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Watching This Week

Just a quick note from the bullpen: the fallout of Clergy Abuse 2.0 is going to continue to snowball this week, with developments coming at a rapid pace.

As 1P5 is not, technically, a news organization, but a journal of commentary, we will be unable to keep on top of what promises to be a brutal news cycle for the foreseeable future. We will be watching, however. Noting key issues and connections.

To complicate matters, I’m currently traveling and attending to family matters scheduled in advance of these developments (August was supposed to be a slow Church news month, right?) and as such am limited in my own ability to read and comment on the top stories. In fact, I’m currently writing this on my phone from temporary accommodations and will be hitting the road as soon as I press “publish.”

Rest assured that I will be weighing in as soon as I’m able. I’ve had some time to ruminate on things, and I’m looking forward to have a chance to put those thoughts into words.

In the meantime, we remain open to submissions from writers who would like to contribute commentary on these or other matters of interest to Catholics. Just go here:






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