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The Persecution of Orthodoxy

Deacon Asks: How Many Priests Have Lost Their Faith?

The Pity and the Pretense   “Fidelity, fidelity, fidelity!” –Father Richard John Neuhaus (1936-2009) Father Frank Fourberie (fictitious) is fifty-eight years old. He has been a priest for thirty years, and he is now pastor of a large urban church in a major American city. Father Fourberie is a generally kind, thoughtful, and generous man.…


Black Lives Matter and Anarcho-Tyranny in the Church

When Garces Memorial High School sacked theology teacher Tim Gordon for telling the truth about Black Lives Matter, the school divulged a dirty little secret about the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Just as ruling-class elites in both political parties in the United States despise the deplorables who voted for President Trump, the ruling-class elites…

knight danger

Danger to Catholics during the Coronavirus Panic

As the COVID-19, Chinese communist, Wuhan coronavirus pandemic (pick your modifier) crisis continues, faithful Catholics from all sides have divided on the issue. The spectrum of opinions ranges from those faithful Catholics taking the virus very seriously and advocating for great caution to those other faithful Catholics dismissing the whole thing as an overblown and…

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