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Viganò’s Verities Hang like a Black Cloud over the Vatican

In the Gospel of St. John, from the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, (the date of Archbishop Carlo Viganò’s second attestation), Jesus observes, “Here is a true child of Israel. There is no duplicity in him.”

One can’t help but ascribe this same observation to Archbishop Viganò. His brave and bold witness rings authentic and true. There is no duplicity in him. As the messenger of the hidden and hideous, Viganò urgently proclaims the unvarnished truth to the faithful.

What is next for the Church? This question hangs, like the sword of St. Michael, over the pope, bishops, and laity. We cannot walk away in disgust, although the temptation is ever present and seemingly justified.

Now that we know, we must act. We must stay, dig in, and fight to purify the Church from the evil that engulfs it. God chose us to live during this precise time of monumental crisis. We will be judged on our personal and sustained effort to cleanse Holy Mother Church.

During the decades of clerical sex abuse in America, cowardice, conniving, immorality, and cover-up dominated the episcopacy. Once the screaming headlines vanished, it was back to business as usual. Devastated and disgusted millions left the Catholic Church. Nothing changed; homosexual predation populated the clerical ranks in America, the world, and the Vatican.

Viganò continues to sound the alarm that the Catholic Church is engulfed in the corrupt clutches of the “homosexual current.” Reading Viganò’s two testaments underscores that the Catholic Church is imploding at every level.

It’s no surprise that Pope “Who Am I to Judge” Francis remains steadfastly silent, intentionally inactive, content to slow-walk any requests for investigations into McCarrick and the Viganò allegations. With each passing day of deliberate inaction, a child or a seminarian remains at dire risk of exploitation and assault. With the upcoming Synod on Youth and Vocations, the papal dismissive silence perpetuates the grave risk to body and soul of boys and young men.

Don’t be fooled. Francis is signaling his permission with a wink and a nod to the global current of homosexuals in the Church.

The Viganò testaments read like a criminal indictment, laying out documentation with specificity and clarity, from a firsthand eyewitness, which names the co-conspirators involved in a modernist plot to overthrow the Catholic Church. This able prosecutor has clean hands, no ulterior motive, armed only with knowledge based on years of service and observation.

What does the pope’s abject silence and inaction in the face of endless charges of criminal sexual exploitation of seminarians and minors indicate? The only rational conclusion is that Francis is totally indifferent to or acquiesces to this immoral conduct.

This is truly remarkable moment in the history of the Church. There has never been an archbishop who exposed the filth by naming names of the conniving and guilty hierarchy in the Vatican and around the globe. Don’t the countless suffering clergy abuse victims deserve as much?

Viganò unleashed a growing restlessness, a militant resistance movement of faithful Catholics determined to restore the Church to purity, fidelity, and the sacred. Now that this bronze door is opened, it will never be closed, despite the concerted effort of a complicit pontiff. Ultimately, the laity must demand that the reign of Francis I and his “current” of malefactors end in ignominy.

The Truth is self-evident, argued Thomas Jefferson. By its essence, truth confirms itself, powerfully, without force or weapons. It is sufficient unto itself, shining a bright light into the darkest corners of the soul and mind. Its power not only shines, but shatters and convulses evil powerful institutions and people.

In the battle of good and evil, the truth stands as a formidable enemy, who must be squelched and defeated at all costs by the evildoer. Once it is proclaimed, the truth cudgels the sinister and the demonic, throwing him off balance, forcing him to make so many mistakes that he teeters on chaos and instability. We are witnessing such mayhem in the Vatican. The pressure of the Viganò truths exposed the mind and soul of Jorge Bergoglio. As they say in the military, Viganò smoked out the enemy, like an avenging angel.

Francis is now exposed. His cabal has been outed and named.

Nothing will ever be the same in the Church until this apostasy has been defeated.

It’s been one month since the Viganò verities descended upon the Church. They hang like a suffocating black cloud over Vatican City, choking its inhabitants, forcing them to run for cover, gasping for air, covered in the filth of their malevolence.

Yet don’t be fooled: the Francis cabal is doubling down on its secrets, threatening truth-tellers, tightening the noose, and battening down the hatches of the Barque of Peter. These people are in survival mode, and they won’t relinquish power. They will fight to the bitter end.

The polluted climate of the Francis papacy will not change until, as Viganò pleaded, “everyone, especially Bishops … speak[s] up in order to defeat this conspiracy of silence that is so widespread, and to report the cases of abuse they know about to the media and to civil authorities.”

This statement, more than any other, instills panic in the papacy.

Archbishop Viganò knows who knows.

How pitiful that Archbishop Viganò must plead with Cardinal Marc Ouellet to confirm the cover-up of the Church’s most notorious sexual predator. If Ouellet hesitates, he ought remember the admonishment of St. Thomas Aquinas: “as a matter of honor, one man owes it to another to manifest the truth.”

Why are our bishops and cardinals such faithless cowards? The answer lies in the stirring words of St. Catherine of Siena in a letter to Pope Gregory XI in 1376:

A shepherd, such as this, is really a hireling! Not only does he fail to rescue his little sheep from the clutches of the wolf; he devours them himself! And all because he loves himself apart from God. He does not follow the gentle Jesus, the true shepherd who gave his life for his little sheep;. How dangerous then, for oneself and for others, is this perverted love!

Carlo Maria Viganò sacrificed everything. He stepped up, stood at the front of the line on this battlefield, inspired by the love of the Blessed Mother and Jesus Christ, with nothing but the truth as his shield.

Where are his brother bishops? Where are the laity?

The words of the great Catherine of Siena resonate today. Catherine, like Viganò, fearlessly spoke truth to the pope:

Delay no longer, for your delaying has already been the cause of a lot of trouble. The devil has done and is doing his best to keep this from happening, because he sees that he will be the loser.

Catholics, heed St. Catherine’s battle cry, before it is too late:

Raise the standard of the most holy cross, for it is with the fragrance of the cross that you will gain peace.

Courage! Courage!

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