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Why We Don’t Write About Laudato Si and Other Papal Emissions

If it has nothing to do with saving souls, if it’s trendy with the global elite, if it’s humanist or immanentist or keeps our eyes focused here and not heaven, Francis is all about it. Which explains the latest bit of anthropogenic Catholic climate change from His Holiness, conveniently titled (so you don’t need to bother reading the article), “Pope rebukes climate deniers as ‘perverse’ in Bonn message“.

If you’ve ever wondered why we spend so little time here covering the pope’s ecological opinions, the answer is simple: I just don’t care.



131 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Write About Laudato Si and Other Papal Emissions”

  1. Ha! Same here. Francis is sooooo boring. The banality of evil. I am almost never bothered or scandalized anymore because he has become irrelevant in my life. Within the last two years I have seen a marriage saved, and a child return to the Faith in spite of Francis and his machinations about marriage and faith.

    God is working His purpose out and Francis is powerless to stop it. Hallelujah!

  2. Yes, but…

    You may not care about the environmentalists and their drive to de-populate the earth, but eventually they will care about you. Laudato Si has another of those patent pending Francis ghostwriter specials: mention something orthodox (that environmental protection must be done with the proper respect for life), and then spend the rest of your time with people and ideas that promote population control at both ends and the middle of life.

    We will care when like in China and perhaps soon in Canada, you will be required to have a government permit to procreate, which will be routinely denied to Christians for their backward and non-state approved attitudes.

  3. I totally agree with you. There are already enough people talking about what don’t lead souls to heaven. Someone has to focus on what really matters.

  4. Just as well. The bishop of Rome insists on degrading the opinions of those who intelligently and respectfully disagree with him on topics PF has absolutely no expertise or experience in. We get it, PF. You don’t care for us…we don’t care. Bet on it.
    I guess I’m a ‘perverse attitude’ person.
    I’ll live.

    • And mark my words well, for when you climate-denial perverts reach the gates of Heaven you
      will NOT be met by St.Peter, but by a Dodo bird with a machine gun! Just sayin’…

  5. Pope Francis:

    In his message, the Argentine pope denounced that efforts to combat climate change are often frustrated by those who deny the science behind it or are indifferent to it, those who are resigned to it or think it can be solved by technical solutions, which he termed “inadequate.” “We must avoid falling into these four perverse attitudes, which certainly don’t help honest research and sincere, productive dialogue,” he said.

    Anything else that “don’t help honest research and sincere, productive dialogue”
    Er no I can’t think of anything….!

  6. Good for you Steve and OnePeterFive.

    Now, let’s get on with who the “real” perverts are.
    First, we have the homosexuals in the Church, who have so harmed the Church so greatly that one cannot begin to state the multitude of ways. And, let’s be clear, they are still there in great numbers, doing all they can to normalize homosexuality within the teachings of the Church as well as the culture. And let’s not forget about all the perverts who have preyed upon children without due justice to them on this earth.

    Second, how about the hierarchy, going …..way back……who perverted the Mass, who perverted the sense that faith and morality are not Truths, but can be toyed, tampered with to fit the time, the situation of a given person.
    I believe the perversion is called modernity.

    Third , let’s not forget the perversion of the young minds, their souls, their innocence, accomplished by
    Catholic education, which has contributed to a loss of faith, ecumenicalism, and promotion of modernism.
    Young minds being twisted in ” World Youth Day Ireland” on the horizon.
    Young minds and I suppose old minds, ( which shoudl KNOW better) being perverted and twisted to accept adultery and one rationalization after another to accept sinful behavior.

    And lastly, how about the perversion of doctrine, the Gospel, the teachings of the Church, the Apostolic Fathers by this pontificate who claims to be Catholic, who is nothing but a twisted and perverted demigod.

    The perversion ends now……somehow…….with the laity.

    • Difference is that Benedict didn’t try to pass this stuff off as a core Catholic teaching. For Francis it’s more important even than maintaining the integrity of the sacraments.

    • Yes, it is the case that Laudato Si is by and large in keeping with previous magisterial social teachings, but I notice that some Catholics seem to have a (blatant) disinterest in such teachings, even though they are very relevant and sound, and part of an entire body of Truth which constitutes the Faith. We can’t separate them as less worthy of belief and of following, just because the Republican party in America is similarly unconcerned. The Faith transcends political parties. Some people seem to treat matters of social justice (and here I am NOT primarily speaking of global warming) as toxic, just because they have been co-opted by the Left (kind of a bait and switch.) The idea of true economic justice as an all important guiding principle is anathema to most Republicans, because it is at odds with libertarian free market principles. It is really hard to reconcile the two. We HAVE to take this realm of public life back, reclaim it from the Left, and promulgate it in an authentic way. To do otherwise would be schizophrenic. The social reign of Christ is pretty much incompatible with the Enlightenment, economic liberal paradigm that underpins our way of life, virtually as much as socialism, inasmuch as both are godless and don’t seek to impose any strictures on “freedom.” We don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak.

      • Yes, let’s reclaim CATHOLIC Social Justice, that, correctly understood is reasonable.

        Next would be the Moral Mandate of Economics. It’s possible and preferable to have Capitalism combined with virtue. Developed first-world countries care for the planet. It’s the developing world that’s creating the pollution.

        On the Environment, a good first step is to clear the air (didn’t mean the pun!) but to get the message out about the political goals of the Radical Environmentalists. Learn the truth about Earth Day. April 22, 1970 the first “Earth Day” was Centennial of Vladimir Lenin’s Birthday. First demonstration was NYC, where FBI spotted marchers who were members of the Communist Party.

        After the Berlin Wall fell, Mikhail Gorbachev, left the Kremlin, and started “Gaia” – an environmental activist group named for a pagan goddess. “Gaia” was the go-to organization for unemployed Soviets. Yes, they chose an environmentalist group to begin their anti-capitalist efforts. In the USSR days, Soviets were some of the least environmentally concerned people on the planet. Leaving radioactive waste on the roadside, just anywhere. And don’t forget Chernobyl.

        Green Peace is a similar hijacking. The original founder had the highest ideals. His board was promptly infiltrated by communists. I think the founder resigned. And Green Peace has been an tool of the anticapitalist communist party since. Nice storefront, but we shouldn’t be deceived about their true goals.

        Happy Earth Day and Lenin Day – Dr Paul Kengor

  7. “Perverse”?? That sounds a bit….um……“rigid”, even judgmental! Not a very good way to stimulate “dialogue”. Why aren’t the climate change skeptics being “accompanied”? Francis must be a “doctor of the law”. Don’t tell me there’s no “mercy” for the global warming naysayers?

    As a global warming skeptic, I demand to be “accompanied”!!

  8. Bravo. I’ve also heard that he favors cheap leather “grandpa-style” shoes. Probably lines up with Francis’ famous humble approach to just about everything. Me? Give me Benedict’s red slippers and his better taste. Oh, and don’t forget to throw Benedict’s intellectual prowess into the mix for me. I’ve discovered that good literature is always superior and far more enjoyable than dime novels and comic books.

    • The homilies of PB were like doctrinal dissertations. When EWTN televised his Masses, I’d always watch the homily.

      I love PF, but I still miss PB.

  9. There’s only one “climate change” that’s real in our lives
    and it’s the entry of sin of both Adam and Eve’s.

    Some say GOD did it or even Hell, but at the end of the day
    Free Will did Tell.

    Turn this battleground into a field of play you may,
    but as you draw your last breath you’ll taste dismay.

  10. So, the pope is quick to judge skeptics of the modernist’s ‘sacrament’ of climate change, as perverse. But, when it comes to the perverted lifestyle of active homosexuals… ‘who am I to judge?’

    • Yes, well, evidently 70 or 80 years on a planet that’s hotter than it’s supposed to be (because evidently God cannot intervene nor is this planet subject to His will) is worse than eternity in unquenchable hell fire (not that anybody goes there because Francis has let God know that hell is closed to new entrants).

  11. When he progresses from telling Catholics “not to breed like rabbits” to telling them that they must use contraception to limit their family size, or co-operate with state-sponsored forced abortion policies, then you will start to care.

    The groundwork has already been laid and now they are rubbing shouldrers with the population controllers and eugenicists in Vatican sponsored conferences. Things are going to get far, far worse before any relief comes. The cup of wrath is running over and hell is being let loose on this earth as punishment for our depravity and infidelities. (Just thought I’d cheer you up a bit.)

        • Besides the title, this: “…the pope said that the “supreme commandment of responsible closeness, must be kept uppermost in mind…”

          This shook me up a bit. “..supreme closeness”? What does that mean?

          The last time I looked, the First Great Commandment was: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, thy whole soul, thy whole mind and thy whole strength.

          Our Lord gave the new commandment of love: …love one another as I have loved you. (St. John)

    • For four years, I have been wondering, “Why can’t God chastise us by sending us a good Pope?”

      Seriously, I think Fr. Weinandy has it figured out. When we have a good Pope, who is not afraid to govern (e.g., Pius X), the cockroaches hide.

      • Perhaps Francis is the Pope we collectively deserve. Not only decades of dissent, heresy, liturgical and sacramental abuses and even blasphemy but all essentially unchecked and unreversed by those two “ good” if not “ great” Popes extolled and almost adored from 1978 to 2013. Perhaps this pontificate is the one needed to strip away the final delusions of excessive and uncritical ultramontanism.
        The ecclesial emperor has no clothes and the clearer and sooner we see that the faster the Church can revive.
        Francis is the Lord’s chastisement for our collective blindness.

    • At least we now know where we stand. Thanks, Padre.

      But you’re right. In Noah’s time the entire human population was wiped out except for the Captain of the ark and his family. Since the sins of out time are so widespread, voluminous and just plain evil, we’re really in for it.

    • Thank you for stating the obvious. My point is that the social teaching of the Church provides us with ample scope to shift the topic of Laudato si to our ground, whether Pope Francis wants it or not (but perhaps being American you will be too unsubtle to appreciate the fact).

      • If you were replying to me, Simon , I’m afraid I cannot claim to be American. Yorkshire born and Yorkshire bred, thick in’t’arm an thick in’t’ed.

        • Your home is also the home of the White Rose and Yorkshire pudding. Exactly how do you make your Yorkshire pudding? My brother is an Anglophile and loves everything English (especially Boxing Day aka Synaxis of the Most Holy Mother of God). So if you have a recipe, please post it. I’d love to pass it on to him.

          Thank you, Rev. Deacon.

  12. Be careful what you don’t care about, or your carbon emissions permit (known as your right to life) might get canceled! The new meaning of the culture of life is grateful caring about our mother earth, the one which sustains all life. Limit your carbon emissions, trust your government and the UN – these are your first and second commandments, your only commandments.

    Do this and you can be sure to meet humble Jorge in the afterlife.

  13. Bravo! I don’t care either! Let him concentrate on the Four Last Things for once and spreading the Catholic faith in the midst of a rising tide of Islamization. Or is that asking too much? Too rigid? Too Pharisaical?? Too bad!!

    • Here are my dubia:

      1) What is the temperature of the globe?

      2) What was the temperature of the globe in 1997?

      3) What is the correct temperature of the globe?

      Bonus Dubium:

      4) Why is it that virtually all promoters of the Global Warming/Carbon Hoax are pro-abortion, atheist, and socialist, while virtually all opponents of the Hoax are pro-life, pro-family, and Christian?

    • He is very clear. He is a climate change believer, who is now rubbing elbows as Deacon Augustine said above, with “population controllers and eugenicists in Vatican sponsored conferences.” Where’s the mystery there?

    • Thanks for the Link. LifeSiteNews reported on it, but nothing like watching it. It’s one of the eeriest, craziest things I’ve ever seen. I’m actually watching the whole 53 min YouTube. There aren’t words…

  14. Amen. As it should be for every Catholic committed to saving his own soul and being God’s instrument in aiding others to save theirs, I could not care less what the Pope has to say about secular matters – I would prefer to hear him open up the treasures of our Catholic faith in its entirety, as passed down from the time of the apostles. I would prefer to be able to look up to him as my spiritual father, one who, by faithfully transmitting our faith, shows me by both word and example how to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect, how to reach the heights of sanctity!

  15. I made the mistake of reading the whole disgraceful absurdity. It could have easily had as its author Karl Marx. Been looking for an excorsist ever since.(not really but probably should consider.)

  16. One only has to look at the magnificence of our world and our appreciation of what God has created for us. A place to live while we work out our salvation. I try to beautify my garden. I plant lavender, phlox,black eyed susans and fruit trees to attract birds and bees and we get such joy from watching them busily pollinating and coming to our feeders. We, like many, take our recyclables to the local dump so that they do not burn into the atmosphere. We throw down sunflower seeds and have a family of about forty wild turkeys coming through each day and two sets of turtle doves have been here all summer. Yes, if we live simply and humbly and leave something beautiful behind for our grandchildren, that is pleasing to God and we have left what He has given us in better shape than when we found it. There is something peaceful but also scriptural about being a good steward. I have no doubt that the greed that makes mega companies forget their responsibilities to the humble people of poor countries is an offense to God. I have no doubt that God expects every soul he created to be able to be fed and to be sheltered in human dignity. Each individual soul will be judged on how he treated his neighbour and this includes those who put their profits ahead of their neighbour. This has been church teaching since Christ walked the earth and gave us parables.
    But now to the corruption. Remember in the seventies when the scientists were in a frenzy about global cooling and the devastation that was supposedly coming? God’s world and it’s climate may be changing but the peer pressure to force trillions of dollars into global warming initiatives that would do absolutely nothing to effect the climate but would make the Al Gore’s and Geoffrey Sachs of the world and those government officials who rob the ordinary man and tax them to death, rich beyond belief. The fact that this world is passing does not exonerate us from being concerned about what God has created, but every climate change guy that I read is also a promoter of population control through abortion and contraception. They arrogantly tell countries with more morals and less wealth what to do and withhold aid to them unless they accept their secular atheistic amoral stance on life. When we see the Vatican in bed with these serpents who are using so many cardinals and the pope himself as useful idiots for their corrupt schemes it tells us that those in power in Rome have lost their way. It will not be the prelates who convert the population controllers…we see it already. It is the population controllers who are converting the prelates to their secular agendas. We now see it filtering down to the USCCB, who in turn will strong arm the people in the pews. The four last things be damned!! They have no time for these trivialities…we have a world to save. We got a new Polish priest this month who made me want to cry when his first homily was about the four last things. O Lord save us from these prelates who cannot see the true state of things…..the state of souls.

  17. Bergoglio’s alignment with the globalist ideology on the environment and “climate change” is part of his wider alignment with all of the key aspects of globalism.

    His agenda seems to be an attempt to win worldly power and influence by offering the human institution of the Church to the globalists as the basis of the syncretist, humanistic religion which they seek to create to legitimise their planned world wide dystopia.

    I am reminded of the prophetic writing of Hugh Benson and Fulton Sheen..

  18. Laudato si actually opens up a whole range of topics for discussion. For instance, its reference to “the acridity of souls” brings to mind Pius IX’s warning that a society that ceased to worship God, would instead worship money and excess (Most of the environmental damage can be traced back to the insatiable materialism of the West, and that materialism can be traced back to its Godlessness). That opens up an opportunity to shift the topic from climate change to Pius IX’s Syllabus.

  19. I totally agree with you, Steve. It’s certainly a different church with a different message in such a short time. Anti-Christ should be making an appearance soon.

    • I think +John Vennari’s article (Catholic Family News) on the Visions at LaSalette said that the Blessed Virgin said after the death of the Great Monarch who dies in Israel (which ends the period of peace obtained from the proper Consecration of Russia – about 25 years long according to many traditional Priests)………..THEN Antichrist will come. They (Traditional Priests) do always qualify prophetic statements though, that prophecy is only fully known in its fulfillment.

  20. Yes, why should one spend time on irrelevant and irrational Papal rantings about the environment. Rather one should spend time on relevant but irrational rantings about the Catholic faith.

  21. I tried reading the turgid and enervating “Laudato Si” online, shortly after it came out. Didn’t get very far. It was impenetrable, unengaging and thoroughly devoid of any organizing principle(s) i could discern that might help me, a non-scientist, understand it.

    It seemed to simply pile unproven assertion on top of unproven assertion in a manner designed to suggest mastery of the subject.

    So I ended up asking myself what, really, can our responsibility as individual Catholics possibly be? I conlcuded it can only be what it has always been: don’t waste and don’t litter—or as I like to say, don’t use up and don’t muck up.

    I suggest that
    if we focus on prayerfully making ourselves holy we, in the process,
    will come to adopt those sentiments of solicitude for our surroundings
    that comprise the entirety of our responsibility as individual stewards
    of the environment.

    Beyond that, I don’t care either.

    [although it does rather disgust me that our children are being led in their schools to believe that “caring about the environment” is, in fact, to pursue holiness.”]

  22. I tried reading the turgid and enervating “Laudato Si” online, shortly after it came out. Didn’t get very far. It was impenetrable, unengaging and thoroughly devoid of any organizing principle(s) I could discern that might help me, a non-scientist, understand it.

    It seemed to simply pile unproven assertion on top of unproven assertion in a manner designed to suggest mastery of the subject.

    So I ended up asking myself what, really, can our responsibility as individual Catholics possibly be? I conluded it can only be what it has always been: don’t waste and don’t litter—or as I like to say, don’t use up and don’t muck up.

    I suggest that if we focus on prayerfully making ourselves holy we, in the process, will come to adopt those sentiments of solicitude for our surroundings
    that comprise the entirety of our responsibility as individual stewards of the environment.

    Beyond that, I don’t care either.

    [although it does rather disgust me that our children are being led in their schools to believe that “caring about the environment” is, in fact, to pursue holiness.”]

  23. Love this “article” Steve. I felt the pressure valve pop when I started laughing!
    I’m sure it’s heading us into bad things like everything else, but for now………. 🙂
    I found this awesome Litany of the Saints from Fr. Lasance. I started praying it as
    a novena for All Saints Day and I can’t let this one go. Maybe some of you might want to pray it. It covers just about everything, from a multitude of the Saints, to prayers for
    the Pope, to protection from lightning, tempest and earthquake, to relief for the Holy Souls, to beseeching that we be taught true penance and a lots of other things. This one in Father Lasance’s book is the best! It has closing prayers and a psalm. I have this in a regular book, but I found this online. Link below. You need page 468. if you
    run your cursor along the side of the page on the right side (it’s blue) you can move the pages quickly. When you get close, put it on full screen and there will be page arrows
    at the bottom. The responses are at the bottom of the book page and look like and
    exponent number in the Litany. You pray the same response until a new
    “exponent number” appears. All things that require the response have a comma after
    them. If there is a period at the end, there is no response. Just go to the next sentence.
    Sorry, most of you probably know how to pray this and I’m not trying to insult
    your intelligence. I didn’t exactly know, so it took me a few times to figure everything

  24. Thank you Mr. Skojec.

    I so wish people who take this “I don’t care” ethic and apply more to the stream of useless information which pours in through our personal digital conduits endlessly. The same people who decry “cultural decline” will spend hours on Facebook or flipping channels on the telescreen or being endlessly distracted and addled by curiosity on the Web.

    When one gives the time of day to stuff in culture, politics, etc. which is manifestly and unquestionably evil, one inevitably ends up perpetuating it. There’s no getting around it. I think of the “scandal” surrounding certain Hollywood figures these days. I mean, did you really think these guys were paragons of virtue? Did you really think that the film industry was anything but a cesspool of practically every vice known to man? Did it ever occur to you that the whole “scandal”itself is nothing but a farce and a ruse?

    Cast it off. All of it. Consign it back to the hell it came from. Deal with it only if it assaults you, so to speak, with a gun in its hand. And be sure to have your own guns handy if and when it does…both metaphorical and literal.

    • Yes. I think being aware of some “secular” matters or news to some extent is fine, but for the average person, giving undue attention to most secular matters (“stuff in culture, politics” as you put it), as well as “curiosity on the web does nothing for advancement in holiness/the spiritual life. Cast it all off, indeed – amen! Even better, if not otherwise obligated to worldly responsibilities, join a monastery to solidify your casting it off, so you can pray for the world and save your soul! Haha. 🙂

  25. But of course, ‘he knows’ everything about the ‘good theology’, which is btw., the science of the revelations of God and should be a science above all others.
    ‘Pope Francis to participate in presentation of “Nobel Prize in Theology,” Ratzinger Awards’ (!!!)
    Right! Next step would most probably be Nobel prize for the peacefully theology of budists and mohammedans…
    Anyone surprised?

  26. Up is down, sin is right, and right is ‘perverse’ . Got it.

    The really bizarre thing is that while the chaos seems to surround us and threatens to overwhelm on occasion, the vast majority of the population are carrying on as though all is well. Maybe they’ve just mastered the ‘I don’t care’ mantra to a greater extent.

  27. If there is a problem with our Earth it’s that we do not love God with our whole hearts, souls and minds, and we do not love our neighbours as we love ourselves. There is nothing else.

    If we did love God we would each take care of our little corner of His gift, the Earth. If we loved our neighbours as ourselves we would see to it that we shared our stuff with those in need. There is nothing else necessary.

    • The widespread notion of food scarcity is entirely bunk…it is a distribution issue, not a supply issue.

      (I suspect most here are probably well aware of that fact)

  28. This task of the Church [i.e., in the social order] is indeed arduous, but they are simply unwitting deserters or dupes who, in deference to a misguided supernaturalism, would confine the Church to the “strictly religious” field, as they say, whereas by so doing they are but playing into the hands of their enemies.

    Pius XII, Address to members of Rinascita Cristiana, January 22, 1947

    • But Pius XII understood that, if the Church takes some “political” position, it must be directly related to revelation. The Church opposes murder, theft, etc.

      Bergoglio’s political positions are dictated by the Luciferian (Satanist), globalist, socialist cabal, not by revelation.

      • I was directly responding to the assertion in the original article, “If it has nothing to do with saving souls, if it’s trendy with the
        global elite, if it’s humanist or immanentist or keeps our eyes focused
        here and not heaven, Francis is all about it,” i.e., to the notion (as I understood it) that if it’s not “strictly religious” then the Church has no business discussing it.

        However, as to Laudato Si and some of the other comments on the social order by Francis, I cannot agree with you, and I offer a couple articles in explanation.

        This is not to say that I am a supporter of Francis in general. I recognize that he has done great damage to Catholic teaching on marriage and the moral life in general, and I deplore that. I also lament his statements and actions with regard to Martin Luther. But some things that he has written are in accord with the Church’s magisterium and should be recognized as such.

  29. Well, sir, you are the Man In Charge, so if you don’t care, that’s all the Editorializing that needs to be done!


    I am rather interested in it but I admit only for a sort of what you might call “Car Wreck Curiosity”, the sort of morbid reasons people always look to see what is amidst the twisted metal on the side of the road as they thread their vehicle thru the flares and flashlights of the emergency teams.

    I do believe that a day is coming when these “other documents” will be condemned.

    I mean, we could waste a hundred years trying to parse the words into some sort of sense theologically, or we could just leave “Sister Mother Earth” to the Gaia Worshippers and keep to our true mother, Our lady, and especially The One to whom she always points; Our Savior Jesus Christ!

  30. AMEN to that. There is no meter no gauge how little I care about what PF thinks about matters other than moral and theological. And even then it’s usually not worth taking to heart.

  31. If I´m not wrong, Laudato Si has many quotes from the Bible, but – curiously – I believe it omits a very important, inescapable reference: Rev. 16,8-9 (unless I’ve inadvertently missed it) (the fourth cup).
    If I am right, it would seem to me that this omission tends to screen the signs of the times, and the [in my skeptic & “pervert” opinion] undeniable influence of the sun on space weather, (as well as magnetic pole shift, earth’s magnetic field weakening and other non-human causes of climate chaos) which are far, far, far above anthropogenic CO2. This is just my opinion – not as an expert, but as a retired, but still studious engineer – on this particular matter.

    Thus, LS emphasis is stressed on the lack of human compromise on “mother earth’s” ecology and the need of a unified world authority, instead of the acknowledgment that – like it or not – we are in the end times, and most – if not all – the things that are happening are mainly caused by sin.

    So, in the end, there is a subtle message in Laudato Si which distracts people’s attention from the very clear signs that God – through nature – is displaying right before our eyes.

    Now, finally, let me get to the point:
    If the highest religious authority focuses his and our attention on these urgent, earthly matters but not on sin and the signs of the times, he is inadvertently(?) misleading souls, and in the end, precipitating many of them into hell. But since “there’s no Hell”, it seems that PF’s LS sings along “Imagine” in duet with John Lennon.

    To end up, let me add a final reflection, which backs my argument: Luke 12, 54-59.

    Still respecting Steve’s opinion, which I consider far more important than mine, this is why in my particular case, I care.

  32. Being a Catholic used to be so simple. I was taught that if in doubt “follow the pope”. I really would like to go to the local SSPX church, but have been told I would be committing mortal sin if I do. I am really confused as to what the truth is any more?

    • The truth is, we must pick up our cross, and follow Him. It is Christ’s Church that has been infiltrated. We cannot abandon her. Stay in the barque of Peter, for Jesus is here, too.
      And do follow the pope: We have over 250 popes who have guarded the faith, some more perfectly than others. There are plenty of beautiful writings from popes and saints that edify the faithful without any confusion.

      I, too feel utterly bombarded. Life has become like the film, The Truman Show, where everything is surreal because it is not real. The Real Presence is real, go to Adoration and allow yourself to be led by Truth Himself. No confusion there.

      • Amen. And the Cross will be a secret scandal to even the most “devout” Catholic until he or she actually takes up his or her own.

  33. He’s trying hard to be a cool pope with the global warming gang…

    His major setback, he doesn’t understand the Petro dollar.

    And for his age,,, he has an excellent ability to memorize what someone wants him to say… excellent

  34. Haha.
    He s best at doing the protestant/ catholic tango….
    Here we go
    2 steps to the protestant left
    1 step to the catholic right
    4 steps to the protestant left
    0 steps to the Catholic right
    Spin Martin Luther around once
    And start again..

    • Celia, do you believe it is permissible for the divorced and remarried and for cohabiting, or solely civilly married couples, to receive Holy Communion? Do you believe it is permissible for Protestants to receive Holy Communion?

  35. Jorge Bergoglio is a calculating and committed man. He does nothing which fails to serve the insidious agenda of which he has become a faithful tool. To ignore Laudato Si as “unrelated” to that agenda is to misunderstand both its contents and its author.

    It was Augustine who said (and I paraphrase rather than quote) that the creature becomes pernicious when preferred to its Creator. As for me, when I see the facade of St. Peter’s defaced by a “light show” expressing exactly that inversion, displayed on December 8 no less, I care very deeply indeed.

  36. The Bishop of Rome’s “Little book of insults” must be now by the II Volume, if not the III.
    Perhaps it is already eligible for the Guinness World Records.


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