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Steve Skojec on Restoring the Faith Media

Mike and Joe over at the (relatively new) apostolate called Restoring the Faith Media (check out their YouTube channel right here) interviewed me a couple weeks ago for their show, Full Disclosure, which just launched this week. So far, they’ve also got an interview with Michael Warren Davis, editor of Crisis Magazine, up on the channel, and I know there are more coming soon.

As far as I know, they plan to continue interviewing Catholic influencers and media figures for the show, and it’s an interesting format. They’re also developing other lines of programming — they’ve got a series called “Fathers and Doctors,” another called “Living the Faith,” and a third that is dedicated to teaching various prayers. Overall, I think Restoring the Faith looks like a very promising apostolate with good production values and a lot of content in the pipeline, and I enjoyed my conversation with the hosts. I encourage you to check it out and consider adding RTF to your list of Catholic media subscriptions.

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