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Calling All Supporters: The 1P5 October Fundraiser is Now Open!

Well, I’m amazed. 

Last month, you did it again. We went from 32% underfunded in August and nearly 90% short of our September goal at mid-month to exceeding our monthly fundraising goal in just a short time. Thank you all so much! We simply could not do this without you. (And we love and read all your letters, messages, emails, and notes.)

With the 1st of October here, we’ve just rolled out the latest fundraiser. In case you’ve ever wondered, we believe that monthly fundraisers with attainable goals make more practical sense than quarterly fundraisers with much larger goals. With hundreds of thousands of readers each month, we know that for less than the price of one pumpkin spice latte, you can keep us in the black.

I have to be honest: October promises to be a big and busy month, with Pope Francis planning to travel to Sweden to “celebrate” the 500th anniversary of the Protestant “Reformation”. We’ve already seen the increasing concern over Amoris Laetitia in academic and pastoral circles; expect now to see a pivot to the question of what there is about Martin Luther or the ecclesiastical revolution he helped foment that’s worth celebrating.

On the content front, we plan to start producing podcasts again very soon. We recorded one in September, but events transpired that made it unusable. Nevertheless, we have several guests lining up and whole nunch of new topics to tackle. We’re also closing in (say a prayer!) on an updated look and feel for the website that should help to address some of the readability issues that we’ve received complaints about, and which will work better on your mobile devices. (Would you believe that more than half the readers we had in the month of September were viewing the site on tablets and phones?)

As always, we ask you to remember that small donations add up. Larger donations ($50, $100, or more) are always fantastic and have become the lifeblood of our work, but our financial needs are modest, and a thousand people donating just $10 pays all the bills. (And remember: for those who prefer not to donate online or through Paypal, we do accept checks.)

If you simply can’t contribute, please pray for those who do, and for us to find the resources we need to continue doing this work.

Thank you all for your readership, advocacy, prayers, and support! 

In Christ,

Steve Skojec
Publisher & Executive Director

2 thoughts on “Calling All Supporters: The 1P5 October Fundraiser is Now Open!”

  1. This is just too much, it is despicable this assclown going to scrape before the gloating heretical Lutherans- he needs to be excommunicated for this, it’s just not funny anymore.

  2. I actually WOULD believe that half the visits are from mobile devices! I know I look at the site on both my phone and computer depending which is most convenient. Tablets and phones are becoming the new mainstream device for just about everything.

    I can’t say it enough how thankful I am for this site. I’ve said it a million times before and I’ll keep on saying it. The content is spectacular and the community that’s developed is really nice to have. I have many catholic friends but few realize the depth of the crisis we’re in and none of them see the true terror that is Pope Francis or the modernist revolution. Any of those friends who even know about modernism are convinced it was stamped out by St. Pius X before V2. Yeah… I know. I’ve tried to talk to some of them, but… well that’s another story. My point being, the community here reminds me that I’m not alone in seeing what I’m seeing… So again, my thanks.

    Seems it’s about time to circle the wagons, if we haven’t already. October is gonna be a windy one. (cf. Eph. 4:14)


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