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Steve Skojec on Rules For Retrogrades (Video)

Many of you are followers of Dr. Taylor Marshall’s podcast series on YouTube, and are familiar with Tim Gordon, who co-hosted with Marshall for the first year of the show.

What all of you may not know is that Tim and his brother Dave (who have both written articles for 1P5 – see here and here) along with their friend Chris Plance, who teaches high school theology, have started a new show called Rules For Retrogrades. They have been absolutely cranking out content, and are already 13 episodes into their new show.

I had the honor of being their most recent guest.

I want to share the show with you here because I think it was a solid discussion in which we covered a lot of important ground, from Twitter battles to uniting the clans to Pachamama, the Death Penalty, the migration of folks to the TLM, and the Zanchetta coverup.

But I also want to say that I genuinely enjoyed having this conversation with these guys. It’s great to talk through the issues in the Church with a group of red-blooded, knowledgeable men who aren’t afraid to tackle tough issues decisively but keep a sense of humor about everything that’s going on.

We need more of this balance, because it keeps things in perspective, and I think it’s hugely helpful in getting us through this mess. I have a personal mantra of “laughing through the apocalypse” because if you’re not careful, staying too dialed into the crisis will drive you mad.

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I enjoyed making it.

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