Thank You!

As regular readers know, our fundraising efforts run pretty much constantly. While this can admittedly be a nuisance at times, it’s our belief that by setting smaller, more manageable monthly fundraising goals, we’re better able to work with our supporters on a basis that isn’t as big of a burden as a (more commonly seen) large quarterly fundraiser with a tight timeframe would be.

Let’s face it: we may be growing fast, but we’re the new kid on the block. 1P5ers are an army of individuals, families, and clergy, all doing our part to try to advance the cause of Catholic truth. Many, if not most of us, live month-to-month. For more than a few of us, $10 a month is stretching the limits.

I’m sensitive to this. And so this year, when we decided we had to raise our fundraising goals, it gave me heartburn. The reality is inescapable, though. Our costs keep going up. We need more help. We need to pay the help we do have, and pay fairly.

But you delivered.

Last month, you got us to 75% of our new goal. That’s pretty amazing. You’re pretty amazing. We are crowdsourcing what we need to accomplish this fight for our Faith, and you’re making it happen. I’m constantly humbled, not just by your generosity, but by your kindness. Your messages of support, your promises of prayers, I read them all, and I try to respond to them all.

But here, in public, in front of everyone, I just wanted, again, to say to our supporters:


It’s not an exaggeration to say we can’t do this without you. Together, we make a pretty great team.

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