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An Important 22 April Conference in Rome Will Discuss the Confusion Stemming from Amoris Laetitia

An important Conference has been announced today by the Italian website La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana. On 22 April, there will be an international group of theologians and other Catholic specialists coming together in Rome — at the Columbus Hotel — in order to discuss publicly once more the troubling and confusing parts that are to be found in the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, especially in its chapter 8. The Italian publications La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana and Il Timone are hosting this event which seems to be meant to be a form of public fraternal correction. It is to be lauded because it gives Pope Francis a charitable occasion to make a correction of the scandalous path that he himself has entered, namely: to admit some of the “remarried” and divorced couples to the Sacraments. So far, we have abundant evidence that Pope Francis encourages such a path. The latest proofs of this papal attitude are Cardinal Reinhard Marx’ own testimony that Pope Franicis rejoiced over the liberalizing German pastoral guidelines permitting access to the Sacraments for some of the “remarried” divorcees, as well as the fact that Pope Francis has now chosen Professor Marie-Anne Pelletier — an ardent defender of the “remarried” divorcees — as the author of this year’s Via Crucis Meditations on Good Friday in Rome.

In the following text, we present the translation of an article which was published today by La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana. We wonder whether or not some of the Four Dubia Cardinals themselves will be present in attendance at that meeting, even if they do not appear on the conference schedule itself.

Translation courtesy of Mr. Andrew Guernsey


Witnesses From All Over the World With One Request: “Bring Clarity” Immediately on Amoris Laetitia

Riccardo Cascioli

April 1, 2017

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, in Rome at the Hotel Columbus in Via Della Conciliazione, an international conference will be held, organized by La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana and the monthly magazine Il Timone, entitled “Bringing Clarity One Year after Amoris Laetitia”. Why this title? It has been almost a year since the publication of the Post Synodal Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, a definitely very rich and vast document. But the focus has been primarily on Chapter 8, or rather the one [part] devoted to irregular situations, with particular emphasis on Communion for the divorced and remarried. It is clear that the interpretations in this year have been very different and even diametrically opposed, given also the objective ambiguity of the language used in this chapter. On the one hand, there are those who interpret the text in continuity with the previous magisterium: with utmost attention and care for divorced and remarried persons, but with the impossibility of receiving the Sacrament of Communion for those who live in an objective situation of adultery. On the other hand, there are, instead, those who think that one can receive Communion anyway under certain not well defined conditions and after a not well specified penitential journey. Therefore, there is a situation of evident confusion and disorientation, a completely new situation in the Catholic Church. This is why four cardinals have raised questions so that the Pope might make a clarifying intervention. It is a traditional procedure, called Dubia, in this case there are five questions to which the Pope ought to answer with a ‘yes’ or with a ‘no’. Questions that do not concern only Communion for the divorced and remarried, but concern the whole concept of Catholic morality. Because we must not forget that the stakes are very high and involve three Sacraments: Penance, the Eucharist and Matrimony. We are therefore touching upon the foundations of the Catholic Church. What happened? The Pope did not answer, so the Dubia were made public to facilitate the debate. And debate there was, even insults and threats to the cardinals of Dubia were not lacking, but the Pope’s answer has still not yet arrived. We believe an answer is more necessary and urgent than ever, and it is not just a few elderly cardinals demanding it, as some would have you believe, but rather it is a widespread need in the Church around the world.

Update, 2 April: Mr. Riccardo Cascioli has told OnePeterFive that he will send us further information and the program within the next few days. We will inform our readers about it as soon as we receive that information. So far, we know that Anna Silvas (Australia), Douglas Farrow (Canada), Jean Paul Messina (Camerun), Thibaud Collin (France), Claudio Pierantoni (Chile) will be among the speakers, as well as Juergen Liminski (Germany). Edward Pentin speaks on his Twitter account about a “major conference of lay people.”

Update, 4 April: The program for the conference has now been released, including speaker names and topics.

103 thoughts on “An Important 22 April Conference in Rome Will Discuss the Confusion Stemming from Amoris Laetitia”

  1. I think it would be very good if these “Catholic specialists” were bishops or cardinals.
    I have become a bit tired by the talk and the words and the writings of many well intended and faithful.
    What Pope Francis needs to actually see, are bishops who will show up physically for such a grand get together as this. Then it truly would be grand. And, just maybe, this show of force by the bishops, can
    truly show Pope Francis, this is a very, very serious matter, so serious, that many bishops and cardinals are willingly to risk everything for it. He deserves that, as the Vicar of Christ.

    “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” (James 4:17)

    • I agree. At this point, it seems that the laity have done all that we can do . . . there has to be strong and definitive action from Cardinals and Bishops. Will they ever man up?

    • addedum: When I referred to a “show of force”, I did not mean to imply bullying the pope.
      But showing the pope, in an honest and truthful way, the great gravity of the situation.

    • Yes indeed it would be good to have Cardinals and Bishops. Still we do what we can because after all, we are as much a part of the body of Christ. The Pope is not the head of the Body for Christ is the Head. So, every little thing we do makes a difference.

    • Don’t underestimate this conference. We have to remember it is not we the lay people or even the Cardinals in control. It is the Lord God in control of it ALL! Our job is to show up and do our best. He will honor that and steer the ship. He takes care of all of our missteps. If we the Church Militant do the best we can for Our Lord, He will right the wrongs.

      Lord God come to our aide. Our Lady of Fatima pray for us. Jesus we TRUST IN YOU.

    • Maybe there’ll be a surprise presentation by Cardinals Burke, Caffara, Brandmuller, and Meisner that will be the public correction of Pope Francis? Maybe? We can hope? 😀

      • Yes Jafin, we must always hope, and never fail to do what is right.
        I am sorry if I sounded a bit hopeless about the upcoming conference.
        Regardless of who shows up, our Lord sees and I am certain He will be pleased.
        At the end of the end day, that is what it is all about: to please our Lord.
        May God be with them, and I shall be praying extra hard for them all and for Pope Francis as well.

        God bless you.

        • I’m frustrated by the lack of action from the good cardinals too. Why do they hesitate? I understand that making a formal correction of a sitting Pope must seem to be a monumental risk, and a terrifying proposition, but surely before sending the dubia, and certainly before making them public they wrestled with and settled this in their hearts? But I am encouraged by this news. If the bishops and priests won’t step forward, then the laity will. Someone must. I hope this is a catalyst that let’s the bishops know we expect them to do their duty (those who are faithful or sitting on the fence), and encourages them to do what they must, and protect the faith, from any enemy, from within or without.

          • “If the bishops and priests won’t step forward, then the laity will.”…..and DO WHAT?

            What could you possibly imagine or expect the LAITY to do?….”Correct” the POPE?…the Successor to the Throne of Saint Peter? Supreme Pontiff of the universal Church? Vicar of Christ, Himself, on this planet earth?…..are you kidding????

            At the end of the day, and above ALL else, Francis is PETER. There is NO power on this earth, anywhere and from anyone, that can judge him, or abrogate anything that he says, let alone remove him – or force him to be removed – from the Petrine office and ministry….none, NONE on this earth.

            He is PETER, his authority is absolute, immediate and supreme, and we must, if we are to survive and maintain our Faith in this very dark era of the Church, come to realize that very fundamental and unavoidable fact. There is no “act” of correction (formal or otherwise) in this world that ANYONE – laity, theologians, priests, bishops, cardinals – can legitimately perform upon he who holds the Keys to Christ’s Kingdom and reigns from the Chair of Peter.

            Only God can correct a Pope…only God can remove a Pope…our role as laity is to fast, pray, do penance and reparations, and remain in a state of grace, holding fast to the unchanging and immutable Faith as it was handed down to us from ages past, ever hidden in the Immaculate Heart of our Most Holy and Beloved Virgin Mother and Our Lord Jesus Christ….that is ALL we can do….

            FRANCIS IS PETER.

          • Enough with this papal positivism nonsense.
            Francis contradicts the popes before him. The Church is not a totalitarian regime.

          • St. Paul corrected Peter. It’s recorded in Galatians chapter 2. St. Catherine of Siena corrected the pope in telling him to return to Rome. An ecumenical council corrected Pope Marcellinus (later saint) after he offered incense to idols to the point he abdicated the papacy (and was reelected). Pope John XXII was corrected regarding his own material heresy (which he repented of on his deathbed). So clearly your understanding is skewed. Any correction would be an inferior to a superior. While you’re right that Peter has supreme authority, he is not above reproach.

            The laity have no juridical power, but the voice of the faithful cannot be discounted.

  2. Maybe the conclusions reached at that Conference will be released on May 13th. How appropriate would that be? Fatima will have the last word in all these matters.

  3. Has Pope Francis boxed himself into a corner? If he has, then even he must know that he cannot remain there; he will need, at some point in the near future, to “come out fighting”. His evident strategy of keeping his head down while he relies on compliant bishops’ conferences to advance his agenda is looking increasingly like a failure. The pressure is sure to mount as a result of this forthcoming conference, and others that may well follow it. Will he be able to get by with his “peronist” tactic of “indicate right, but turn left”? Time is short, and he knows it. He will soon be forced to declare his hand, and either way, he loses. The Church is too polarised on this issue, and if he opts for orthodoxy, his erstwhile ‘progressive’ friends; (or fiends?), will not be particularly philosophical about it. They put him there to do a particular job, and they won’t take kindly to a retreat.

    • Although I pray it will not happen, it is quite possible that the conference will end up being a prime example of the disunity within the Church because it is unlikely that either side of the issue will be the only ones in attendance. Both sides will be there, including, perhaps, many of the fence sitters. If this should happen there could be enormous additional damage done to the Church and a furthering of Satan’s objective. We, all faithful Catholics, must join forces both in prayer and in action to demand not only clarity on this issue; but a full return to orthodoxy and authentic Catholicism.

      • I anticipate this may well be on the way of happening. Let me to share with you my recent experience from a Catholic Conference. I quote from my notes:
        “A sad flop was a Sunday morning solo
        lecture by the (already retired) Catholic Bishop Fr. P.E. ( I use only his initials in this forum for obvious reasons). Not only he did not say anything which was not known to average Catholics, but that little what he read to us in his tired voice and shown us by his weary expression, has left most of the attendees disappointed. When asked about some controversial
        issues surrounding Amoris Laetitia he took a certain intellectual pleasure – to me a slightly perverted one – by telling us that what he does is sitting on the fence, which is (according to him) a true job of the Bishop. How pathetic, how empty and how illustrative of
        the malaise the Church is in! ”
        God bless and guide us!

        • What are the “obvious reasons” that only his initials P.E. were used? Sorry I can’t think of any specific reasons why his identity should be shield.
          He sounded like many of the bishops I know.

    • At this point, I know of the German journalist Juergen Liminski; we will try to further research it and write a follow-up article. Some of the speakers come from Australia, Chile, Canada and France. It will be a conference with weight; several of our Rome sources consider it to be an important historical event.

        • When you go to the Nuova Bussola link (in my article), Riccardo Cascioli has a little video message in Italian at the end of which he mentions some names. I could not make them all out, but reached out to him for further information. Edward Pentin on his Twitter account calls it a “major conference of lay people” which does not exclude that some prelates might be present, too, as rumor has it.

          • Thanks Maike, I see also another update from you below so I shall comment there. God bless and thanks for the info!

          • Here are some names: Anna Silvas (Australia), Douglas Farrow (Canada), Jean Paul Messina (Camerun), Thibaud Collin (France), Claudio Pierantoni (Chile); I just received them kindly from Mr. Riccardo Cascioli

          • Hi Pavel. From Sydney. We have a good traditional support base here. I need it. I’m “relatively young” and did not grow up with the Traditional Latin Mass.

          • Thanks, sorry for being late. Good to hear from you and about the TLM in Sydney. Perhaps you could send me a contact? I’m in rural QLd and not far (almost 1 hour drive) from Toowoomba we have a SSPX Mass every Sunday afternoon. The priest is actually a Maronite Catholic…

          • Hi Pavel! We actually used to attend Maronite Catholic masses when we could not find a Latin Mass. And we’ve been to Toowoomba as well. The FSSP are in Sydney ( a few places) and Canberra at present. However they will Probably know of one in QLD as they have priests who are sympathetic. They offer excellent spiritual advice and you could even just call and speak to one of them. Check out FSSP Australia. If you decide to visit Sydney, let me know and I’ll meet you at Mass. You could attend our wonderful prayer group if you wanted & we could exchange news on the Catholic front. It’s sometimes good to not feel alone. We can also put you in touch with a QLD prayer group.

          • Thank you very much for the kind reply and I do sincerely apologize for such a delay replying (my wife got seriously sick, but thanks to the Lord recovering well). I have found a SSPX group and keep in touch with them. They have a Holy Mass in Greenmont outside Toowoomba every Sunday. God bless. PS: If I happen to visit our son in (will be soon transferred to) Sydney, I may get into contact with you. God bless

          • Pavel, that’s wonderful for your son! And I’m very glad to hear your wife is recovered. I’d love to meet you both. I’m sure we would have plenty to discuss. The mass you need to encourage him to attend is either the Latin Mass at Lewisham or the Mass at St Mark’s Prospect NSW. It’s the same order; FSSP. And a friend and fellow prayer warrior goes to the SSPX at Campbelltown. Our prayer group is near Parramatta and we meet at least weekly. We always like to meet new fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, pray the Rosary and share resources. We have even had visitors from New Zealand although we are not large in number; usually 12 or 13. If you are inclined to think of it again, when you are coming to Sydney, I will give you contact details.

          • Thank you DonnaLiane for your kind words. I’m happy to hear about the religious and prayer life in bigger Sydney. Perhaps, if you wouldn’t mind we could communicate directly via email. Mine is bsaigl_at(I trust you know it means@)_bigpond, Could I ask you to send me first a test email? God bless!

        • Theologians, scholars, and priests carry weight. It’s not the same as if it were held by prelates, but it can still be significant. Regardless of how things play out, we’re watching history unfold.

          • Thank you for this. There are important times in the history of the Church that a layperson, man or woman (Catherine of Siena, for one) have had profound effect on the Papacy, and therefore the correction of the Church.

            Here is a pertinent quote from the Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen:

            “Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops, like bishops, and your religious act like religious.” – Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, 1972

  4. One thing I have been thinking about lately is that it is very ironic that Pope Francis, during the year of Mercy, would fail to counsel the doubtful. Counseling the doubtful is one of the seven Spiritual Works of Mercy.

      • John hints at the apparitions of Jesus in Paray-le-Monial to Margaret Mary Alacoque in 1689. The Sacred Heart asked for the King Louis XIV to consecrate the kingdom. of France to Him.
        The king didn’t comply nor did his successors. And 100 years later, day to day, after the apparitions the Revolution began. The king Louis XVI was jailed. He lately did the Consecration Act while in jail but this didn’t prevent him to lose his head in 1793.
        Our blessed Mother reminded this to Sr Lucia during an apparition before WWII predicting that “my ministers” (the Pope, the cardinals &c.) will undergo the same fate if they fail to consecrate Russia properly (in name, in union with the world’s bishops) to the IHM.

      • Jesus at Tuy, so told seer of Fatima the pope would fall into misfortune if consecration not done, like king of France. King of Frank guillotined for not consecrating France to Sacred Heart of Jesus

  5. What confusion? He has been perfectly clear to anyone who can face reality. It is getting to the point that those who can’t face the reality of a heretic Pope are only helping his evil agenda.

  6. Bergoglio’s strategy is a smashing success. He is sowing confusion, fear, and error. He is enjoying being the Pope. He is driving the Catholic Church ever closer to schism. He is promoting sodomy, adultery, fornication, and abortion. He is serving his super-wealthy Communist masters. He has absolutely no incentive to change course.

  7. Another thing that comes to mind is a prophecy presented in Desmond Birch’s book Trial, Tribulation and Triumph, that describes the end times leading up to the minor chastisement as riddled with heresies and an “endless senseless debate.” I’ll try to locate it and post.

    • 46.2 The fifth period is one of affliction, desolation, humiliation, and poverty for the Church. Jesus Christ will purify His people through cruel wars, famines, plague epidemics, and other horrible calamities. He will also afflict and weaken the Latin Church with many heresies. It is a period of defections, calamities and extermination. Those Christians who survive the sword, plague and famines, will be few on earth. Nations will fight against nations, and will be desolated by internecine dissensions.

      46.4 Are we not to fear, during this period, that the Mohammedans will come again, working out their sinister schemes against the Latin Church?

      Venerable Bartholornew Holzhauser (Born in the 17th century, in Germany) | Catholic Prophecy by Yves Dupont –

    • I fear most laity do not know what’s going on, and even more disturbing believe him to be a wonderful Pope. I pray I am wrong.

  8. Any conferences however big they be and however many theologians may attend, including the Dubia Cardinals or other prelates who support them, it is not going to make any difference to PF. Only he can correct himself and only God can move him to do that. So pray the Rosary fervently daily for this intention.

  9. The date of your announcement, April 1, Maike, reminds us that the conference will probably be a joke to our dear Pope, if not a source of anger. How unfortunate for all of us. Let us always pray for Pope Francis.

  10. Pray to the Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen to intercede on behalf of the good and scholarly laypeople who are producing and speaking at this conference. A com-box speaker awhile ago suggested a “Million Catholic March” on Rome to protest AL and much else amiss in this Papacy. Perhaps this upcoming conference, being a more refined version of that idea, will bear weight that we cannot yet know:

    “Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops, like bishops, and your religious act like religious.” – Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, 1972

  11. ” Pope Francis has now chosen Professor Marie-Anne Pelletier — an ardent defender of the “remarried” divorcees — as the author of this year’s Via Crucis Meditations on Good Friday in Rome.”

    Unbelievable. She gave a paper at the Shadow Synod in the summer of 2015. I summarised it as follows:

    “Professor Doctor Anne-Marie Pelletier said that sacramental marriage is a trap best to be avoided. This was the initial reaction of Christ’s disciples but I doubt if she agrees with His statement that celibacy is the only alternative if you have the gift. Basically the modern world, according to her, has given the lie to Christ’s teaching on indissolubility.”

    Basically she says that Jesus was lying and we must accept that in the modern world fidelity means successive fidelities as far as ‘marriage’ is concerned. For a fuller summary see my article at:
    You might have to scroll down to find Part 1 of my notes on the Shadow Synod.

    • Ah yes, serial polygamy.

      Francis is guilty not only by what he says but also by what he does and who he selects.

      Read your link. It is quite damning. The lie that spews out of this woman’s mouth will surely make its way to the Meditations. The devil doing a Via Crucis Meditation. Strange idea.

  12. Pope Francis is driving a wedge, or leveraging, into the weak spot in the Body of Christ: obedience to the Sixth Commandment. Instead of dressing the wound by boldly proclaiming God’s law on the matter and exhorting observance, he’s flailing it with a stick on an almost daily basis. With insider’s knowledge he identified the crack and fulcrum. He pursues his agenda relentlessly.

  13. Here is the section in Desmond Birch’s book Trial, Tribulation and Triumph: Before, During and after Antichrist…”centuries ago, prophecies were written down which specifically named the time for their fulfillment as the 20th century. They come from sources which have been approved by the church. There are two things which those prophecies have in common. They predict that ours will be an age in which “heresy” becomes rampant in the church in the west. They predict that a major source of this heresy will be “senseless questions and elaborate arguments.” They predict those questions and arguments which will be used to challenge even the most basic beliefs of Christianity no matter how time-honored and venerable they might be.”

  14. Very important. History must show that many of the Faithful were fighting for truth of the Gospel and the perennial teaching of the Church. Because these attempts at heresy will pass away but the Word of God will not. 100 years from now the writings will be there. I don’t know how many people in say my corner of the world (Caribbean) even understand what is happening (which could be a good thing). Let’s pray for this papal parenthesis to pass and very soon.

  15. This sounds like a good idea. We need clarity on these issues, and the laity must provide it if the pope will not provide it. I guess the pope shouldn’t have to provide it, except that he published the document that has caused the recent controversy. Still, the Bible is clear when it says “Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turning upon you, they tear you.” Pope Francis has no authority to defy that. If he attempts to do so, then the faithful are bound to preach against him.

  16. The Great Stalin sometimes rests from his labours on behalf of the groaning Proletariat at his humble Crimean dacha, where he relaxes by studying the Collected Works of Lenin along with nubile Party Workers Masha, Dasha, Sasha and Natasha.

    If what Beria tells me about AL is true, it’s time to convert to Catholicism without any need to change holiday arrangements.

  17. For those not aware of Dr Anna Silvas’ takedown of Amoris Laetitia [and of Pope Francis’ manner of teaching], they ought to familiarize themselves with her ‘ Some Concerns about Amoris Laetitia’.

    She is no lightweight.

    Her irrefutable and insightful argumentation has even been noticed by the Beast’s magazine:

    Last year Anna Silvas, an Australian scholar, charged the pope with writing “tracts of homespun, avuncular advice that could be given by any secular journalist without the faith — the sort of thing to be found in the pages of Readers Digest”. – Is the pope Catholic? Francis is facing down opposition from traditionalists and Vatican bureaucrats

    Let’s pray for the good fruits from this conference and for wisdom, light, and courage for its participants.


    PS As for Dr. Claudio Pierantoni, Universidad de Chile – Facultad de Filosofía, see his ‘The Arian crisis and the current controversy about Amoris laetitia: a parallel’. He is No. 26. [Dr. Silva is No. 2] under Laity here: Pro Domine et Ecclesia et Pontifice contra #AmorisLaetitia; Petitions: To the Pope; To all Catholic Cardinals; To all Catholic Bishops

    Just from these two, I am very encouraged.


    The regionalism that we are currently witnessing in the West, under the rubric of “discernment of situations,” is the result of a failure to discern both the nature of the sacraments and the situation of the Church. The old gods, sex, mammon, and death, are reviving and reasserting themselves as the gods of autonomy. They are beginning to press their hands on the faithless and the faithful alike. They are groping even for the holy sacraments, that they might defile them. In this situation, do we really need more talk about the internal forum and “the sacred ground of the other”? My emphasisDiscernment of situation, March 2017 | First Things – we must not forget the sacramental nature of the church by Douglas Farrow, Professor of Christian thought, McGill University (Canada)

    Cf. Rome Conference of Laity to Call for Clarity on ‘Amoris Laetitia’ by Edward Pentin | NCR –

  18. What is so striking is Francis’ apparent lack of concern and care for the many who are genuinely troubled by A.L., as if it’s beneath his dignity to provie clarification.


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