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Cardinal Marx: Catholic Church Should “Apologize to Gay Community”

Reinhard_kardinal_marx2Cardinal Reinhard Marx is the head of the German bishops conference and  a member of the council of nine cardinals who act as Pope Francis’ closest advisers. He is also well-known as a heterodox bishop an extreme ideological progressive. He famously announced, in February 2015, that the German Church is “not just a subsidiary of Rome,” and that “Each episcopal conference is responsible for the pastoral care in their culture and has to proclaim the Gospel in its own unique way. We cannot wait until a synod states something, as we have to carry out marriage and family ministry here.”

And yet at some point, his concerns were assuaged, since he changed his tune to one of lock-step obedience by last October. Such docility!

“We must try to remain together,” he said. “The Church is the only institution in the world that can reach unanimous agreement. Thank God we have the pope. We bishops do not have to decide. Church unity is not in danger. And once the pope has decided, we will abide by his decision.”

As I said at the time, such a profound reversal indicated that here was a man who clearly had been assured that he would be getting exactly what he wanted. And so he did, as Amoris Laetitia has proven. In fact, Marx was given the task of presenting Amoris Laetitia in L’Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican. In April, the German cardinal praised Amoris Laetitia, saying:

[H]e [Pope Francis] leads this doctrine back to its kernel and to the language that comes from the Gospels so that some things can be newly discovered. Even the indication that existing doctrines and norms of the Church are in need of an adaptation in the pastoral practice, is not [however]  a novelty which Pope Francis introduces.

In these examples, we see the profile of a man empowered. A friend and trusted confidante of the pope, a leader of his peers, a revolutionary who has united himself to the greater cause. A man in a position of such prominence must be very careful not to embarrass the boss, so to speak. He carries not just the weight of his own positions, but those of the very Vicar of Christ who has brought him into his inner circle. Which is why his comments this week in Dublin can’t be taken as merely his own opinion:

A leading cardinal has said the Catholic Church should apologise to the gay community for its scandalous and terrible treatment of them, which had not changed until “very recently”.

Speaking in Dublin, Cardinal Reinhard Marx said: “The history of homosexuals in our societies is very bad because we’ve done a lot to marginalise [them].”

As church and society “we’ve also to say ‘sorry, sorry’ ”.


Until “very recently”, the church, but also society at large, had been “very negative about gay people . . . it was the whole society. It was a scandal and terrible,” he told The Irish Times after speaking at a conference held in Trinity College.

He said he had “shocked” people at the October 2014 extraordinary synod of bishops in Rome when he asked how it was possible to dismiss as worthless a same-sex relationship of years duration where both men had been faithful.

“We have to respect the decisions of people. We have to respect also, as I said in the first synod on the family, some were shocked but I think it’s normal, you cannot say that a relationship between a man and a man and they are faithful [that] that is nothing, that has no worth,” he said.


It is up to the state “to make regulations for homosexuals so they have equal rights or nearly equal . . . but marriage is another point”, he said. The secular state “has to regulate these partnerships and to bring them into a just position and we as church cannot be against it”.

I don’t really think my commentary at this point is necessary.

For what it’s worth (very little) the cardinal stops short of saying he supports “gay marriage.” His one concession to decency is that “in all the history of mankind that [marriage] was the relationship between one man and woman, two who are open to give life for the next generation and that is a special relationship I think.” Echoing Francis himself, he also asserts that the state “must be secular. The state is not a Christian state.”

I can say to you with absolute moral certitude that as outrageous as they are, Pope Francis will not correct Cardinal Marx on any of these points. Francis has no qualms — none whatsoever — about being closely associated with a man who thinks this way. One can only surmise that this is because he unequivocally agrees with him.

But it isn’t proper for a man of the pope’s stature to say such things. This is why we have his cavalry of stalking horses, his army of surrogates. This is why we have the Vatican communications strategy that we do.

Meanwhile, in Austria, Cardinal Schönborn is the man whom Pope Francis entrusted with the interpretation of his magnum opusAmoris Laetitia. When not praising cohabitation and gay relationships, Schönborn evidently enjoys donning the garb of the false (though comparatively noble) religion of the Sikhs.

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This is not the Catholicism of our forefathers. It’s enough to make one weep.

151 thoughts on “Cardinal Marx: Catholic Church Should “Apologize to Gay Community””

  1. These men do not believe that Jesus Christ is the incarnate word of God or the other truths of our Holy Catholic Faith. They aren’t just heretics, they are apostates, completely lacking the virtue of supernatural faith.

  2. There’s a Catholic cardinal in Spain whom the “gay empire” would much like to crucify. Would they be able to find at least one prelate in Germany whom they can lift onto the cross?

    • Seriously—with all the bratwurst, weinerschnitzel and beer, it’s going to take a few good men to hoist them up there.

    • I am currently reading Robert Cardinal Sarah’s God or Nothing. He says in Chapter V. pg 164:

      This way of understanding human relations is actually an attack on homosexual persons, who are victims of ideologues who do not care about their lot.

      Their goal, the destruction of the Church by any means. The varied number of victims is of no consequence to them.

    • It is rather sickening is it not? I heard a very brilliant psychologist back in the 80’s say that men who wear beards or need hair all over their face, are hiding something. Obviously this german dude is hiding much.

      “Sex with children is wrong. What’s clear today was not always thought to be the case in Germany. A new study shows how much support pedophilia had decades ago among Green politicians.” Read and weep….

      • Brilliant psychologist??? They were probably just tired of all those 70’s/80’s beards.

        Jesus had a beard. And the tally of saints who did…?

        Do keep on speaking up against this evil though!!! God bless you!

        • Check out the video put out by Quest Labs, the largest lab company in the country..then come back and tell me you’d love to kiss a guy with a beard. Quest was not around 20 centuries ago!

          I have posted the url above.

          PGMGM says, “Then the beard is now a disguise, a pretense to appear as a grown, earnest, active and vigorous man.” Judging by the numbers of men, both young and old wearing them today, methinks that PFMGM is spot on. The feminists have done such a job on men, that growing facial hair appears the only way they can now distinquish themselves from the feminist frumps.

          • lol. I think cleanliness is the key. Give it a good and proper wash!

            My husband has a beard, and could never be accused of not keeping it clean. I have been known to give him the odd kiss or two, scratchiness and all, and shall do so in the future, if he’s good lol 😉

          • “‘PGMGM says, “Then the beard is now a disguise, a pretense to appear as a grown, earnest, active and vigorous man.” Judging by the numbers of men, both young and old wearing them today, methinks that PFMGM is spot on. The feminists have done such a job on men, that growing facial hair appears the only way they can now distinquish themselves from the feminist frumps.”

            I have thought this and I do hope, as you say, that this is a sign of the modern man trying to show himself distinctly as being a man, a step to reclaiming manhood.

        • Guess you could say it is true that for millennia beards were considered manly….Gillette razors took a few centuries to enter the scene. Since the onset of razors we find that at least one sex has a different take on hairy dudes.

          “A seminal 1993 study found that women who looked at men with beards believed the wearers of facial hair to have lower “mental competence,” said the study’s author, John Krantz.

          And when researchers from New Zealand and Canada showed 200 women pictures of the same 19 men with and without beards, the results clearly showed women prefer their men clean-shaven.”
          I rest my case. I don’t necessarily see a hairy dude as less bright nor a Neanderthal, however it often reeks of laziness, if not a downright refusal to please the woman in his life.
          Lastly Quest Diagnostics research on the filth found in beards is enough to turn any woman off….hard to find any woman that would revel in germ land and tidbit crumbs.

    • It’s a leftist affectation. Telegraphs gritty authenticity, doncha know. All of a piece with the transgressive Zeitgeist of the past 200+ years, insisting on repudiation of tradition and traditional frames of reference. Everything is relative and up for grabs.

  3. At this point, all we can do is document everything that this pope and his minions say and do so that a future church Council and a future pope will then possess all the facts necessary to declare them all heretics. It is painfully obvious at this point that nearly every cardinal and bishop who remain silent about Francis will continue down the road to perdition.

    This situation in the Church is somewhat comparable to Obama getting away with violating the laws of the land and the US House not doing their constitutional duty to impeach and send the matter to the US Senate for trial. Maybe not the best comparison, but it is the best I can think of right now. The College of Cardinals and the College of Bishops (save a small handful) remain stunningly silent in the face of outright heresy.

    Unbelievable. I am out of words to say. Only prayer remains.

    • Only prayer remains

      Hell, no. There is planting, growing, and caring for a garden, making bread, roasts of all manner, potatoes roasted in duck fat, roasted carrots, laughing with your wife and children, and drinking some quality wine made from Cabernet or Nebbiolo grapes.

      Even with these clowns we are wildly blessed….Don’t let their heterodoxy be an anchor on your soul (OK, they are an anchor on the soul of IANS at times also) but find a Byzantine Rite Catholic Church close to you and immerse your own self in the Divine Liturgy

    • Fact is both bama and pope are on same page on many issues. The Church has always played a hugh role in politics. It is only ignorant Catholics who never want to learn the truth or study what is really going on. The prez and the pope are both on the same page regarding the refugee resettlement program. The Pope wants it to keep on for the Vatican is getting millions of OUR tax dollars for bringing them in. Then we get to babysit them forever as 90% of these men stay on the dole with liberal welfare programs…one of the reasons why the Brits wanted out of a socialist system. Why do you think Francis badmouths Trump?

  4. As church and society “we’ve also to say ‘sorry, sorry’ ”.

    …and Pope John Paul II the Grrreat’s apology tour continues.

    • Tallorder, yes. One wishes, however, that Pope This or Cardinal That would apologize for his own sins…instead of reveling in them.
      And I can’t begin to tell you how much I love looking at Belloc’s picture when you comment. He was the best.

  5. Maybe the Church should also apologize the thieves too. I mean, historically thieves were routinely executed all throughout Christendom. Think of the untold numbers of marginalized thieves over the past two millenia who have had to suffer imprisonment and execution at the hands of biggoted and intolerant Christian states. Who are we to want to keep people from having our stuff? The thieves are the real victims in this society and have been all along. It’ not like there is a commandment against stealing or anything and , oh wait there is………..

    • There would be no apologies to counterfeiters were they to drop their funny money in the collection basket.

      There ARE limits

  6. I think the Church should apologize for not correcting the sodomites and giving them the idea that they can be saved by living in an intrinsically evil lifestyle, as well as for the 80% of the sodomite priests who abused the young men. The 80% is from the John Jay study. This is all the result of the apostasy of today: “Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator” (Romans 1:25). No surprise with Marx, and you can take it to the bank that Francis will not correct him. It’s only a matter of time before there is an official “church” prayer to apologize.

    • Oh, but the sheeple continue to flock to their parishes, dropping bucks in a basket. a result, the clergy/cardinals and popes see the sheeple as really clueless and falsely benevolent in giving their money to them to carry on.

  7. HA!!!

    The photo of Schonborn is hysterically funny. That first photo could not be any gayer. The ONLY thing that could have improved that photo is if all of the Sikhs had worn Mitres.

    The very last response this crap deserves is weeping. Laugh at them – preferably out loud if you see one of the clowns acting this way in your presence.

    Mocking this crap is deadly to those whose egoism is such that they adopt the dress worn by those who worship the Devil (all false religions do that).

    • 1,000 likes IANS….I for one, am Sikh and tired of feeling we must weep for these sickos…perhaps he knows he is a sicko, hence he wants a cover of a Sikh-o!

    • The first thing I thought when I saw this is that it was photo-shopped, no one could be that asinine. Then it dawned on me…Still, who am I to judge?

  8. OF

    In the land
    Of Deutsch and Vaters
    Races Rhine’s
    All mastering waters

    No other creed
    Or freemasonry
    Hate like the Vaters
    Of Germany

    An Alter Christus
    For sinner and virgin
    But the Rhine’s vineyard reds
    Let deviance burgeon

    They will like you to death
    With all their red fiber
    And drown your soul
    So you can’t reach the Tiber

    But in the land
    Of Deutschland’s waters
    It’s time to dam
    Rhine’s polluted Vaters!

      • yep and if one says anything revealing the crap going on, you are castigated by some as ‘trashing the church’. When in fact, it’s the very clergy and the implicit approval of church top dogs who are trashing it.

    • I believe they flatter him and he likes flattery — I don’t get a homosexual vibe from Francis, but that’s just my feeling…

    • Does anyone think it odd that his “friend” Rabbi Abraham Skorka takes up residence with him, travels with him, fawns over him. I have many male friends but I don’t invite them to live with me.

      Also odd is Jorge surrounds himself with soft effeminate men like Schonborn, Marx and O’Malley.

      Note also the viciousness of this statement from a Jesuit at NCR
      “He also needs an enforcer willing to knock heads together in order to achieve the pope’s agenda.” Just what is his agenda? What happened to the gay lobby he supposedly was going to purify? NOTHING.

      Just before the start of the 2015 Synod on the Family, a Polish priest working for the CDF announced he was an active homosexual, appearing with his boyfriend, issued a list of demands that the Church change doctrine on homosexuality. You don’t go to work for Rome unless you have “friends” in high places. To keep the agenda hidden he was quickly spirited away. These things must operate in the shadows.

      This is why I left the Vatican II cult

  9. So, this closeted advisor to our Wholly Father went to Ireland to say that the Catholic Church & society should apologize to the gay community ? For what exactly ? It’s like asking Irish people to say to sodo – priests ( a part of gay community) : ” Thank you , fathers , for raping our little boys ! ” So much filth, I can’t believe it. All sodo – priests & other filth should be excommunicated & defrocked – ASAP !

  10. The clergy tells the laity that it is up to us to take our Church back.
    I say, NO, it is up to YOU to lead, dear bishops and cardinals!
    You are all so worried about the wrong things, bishops and cardinals.
    Your weakness and impotence during this crisis in the Church will make you accountable to our Lord!

  11. 1 Cor 6:9-10
    Know you not that the unjust shall not possess the kingdom of God? Do not err: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, Nor the effeminate, nor liers with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor railers, nor extortioners, shall possess the kingdom of God.

    Saint Paul should apologize??? Hell NO arrogant God-damned fat little nichtsnutz arschlochs German fairies .


    DISGUSTING. it is more than enough to make one weep. Rather one to jump off the nearest bridge.

  13. It just struck me, maybe it’s obvious to the more astute or maybe I’m just wrong:

    How do you apply Alinsky/Cloward-Piven to the Church?

    Isn’t this it? Isn’t JB’ s “craziness” the same thing?

    • It has been there all along, but most folks failed to see it TwoTrees. The link to communism glares all too well with its emphasis on community organizing. Looking back at my Catholic high school and then Catholic college training, we were definitely being taught a commie mindset. But then one day you see the light and realize these men are looking for a handout and not really into doing what real men do to get on with their lives. JB’s ‘craziness’ is like obummer’s.

      “A psychopath is a person without conscience; someone who constantly breaks the moral rules of the community. Saul Alinsky was a “community organizer” who found a career that fit that personality disorder. In the Orwellian upside-down world of the Left, community organizers disorganize communities. That is the meaning of revolution, to overturn whatever exists today in the raw pursuit of one’s own power.”

      It’s all about the power baby…raw pursuit of power. For the church that means keeping people in third world countries poor and asking us to ‘help the poor’ for over 70 years. Just like the gov’t, they take or skim off the top all the money they can get their grubby hands on, and some goes to the actual poor.

      “Alinsky dedicated Rules for Radicals: … to the very first radical . . . who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.” If that doesn’t send a shiver down your back, you haven’t been paying attention.”

      Read more:

  14. Apologize to the gay community for being marginalized?
    Who marginalized who? Did they not by their own insistence on the goodness of their inclination marginalized themselves?
    Should there even be a gay community as such?
    Will there be calls for not marginilizing bikie gangs and drug sindicates? Can we see the forming of an adulterers community and murderers community and then later on have to apologize to them for marginalizing them?
    How about producers of porn?

    I am proposing starting an annual Glutton Pride parade. Will people walk with me so that I will not feel marginalized?

    • Thinking about this I felt I had to add a thought: In some way, trash like Marx and his ilk offer a foretaste of heaven in that the Church Triumphant celebrates the perfect justice of God as manifest in every soul damned for eternity. And yeah, we ouggt to pray that every soul be saved but I’m busy trying my best to keep me and my family out of perdition as it is – which these traitors just make harder and harder.

      Anyhow I know well (per Padre Pio et aliter) I could see Marx in heaven from my firey eternity and all that. I pray it’s not so. But I’ll be forthcoming: he’s doing much worse than were he just murdering people and I look at him as a monster.

  15. I don’t even want to read this article, the headline is all I need. I am at the point that – excepting my friends and other priests I know very well – priests are guilty until proven innocent, presumed gay until given some reasonable hunch that they are probably straight. And from there, at least gathering some sense that they have been chaste. I am unaware as to how much of a problem that this is at present in my diocese.

    • I wonder if my own failed discernment was because I wouldn’t have been able to get through this. It’s hard enough from the side- lines.

      God bless you, Father J. And I pray He bless all good AND holy priests throughout His Church.

    • Dear Fr. J. Yes, sad but true whereas men like Woody Allen are always innocent.

      The media – and we all know who controls the media – has been very successful in creating the impression that all Catholic priests are sodomites and there is a reason why they have been so successful; the Bishops have backed downed and surrendered to anthropocentrism and liberty.

      There was a time in America – 1920, 30s, 40s etc – when a Catholic was President of Bank of America (A.H. Giannini) and the Jews were going to him to get loans to finance their movies which were becoming increasingly sexually provocative in a successful attempt to garner their filthy lucre to retire their heavy debt incurred when they switched from silent movies to talkies,

      In any event, during a meeting of The Eucharistic congress in 1924, Giannini met with the Hollywood Jews (Hollywood has always been a Jewish project) and he told them he would no longer finance their porn which was “poisoning the youth of America.” and later, in Philadelphia, Dennis Cardinal Dougherty, led a Catholic boycott of the movies there and he brought the Jews to their knees and we Catholics ran the Production Code for Hollywood, a pernicious swamp described thusly by the ahead of the production code, Mr.Joe Breen:

      They are simply a rotten bunch of people with no respect for anything beyond the making of money…Sexual perversion is rampant..

      It was so bad the Feds nearly intervened (they SHOULD have) but the Jews saw the writing on the the wall and in 1934 they voluntarily agreed to the Legion of Decency (Catholic) and, for a time they behaved.

      The prior several paragraphs are based upon the info. contained in a great book, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its impact in world history” by E. Michael Jones.

      Now, name a major bank not owned by Jews, name the studio fearful of Catholic morality, name the USCCB Committee holding the Jews feet to the fire because of their poisoning culture with their crap.

      You can’t.

      We Catholics got our asses whipped in the Culture War and the Bishops have been reduced to organizing rallies for Religious Liberty – the perversion created by the Judaised Calvinists who established America, a perversion that liberates the State from all Catholic opposition and a perversion that puts the One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church on the same level as Mormons and Satanists.

      So, sadly, yes, Father. You, like the soi distant trads, you are on your own.

      Scroll down and on the right see the Scorecard counting the number of articles by The NY Times religious columnist:

      Now, one might think the Times could have had a front page story or two detailing the praxis of orthodox Rabbis who suck the penis of a baby after a circumcision resulting in the spread of herpes:

        • Ha!!!

          The zionist have you well trained.

          If you find the time, please define anti semitism and then quote my words proving IANS is anti semitic.

      • Regarding—-“Now, name a major bank not owned by Jews,” Actually many of largest banks have a hugh chunk of sharia finance embedded in those deadly derivatives. This is even scarier than Jewish financiars.

  16. Shameful to admit but for the sake of a stressing a needed Biblical point of view, prior to becoming a Christian, I was a practicing homosexual, and self-identified as such. I didn’t feel complete unless engaged in that type of relationship. But things changed radically for me when I accepted Jesus as my Savior in 1977, (many years prior to becoming a Catholic.) After accepting Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior, I developed a ravenous appetite for the Bible, and read it through cover to cover many times. In the process I flat-out realized that homosexuality was incompatible with being a Christian. This was obvious, as I was struck by the continuing message of God’s purity and holiness in his written word. I saw why the Holy Spirit is called the Holy Spirit. Our Lord wants Holiness in a person’s personal life. Jesus wanted an inner cleanliness in my inner being and homosexuality was just a total antithesis, a complete opposite of that. So I faced the fact that homosexuality, the gay life-style, is the opposite of what God wants. So I quit, out of obedience to Jesus, who I loved, I quit out of obedience because nowhere in the entire Bible was there even the faintest suggestion that it was approved of. I quit practicing it. And yes, there is a celibacy that follows the formerly practicing homosexual. That’s an inescapable fact. But the people in the Bible did difficult things, why shouldn’t we be challenged to do difficult things as well?

    • God bless you! We all have our personal crosses to bear–and God gives the heaviest and most difficult crosses to those he loves most. <3

    • “…But the people in the Bible did difficult things, why shouldn’t we be challenged to do difficult things as well?”

      Well said, Doug. This promotion of personal weakness that is rampant today can only be for the purpose of removing mankind from the realization that – with God and for Him – we are capable of amazing feats. The greatest of which is overcoming our appetite for sin, no matter what the stripe may be.

      Thank God for your testimony. No doubt the reason God gifted you with that which was necessary for you to change as you have. So keep on preaching, teaching, and bearing witness to the truth of what we all can be by accepting God’s gifts!

    • Amen! Your words reflect the reading from St. Paul in todays Mass. (Sun June 26th) He urges us to live in the Spirit not in the flesh. You are living proof that God’s grace is sufficient unto us.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this. You sought, and found, Truth. It is a moving testament that helps me in developing my faith, too.

    • Doug, most Americans don’t know of the several causes of homosexual behavior. The reasons for this aberration are manifold. Just as at one time epilepsy was seen as a mental disease, today we know it is anything but.

      I have a condition known as tinnitus which is genetic on my paternal side. Basically it means that I hear ringing 24/7 since my earliest days/age 4,5. Doctors have told me some folks end up taking their lives as they can’t stand the constant noise. It is often worse when things are quiet with no other noise to interfere with ringing. I have learned to live with it as I know what the cause is…and it is NOT in the ears as thought for ages until recently. The temporal lobe can contain much electrical activity which if it had a way out, would give one 24/7 epileptic seizures. So I am thanking God I only have the noise!

      I bring this up to point out new scientific findings shedding light on issues that in previous times were guesswork. Nowhere do we find this more evident than with homosexuality. BTW, I am no fan of LGBT, but honesty forces me to learn facts and search out bonafide legitimate scientific research.

      We know that some men end up gay due to early adult/child sex relations. It could have been a family member, a priest, a little league coach or a summer camp event which led the child to believe he is gay. That is only ONE issue.

      Then you have the food supply which for decades has been known to change the DNA…in the 1970’s I read of Brazilian children, (Big cattle country and much beef is consumed by Brazilians) only 3-5 years old having developed breasts at that young age. Such is the result of mankind tampering with hormones in the food supply! Thus hurting both mind/bodies.

      I also know in the 70’s that cloth diapers were going out and Pampers were coming in. Lucky for me, I couldn’t afford them with the first four kids, but by #5 I was worn out and felt that it was time to break down and use them. 7 pregnancies in ten years had taken its toll, and I viewed them as a helper!

      Only to learn a few years later that research revealed that boys sperm counts were lower when pampers were used. They’re an oil based product and who knew then what devastating effects it could lead to. So considering that many American women began using Pampers back in the 70’s, it is easy enough to connect the dots on lower sperm counts and feminine tendencies with boys.

      I bring these things up as there is just too much evidence with science now revealing homosexuality isn’ always a choice. Having said that, it’s imperative doctors/researchers sound the alarm of how modern life affects our children.
      We know that the vaccines being given to kids today far outweighs what was done back in the 60’s/70;s when I was birthing my children. Then they got a total of six vaccines before kindergarten…today that has morphed to kids getting 62 vaccines by the time they enter school!!! Big greedy Big Pharma!

      Additional German studies after WWll revealed that mothers under severe stress changed the hormonal balance of fetus in utero, with the upshot being many boys became gay…you can easily research these things online. Again I only bring this up to point out none of us can judge another. Obviously many factors enter the picture and perhaps there are some guys who just choose to be gay as they find women repugnant or their religion told them that women were evil….at best I think it is a combination of many physical/mental factors.

  17. Pope Francis and his cohorts appear to about creating a new religion whose central belief is tolerance, mercy and love and the only higher power involved is man himself. The goal is a single world wide religion that dovetail with the New World Order which will be essentially Communistic.

    Hopefully, God will intervene in this madness soon. And it was heartening to see Britain exit the EC. This move is a stepping away from the New World Order which is the umbrella Pope Francis is laboring under.

  18. I don’t take either of these apostate clerics seriously any longer – I mean, how can you?

    One has a head which looks like an overripe beetroot boiled in Bavarian beer, while the other looks like a spaced-out Romanian fortune teller. Nuf said.

  19. Christ did not leave us orphans…


    Freezing dark
    Wrapped gray chapel
    In a foggy-cold.

    But warm inside
    Yellow candles spark
    In the brilliance
    Of the Monstrance bold.

    A distinctive nature
    Knelt in prayer
    A Bishop cast
    In Our Lord’s own mold.

    He’d never admit –
    Would never dare –
    “Just pray for me.”
    He’d scold.

    But this is a man
    A true Catholic Shepherd
    An Alter Christus
    To behold.

    And he will not hunt you
    Like a devouring leopard –
    But lure
    With his Fisherman’s Gold!

  20. I’m waiting for the Church to announce a blanket apology for introducing the subject of Christ and redemption en total. After all, speaking the truth is what upsets people. Better to leave them in their sins and pretend there is no sin, no?

    But then a carpet apology and folding of the Vatican tent would eliminate all those cushy jobs and planned apology tours to exotic locales.

  21. From Life Site News:
    “….According to Dutch Vatican journalist Andrea Vreede, the fact that Valkering was allowed personally to present his compilation to Pope Francis is “remarkable.” “Every day, the Pope is overwhelmed by requests. It is he who decides to answer them or not. The presentation of this book was suggested to him, he thought about it and deliberately said ‘yes’,” she commented. The “taboo” of homosexuality is not going to disappear any time soon in the Catholic Church, she added. “But at least, this Pope is ready to listen.”

    Gay news sites in the Netherlands are more forthright: commenting on the event, one of them recalled the Pope’s words “Who am I to judge,” and: “It’s not a problem to be a homosexual, no, we should be brothers.” They are definitely using the event as proof that the Church is changing.

    That is exactly what Fr Valkering is working towards. He openly campaigns for the modification of Catholic teaching on homosexuality, according to the Catholic TV broadcaster KRO, which titled its piece on the event: “The Pope greets Dutch homosexuals.” “The Pope asked me to present his greetings to the homosexuals of the Netherlands,” Fr Valkering told the news source in a telephone interview. The article ends with a reminder of the Church authorities’ stance on homosexuality that Valkering wants to see changed: “Homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” …”

  22. Those who defend, encourage, excuse or participate in intrinsically evil acts, which offend God most, have aligned themselves with the evil one, and alienated themselves from salvation. Offending God has Divine Consequences. Homosexual acts are a perversion of Human Sexuality.

  23. Could you please juxtapose the above picture of Marx with a picture of Jabba the Hut? I have just realized there is a striking resemblance between the two and, come to think of it, I have never seen them in the same room together!

    The Church has been amazingly intolerant of Huts down the centuries, and perhaps it is high time we made profuse apologies to them as well.

  24. How about Cardinal Marx apologizing to Catholics for ripping them off all these years? And give up his fat retirement?

  25. Jesus’s Church best get back to its Missionary zeal to make converts for the salvation of souls. It can perhaps start with Cardinals Schonborn and Marx.

  26. Seriously, how is it possible to apologise when an apology isn’t neccessary. The next thing that these sort of people will be asking for is an apology to pilate or scumbag iscariot.

  27. I just don’t understand this. St Paul himself warns us against giving up our bodies to such a dark and hopeless state. Are we going to see a newly edited version of the New Testament?? The Cardinal would have to do a monumental Orwellian job of it to hide the Apostle’s warnings. Who is Cardinal Marx trying to kid?

  28. Evidently the pope doubled down on Marx’s remark today, once again at 30,000ft. He threw in the poor and women as well, all in line for apologies. Oh, and those of a pacific bent since we seemingly have blessed too many arms in history.

    One begins to weary of this wandering sermonizing. I am waiting for Francis to apologize for something he is directly responsible for, something like the putrid advice he’s given Europe lately concerning “refugees.” But, no, nothing forthcoming from that direction. What we get instead is the standard liberal pap about apologizing for imagined sins that others may or may not have committed. And it’s all the same moralizing junk thought we find in any platform of the Democrat Party, at least here in the US. As I said, it wears one down.

      • He is a very loose cannon. By answering the question about Marx the way he did, especially after the reporter threw in the red herring of the Orlando massacre, he lent the weight of the papal office to the offensive and stupid comments of a Florida bishop, the one who criticized Christians for what was clearly the result of Muslim teaching. In other words, he put the Vatican behind the transparent effort by US Democrats to change the subject, and to deflect condemnation from its merited target, i.e. Islam and the filthy book at its heart.

        Beyond that, his ignorance of history is breathtaking concerning just about everything. The great French historian Régine Pernoud must be spinning in her grave as he prattles on about apologizing to women. She demonstrated handsomely how much the Church contributed to women’s advancement in European history. His assessment of Luther also leaves one wondering if he ever read a biography of the foul-mouthed, bigoted, blood-thirsty monk.

        I never especially cared for Francis. From the beginning I had the uncomfortable feeling that his humility was simply too ostentatious. The years of his papacy have only deepened and broadened the unease I feel. I don’t like his style or politics. His constant platitudinous sermonizing makes me wonder when he will finally apologize for something for which he himself bears direct responsibility, and thus for which he is actually authorized in justice to beg forgiveness. Most of what I’ve heard to date involves “apologizing” for the sins of others past and present, thus criticizing those “others” by implication. This odd kind of apology is, by the way, one of the favorite intellectual weapons of today’s international Left, who frequently beat their breasts over the callousness they detect in the souls of their fellows but never in their own.

  29. Since the new paradigm is apologizing for the acts of others, I would like to apologize for Cardinal Marx and Pope Francis. From the bottom of my heart.

  30. The Church’s teaching with regards to pastoral care of homosexual persons is contained here:

    Relevant to this particular discussion is paragraph 10:

    “10. It is deplorable that homosexual persons have been and are the object of violent malice in speech or in action. Such treatment deserves condemnation from the Church’s pastors wherever it occurs. It reveals a kind of disregard for others which endangers the most fundamental principles of a healthy society. The intrinsic dignity of each person must always be respected in word, in action and in law.

    But the proper reaction to crimes committed against homosexual persons should not be to claim that the homosexual condition is not disordered. When such a claim is made and when homosexual activity is consequently condoned, or when civil legislation is introduced to protect behavior to which no one has any conceivable right, neither the Church nor society at large should be surprised when other distorted notions and practices gain ground, and irrational
    and violent reactions increase.”

    • One way to respect the intrinsic dignity of persons is to accept that they are moral subjects and the authors of their actions. There’s no moral obligation to validate other people’s disorders.

      • True. We have no moral obligation to validate other people’s disorders, but we are to do so, to every extent humanly possible, as Christ teaches us, with love. Love means leading each other out of our sinful tendencies and actions, lovingly.

    • Thanks for posting that Tom. A sure sign that satan has been made welcome into social life is when perversion is legitimized.

  31. Christians should apologize for helping to marginalize gays, pope says By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service 6.26.2016 4:30 PM ET []
    Full text: Pope Francis’ in-flight press conference from Armenia []
    Does Card. Marx take direction from Pope Francis or is it the other way around?

    • Yes, it’s now news on our major secular news channels that the Pope has said the Catholic church should apologize for marginalizing gays.

      imagine what this means. Gays being godparents. Gays going for Holy Communion. Gays teaching in Catholic schools . …

      May Our Lord truly have mercy on us


    • Ann proposed a diabolical narcissist hierarchy. If I remember correctly, she posited JB as a beta DN if for no better reason than intellectual deficiency (I can’t speak for her, just my memory, but her words are available at her site.)

      Anyhow, Marx and the st. gallstone gang could be contenders for the actual DN alphas under that rubric.

      • Thanks I will check on this. It sure does appear someone else is in charge. I recall using the word “hireling” in a comment on another website and that comment was removed/not published.
        Don’t know how best to describe Ann. Definitely not “at frequency” I can tune to. How would one describe someone who invents and introduces their own lexicon? Also makes things more complicated than they really are.

        • I love Ann. After I discovered her, I spent an evening awake reading every post she’s got online. It was a treat.

          Hireling is an excellent term for most bishops. Christ compares the shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep to the hireling who flees at the first sign of a need to do his job.

    • “Does Card. Marx take direction from Pope Francis or is it the other way around?” Since they appear to read from the same script, does it really matter?

  32. This is diabolical!!! Wolves!!! They should be called to repentance and to The King… These men and their toleration of evil do not care about these people and their mortal souls’ they don’t care if they go to eternal hell!

  33. Reminds one of the axiom: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, swims like a duck, quacks like a duck, and prefers ducks….It’s a Duck. Not an Eagle. Does not Cardinal Marks seem overly familiar and experienced with the sin of sodomy both in an outside the Church?
    But then again..”Who am I to Judge?”

  34. In light of JB echoing this diabolical hiss, I started a prayerful pondering – in my mind was also being called satanic for having named JB as doing Satan’s work.

    It struck me… repentance. Deep, ongoing, daily conversion. That’s what John the Baptist said. That’s pretty much the place Jesus started as He proclaimed the presence of the Kingdom.

    I know Steve has written about the centrality of prayer, repentance and conversion, but it crystallized in my head tonight so I thought I’d repeat it as I got it and maybe it might connect for someone else.

    • This! Sounds so worn, but I believe we are being called, on an individual level, to just what you say — prayer, repentance, conversion. The hard work of sanctification in our own lives will bring clarity and wisdom to ourselves and those we with whom we come in daily contact. The machinations of evil can be fascinating to watch and discuss, but it can also serve as a distraction from our own foibles and sins.

  35. And NOW, from his favorite pulpit in another ‘airplane interview’ from Armenia, the Pope echoes the same as this guy. The Church should APOLOGIZE for the treatment of homosexuals for ‘discrimination’, just as she should apologize for the exploitation of women, the poor, and ‘blessing guns’. It’s uncanny how much he sounds like Obama in all his apologies for America and what a terrible country we’ve been. The Pope seems to be taking his talking points from the POTUS. This correlation in and of itself is unnerving.

  36. As others have already noted, we now have to deal with yet another disastrous “Airplane Addition to the Magisterium” in which this pontiff has echoed Marx in stating that the Church needs to apologize to homosexuals, women, etc.

    My question is: What will it take for mainstream “conservative” Catholic media outlets to finally acknowledge what traditionalists have been saying for three years? LifeSite seems to be getting it, but they’re about it as far as I can tell. In all sincerity, I’m trying to figure out just what Francis has to do to finally cross the line by their standards. Does he need to take a consecrated Host, douse It in gasoline, and set It ablaze while stomping on It with his heel? What the hell is it going to take?

    I’m tired, as I suspect we all are, of being told to “defend the Pope even when he says or does something that appears unorthodox”, or to “remain obedient”, or to “stay silent” out of respect for the office of the papacy. If memory serves, isn’t that approach precisely why we’re in the situation we’re in now? We collectively stayed silent and accepted the destruction of our Mass, the ruin of our sanctuaries (which we paid for), the breakdown of Catholic devotional life and discipline, the admission of obvious homosexuals into our seminaries, and so on and so on. Just for once, it would be nice for those who actually have the power to chronicle the debacle that is this papacy to actually do their jobs, rather than demonizing those of us who see the naked emperor with our own eyes as “rad trads”.

  37. and than this…

    Nothing has changed

    1. There is no “Gay Gene”
    2. The removal of homosexuality from the disorders of the mind by the APA was political
    3. All sex outside of marriage including masturbation in the Christian Church is a “Mortal Sin”….all sinners are called to reject sin and go to confession and do not take “Sin for a human identity”
    4. There have been no apologies by homosexuals for raping and sodomizing our children from the homosexuals in the Clergy….homosexuals conveniently identify as a group when its in their interests….but when its not in their interests…they identify as other groups…”Clergy” for example…..because they were not sodomites when they did that, they were the Catholic Church when we collectively and systematically raped adolescent boys. If Clergy cannot control their impulses imagine non-clergy “Homosexuals” around adolescents.
    5. Objective statistics by the Centers for Disease Control identify homosexual behavior as destructive and leads, to disease, pain and death.

    Self-Identified Homosexuals should renounce their “Identities” and join the rest of the sinners in the pews, where they are welcome….and our clergy including our “Steward” should stop capitulating to a culture that wants to destroy them.

    Perhaps the person warming the seat of the king should be asked to call out on the hour the “Seat Temperature” to ensure it is being taken care of correctly, purely as a sign of Christian humility and a reminder of the definition & title of his office.

  38. I don’t believe Jesus wants me to apologize for any of his teachings. But, then, this man and the Pope don’t seem to believe that Jesus, as God, meant what he taught.

  39. Don’t you just love the Cardinal’s claim that “some things can be newly discovered” in the Gospels? “Discovered”! Isn’t that absolutely perfect?

    The Rush is on! And here’s Cardinal Marx, pick and shovel in hand, Faraday lamp aglow atop his quite flat head, full-bearded like a true 49er, mind you, and panning the Gospels for nuggets of heterodoxy before dumping his haul of Fool’s gold on the desk at the assay office in Nome, er, I mean, in Rome, then belching “A ration of hard cider all around, boys!”

    His Eminence Reinhard “Strike It Rich” Cardinal Marx at your service, his trusted sidekick Jorge “Gabby” Bergoglio by his side.

  40. He is a Homosexual like lots of Catholic Priests. Sexual attraction tendencies or temptations are not sins as long as you keep the faith and not engage in sexual acts real or imagined.
    Unfortunately a lot of Catholic Sodomite Priests and Bishops take a vow of celibacy and still engage in promiscuous acts of sodomy, giving rise to this sort of bitter talks against Church teaching. Against Jesus Christ and his Church.

    you can tell whom they are by their false and vague euphemisms at parishes and public utterances, rarely is Jesus Christ mentioned, or his words… They are afraid to speak of Jesus Christ who saved them from their sins. They reject him.

    They know very well that the Church welcomes all sorts of sinners, but they do not want to leave this sin from their lives.
    Sodomy is a sin, Christians will die before they ascent to sodomy.

  41. From 2013 to 2014 :
    Chlamydia up +2.3% (1,441,789 cases), 66% are 0-24 years old.
    Gonorrhea up +5.1% (350.062 cases), 54% are 0-24 years old

    Syphilis (primary and secondary) up +15.1% (19,999 cases)
    83% of those are men having sex with other men.
    The the trends are all increasing. as is antibiotic resistance gaining that is making these diseases incurable.

    If you truly care about someone, you need to tell them to stop! Not make excuses for them like the Vatican II clown “cardinals”


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