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$18,000 down, $42,000 to go

We’re now two weeks into our fall fundraising campaign and we’ve raised only $18,000 – less than a third of the $60,000 we need to operate through the first half of 2023.

I’m grateful to all of those who have made gifts to OnePeterFive to support our work and mission. Your support is critical to keeping our important work alive.

We only need $60,000 to sustain our work for the next half-year—work that is bearing tremendous fruit for the Kingdom. How do we know the impact we’re having is so immense? Here are three examples:

Obviously, as a traditional Catholic resource with strong opinions and Truth on our side, we don’t pull big advertising dollars, and we don’t hold major capital campaigns. All our support comes from readers like you who value the content we produce each and every day and help us with normal annual gifts.

If results like that mean something to you then please visit our secure online donation form today and support our work.

We have just celebrated Gaudete Sunday, when we pause from the penitence of Advent to rejoice in the nearness of the coming of the Lord.

So the question is, does anticipating Christ’s coming—at Christmas and again at the end of time—bring you joy? Does the prospect of encountering Jesus bring gladness to your heart?

If it does, then you really must support what we’re doing because we’re helping others come to this same place of eager anticipation, and we’re doing it in a uniquely effective manner.

And if it does not, you need to read more of OnePeterFive!

Here we tell the story of our salvation—created in love, fallen in sin, and redeemed by the grace of Christ Incarnate. Here we celebrate the heroic examples of the saints, and the true worship of God in Holy Liturgy. Here we tell of the great drama of our ordinary lives and the cosmic battle for our souls.

And here we learn how to confidently and humbly prepare for death, and anticipate this event with sober joy.

These are the kinds of writings you find in no other online publication.

But without your help today, they will be found nowhere at all.

For in order to continue this apostolate of truth—a respite from the circus of mindless, soul-dissipating distraction that reigns over the internet—we need your contribution in this, our second and final fundraising effort of the year.

We are trying hard to raise $60,000—a mere drop in the bucket when you consider all the billions and trillions being thrown around on waste and fraud—and we’re not even a third of the way there.

I believe you value what you read at OnePeterFive—that here you learn, find inspiration, and deepen your faith. I believe that like so many others, you find articles worth sharing, including with those who are far from the Faith.

So I ask you again on bended knee as a humble and dedicated mendicant for Christ: will you please make a gift that will keep our good work going?

Please, prayerfully consider giving generously, whether $25 or $50, $100 or $500. If it’s within your means, a gift of $10,000 will host us for a month, $2,500 for one week. Please become and “angel investor” in our media organization.

Another way to do this—an especially powerful way—would be by becoming a monthly donor. I can’t tell you how much this helps us in our planning, to know what we can count on month by month. When you make your gift, just select that option from the drop-down menu on our secure online donation form.

I assure you that whatever gift you can give, that is the gift we need.

Please say a prayer for us and make your tax-deductible gift today.


Thank you.


Timothy Flanders
Octave of the Immaculate Conception



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