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Black Lives Matter and Anarcho-Tyranny in the Church

When Garces Memorial High School sacked theology teacher Tim Gordon for telling the truth about Black Lives Matter, the school divulged a dirty little secret about the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

Just as ruling-class elites in both political parties in the United States despise the deplorables who voted for President Trump, the ruling-class elites in the Church despise the unenlightened who don’t care for Cultural Marxism and the other pet projects of the radical left, such as open borders and, now, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) crusade against imagined “systemic racism.”

A Marxist revolutionary group that cloaks itself in the mantle of racial and social justice, BLM opposes just about everything the Church teaches. But that didn’t matter. Indeed, the Diocese of Fresno apparently sympathizes with BLM’s anti-American, anti-Christian ideology. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have fired Gordon for telling the truth.

But Gordon did something invaluable. By forcing a Catholic bishop to join hands with black supremacists who promote arson, looting, racial strife, and violent revolution, not to mention sodomy and the destruction of the family, he showed us that the Church is now part of what the late columnist Sam Francis called the “anarcho-tyranny.”

Thus is it waging spiritual and ideological war against orthodox Catholics such as Tim Gordon.

Off with Their Heads

What happened is by now well known in Catholic circles.

Gordon uttered a heresy.

The torch-burning mob assembled.

The auto-da-fé commenced.

Whether the BLM inquisitors inside the Church will stage a bonfire of the vanities to destroy his books is anyone’s guess, but in any event, the significant thing about Gordon’s defenestration is that he is guilty of nothing more than wrongthink.

That was enough, and he is not alone. Three top journalists have lost jobs.

  • Grant Napear, play-by-play announcer for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, tweeted “All Lives Matter” and lost his job.
  • The top editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Stan Wischnowski, OKed the headline “Buildings Matter, Too” and was forced to quit.
  • James Bennet, opinions chief at The New York Times, resigned his post. His crime? He published a piece by Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican, that called for using force against the BLM rioters.

Superficially, the firings show that BLM controls not only reporting, commentary, and public debate on these matters, including the elephant in the room, black criminality, but also the personnel department of every major institution in the country, including the Church.

Say the wrong thing, and a BLM sympathizer will call your boss and tell him to fire you. Or he might not have to. Your boss will know what to do if he sees your Twitter feed. BLM’s expectations are quite clear.

So are the Church’s, given that it accepts and now promulgates BLM’s Big Lie: that American society is inherently and irredeemably racist and unjust and that cops routinely mistreat blacks for no reason. That lie is the excuse for the destruction of Confederate monuments and statues of Christopher Columbus and even abolitionists. The philistines aren’t just rewriting American history, either. They’re rewriting the history of the Church in America, too. Three years ago, they vandalized statues of Saint Junipero Serra.

What have the bishops called the BLM attack on our social order and way of life, by the way? The riots, looting, vandalism, and murder are a “wake-up” call to racism. One wonders when the bishops will force the Dominicans to apologize for educating Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy.


So of course, Tim Gordon had to go.

Yet his unjust firing — unjust because it is rooted in the BLM lie and a lie about Gordon himself — does not mean that political correctness is the least of the Church’s problems. That’s true enough, again, superficially.

But a deeper contemplation of what’s at work divulges something else entirely: the bishops have adopted the strategy and tactics of the anarcho-tyranny that secular authorities have imposed on society at large.

Francis coined the phrase years ago to describe “the combination of oppressive government power against the innocent and the law-abiding and, simultaneously, a grotesque paralysis of the ability or the will to use that power to carry out basic public duties such as protection of public safety.”

A recent example: In the middle of what we were told was a deadly pandemic that required “lockdown” and wearing masks in public, the authorities have encouraged mass protests even as they forbid public gatherings of more than 10 people.

Frighteningly, the Church — whose martyred saints suffered the rack, iron hooks, molten lead,  boiling oil, drowning, beheading, quartering, and disemboweling for saying or attending Mass — meekly complied and, as a practical matter, closed its doors for two months. Masses everywhere were canceled and have now resumed only with severe restrictions.

Burn, loot, and “protest”? That’s just fine.

Go to church? That’s a crime.

It’s anarchy on the one hand and tyranny on the other.

So canceling Gordon — also a “homophobe” and “Islamophobe,” by the way, because he’s a traditional Catholic — was unsurprising. Even as the episcopacy and its parish enforcers permit  doctrinal and spiritual anarchy, they punish orthodoxy and wrongthink.

In 2012, for instance, Bishop Barry Knestout, then of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. and now in Richmond, Va., removed the priestly faculties of Father Marcel Guarnizo because he rightly denied Holy Communion to an active lesbian Buddhist.

Meanwhile, Jesuit priest James Martin was and still is prancing hither and thither denying biological reality and the complementarity of the sexes and advocating the mortal sin of sodomy.

Two years ago, when Catholic bishops confabulated in Baltimore, some of us expected action on the homosexual mafia that has infiltrated and, some believe with good reason, controls the Church. Instead, we received a long missive on “racism.” Ignoring the homosexual subversion of the priesthood was somewhat unsurprising, given that many bishops are likely part of the Lavender Mob, but it still makes the point: when the bishops had a chance to denounce sodomites in the collar, they instead denounced “racists” in the pews. That’s why Gordon had to go.

Pope Francis harasses, marginalizes, and denounces traditionalist Catholics and priests, but he permits pagan idol worship and invents the new doctrine of “ecological sin.” Recall his bizarre and scientifically ignorant claim that the coronavirus is nature’s “response” to man’s neglect of the environment.

Call it spiritual anarchy on the one hand and spiritual tyranny on the other.

Not that the anarcho-tyranny inside the Church is anything new. Let us not forget perhaps the premier victim of Vatican anarcho-tyranny, Archbishop Marcel Lefebrve.

What It Means

Some advice for those with similar views to Gordon’s: Be prepared to lose your livelihood if you consider witnessing truth a duty and have a Twitter feed.

Fair, rational people are not running the Church. Our masters, who are not our betters, are leftist ruling-class ideologues who hate men like Gordon, his family, and everything they believe. They don’t think he should be allowed to breathe, let alone teach in a Catholic school.

As someone told me long ago, we are at war. The events of the past two weeks — the burned buildings, the toppled statues, and now, a full six blocks of Seattle seized by openly communist agitators — suggest that war is worsening.

Like those running our country, the men running the Church are waging spiritual and ideological war against us by labeling as “racist” anyone with even mildly conservative views. They have done so for years by anathematizing those who oppose illegal immigration, and now they are joining BLM’s war against us and the country our forbears left us.

The sooner we admit that, the sooner we understand what the Church hierarchy is doing, the sooner we can begin taking back our Church.

Image: Rob Bulmahn via Flickr (cropped).

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