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Source: Before Dismissal of Cardinal Müller, Pope Asked Five Pointed Questions

UPDATE:  When this story was first issued, we had not yet received any response from Cardinal Müller, his secretary, or Greg Burke, Director of the Vatican Press office. Burke has since responded to say that the reconstruction of the events of the Müller meeting as described below is “totally false”. 

The personal secretary of Cardinal Müller has responded to OnePeterFive in an e-mail, saying that the pope did not put these five questions to Cardinal Müller and adding that this OnePeterFive article was doing damage to Cardinal Müller. However, he did not explain how so, particularly considering that the version of events reported to us by our sources paint Müller in a favorable and orthodox light.

We just have received a second confirmation of the story from our reliable source which stems right out of the center of loyal and well-connected German Catholicism. Thus we plan to write a follow-up to this story in the near future.

After Cardinal Gerhard Müller, former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, revealed that he had personally spoken by phone with the now-deceased Cardinal Joachim Meisner about his recent dismissal, and that this conversation had taken place the night before Meisner’s sudden death on the morning of 5 July, several well-informed sources in Europe in communication with me all used the same expression, namely, they speculated that perhaps Cardinal Meisner had “died of a broken heart.” In light of the following disclosures about the content of the 30 June meeting between Pope Francis and Cardinal Müller, we might be even more inclined to believe that this was the case – at least as a moral possibility.

The following information comes from the report of a trustworthy German source, who spoke to OnePeterFive on condition of anonymity. He quotes an eyewitness who recently sat with Cardinal Müller at lunch in Mainz, Germany. During that meal, Cardinal Müller is alleged to have disclosed in the presence of this eyewitness certain information about his final meeting with the pope, during which he was informed that his mandate as Prefect of the CDF would not be renewed.

According to this report, Cardinal Müller was called to the Apostolic Palace on 30 June, and he thus went there with his working files, assuming that this meeting would be a usual working session. The pope told him, however, that he only had five questions for him:

  • Are you in favor of, or against, a female diaconate? “I am against it,” responded Cardinal Müller.
  • Are you in favor of, or against, the repeal of celibacy? “Of course I am against it,” the cardinal responded.
  • Are you in favor of, or against, female priests? “I am very decisively against it,” replied Cardinal Müller.
  • Are you willing to defend Amoris Laetitia? “As far as it is possible for me,” the Prefect of the Congregation for the Faith replied: “there still exist ambiguities.”
  • Are you willing to retract your complaint concerning the dismissal of three of your own employees? Cardinal Müller responded: “Holy Father, these were good, unblemished men whom I now lack, and it was not correct to dismiss them over my head, shortly before Christmas, so that they had to clear their offices by 28 December. I am missing them now.”

Thereupon the pope answered: “Good. Cardinal Müller, I only wanted to let you know that I will not extend your mandate [i.e., beyond 2 July] as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Faith.” Without any farewell or explanation, the pope left the room. Cardinal Müller at first thought that the pope left in order to fetch a token of gratitude, and thus he waited patiently. But, there was no such gift, nor even an expression of gratitude for his service. The Prefect of the Papal Household, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, then had to explain to him that the meeting was over, and that it was time for him to leave.

At the time of this writing, we have not been able to obtain confirmation of these events from Cardinal Müller, nor from his secretary, to whom we reached out for comment. Similarly, we requested a comment from Greg Burke at the Vatican Press Office has denied the story, saying the reconstruction of events as we have presented it is “totally false”.

If this report is true – and, given the sources, we have little reason to doubt it – we can well imagine why Cardinal Meisner would have been distressed after hearing about this meeting in the hours before his death. Did these five questions with their yes or no answers, if indeed they were asked of Cardinal Müller, constitute a sort of reverse dubia? Were the Cardinal’s responses, insofar as they were in accordance with orthodox Catholic thought, the reason he was not asked to continue in his role as Prefect of the CDF? Of the five questions, three (female diaconate, priestly celibacy, and the promotion of Amoris Laetitia) have been widely discussed as part of the pope’s “reform” agenda. (It seems worthy of mention in this regard that Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, S.J., who has been tapped as Müller’s replacement as CDF Prefect, was appointed last year as President of the Commission for the Study of the Diaconate of Women.) But is the female priesthood really expected to be reviewed in relation to the female diaconate, even though Pope Francis has already personally affirmed the understanding that Pope John Paul II ruled definitively against the possibility? And what of the final alleged question — the one pertaining to the pope’s dismissal of three priests from the CDF last year without cause? If such a question were asked, was it merely a test of unquestioning obedience? Recall that the pope’s reported answer, when asked by Cardinal Müller about the dismissal of these three priests, was simply to say, “I am the pope, I do not need to give reasons for any of my decisions. I have decided that they have to leave and they have to leave.”

In an interview with German newspaper Passauer Neue Press, Müller revealed additional information that appears to support the above-described abruptness of his final meeting with the pope:

Pope Francis, Cardinal Müller said, “communicated his decision” not to renew his term “within one minute” on the last work day of his five-year-term, and did not give any reasons for it.

“This style [sic] I cannot accept,” said Müller. In dealing with employees, “the Church’s social teaching should be applied,” he added.

As our own report on Cardinal Müller’s departure documented, he has suffered a number of indignities during his tenure as CDF prefect under the present pontificate. Nevertheless, Müller has taken pains since the announcement of his departure to give the public appearance that his relationship with the pope was not strained. “There were no differences between me and Pope Francis,” Müller told a local German newspaper during the same visit to Mainz when he was alleged to have revealed to his dining companion the context of his final meeting with the pope. It is not entirely clear if Müller is expressing a lack of conflict between himself and the pope as a sign of solidarity, or in order to emphasize the unexpectedness of the pope’s decision not to renew his term. Whatever the case, he has sought in public to downplay the significance of his departure.

There is little about Müller’s dismissal from one of the Catholic Church’s most prominent ecclesiastical offices that isn’t unusual. As respected Vatican journalist Marco Tosatti noted in his important July 7 essay for First Things, Müller’s departure from the position at age 69 — well before the mandatory retirement age — was “a gesture unprecedented in the Church’s recent history.” Over the past six decades, Tosatti noted, “prefects of the Church’s most important congregation (it has been called La Suprema) have retired due to age or health reasons, or have been called, in the case of Joseph Ratzinger, to become the pope.” None during that time has suffered the indignity of simply being unceremoniously let go.

One anecdote recounted by Tosatti from his own conversations with friends of the German cardinal gives particular credence to the emerging picture that Pope Francis has long treated the prefect emeritus with contempt:

It appears that Müller experienced life under Bergoglio as a sort of Calvary. This, despite Müller’s statements—he has been a good soldier to the end, and even beyond.

The first step of Müller’s Calvary was a disconcerting episode in the middle of 2013. The cardinal was celebrating Mass in the church attached to the congregation palace, for a group of German students and scholars. His secretary joined him at the altar: “The pope wants to speak to you.” “Did you tell him I am celebrating Mass?” asked Müller. “Yes,” said the secretary, “but he says he does not mind—he wants to talk to you all the same.” The cardinal went to the sacristy. The pope, in a very bad mood, gave him some orders and a dossier concerning one of his friends, a cardinal. (This is a very delicate matter. I have sought an explanation of this incident from the official channels. Until the explanation comes, if it ever comes, I cannot give further details.) Obviously, Mūller was flabbergasted.


Like Marco Tosatti, we have sought but may never be able to provide an explanation of the incident of the five questions from official channels. We can only say that our sources are not given to idle speculation. They are confident that the events transpired as they have been described.

For now, it is enough to note that under the present circumstances, even the skeptical would have a hard time dismissing a report of such an incident. The stories coming out of the Vatican are more incredible each day — and even the worst of them seem not to merit comment — or more importantly, correction — in the eyes of Church officials.


Steve Skojec contributed to this story. The story has been updated.

503 thoughts on “Source: Before Dismissal of Cardinal Müller, Pope Asked Five Pointed Questions”

  1. Francis is a charlatan….an anti-Catholic, hate-filled scoundrel who loathes the Catholic Church. In his heart he hates Catholic tradition and Catholic moral teaching and he is determined to destroy all those “rigid” Catholics who love the Church and humbly accept in toto all Her doctrine and dogma. He is an anti-pope, a prophet of the anti-Christ.

    Let’s all think about this for a moment , folks. We have a “pope” who openly ridicules and persecutes faithful Catholics!!! I mean…….come on!! Just how dumbed down have we become that we can’t see this.

    Jorge the Humble is in fact, a monster!!

        • I don’t know that answer.
          Does it really matter to this dark point in Church History?

          So many evil forces upon our Church. We, those trying to remain faithful, must stay united somehow, in spite of differences of opinions regarding these theories.
          Our energies cannot be led this way or that way, even though there may be cause for these suspicions.

          In my mind, we have but one pope, his names is Francis, and I am heart broken about it as well.

          • Read Habakkuk and think about the Moslems swallowing up much of Europe……

            Look to Christ Jesus very words……”My father’s house is to be a house of Prayer and you’ve turned it to a den of thieves!”

            Our Church is not the Vatican, or a Dioceses or wealth and Artifacts. It is Kinship with Christ and Doctrine given.

            No matter what takes place, so long as there are Catholics loyal to their Faith H311 has not prevailed against her.

            Extra Ecclesium Nulla Salus.

          • We have been blessed with the most powerful saints from times when the Church appears to be in the most peril.

          • A pope who is not faithful to Christ and the Church He founded is NOT a Pope. He is an imposter, an enemy, intent on capturing as many souls as possible for Satan, an “angel” of darkness masquerading as an angel of light.

        • Wait for DJT. Any evil doers, corrupted persons in the world will be removed. God will use Trump to cleanse Francis church, NWO church. Quo Vadis, Francis? Gate of Hell won’t prevail Roman Catholic Church, the true Church of Christ.

    • Never forget the “Loggia Stare” and the sense of dread felt by Catholics around the world while witnessing it; an authentic sign of grace.

      • I am as much disturbed as anyone but most of us have never met the pope; let’s not judge his person rashly. And the hell with women deacons and priests! Let him swim the Thames if he wants to.

        • Might I suggest the time for rash judgment is long past. Bergoglio is every day raping my mother the Holy Church.

          • This is too much. We are not to judge Francis’ motives or his thoughts, or the state of his soul. Fine to make a personal judgement about what he says or does – but even that must be with respect. Who said “love your enemies, do good to those that hate you”? Oh yeah, I remember. It was Jesus.

            There has to be a way to get information out about what Francis and his minions are doing, in order to inform those who might be lead astray – without this judging of his intent!

          • We should not judge anyone’s state of soul. True.

            But unless, the good Lord has put wet noodles in our brains, we had better use them to judge actions, and hence intent.

            i do not know if Francis is truly an enemy, and quite frankly I do not care.
            He is a terrible pope, a frightening individual at best. He is making an ass of himself and the papacy, and saying that does not
            mean that I want harm to come to him. Loving one who wishes to harm to the Church,
            and hence will harm souls, requires one thing, in my opinion, to RUN far fast from that person, and take nothing with you.

          • Whenever I hear a comment like that I think of 2 things:
            [1] What Scripture tells us about the integrity of “Righteous judgement.”
            [2] That when the cheats and moneylenders disrespected God in the Temple by robbing the poor and defiling the house of God – Jesus whipped them out of it!
            To be “patient” and do nothing in the face of millions of souls being lost is wrong, unjust and unworthy. Sometimes we have to FIGHT for the truth, for right and most of all for GOD.

          • I think we can judge by his actions and his words and the harm he has caused the Holy Catholic Church that his soul is in grave danger of eternal

          • Francis was quoted in La Repubblica that he no longer believes in sin. People do evil things because of economic incentive.

        • I meet him. My wife, who has a sensitivity to these sort of things, sensed there was something “off” about him. It disturbed her greatly

          • Some people have that gift…my Mother had it l hope your wife considers it a gift despite being disturbed.

    • I have wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt…but now I find myself…painfully doubting him. Let us not forget to pray for him. Perhaps he has a split personality.

      • Pray for him as you would any other sinner but he is NOT mentally ill; God forgive me but after [ like you] trying to give him the benefit of the doubt ] I am now convinced he is evil and is leading souls to the Hell he SAYS he doesn’t believe in.

    • If Modernism is the synthesis of all heresies, then Bergoglio is the synthesis of all the heretics the Church has had to face over the centuries: mocking the Holy Virgin, denial of Christ’s sinlessness, denial of the immortality of the soul, affirmation of contraception and divorce, religious indifferentism, pride, hypocrisy, political intrigue, hated of God, persecution of the faithful, sacrilege and blasphemy.
      And now this false prophet sits upon the Throne of Peter.

    • Jorge Bergoglio is not the ‘Pope’. Not even because of the way he may have been ushered into the Papacy by the St. Gallen group, or the way they ‘may’ have manipulated the conclave. But because he is a Heretic. No one can be the Pope if he is a Heretic and against the Catholic faith as this man has fully displayed time and time again. He is a Heretic of the worst kind, and therefore I will not follow this man into hell. The Cardinals need to stand up and call this man what he is and excommunicate him from the Church of Christ. Not only is he a Heretic, there is not a Catholic bone in his body…….full stop.

      • Bergoglio is not simply a heretic. He is the great deceiver.
        Consider the following scenario.

        There was a high-ranking Cardinal in Rome who looked forward to his retirement and return to his own country, but who upon reaching 75 was forbidden by the then Pope. Same Cardinal then gets elected Pope, some years later he resigns (apparently, and under very dubious circumstances) but instead of going back to his homeland and his aged brother, stays in the Vatican, continues to dress as Pope, continues to be called Pope, then some time later declares that, by his putative resignation, he sought to expand the Petrine ministry into a comtemplative and an active part.

        In the meantime another man gets elected (apparently), a man who shows himself to despise the Catholic Church and everything good and holy. A man who seeks to destroy faith and virtue and replace it with evil and sacrilege. A man who surrounds himself with sodomites, perverts and baby-killers, who shows homage to the infidel but comtempt to the Blessed Sacrament.

        Faced with this scenario, confused Catholics said wait until the Church declares, 50 or 100 years from now, that Bergoglio was in fact an antipope. In the meantime we must obey him.

        Others discerned that this man was never the pope, not because he was a flagrant heretic and a blasphemer, but because he was and is a deceiver. A man who deceived the Cardinals into electing him to a non-vacant position and then proceeded to deceive the Faithful that he was their shepherd.
        If this were a fiction novel, how many would even believe it a possibility?

        • I read many accounts even early on that this man is ‘suspected’ to be the ‘Biblical’ False Prophet. I didn’t buy that for a minute……..but that was early on. Now, after four years of anti Catholicism and indeed anti Christianity coming from this imposter, I’m more inclined to believe he indeed IS the False Prophet of the Bible than he is not. Why people cannot see that he is a complete Charlatan and not validly the Pope is beyond me. They should at least be able to see this much about him. And why the Cardinals continue to ‘fall silent’ is another mystery. Courageous would be the prelate who actually went on record as saying: ‘This man is a FAKE’, we cannot follow him into Hell!’

          • It seems that the oroblem is that the majority of the cardinals are either fellow travelers with Bergiglio or are fence sitters. So, how do we get rid of him (rhetorical question)?

        • Sorry, no, you cannot weasel out of this one. The Church is now reaping the fruits sowed at the time of Leo X. It will have to address papal infallibility head on or be shattered . . .

          • Kora, more on Medjugorje from a website with Q&A:

            One of the messages said that all faiths are equal. Isn’t this against the Catholic Church’s beliefs?

            There was a question asked of Our Lady in October 1981 which was: Are all religions the same? Our Lady answered: “Members of all faiths are equal before God. God rules over each faith just like a sovereign over his kingdom. In the world, all religions are not the same because all people have not complied with the commandments of God. They reject and disparage them.”

            So all are equally created sons and daughters of the Lord but all are not same or equal because all do not live but reject and disparage the Commandments of the Lord…and thus the Lord Himself….this is a different reality than what some have offered….blessings of JMJ

          • I will repeat once again: Međugorje is not about the messages and stop to be so superficial! They are not authentic and should be ignored. I don’t understand why are you refering all the time on that.

          • I have always had a suspicion that Ganswain is somehow in the middle of all this. Wasn’t he Benedict’s head of household or something like that? Now he hold the same title for Francis and yet still works with Benedict — as the go-between?

            I’d say there’s a Benedict Arnold somewhere and I’d start with Ganswain.

      • Martin Luther was a rebel, and led many away from Church.
        Enough of him already.

        Apostolic Succession is the order that Christ commanded for the Church.
        We take the good with the bad. As Catholics, we do not run, nor do we despair in this distress.

        • Well, now we have two successors of St.Peter, One resigned from keeping Christ’s sheep,he’s in Contemplation of God, and God let another be “elected” and he is sending the sheep in all directions, he can’t distance it from wolves or Thieves, or random untrusted passengers, but he(the bad shepherd) wants them to mix regardless of intentions,to breed, feed together, to share customs……….but we know Our Great Shepherd( His scent,his presence,his absence,.. :Christ), and He knows us.We trust Him and He loves us.
          We just wait for good shepherds,Christ will wake them up for us…And by Christ we shall Conquer all Malice.

          Just pray….and let no sheep go astray.

    • “There were no differences between me and Pope Francis,” Müller told a local German newspaper”.

      Both Müller and Francis agree Francis is a malevolent brute though not exactly in those words.

    • “If anyone comes to you bringing a different doctrine [Jorge Bergoglio’s doctrines], you must not receive him in your house or even give him a greeting. To greet him would make you a partner in his wicked work.” – 2 John 1:10-11.

    • The problem is our bishops’ coward who fail their duties to shepherd souls, protect the Church, Body of Christ, abuse the power and abandon Christ for comforts of secular world. No enemy due to the truth in Francis is not clearly said. Jesus gives you rest if you have heavy laden of sacrifice for Him. Modernism is consuming their souls. They’re possessed by the empty promises and animalistic desires(sodomy) of modernity to break away from the traditions.

    • Many of us have seen it for years. Our bishops are either blind or terrified of him. They will get theirs, as will the monster.

    • He believes that “traditional Catholics” are mired in the throes of sexism. Women are viewed as subordinate. He has opened the doors to women expressing their full physical, emotional, and psychological potential. The Mother of God stated when asked “Do unto me according to thy word”. There is a dichotomy here and the true expression of femininity does not include abortion. Abortion is murder and Francis chokes visibly on that one.

  2. THAT is why my initial words on a previous blog here were very pointed and very critical of Francis.
    Stupidly, I lamented that I would scandalize others, knowing full well that Cardinal Meisner, most likely died of a broken heart.
    Charity my foot to this ass of a pope.

    • How can anyone claim that Bergoglio is pope while Pope Benedict lives?
      Benedict did not relinquish the entire papacy …he was not free to split the
      papacy. Benedict is still Pope.

      • I have thought that for four years, but of course we must respect the wishes of Pope Benedict to be “retired”, and as he has said repeatedly that he wished to relinquish the Petrine office due to issues of age and health, and that he was not coerced to do this in any way.

        • You are probably correct about respecting the wishes of Pope Benedict …
          if he wished us to think he could split the papacy for what ever reason then we should probably respect his wishes….after all he is Pope… um emeritus.

      • We don’t know these things. Only God does.

        Apostolic Succession states the Bergoglio is pope.
        And for me, I will stick to that, even though I am very angry with this pope.

        • If Francis is the valid Pope, Benedict is now merely Cardinal Ratzinger. It was not Pope Benedict XVI’s call to create a totally new position of “Pope Emeritus” . There cannot be two popes; a ruling pope and a “contemplative” some sort of diarchy. The last time a valid pope abdicated / resigned, the former Pope Celestine V did not revert to “Pope Emeritus” status.

        • Have no fear when it comes to Međugorje. They have been there going through the hard times due to negative impact of the Communism, internal Church devastation, pentacostal movements and media. However, the very first impuls (when the visionaries were just children) probably have happened by the grace of Our Lady. I believe that the later events with visionaries in Međugorje will help to explain the misconception of the mass and widespread charismatic movements. Otherwise, though Međugorje still need to correct certain practices, it has a huge potential to bring people back to the Son of God truly present in the Holy Eucharist via Mother of God. It is my personal hope that one day they will start there to celebrate again the Traditional Latin Mass. May God and Our Lady have the last word on it.

          • Oct. 1, 1981: “All religions are equal before God,” says the Virgin. (Chronological Corpus of Medjugorje, p. 317)

            The Virgin: “I do not dispose of all graces…Jesus prefers that you address your petitions directly to him, rather than through an intermediary.” (Chron. Corp. p.181, 277-278)

            “Gospa” was singing praise of Tomislav Vlasic and his leadership of seers. He is a New Age satanic priest today.

            There are numerous examples why to flee from this apparition. This is not to discourage you, but you ought to find refugee in true Mother of God, and Church approved apparitions.

          • I have just explained that this side of Međugorje – meaning the messages and the visions on a regulary base – are the trap for the Catholic Church, and it is given there to expose some wrong practices introduced after the Second Vatican Council. As we can learn from the examples in Međugorje, these “charismatic” practices related for modern pentacostals are the true danger for mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the faithful, and consequently of the whole Catholic Church. The thrustworthy side of Međugorje and its purpose is a call for the conscious acceptance of the Catholic faith, confession, carring the Cross, making penance and fasten, praying the Holy Rosary, changing your life and attanding the Holy Mass. This is the only relevant “message” of Our Lady of Međugorje and we must not let the Satan to decive us. Once his game with the Catholic faithful will be revealed and over, Međugorje will bring back many souls straight towards the Son of God and Our Saviour. However, more patience and time is needed to clarify the meaning of that sanctuary.

          • That makes no sense what you are claiming whatsoever. Are you saying that at one point it was Our Lady who was appearing, but now the devil took over? If these so called first messages are authentic what are those so the public can hear them?

            The problem with heresies is not the 99% truth that is manifested through most messages, but those 1% hellish poison that can kill the soul if followed.

            Otherwise, the call for Mass, penance, rosary ets. is nothing new and can be heard from any faithful pulpit. What message was given in Medjugorje that is alike La Sallete, Fatima, Lourdes, Akita..?-None!

          • My dear brother, the true Revelation is in the Bible, not in the messages of the individual visioneries. These, however, did appear throughout our religious history but no one is bound to believe in them. In that sense, sole Bible is enough.

            Obviously you tend to be a sensation seeker, but such approach to the Catholic faith is a complete falieur. You can survive without apparitions and visionary’s messages, but you can’t survive without the Faith, the Confession and the Holy Mass. That is why you should somehow learn to discern what matters and what doesn’t.

            When it comes to Međugorje, to say it briefly in another words, it is a mirror of the current battle within the Catholic Church. Reject forever the whole Catholic Church for that reason means reject the salvation of your own soul. The same is with Međugorje and the other soul’s salvation.

            For me, it makes perfectly sense.

          • “Obviously you tend to be a sensation seeker”

            Before you start throwing such accusations with no basis out there let’s first resolve your conundrum.

            You say “My dear brother, the true Revelation is in the Bible, not in the messages of the individual visioneries”

            But then you jump into your own mouth by saying that to reject Medjugorje is to reject Catholic Church. Which one is it then?

            Yes the battle has been going on since the time of Eden, so what else is new?

            It is one thing to reject approved Marian apparition like Fatima, even tho that is insane considering the overwhelming evidence for it including the miracle of sun reported by masonic Portuguese media at the time.

            But it’s a whole other ball game to approve something that has fingerprints of demonic, and not because of the attacks on it, but because of pure the overwhelming evidence is supporting this view to any logical thinking catholic that sees what has been said in those “visions”.

            How can Church reject people from pilgrimage to Medjugorje or any other parish in the world? But to give attention to some of the messages there is to fall into religious indifferentism, charismatism, and above all false ecumenism that endangers one’s salvation.

          • You are not reading my texts very well, and yours are quite confusing. However, think whatever you want. Everyone has right on personal opinion. I have no intention to argue.

          • I am not denying that. Let’s say you go to the tomb of your favourite saint, kneel and ask for intercession, but upon coming home you realised that you kneeled at the wrong tomb. Is your saint going to deny you an intercession, just because of the wrong location? Of course not.

          • From that point of view, you don’t even need to go to pray for the intercession before the tomb of the saint. You can do that equally at home. However, there is a reason why some places are considered to be a sanctuary.

          • “For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Mt 18,20

            If people flocked in numbers crying out to our Lord and Lady with open heart to any parish it would produce the same effect. I am in no way saying forbid the people to make a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. But to have anything to do with the messages who are 99% according to the Gospel, but those 1% that kill the soul, I say flee from it!

          • And here we go one more time through the same thing: the messages are out of discussion!

            And one more time through another one: with the attitude “flee from 1% that kills the soul” in this post-Vatican II epoch you supposed to flee from the Catholic Church long time ago.

            The tribulations are given to stenghten the faith, not to flee from it! At the begining it may be hard, but eventually you learn to discern and move on through the “gray zone”, keeping your soul away from what is fake and harmful, and sticking to what is truthful and beneficial. Once this calvary of the Catholic Church will be over, it will also be visible in Međugorje. Till that moment, basicly in whichever parish you go, for one reason or the other you need to be vigilant and cautious. In Međugorje it is only “clearly stated”, and to be honest: there are much worse unexpected soul killers in some parishes that the messages from Međugorje (that you already know that are not authentic). But when this epoc will be over, you will understand the only “message” that matters as well as the purpose of this experience. And than you will be joyful in the presence of Our Lord and Our Lady, and awarded because you didn’t flee from the Church (or sanctuary) in the times of tribulation.

          • “And one more time through another one: with the attitude “flee from 1% that kills the soul” in this post-Vatican II epoch you supposed to flee from the Catholic Church long time ago.”

            …And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more. Mt 12,48

            So the very fact that you are aware of VII dangers, you have already been given a grace that a lot of Catholics don’t have.

            “and to be honest: there are much worse unexpected soul killers in some parishes then these messages from Međugorje (that you already know that are not authentic)”

            Absolutely agree!

            Because the gates of hell will not prevail there is no concern in fleeing from the Ark of Salvation. Catholic Church is alive and well in Tradition and Tridentine Mass that is free of heresies and ambiguities. It has been dogmatically codified by Saint Pius V compared to Bugnini’s experiment. Of course if you can flee from your Novus Ordo Eucharist on hand, blatant Heresies such as :for all” instead of “for many”, female ministers, guitars, etc then by all means find your nearest TLM.

            Flirting with heresies is never a path a Catholic should take, because it only takes to reject one dogma or doubt it to fall away from true Faith.

            So based on what you are claiming, did Our Lady ever appear in Medjugorje?

          • Based on what I am claiming, did we already practically sorted out the current mess in the Catholic Church?

            Besids, though the experiment is carried on by the Italians, it’s not from Bugnini but the Zionists.

          • Yes the Freemasons were behind it, no doubt, but cardinal Bugnini was the executor.

            I asked a simple question. Do you claim that Our Lady appeared in Medjugorje at any point in apparitions?

            No, we didn’t sort it out, and we won’t. Only Our Lord and Lady will do when they see it fitting. None the less, we can do out part in the fight and align ourselves with the ones who are standing firm in the Faith.

          • And I simply wrote what I claim so to get the answer to that question one only needs to read what I wrote. It’s simple as that.

            However, your last paragraph gives hope that somehow you managed to get to the point on your own way. It’s called a differenciation ????

            Thank you for this interesting conversation. I have truly enjoyed.

            May God bless you!

          • All the same – pray, repent, become another Christ,live your baptism authentically with the Holy Spirit, live, share, unfold the Gospel…stai attento, avrei raccamando!

          • Kora, would add>>> Medjugorje has the same and similar to other comings of Our Lady – “pray, repent, convert, become another Christ, live your baptism authentically with the Holy Spirit, live, share, unfold the Gospel, live the Eucharist Lord”…

          • Of course there are similarities so that on the surface it ‘looks’ authentic. But when taken as a whole, everything that was proclaimed, if even one statement from the ‘vision’ is false, then the whole is suspect and should be avoided. There are many approved visions and saints to turn to for comfort and inspiration, so there is no need to go to one that is uncertain. Why play with fire with your soul?

          • Truth Himself, says that good fruit cannot come from a bad tree, if this was a bad tree then there would not be any good fruit….this good fruit is SUBSTANCE not surface in Medjugorje….so many holy vocations to priesthood, religious life, consecrated virgin life, true holiness in baptismal fidelity, holy hours, rosaries, novenas, work of true charity, miracles of conversion and of body and soul as well, etc….such is not possible if not of and from God, never ever ever….

            Also, many went to Fatima, Lourdes before approved or certain but they should have stayed away because at the time not only were they not approved but unapproved and uncertain….any way, the blessings of Jesus and Mary in Medjugorje are not surface looks they are the very substance of good and good fruits, these holy goods/fruits could not be there if Medjugorje was a bad tree, but satan can definitely sow darnel among the Wheat….even happens at Fatima, etc….blessings!

          • re: “I went to Medugorje twice.When I met Fr.Slavko Barbaric ofm, the Spiritual Director of the seers, I asked him if Our Lady said all religions are equal .He denied it.
            I asked him if Our Lady said that holiest woman in Medugorje was a Muslim. He denied it.”

            Don’t believe everything you hear and read, go to the sources….talk to the seers….satan spews many lies, falsehoods and deceits….the blessed fruits cannot come from a bad tree Jesus says….I AM with Him and Our Lady, at Medjugorie and everywhere….blessings!!

          • I’ve been to Medjugorje once myself. The “feeling” of peace is there, no doubt, but that is not how you judge authenticity at all.

            The messages are not your random hearsay but were the result of commission that studied the apparitions.

            You can deny the statements all you want, but here is for example the handwriting of seers where “Gospa” is applauding the leadership of priest Tomislav Vlasic, who is now a New Age/Occult/Satanic priest.


            The fruits are definitely there. The flat out disobedience to local authority!

          • no. Just the reverse. Even the recent visitations, etc., speak of the continuous marvelous holy fruits…..many of which I know of personally….pray a Novena to Our Lady to undo any knots in your understanding, pray it well, tenderly and humbly, each day, and let us know what She does!

            ….from a Medjugorje website with Q&A:

            One of the messages said that all faiths are equal. Isn’t this against the Catholic Church’s beliefs??

            There was a question asked of Our Lady in October 1981 which was: Are all religions the same? Our Lady answered: “Members of all faiths are equal before God. God rules over each faith just like a sovereign over his kingdom. In the world, all religions are not the same because all people have not complied with the commandments of God. They reject and disparage them.”

            So all are equally created sons and daughters of the Lord but all are not same or equal because all do not live but reject and disparage the Commandments of the Lord…and thus the Lord Himself….this is a different reality than what some have offered….blessings of JMJ

          • here’s what happened when tried open wiki link:

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          • Blessings, Memento! Actually the grace of peace is a sign of authenticity, just a quick glance at the true Spiritual Masters shows this…but it comes from the Beloved, the Peace. WHen something comes from our human spirit or a dark spirit, there is initial peace then confusion, doubt, fear, anxiety; but when something comes from the Holy Spirit and Heaven, there is initial fear but then Peace. Only the Living God can give the Peace, satan cannot, he mocks and mimics but has not the power to give peace. God is the Author of Peace: 1 Corinthians 14:33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace. The gift of God’s peace is an authentic sign, work and fruit of the Beloved. The blessings of His Peace through Mary!

          • Kora… “I went to Medugorje twice.When I met Fr.Slavko Barbaric ofm, the Spiritual Director of the seers, I asked him if Our Lady said all religions are equal .He denied it.
            I asked him if Our Lady said that holiest woman in Medugorje was a Muslim. He denied it.”

            Don’t believe everything people hear and read, go to the sources….talk to the seers….satan spews many lies, falsehoods and deceits….the blessed fruits cannot come from a bad tree Jesus says….I AM with Him and Our Lady, at Medjugorie and everywhere….blessings!!

          • I do not believe the messages nor I follow up with them. I consider them non-authentic and I have clearly said that. I don’t need even to talk to the seers. Please, read one more time my posts. Thoroughly!

            Otherwise, I have been in Međugorje two years ago and I found there other values than what people look at in this moment. That is why I have attitude that the Church still needs to wait regarding final decision about the sanctuary and its purpose.

          • Malachi Martin believed it is a hoax. Medugorje is on the site of an infamous massacre of over 1000 Serbian Orthodox including women, children, and priests. Many were tortured in a gruesome manner including the emasculation of the priests.—-Croatia was Nazi (Ustashi) who made an alliance with Islam to destroy the Slavic Orthodox who were linked to Russia. At the end of the war, atheistic Communism came into the area and took over. It is presumed that Medugorje was a Communist invention to mislead the faithful and to make large sums of money.—–Franciscan monks run the site and Franciscan monks were at the center of the various massacres of the Orthodox. This does not appear to be a solid foundation for Christian belief.

          • Ustashi were national socialists and Nazi. Croatian Catholics became their ally against the Slavs. Franciscans in uniform ran concentration camps for the Orthodox with many being executed. As you know better than you leading on, Yugoslavia emerged out of this mess. The enemy of Tito was religion of any sort. He wanted to merge them and to create one entity which is atheism—The Russians who are Slavs were also the sworn enemy of national socialism. At first, they were allies. Out of the Tito mess emerged the visionaries of Medjugorje. The most damning evidence was a video of one of the visionaries who was supposedly in a trance and was then pricked with a pin. She responded with movement in the body as well as a glance from the eye.—–I have been privileged with one supernatural vision in my lifetime while in a trance. You see and hear and feel nothing except for the supernatural. These visionaries give every indication of being trained and of being con artists.

          • I would truly appreciate if people would read my previous posts before they enter into futher discussion about Međugorje.

          • Ustashi were a minority in Croatia just as the Nazis were a minority in both Germany and Austria. They were able to take over in both instances. Thank you. As I wish.

          • And where is the problem if we know that both the Nazis and the Communists are a Lie Incarnate?

            You can try to deceive the people by playing with their national sentiments and religious believes for some time, but once they realize what stands behind it, from the viewpoint of the people that game is over even if it officially continues for many years (as it was the case with the Communism).

            Russians were always a good “hackers”. I am sure one day they will expose certain facts. However, one need to know that Our God is Alive and He can foils the bad plans of the nations (Psalm 33, 10).

          • That part is very true. The question continues to be if Medjugorje is a true apparition of warning or just a scam engineered by the Communists to deceive the people. Yugoslavia is an entity which was created by name in 1946. Tito attempted to merge and destroy all of the major religions of Catholicity, Orthodox, and Islam.— I am a great supporter of Mihavolic who received the Medal of Valor posthumously from President Truman. His group were Chetniks. Tito originally came from a Catholic area. The Brits decided to support him and the Americans went along.—- In 1975, I was on board a U.S. cruiser in the Med. I remember seeing Yugoslav ships with markings at the dock as we went in and out of Sicily on both sides of the Island. I also had an uncle who was Yugoslavian who was also periodically Italian as the borders kept changing.—. I agree that Francis is a radical world socialist and could very well be working with the devil.

          • When it comes to your political view, from your first message I understood that you’ve been indoctrinated by the “Yugoslaves” (or
            their supporters) ☺ who themselves are nothing but an “invented tradition” (see Eric Hobsbawm’s research) on the demographic level. Be aware of that.

            Otherwise, when it comes to Međugorje we need to have patience and faith. Time and truth are in God’s and Our Lady’s hands. I believe it won’t take too long untill They help us to understand everything.

            God bless you!

          • Yugoslavia has always been an artificial entity. Albania was the same. “Religion is the opiate of the people”. It is still a question of whether Medjugorje is authentic. I have no idea and buy into the writings of Malachi Martin on the subject.—-Francis is a Communist who is out to destroy all religious differences. He has even said that atheists go to heaven. Slowly but surely, the truth is coming “out of the closet”. A recent sermon at church talked of a modern day “Tower of Babel”. — Change and reform are good within certain parameters. Actually, it now appears plausible that Francis is out to destroy the Mass. —- He appears to believe that the Mass is a barrier to the forming of a one world religion. He is very suspect in regard to the real presence in the Eucharist. He refuses to genuflect before the tabernacle which is a modern fulfillment of the Ark of the Covenant.

          • It is not the question if “Međugorje is authentic”. As a Catholic shrine under the protection of Our Lady where it is confirmed that the supernatural phenomenon occures (intercessions, healings and conversions), it truly is authentic. When it comes to the adult visionaries and their messages, it is not authentic, and what still rest to be clarified is a genesis of the shrine and possible event that has occured when the visionaries were children.

          • I actually see what you are saying. Sure and begorrah (Irish term), you have to hit me in the head a couple of times with a two by four, then I understand. You are saying that the message went to the children. Then as an adult, they no longer are an intermediary of Mary. That is certainly possible. I have to digest that for awhile.

          • Again, what I am saying is what I have writen. Misinterpretations of what is said or what has happened, as well as seeking for the “message” on the wrong place, are tipical for “Yugoslav mentality”, though it is not the right path for those looking for clarity and truth. But of course… “as you wish” ????

          • Strangely, I have noted this before about Sister Lucia. The “why” is beyond me. One issue of note has been missed. You need to compare the hands. The good sister was a product of being a sheepherder. Her cousin was “sweet and petite”. She was saintly yes but “earthy and rough”. In pictures, She is noted to have hands which are rough and large. This “suspect woman” has hands which are small and delicate. — Maybe, you can explain the motivation for a possible substitution.

          • I guess here we can’t apply the theory that Croatian Franciscans or Serbian Orthodox have created Fatima in order to deceive the rest of the world and make large sum of money, can we?

            However, if something did happen to the three kids in 1917, it is obvious that the adult visionary called Sister Lucy is a deception, the same as her messages. Some of them concern consecration of the Russia and its acceptance by Mother Mary. Since it doesn’t seem to be trustworthy, we can’t accept what this lady said.

            The question is what can we trust when it comes to Fatima? It is obvious that some parts of the story and messages are distorted or changed. Furthemore, what is said in Fatima seems to be alredy known from previous apparitions of Mother Mary like La Salette or Lourdes, while Akita also only confirms what is already known. It looks almost like there is a scenario that is followed where one event serves to confirm the previous one.

          • Here’s the problem with your scenario. The Secret is under lock and key and has never been released. Malachi Martin, “your friend and mine”, read it. He only alludes to what is in it. It is dire and it is shocking. — It probably has to do with a meteor.

          • There is nothing wrong with “my scenario” for I have sugessted that what we have been told is perhaps “the scenario” and not the truth. I don’t know why are you twisting my words all the time.
            You can’t humiliate me with that ☺

            Otherwise, I don’t trust to Malachi Martin. He uses a double talk.

          • Malachi Martin writes in “double talk”. It is intentional and called “faction” which is a blend of fact and fiction. He swore an oath on the Third Secret. He cannot come right out and say it.

          • Medjugorje is a hoax. It may not have been at the beginning, but greed is now the purpose of the so-called visions. Common sense tells me so. Our faith ‘makes sense’, and it just does not ‘make sense’ that our Lady Mary would contradict herself with her words and appear constantly unlike the approved apparitions. Of course there are miracles. The Spirit is everywhere, all the time, to all who call upon Him. I saw an arm grow in a bathroom at a convention center in Southern California, of all places! Miracles, healings, etc. are NOT proof of the authenticity of the rest of the venue.

        • But it’s a single-source report about about an apparition etc, so basically you have a picture of a fictional character passing of as the Mother of Christ.
          I see.

    • There’s an old saying “when 7 people tell you you’re drunk, lie down.” There is too much of this stuff now in the open – well known orgies of sodomite priests with cocaine in the Vatican. Some trad consecrated persons are being called back from Rome to their home countries/orders–things not good

      • I am glad to hear this. I was always, VERY WORRIED, if a loved one, had gone to seminary, or after, should find his way to this cesspool. It is prudent for the holy priests to fly from this source of sputum and return back to their home.

  3. Any doubt that smoke of Satan.has infected the Jesuit order and the Vatican has been.erased by Francis and this Troubling article on.Francis agenda of a strange and wayward pontificate………. Too had Francis is more interested in protecting homosexuality’s friendly clergy like Cocopalmirro, depaglia ,2 chilean bishops,three belgium bishops and even his new appointment to replace Faithful Muellar from.Spain is implicated in this …… Time for Pope Benedict and red hat cardinals to forcefully intervene. Otherwise the Episcopal Anglican type meltdown will drive a wedge in.the faith of a collapsing church scarcely Roman.or Catholic cino in Arg. Belgium and usa states like ct.. . by Francis and Cupich etc.. Lord have mercy on Francis and the debacle he is going to.unleash on a fading and dying rc church in the west.

  4. The new prefect has been implicated in the failure to disclose the identity of a pedophile or pederast priest to law enforcement. It dawns on me that, even though the new prefect has been described as “conservative,” Pope Francis may have enough leverage on this prelate to bend him to his will. When the faithful object to Pope Francis’ innovations, we will be reminded that the prefect of the CDF is a conservative. He will not be able to object to those innovations, or he will lose the protection of Pope Francis and be thrown to the wolves (even if he is innocent – the accusation is enough to destroy). Surrounding oneself with those who can be easily brought to heel appears to be the M.O. of this Pontificate.

  5. If I were less familiar with how things work in the Vatican, which I’ve become aware of only relatively recently (the last year or so), I’d be skeptical of this story. But I find this far too likely to be true. Lord, how much longer?

    • I guess this became the universal question for many Catholics. We need to believe that in spite of everything, the Almighty God has control over the Church and He will provide the solution.

    • Complete guess on my part Jafin but I don’t think much longer. October approaches and so does something else that the lovely Jesuit astronomers won’t tell us about.


      there is now a resignation to the fact that the infiltration of sodomites and Freemasons (that Venn Diagram has a massive overlap) is so severe that it is not humanly possible to remove the infiltration. This can ONLY be solved by supernatural means, which all understand means a Sodom and Gomorrah type event

      Waiting for that asteroid.

      • Our God is a Living God and He has control over the world and the Church, meaning that at the end He decides about the outcomes and that these don’t need necessarily to be catastrophic. Yet! 🙂

        • Of course it does need to be. Do you really think that the world will turn away from theological liberalism (Protestantism) which begat philosophical liberalism (Renaissance; secular humanism) which begat classical liberalism (American/French Revolution) which begat Marxism and Fascism without a complete and utter demolition of the current world system and the total destruction of the degeneracy that plagues every society on earth?
          No. Individually, we turn toward God during our greatest sufferings. The human race will require a cataclysm of unimaginable proportions to force the remainders to rethink the past.
          I believe our job is to seed the ground with the information of how we arrived at this point, and the solution: Christendom; the Old World Order, or simply Catholic Monarchy.

          • I agree with ‘tallorder’. In the middle of the night some years ago, and when my parents weren’t home, their house burned down. All of the pets perished. The refrigerator ‘vanished’ because the fire was so hot. It was horrifying and gut-wrenching for them, and for the rest of the family, though not to the same extent, of course. Intuition told me that there was something about my Mom’s life that God wanted her to change and I told her this. I also told her that if she did not respond to God’s wishes, something more dramatic would happen that would force her to change. She changed nothing, and I did not pursue it because her burden was already so heavy, and my nagging would have failed anyway. About a year later, my Mom had her legs run over by her own truck when the brakes failed as she was exiting. She was laid-up for 3 months, unable to walk, and had to go to physical therapy to recover. It was after this that she dramatically changed her life by changing her job, a change that the rest of the family had begged her to make for many years. Since then, there have been no tragedies for them. Sometimes a twig isn’t enough; sometimes God has to use the tree’s trunk!

    • I find it doubtful as Francis has decisively opposed female priests in the past and appointed an un unquestionably orthodox person to replace Müeller. The replacement makes no sense if he’s going to try to push these issues.

      • The man speak eloquently out of both sides of his mouth. It is characteristic of what he regards the pedagogy of pastoralism.
        I call it reptilian.
        Lest we forget — “hagan lio!”

      • The replacement is also getting very close to retirement age. A nice, quick, diplomatic choice until retirement when a more crazy person can be put in place.

  6. I pray for card. Muller but even more so for pope Francis, he is in serious danger of losing his soul. Only God can help us.

  7. Unfortunately, Cardinal Meisner is a victim of Bergoglio’s violence, a violence he commits due to his personal problemes on cognitive and emotional level. That is why the mental health specialist wouldn’t describe “Pope Francis” as “heretic” but charming, manipulative, emotionally ruthless and potentially criminal (

      • Here you can find one explanation of the two terms – “psychopath” and “sociopath”.

        By now it became clear that we have “the elephant in the room”. The key question is: how the Catholic Church is going to sort out this problem if, according to the Code of Canon Law, someone who is unable for any reason to make a rational decision on his own can’t make decision to resign either, and there is no possibility to remove the Pope by using the external forces?

        This second option might be possible if the person representing himself as “the Pope” is actually not the same as “the Holy Father”.

  8. Female Deacons and Celibacy are traditions with a small “t” and as such are subject to change. The women priesthood will never be permitted because it would violate tradition with a capital “T.” As for Amoris Latetia, Cardinal Muller made clear in an interview to EWTN that it did not change Church teaching. How many here have actually read Amoris from beginning to end, rather than getting their information on it from what others have reported?

    This reported conversation by Muller would be more believable if it had a named source. As it currently has been reported, it really seems no more reliable than your standard Fake News.

    • How many have read pope’s letter to Argentinian bishops that accompany AL saying there is no other interpretation?
      Oh, but it will be changed without changing the unchanged teachings, no?
      It will be cleverly put, and only accepted marginally (i.e. remove celibacy only where shortage of priests is evident), si?

      And then little by little, just like communion in hand it will be offered in your next door parish that only resembles what was once Catholic Church, because of the name only.

      Luckily Traditional priests and Mass will always be here. If in catacombs, so be it!

  9. “The few things we are told about the Vatican is already hair raising. What if we knew ALL what is ongoing here?”
    (Mgr Marcel Lefebvre)

  10. The answers to the first three questions interest me just as much as the questions themselves:

    1. Female Deacons – “I am against it.”
    2. Repeal of Celibacy – “Of course I am against it.”
    3. Female Priests – “I am very decisively against it.”

    That crescendo cannot be accidental.

  11. I don’t know why the witness would make this up so I want to believe this is true, but at the same time i find these questions a bit too obvious and blunt even coming from Francis. Also it doesn’t square with Müller’s allegation that the Pope said he was being dismissed because he didn’t want to renew the terms for anyone in the curia from now on; this poor excuse seems unnecessary if these questions happened.

  12. I have no doubt Pope Francis would have asked Cardinal Muller these five questions. I am firmly settling into the view that he is an evil man intent on remoulding the Church in his own modernist image rather than being faithful to Christ. He will go down in history as ‘Francis the Destroyer.” O Lord God, deliver us from these evil days!

    • Such energy, such anger, for an old man as this.
      Such silence, such passivity, such overly pious cardinals seduced by their own piety.
      A very deadly combination indeed!

      • I am thinking he is the Pope in the “third secret” of Fatima. The faithful must not follow him up that hill. . . . .

  13. Maike Hickson you’re a great liar !!! I’ve been reading your “papers” for a long time. Every time it’s the same: your aim seems to show how our pope is an anti-catholic . Why ? Are you close to TFP , the brasilian sect ? I really don’t understand your behaviour , your animosity towards our pope Francis. It’s gloomy indeed. Best Regards.

    • Dear Le Bail,
      We, most of us on this site, do not want such a chaos and confusion in the Church. We do not want to say that our pope is not doing a good job. But unfortunately, there is no other possibility left. The pope is indeed not catholic, he says things which go totally against Jesus words. Read about his past, what mess he brought everywhere he has been. Read about his “hot topics” and learn how there was a great lobby and what bischops were involved to get him on the “chair of Saint Peter”. No other conclusion can be drawn from all his actions, writings and verbal statements. We have to pray, pray and even more pray for him and the whole Church. To slander is a big evil, we must not fall into that, but the truth must be said, especially in these troubled times.

        • It is clearly stated that there is no confirmation yet. But we must be very awake and vigilant, like the wise virgins at the wedding.

          • So, if there is no confirmation why does the journalist spread this hypothetical clue ? She should be cautious. Without any proof it’s not an information but it looks like a storytelling involving the reputation of the pope himself. That’s not professional. We need arguments and not just sentiments .

          • Why don’t you try with seeking arguments to confirm that what is spread here is a hypothetical clue? So far you have nothing but your word against Ms Maike’s.

          • I’m going to have to go with Le Bail on this one- I think it was a mistake to publish this.
            Look, we don’t make anyting better by trying to make bad things worse with hearsay.
            The idea that it is acceptable to print damaging assertions about anyone because they’re so bad already, that it won’t matter if it’s true or not will come back to damage your credibility. Even if you hedge your bets by saying it’s uncomfirmed.
            If it’s unconfirmed, don’t use it.
            Truth in the reporting of actions is the best way forward.

          • Nope, I think 1P5 is doing a service by putting pressure on the sodomite cabal surrounding Francis; and dispelling any misconceived notions that Francis has the good intentions of Christ’s Church, Her traditions, or the faithful in mind besides bland, progressive platitudes that do nothing but serve the world’s current disorientation.

          • It’s called an anonymous leak. Either Cdl Mueller will confirm or deny the conversation ever happened.

          • You don’t know how these things go. The anonymous sourcing will either be confirmed through Cdl Mueller (affirmative or through silence), or Cdl Mueller will deny it when asked. This is how these things go. Cdl Mueller wouldn’t have told the source this information if he didn’t want it to go public. We shall see.

          • I agree with you that we need arguments and “real, confirmed” stories. But unlike most comments, in my original post, I rather asked questions about the cardinals, bishops and priests, not about the statements of the pope. I ask all clergy: where are you, wake up !! Save souls for Heavens sake! I wouldn’t be surprised when this story is true and the bad thing of this whole pontificate is the lack of clarity. It just all happens between the lines, nothing is officially but very vague and susceptible to multiple explanations. That is satan, I am afraid.

        • You will seen in time what professional journalism is really like. If there is confirmation of this it will be published. It it turns out to be in error, OnePeterFive will publish that as well. This has been the way it is here since the beginning.

          Don’t confuse this blog with many others who simply rant and rave about Francis. OnePeterFive brings us solid information, backed up by fact – even stories like this one are only published when the sources can be trusted, but not revealed.

          • All right , so why not wait for confirmation ? ” the sources can be trusted, but not revealed” that means nothing except that you admit spreading rumors whithout absolute certitude. Moreover the testimony could be wrong. We are not in a trial. Just wait and see.

          • Well according to the above commenter, the source is Muller, or someone designated by him.
            I agree that IP5 does a good job most of the time- but this is not one of them.
            And, I am sure that if they make an error, they wil publicly correct it.

            That’s not our point. We are questioning why it’s a good idea to publish unconfirmed information that might involve your organization in a) detraction, b) calumny or c) loss of credibility if you’re wrong too many times.

            I think we can agree to disagree on this prudential decision.

    • Maybe you are observing the situation from the wrong viewpoint. There are people who understand that something is wrong within the Church, and there are also those to whom it is given to spot where the problemes come from. Ms Maike is doing a great job because it is hard to get the right information from the Vatican. However, it is important to keep people focused on the right side of the story, and every of her articles provides possibility to detect more details between the lines that can help to the others to raise some questions and seek for the answers, and such common work can bring us closer to clarify the main problem and find solution.

      And even if you may disagree with someone’s opinion or even if someone’s answer doesn’t seem probable, it has nothing to do with conscious intention to lie and decieve the others.

    • I can’t speak for others, but I didn’t need a blog or a newspaper to say Francis is anti-Catholic for me to know that it’s true. I have eyes and the power of reason; I figured it out myself some time ago.

      • I knew it when he walked out onto the balcony after his election. I saw the arrogance and self-righteousness in his eyes, and my heart and spirit sank.

  14. Surprise surprise…. The more I, sadly enough, can understand and even foretell what the next step of the pope will be, the less I understand all cardinals, (including Muller) bishops and priests….
    It is t i m e !! Come on, wake up, go saving as much souls as possible for Heavens sake (literally!!) and your own souls of course.
    Read the bible and act like Jesus, that is your one and only job. Forget about politics, carreer-things, addictions and fear for persecution. Go for it, please !!

  15. Well, this certainly paints a picture of a petulant man with huge chip on his shoulder….I’ll stop there out of respect for the Office he holds.

  16. “But is the female priesthood really expected to be reviewed in relation to the female diaconate, even though Pope Francis has already personally affirmed the understanding that Pope John Paul II ruled definitively against the possibility?”

    Of course it is. The putative “female diaconate” would merely be a stepping stone to a “female priesthood”. There is only one Sacrament of Holy Orders and if women are admitted to the first grade of that Sacrament (the diaconate) then the only grounds for refusing them the priesthood would be rightly labelled misogynist and discriminatory. This is the inescapable logic which brought the Anglican “church” to its inevitable schism.

    Francis might have SAID that JPII definitively ruled out women priests, but he doesn’t believe that is forever because the “god of surprises” can change his mind at any time to comply with Francis’ deepest desires. Remember the article in Civilta Cattolica (or was it L’Osservator Romano?) written by a Jesuit with approval of the Secretariat of State which argued for the fact that Ordinatio Sacerdotalis was time-conditioned and should now be reviewed?

    We are dealing with modernist heretics here and for them no teaching of the Church is sacrosanct or untouchable. Everything can be changed by a phoney process of “development”. These men do not believe in a “God in whom there is no shadow of change or alteration.”

    • “Of course it is. The putative “female diaconate” would merely be a stepping stone to a “female priesthood”. There is only one Sacrament of Holy Orders and if women are admitted to the first grade of that Sacrament (the diaconate) then the only grounds for refusing them the priesthood would be rightly labelled misogynist and discriminatory. ”

      Exactly. I think everyone should know that. At least I hope they do. In any event, the way the diaconate is set-up (through Holy Orders), women could not be ordained deacons. The Vatican would either have to downgrade the position or create a separate one for women that does not involve taking up Holy Orders.

      • I agree with your logic. The two options they have to create their “development” would be:

        1) Reduce Holy Orders to the offices of bishop and priest only. I can see them arguing that this would be a continuation of the post-conciliar “developments” of Paul VI in reducing Holy Orders to the offices of bishop, priest and deacon.


        2) “Restore” the practice of some eastern churches in having the office of “deaconess” which is not part of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. (Despite the fact that eastern Catholics I mix with refer to my wife as “deaconess” simply because in their tradition the title of “deaconess” has always been applied to the deacon’s wife.)

        The thing that militates against both options is that the feminazis want the whole shebbang and will not be satisfied with a lesser “status” of office, whatever that may be. Once they have started down the road of caving to the demands of the world, they will not be able to stop and it will only be a matter of time before doctrine and tradition are jettisoned in toto in order to satisfy their idolatrous lusts.

    • He doesn’t “believe” anything.
      If he had it to do all over again he would have not ended up a professional churchman.
      He remains in this sandbox because long ago he was too old to get out, and its a small stage which allows a small man to advance and work out his angst.

  17. Lord, save us from the tender mercies of Pope Francis as he continues to abuse your faithful servants while implementing his plan to destroy your Church. Only you can fix this problem which gets worse with each passing day. We need your help now as more souls are being lost every day.

  18. “but he says he does not mind—he wants to talk to you all the same”

    This doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t “mind” that he is celebrating Mass?
    I would bet this is a mistranslation and that he actually said he doesn’t “care” that he is celebrating Mass.

    • Well when he went to the Swedish Lutherfest, he was planning on not bothering with his own Sunday obligation until the faithful Catholics of Lund persuaded him to celebrate Mass for them. So no surprise he has contempt for the Holy Sacrifice.

      • My hope is that the man knows that there are a substantial number of persons who aren’t falling for his performance and recognize him for what he is. You know all us rigorists and Pharisees are suppose to fall for every word that drops from his lips. Well some of us are better catechized than he suspected. When the Pope isn’t doing his job of guarding and presenting the Deposit of Faith handed down from the Apostles he is going to get some push back.
        Imagine. The South American dictator is getting some of his own medicine.
        You’re darn right he’s mad.
        May he get even madder.

        • Just like a thief who will kill you if you see his face after stealing the $40 you have in your wallet, our Pope seems to make those who offend him suffer, but not equal to the offense, but ‘way over the top’. He seems to make an example of everyone who offends him regardless of the degree of offense. Ex. A Father beats his son when the boy accidentally spills some milk on the floor. WAY over the top.

          • A vindictive sadist employing the credence and the license that comes with the Chair of St. Peter to wreck his revenge on those who have crossed him. He is a petty little man with a big chip on his shoulder. Accountable to no one.

  19. As I commented on the First Things article itself, what is most galling about the article is a point that many people probably missed (though I am glad you have highlighted it here). The Pope INTERRUPTED MASS in order to enforce his will. It just goes to show that this man has ZERO respect for the Blessed Sacrament, as evidenced by his own actions when offering Mass himself and his desire to open up Holy Communion to those who are divorced and remarried sans annulment, and thus in an objective state of mortal sin.

    • If I was Mueller, I would have finished Mass. If they Pope had a problem with that, I would have told him to take it up with Jesus.

        • Yes, it was extremely disrespectful. But much depends on how far advanced the Mass was. If Card. Müller had not started the Eucharistic Prayer it would be less offensive than if he had. In fact, I really can’t imagine the Cardinal leaving the altar after beginning the Eucharistic Prayer. As the odds are at least 999 to 1 that he was using the second Eucharistic Prayer, which takes about 30 seconds before getting to the Consecration, it is practically inconceivable. But why do we have a Pope who continuously creates these ugly situations from which there is no good way out?

  20. Wait a minute. There’s a contradiction. First, we were told the Pope communicated his decision “moments” before the expiration date on July 2. Now we are told that Muller had three days’ notice?

    Something is fishy here.

    • Last actual working day in the CDF office for Muller is a Friday, June 30. He has the infamous conversation with the pope that day, 5 minutes before the work week ends. Actual date of his term expiration happens to fall this year on a Sunday, July 2. No one is in their offices though so the three day gap is really just a calendar glitch with regard to the term limit.

      • First we were told that ON July 2nd Muller was given a couple of minutes’ notice. Now we are told three days’ notice.

        Unless I am just reading the articles wrong, that’s a contradiction.

        • There’s something up here. The Devil is playing Charades with us.

          ( Not to say that I hate the Movie Charade starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. )

          We have alot of confusing things going on. Tabloid Magazines are more trusted than the Traditional Media. That is scary. Truth is being reduced to just a word in the Dictionary. Politicians are getting shot and Priests are getting killed.

    • I’m convinced that “within a minute” is a misunderstanding — I think Muller meant that it took Francis less than a minute to tell Muller he was terminated as head of CDF, not that Francis called Muller only a minute into the day.

      • Again, not the literal sense and how it was presented. Muller has denied this story anyway, so end of the matter has come.

          • Mr. Skojec, the Cardinal has denied your story. Unless you can provide us with an audio or video recording of the Cardinal making the statement that you claim he made to some anonymous source, then your case is done.

          • I find it very amusing that you think this is how the world works. All that the powerful must do is say a thing didn’t happen, and everyone has no choice but to believe it. And anyway, he didn’t say that it didn’t happen. He said the conversation was different than what we reported. A distinction that matters.

            Don’t worry, we’ll keep digging. You can go back to sleep.

          • Mr. Skojec, it isn’t how I think the world works that matters here. Your case is done because it is no more than “he said/she said.” You can provide no further proof and instead resort to gossip-mongering from 2nd or 3rd hand sources who will not be bold enough and name themselves. Let your source reveal him/herself if they believe so strongly in their claim! The public cannot scrutinize what it does not know.

          • He said/she said is a staple of both litigation and investigation. Our story has shaken things loose that would never have come to light otherwise. Give it time. More of the truth will come out.

          • Here is the schema presented in your article: Muller-Eyewitness-Informant-1P5.

            Name your source and let the truth come out.

          • You don’t need to quote journalistic principles, Mr. Skojec. Tell us, do you think that it is morally appropriate to write and publish these stories for the sake of “shaking things loose things that would never have come to light otherwise?” You trust this source. Who is to say something was not “lost in translation?”

          • Yes. Obviously. You may not be tired of being lied to while they tear the Church down from the inside, but I am. They’ve gone on doing this with virtually zero accountability for half a century.

            We’re watching.

          • Ah, ok. Thank you for clarifying. So because of a belief of some dirty, underhanded practices alleged to be happening in the Church, this gives you the moral right to spread around stories that may or may not be true and which have been denied by the central figure in the story?

          • So you have no answer to the question and resort to ad hominem attacks. Thank you. That’s all we needed to see.

            Saving dialogue and documenting it.

          • It’s on a public website. Document it. You are being sanctimonious, which appears to be the sole reason for your objections. I’ve explained our reasoning in the comments here far beyond what is required. Nothing is being hidden except the names of those who have asked us to protect their identities because they spoke on condition of anonymity.

            We have been and continue to investigate this. We presented it as a report, gave the context of how we received it, and said, “If this report is true…” We asked for statements and said we would update the story when we got them. We did. Put them right at the top.

            But we have contradicting reports here, and that’s part of the story. We do not find the denials we have received fully credible, we have sources who continue to stand firm on what they were told, and we even have new information that appears to further corroborate the substance of our report.

            The integrity of those running the Church in 2017 is at the very center of everything we cover here. To report day after day on their deviations from their moral duty but then to blindly accept it when they deny something they have a clear interest in keeping out of the light would be naive, to say the least.

          • That’s funny, I never thought Muller’s integrity was in question here? Isn’t the narrative that he is the latest “victim” of Pope Francis?

            If asking critical questions means one is sanctimonious, then so be it. Just remember, the end does not justify the means, Mr. Skojec. You have my sympathy with the crisis in the Church, but you do not have my respect when it comes to how you go about reporting on it.

          • I never thought Muller’s integrity was in question here?

            Then you must be a new reader. As I’ve said elsewhere in the comments, he has twisted himself in knots to defend Amoris Laetitia while saying that there can be no Communion for the remarried. He has said that AL presents no danger to the faith while harshly rebuking the dubia cardinals for asking questions pertaining to that exact reality. He failed to do his moral duty and to fight, as the Church’s chief defender of doctrine, for Christ’s truth about marriage. He let it pass that he was given a falsified copy of the final draft of AL, and that even the corrections his office submitted to that less problematic text were ignored. He still wants to be the mediator between the pope and the dubia cardinals, even after how he was treated by the former and has himself treated the latter. He is a company man who despite twice expressing his angry objection that the Church must follow its own social teaching in its dealings with employees (first for his three priestly staff members arbitrarily fired by the pope, then for himself) continues to exist that he and the pope have no differences.

            If he is a victim, it’s because he has allowed himself to be treated with contempt. I applaud him, if in the alleged discussion above, he gave those answers to those questions. It would be the most forthright thing I’ve ever heard from him on these issues.

            But yes, question his integrity I sadly must do. He was the safeguard, and he flinched.

          • Not quite a new reader. I understood your story to have some element of sympathy for the man as the latest victim of a tyrannical Pope. Apparently I was mistaken.

          • You do realize that you have opened yourself up to the accusation that you do not, in fact, have the best interests of the Cardinal in mind if your purpose is to parade him out in the public as “just another example” of some failed ecclesiast?

          • Christ, sir, and His truth, and His Church — these are the the best interests I have in mind.

            Anything and anyone who gets in the way of that remains a fair target of scrutiny. Something about “you’re either with me or against me” comes to mind…

          • Which takes us right back to my earlier question:

            So because of a belief of some dirty, underhanded practices alleged to be happening in the Church, this gives you the moral right to spread around stories that may or may not be true and which have been denied by the central figure in the story (and which contradict other accounts as well)?

          • Keep playing that telephone game, Mr. Skojec. You are going to hang yourself soon enough with all that rope.

          • Congratulation’s Benedict John. Your name says it all! You are a wonderful example of how the truth gets suppressed and people are deceived. The article ‘makes sense’. I don’t know what bad experience you endured, but your words reflect that all is not well in your spirit. PS I never read responses to my posts, so you would be wasting your time. But…feel free to continue demonstrating what kind of person you are.

          • You are not asking critical questions, you are making accusations based on your assumptions. By the way, I wouldn’t need to record a conversation. I am able to relay a conversation verbatim after hearing it only once. It’s a gift…and a curse. It is possible that others can do the same.

        • Cardinal Muller made the “within a minute” statement separately from the disputed conversation with Francis. What was denied by Muller is the conversation with Francis purportedly asking Muller 5 questions.

  21. Cardinal Gerhard Muller: a good man and a God man. But unfortunetely he failed when had the greatest duty of defending the Faith from his high rank office. Les´s pray for him. As regards to Francis, former archibishop of Buenos Aires, nothing of this actually surprises me.

    • I have heard only two things with respect to Francis in Argentina, that as head of the Jesuits some were not pleased with him and that he was no friend to tradition as archbishop of Buenos Aires. Where does one read about this information?

    • When Muller was given those five questions, Francis was extremely tricky. This was all about intimidation of an opponent. If he went back against his own beliefs, then he would have left with his “tail between his legs”. Francis was canning him no matter what. At least Muller left with his dignity.—- What about fraternal collaboration with his brother bishops? He cannot do that because he has to “throw out the old” in order for the new to come to fruition. This is not about “the sanctuary and the Ark of the Covenant”. This is all about Marx and Lenin.

  22. Count me as totally unconvinced of the veracity of this supposed claim regarding “the five questions.” Francis certainly didn’t need to ask them; he already knew the answers. I think there has been a gross misunderstanding of whatever it is that Card. Muller may have said to his dinner companion. This is the sort of claim that, if it cannot be independently verified, ought not to be published. It is nothing but rumor mongering.

  23. Sorry, I’ll need more corroboration before I can believe this.

    The “reliable source” cited in the article was not even at the luncheon. So, this is 3rd-hand hearsay. Also, it does not fit with what Muller has said publicly about the manner of his dismissal. Perhaps Muller still feels the need to protect the Pope but if this had really happened, I cannot imagine him publicly saying there are no differences between him and the Pope. In addition, he specifically spoke about the manner of his dismissal, being critical of the way it was carried out, and said nothing of these alleged questions.

    I just can’t accept this from some unidentified person demands to remain anonymous and was not present for the actual conversation. Perhaps it is true, but I’ll need to hear it from Muller or his lunch companion, or at least from someone who is willing to have it published under his own name.

    Now, do I believe that Pope Francis plans to ordain women as deacons and eliminate the celibacy requirement? Absolutely, that has been clear for some time now. I also believe he will ordain women priests if he thinks he can get away with it. That’s why he ordered his Jez pals to publish and article in the Vatican paper suggesting that Pope St. John Paul’s “no” to women priests was time-conditioned, then made a personal visit to the HQ of the paper to praise them on the day it was published.

    • These topics will probably come up “unexpectedly”, as if guided by the Holy Spirit and the surprises of God, in the 2018 Synod on youth and vocations.

    • Perhaps, like all large entities, those at the highest levels, even upon summary dismissal in an embarrassing fashion, do not speak. That Cardinal Mueller has remained quiet is less surprising than the alternative.

    • Nevertheless, the cocaine party in the Vatican with a gay orgy is what is really going on. This is not about prayer and penance. It is about personal sexual fulfillment.

  24. Maike, I am not going to get too worked up about your unnamed fourth hand information and quotes. This is gossip mongering:
    …some unnamed guy who sat with Cardinal Muller for lunch, then goes on and talks to another unnamed guy, a ‘trusted German source’, who does not want to be named, who provides concise quotes (did he bring a tape recorder?) on what the the Pope and Cardinal Muller said to each other on a separate occasion. The information was then passed on to OnePeterFive, whoever that might be (you?).

    Sounds a lot like CNN.

      • I comment as well… just saying.

        But I think for many of us, it’s hard to believe anything these days. I read in a study that People trust Tabloid Magazines more than Traditional Media. That is scary.

    • Call it irresponsible journalism, call it gossip mongering ….the article is perfectly logical in view of Bergoglio’s words and actions. ….CNNs unnamed sources are
      usually lacking in logic.

    • ” If this report is true – and, given the sources, we have little reason to doubt it ”

      If this Report is true….. No Reason to doubt it ? It’s like saying, ” It has to be True because it is true. ” It’s a Fallacy.

      The Devil is playing with us.

      ” The following information comes from the report of a trustworthy German source, who spoke to OnePeterFive on condition of anonymity. “

  25. This stuff has been going on for decades. Word about it is just spreading farther and wider now with modern communication technology.

      • Do you think a top Vatican priest wrote a book about kissing? Or, another one was involved in a sodomy party with drugs?

        • Fr James Martin you mean ?


          I think my Point is this. Yeah we have these Massive Problems in the Church. But……. Our Response isnt to sit back and complain.

          We must be Missionaries of Faith. The Gospel of Jesus Christ through Word and Sacrament. His Body and Blood shed for us, so that we may have Eternal Life. St. John Paul II talked about the New Evangelization. We must preach the Gospel without Fear of Death to everyone. Gays, Non Catholics, Ex Catholics, and even Catholics.

          That I think is the Best Solution. Do you agree ?

          • How does one invite another person into the faith and into the Catholic Church under these circumstances? In a conversation with a Protestant friend, he said to me something along the lines of: Your pope is a secularist and humanist. Why would I want to become part of a church that is embracing socialism, liberalism, open borders, climate change, etc., etc.. Is that what Catholic Christianity is about? The massive problems in the Church create massive difficulties in evangelism and in spreading the gospel. People know truth OR NOT.

          • Tell your friend that the Church is not the plaything of the Pope, whose mandate is to hand down the Tradition, not replace it. No pope can alter the Faith entrusted by our Lord to the Apostles.

          • Level with him. Tell him it’s the worst crisis in the history of the Church since at least the 3rd century. That since the 1960s, there has been a poisonous wind of modernism that has come close to destroying it, the same poison gas that has devastated all of our civilization since the early 20th century at least. Then tell him that you think there is only one reason the devil would attack the Catholic Church in this way; that it’s the one founded by Christ for the salvation of the world outside which there can be no salvation.

          • Hilary, thank you. I think your comment is the most helpful and most practical to me of all the comments. I am deeply embarrassed by what is unfolding in the Church, and I have truly been at a loss of what to say, and how to defend what is clearly indefensible.

          • How I see it ?

            The Church is a Ship that has crashed and now the Ship is sinking.

            Or…… It’s kind of like Frank Sinatra losing his voice…….

          • There is much that could be said. Your Protestant friend is right to be deeply concerned — but briefly, I would immediately correct him on one simple reality. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not an authentic humanist.
            Jesus Christ, True God and True Man is the measure of authentic Humanism. The fraudulence that monikers itself as “humanism” is nothing but totalitarian thuggery. Christianity faithful to the person of Jesus Christ manifest in Holy Scripture, the Apostolic Tradition and the perennial Magisterium of the Church, He alone provides understanding and access to the freedom and dignity of the human person.
            Jorge Mario Bergoglio is no humanist.

          • Because the Pope is not the Real Head of the Church. Jesus Christ is. The Pope is the Prime Minister of sorts and a horrible one at that.

            If you want to read about our Catholic Faith, go read about St. Thomas Aquinas and how he helped influence Philosophy for ever. Go read about the Vietnamese Martyrs who were murdered just because they were Catholic. Read the Vocation Stories of Seminarians in Lincoln and Denver and how their Love for The Eucharist and Our Blessed Mother Inspired them to be future Pastors of Souls. Denver and Lincoln are among the most Vibrant Dioceses in the US. Read about how John Paul II helped to bring down Communism, reaffrimed The Sanctity of Marriage, and inspired thousands of Future Priests. Learn about how Scott Hahn found the Catholic Church after years of being a Presbyterian.

            And finally, Go read Christ’s Promise to Peter in the Gospel of Matthew.

            What are you doing to help evangelize?

          • Joseph, you are preaching to the choir. Amen, brother. Do you really want to know what I have done and am doing in terms of evangelization? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

          • ” Do you really want to know what I have done and am doing in terms of evangelization? Yeah, I didn’t think so. ”

            Actually, I do want to know……. It’s Good to hear what other Catholics have to say.

          • Okay then, I’ve taught 3rd grade and 8th grade catechism. I’ve facilitated monthly small group/ faith sharing. I’ve facilitated an Alpha group. I am currently involved in an ecumenical Bible study using Catholic materials from Ascension Press. The non-Catholics are learning more (accurate information) about the Catholic faith than they ever knew before and are coming away with a true appreciation of Catholicism. I have no idea where that will lead …. but that’s up to the Holy Spirit. Most recently, I have been talking one on one with a friend who is Baptist (he would be mad if I called him Protestant, but I see it as the same difference) about Catholic doctrine, teaching, etc.

            And by the way, I went through hell and back for that ecumenical Bible study with my own parish and its leadership. I had to set up my own account as administrator with Ascension Press because they initially wanted nothing to do with it. (All in a very polite and politically correct way. When the powers that be figured out that I was not going to end up as a “Protestant convert” and that I might be articulate enough and knowledgeable enough to be invited as a guest at Catholic Answers, then the “objections” went away. But they still didn’t want it under “their” name. Yep, more opposition from my own church than any other ….. )

          • At My Church, I’ve been invovled in the Young Adult Ministries and we’ve been doing alot stuff……

          • Youth Ministry is for parents, espec mothers and nancy boys…

            We’ve been doin’ stuff.
            You made my point., simpy.
            Uggh I just hurled on my loafers.

          • Blah blah blah
            Joseph how old are you man?

            Do you wear long pants yet?

            Did you just graduate from Steubenville or watch another EWTN video ? and you have alotta nerve to question someone else’s
            efforts to evangelize.

            When you’ve lived through fifty years of destruction in the “devastated vineyard” formerly known as the Roman Catholic Church. Then and only then will your comments be worth the space to me.

            Hears a dime.
            When ya there a thing or two gimme a call.

            When you’ve dealt with the physical abuse of gangster rapists in Roman collars who were protected and promoted by clergy bureaucrats

            Second thought gimme back my dime.

            I’m on my way to my Holy Hour

          • Let’s see here….. I graduated from the Catholic University of America with a Degree in Biology. I am currently getting a Masters in Biology from Notre Dame while contemplating joining the Holy Cross Order.

            Anything Else ?

          • Wonderful for you.
            My point is…
            If your not too dense.

            Peoples lives have been destroyed by members of the Catholic clergy during these past few decades and internet wonders like you often overlook it with bromides that just read in book.

            Should you become a religous member God Bless.
            Just dont forget the devastated vineyard isnt over yet.

          • I know about the Child Sex Abuse Scandals…. It is horrible but……

            Go Visit St John Vianney Seminary in Denver. It is a Highly Orthodox Seminary. One of my Good Friends goes there.

          • You tell them “Luther founded your church. Jesus Christ, not the pope, founded ours. The madman Luther decided what you believe. The God-man Jesus Christ decides what we believe. Whether or not the pope does his job is irrelevant to the truth of the Faith.”
            This is precisely what I told an Evangleical acquaintance of mine a month or so back when he brought up the “atheists can get to heaven” line of Bergoglio. He quickly shut up.

          • This is a very accurate observation. To invite someone to join in this great disorder and mess should have a serious discussion for this problem is really a huge one.

          • I wish this would be taken up by a faithful member of the Catholic clergy as a topic/ article. I think it would be most helpful. It deserves its own forum rather than as an aside to another topic.

          • Martin is in the same category, yes.

            My point is we should not disavow the author’s article simply because we do not like what it says.

          • That’s true. We should defend our Catholic Church and its teaching even if it means to “fight” for it in a non-violent way. No more stepping back, only forward!

          • Defense never wins wars. And this is the war of wars for the hearts and souls and eternity of the humanity.


            Carry on.

          • Joseph, “finally” was also referring to Victor Manuel “Tucho” Fernandez,
            Francis’ friend, an Argentinian “theologian,” author of “Heal
            Me with Your Mouth” (you read that right) and the ghostwriter for “Amoris
            Laetitia.” Francis had suggested his elevation to the office of Bishop a number of times but the Holy See always declined. Francis, howerver, made him Titular Archbishop of Tiburnia just three months after
            the 2013 conclave. Besides shouldering his awesome responsibility as Titular Archbishop of Tiburnia, he appears to be mustering new notions, hanging out on the peripheries of Latin American academia at the Catholic University of Argentina.
            Cupich, Tobin, et al., – the nepotism of heterodoxy, while men like Mueller, Burke and Sarah are consigned to the moral rock pile.
            The Church is in the epoch of the Bergoglian Captivity and we weep by the waters of Babylon at the advanced state of decomposition which advances daily. The stench is unbearable.

          • I am just saying that we need to think of solutions…… Faith, Devotion, Obedience. Devoting our lives to Our Blessed Mother and the Sacred heart of jesus. And as I said before, Go out into this Secularised World and preach the Gospel.

            And as for the Stench…… Who’s up for a bit of Spring Cleaning ?

          • The Truth is Jesus Christ who is the Way the Truth, and the Life. Everything else flows from that.

      • Not sure, but it’s very plausible based on Francis’ other actions (gutting of the Congregation for Divine Worship, banishment of Cardinal Burke, promotion of liberals, refusal to clarify Amoris Letitia). Vatican II in high gear. Cardinal Muller wasn’t even extremely orthodox, but compared to Francis, Kasper, etc., he’s a stark contrast.

        • The majority of the article above is context that shows how plausible the report is. Even if the report turns out to be false — it’s being denied, but denials alone do not a truth unmake — the fact is that we are in a situation where such a thing is entirely believable, and THAT is the problem.

          • The problem with this is that someone may “deny” it but unless it’s the protagonists it may mean simply that he has not been told. Müller himself should confirm/deny the story, it’s important enough.

          • Can THAT problem maybe become a proof for certain thesis regarding the “Pope Francis”?

    • One cannot equivocate the daily politicking in Curia life over the past couple centuries with what is presently transpiring. They weren’t jockeying with doctrine and dogma — today the essentials of Catholic belief are on the table and being toyed with for the advancement of atheistic ideology and personal power.
      Take no comfort in the erroneous notion that we have been here before.
      We have not.

      • I’m not talking 200+ years, but it’s easily been going on since the 1950’s. Ecumenical events and prayer meetings, the cozying up to Muslims and Jews, and so much more at the papal level is beyond scandalous. Francis bows down to Muslims and never attempts to win their conversion. Francis’ own Vatican put out a document recently that said Catholics should not attempt to convert Jews. That farce with the World Lutheran Federation, the blue and yellow scarves, and the statue of Luther at the Paul VI Audience Hall…this all screams anti-Catholic, Freemasonic, new world order, atheism, and secular humanism.

        • Yep……

          So basically, we’re a Ship crashing into a Wall. But there’s not Life Boats in sight…. but wait there is !

          And that is Jesus Christ. Our Hope and Our Salvation ! We should pray more, and evangelize more.

          • Correct. Just my personal opinion, but Francis is an anti-pope. No Catholic pope compares Christ’s Great Commission to ISIS and calls proselytism “solemn nonsense.” No Catholic pope mocks saying rosaries as prayer counting and countless things like that. He’s a fraud.

          • Pope Francis can not be an Anti Pope because that assumes that there is a Real Pope out there somewhere.

          • Not necessarily. The Chair of Peter could be empty, just like it is when a pope dies, but for a much-longer period of time now. It’s just my opinion, and there’s too much evidence for me to personally believe otherwise.

          • But by saying that you are saying therefore the Whole Structure of the Church has collapsed which is impossible because Vatican 1 teaches the Continuity of the Popes until the Second Coming. There would be no ordained priests, or bishops. Since nearly all of the Catholic Priests and Bishops pledged themselves to Pope Francis, they would be considered Schismatic. You are being dangerously close to the Sedevancaitist movement.

            So then who would elect the Next Pope ? The Cardinals ? Many of them voted for Pope Francis in 2013 ? The Bishops ?

            When a Pope dies….. there is still a Continuity. A Vicar General. What you are saying is even the Governmental Structure of the Church is in Flux. Remember what Christ said to Peter ?

            And how do we know that The Next Pope is not a Bad Pope ? What Signs ?

            What if Pope Benedict dies ? He’s 90.

          • I don’t know, but whatever is going on is surely diabolical. A deficient new rite of mass, huge pedophile scandals across the world, constant praise for non-Catholic religions, lack of faith in Divine Providence, kissing the holy books of other religions, allowing non-Catholic services to take place in Catholic buildings, pagan dancing rituals during mass… If Francis is really the pope, then he’s easily setting himself up to be one of the worst in history.

          • Yes, Nebraska. Google “Hindu-Catholic syncretism at Rodez Cathedral.” Amazing that even priestly ordinations can be infected by pagan religions. Huge scandal! I hope Steve sees this.

          • Rodez is deep in the Cesspool.

            As for Lincoln Nebraska, It is the Crown Jewel of the Catholic Church in Nebraska led by Bishop Conley. Not all is Lost.

          • Not sure. Archbishop Lori reigns here. Two “married” gay men adopted a little girl, and their priest baptized her. The video was online. The Abp. doesn’t care. Too concerned with his ridiculous Fortnight for Freedom events for phony Religious Liberty.

          • I actually live in Sacramento led by Bishop Jaime Soto. We have had an Abortion Clinic closed, A Liberal Franciscan Parish transferred over to the Diocese and Bishop Soto going over to a Gay Conference and saying that Gay is a Sin.

            We have a FSSP Parish and Vocations are Healthy.

          • I noticed that the Parish doesn’t have Eucharistic Adoration….. ????.

            As for Sacramento, The Problem is we’re too big. 1 Million Catholics in over 20 Counties.

          • Awesome!!!

            Just for kicks: investigate the number of vocations stemming from your FSSP parish compared to your diocese overall.

          • This year in the Diocese of Sacramento, has the lowest Number of Seminarians….. in forever. Usually we’ve had like 40 to 50…. but this year’s number is 21….. I blame Pope Francis….

            As for the FSSP, I have to check on that.

          • The Feminism Movement in the 60s. The Mass was reduced to a feel Good Meal Rather than A Sacrifice to God which was supposed to be what Vatican 2 wanted.

            And if you are wondering…. My Parents spanked me everyday. Sometimes they threatened to send me to hell…..

  26. Yes this is hearsay — several layers of hearsay. That means it would not be admissible in a court of law, absent some rule of evidence that would permit its admission. That doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    I have an entire list of: “I can’t believe this is true” or “I can’t believe this is happening” or “I can’t believe Francis said or did that.” And then, one by one, the things “I found hard to believe” were proven to be true.

    Shall I list them: What about a police raid on a cocaine and sodomy orgy in a Vatican apartment involving a secretary of a high ranking clergy. Would you have believed that? What about all that has unfolded with the Knights of Malta. Would you have believed that? What about a certain clergy member who commissioned a homoerotic mural at a Cathedral that includes his portrait as part of the mural. Would you have believed that? What about the official Vatican transcripts of Francis’ statements being doctored/ revised in comparison to what journalists actually recorded him as saying. Would you have believed that? What about …. (you get the idea.)

    Do I trust the media? It all depends. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post, etc. — not so much. Do I trust One Peter Five and Maike Hickson? They have earned a high degree of credibility in my eyes.

    If this report turns out not to be true, then I would expect an apology and a retraction from both the reporter and the publication. (And I believe Maike and Steve would do that without hesitation).

    And honestly, very little would surprise me anymore with the antics of Francis.

  27. It is understandable in normal context to question the accuracy of the article, but given what we have experienced for the last four years but why would anyone do so? To be fair? Yes, I can certainly applaud that impulse, but do you extend that credence to an entity which has manifested itself as unpredictable, unprofessional, unreasonable, and unfaithful to the bond of understanding that has always united Roman Catholics?
    The event here described is entirely believable, and should it prove to be not true, I suspect the proof of that can only be determined in the next life. Everyone is taking care of their own posterior these days.
    And they have good reason to do so.

    • One of the problems we face as an American outlet covering Rome news is the discrepancies between journalistic standards that arise between cultures. (Of course, we’re not traditional journalists here. We’re commentators who report on what’s happening in the news.)

      Something I’ve learned, doing this over the past few years, is that to cover the Vatican means you have to deal with rumors and intrigue. It offends our American sensibilities, but as you say, everyone is covering their own rear ends, there is politicking and career tracking and backstabbing and fear of retribution and men under authority and the oldest bureaucratic institution in the world rooted in a culture where telling the truth isn’t as highly prized as it is here. One of the Vatican’s favorite tricks is to do things that can’t be verified and then never comment on them. We see this in the pope’s repeated interviews with Eugenio Scalfari (he just did another one in fact – I think it was his sixth). When it was revealed that Scalfari is in his 90s and never takes notes about his conversations but rather reconstructs those conversations from memory and reports them as interviews, the English-language commentariat went apoplectic. They couldn’t believe anyone would believe anything he said.

      And yet the pope went back to him again and again and again. He got his message out while people ran shrieking around telling us to cover our ears and not to hear it.

      When the story about Francis threatening the 13 cardinals at the Synod came out — the only other time we’ve gone forward with a story we couldn’t source directly with an eyewitness — we heard from multiple points of contact about how everyone in Rome was talking about the outburst but nobody who was in the room would even think about going on the record, even anonymously. I must have heard the same story from five or six different people, some of whom worked in the Vatican; Maike heard it from probably just as many. Everyone knew, nobody would talk, except to say that everyone knew.

      When the cardinals book on marriage was stolen from the Vatican mailboxes of the synod fathers during the first synod, nobody would talk to journalists about it. But over a hundred books (if memory serves) were taken, and everyone was jerking their eyes in the direction of Cardinal Baldisseri. We didn’t cover that story directly, but we covered others reports of that story. Journalists I spoke with said everyone knew, but nobody would talk about it. They just acted like it didn’t happen, even though all the books were simply taken.

      When the recent story about the gay Vatican orgy came out, and Ed Pentin tried to get an answer from Rome, he got this:

      Holy See spokesman Greg Burke made it clear he would not confirm the orgy allegations, and did not comment when asked if he could not confirm all, or just parts, of the account reported in Il Fatto Quotidiano. Asked later if the Vatican would comment when the story had received global attention, Burke continued to remain silent.

      Silence. Nothing. They know that if they play this game, they can get away with anything. Because people will come shrieking about detraction and unverified stories and what have you.

      How do you verify a story if nobody will talk to you? Is a story untrue simply because people won’t give an on-the-record statement? If the people running things in Rome have malicious intent, do we really think they’re above using obfuscation, denial, and silence to cover their tracks?

      Sometimes, a story is so believable that it’s my preference to put it out there and request a denial than the other way around. (Of course, the maxim that one should never believe anything until it is officially denied still holds true here.) Because playing the game their way means that we deal in ambiguity and evasion forever.

      Our primary source on the story above remains resolute that it is true. If that changes, we’ll let people know. Our agenda here is to uncover the truth. Things are bad enough that we’ve no need to fabricate anything.

      • Steve, given the context of this papacy — Francis himself as well as his disinformation minions — it is my conviction that you and Maike did well to present this article to us. We Italians have always known that the Vatican can be (and has been at times) a cesspool. I honestly don’t know how you do it day in and day out, keeping your Catholic Faith and a positive attitude and perspective. And this, in spite of the old adage: “Roma e’ veduta, la fede e’ perduta.” In other words, look too closely behind the scenes at the Vatican, and risk losing your faith.

          • I’m just saying that Peoples’s Trust in basically everything has declined. The Media, Government, Our Church, and now Trust in God has gone down.

            It’s a very Scary Feeling when the Dictatorship of Relativism is for now winning.

          • I know. I was pointing out that the so-called tabloids can be less biased than the corrupt legacy media. Sorry I was too cryptic.

          • So I kind of understand when some of us take a critical look at a Brand New News Article. It is true or not True ?

            We see ” Fake ” News all over the Internet…. am I right ?

          • True, but this site has an assailable record of being truthful and accurate. They are my number one go to site.

          • Steve: Do you think Francis is an atheist? Do you think others at the Vatican are atheists? If so, what do you think have they seen that would lead them to atheism?

          • Thanks, Steve. I know that’s a real on-the-spot and kooky question but you gotta wonder….you really do.

      • Your informative explanation is appreciated. It well illuminates the hurdles you as a journalist need master when reporting on ecclesiastical kabuki. It should satisfy anyone doubting your good intention and the veracity of this report.
        There is not a doubt in my mind that this report is true, and I applaud your willingness to make it known. Should my estimation be proved wrong I shoulder no regret – believe me, if it isn’t accurate about this particular incident it nevertheless reveals accurately the inner workings of the ecclesiastical universe. Having lived in it as a groundling some years back I know this kind of interaction happens, regretfully, not infrequently.
        It is a viper’s tangle inhabited by not a few much wounded individuals who do not behave with a mind oriented toward adult accountability.
        Greg Burke’s denial has no credibility with me at all. Mueller is gone, dubia unanswered – merely the tip of the iceberg. Actions speak far louder than words.

        • You will perhaps appreciate that when Mr. Burke wrote to me a second time to insist I update the story because he had given me his denial six hours ago (his first response to me came at 2:30 AM, my time, when I was asleep) I responded and asked:

          “And how many days has it been since the dubia were sent?”

          I then told him the update would be forthcoming.

          • He loves messes. It’s hard to say. The one thing (other than resolute orthodoxy) he doesn’t like is to be embarrassed. It’s impossible to say with complete certainty that

            a) this information is true
            b) he would object to it being known if it were true or
            c) he didn’t want this information to come out if it were true

            We report what we were told about the meeting. The rest is open to interpretation.

          • That’s just it. The messier the better. This is the Pope of Messes.

            A mess is chaos, disorder, and this Pope has literally asked the young to give the world a mess; disorder.

            …….”for God is a God not of disorder but of peace.”…..

            Does this guy not think Catholics have access to a Bible?

            Or a Catechism?

          • I can’t help but think that Bergoglio isn’t really worried about either of those and that he is, in his mind, 100% sure his agenda will be inevitably carried out in the end, either by him or someone else (so it’s really only a matter of time to him).

            It’s almost as if his every move and his every word are taken straight out of the old Peronist handbook. In that sense, it doesn’t really matter to him how literate people might be in the christian life/spirituality because the goal is to create as much confusion and doubt as possible in the hopes that something will stick in his audience’s heart so that they will eventually compromise on any given point/doctrine of said spirituality either through wishful thinking/emotional blackmail or genuine agreement.

            In time, anyone who disagrees is either made out to be a kook/hypocrite/rigid or shipped off elsewhere, and if he is called out on it, he is protected by the ambiguity he creates.

            This is how many masons operate in Latin America in order to appeal to people.

          • I can’t help but think that PF isn’t really worried about either of
            those and that he is, in his mind, 100% sure his agenda will be
            inevitably carried out in the end, either by him or someone else.

            It’s almost as if his every move and his every word are taken straight out of the old Peronist handbook.

            In that sense, it doesn’t really matter to him how literate people might be in the christian life and spirituality, since the goal is to create as much confusion and doubt as possible in the hopes that something will stick in his audience’s heart so that they will eventually compromise on any given point or tenet of said spirituality either through wishful thinking, emotional blackmail or genuine

            In time, anyone who disagrees is either made out to be a kook/hypocrite/backwards or shipped off elsewhere, and if he is called out on it, he is protected by the ambiguity he creates.

            This is how many masons operated in Latin America in order to increase their numbers, with the “us vs them” narrative.

          • “I responded and asked:

            “And how many days has it been since the dubia were sent?””



            And God Bless You.

            I hope he reported this response directly to the Occupant.

      • Thanks for expressing that. It is very helpful. What sticks out in that comment is the role the Catholics play when they tell us to to cover our ears and pretend truth does not matter. They are the biggest part of the problem, IMHO.

  28. An interesting story. Could be true or it could be just a story. In any case it is irrelevant.
    The facts are that Mueller has been dismissed.
    Now is the time for his excellency to step up and join the dubia. It is his duty to the truth to do so.

    • You’re right but I’m not optimistic.

      Just take Cardinal Müller’s response as presented in this article to the question about his willingness to ‘defend Amoris Laetitia’. He is quoted as saying “As far as it is possible for me, there still exist ambiguities.” That sounds totally consistent with, on the one hand being in charge of a CDF that submitted a whole host of (rejected) amendments and then on the other hand, just a few months later, being capable of commenting that AL does not change Church teaching. If the chemistry professor told his students that they could stick their hands in the fire and not get burned, I wouldn’t have much confidence in a deputy who declared “I’ll support what he said but ideally, I’d like some clarification”. While Cardinal Müller is indeed getting älter, personally I’d like to see definite signs of him also getting weiser.

  29. Please note our update in the post. We’re not trying to fleece anyone, but we believe this story was important, and we know the reputation of trustworthiness of our sources:

    UPDATE: When this story was first issued, we had not yet received any response from Cardinal Müller, his secretary, or Greg Burke, Director of the Vatican Press office. Burke has since responded to say that the reconstruction of the events of the Müller as described below is “totally false”.

    The personal secretary of Cardinal Müller has responded to OnePeterFive in an e-mail, saying that the pope did not put these five questions to Cardinal Müller and adding that this OnePeterFive article was doing damage to Cardinal Müller. However, he did not explain how so, particularly considering that the version of events reported to us by our sources paint Müller in a favorable and orthodox light.

    We just have received a second confirmation of the story from our reliable source which stems right out of the center of loyal and well-connected German Catholicism. Thus we plan to write a follow-up to this story in the near future.

    • I gotta tell ya. Judging from all the actors in that story, including Mueller, I doubt we will ever get the complete truth. That says it all.

      • This is a real concern. In the days after his dismissal, Mueller issued comments both saying that he had no problems with Pope Francis and that he “could not accept this style” of the way he was let go, going so far as to indicate that the Church should have to follow Catholic Social Teaching with it’s own employees.

        It’s a significant challenge.

        • How does this Amoris Laetia thing compare to the Russia Hacking Investigation ?

          Because Both Mueller and Comey were fired……

          • If the person having mental issues on the psychopathic level fires you, it doesn’t count for he can’t make resonable decisions.

          • And the Special Investigator for the Russia thing’s last name is also Mueller…….

            Oh wait. I spelled his Last Name wrong !

          • I believe he is not, but the Canon Law should be consulted. The logic is as follows: if Bergoglio has a mental health issue, his acceptance to become the Pope four years ago is equally invalid as his resign would be now. So technically it may be that he isn’t the Pope at all. Just a kind of chief executive in the office on behalf of the Pope.

          • But Pope Benedict announced to everyone that He was resigning freely and without hesitation and would pledge his Loyalty to whoever the next Pope might be.

            And We don’t know if Pope Francis has any problems….. we can not have that. Since according to Vatican 1, The Office of The Pope must be filled forever and ever until the Second Coming.

          • Francis’s problemes can’t be neglected since there are cases where it is more than obvious that he makes the Catholics suffer, both prelats and faithful.

          • Every Pope until Benedict served until they died. You are married to the Church until Death do us Part. The Early Popes died from either Infections or Martyrdom. These Days, People live a lot longer. That also means new Health Problems pop up. Dementia is one example.

            Pope Francis, If he does have a Health Issue with the Mind, would create a Huge Crisis in the Church. And Pope Benedict is like 90. So let us just say that Pope Francis does have a problem. Who will then elect the Next Pope ? The Cardinals who pledged their Loyality to Francis ? Priests ? Bishops ?

          • Mentally ill? I doubt it. Some of the most devious leaders throughout time were perfectly sane. They just chose to use their intelligence for their own benefit and agenda. The temper tantrums, the refusal to act reasonably, the refusal to listen to anybody…does it sound familiar? Think ‘young teenager’. He needs to grow up and act like an adult man.

    • “…article was doing damage to Cardinal Müller.”
      How so? Why?
      If the article is untrue surely no one would believe Cardinal Mueller planted the information. Only a self destructive and mendacious individual would do such a thing. If it is untrue why would he be held accountable? He would only be held accountable if the information is true because it could then only be sourced to him.
      It is assuring that the powers that be moderate what transpires here. I hope they are getting “an ear full” and take to prayerful consideration the scandal they perpetrate on a daily basis upon the faithful.

    • But does the personal secretary respond in the name of Cardinal Müller or can we still expect an answer from Müller himself?

  30. Steve:

    At this point in in history and especially this pontificate, I believe it might be a good thing to engage some theologians to provide articles demonstrating just how an organization run by so obviously foul and disgusting personages can at the same time represent the Body of Christ on earth.

    I mean this quite seriously.

    I believe the faith of many hangs in the balance.

    • ” how an organization run by so obviously foul and disgusting personages can at the same time represent the Body of Christ on earth. ”

      Because the Church is run by Human Beings. St. Peter denied Christ 3 times. St. Augustine was a Ladies’s Man for a while……. Pope Alexander VI was credited with jumpstarting the Protestant Reformation because of his Lifestyle……

      • Yes, yes, we know that.

        But I cannot think of a time in history when the teaching of the Church has been under such an attack from within. To the point that the Church itself is almost obscured by the culture of “Catholicism” that we see today.

        • It’s been happening to all the other ” Christian ” Groups. Secularisation, The Relativism, Abortion, Gay Marriage…….

          • I am a theologically trained ex-Protestant. I am well aware of the collapse of Christian moral teaching and adherence even to their past teaching among the Protestants elsewhere.

            But putting it bluntly, I don’t care about the logs in their eyes. I care about the lumber mill in ours.

      • Yes but this is a new level. In the past many in the clergy were hypocrites but they tended to teach orthodox doctrine even if it was just to keep their job. Now we have personal sins and doctrinal heterodoxy together. It’s becoming more and more difficult to justify.

        • Yes. This is it exactly.

          From what I can tell, using even Rod Borgia himself as an example, past leaders even of the worst sort made no effort to assail the doctrines of the faith. In this we have a new low and so dangerously, temptations to both leave the Church and/or to attack Her with seeming justification.

          At this point it seems we are left to the theologians, as the Bishops have all capitulated.

      • It is one thing to walk away from a Protestant denomination. That happens all the time and is called “church shopping.” It is so common that folks do “spoof videos” along the lines of HGTV House Hunters (some of the spoofs are hysterically funny). Catholicism, however, has been a refuge of ageless, timeless and unchanging doctrine. A solid rock. Whereas Protestantism has been since its inception a never ending “reformation”.

        Now the Catholic Church is headed down the same path as Luther and Calvin and the Protestant Reformation, only this time it isn’t a lowly priest/ professor in revolt but instead it is the highest levels of the Catholic Church hierarchy. Francis is using his authority to destroy authority and it pleases him very much. The assault has been two-fold: the holiness of the clergy and the destruction/ revision of doctrine.

        If the Catholic Church is the Church which Christ Himself established, then truly where is there to go? I think many are searching for a map/ guide in unchartered territory.

        • The Thing is….. What ever Pope Francis does is protected by the Holy Spirit. The Deposit of Faith is protected and passed down. If what you are saying is true then…. surely Christ lied to Peter.

          The Map ? That is Jesus Christ himself. The Actual Head of The Church.

          • I think this is the time and place when Jesus Christ would say to Francis, “Get behind me Satan” — just as he said to Peter nearly 2,000 years ago.

          • No, everything that Francis does is not protected by the Holy Spirit. You have essentially defined papolatry. Every human has free will and can choose evil and make mistakes. Only when officially speaking on faith and morals to the whole Church is a pope protected from error.

      • “……. Pope Alexander VI was credited with jumpstarting the Protestant Reformation because of his Lifestyle……” No, he was just one of many substandard Popes during the 1460 – 1517 era. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the grandiose reconstruction of St Peters Basilica, which began in 1506. This project was so expensive that unscrupulous men like Johann Tetzel began peddling indulgences to pay for it. One thing to remember is that these bad popes didn’t endanger the dogmas and doctrines of the Church, perhaps because they were so busy with mistresses and their illegitimate children .

        • They didn’t destroy Church Teaching but Had Mistresses along the Way. Which is Worse ? Them Going to hell for their Sins ? Or us being led to hell by false teachings ?

          • Joe, you answered your question… It is much worse for an evil person to drag multitudes of other souls to Hell through their false teachings. Look at the career of the former Augustinian priest Martin Luther if you doubt me.

  31. This has got to be the worst “article” that has ever come out of OnePeterFive. Is this what passes for “journalism” these days? The propagation of gossip from unnamed sources who heard from a person who heard from Cardinal Müller that Pope Francis posed these, lets call them Anti-Dubia, to him prior to his sacking? Then when the only named party here (Cardinal Müller) responds saying that this account is absolutely false OnePeterFive doubles down in their calumny with “We just have received a second confirmation of the story from our reliable source which stems right out of the center of loyal and well-connected German Catholicism. Thus we plan to write a follow-up to this story in the near future.”? Absolutely shameful OnePeterFive.

    • That woodwork you just came out of was lovely.

      So let’s say this report is false. What that it contains — other than the insinuation that Francis favors women’s ordination — isn’t already a known fact?

    • We don’t know for sure whether the story is true or false, but I think that the problem for Catholics is that, given the antecedents of the involved personage, I’m afraid it is believable.

  32. You wonder if Cardinal Meisner died of foul play. Perhaps some leftist bureaucrat, knowing of Cardinal Mueller’s meeting with Meisner on July 4, feared that Meisner would spread what Mueller told him about his June 30 meeting with the pope. The five questions and what ensued [i.e. Mueller’s dismissal] after Mueller answered them no doubt were relayed to Meisner by Mueller during their meeting. Broken heart, or broken heart-vessels?

      • All the easier then to get away without an autopsy being performed after poisoning him then, no?
        Not saying this is what happened but it did cross my mind.

        • Why do you assume He was Poisioned ? Let me point out the Age again. 83. Anyone could die of anything at this age.

          • Anyone could die of anything of any age. I’m not “assuming” anything but isn’t it convenient that of all the aged Bishops and Cardinals out there the one to die suddenly was one of the four Dubia Brothers?

          • Right on!!!

            That’s the truth, too!!

            Indeed, forget poisoning, he could have died of a broken heart, weak of age and watching his Mother get raped right before his eyes and all……

      • Come on man what…

        People have been dying under suspicious circumatances in Rome for 2000 years.

        If you dont know that, you’ve either never lived in Italy or know no nothing about Italian society

        Or perhaps, you never read a book.

  33. Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Nelson Perez for Cleveland and Vincentian Fr Andrew Bellisario for Juneau.

    I wish these Bishops Good Luck. They will need it.

    • Given his taste in personnel I would think they are of a mind that they have just scored big with the boss. I speculate they perceive they’ve had their luck in spades.

      • I looked them up and they seem Pretty Okay….. Nelson Perez comes out from Philly before becoming Bishop in Rockeville Center. As for the New Bishop of Juneau, He’s an Unknown.

        I keep track of New Papal Appointments….

  34. All the distress of Müller, Meisner, Burke and others is caused by their over-deferential attitude to Bergoglio. They don’t seem to be aware of the fact that in Bergoglio we face the phenomenon of a thug who has become Pope. And he should be treated like a thug.

  35. Things are heating up in the Vatican in this 100th year of Fatima. There is still 3 months to go until October 13th, and there is always more and more unbelievable happenings coming out of the Vatican on a weekly basis. We have to resort to more prayer, and fasting for the sake of souls who are in danger of being lost. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

  36. Whether the “reconstruction” offered by IP5 is true or not – and I see little reason why it cannot be true – Bergoglio is a low rogue who must be stopped. His intentions are openly evil.

  37. I believe Cardinal Meissner died of a broken heart. I lived in Berlin the three years he was Cardinal. He was very wise. The American Military Catholic Chapel, had him do Confirmation ONCE, and then NEVER AGAIN. And i sure know why. They were liberals, and the chapel sure did not like me.

  38. In the light of ‘Burke has since responded to say that the reconstruction of the events of the Müller meeting as described below is “totally false”, and the personal secretary of Cardinal Müller saying that the pope did not put these five questions to Cardinal Müller and that this OnePeterFive article was doing damage to Cardinal Müller’ it is outrageous that you don’t take to story down.

    • I believe the anonymous sources who provided third hand hearsay over Burke and the personal secretary of Cardinal Muller. Apparently, you believe Burke and the personal secretary. How far the clergy have fallen.

      The Vatican silence about the drug raid and cocaine fueled homosexual orgy in a Vatican apartment means that that didn’t happen either. What does it say about credibility and trustworthiness of the Vatican spokespeople when anonymous third hand hearsay and leaked police reports (of the police raid/ drug bust) have now become believable?

      I don’t think the article is outrageous at all. I say: let it stand and let people decide for themselves. But like Steve says in his later article, almost none of this is a surprise or revelation.

  39. Let nothing disturb you,
    Let nothing frighten you,
    All things are passing away:
    God never changes.
    Patience obtains all things
    Whoever has God lacks nothing;
    God alone suffices.

    — St. Teresa of Avila

  40. Please stop with the fake news. You are damaging the church, the Holy Father and Cardinal Mueller. I have no doubt this comment will be deleted and I will be barred from this site just as I am from LifeSite, because I do not malign the Pope and I don’t think like you. It is not the Pope who is enciting a schism, it is the people who do not want to listen to the voice of the Spirit and are stuck at the Council of Trent.

      • Not saying there was, but I am saying that Vatican II is the most recent and therefore the one in which the church gives its full obedience.

        • Absolutely erroneous. You are out of your depth. The Church is not subject to chronological imperialism, nor is the content of the faith subject contradiction — by a Pope or a Council.

        • So we are to give only partial obedience to Trent?

          Well, at least your heresy is coherent. More than I can say for the lion’s share of heresy I hear getting ponied around in Church circles these days, but then, who am I to judge?

    • The Council of Trent produced doctrinal clarifications that cannot be dismissed at all, while the most recent Council, which produced deliberately ambiguous reflections has provided only camouflage for mendacity.
      You need bone up on your ecclesiastical history and the content of the faith.

    • The Holy Spirit is unchanging in Truth. The unchanging doctrine given to Christ’s Church has existed for 2000 years. What human dares to say that he and he alone knows the will of the Holy Spirit. Er…Pope Francis. What human dares to say that he is the instrument through which God is going to change the unchangeable. Again…Pope Francis. The saints, the doctors of the Church, the writings of the previous popes…all be damned, according to Pope Francis. Have you ever read any of the intellectual writings of, let’s say, St. Teresa of Avila? Bishop Sheen? St. Catherine of Siena? If you do, then you will understand how devout Catholics feel during this time of upheaval. May all the saints in heaven pray for the Body of Christ.

  41. The Church is in crisis, and in a time of crisis it needs far less of the stage-humility and doctrinal confusion of a Bergoglio and far more the strength and doctrinal clarity of a Ghislieri.

  42. Cardinal Mueller has denied that the events occurred as reported in this story.

    OnePeterFive quotes a “reliable source” who they won’t name, who was told by an eyewitness (also not named) who supposedly overheard a conversation of the Cardinal. I understand why identities are kept secret, but bombshell stories like this should not be reported with any degree of certainty when there is so much room for misunderstanding and mis-communication (to put it charitably) between the source and the actual event being reported on. Adding a few “allegedly’s” into the article doesn’t cut it.

    In light of the Cardinal’s denial of the events as described, OnePeterFive should retract this story.

  43. In the court of public opinion, this article is probably strong, but what one has come to expect from the internet at times. One has to accept the unnamed “sources” are more credible than the actual named secretary for the Cardinal. Well just because one has to I assume. Of course one is then chided for criticizing it. Anyway, in a court of law, you’d either have to reveal your source or drop the case. In any event, if this went forward, I’d have to say in a court of law, the evidence weighs in favor of the secretary who, “has denied the story, saying the reconstruction of events as we have presented it is ‘totally false’. Case closed for me for now.

  44. I believe the story…there is tension in the air as we all await to find out who the source was and then the guy in the Pope costume will be exposed again.

  45. From:

    “In the midst of all his seeming love for humanity and his glib talk of
    freedom and equality, he will have one great secret which he will tell
    to no one: he will not believe in God. Because his religion will be brotherhood without the fatherhood of God,
    he will deceive even the elect. He will set up a counterchurch which
    will be the ape of the Church, because he, the Devil, is the ape of God.
    It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in
    reverse and emptied of its divine content. It will be a mystical body of the Antichrist that will in all externals resemble the mystical body of Christ …”

    I encourage you to read the entire article.


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