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Anonymity, Disinformation, and Trust: The Fra Cristoforo Effect

Editor’s note: please see the bottom of this post for an update.

I have a growing sense that we’ve entered a new phase in the war for the soul of Catholicism. I have the distinct impression that the enemies of truth and goodness within the Church have been displeased with the effectiveness of a handful of feisty publications in exposing their anti-Catholic agenda at nearly every turn. I think of something Bishop Athanasius Schneider said concerning the first Synod on Marriage and Family in 2014:

That in the very bosom of the Church, there are people who undermine the teaching of Our Lord became an obvious fact and one for the whole world to see thanks to the internet and the work of some Catholic journalists who were not indifferent to what was happening to the Catholic faith which they consider to be the treasure of Christ. I was pleased to see that some Catholic journalists and internet bloggers behaved as good soldiers of Christ and drew attention to this clerical agenda of undermining the perennial teaching of Our Lord.

But it is not time to celebrate. The enemy is clever. The enemy adapts. As St. Paul warned us in Ephesians 6:12, “Our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.”

There have been, of late, a growing number of credible-sounding rumors making the rounds, chumming the waters of Catholic discourse with intrigue and speculation but very little verifiable fact. Rumors that claim, as I’ve mentioned before, to be well-sourced from deep within the Vatican — but this always anonymously, and often reported by writers who are, themselves, anonymous.

The most popular of these writers at the present moment is an alleged priest who burst onto the scene in January of this year, but has gained rapid and widespread notoriety. In just three months, he has racked up over two-thirds of a million page views, and his posts are shared all over the Internet, even though he writes only in Italian. Blogging under the name, “Fra Cristoforo”, this unknown cleric claims to have people within the very machinery of the pope’s inner sanctum. He proffers an almost-daily buffet of tantalizing information, rumors, and reports, usually exclusive to his website and not corroborated by any other source. These rumors and reports believable in the very stomach-churning awfulness of their content at a time when we have become habituated to the near-constant train wreck of Church news.

The kind of stories the Internet eats up with all the restraint of a habitual glutton.

Perhaps I’m just a perennial cynic, but I believe the old adage: if a thing sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is. These stories aren’t good, in the conventional sense of the word, but they are damning, and for the Catholic faithful who are trying to find something, anything, that will finally shake the papal cabal to its foundations, the temptation to believe and share them is real.

And it is for this precise reason that I smell a trap.

We have previously reported on the recent appearance of certain tactics and methods, reminiscent of those of the Soviet Union, now at work in the Vatican. In his 2013 book, Disinformation, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, “the highest-ranking Soviet bloc intelligence official ever to defect to the West”, described that proven Soviet information warfare tactic from which the title of his book was derived:

[D]isinformation is as different from misinformation as night is from day. Misinformation is an official government tool and recognizable as such. Disinformation (i.e., dezinformatsiya) is a secret intelligence tool, intended to bestow a Western, nongovernment cachet on government lies. Let us assume that the FSB (the new KGB) fabricated some documents supposedly proving that American military forces were under specific orders to target Islamic houses of worship in their bombing raids over Libya in 2011. If a report on those documents were published in an official Russian news outlet, that would be misinformation, and people in the West might rightly take it with a grain of salt and simply shrug it off as routine Moscow propaganda. If, on the other hand, that same material were made public in the Western media and attributed to some Western organization, that would be disinformation, and the story’s credibility would be substantially greater.


It is a typically Russian tactic not to attack a threat head-on, and disinformation proved a deliciously indirect way of confounding the Kremlin’s enemies.


There was a major condition for disinformation to succeed, and that was that a story should always be built around a “kernel of truth” that would lend credibility. Over my twenty-seven years in the Soviet bloc intelligence community, I was privy to many Cold War disinformation operations that eventually lost steam but were never entirely compromised, because of that kernel of truth.

What better way to sow error among and diminish the credibility of papal critics than by feeding them carefully-constructed fictions packaged by the sympathetic character of a morally outraged priest who has had enough, but publishes in fear of revealing his identity lest he face some retribution?

This tactic obviously dovetails nicely with the 2016 phenomenon that led to the now-overused label of “Fake News.” The premise is simple: create irresistible, click-worthy content and get as many people to share it as possible. The more outrageous the better, as long as it remains within the realm of believability.

This is why the “kernel of truth” is the key. It’s far easier to spot an outright fabrication than a half-truth.

Our Blessed Lord, of course, took pains to warn us about the “false teachers” and “false prophets” who would arise. These are not merely the silver-tongued heretics who seduce the unwary into error and sin, but also those who, sounding as though they are speaking the truth and are on the side of righteousness, more subtly lead believers astray.

As a publication, we feel compelled to be more cautious than ever. Just this morning, we passed on a story already in the news in Europe because the credibility of the claims it made — and the person making them — was more dubious than I felt comfortable with, and would likely have only generated more confusion. We are not short of news tips or sources unwilling to go on the record. But through it all, my suspicion has grown that cockle is now being sown among the wheat, as it were, false information intentionally mixed with true, because if we (and other publications) would only take the bait and report it, the truth can then be unveiled and we can be dismissed as “fake news.”

I’ve chosen for now, for the sake of space and to avoid starting needless tangential debates, not to address any specific claims made by Fra Cristoforo. Suffice to say, I’ve watched his writing with both a growing interest and suspicion over the past months. It is important to note that I do not claim to know for certain that he is actively engaged in disinformation, but I’d be very wary of putting too much stock in his reports until, at the very least, he comes forward and puts his real name behind his work. This is a battle that must be fought in the open, not behind smoke and mirrors. It is my purpose here to caution you to exercise the same skepticism toward him, even — and perhaps especially — when he gets a couple of predictions right. If he proves himself to be authentic, all well and good. But do not think for a moment that this is a tactic the cabal would not resort to. Whether Fra Cristoforo turns out to be truthful or false, there will almost certainly be other sources of information who cannot be trusted. Let us not be credulous simply because things are bad.

My advice is simple: tread carefully. Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance when you are reading these kinds of things. It’s not getting any easier to pierce the darkness, and as we grow fatigued from the constant assault, we must not make the mistake of letting down our guard.

UPDATE: A response has been posted on the blog of Fra Cristoforo. Since I’m advocating caution and doing your own homework, I recommend you read it and consider their rebuttal. Eventually, the truth will out.

116 thoughts on “Anonymity, Disinformation, and Trust: The Fra Cristoforo Effect”

  1. This is why your site is so good. It sifts through all the lies before you publish them.

    God bless you and everyone at 1P5.

  2. Is he fraudulent this Cristoforo?
    His posts seem designed to spread sorrow.
    It reeks of a trap,
    To induce us to nap,
    And unready to fight in the morrow.

        • As someone new to the TRAD community, can you explain what’s wrong with the Remnant? What are defining differences between 1P5, Remnant (I mostly watch the Remnant Underground on Youtube), Lifesitenews, Regina Magazine, Crisis, AKA Catholic, Novus Ordo Watch, etc..? Thanks : )

          • Absolutely nothing is wrong with The Remnant. That’s why I bleated over the “not for regular visits” spiel. You’ll get the whole story at 1P5 and Remnant. I don’t know about Crisis. I don’t ever give them a click. LifeSiteNews has been doing some great work in the past year, but is very worried about offending Protestants and Jews in the comment section. They actually removed two posts and banned me for posting 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16. Other than up-and-coming-CMTV-like moderators, they have been doing great work.

          • LifeSite banned me for saying things about Bergoglio three years ago that they’re saying now. They’re good in that area.

        • It’s not that I don’t like their content. It’s just the tone and general style that ends up there often. It tends to be a bit too… biting is perhaps the right word. Just not my cup of tea! I’ve regularly linked to a few of their articles when addressing the idea of deposing a pope since it’s the only really good work I’ve seen on the idea. It’s stylistic, that’s all. And we’re all on the same side, so I harbor no ill will toward them, and only the best!

      • I frequently visit the Remnant, and ordered their print edition. However, their recent publication of a piece that Chris Ferara wrote 15 years about the sex scandal in Boston,…made me write a comment in protest, stating that since that time we have come to see the anti-Catholic Bias of the Boston Globe. In order to make sure that they saw that I was not a troll, I first said that I subscribe to their print edition, and also that I find many of their posts on Tradition edifying.

        However, I also said I had to disagree with the repost with reference to Cardinal Law. Furthermore, I provided rebuttals to the Remnant’s take on Cardinal Law, using comments from Fr. MacRae’s website….these comments were from 1) a person who was close to the one of the victims and the the 2) another person who lived in Boston at the time of the scandal. Both people recanted their negative opinions about Cardinal Law, with the frist saying he had a long talk with one of the ‘victims’ who confessed that he had exaggerated what had really happened on the advice of the lawyers, so they could get a big settlement. …and publicly asked forgiveness for his ‘persecution’ of Cardinal Law.

        When I posted the verbatim comments of these people on the Remnant’s website, along with a link to provide substantiation,neither my comment, nor my link was published.

        I was very disappointed. Am still very disappointed in the Remnant about what they did with my comment. It seems to me that they will allow no one to offer evidence to counter their entrenched position.

        P.S. Father MacRae is the falsely accused and imprisoned priest (over 20 years in prison) on charges of sexual abuse that were patently false.

        • It could well be. The accusations and legal actions against Church specifically are beyond the barriers of objectivity, where they ought to be. Not long time ago a big sex-abuse case in Holland was disclosed to be a smart fabrication; nothing has happened (the kids were coached in their stories) but the life of the (in this case) secular teacher has been totally ruined. It is important to be vigilant and fight back with truth without delay.

        • I live in the Boston area and was privy to all the action in the public media and on-line. I don’t know what was on Fr. MacRae’s website, but I know he has a dog in the hunt. There is enough on Cardinal Law’s rap sheet to question your white-wash of him. I won’t go into it here unless you insist, but the evidence is there. There was a reason he left the country for shelter in Rome.

      • I read the Remnant ALL the time, both online and in print. It “occasionally has something good” ALL the time. The TRUTH.

        • I’m a subscriber and I agree. I describe The Remnant as ‘raw meat for the believer.’ It’s relentless assault against the Pope and his stooges keeps me focused. Hillary White, a regular contributor, is an outstanding Catholic thinker and a brilliant writer. She alone is worth the price of admission.

    • What you say makes me feel better; I read all four. Is anyone else as depressed about this mess as I am? I’ve had to start blood pressure medicine lately and I attribute the jump in my numbers, at least partially, to stress from hearing about Francis’ antics. His whole papacy has been gut-wrenching. I look at photos and old newsreels of Pius XII and ask myself, “Where have all the good men gone?”

  3. Sometimes I think patience is synonymous with watchfulness…..if an enemy is in disguise patience is the best weapon for God will show you at His time and choosing who the enemy is.

  4. Cannot thank everyone at 1P5 enough for their conscientious solid reporting. Yes, indeed it is the day and age for ‘fake news’, just one more layer we all have to wade through to get the truth. It may be a great idea to say a prayer for Bishop Fulton Sheen’s intercession before logging on. Although he hasn’t yet formally made it to Sainthood yet, I’m trusting he’s in Heaven and would surely help out.;)

    • The only reason he isn’t beatified is because Dolan is being a butt. I’m with you that he’s in heaven and I regularly ask for his intercession 🙂

      • I know, I’ve been watching the ‘battle’. Don’t have the slightest idea why Dolan is doing what he’s doing and carrying it on to this extent, but that’s a subject for another post.

        God Bless!

        • I’d say it is one of two things:
          He wants the traffic of pilgrims in the Cathedral or…
          He wants to delay/derail the Sheen beatification because Sheen represents an indictment against what has been going on, and is now virulent.
          One thing is for sure, it has nothing to do with Archbishops Sheen’s “desire” to remain in NYC.

          • Whatever the reason, it can’t reflect favorably on Dolan. He’s been a big disappointment to me and many others.

          • I had an adverse reaction to the man the minute he came on the scene, so I forced myself to stand back and give him a chance. I forget what finally transpired to force me to give up on him. He is the epitome of all that is wrong with contemporary clerical culture. He makes me shamed for our Church. Sycophant is the polite term for him – although a number of terms in street vernacular are far more accurate. As the Bergoglian pontificate careens on through the treasury of the faith Cardinal Dolan’s Jackie Gleason impersonation resembles a contemporary reenactment of Nero fiddling while Rome burns – with no small amount of carnage.

          • Whenever I’m finishing a critical remark about him I end it with, “Have another pork chop, Timmy.”

          • His “fall from grace,” if there was any to begin with, was one of the first things that opened my eyes to the current crisis. I’m a relatively new catholic (7 years this Easter) and my own awakening happened sometime just before the first Synod on the Family. Before that, Dolan seemed like a solid, conservative Catholic prelate with the stones to fight against evil, case in point, his fight as President of the USCCB against the HHS mandate to provide contraception. But after the election of Bergoglio especially, it’s like he lost all will to fight… he just curled up, and then he turned into… well whatever he is now. I suspect that’s what he always was, but, regardless, it was an odd thing to see as a convert. So I started looking and, lo and behold, my eyes were opened.

          • One thing I admire and am grateful for is the willingness of converts who encounter the heresy of Catholic prelates like Dolan to make the distinction between the Church of Christ and the weak leaders who betray Him. I’ve found in the last 10 years or so that converts make far better Catholics than the cradle variety.

            The Church should *start* CCD when a child is 15 years old, not five or six when there is little chance the child will understand what he’s being taught.

      • He (Sheen) did soften his stance on some things post VII (perhaps to keep his celebrity status endorsed by the Church?). Of all the modern day potential “saints,” the one man with a very high future probability of canonization is Archbishop Lefebvre. All the things he fought against are destroying, or rather, already have destroyed the Faith of tens of millions.

  5. Edward Pentin stated, after the Fra’s statement, than an ‘informed source’ states that the correction is on track.

    • Yes, but Edward Pentin is not anonymous and he has proven to be very credible over time, as have his sources. Journalists always have sources that remain anonymous to the public, but they are not anonymous to the Journalist and if they are then the good Journalist doesn’t report until what the source said can be verified.

  6. It is great to see resistance to this disastrous Pontificate remaining strong, in both its overt and covert forms. With the propensity of this Pontificate to marginalise, demote and sack, it is good ‘Fra Cristoforo’ is anonymous. He can’t be touched. It must infuriate Fr Spadaro SJ and his media trolls that they cannot control the independent Catholic media. The truth continues to come out and eventually the truth will win (and 2 + 2 will equal 4 again one day!).

  7. John18:37-38
    37 Pilate asked him, “So you are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. For this I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.” 38 Pilate asked him, “What is truth?”

    Listen to the Word, not the world. The Truth always makes the credible case against the lie. That is why the world hated the Truth then, and hates the Truth now, always reliant on “Fake News” to deceive who they may.

    24 For false messiahs[a] and false prophets will appear and produce great signs and omens, to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.”

    Jesus warns us about “Fake News” and how it is meant to lead us astray. Jesus I Trust in You.

    • After four years, I’m eagerly looking forward to that day when the Church formally announces that Evangelii Gaudium, Laudato Sí and Amoris Laetitia were fake news.

  8. Comrades, the Praesidium of the Party apparatus can reveal that Fra Cristoforo is none other than Lenin’s widow, the loathsome Krupskaya, who has successfully infiltrated the Vatican’s kitchens. In between serving up meals from her famous recipe book “One Hundred Boiled Beets” she keeps a Leninist eye and ear out for all sorts of tidbits. That is how we know that Cardinal Kasper is in fact a CIA mole and that Cardinal Daneels has certain “links” to …

    (More revelations to come).

  9. I think the approach being taken by 1P5 is wise. If the anonymous Father and blogger is “legitimate”, he would have reason to fear because he would, indeed, face retribution. If he is a “disinformation trap,” he would have to cloak himself in “I must be anonymous or face retribution” so as to appear credible and believable. What we now know based upon verifiable sources and evidence is downright nefarious. I personally do not need salacious rumors to know the Church is in trouble. But going beyond risks to credibility and to reputation, 1P5 would not want to put itself at risk for claims of libel, slander and defamation.

  10. I totally understand you as a journalist not running w/an anonymous source, very reasonable. So you think that his hope is that you would and then be discredited when a correction is made as promised? So, are you thinking that he is presenting these articles with the intention of making traditional Catholic journalists look foolish. Just seems like a wasted effort as this would be something they would be pleased to have been wrong about and not something that would destroy their credibility w/readers. I guess possible..

  11. Let’s see. The bloke writes only in Italian, is close to the pope and his circle, and makes shocking revelations, some of which prove to be accurate. Hmm. I think we can nail this thing down perhaps if he slips sometime and writes in Spanish.

  12. I’m glad you guys aren’t jumping in with both feet and are looking at the information prudently. I, for one, took it hook-line-and-sinker in relation to the development of a new-new mass which could be celebrated with anglicans and lutherans alike.
    Now, I think you are right to be wary… and I should be as well. Godspeed.

  13. Cardinal Burke was in Oakland, California last Sunday, March 19, where he celebrated a Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form at St. Margaret Mary’s Church early in the afternoon, after which he blessed a newly-opened clinic of the Knights of Malta.

    Later he held a public reception at Oakland’s Cathedral of Christ the Light before celebrating a solemn Benediction. It was at the reception line that I got to speak with the Cardinal briefly. Here’s how it went:

    I genuflected as he blessed me and I kissed his ring. Standing up, I held on to his hand and asked, “Eminence, are you pushing through with the formal public correction on the errors of Amoris Laetitia?”

    Before I could even finish my question came his answer, “Don’t worry about it. We’re looking into it. We’re working on it.”

    I had wanted to ask a follow-up question but there’s a line behind me and it was time to go down to the church for Benediction.

    From the little answer he gave, it feels like his group of four Cardinals hasn’t really given up on the Dubia. What do you all think?

    God bless us all.
    Marie Pruden
    Vallejo, California

    • You were personally present and had this conversation? You’ll have to forgive me for asking, but this doesn’t sound like him. I spent hours escorting him as he greeted people at Steubenville during his talk there in 2015. He is very careful, very formal, very prudent in his speech.

      This nonchalant reassurance just strikes me as…out of character for him. But perhaps I’m wrong.

        • Yes, I did, because obviously, there’s where the “news” of the four Cardinals “throwing in the towel” started. I wish I had come here first, sorry.
          I went to the reception purposely to ask Cardinal Burke the question. I didn’t know about protocol, but I don’t think my question was rude.

          Okay, maybe a bit of the ambush-type, and the fact that I got hold of his hand and he was standing between two Knights of Malta in their regalia. But I would not know how to go any more polite than that, given the rushed situation. I must have also wished to feel like he’s father and I’m daughter. And anyway, the Cardinal was gracious enough to answer me.

          I’m Filipino and am very conscious of my accent and my verb tense and prepositions, so I had to make my question as short and as clearly stated as possible. That was probably why the Cardinal didn’t wait for me to finish my sentence. He was anticipating it. Perhaps other people ahead of me had asked the same question.

          Canon Oliver Meney of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest was watching the reception line and he might have seen me talk with Cardinal Burke, but I don’t know if he heard our conversation.

          • Now I’m ready to believe it. This news has put a smile on my face. It’s what I’ve always believed, but a little verification doesn’t hurt.

          • Edward Pentin had the same news on his twitter feed. Said that the dubia is still absolutely in play. It’s why we can’t be quick to believe everything immediately that we see online. Have to take things with a grain of salt.

          • When it was first announced that Cardinal Burke was visiting St. Margaret Mary’s, a group of us Filipinos were animatedly talking about him during the coffee hour after Mass. Canon Meney joined us and told us how he got to have the good Cardinal to visit us.

            Canon said it was Cardinal Burke who was instrumental in him coming to the US from France. The Cardinal was his first bishop in Lacrosse, WI. And since the Cardinal is currently in the mainland from Guam, having visited Kansas two weeks prior, it was great to have him in Oakland as his guest.

            Yes, Canon Meney is a superb priest and spiritual director. It was great attending a women’s retreat last fall with him, Canon Oeda (of Japanese extraction) of San Jose ICKSP and Canon Estrada (Filipino-American) of Chicago ICKSP giving the spiritual conferences. It was a musical riot of accents!

      • Yes. I was there. I genuflected. I kissed his ring. I held on to his hand as I stood up, and breathlessly (I was nervous) thanked him for coming. Then I asked the question and he answered. It was somewhat rushed because there were so many people in line behind me and it was getting late. So I had to move on pretty quickly. I heard him say, “Don’t worry about it” again as I left.

      • Given what you’ve said about the Cardinal before, this personal conversation aside, the wait for a correction makes me think that it’s something he really doesn’t want to do. The Cardinal knows he, or someone, really has to, but he doesn’t want to, so he’s given the Pope as much time as possible, more than he really should. As you’ve said, he seems the kind who wants to read about history but doesn’t want to make it. A scholar, a lawyer, not a knight riding in to save the day. In addition, all the news coming out, especially in the English speaking world, can’t be easy for such a person. As a faithful Catholic man, I don’t think +Burke really wants to be seen as “opposed to the Pope” or the Pope’s enemy, which, in reality, he isn’t (he’s opposed to the Bergoglian regime’s ideologies, not the man.) It just makes me want to pray more for him. He really needs courage. We all need to keep praying… hard.

  14. Fra Cristoforo dishes out gossip, not concrete stories and insightful analysis. We need to stay anchored to well grounded and faithful journalists (Pentin, Magister, Socci…) and analysts. If the bread crumbs Cristoforo scatters prove true, he will have earned credibility. I don’t see that yet.

  15. Hmmm… If Fra Cristoforo is a fraud, I wouldn’t be at all one bit surprised if the dots connected back to Spadaro.

  16. It is proper to the devil to mix falsehood with truth. – St. John Chrysostom

    And the devil’s children have become adept at “deceiving with the truth” [just look at the ‘so beautiful’ AL].
    That the brave 4 bishops who are cardinals had shelved their plan to formally correct Pope Francis because of ‘lack of support’ from other cardinals raised a major flag for me since if other cardinals’ support was so important to the brave 4, they wouldn’t have issued the dubia in the first place. That Fra Cristoforo is anonymous is also bothersome. This is the time to be brave to the point of martyrdom for the Truth [= the LORD]. And finally, because of what has been said about Pope Francis and how he ‘lords it over’ in Santa Marta, it is hard for me to believe Fra Cristoforo could operate anonymously for very long whilst being damaging to Pope Francis and his agenda. His reporting has a Tabloid character to it.

  17. The sense is – even in Google translation – Fra C is reporting on himself (or, better, using himself as a source).

    No verification, except for events rolling out. His manner is so generalized even that is a crap shoot.

    Seems he is gaming the great game of doctrinal reconstruction. His take on things is so dire that what does get rolled out many will accept with a sigh of relief.

    Great going for a disfo agent!

  18. Charles Colson, a former White House staffer said in 1974, “Every time there was a major problem in the White House, President Nixon told us to read his book ‘Six Crises’. I read it fourteen times.”

    If I read the Book of Job each time a dispiriting rumour, whether unfounded or substantiated, emerged from the regime currently occupying the Vatican, I’d probably have it word for word by the end of Lent.

  19. I don’t believe in the Fra Cristoforo blog due to it’s Marie Collins post, for some reason, and I wouldn’t be surprised by a Freemasonic lodge in the Vatican and read about this years ago. I tend to believe in the Torch of the Faith blog’s latest post here however and it is more incredible and saddening. Torch of the Faith seem to be reasonably transparent about who they are.

    Barack Obama arguably used a sort of mind control on large crowds in his first presidential campaign (link to a PDF here), so it is not beyond reason to suspect Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI being the victim of a tailored, individual coercion. The photo Frank Walker had of Archbishop Georg Ganswein on his Canon 212 page looks very gay. The wolfish Nazi party was gay according to devout Protestant Scott Lively.

    Video of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI anniversary event mentioned in Torch of the Faith’s piece entitled “To Speak Freely” cued-up at precise time here. Two minutes watching suffice.

  20. We are habitually inclined to assign a sexual meaning to the word “pornography”. But in it’s literal sense, pornography is “that which corrupts, or tends to corrupt”. Therefore much of the kind of sensational internet blogging to which Steve refers could be quite appropriately described as “pornographic”. It is unfortunate that for many, a whiff of scandal whets the appetite, and certainly there are those who take a perverse delight in feasting on this kind of thing. Most notable among them would be the disciples of certain notorious false prophets such as the now thoroughly and deservedly discredited ‘Maria Divine Mercy’. The more outrageous the alleged ‘information’ the more self-justified do they feel.

  21. 1 new seminarian in Munich? And if he is “sent off to the periphery”, that leaves them with 0. And if the “Kirchensteuer” were amended or ended?

    The whole thing is collapsing around them.

    The Soviet Union, Masters Of Deception, was built on lies. No matter how clever they were at holding the decrepit contraption together, it still collapsed in the end.

    The people in the Vatican may be very clever schemers indeed. But no amount of cleverness is going to keep this Vatican II contraption from falling apart. Screws and springs are flying off the thing.

    • Bayside is a false Apparition, condemned by the local Ordinary.. The so-called visionary claimed, among other things, that Paul VI had been kidnapped and replaced by a Communist impostor.


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