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Beleaguered Cardinal Müller to Exit CDF July 2nd

Rumors of Cardinal Gerhard Müller’s impending departure as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith are nothing new. But last week, a new story hit the radar, largely-unnoticed in the English-speaking world. The Argentinian newspaper Clarín ran a report saying that Pope Francis planned to take advantage of the looming July 2 deadline on Müller’s five-year mandate to send him on his way. Without Müller to stand in the way, Clarín reported, “the path of renewal of the last phase of the pontificate of Jorge Bergoglio, who in December will turn 81, would be open.”

Today, new reports confirming the Clarín story — without any additional detail — are appearing at Corrispondenza Romana & Rorate CaeliOnePeterFive has confirmed with our own sources close to the CDF that the reports are true: Cardinal Müller will be leaving his position as Prefect of the CDF on Sunday, July 2nd.

It is interesting that Rorate has chosen to frame Müller’s role at the post-Amoris Laetitia (AL) CDF as adversarial:

Cardinal Müller is one of the cardinals who sought to interpret Amoris Laetitia along the lines of a hermeneutic of continuity with Church Tradition. This was enough to put him among the critics of the new course imposed by Pope Bergoglio.

It is true that Müller has chosen to view the post-synodal apostolic exhortation through rose-colored glasses. In January, in an interview with Italian television station TGCOM24, the German cardinal said that “Amoris Laetitia is very clear in its doctrine and [in it] we can interpret [sic] the whole doctrine of Jesus concerning marriage, the whole doctrine of the Church of 2000 years history.” This may not have been well-received by those who see Communion for the divorced and remarried, regardless of repentance, as a new and different path for the Church.

But during that same interview, he also openly criticized the dubia, saying explicitly that AL does not pose “any danger to the Faith”:

Cardinal Müller even said that he was surprised that the Letter of the Four Cardinals to the pope – containing the dubia concerning Amoris Laetitia – had been published. “I do not like that,” he added. In Müller’s eyes, it is not at all appropriate “almost to force the pope to answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’” with regard to the dubia, especially because “there is not any danger to the Faith” which would then fittingly call for such a fraternal correction. Thus, such a correction of the pope “seems to me far away,” according to the Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine. He also considers it unfortunate that these matters are now being discussed “publicly.”

Müller has thus become an odd and unlikely ally of the current scheme of implementation of AL, and struck a profound blow against the Four Cardinals and their dubia. He has been treated incredibly poorly, considering the importance and centrality of his position as CDF prefect. He was not given a copy of the final text of Amoris Laetitia for doctrinal review, but instead a much less problematic version of the draft. Even so, Müller told a senior official that the CDF “had submitted many, many corrections, and not one of the corrections was accepted”. He was forced by the pope to fire three of his most trusted priests from the CDF early this year for no specific reason. He has been publicly embarrassed by Pope Francis and some of his trusted advisers, who have been allowed to treat him with contempt:

Müller himself is often disrespected and passed over by Francis and his closest advisors. In an interview in January, 2014, Honduran Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, a member of Francis’ inner circle, proffered naked scorn at Müller’s rejection of Holy Communion to the divorced and remarried, saying that the prefect “only thinks in black-and-white terms” and that “the world isn’t like that”. Archbishop Victor Fernández, another close friend of Francis who is believed to be the chief ghostwriter of Amoris Laetitiagave an interview in May of 2015 that was perceived as a direct attack on statements made by the Prefect of the CDF. In May of this year, Maike Hickson reported that “Carlos Osoro, the archbishop of Madrid, Spain, forbade Cardinal Gerhard Müller from presenting his new book on hope at the Catholic University San Dámaso, because this book is — Osoro alleges — ‘against the pope‘.” In December,, an official publication of the Austrian Bishops’ conference under the leadership of papal ally Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, edited an interview with Müller in such a way as to leave some of his most important remarks about Amoris Laetitia on the cutting room floor.  And on multiple occasions, Francis has signaled his preference — or even deference — to Cardinal Walter Kasper on matters of theology, such that the openly heterdox prelate is known as “the pope’s theologian”.

In my January 11, 2017 commentary (linked above) I outlined the “climate of fear” at the Vatican, and the fear that many who work at the Vatican are being monitored, KGB-style. In a related report, I mentioned how “Vatican-issued cell phones and email addresses are treated with absolute suspicion, and reports of employees being quietly dismissed from congregations like the CDF for the crime of agreeing with the resistance to Amoris Laetitia have surfaced.” I have personally spoken with individuals who have experienced accidental playback of recorded phone calls when speaking with Vatican sources, or who have been told by sources that they should not discuss things over the phone. I also outlined in some detail the stories of abuse received by Catholic journalists, and the claims made by Vatican correspondent Edward Pentin concerning “political manipulation, deceit, and calumny happening within Vatican walls.” In May, a communique was made public from the Dean of the College of Cardinals to the cardinals living in Rome which called upon a “noble tradition” that prescribed that all cardinals living in the eternal city must “inform the Holy Father, by way of the Secretariat of State, the period of their absence from Rome and the address of their stay.” And even more recently, I’ve heard reports (as yet unsourced) of more draconian, police-state procedures being carried out — unannounced office raids and long interview/interrogation sessions of staff members.

Sources close to Cardinal Müller had always related to us that the cardinal’s general sentiment was that he could do more good from the inside than from the outside. He was also concerned about who might be tapped to replace him. (In the Clarín story, it is suggested that Cardinal Sean O’Malley is a likely candidate; others believe that Cardinal Cristoph Schönborn may be chosen as an extension of his role as the pope’s handpicked interpreter of Amoris Laetitia.)

But one wonders what good Müller thought he could truly accomplish if he was being actively hindered and was himself afraid to take a firm, unequivocal stance. As I wrote back in January, the cardinal appeared to be manifesting symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome:

It is clear that with divergent practices being implemented by various bishops around the world, the pope himself confirming that Holy Communion can be given to the divorced and remarried in certain circumstances, and the official interpreters of the exhortation trying to pass it off as “binding”, we are faced with nothing less than a “separation of the theory and practice of the faith.” If that is, indeed, a “christological heresy” — as Müller himself has claimed — it would therefore constitute a “danger to the faith” by any reasonable standard.

With the stakes thus clarified, certain conclusions are inescapable. If Cardinal Müller thinks he can stand athwart the darkness by staying where he is, trying to tamp down the fires of discontent stirred up by the dubia from within the Vatican apparatus by means of a more subtle, diplomatic approach, he is seriously mistaken. And if he is being told what to say, and willing to do so (recall similar reports that Msgr. Pinto from the Roman Rota was given a papal order to attack the Four Cardinals) then it is impossible for him to be trusted — and it suggests that he has come to identify, somehow, with those who have essentially held him captive in his increasingly ineffectual position.

At the time, I cited an article from John Allen at Crux, as regards Francis’ peculiar way of handling personnel issues:

In a nutshell, Pope Francis’s approach to difficult personnel choices is to keep people in place, while entrusting the real responsibility to somebody else and thus rendering the original official, if not quite irrelevant, certainly less consequential.

But sitting on the fence doesn’t make a man an ally of either side. Mediocrity is never enough to save us. Müller resisted Francis just enough to make himself a problem, but resisted making a stand just enough to lose the trust of those who wanted to see in him a beacon of hope as the Church’s chief defender of doctrine.

By trying to be useful to both sides of this dispute, he became useless to both. And now he’s gone, and he never used the weight and authority of his position to say what he should have said — to stand with the Four Cardinals, and all the countless unnamed Catholics besides, and choose Christ, whatever the cost.

I spoke with Maike Hickson about this story this morning, and she offered a sobering perspective. “From now on,” she told me, “wherever he goes, he will have people ask him ‘But what did you do? You were there, why did you not say something?'”

“As Germans,” she said, referencing the sentiment that still lingers toward the German people for the perception that they did not sufficiently oppose the atrocities of the Nazis, “this is something we have dealt with for sixty years.”

Sources close to Cardinal Müller have indicated that his removal from his position — where he clearly felt a duty to try to work harmoniously with the pope — may in fact lead him to feel more free in his own assessment of the current crisis.

I hope this is the case. And I hope it’s not too late to matter.


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219 thoughts on “Beleaguered Cardinal Müller to Exit CDF July 2nd”

  1. Bye, bye Mr. Wimpy and I hope you’ve learned something. You’ve been telling us for months that Amoris laetitia is in perfect conformity with the writings of previous popes and that there’s nothing to see here, folks……just move along. Uh huh…..sure it is.

    You should have been the author of the dubia and done what a Prefect of the CDF is supposed to do! You should have been leading this fight.

    The lesson to be learned, Your Eminence, is that if one is going to be hung out to dry by the miscreants and sodomites who are currently running the show, one might as well cop it for doing the right thing and fighting the good fight rather than fence-sitting and prevaricating.

    • Agree. Didn’t the Lord Himself say how He wished we were either hot or cold? This guy tried to play both sides but effectively took no side. We can talk about the politics but his job was to protect doctrine and stand for Truth…and he failed. Another cardinal coward. To those given much, much is expected. I wish him well in ignominy.

      • Where does Revelation 3:15-17 reside within moral theology? Specifically, defining lukewarm. The Baltimore catechism teaches that we know things to be true through Christ, His Church and the tradition and history of the Saints. Does that not pose a problem today given the past 100 years? This is important to me, because I’ve put off decisions that I think may be true, though I’m in question because of the lack of clarity in the Church.

    • There is a strange type of psychological intimidation being favored by evil in these times that can prevent you from thinking straight. Not of the diabolical disorientation type so much, but a fear that affects good men, like Cardinal Müller. Good Catholics experienced it in Ireland before the gay marriage referendum a couple of years ago. They mentally contorted themselves trying to devise the most non-offensive, diplomatic and really, milquetoast arguments possible. When the referendum was carried it was like folks woke up out a scary trance, but by then it was too late. Weak philosophical foundations can contribute to this, but imho, by and large it is diabolical in origin.

    • Clear thinking, a succinct statement of the obvious – how refreshing!
      Nonetheless, I feel sorry for the cowardly Cardinal. May God bless him to see his errors, and may I be blessed to see mine.

  2. He should release the draft of his proposed “corrections” to AL that were ignored. And, he should answer the dubia tomorrow before he leaves.

      • I am more sympathetic to Muller’s conduct as prefect of the CDF than you are. He’s had to walk a tightrope because of the prospect that he would be sacked and someone like Fernandez appointed in his place who would utterly demolish the Church’s doctrine. Perhaps I would have taken a different path, but I am happy not to have had to walk in his shoes these past couple of years.

        • Walking tightrope: that has been the trap over and over. Entering into a Hegelian dialectic IS the trap. At some point he knew he crosshairs were on him, but even up until recently, he has been trying to talk out of both sides of his mouth. That last interview he gave was painful. Why did it feel so similar to listening to Hillary explain why she lost? It’s the same spirit. There is a weird compromise with dark forces. We are all human, we all make mistakes, but when you realize you are not up to the task you better have the balls to step aside.

          What if I was on the battlefield and somehow got myself advanced to a position and place of responsibility on the front line, never having learned to fire a weapon, and knowing full well I didn’t have the understanding of strategy to either win or project my troops? What kind of person wouldn’t know they were in a “tough spot”? And what kind of person would stay in that “tough spot” hoping for the best, that maybe it will all work out? How cavalier! And how many prelates have done exactly this?

          Will he change his tune after he’s out? If patterns are a thing, no. Not the people can repent, and not that we can’t hope, but this is just another whopping failure.

          • I wonder, was he in denial about the Pope? I mean, did he really think Francis is against giving communion to the remarried? The alternative is that he hasn’t been sincere. None of the options sound great to be honest.

          • No, he knows exactly what Pope Francis is up to. But, he probably thought he was in a better position to weaken and oppose the agenda as prefect of the CDF than if he resigned. Yes, he had to play both ends of the string but he repeatedly stated that communion for the divorced and remarried is impossible and that AL must be read in continuity with prior teaching. That’s better than if we’d had Tucho Fernandez or Bruno Forte as prefect of the CDF for the past 2 years. I can see the logic of staying in place as long as possible to prevent the Pope from appointing a true wild man to the position. Anything could have happened in the past 2 years: Pope Francis could have had a stroke or got hit by a bus; or a major showdown with the dubia Cardinals could have materialized. Those things didn’t happen, but if they had, it would have been better that Muller stayed than if he had resigned and Tucho Fernandez had been appointed and enabled to wreak his unique kind of havoc. It’s easy to criticize Muller’s approach in hindsight.

          • I actually agree with you and I thought the same about Müller, but now when we see this it’s a pity to see that his diplomacy didn’t seem to make a difference. I don’t know whether it would have been better or not to act otherwise.

          • Exactly right on their Hegelian dialectic business: the average novus ordo Mass, although almost completely empty of any sacrificial content, with its platoon of EMHCs and girl altar boys isn’t a clown Mass, so it’s tolerable. The average homily, although empty of any doctrinal and dogmatic content, doesn’t advocate for “gay marriage” so its good enough. The average bishop, who never once speaks out publicly in defense of the Church and Her teachings isn’t a miscreant – and is a pretty nice guy – so, it’s all good. While this dialectical process is working itself out over 50+ years the loyal pew sitters become increasingly ignorant of what Catholicism is….by very small, frog boiling degrees.

            The tightrope walking which BXVI refers to above makes the “conservatives” the tools of the Modernist heretics. They’re enablers. Why are they playing the heretic’s games?

        • What if he spoke plainly, instead of being such an ineffective (from a faithful Catholic’s perspective) diplomat, a practician of cognitive dissonance, a lukewarm semi-follower of Christ, a lover of grey (when black and white are the only honest options), without excessive concern for what a clear proclamation of truth would bring about? What if he trusted God? Could it be possible that truth and clarity would help the Church?
          Did he not observe the bashing of Catholics every day, coming from the very top? Could he not show some compassion? Did he not observe the spread of sodomy appreciation in Catholic schools? Once they got hold of the children, the takeover by filth is complete.
          What was he still waiting for?

      • You’re killing me today Douglas!

        He was barely hand brake on this runaway train anyway. About as much resistance as the guy holding on w/one hand, being drug along behind. But now that Francis gave him the boot in the face it’s full steam ahead.

  3. Cardinal Muller’s dismissal is not a good thing…of course it was predicted by those who follow Francis -news. It was further predicted that Cardinal Maradiaga would be his successor…oh horror of horror !

  4. I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you! Surely the Most Humblest Pope EVAH!™ would never stoop so low as to simply cast out of office those who are not in complete conformity with his will! I mean, Cardinal Sarah was just an outlier, right? This isn’t a pattern at all!

    Please, someone get Jimmy Akin to tell me the “10 Things to Know and Share About Why Pope Francis Firing Cardinal Mueller” so I can be reassured that this move is a sign that Francis/Bergoglio is perfectly orthodox and has no intention of trying to change the Faith. Please, someone talk me down from here, ’cause this pope is doing everything the “conservative” Catholic establishment has told me for the past four years he could never possibly do, and now I don’t know how to react at all!

    (sarcasm off)

    Seriously, though, I wonder how many faithful, orthodox Catholics trapped in Novus Ordo parishes who have been relying on EWTN and Catholic Answers to reassure them that there’s nothing to worry about over the last four years are going to react to this. (I suspect not well at all.) If nothing else, as Hilary White has been saying for a while, the Bergoglian pontificate has been useful for showing just how shallow and deprived of tradition the “conservative” Catholic media establishment has been over the last 30 years, where their entire sense of orthodoxy has been built on the house of sand that is the documents of Vatican II and an ignorance of every pontiff preceding Paul VI.

  5. What’s the over under on Schonborn as new prefect of CDF? Francis kept claiming (incorrectly) he was a former CDF prefect. Perhaps he was just signaling his plans. Or maybe we’ll get the serene theologian, God help us.

    • He checks all the boxes. People still think of him as orthodox (“You wouldn’t call the Catechism of the Catholic Church a liberal document, WOULDYA STEVE?!?!?”).

      He’s friendly and has a charming smile.

      He’s also an indifferentist, a liturgical abuser, a promoter of homosexuality and the full Amoris Laetitia welcome-for-adulterers package. PURR-FEKT.

      • The most important weapon in his arsenal is his ability to assuage the growing fears of the John Paul II and Benedict XVI appointees. He’s “a conservative like us”. And they’re exactly right.

      • Steve,
        I have a few CRAZY questions to ask which I sincerely hope are not offensive to you:
        1) Are Francis and his cadre atheisists?
        2) If so, do you think they have always been atheists and entered into the Church for the pulpit, meals and lodging? Are there historical documents, commentaries, etc. within the Vatican that suggest that Catholicism and Christianity are a sham?
        3) If not, can you explain to me what is going on?

        • #3. What is going on? The fulfillment of prophesy. Our Lady of Fatima. Bishop Fulton Sheen. And many others. Priest v. priest. Bishop v. bishop. Cardinal v. cardinal. The final battle will be over marriage and the family, but Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph.

          #2. Atheists who become clergy? I suspect it happens all the time. Check out the various Protestant denominations. One no longer has to believe in the Trinity, the Divinity of Christ, Hell, Satan, the Resurrection — fundamental Christian doctrines.

          Why not? It (being a member of the clergy) pays the bills.

          Are there documents and commentaries in the Vatican that suggest Catholicism and Christianity are a sham? No idea: Who knows what is contained in the labyrinth of rooms at the Vatican? What truly matters is: “Who do you say that I (Jesus) am?”

          The call is to each of us — never mind Francis — “Come, follow me.” (Jesus)

          #1 Are Francis and his cadre atheists? That’s a great question. That very well might be the case. Is Francis a Catholic? Based upon his words and actions, I think Francis is a closet Lutheran. Is Francis a Christian? Only the Lord knows any man’s heart.

          But if we are going to be logically consistent about it: Being an atheist does not and cannot equal being a Christian. Otherwise words will have ceased to have any meaning at all. I am not Steve, but I hope this has helped.

      • My bet is on Forte. He fits the bill but wouldn’t be as obvious as Tucho. Whoever it is, Rome is up sh@t-creek without a paddle.

    • Schonborn — is there a more unrepentant chameleon on the planet? A self-absorbed coward always looking for a way up the ladder. Revolting.
      Things are really going to hit the fire now.

      • Peter’s pence does. We don’t support that collection any more. I never thought I’d be writing words like this.

        • Neither did I. But………….here we are!! What I do is support all the food pantries and also Traditional Orders.

    • Don’t punish your faithful priests. Contact your Diocesan Bishop and ask him where he stands via the dubia and then let your money talk.

      • I’m very grateful to be able to support faithful priests and Bishops who are sticking their necks out but not Bishops who are sitting on the fence. The laity are quick to blame the clergy in this crisis but we have enabled it as well by not taking responsibility for our Faith.

      • Actually, we have six parishes in my town and the four priests all seem quite happy with all of this. So what am I supposed to do?

        I am considering the local Serbian Orthodox Church….

        • Where do you live? Please try to find a SSPX/ICK/FSSP church/chapel near you. I beg you, in the name of Our Lady of Sorrows, please do NOT leave the Church.

          Some of us have for long time been out of the local way of being Catholic.
          Consider that. And also that you are not alone. Find the real good TRADITIONAL PRIEST, and you’ll find your real brothers and sisters too. Even if it cost lot of miles to drive to them once in a week or whenever you can.
          But please stay strong, remain faithful. There is no option to walk away, or to betray Christ and His only true Church if join with previously breakaways.

        • Don’t do orthodox. If you need a
          mass to attend there are eastern rite churches (eastern catholic, not eastern orthodox) where you will find nothing NO & true eucharist.
          But don’t jump the ship – you belong to us????

      • I haven’t given much to my Novus Ordo Parish for a couple of years now, but……..I know full well where my Cardinal stands……..We, here in Chicago are ‘Blessed’ with Cupich. 😉

      • Folks, if you don’t know one, FIND A FAITHFUL PRIEST even if he lives in a different state or country and SUPPORT HIM.

        • Yes, even if you (sadly) are not able to officially belong to a traditional orthodox parish, send your financial support to any parish / priest / building fund / seminary etc. rather than the NO

        • 1.000.000 x up-voted!
          All you people, the Catholics, the faithful ones, should think much harder and much more often about this and begin to act accordingly!
          Thank you Rod! God bless you and all yours.

      • Silence is golden, Fr. RP. The Bishop does not return telephone calls or letters from the laity. I’ve already gone that route. However, it is possible to speak with the diocesan staff.

        I called my diocese and ask my question about AL. I hear an audible gasp and I am immediately put on hold — for fifteen minutes. (I timed it.) The receptionist picks up the call again: So very sorry, I thought we had been disconnected. Maybe yes, it was a mistake, or maybe fifteen minutes on hold and most people would have hung up.

        I again ask about AL divorce, remarriage and communion. I am transferred to a staff member for liturgy and sacraments. First my parish priest would help me try and get an annulment. So what if I can’t get an annulment. Then it would be up to the priest. So if my priest says, “no”, could I go to a different parish/ different priest and get an affirmative decision. Yes, that is very possible.

        I thank her for the information and end the call. No public stance has been taken by the bishop. But given the above, I’m pretty sure the answer is: “No, Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes.”

  6. Pope Stalin is interesting. When one thinks he cannot get with much worse.,he jumps over his unused intellect and commits another heinous act. We need a revolution led by the laity to “drain the swamp” of the Vatican.

    • Not going to happen. Most of the laity are with him. He’s quite popular with the vast majority of Catholics because he’s telling them what they want to hear. Ratings near 85% with the “people.”

      In the US, 95% of Catholics contracept and 68% approve of homosexual “marriage.” Not to mention, less than 25% take the obligation to attend Mass every Sunday seriously, and over half don’t even believe in the real presence in the Eucharist. The percentage of Catholics who accept the Church’s doctrine in full and try to practice it is infinitesimal. The “apostasy in place” is almost complete – where almost all Catholics remain nominally so but have lost the true faith and don’t even try to practice it.

      Read par. 675-677 of the Catechism to see the phase of history into which we have moved.

      • I’m afraid you’re right. The Catholic Internet world gives a very distorted picture of the true state of Catholicism. It seems to me the proportion of conservative/traditional blogs/newspapers/websites/people who comment in forums has little to do with the proportion of Catholics who actually hold orthodox views “in real life”. Most of the nominal or liberal Catholics have no interest in discussing Catholicism or reading about it etc. But I’m from Spain where the situation may be even worse than in most other places nowadays.

      • Whom do they poll.?….nobody ever asked me. You don’t suppose they use the voting lists of Dems that call themselves Catholic.

        • I would tend to agree with you, but……..we at least have some evidence that these particular polls are close to correct, as we can all see the empty pews, Churches closing and merging etc, etc. If you look at some of the different Diocese in the country, it’s very telling. In Nebraska for instance, where they are very traditional with Masses Ad Orientum and most of the Parishes offering Latin Mass, their seminaries are FULL. Can’t remember the ‘exact’ number, but I believe last year the seminary there graduated 90 some. (my H said he read over 100) Here in Chicago where we have Cupich who is a clone of Bernadine and a true blue Francis Bishop, we graduated 4.

    • Our English friend with the Soviet nom de plume would agree with you. 😉

      On a more serious note, how are Mrs. Vennari and family?

      • The Vennari family is doing well. Their activities with the children have continued unabated. The sorrow, of course, is deep. But they bought a dog! John died April 4th. So I intensify my prayers on the fourth day of every month.

        • So good to hear news of the Vennari family! Thanks, Helen.

          My DH blessed me with John’s homeschool lectures on the TLM (and its contrast with the NO) last Christmas. It is a delight! God bless them, the order was filled despite their family crisis. e

          May the Vennaris continue to bathe in the solace and comfort of Our Lord and Our Lady!

  7. Honestly, there has to be a solid couple dozen of prelates that know they are next. They know it, they know it, they know it. But what will they do?

    It’s like a bad comic strip where you know the outcome but man they sure stretch it out as many weeks as possible.

    To whom it concerns: you know you are next. Please do something different than you’ve been doing. Consider pulling the pin on the formal “H”-nade that you didn’t make, but that you can use.

  8. Now we only need Arturo Sosa in charge of the CDF and the faith will be in good hands, we may even get a new new vulgate with correct interpretations of the unrecorded Gospels, and all in contemporary Latin American dialect that even the peripheries can understand (rigid Jerome!) .

  9. This is something that needed to happen. As awful as his replacement will be, and his replacement (barring a St. Thomas Becket style conversion) will be awful. Yet, this must come to pass for the purification of the Church. The Charcoal Fire is burning in the Vatican and the 30 Pieces of Silver are echoing throughout it’s halls.

    I pray that Gerhard Cardinal Müller (and many others) will publically align with the Four Cardinal’s. I pray for the Church, especially the stupefied laity who are being led off the cliff of eternal Damnation by their damnable wolf-shepherds and the vast multitude of pathetic hirelings.

    Pray for priests, for they are about to undergo the test that will determine their eternal fate. May God strengthen them to face the evil that is present.

    Matthew 6:23…but if your eye is not sound, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

    • I agree, much as it literally sickens me to see it happen.

      But let it also be a lesson. Prelates who seek to straddle the fence as Mueller has, are going to go down anyway. They might as well go down fighting. Mueller was a classic post-Conciliar “orthodox” prelate, no, he was the penultimate post-Conciliar orthodox prelate, living in a pretend world where orthodoxy and heresy can co-exist in peace together.

      May Mueller wake up to this fact and may all the actual Catholic prelates now see this in high relief. Trying to appease this Pope while maintaining an orthodox position is NOT going to save you from the axe.

      I hope Mueller and the 4 Cardinals and Sarah and the rest of the supposed orthodox prelates burn with a righteous rage as the rape of the Church continues. I hope it motivates them to action.

      May God make this clear to ALL of them and may God save the Catholic Church.

      • The so-called “hermeneutic of continuity” was on life support under Francis/Bergoglio with Mueller as head of the CDF. Now, it’s officially deceased. Let the chips fall where they may and, as you said, may every man in the episcopate display his true colors, with none of this middle of the road nonsense.

        • Reminds me of the scene in Unforgiven where the prisoners are ordered to punch the hero in the face.

          They are all in line to savage Mother Church now.

          They are either going to do it or they are going to defend Her at whatever cost. They in their weakness brought elves to this place.

          Jury’s out. We wait to see. Personally I have faith in God but none in Catholic prelates. The culture of the Catholic Church screams effeminacy and sodomy and indecision and lukewarmness and silliness.

          Are Catholic prelates even capable of righteous indignation or are they all spiritually emasculated eunuchs?

          • I have faith in God but none in Catholic prelates

            So therefore your mind should be at peace. No matter the machinations and stupidity of Catholic prelates they still are not God hence all their attempts will be rather puny in the big scheme of things. God IS allowing them to wreak their havoc for a reason. Let us all just pray to overcome, to fight the good fight to the end.

        • I think it may still be there with Cardinal Sarah as the last public doctrinally faithful prelate at the Vatican, imo. I think Pope Francis fears Cardinal Sarah like King Saul feared David. The spotlight is now on Cardinal Sarah. Come December this will be nothing short of a story for the ages. May Our Father, our Blessed Mother, St. Michael and all the Church triumphant be our strength. May the pope repent, may we fightbfor the Church

          • “May the pope repent” — do you think that you might be a little proud? Perhaps what you want to fight for is not really the Church but to defend some kind of self-attachment to an idea of faith, power and the past that you learned and then became dependent upon for a sense of self-importance and identity. The world is a little bigger today than 17th century Rome.

          • May the Pope repent. Likewise may we all repent for our sins. If you take my prior statement as coming across as possibly being too proud, that’s your prerogative. Yet, I think this is the first time I’ve seen you comment on a post of mine so I think you would agree maybe there needs to be a few more exchanges before a conclusion is reached regarding the level of my pride.

            A bigger world has no bearing on Divine Law. I’m not sure of your faith or philosophy but as Catholics we believe in our Lord and Creator that was/is the start of the universe although He himself never had a beginning.

      • Dear Rod H., “penultimate” does not mean what you think it means. It simply means “the second from the last”. Common error.

        • Error shmerror.

          I thought it was obvious to everyone he takes a distant second place to ex-Pope Ratzinger who has been a supporter of Bergoglio from the beginning. 😉

          In all seriousness, I am disgusted with the whole lot of them.

          • Be fair – certainly not all. The 4 + the 26 other Cardinals, and the good priests and Bishops who supported the Dubia have done their best so far when you consider that they are up against millions of Catholics who fawn over the False Prophet who gave them a Godless — sinless — hell-free — and punishment free life, not realizing that they are following him sheep-like into the Hell that they don’t believe in!
            Now that the Heretical Horror is WAY out in the open, the time has come to take sides – God Almighty or the Failure Satan whose head Our Blessed Lady will crush with her heel! To me it’s a no-brainer; God is the only sane, rational choice but tell that to the millions who will happily sell their souls for the transient and short-lived sins of the flesh for a mess of potage!

      • And……..He will save it. Not without Her seeming destruction, but never fear, the Church will be saved. And the good Lord through His Blessed Mother WILL save the Church!!

      • Thought I presume you do not really believe in Catholic doctrine or care that much about it since you speak like this about its pope.

    • This could be Cardinal Muller’s greatest opportunity yet to come right out in the open. to speak the truth, and to support the true Faith–no longer held back by any constraints or misplaced confidences.

    • A thousand times yes. This is something that needed to happen. The phrase the “iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete” comes to mind.

      Prepare for the worst to come all the while clinging to the Lord and our Lady.

    • “I pray for the Church, especially the stupefied laity who are being led off the cliff of eternal Damnation by their damnable wolf-shepherds and the vast multitude of pathetic hirelings.”

      How would I know if I am one of them?

      • This is absolutely the time of the ‘Great Confusion’ within the Church. But…….if you pray your Rosary, the Blessed Mother will NEVER allow you to be deceived by the evil one. It was one of her promises of praying the Rosary! Through Her Rosary and Her Scapular She will ‘Save the World.’

          • I think he meant exactly what he said – those who have been stupefied. It was said in the context of the brake with Church teachings, which is easily observable to a any thinking Catholic with even a minimal Catholic education.

          • Stupified means being confused by conflicting messages. Satan’s ploy is to mix bits of Catholic truth with downright heresy. The true bits jump up so people tend to believe it all – missing the heresies unless you know what to look for. This is what Sister Lucy relayed from Our Blessed Lady of Fatima – that there would be “Diabolical Disorientation in the Church – starting at the TOP!” Only prayer to the Holy Spirit , the Sacraments and the Holy Rosary will help us discern the truth.

          • I meant what bab’s posted below. I didn’t mean ‘stupid’ laity. I meant people who have been so confused by the their bishops and priests that they are in a stupor (confused, unable to think clearly) when it comes to knowing, believing and understanding the Catholic Faith.

          • Would God forgive a repentant sinner who stole a million dollars and absolutely has no means of paying the stolen money back?

          • As long as the thief was truly repentant then yes, God would forgive him. However, the thief would need to do all he/she could do to make reparation for the crime, and if it were not enough, then the thief would make full reparation in purgatory.

          • Dear flower of St Therese, according to FrRP, what he means is that he knows and the laity does not know. But since he is a Fr, he may also be one of the bad ones. So do beware little flower. Remember the poor pope is trying to shake the church of the peadophile priests, thus Mueller’s sacking int he first place.

          • That is not what I meant, I posted what I meant already. Merrily we troll along, troll along, troll along…

        • I could not agree more. Stay very close to Our Lady by praying the Rosary faithfully. Our Lady will see us through this. Despite the unalloyed horrors of our times, God is in control. Fully. How horrified must the Apostles have been in the storm tossed boat, all the while believing the Lord to have been asleep throughout? Then, with just one utterance He becalmed the tempest. This is our storm. The Lord appears to be asleep. But He is not. At the point of His choosing He will, in an instant, calm the storm. We must remain calm, full of confidence in the Lord and His and our Blessed Mother. Plot a straight course between the fixed points of the Eucharist and the Rosary and trust in Him whose constant refrain in the gospels was “do not be afraid”. We must not put our trust in princes, but only in Him who wields ALL power in the heavens and on the earth and under the earth. This is a test of faith, a time of sifting. Did the Lord not say that the wheat must grow among the tares until the appointed time? The wheat and tares are to be found in the world but not only there, but in the Church also. One third of the angels fell and judas walked alongside the Lord for years. We should not be surprised by the evil in our day. Vigilant yes, combative yes. But never fearful nor despairing. Let us remain at our stations, modelling Her who when things seemed at their bleakest, remained there at the foot of the Cross.

    • I agree Fr. The crux of this mighty battle is now upon us. May God have mercy on all of us!! John Paul ll was very prophetic when he said the vast majority has no idea what we face. (I’m paraphrasing of course)

    • Unfortunately, it would have been better, had Cardinal Muller been “sacked’ as a result of defending the faith, the Magisterium.
      No one seems to want to take the Cross. It will lay at the feet of the humble priest, the servant of God.
      Don’t worry Father RP. The laity will be there for each of them, that is what we were born for, perhaps.
      This apostolate of One Peter Five and a few others have helped in preparing us, I pray.

      Prayers remain always for you and all priests. And we shall stand with our priests,… matter what.

    • According to how unerring and effective Bergoglio is when it comes to moving the traditional Catholic prelats from the high ecclesiastical positions, he should be actually called “Francis the Sniper”.

    • “We can say with a certainty backed up by empirical evidence that if the ethical power represented by Christianity were suddenly torn out of humanity, mankind would lurch to and fro like a ship rammed against an iceberg, and then the survival of humanity would be in greatest jeopardy.” Salt of the Earth, Card Ratziner, p227.

    • Your image of cliff-falling into Hell is interesting now knowing Muller’s replacement who has sort of (like, you know) reserve hesitations about Hell’s population. (ref., recent post at Mahound’s Paradise).

      But, you know (like, what the . . .) as Fr. “Z” just said, “We’ve dodged a bullet” with this one.

      Or, have we?

    • So what are the options Father? I see only a few. One can camp out and find home in the Eastern Rite, which honestly appears to be the best option. One can find a traditional church, perhaps under say the Lefebvre camp or one can, as you put it, stay and remain faithful to the, “damnable wolf-shepherds and the vast multitude of pathetic hirelings.” Otherwise, are you suggesting the “stupefied laity” be rebellious against those set in authority over them?

      I returned home to the church starting about 3 years ago concluding last year. I was one of the stupefied laity when I left. Now that I’ve “come home” it is like coming home to a home no one has cleaned and toddlers were left to run wild. It is a mess. Personally, I have come to a point I don’t need anyone to tell me what the problem is. It is quite clear. I suppose I am looking for what the solution is.

      Lefebvre was excommunicated as were his bishops. To my understanding, Benedict XVI lifted the excommunications on the Bishops after Lefebvre’s death. I did find a church that is Latin Rite only and Williams is their Bishop. However, he’s had a swirl of controversy for being a holocaust denier. Then there is the Novus Ordo and its adherents who I’m assuming make up your “damnable wolf-shepherd” block. These are ok with AL because if they are not, they are out. I have only found, for the most part, continuity in the Eastern Rite. Don’t get me wrong, once the AL army get their victory, they will continue to turn their sites to the reformation (and destruction) of the Eastern Bloc. But if you have a better solution, I’m all ears.

      • Vinny,

        Fr. RP’s thoughts on this would be interesting. Hope you don’t mind me offering a few of my own thoughts in the meantime.

        I listened to an edifying homily given by a traditional Catholic priest on the youtube channel Sensus Fidelium, titled, ‘The Papacy Cannot Be Destroyed’, recently.

        In it, the priest affirms the same truth Christ declared to St. Peter: The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church/Papacy (even if a serving pope wills it to be so).

        The saints of old, outside of their charitable works, intensely prayed and offered penance and reparations for the fallen, this included priests and laity, when needed.

        A simple prayer I’ve come to love because we can pray it anywhere, at anytime as shared by Sister Consolata Betrone is “Jesus, Mary, I Love Thee! Save Souls!”

        You know the Faith. You have been blessed by God to discern that there is a crisis in the Church…

        My advice, don’t stress about the future of the Church too much:

        Matthew 6:34 (DRA)

        34 Be not therefore solicitous for to morrow; for the morrow will be solicitous for itself. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.

        The intellect is a two edged sourced depending upon how we choose to wield it. The human intellect, however gifted, is not omniscient. There are times when we must choose faith even when our intellect can’t find a reason too.

        Again, Christ declared to St. Peter the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. As Catholics, we must take this declaration on faith.

        History has taught us that the Church can collapse in nations, take the Protestant and later Secular Revolutions for example, or the conquering of Constantinople now Istanbul.

        In universal terms, the holy Catholic Church, cannot and will not fall, no matter how dire the situations ‘seems.’

        Interestingly the Catechism states that the Church will imitate the Passion of Christ in the End Times and be crucified and resurrected. This indicates that there will come a time when all will ‘appear’ to be lost. This time will be brief.

        Once again to quote a passage from Sacred Scripture:

        Matthew 10:28 (DRA)

        28 And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell.

        Don’t turn from the fallen. Be an example unto them. Offer prayers and penances for them. Pray for our prelates, priests, religious and lay people. Pray for the fallen in our world as a whole. Serve Christ in your daily life.

        The world needs our example and our prayers now more than ever, and the worse the situation gets, the greater the grace you’ll receive through Christ to demonstrate His presence within you, as long as you remain faithful to Him:

        John 15:12-14 (DRA)

        12 This is my commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you.
        13 Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
        14 You are my friends, if you do the things that I command you.

        Romans 5:20 (DRA)

        20 Now the law entered in, that sin might abound. And where sin abounded, grace did more abound.

        Romans 5:20 (DRA)

        20 Now the law entered in, that sin might abound. And where sin abounded, grace did more abound.abound?
        2 God forbid. For we that are dead to sin, how shall we live any longer therein?
        3 Know you not that all we, who are baptized in Christ Jesus, are baptized in his death?
        4 For we are buried together with him by baptism into death; that as Christ is risen from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we also may walk in newness of life.

        Hope these words help to encourage and console you.

        God Bless,


    • But isn’t Meuller and those other four prelates expected to be loyal to the Victor of Christ on Earth? And isn’t that vicar supposed to be infallible on faith and morals? Therefore, are you not just playing with words here?

      • Welcome to the troll list. All you would need to do is read a bit more than you have and you wouldn’t post the way you do. Bye. Bye.

    • May God bless and strengthen you and your brother priests. These are remarkable and disheartening days. As a cradle Catholic, I fear for my beloved Church but always take comfort in knowing with certainty the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. Stay strong for us, the faithful.

    • True. His last set of remarks was his own finger yanking on the trigger.

      As effeminate and pathetic an individual as I see him to be {along basically with all the rest of the leaders in the last 50 years who have acted as if Satan and Christ can live comfortably on the same boat together} he rose to his last occaision with the words of Jesus on his lips. May God remember that.

      I pray for a new warrior spirit in the preleture. The scum must be driven out of the Church. One good Pope could do it.

      May God’s will be done.

  10. What’s that saying about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer? Well, not with Pope Francis who believes (and rightly by the looks of it) that his position is impregnable, especially now that what few obstacles there were to the implementation of his destructive agenda have been systematically and ruthlessly removed from office, exiled or effectively cowed into silence. With Cardinal Müller’s dismissal (PF probably had July 2nd circled in red on his calendar for a *long* time), it would appear Francis is a pope at the peak of his powers…in human terms.

    If December 31st 2017 arrives and stones are still standing one upon another with the seasons still following their course, we really do have miles to go before the Church is roused from its sleep.

  11. Much discussion here of the Cardinal’s actions/lack thereof. But what really terrifies me is the almost psychopathic activity of the Pope, as shown in the repressions and intimidations and not-so-veiled threats noted in this article.

  12. “last phase of his pontificate”

    sounds pretty ominous. From what I’ve been hearing it’s going to be a double assault on Humanae Vitae on one side and on the Mass on the other.

  13. As I surmised elsewhere, Cardinal Müller is perfectly obedient to Benedict XVI; whatever he does, it will have the personal blessing of the Pope Emeritus. And for that very reason, I doubt very much we will see anything like an Anschluss (sorry, couldn’t resist) with the Dubia Fathers. Pope Benedict’s top priority has been and will remain until his dying breath to prevent the de facto schism from becoming a de jure schism. ‘Unity must be preserved – at any cost.’ He’s made his peace with the Great Apostasy, placing everything in God’s hands to be sorted out at the end of days.

    Cf. the Offertory from the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart.

  14. This did indeed need to happen, but for the same reason that it could be argued that Vatican II was necessary for the ultimate good of the Church. Within a year of his election in 1922, Pope Pius IX was urged by some of his closest curial cardinals not to convoke a Council of the Church, because the modernists and ‘reformers’ would hijack the Council and use it in the furtherance of their own nefarious agenda. Which is, of course, precisely what happened when, almost as soon as Vatican II closed its doors, the modernists, neo-protestantants, heretics and apostates emerged from the shadows en masse and became the dominant force in the Church. The whole purpose of the Bergoglio pontificate, which exists by reason of the permissive Will of God, is to bring this greatest of all crises in the Church to its climax. And only the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit can drain this swamp. So, bring it on, regardless of what we, the faithful, must suffer. For the sake of the next generation; bring it on!

  15. Good. Cardinal Muller did not firmly stand up for the truth. Perhaps he will get some fortitude and speak out now. But I won’t hold my breath.

  16. So the only “Catholic” Cardinal left in the Vatican now is Cardinal Sarah. Funny how he wasn’t the first one axed since he was the fly in the Synodal ointment of Pope Francis and we know how merciful Francis has been toward those who spoil his rodeos. If God has a plan in store to use Cdl. Sarah and needs him on the inside, all the powers in hell combined will not be able to get rid of him.

    From what I’m reading in his Power of Silence, he is so in tune with, and willing to do things God’s way, no wonder those with agendas are absolutely terrified of him. Pope Benedict’s endorsement has also made them angry.

    What do you get when you have a terrified, angry mob? You get a mob who makes a mistake. And then,
    The God Of Surprises makes a guest appearance.

      • Being silent with God is not the same thing as not speaking.

        God speaks to us always in our interior silence, and if we are listening, we end up doing His will rather than our own. Cdl. Sarah’s silence and listening in prayer and adoration have led to writing 2 books, the last of which has earned him the distrust and hatred of dissidents. It is good to know who they are so we can ignore them.
        The power and love of God brings joy and peace to those who want to do His will, but anger to those who want to do their own.
        When Pilate demanded from Jesus an answer to his questioning, Jesus remained SILENT, because everything He had done was in public, so there were witnesses. In having nothing more to say, He had full control of the conversation, which led, through His passion, death and resurrection to the birth pangs of Christianity. I’d say that’s power.

        We, too, have everything we need to know about the faith, in the Magisterial teachings of our Church. The rest is up to each and every one of us, according to our talents, to know when to be silent in prayer and patience, and when or how to speak up.

  17. The reign of evil advances in the anti-Church as the anti-Gospel is loudly proclaimed.

    So what do we do? Nothing different really to what we have been called to do from the beginning: pray, fast, evangelize, expose the lies and preach the truth. The Lord reigns.

    • Last August, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Lancaster/Indian Land, SC, was officially established as a parish. Our bishop replaced the mid-60’s-year-old, 1970s-era, heterodox (nigh on to Protestant) mission-founding Oratorian priest with a learned 41-year-old orthodox diocesan priest of 10 years (on 07/27) as administrator, and not a moment too soon! (We call him our “pastor” — wishful thinking.)

      Recently, there was a demonstration *for* religious freedom and *opposing* coercion contrary to one’s conscience in Columbia, the State capital. From the pulpit, Fr. Kirby encouraged parishioners to support the demonstration with our prayers and presence. As an example of the seculo-pagan trend, he said, “If a LESBIAN NAZI applied for a job in our parish, we’d have to hire her!”

      I fear that a remarkable number of our mostly-elderly parishioners probably thought, “And this would be a bad thing because … ?”.

      I speak up firmly when fellow parishioners spew error in “Spirit-of-VII” tongues, and I volunteer to lead small group discussions during which I can orthodoxicize perceptions and understanding. Small contributions, but we have to make inroads where we can.

  18. “The beatings will continue until moral improves.” -USMC drill instructor

    “My grace is sufficient for thee; for power is made perfect in infirmity. Gladly therefore will I glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may dwell in me. ” – 2 Cor 12:19

    I think the past 100 years may be a primer for what is on the immediate horizon.

  19. 2 Samuel
    “And king David came as far as Bahurim: and behold there came out from thence a man of the kindred of the house of Saul named Semei, the son of Gera, and coming out he cursed as he went on,

    And he threw stones at David, and at all the servants of king David: and all the people, and all the warriors walked on the right, and on the left side of the king.

    And thus said Semei when he cursed the king: Come out, come out, thou man of blood, and thou man of Belial.

    The Lord hath repaid thee for all the blood of the house of Saul: because thou hast usurped the kingdom in his stead, and the Lord hath given the kingdom into the hand of Absalom thy son: and behold thy evils press upon thee, because thou art a man of blood.

    And Abisai the son of Sarvia said to the king: Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? I will go, and cut off his head.

    And the king said: What have I to do with you, ye sons of Sarvia? Let him alone and let him curse: for the Lord hath bid him curse David: and who is he that shall dare say, why hath he done so?

    And the king said to Abisai, and to all his servants: Behold my son, who came forth from my bowels, seeketh my life: how much more now a son of Jemini? let him alone that he may curse as the Lord hath bidden him.

    Perhaps the Lord may look upon my affliction, and the Lord may render me good for the cursing of this day.”

    May there be many prelates who say, like David, let them curse me. I deserve it.
    For their own good and salvation.

  20. You guys who have beloved Protestant family can relate to my loss of patience with the hierarchy of the Catholic Church as I try to lead them to the teachings these prelates dodge, parse, avoid, obfuscate and belatedly admit.

    You Cradle Catholics have been patient beyond measure. For myself, I confess as a fairly recent convert, I do not possess the mindset conducive to putting up with this crap. I am sick of the whole culture that has produced this inability to boldly proclaim the Gospel.

    • Catholics have been guilty of far too much patience. There has been insufficient outrage over the systematic destruction of the Faith, step by step, over the past 50 odd years.

      St. John Chrysostom says in this regard: “He who is not angry when he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is a hotbed of many vices.” (Homily 11). St Thomas Aquinas quotes Chrysostom and agrees in the “Summa” (II, IIae 158.8).

  21. Cardinal Muller’s ‘dismissal’ is a blessing from God. Now Muller can join the rest of us fighting for the truth. He has been saved from the abyss. Let’s hope there are more to follow including the Mother Prioress of a Carmelite Order who thinks like Francis!!! God have mercy on us all!

    • “Now Muller can join the rest of us fighting for the truth.”

      He is as useful as rubber teeth! His position as prefect of the CDF was supposed to be a forthright defender of Catholic doctrine. From that position of power, he should of shouted from the rooftops that the doctrines of the Church were being hellishly undermined. Now, if he complains, he will be viewed as a disgruntled cardinal who was given the push.

  22. Will a running camera be able to make an audio-visual recording of the Müller-departure event, or will only “human reason in its inner unity of categoricality and transcendentality” be able to perceive it in its “sensory cognitive image”?

  23. What can be said about all of this? Perhaps it is better that the face of evil be not concealed by false rationalization.

    When the time comes for this Papacy to be mercifully concluded, it and all it’s acts must be rejected in their entirety.

  24. Muller lost his cunning and harmlessness that the Lord Commanded all the faithful ” … be as cunning as the serpent and as harmless as the dove…” He has also lost touch with the Lord’s command against lukewarmness. With regards to the errors that AL peddles, there can be no any ridiculous non-aligned position and advocacy. Our Lord’s teaching on marriage was a hard truth and his response to those who thought it hard was “Not all men can accept this statement, but only those to whom it has been given.” The truth of Christ has no substitute. It is eternally immutable.

    Muller must now brace himself against all the odds of embarrassment that his lukewarmness has brought and reconstitute and reaffirm his true conviction in the truth of Christ and meet the errors head-on. He has an obligation sacred as it is to bear aloft the torch of the truth of Christ in all circumstances.

    We pray for him for a renewed strength in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

  25. So Cardinal Mueller’s been given the sack
    Just as well for this papal flack
    His trumpet was uncertain
    Frankie gave him the curtain
    With him gone there’s no turning back

  26. Muller made a category one error. He thought that by trying to keep the lid on AL he would have, with Bergoglio’s death at some point, held the line.

    But “conservative” Cardinals and others have been attempting to “hold the line” for sixty years – and in every single battle they have been out-manouvered, out-fought and out-thought.

    You cannot go along with a Revolution. You have to kill it, dead, and as quickly as possible. He will no doubt now realise that and (I hope) understand that you cannot keep the lid on a tin of highly-volatile plastic explosive.

    • Problem is, there really aren’t any conservative Cardinals (maybe one or two?)…all have been infected, even if just a little, with VII poison.

  27. The appointment of either O’Malley or Shonnborn to replace Muller would be a disaster for the Catholic Church at so many level, it is frightening .
    Both these individuals are slippery to say the least. At best they are modernist, but most troublesome is their alignment with groups such as the Neocatechumenal Way and their heretical Leader Arguello Wirth,the proto Judeo-Protestant , with very suspicious activities on many front.
    With Filoni already in his pocket, one shivers at the thought of the possibilities offered to such sectarian leader; as well as the dire consequences for our Church

  28. Are we surprised by this? It was only a matter of time before team Bergoglio would dump Cardinal Müller and his pussy footing responses to Amoris Laetitia. Moving his chess pieces into position for the attack against Humanae Vitae, Pope Francis’ “working party” will be working hard to continue with his auto-demolition of everything Catholic. We all know how it will go. Everything from the, “not a commission” will appear to be supporting the perennial teaching of the Church but pastoral considerations, in the footnotes no doubt, will outweigh mere idyllic dogma and will therefore accommodate the needs of those poor “Catholics” who are unable to live in accordance with the lofty ideals of Church doctrine and Her Magisterium. Sensus fidelium, everybody!

  29. “But what did you do? You were there, why did you not say something?”

    When will people start posing this question to Cardinal Sarah? Probably after he “retires” as well.

  30. Archbishop Ladaria is to replace Cardinal Muller. He is a Spanish Jesuit .73 years old.
    Just discovered,he is the president of Bergoglio’s commission to study the question of ordaining women to the diaconate.

    • Whilst it is bad that Cardinal Mueller has left, I wondered whether PF values the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith because he seems all about decentralisation and contexting doctrine in terms of the region where you live ?
      I would not be surprised if the Congregation’s role continues to deflate.

  31. Rumor has it…I Daresay that a good detective, relishes such a phrase, and might derive supportive information, which might help bolster his investigative procedures, to arrive at a conclusive result.
    Thanks to the author for the excellent article, and I like many, would be pleased indeed, that the Cardinal might now find repose, as he has been​ released from his Vatican shackles, and enjoin his confreres Bishops, and speak out, against this demonic-inspired heresy, albeit, for the salvation of his own soul., not to mention the millions of Innocents, who are being led into great deception.
    The Inquisition, should now be under inquisition. I.E. The Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, as C. Muller has been cast off. Why???
    Less than 24 hours later, Leo Zagami , releases very bad stuff on the same Dept, and their cocaine-fused orgies (homosexual).
    My take… I’m real happy that all of this crap is being exposed, because I know the C.I.C. (Jesus Christ) is going to severely reprimand the Shepards, just as the Master, returns to his household in disarray, having entrusted his manservants to ensure the security of all, and they failed him, miserably.
    Thankfully, Our Blessed Mother has been given the mission of protecting her son’s flock, while he is away, trapping and slaying the wolves, that would eventually destroy all he had worked for. Christ may be missing for a time, but His Mother’s protection of the Rosary and Scapular, will be a corral to protect us.
    God Bless us all.

  32. We All knew that this was coming down the tubes at us, one way or another.
    May I ask, that each one of us here, that recites the Holy Rosary, on a daily basis, include in our Rosary, the Consecrated Souls, living and deceased, who are offending, and have offended Our Most Loving Saviour, Jesus Christ, as He is the only person that can redeem us, Ultimately!
    I do not want to see any Priest, Bishop, Cardinal, or Pope, sent to hell, and because, my one Ave, upon waking tomorrow morning, could have saved that soul, from Eternal Perdition.
    As much as I dislike the Buffo Bergolio, I still pray for his soul, and that he may witness, the Beatific Vision, for Eternity.

  33. This absolutely needed to happen. The unreasonable treatment of divorced Catholics is evil. Not every marriage can last, and those who divorce should not be consigned to a lonely life without companionship.God forgives. It’s time for the Church to practice that.


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