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The Postliberal Conversation

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Since the release of our editorial stance, we have endeavored to do our part to unite the clans to rebuild Christendom. One area that we want to focus more on is the practical working out of Christendom in our Liberal disorder. In the COVID era, more Catholics are beginning to realize that the Liberal epoch is not really concerned with freedom, but with power.

This is something that has been articulated by Traditionalism since the French Revolution. Traditionalism has exposed the lies of these slogans that have caused so much death and destruction. When the Liberals say “free speech,” what they typically mean is “freedom for anti-Catholic propaganda.” When the Liberals say “freedom of religion” what they typically mean is “freedom from Catholicism.”

An important work in this regard is John C. Rao’s Removing the Blindfold: 19th Century Catholics and the Myth of Modern Freedom. In it he reviews the efforts of Catholic counter-revolution in this important period, from which we at OnePeterFive draw wisdom and inspiration.

We have already mentioned in other articles the important text Liberalism is a Sin but here we also need to highlight Thomas Storck’s translation of Cardinal Billot’s Liberalism: A Critique of Its Basic Principles and Its Various Forms.

These foundational texts provide the key to understanding the crisis that we now face in the Liberal disorder. When we have grasped these things we can move to practical steps at rebuilding Christendom.

We can think of rebuilding Christendom in three spheres: the family, the economy, and politics. All three of these work together and inform each other. The principles governing one end up governing another, and so on.

We need to take the principles of Catholic thought and address the problems we face today. How can we rebuild Christendom in these three spheres? What can we practically do? What are you doing right now in these three areas? What has worked? What has failed?

Previous installments in this conversation have been the following:

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No doubt, faithful Catholics will disagree on particulars, and we are happy to publish divergent opinions on various topics. Let this post serve as an invitation to submit your own answers to the Liberal disorder. This is the postliberal conversation: where brethren can meet on the battlefield against Liberalism, Marxism, and all forms of tyranny against Christ the King, and rebuild the Catholic City brick by brick in our souls and in society.


Jesus is King!

T. S. Flanders
St. Romuald


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