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Cardinal Burke Speaks on the “Formal Correction”

Last night at Saint Raymond of Peñafort parish in Springfield, Virginia, Cardinal Raymond Burke gave a talk in which he addressed questions about the long-awaited “formal correction” promised by the Four Cardinals in the event that Pope Francis does not respond to the dubia submitted to him last September and made public in November.

Before the video (courtesy of Andrew Guernsey) begins, the pastor of the parish, Fr. John De Celles, asked about the dubia:

Fr. De Celles: There are a lot of rumors circulating about the dubia, which you and four other esteemed cardinals sent to the Holy Father about divorce, marriage, and communion and the likeDo you know if there will be a response to the dubia from our Holy Father or from the CDF?

Cardinal Burke: I sincerely hope that there will be because these are fundamental questions that are honestly raised by the text of the apostolic…the post-synodal apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia. And until these questions are answered, there continues to spread a very harmful confusion in the Church and one of the fundamental questions is in regards to the truth that there are some kinds that are always and everywhere wrong – what we call intrinsically evil acts – and so, we cardinals are, will continue to insist that we hear a response to these honest questions.

After rejecting the idea that the dubia are disrespectful or arrogant, and asserting that this is the traditional method of seeking clarification from the pope on the Church’s constant teaching, Burke addressed why, when there was no response after the initial submission of the dubia – and after the cardinals were told by the CDF that there would be no response – they made the dubia public.

The video below begins part way into the answer to the question, so we are providing the transcript of the full audio of that section before the video, which begins at “we have these questions”:

Cardinal Burke: We judged it necessary to make public the question[s] [of the dubia] because so many of the faithful were approaching us, saying, having these questions and saying well, what’s the wrong, we have these questions and it seems like, that none of the cardinals who have a great responsibility to assist the holy father has these questions and  so…we published them, and that also was done with great respect.

Fr. De Celles: If there is no response, will, what will your response be, the Four Cardinals?

Cardinal Burke: Then we simply will have to correct the situation, again, in a respectful way, that simply can say that, to draw the response to the questions from the constant teachings of the Church and to make that known for the good of souls.

You can see a video of the full talk on the LifeSiteNews Facebook page here.

Several days ago, one of our readers, Marie Pruden, posted a comment in which she recounted her own experience with Cardinal Burke when he visited California earlier this month:

Cardinal Burke was in Oakland, California last Sunday, March 19, where he celebrated a Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form at St. Margaret Mary’s Church early in the afternoon, after which he blessed a newly-opened clinic of the Knights of Malta.

Later he held a public reception at Oakland’s Cathedral of Christ the Light before celebrating a solemn Benediction. It was at the reception line that I got to speak with the Cardinal briefly. Here’s how it went:

I genuflected as he blessed me and I kissed his ring. Standing up, I held on to his hand and asked, “Eminence, are you pushing through with the formal public correction on the errors of Amoris Laetitia?”

Before I could even finish my question came his answer, “Don’t worry about it. We’re looking into it. We’re working on it.”

I had wanted to ask a follow-up question but there’s a line behind me and it was time to go down to the church for Benediction.

From the little answer he gave, it feels like his group of four Cardinals hasn’t really given up on the Dubia. [emphasis added]

She expounded, in a later comment:

I went to the reception purposely to ask Cardinal Burke the question.


I’m Filipino and am very conscious of my accent and my verb tense and prepositions, so I had to make my question as short and as clearly stated as possible. That was probably why the Cardinal didn’t wait for me to finish my sentence. He was anticipating it. Perhaps other people ahead of me had asked the same question.

With the addition of the video, her eyewitness account adds further credibility to the notion that the formal correction is most certainly not off the table, and may in fact be anticipated at some point in the future.

With this latest video of Cardinal Burke saying that the formal correction may yet come — but with no deadline attached — it would seem that most likely nothing has transpired yet. Amoris Laetitia was a year old as of March 19, 2017 (the official date of its signing) but will not have its first anniversary as a public document until April 8. This means that a year after the release of this document that has caused, in Cardinal Burke’s own words, “a very harmful confusion in the Church”, we are still waiting for an official defense of the Church’s traditional teaching on marriage, family, Catholic sexual ethics, and sacramental discipline.

And while it is reasonable to conclude that such an action, insofar as it is almost unprecedented, would take careful study and caution in its execution, the pace, in relation to current events, is practically glacial. Further, we are forced to wonder what, if any, effect such a correction would have. Would it change anything, or would it simply be an objection, on the record, to what appears to be a blatant and unrepentant miscarriage of Church teaching on the part of the pope and a growing number of bishops and cardinals? Would, in other words, such a correction actually have any teeth?

Further, we are left to wonder what is being done to address the many other troubling and possibly heretical statements from Pope Francis, some of which we cataloged in our article on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of his election?

While it is a Maxim of Catholic thought that the Church moves slowly, even timelessly, because she deals in eternal truths, it is nonetheless undeniable that the damage that is being done by Pope Francis and his allies exceeds by an exponential factor the efforts to reign in and correct that damage through official ecclesiastical channels.

Souls are at stake. We do not have the luxury of time, and admonitions that these things must simply be ignored as we put our faith in Christ’s promises ring painfully hollow when every day the faithful watch people they know and love being led astray, or discouraged to the brink of despair.

In Luke 18:8, Our Blessed Lord famously asked if, when He returned, he would find faith on the earth. At the present moment, one is forced to wonder if that question applies equally to the end of this pontificate.

210 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke Speaks on the “Formal Correction””

  1. “…working on it…” isn’t the same or as definite as “…it will be accomplished….” and, “…looking into it..” is weaker still

  2. I had the privilege of seeing him after Mass in Australia but was too shy to speak to him. I believe this was just before his removal from the Apostolic Signatura. I had already formed in my mind that he would be one of a handful who had the Faith and courage to stand up to the satanic infiltration that has now reached “the top” in the words of Cardinal Ciappi.

    After years of trying to bring friends and family over to the side of tradition and alerting them to the takeover in the Church structure, I realise that sadly people believe what they want to in spite of events before their eyes. Those that are comfortable with the NO way of doing things (don’t condemn error or sin because that is too judgmental, don’t speak of final judgement because we all go to heaven etc) are more than happy to accept the clerical lies about what Francis is doing. I challenged my own Father on this point and he has bought the line that the pope is simply reforming the process of marriage and annulments. He has been so immersed in the last 60 years of revolution, trusting blindly the clerics given to him that he is either incapable or unwilling to see error and do something about it. I realise now that prayer and sacrifice is the only answer, as it takes a great grace to see clearly in this time of “diabolical disorientation”. I am ever grateful for the grace of knowing tradition and pray I will be worthy of it by being faithful to it.

    • …trusting blindly the clerics given to him

      I think this vividly underlines that the revolution which happened was a clerical revolution. An honest-to-God trahison des clercs.

      The laity were very frequently happy to follow along. But this didn’t come from below. It came from above. (At least in the context of this word, at any rate.) And for those who believe in certain approved apparitions, it is not, at any rate, an unexpected development.

    • Here’s an excerpt from the Gospel for the Fourth Sunday of the Great Fast (Mark 9: 17-31):

      [27] And when he was come into the house, his disciples secretly asked him: Why could not we cast him out? [28] And he said to them: This kind can go out by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.

  3. A formal Correction, if and when it comes (and I think it will) is a good and worthy thing. We could even say it is an urgent thing.

    But I hope no one has their hopes for its efficacy very high – or at least, its immediate efficacy. Even had it been sent and made public last September, does anyone seriously believe that the current situation would really be materially different? Would any more bishops or cardinals (even those who apparently privately joined the Dubia) be speaking up now, let alone be taking more concrete action? Would the sniping from papal allies be any less (or more)? Would the pope’s own actions be any different?

    A Correction will lay a marker down – as did the Dubia. Something will be on the record. Souls who take the faith seriously might be consoled. But none of us should expect any material change for the foreseeable future. Too few prelates really object, and too few of the ones who do object have the courage to speak out publicly. That’s just where we are right now.

    • Hi Richard – Ambiguity is used to advance duplicitous agendas. At the moment the ambiguity is replaced with clarity and the deceit is exposed, the gravity of the matter for souls, will define the pace of the subsequent events. Many of the Bishops know that they will be held to account for the souls that are lost to hell due to the actions they do and they fail to do.

      • What you would get is clarity from some prelates; but almost certainly not from the Pope or his Curial offices.

        There is truth in what you say. But while we can never rule out a miraculous turn – things looked fairly bleak by the time of Ariminum-Seleucia – I think we must keep our expectations modest. Because, in a sense, the Correction really already *has* been issued, in the form of the Dubia itself. No one stands in any doubt about what the position of the Dubia signers really is.

        • Hi Richard – You advise the prudent course, and the status quo at the Vatican has created a false sense of invincibility, which could in the end create a horrendous momentum toward unthinkable acts which could unleash an event as consequential as that which we celebrate this day on the Feast of the Annunciation. I have often pondered what Jesus meant when he said that what the Successor of Peter looses on earth will be loosed in heaven. With the Papacy of Francis, I wonder if Jesus was in fact warning us that a Successor of Peter would unleash something unholy, which would then be unleashed in heaven. If Francis would ever, in his disordered hubris, undermine the words of Christ in an Ex Cathedra Declaration, that might unleash something in heaven which could compel the second coming of Christ in order to undo the actions of an unholy Pope and his compatriots. The events foretold in the Book of Revelation could very well be being fulfilled before this generations eyes. We live in unprecedented times drawing us ever nearer to global governance, we are experiencing an unprecedented papacy compliant to that goal, we were warned 100 years ago at Fatima in an unprecedented way that we faced ominous times such as these, should we prepare for an unprecedented response from heaven?

  4. I see the current status as disheartening but not hopeless. Part of the problem is for the 4 Cardinals to agree on pressing forward.
    With all due respect for Cardinal Burke he wouldn’t act on his own.

    “Thus I make it known to you that from the end of the 19th century and shortly after the middle of the 20th century…the passions will erupt and there will be a total corruption of morals… As for the Sacrament of Matrimony, which symbolizes the union of Christ with His Church, it will be attacked and deeply profaned. Freemasonry, which will then be in power, will enact iniquitous laws with the aim of doing away with this Sacrament, making it easy for everyone to live in sin and encouraging procreation of illegitimate children born without the blessing of the Church … In this supreme moment of need for the Church, the one who should speak will fall silent.” -Our Lady of Good Success

    • Hi Chris – Our Lady of Good Success might be referring to Benedict as the one who would fall silent, for there is no doubt that he should affirm Francis or admonish Francis. For the Love of God.

      • I believe Chris is right and I do believe that its referring to this current pope. After all, Benedict XVI was made to step aside. I also believe if you yourself read the whole story on our lady of Good Success you would know that its most likely, this current pope

        • Hi Sunisyde – I will look into it, thank you and Chris for the heads up. Our Blessed Mother’s warnings reflect her love for us. We are precious in her eyes.

    • And there can surely be no greater profanation of the Sacrament of matrimony than “same-sex marriage”. The purpose of Holy Matrimony is the generation of new life, and reflects the intimate, life-giving union of Christ with His Church. Sodomy, one of the sins crying out to Heaven for vengeance, is a potent satanic ritual. It is a diabolical mockery of the means given to us for creation of new life for God. Sodomy takes the seed of life, and deposits it in a place of corruption and death. It is therefore no surprise to us that the foul spirit of the world in these times should so aggressively exalt and laud homosexuality, while heaping contempt upon Christian marriage. And yet there are many in the Church, including some of those who participated in the two Synods, who are persistent in their pursuit of some manner of formal recognition of same-sex relationships. How many, one wonders, would at least privately endorse some kind of ‘sacramental’ institution of such relationships. It is surely not unreasonable to suppose that many of those bishops and priests who take this line do so, not from an objective concern for those involved in such relationships, but from other, more deeply personal motives. And the refusal by the Vicar of Christ to speak clearly and unequivocally on this, (and many other) issues muddies the waters to an even greater degree.

        • Yes, I know. I’m sure you feel, as most of us do, that nothing should surprise us any more. But what can we say, that is even remotely adequate, when such abominations are celebrated by the Church’s ordained ministers. Timothy Radcliffe should have incurred immediate excommunication for such blasphemy, (for identifying the Sacrifice of Calvary with sodomy). Yet off he goes to Cebu, (Philippines) to address the Eucharistic Congress. Only the completely demented could possibly suppose that Heaven is pleased.

          • Your use of the phrase “completely demented” is not hyperbole.
            There are serious cognitive and emotional issues at play within this crew. They are not suited for any form of leadership in any context.
            It need be highlighted more often.

      • St. Augustine said that marriage was the only blessing not taken away by the Fall. It’s no wonder that concerted attacks on this sacrament have increased in their ferocity, with Amoris Laetitia as their satanic spearhead.

        • ‘Marriage’ according to Sr. Lucia of Fatima is the last battle between Christ and Satan, and it looks like we’re living it.

  5. And I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy unto you shortly, that I also may be of good comfort, when I know the things concerning you.

    For I have no man so of the same mind, who with sincere affection is solicitous for you.

    For all seek the things that are their own; not the things that are Jesus Christ’s.

    Philippians 2:19-21
    Douay-Rheims Bible

  6. What is Truth? The teachings of the Church which will form the basis of the clarification that will mark the end of the process begun with the Dubia. The Truth, is there anything so final?

      • Hi Margaret – Every Word spoken by our Lord has purpose and meaning, meant to guide us toward the Truth and away from the lie. That is the dilemma that all those who prefer the lie face. That the one who prefers the lie this day is the Pope is the tragedy of our times. The Gospel of John is very powerful.

        • Definitely those too. However, fniper mentioned “What is truth?”
          I don’t know if he realized that he was quoting Pilate (John 18: 38 – sorry, fniper!) and John 14: 6 came to mind.

  7. I believe a formal correction would be of profound significance inasmuch as it would demonstrate that at very least, four Cardinals, in the early 21st century, despite the corrosive effects of Vatican II and widespread apostasy, promulgated tenets of the Faith (truth) as was done for 1960 years and were courageous enough to demand clarity from a revolutionary pope. That the dubia were formulated about such fundamental truths given to us by Our Lord and have NOT been answered is HUGE in the history of Judeao-Christian morality.

    It is disheartening to hear One-Peter-Five display a kind of sour grapes attitude–i.e.: “Yea, wish we got a correction but it would not have done any good anyway”.

    • I don’t mean to discourage it. My concern is that it’s too little, too late already, and it’s not even here yet.

      It’ll matter, certainly. But it’s just the beginning.

      • Tending to agree with you. Sometimes things need a sense of urgency. The Dubia has so cooled down as to be seen as of little concern for millions of souls.

      • It will be too little and too late, but it still must be done, even if only for the sake of the historical record. No-one could reasonably expect that this alone could stabilise the already floundering Barque of Peter; I personally believe that the Ship will, and probably must capsize before She can be righted by the Holy Spirit, after a time of great trial and suffering for all of us.
        But I say “for the sake of the historical record” for this reason. There are those who wrongly believe that, because of the numerous and largely unprecedented scandals, the Body Christ has been defiled irredeemably. They denounce the Church as having lost all moral authority. In the here and now, that is largely true. There has been a satanic plan to destroy the Church ever her founding. This war has waxed and waned over the centuries, but it began to steadily increase in intensity in the wake of the Protestant Revolution. Certainly since the mid-nineteenth century this increase in the ferocity of the satanic attacks against the Body of Christ has been exponential. Future generations will see the current condition of the Church as the dramatic climax of the futile attempts by the powers of hell to eradicate the Church from the face of the earth. As difficult as it is, we are greatly blessed, and privileged to be called, by name, to be members of the Body of Christ on Earth at this time in history.

      • Our Help is in the Name of the Lord. Who made Heaven and Earth. God’s Holy Will shall be done, we must be patient and wait on the Lord. He will not disappoint. Man is always impatient for he dwells in the temporal, while God is patient for He dwells in the Eternal. All of the Apostles, excepting perhaps John, thought it was too late at Calvary, but God was just beginning to work out our Salvation. Be at peace, for the Lord knows the day and the hour and it will surely come. And all of those who trusted in Him will exult with Him forever. Amen.

  8. When one loves God with his whole heart and soul, one acts for the love of God, His Son, The Holy Ghost and the Beloved Church. For it is not what is seen by human eyes that matters the most, but what is seen by our Lord. And He will do with it, they way He so deems.

    Cardinal Burke, i believe, would never begin something as so serious as the Dubia, and then remove himself, regardless of how few or how many support him. He has shown such fidelity to Christ, His Church and love for all souls in countless ways. For Cardinal Burke not to follow through with the correction would cause unimaginable harm to the countless faithful, and he would never cause such harm as this.

    What will result from the formal correction. Who knows? But, it must be done for the love of Christ and His Church and His children, young and old. I think that is all really matters.


  9. Do not underestimate the power of a formal correction issued by Cardinal Burke and company, if and when it comes. There is nothing so powerful as throwing truth in the face of lies and deceptions, regardless of what might be happening in the world of human affairs.

    • The truth in the face of these lies – and so many others – is sitting out in the open for all the world to see. Every time the pope tries to re-write scripture, it’s there. Every time he twists or distorts or outright denies the perennial teaching of Holy Mother Church – the plain black and white of the catechism – the truth is sitting there, in the open, for all the world to see. The expression ‘truth will out’ is nonsense. The truth has been out all this time, and it has had not one tiny whit of effect on this bulldozer of a pontificate. The truth is available on the internet in every language on earth, and it has not stopped either this pope or his cardinal and episcopal supporters from lying TO. OUR. FACES. about it.

      Why? It’s simple. It’s because these are the lies that everyone wants to believe.

      • “The truth… sitting out in the open for all the world to see.”

        Yes, but how many see it? Or have heard it? Or can discern the truth? Many people are dying for the truth. As light disperses the darkness, so truth destroys lies. We must never tire of speaking the truth “in season and out of season”.

      • I would agree that for many, these are the lies that everyone wants to believe for different reasons.
        Decades of deception, seduction, and pure desire of earthly pleasures have been Satan’s
        thrust, and the lack of clarity, the promotion of heresy by priests and prelates regarding the teachings of the Church, came about largely, due to homosexuality in the priesthood, in my opinion.

        So many do spit upon our Lord’s face. For them, no amount of ” more truth” will make a difference. They shall be cursed for eternity by our Lord.

        Yet, there are some, by the grace of God, whereupon the Holy Ghost will open their eyes to their blindness, particularly priests and bishops, to the Truth, when upon them a witness comes forth and offers his complete self in service to that Truth, such as may be Cardinal Burke.
        It is rarely what one reads or hears that brings the Truth of Christ to them, but what one sees.

        Thank you, by the way, for your many articles and service to the Church.
        You have seen more than many of us could even imagine. God be with you.

    • The real danger, I’m afraid, lies in overestimating its power. Well – its immediate power. I would not expect anything to change the day after it is made public. Or the day after that. Or the month after that. There is every reason to expect that things will go pretty much as they are now.

      As Hilary says, too many people want to believe the lies. Too many prelates do not care, or, caring, calculate that they would rather wait him out. Either out of prudence, or – to be brutally candid – simple cowardice.

      • “…too many people want to believe the lies.”

        Even if some of us want to believe the lies (on one level) our deepest desire remains, consciously or unconsciously, to know the truth. Compare with Saint Augustine: “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” Or with Aristotle: “All men by nature desire to know the truth.”

        And herein lies the battle: to what extent can the light of truth be shone in the darkness in order to lure us away from lies and deception, away from our appetites and wanderings, and restore us to the deepest desire in our hearts: the love of truth? Conversely, if the truth remains hidden from our eyes we will certainly remain in our (self-inflicted or otherwise) ignorance and lies. If you “know the truth” then the “truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) And: “He who does the truth comes to the light so that his deeds may be made known, that they are made in God.” (John 3:21)

        You cannot overestimate the power of truth that shines in the darkness.

  10. With all due respect to Cardinal Burke, where is his sense of urgency? He knows full well that the highest law in the Church is the salvation of souls. There must be some reason we’re not aware of that would be causing the process to take so long. If not…it’s not looking so good.

  11. I for one take the Cardinal at his word that he will do it and God for sure will reveal the apparent delay on the part of the good cardinal. I say I take him at his word because wayback in August 2016, long before the dubia was made public, he had already revealed that there was a formal process in the works.
    Cf. #AmorisLaetitia Card Burke: “Formal calls for clarification are in process and they simply will demand a response.” | ON AUGUST 22, 2016 BY THEWAROURTIME –

  12. “what, if any, effect such a correction would have”, absolutely! We don’t have clarity on what a correction would bring and it is talked about like it will solve all of our problems.

    • Do not underestimate the power of a formal correction issued by Cardinal Burke and company, if and when it comes. Throwing truth in the face of lies is the most powerful thing anyone can do.

    • It is a beginning. God sees all and knows all, and He will make use of the great sacrifice and faith
      from such a beginning.

  13. My father said in about 1970 – I was around seven or eight – that the ultimate objective of the Vatican II Revolution was the overthrow of the Ten Commandments, specifically those relating to the moral law; and of the Sacraments.

    I consider that he was right then, clearly the recipient of a light from his Guardian Angel or from Our Lord, and he is being proved more and more correct as each day passes.

    Look Steve, you, Chris Ferrara, the other Traditionalist media world-wide: you guys need to start getting a “million man” (and woman) march organised for Rome. No doubt Bergoglio will absent himself for the day, but a major protest needs to be organised that cannot be ignored by the Modernists.

    We. Have. To. Do. Something.

      • The obedience is with the TRUTH, NOT with lies nor with the father thereof, who was a murderer from the beginning.

        Catholics obey the Pope when he teaches us the full, integral Catholic Faith. When he does not (or refuses to), Scripture, the Fathers and the Church’s own law tell us to flee.

          • I don’t place myself in opposition to the Pope, nor above him.

            He and I (and you too) are both subject to Tradition. If he places himself in opposition to or above Tradition – which he clearly does – then I am not to follow him. Nor are you either, Comrade Stab.

            Who tells me this? Scripture tells me this. The Fathers tell me this.

          • Bang on Comrade. Enough of this papal fawning. All Catholic including the Pope are subject to the Deposit of the Faith. Obedience is a virtue, but it is subordinate to the theological virtue of Faith.

  14. It is so sad to see here the blatant disrespect to the Holy Father. We cannot ignore his teachings or that the Holy Spirit is with him. He teaches us mercy – what a beautiful concept. People seem to judge so much like the pharisees and that is disappointing.

      • I like this meditation. I think it is a great rule of thumb. My belief in God’s mercy extends that which cannot be measured in terms of venial or mortal or premeditated sin, but rather, in the depths of the human heart, in all its limitations – where only God can touch and heal. God’s mercy extends beyond all of our understanding. Who of us cannot want to be the recipients of this kind of love?

        • We can all find it in the Holy Sacrament of Confession, and always have been able to find it there. Bergoglio has no business extending mercy to the doing of the sin (and by the way, turn up to Holy Communion anyway. That is a sacrilege specifically warned of in the strongest terms in Scripture).

          I know for the Modernists even Scripture means nothing – one of your darling Pope’s main supporters, the new general of the Jesuits, now says that even the Words of Jesus Christ have to be re-interpreted! – but encouraging sacrilege, a sacrilege that brings damnation, is taking “mercy” too far. Some might call it a malevolent desire to have people lose their souls.

          You would obviously agree, Comrade Stab, assuming that you were writing the truth when you said above that “I think it is a great rule of thumb”? Wouldn’t you?

          • I am still here!!! Not going any where as I know you are not going either. I just wish we can all find unity in diversity. The Pope spoke about this the other day. I always find it refreshing to speak with people who see things differently than I do because it challenges me to examine my thoughts and beliefs. Theology = faith seeking understanding. I received a great theological education at The Catholic University of America. I enjoy thinking and debate. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be on this site! Not being a troll or anything, just like a good debate

          • NO – you argue with the mind of a secularist, NOT a Catholic.

            As far as the Faith itself is concerned, THERE IS NO UNITY IN DIVERSITY NOR CAN THERE BE.

            This is a basic Catholic principle! And you claim to be a Catholic priest!

        • 327 I already know that you avoid mortal sins. You want to be saved! But you are not worried by that constant and deliberate falling into venial sins, even though in each case you feel God’s call to conquer yourself.

          It is your lukewarmness that gives you this bad will.

          328 How little Love of God you have when you yield without a fight because it is not a grave sin!

          329 Venial sins do great harm to the soul. — Therefore God says in the Song of Songs: ‘Catch the little foxes that make havoc of the vineyards’.

          330 How sad you make me feel when you are not sorry for your venial sins! For, until you are, you will not begin to live real interior life.

          – The Way > Lukewarmness > Chap. 14 | St. Josemaría Escrivá –

    • It is so sad to see the blatant disrespect shown by the Pope for (a) the Catholic Faith; (b) Tradition; (c) millions of Catholic faithful, whom he insults at every turn. We cannot ignore the teachings of the Church if we want to live eternally in happiness; or that the Holy Ghost is with it, being promised to the Church and not to this or that heretic or apostate. The Catholic Faith teaches us truth – what a beautiful concept. Bergoglio seems to judge just like a Pelagian pharisee and that is not only disappointing, it means he is a monster.

      • … blatant disrespect shown by the Pope to (d) God himself …
        Cf. – Pope Francis Before the Most Blessed Sacrament: “He did not kneel, remove his pileolus, and assume an attitude of prayer” –
        PS Antonio Socci comments –

      • How about the millions of Catholics who love him, who feel understood by him, who are able to feel the love of Christ through him. He doesn’t insult you – you who assume you are the Catholic “faithful” – he merely tells you the truth that you do not like to hear. That you sit in judgement of others rather than let Christ have that place. He is not a monster. There is no one on this Earth who would see him like this other than the people on these blogs. Non-Christians and non-Catholics have a more favorable opinion of him than people who rant against him here. Why do you do it? Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul II were not exactly my ideal popes, but I respected them and always was challenged by their teachings, even if I didn’t agree, I respected the office. All these years during their reign – all I would hear from these blogs were how important obedience to the Holy Father was. Now, all of a sudden, it becomes an option because YOU don’t agree. Sorry pal, until you get elected Pope, don’t place yourself above him.

        • The trouble with your question Comrade Stab is that your basic definition is wrong. Whilst certainly belonging to the Church, the “millions of Catholics” you describe are the badly-or-not-at-all catechised protestant ‘Catholics’ of the Novus Ordo period – very many of them are Catholic in name only, secularised and ignorant of what the Faith teaches and (more importantly maybe) why it teaches it. Therefore the praise of such people misses the point altogether.

          The emptying of St. Peters Square during this “Pontificate” tells me that even they are turned off by this weird gargoyle from the pampas: everyone is actually sick of him. Apart from you.

          But what kind of Catholic are you?

          • I am a Roman Catholic Priest who is a son of the church. I come into contact with a healthy mixture of all Catholics from all races, ethnicities, genders, theological leanings, etc. WE ARE ALL CATHOLIC and Christ prayed that “All May be One.”

        • The pope is a communist and not a Catholic pope. He is slowly but surely attempting to destroy the teachings of Christ’s church.

    • Mercy is not a given. We must repent and sin no more. God gives mercy not Pope Francis.
      Mercy does not undo or change Jesus’ teachings about marriage and divorce.
      Ah….we are all judging like the Pharisees now too. Pointing out Jesus’ teachings is not judgement.
      It’s truth.

      • Mercy is freely given by God. Please read the Gospel. Have you ever repented and sinned again? Yes, you are judging. Walk in someone else’s shoes. Do you think everyone just wants a failed marriage?

        • No
          No one wants a failed marriage but many do end up in one. And there are two sides to every divorce.
          And yes I sin and repent and sin and repent and I thank God for offering me the Sacrament of Confession so that I can come to Him with my guilt and shame.
          The problem with all of the push for mercy in the CC is that the individual’s part to acknowledge their sin and repent to God in confession is never mentioned let alone emphasised.
          God is a just judge and he will judge justly. He knows our heart.

          As for the judgement accusation, get over yourself. You just don’t like to hear the truth of Jesus’ teaching so you label people as judges.
          Not going to hurt or silence me.

          • That’s very good Comrade Stab. And what did Our Lord say about marriage, about divorce, about adultery?

            And what do Bergoglio and the other homoerati surrounding him say about these things?

            WAKE UP MAN.

  15. The last question in above article is an important question and almost sounds rhetorical, meaning the answer is yes there would be no faith left in the Church to a large extent if Pope Francis’ papacy lasts for another 4 yrs. That is why I believe that it will end soon by a solemn act of God. In this Sunday’s first reading God tells Samuel to anoint David as King because King Saul had disobeyed the Lord’s voice. If God removed Saul from the throne and appointed a young boy like David as King of Israel, then since God is the same yesterday, today and forever, we can expect Him to act and remove Pope Francis from the See of Peter and place another one on it and then His Spirit will come upon the new Pope just as the 1st reading concludes that on being anointed as King, the Spirit of God was upon David. Praise the Lord

  16. Let us keep praying for this courageous Cardinal and his friends in truth. I recently read a book on the history of the Arian heresy and St Athanasius. We are living in very similar times, with the ‘enemy’ using similar tactics to advance and destroy and the situation for the orthodox appearing similarly hopeless. But it is not hopeless. Truth will always be truth and with the grace of God truth always wins in the end. Cardinal Burke and the friends of orthodoxy will be standing strong and tall long after the current crop of ‘Kasperites’ are reduced to being just another chapter in the history book of heresy.

  17. One can only hope that the reason for the Cardinals’ correction being delayed is that they are gathering support from the African Bishops and others beforehand. Bergoglio can shrug off a few, but not fifty or one hundred.

    • Great Comforter of the Shivering Proletariat,

      That’s the only reason I could come up with too, when I thought of what appears to be this inordinate delay. But 6+ months?? All these high-ranking prelates should be falling over themselves to affirm the Truth and demonstrate their love for the Church but perhaps the four cardinals have discovered at first hand that salt which has lost its taste really can’t be made salty again.

      • Comrade, fraternal Socialist Greetings to you! Unlike the top-hatted and silk-scarfed factory owner drinking choice Armenian brandies from the slippers of fallen women whilst plotting against Soviet agriculture, you clearly appreciate Socialism in One Country.

        On the question of marriage at least, the Africans are sound. Please God we are right and the delay is not for reasons of cowardice or misplaced worries about schism. The Church has in fact been in schism since the very beginning of the first session of Vatican II – if not for several decades before that – so worrying about that is a giant red herring.

  18. Is this a case of fiddling while Rome burns? It would appear that way. Souls are being lost. Let us pray the Cardinals are willing to put their “hats on the line” and stand up strongly and publicly for Catholic truth. Having started a fight they must finish it.

  19. I agree with Steve that even if the Cardinals present a ‘formal correction’, what kind of repercussions for the Pope will that present? What kind of ‘teeth’ would it actually have? A big question mark in my view. Besides this, the errors in A.L. are really only part of the problem. The ‘Pope’s’ constant anti Catholic statements and actions for the world to see are another. In other words, the real problem is the Pope himself. His endless ‘air plane interviews’, his many collaborations and work shops held WITHIN THE VATICAN ITSELF with population control enthusiasts, and his anti Capitalism pro Marxist ideology is leading the Church in the complete opposite direction of where she should go. They need to work on how to ‘depose’ a sitting Pope that is spreading errors via the back door with his world wide megaphone, even if not ‘from the Chair’. What this Pope is teaching is that doctrine ‘evolves’ and ‘changes’ in practice but not formally. We can shoot for ‘perfect practice’ according to him, but we probably won’t make it, so as long as we put for the effort we will end up A-OK. He’s spreading anti Catholic error world wide, and the Cardinals have to figure out how to end the madness and say good bye to Jorge Bergoglio.

  20. Those who are discouraged and becoming ever more skeptical by the delay of the formal correction forget the reality of the ecclesiastical apparatus. It is constituted by protocols characterized by protracted intervals.
    For good? For ill?
    “…that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”
    2 Peter 3:8
    Yes, after the past fifty-two years that rings somewhat hollow. But those attempting to make this intervention cannot in the end be pigeonholed as irrational narcissists bent on their own view. They must do this perfectly, or risk undermining their very rationale and themselves. We need this done correctly. The ecclesiastical monkey bars do not hold a safety net beneath them.
    Heterodoxy always pretends to play by the rules. Orthodoxy attempts to abide by the rules.
    For example, aberrant superiors in seminaries, houses of formation and monasteries employ this tactic as a means of weeding out those of traditional sensibility. They appeal to traditional practice for nefarious ends in order to aggravate their conscientious charges in order to push them to “self-select” and leave. The superiors’ “hands are clean” – those who left “had no vocation” – and the community is saved from orthodox perspectives that would make the high life uncomfortable. It is standard practice.
    We have never in the history of the Church been at a moment like this. It has no precedent. The Cardinals and those supporting them must move with precision and patience. The constitution of the papacy and the Church are at risk.
    Francis will be gone sooner or later. The papacy will remain. In large measure its survival is in the hands of us who seek the correction of his aberrance.
    While we are in a civil war, surgical intervention is the battle plan, not nuclear destruction of one individual and his cabal, though my little red button is blinking madly with tantalizing temptation. There is nothing more the Bergoglians desire than to see the button employed. Their objective of a decimated papacy and the collateral damage will have been achieved by us, not by them. Their hands clean they will have a credibility which yet remains inherently dubious. History is written by the winners.
    In the meantime it wouldn’t hurt if some laymen could get into the background of this crew of nefarious clerics and start spilling the beans – Boston Globe style.

    • Very sharp analysis. I agree. Like the Leftists who recently lost the US election, these Vatican swamp-dwellers have laid traps hoping the orthodox will fall into them. No distortion or outright lie is beyond their capability.

        • The Duplicitous Bipartisan Establishment Party. Without principle, its platform the preservation of itself. Secular materialism’s magic of deception in all things, in all events, in all its adherents.

    • Hi James – The more things change the more they stay the same. Ephesians6:10-17 –

      “10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. 11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. 13 Therefore take the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. 14 Stand therefore, having girded your loins with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, 15 and having shod your feet with the equipment of the gospel of peace; 16 above all taking the shield of faith, with which you can quench all the flaming darts of the evil one. 17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”
      “Above all taking on the shield of faith, with which you can quench all the flaming darts of the evil one.” Cardinal Burke is about to quench one of the most potent flaming darts in the history of our Beloved Church with the shield of Faith. Poor Francis, he forgot he fights a losing battle when he throws burning darts at the shield of faith.

      • Yes. We need cling to that reality. But our captivity does seem to drag on and on. A glimmer of hope dashed over and over again.
        Christ will triumph with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

        • Hi James – The longer the battle, the clearer the side we have chosen becomes, and thus the more decisive the victory and the defeat. The sheep are being separated from the goats.

          • Really? Fat Man and Little boy were very decisive. How long did that take? It was an odd thing to say. Sheep from goats eh? Can you elaborate on both points please?

          • Hi Kyler – Newcomer to this website Kyler? Welcome aboard. By the end of WWII the whole world had left little doubt as to which side of the conflict they were on. The Axis Powers were driven toward expansion and the establishment of a totalitarian state. The Allied Powers were determined to stop the formation of a worldwide dictatorship, in defense of freedom and peace based on the rule of Law. As to the separation of the sheep ad the goats, a similar conflict as that of WWII is occurring in the Catholic Church. There are two clearly defined sides in conflict. One side following a progressivist Pope who has established an unholy agenda designed to undermine the teachings and Sacraments of the Church. An Agenda with the goal of integrating the Church into a Globalist Agenda, in which the Church is submissive to her enemies, conforming to the World rather than defending the Faith established by Jesus and the Apostles, and carried forward by the successors of the Apostles. The other side is comprised of those who refuse to conform to this agenda, those who defend the unchanging teachings and Sacraments preserved for 2,000 years in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Those who conform themselves to the Word(Jesus Christ) first, last and always. There are many who still believe they can remain neutral, or are simply unaware that the battle has reached the definitive level that it has, especially the bishops who have thus far been able to avoid taking a side. But, this battle is fought within an ecclesiastical structure that will force the hand of both sides, Francis has been served with a subpoena of sorts which will compel him to testify to his true intentions as regards the potentially heretical positions he seemingly encourages. When he does this there will no longer be a neutral position within this conflict. Those who defend or encourage the heresy will be the goats who will be damned. Those who defend the Words of Christ, the unchanging teachings of the Church and the Sacraments will be the sheep who follow the faithful bishops, the good shepherds. The longer the battle, the more defined the positions of the combatants. And in the end that makes this the most decisive battle ever waged inside or outside the Church. When Francis is formally declared a heretic, and that time approaches swiftly, that will be the Fat Man and Little Boy moment of this conflict. Does that help, Kyler?

          • Hi Kyler – I responded to the post you posted. And of course that related back to the post of mine you were responding to. Maybe if you have a specific question simply ask it. Sound good Kyler?

          • It should have been clear. A battle can be quite decisive even if incredibly short. How does length of battle have anything to do with decisiveness?

          • Hi Kyler – The longer the conflict, the more defined the positions of the opposing sides become. The more defined the position of the losing side in a conflict becomes the more decisive the rejection of that position when the conflict ends. The more defined the position of the winning side in a conflict becomes the more decisive the triumph of that position when the conflict ends. I must point out that the dropping of the atomic bombs were the key events in bringing the war to an end, but that occurred nearly six years after the conflict began. I tried to relate your post which gave the example of the dropping of the atomic bombs to the separating of the sheep and goats which I mentioned was occurring in the Church today. I hope that helps.

          • Hi Kyler – Make the case that it isn’t true, that it makes no sense to you does not need explanation.

          • Hi Kyler – I agree, and in fact that is a difficulty that has puzzled math teachers for as long as students have insisted 2+2=5. They see 2+2=4 as utter nonsense. What can be done for such as these?

          • Hi Kyler – Not a problem. Might I suggest that you begin a dialogue with the person who posts as “The Great Stalin” on this website. Best Wishes for you Kyler.

          • Hi Kyler – Keep telling yourself that Kyler. By the way have you started a dialogue with “The Great Stalin”, I think you two are on the same wavelength.

          • Enough. No more insulting other posters by comparing them to other posters that you don’t agree with.

          • Hi Fr P – Have you read the posts of “The Great Stalin” where they call others idiots FR. P? How about equal moderation for all, with malice toward none? In my opinion Kyler and “The Great Stalin” are on the same level as posters. Do I have a right to that opinion, FR P? Or were you defending Kyler? You might want to rethink that FR. P.

          • One, I don’t moderate much as I am very busy in the Parish. Two, I don'[t read every post, not even close. Three, I said something to Kyler before I said something to you. Four, don’t be overly combative with the other posters, if one of them is being so with you flag their post. Five, don’t assume things like I’m defending someone else, I’m not.

          • Hi FR RP – Fair enough. I respect that, and though I think it is most effective to respond to those who wish to engage me in an argument, with the same level of discourse they present to me(within limits), I will not be as ready to respond in kind. At least I know they can understand what is coming back to them when I do respond in kind. Regardless, I will try harder to find a more effective way to discuss issues with people, who seek argument with me, that conforms to the sense of decorum you wish to establish. Equal Moderation for all, with malice toward none, is obviously your goal as a moderator, and I could ask for nothing more than that.

          • Hi Fr RP – Why did my post responding to you disappear? By the way “The Great Stalin” was up voting Kyler’s posts, doesn’t that indicate that they are on the same wavelength? What’s going on here?

          • I have no idea what post you are talking about. Someone can upvote a post without agreeing with everything that poster posts in other posts.

  21. The Evil One wants us to despair; Our Lord wants us to TRUST ABSOLUTELY in Him! All the members of the Mystical Body must pray for one another – the war for souls is our daily battle. Pray for those in despair AND in presumption. As Padre Pio told us: Pray. Hope. And don’t Worry!

  22. The 100’s of dubia should be made in 1965 after V2.
    For example: dubia about Lumen Gentium 16: Do jews and muslims pray to the same God as christians.

    • While there are no small number of inter-religionists and ecumaniacs who would contradict this, I would say that while without doubt Jews and Christians do worship the One and Same God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Most Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – the same cannot be said of Allah.
      Lumen Gentium subscribers need reexamine.
      Christians and Jews of sincere and authentic faith worship God made known through salvation history in the revelations of the Old Testament, and brought to completion in the New Testament in the person of God Incarnate, Jesus Christ. There is no revelation after Jesus Christ.
      Islam was not the result of God’s revelation, revelation having been brought to fulfillment in Jesus Christ, but is a confection by Mohammed, a maniac imperialist, in order to unify rival tribes into a horde for conquest. He crafted ideas from Judaism, Arianism and tribal religions for an integrating ideology. It sadly succeeded in giving them the territory and power they hungered for. We and they live with the catastrophe today.
      As Saint Augustine said, the Old Testament anticipated the New, the New fulfilled the Old. The succeeding covenants – an ever deeper intimacy between God and humanity – from Adam, through Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, to the supreme Covenant in the person of Jesus Christ – living and efficacious, in His very Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity – renewed and re-presented at each Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. He shared in our humanity that we may share in his Divinity.
      There is no revelation beyond this.

      • If us and Jews worship the same God, why is there any need for them to convert? Furthermore, if you believe that this same “god” would allow scandalous statements about Jesus and Mary and all other Christians as you can read yourself in Talmud, you better guess again.

        Jews stopped praising God the Father after Jesus came, and they turned to satan instead.

        “Behold, I will bring of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie. Behold, I will make them to come and adore before thy feet. And they shall know that I have loved thee. ” Revelation 3:9

  23. The good cardinals know the formal correction will mostly be for the historical record. Priests are dependent on their bishop for their faculties. Priests know their bishop.we depend on God’s action for any significant changes to thwart PF’s agenda but he is probably emptying seminaries of saints.

  24. The Fatima prophhecy which sees the pope walking up a hill – perhaps its the papacy which will be put to death, and we know the celibate priesthood is under attack. But God has promised us cities of refuge and he says we will not run out of them.

  25. Before I could even finish my question came his answer, “Don’t worry about it. We’re looking into it. We’re working on it.”

    And, with that His Eminence, Card. Burke, has all but confirmed that . . . it ain’t gonna happen.

  26. My view is that the correction will take the form of publicly stating that the Pope’s silence on the dubia is to be understood as Francis’s acquiescence in the answers now to be stated by Cardinal Burke and his confrères; and that “clarifications” by anyone other than the Pope are similarly to be disregarded. That way, if the Pope still stays silent, the Cardinals will have provided answers to their own dubia, and they will be able to claim that although they would have like for the Pope to provide them, they will accept Francis’s silence as acquiescence in the answers now given (by the Cardinals). There will be implicit a gentle chiding of Francis, expressing the hope that the Pope himself might have been willing to express traditional Church teaching in a more clear manner, but that they (the Cardinals) know that Francis knows that he (Francis) can’t change Church teaching even if he does not express it as clearly as some people would like.

    That way, everyone saves face.

  27. “Further, we are forced to wonder what, if any, effect such a correction would have. Would it change anything, or would it simply be an objection, on the record, to what appears to be a blatant and unrepentant miscarriage of Church teaching on the part of the pope and a growing number of bishops and cardinals? Would, in other words, such a correction actually have any teeth?”

    Answer: Yes (simply an objection on the record) and No (teeth).

    How could it be anything but lodging an objection? How could it possibly have any teeth? What Catholic can reasonably expect that it would?

    The Petrine ministry is not judged by anyone on Earth, only by Christ. The Church is not a democracy, and hence it doesn’t matter if all the cardinals were allied together in making this formal correction. At the end of the day, he’s Peter, and they are not.

    But this does not mean that a formal correction would be worthless or a waste of time. An official objection on the record, if it were very respectful of the Petrine ministry yet also very forcefully worded, drawing statements from various Councils and previous Popes and Doctors of the Church, would have a great value. The value would be that the truth would be openly placed in public view by bishops, who have the fullness of the apostolic orders. The formal correction, even though lacking teeth, would be a starting point for a future correction that would have teeth, in the form of a Pope or a Council.

    Look, what else is there to say? We can’t choose the Lord’s timing. He may allow this situation to continue for a long period, extending beyond the lifetime of anyone presently living (i.e., it could be centuries before there is any real correction of these things). We don’t know what the plan is, we just have to keep moving forward one step at a time. A formal correction from these cardinals, even though it cannot possibly have teeth because they have no ability to command the Pope, is not worthless.

      • I read the article you linked, and although the theology contained is sound, in the concrete everything discussed is nearly impossible.

        Even if an “imperfect” general Council (i.e., not called by the Pope, nor recognized by the Pope) included more than 95% of the world’s bishops, and even if the outcome of this imperfect Council was near-unanimous agreement that the Pope is in formal heresy, the result would be what?

        The Pope could refuse to acknowledge the Council, refuse to step down, and dare 1 billion Catholic faithful into a horrific game of “Who do you trust? Peter, or an pseudo-Council of enemies not recognized by Peter?” The result would likely be schism, perhaps even two claimants to the papacy, in other words demonic chaos.

        But in actual fact, there is nowhere near the level of support one would need from the world’s bishops to have such an “imperfect” Council. The vast majority of the world’s bishops would not agree to participate in such a thing. Burke, Caffarra, etc. cannot get together a little group of bishops and call it an “imperfect” Council. Even if they had 100 bishops, it would be such a small group relative to the overall number of worldwide bishops that no person could reasonably call it a true general Council, even if that person was in complete agreement on the serious doctrinal errors contained in Amoris laetitia.

        So I still stand by my original claim, which is that a formal correction would be great, because it would provide the foundation for a future Pope, or better a future Council, to declare heresy in Amoris laetitia even if they didn’t condemn Francis. But anyone hoping for a formal correction that actually ends the pontificate of Francis is not taking account of the reality of the state of the episcopacy. Can anyone seriously think that Francis would accept or recognize the statements of a small group of bishops calling themselves an “imperfect” general Council? That he would voluntarily leave, or acknowledge himself a formal heretic, or acknowledge himself deposed?

  28. Considering the time elapsed, I wonder why the four brave Cardinals haven’t already disclosed the formal correction they did to Francis. That they did it around the Epiphany, I find it highly probable: remember what Francis told to the Chilean Bishops during their ‘ad limina’ visit. The latest statements by ‘Cardinal’ Marx seem to be a desperate manoeuver in order to make Francis recant from what he told them. Perhaps I’m just merry-guessing, but if I’m right, what Cardinal Burke just did was to remind Francis of the Damoclean sword the four brave Cardinals will always have over his head…

  29. 1. No.
    2. Yes.
    3. Yes.
    4. Yes.
    5. Yes.

    Have 5 simple words ever been more desired and more set to affect world history?

    This kind of demon comes out through prayer and fasting. Let us pray and fast for the Holy Father.

  30. I haven’t had time to examine this too carefully, but a quick glance at his words seem to imply the possibility of a formal correction of the situation, not a formal correction of the pope. This could be no more than an abstract letter outlining what these cardinals think the truth is about the answers to their dubia, which will likely have no more weight or impact than the documents other bishops have already released respecting A.L. I’m suspecting that all this will be much ado about nothing.

  31. I was there. The place was packed. I was happy to see a lot of priests there too. Its great to know priests are interested in this. I assume most could care less….


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