to do. God bless and love you, and hold you to your heart. Patricia

  27. … “whose logo depicted a disturbed Christ holding a compass, the symbol of Freemasonry”. Not exactly; that image is from an illuminated Bible, circa 1220, in Paris, and depicts the Creation.

  28. Hmmm. “Big Shot” only now is becoming aware of the times in which we live when the “signs of the times” have been increasingly evident since 1965? And, except for standing before Jesus’ Tribunal in a state of mortal sin, what is there to fear?

  29. I’ve twice posted comments regarding the compass image on the debate poster, both comments apparently removed by a moderator, although I hope I’m wrong about that and they’re missing only because of a technical problem. In the comments I pointed out that the image is from a medieval illuminated Bible. The first comment included a mild criticism and after it disappeared it occurred to me that a moderator might have taken offense so I removed the criticism and reposted the comment with only the facts. However, now that the second post is also gone it appears to me that the policy at 1P5 is to ignore the truth if it conflicts with the message. That tells me much about the character of this website which I had not previously suspected. Very disappointing, but good to know.

  30. And wait, that’s not all! In the midst of the apostasies we have AI and transhumanism waiting in the wings and evil elites who wish like Lucifer not to serve the true God but rather to be God themselves. Globalist “geniuses” in their own minds who wish to use the new technologies to dominate or destroy. (Can you say Agenda 2030 boys and girls? How about the “Stack and pack” cities of America 2050 where there’s a whole lot less of us in this country according to these Wise Planners. Fancy that…) The serpent is hissing to various Globalist Elites “Ye shall be as Gods knowing good [you guys] and evil [all your opposition]”

    I suspect God is going to pull the plug soon on these Soros-Zuckerberg-Bill Gates styled Frankensteins before soulless Humanoids and Robots run amok. Or maybe that’s the ultimate Chastisement, to let them have their way as they usher in not another brutal failed Glorious Utopia, but rather the Age of the Antichrist. We know how this story ends, but brace yourselves and your children for impact, folks! Kyrie Eleison Christe Eleison

  31. Mother Pascalina, Pope Pius XII’s secretary and confidant for 40 years, was asked by a young priest in Rome: “Either they were lying to us then (pre-Vatican II), or they are lying to us now (post-Vatican II). Which is it, Mother?”
    “They are lying to you NOW,” she said.

  32. I have never understood why the CC is still strongly anti-Masonic, when she is so friendly with Christian bodies that, not long ago, she criticised severely. If even atheists and heathens are treated respectfully, why not Masons as well ? Why are Masons regarded as worse than atheists, abortionists, homosexuals, Muslims, secularists, Anglicans & other Protestants, separated Easterners, Jews, animists and other heathens ? It seems very inconsistent. Every kind of non-Catholic seems to be tolerable at Rome – with that one exception. Very strange.

  33. I wouldn’t worry too much God always has this handled. Realise it will probably get worse before it gets better. Keep yourselves holy and in line with the chair of Peter. The tradition, the truth, the knowledge of our teaching church not always the same thing the prelates preach. GOD WILL NOT ABANDON HIS FAITHFUL. Vivat Christus Rex

  34. “whose logo depicted a disturbed Christ holding a compass, the symbol of Freemasonry.”

    About that Logo – Why am I not surprised to see more Flat earth propaganda from the Freemasons!!

    What a game they are playing. Take my comment off if you prefer me not to talk about it – but fellow Catholics – Take another look at that image above. That is not Christ sticking a compass in a tortilla shape thing – it’s yet another strange Masonic depiction of a guess what? Flat Earth.

    Flat earth everywhere

    The UN Flag is a flat earth design The Clock on the wall in Back to the Future is too, and the Disney Ducktales Logo most definitely was
    The Simpsons episodes keep making cracks about the Flat earth – and apparently even predicted President Trump in one episode about 20 or so years ago!
    Very strange!

    On the picture above, we have the Creator of ALL – Our Lord Jesus Christ – depicted (as in the oldest and to be perfectly honest most ACCURATE Biblical translations) creating a disk/ circle shaped earth as though with a Compass. (ie not a Globe The Douay Challoner version (the one you can buy today) states “Globe” – but NOT the “Vulgate” or the ORIGINAL Douay Rheims.)

    “I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the earth” Proverbs 8:27,

    “He sits above the circle (or compass) of the earth” Isaiah 40:22

    So on the picture, you see the Lord with His Compass, about to trace the Circle of the earth and if you look carefully, there is the Arctic in the centre – rather oversized though, and the antartic around the perimeter, and the Sun and Moon placed in the middle quite clear to view.
    Also (compare with rotating flat earth design below)

    Basically the Bible reveals that the earth is flat – 4 Popes said it was, (Hush!!) and guess what! these Freemasons with their strange obsession with flat earth Propaganda seem to be playing games with the concept.

    Barak Obama seemed to feel the need to bring up the topic of the”Flat earth” for some odd reason whenever he had a microphone put in front of him.

    The “Nasa” Logo actually depicts “that same Compass” mentioned in Proverbs and Isaiah

    Look at the UN logo – compare it with a flat earth map

    They have spent years mocking the Church saying She thought the earth was flat – yet as often is the case with these strange people, here they are (yet again) openly divulging the same information to us that is all over YOUTUBE at the moment.

    Is that “North Pole” deliberately coloured to ressemble a Holy Eucharist? .

    So what IS it Mr Mason with the “Flat earth”

    This actually turned out to be very interesting.


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