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Scholas Occurrentes: Another Vatican-Soros Connection?

(Image: Screenshot from the Scholas Occurentes website)

After our recent report about Pope Francis’ praise of a Soros-funded left-wing organization called PICO — People Improving Communities through Organizing — we have been informed by some Spanish-speaking sources about a connection between Pope Francis’ papal foundation Scholas Occurrentes and one of George Soros’ close allies in Argentina, Eduardo Elsztain.

Scholas Occurrentes is a papal foundation created in 2013 by Pope Francis in order to promote educational projects around the world. As I wrote earlier, in March of 2016, I was in contact with one of the representatives of Scholas Occurrentes, Maria Paz Jurado. She at the time sent to me booklets for children which bear the name of Scholas Occurrentes. This is what I then reported:

Upon request, Maria Paz Jurado sent me a collection of Spanish-language booklets for children which Scholas has already produced. Titled Con Francisco a mi lado (“With [Pope] Francis at My Side”), they display a strong and unmistakable moral relativism.

The booklets, which each contain several pictures and quotes of Pope Francis, are dedicated to themes such as: Family; Diversity; Self Esteem; and Creativity. In the booklet on Diversity, for example, different forms of family — ambiguously including homosexual couples with children — are presented in a neutral tone, without moral distinctions or definitions, asserting a fluidity in family structure that is alien to Catholic teaching. It says: “There are children who have a father and mother. One of each. Others two of each. Others one and two. Or two of the one [same]. Or one. Or none…”

Is this not LGBT propaganda? (Indeed, further German-language research reveals that an earlier edition of this booklet was even more explicit; displaying a picture with two women and two children together as a “family.”)

Yet another booklet, titled “Self Esteem,” promotes the notion of variably choosing one’s own identity. As an example, there is a cat that wants to be a dog. At the end of the story, a donkey supports the cat in this desire, and the cat is shown sitting in a doghouse with a bone in front of it. The message here is that one may choose what one wishes to be, implying also the choice as to whether one wishes to be male or female.

Another message, coming from the booklet Creativity, implies that God Himself is changing His own immutable Laws: “Jesus Christ can also break the tedious fixed limits in which we attempt to confine him and we are surprised by his constant divine creativity.”

As one theologically well-informed reader of this text has commented: “This is a slap at those who hold to the traditional view on the immutability of dogma.” The same observer — the Catholic author, sculptor and expert in Gnostic and New Age philosophies, H. Reed Armstrong — whom I asked to read and assess all 15 Scholas booklets for children, concludes: “There is nothing remotely Catholic in these texts. There is little reference to God, a couple of fleeting but ambiguous references to (Our Lord) Jesus, no mention of Mary or the saints nor prayer, mortification and self-denial. It is difficult for me to even begin to know where to start.”

Screenshot of the IRSA Foundation website (Translated by Google; Click to Enlarge)

The publishing house of this set of booklets, Clarín, has clearly described the collaboration with Scholas Occurrentes (SO) on its own website. In light of this papal project with its seemingly secularizing and liberalizing content, it is important to note who Scholas’ public collaborators and supporters are. The IRSA Fundación is one of the official “National Cooperators” of Scholas Occurrentes which accompanies Scholas “in its mission to reach children and young people through inclusive education” [my emphasis]. (One can read about this activity and funding on the Foundation’s website by clicking “Educación y Cultura” which shows the name of Scholas at the right side.)

The IRSA Foundation was founded by the largest Argentine real estate company, called Inversiones y Representaciones Sociedad Anónima (IRSA). IRSA’s Chairman, Eduardo Sergio Elsztain, built this firm up with heavy funding from George Soros, who also partnered with him in the 1990s. Elsztain has been repeatedly called “Soros’ Golden Boy” because he successfully helped increase Soros’ income and they both together had a successful working relationship. Eduardo Elsztain knows Pope Francis from Argentina and called him “a friend” when visiting Rome for a soccer event organized also by Scholas Occurrentes.

IRSA, through one of its own shopping malls (Alto Palermo — Elsztain is its owner), is also linked to a feminist group called La Casa del Encuentro. Alto Palermo and La Casa del Encuentro together in 2015 published a promotional video clip about women’s questions in which it is openly stated that Alto Palermo funds the La Casa del Encuentro. La Casa del Encuentro, on its own website, defends the practice of abortion, speciously saying that “every woman has the right to decide over her own body, life, and desires, when and at what time she wants to have daughters and sons, and when not.” In that same link the organization supports and speaks about the Argentine “National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion” (started in 2007) — for abortion is not legal in Argentina. In 2015, Alto Palermo also donated funds to La Casa del Encuentro, according to its own statement. as well as according to a statement of La Casa del Encuentro itself. (“In the month of December 2015, La Casa del Encuentro was the beneficiary of a donation given by the IRSA Commercial Properties Group.”)

Screenshot of the Lac Casa del Encuentro website. (Translated by Google; Click to enlarge)

It is in this context worthwhile to note that when George Soros visited then then-Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in September of 2014, Jose Maria del Corral, the Director of Scholas Occurrentes, was also present. During that meeting, according to the Argentine financial newspaper Ámbito Financiero, Kirchner and Soros talked about “the educational project promoted by Pope Francis called Scholas Occurrentes and that the pontiff delegated Cristina [Kirchner] to present it to the UN [United Nations.].” At that time, Kirchner had already legalized so-called same-sex marriages in 2010 and had herself become the godmother of a child of a lesbian couple baptized in a Catholic Church. Yet, she still was, in Pope Francis’ eyes, the right person to present his new educational foundation to the United Nations.

Thus, may we reasonably conclude that allies of George Soros are funding papal projects which tend to attenuate the Catholic message in children’s booklets, and which are also helping to inject and to spread the “gender theory” into and throughout the world?

This is, of course, not the only evidence about the apparently developing collaboration between George Soros and Pope Francis. LifeSiteNews early on — in 2015 — reported on the Soros collaborator Jeffrey Sachs’ being present at several Vatican conferences. As I reported also in 2015, Sachs himself has been for a long time promoted and supported by George Soros. In 2006, Soros contributed $50 million to Jeffrey Sachs’ worldwide projects. Moreover, The Remnant‘s author Elizabeth Yore reported in 2016 about the repeated visits of Jeffrey Sachs to the Vatican.

As I have asked before: what has Pope Francis — the pope who is so attentive to the poor — to do with major financial investors who at the same time promote the killing of the unborn children and other expressly anti-Catholic agendas?

OnePeterFive has made a request for comment to the Vatican, but as of press time has received no response. If we receive one, we will update this story.

63 thoughts on “Scholas Occurrentes: Another Vatican-Soros Connection?”

  1. Is there any doubt that the man who calls himself Francis is in desperate need of an exorcism? St. Michael, defend us.

  2. I have come to the conclusion that what is happening in Christ’s Church must happen in order that prophesy may be fulfilled. In the end, there will be a remnant of faithful clergy and laity. Soon if one is a traditional Catholic — following centuries old teachings of the Apostles, Holy Scripture, the Saints and Doctors of the Church, the Popes, the Magisterium and even Christ himself — one will be guilty of a “hate crime” if one dares to speak God’s truth. The Church began in the catacombs and it will end in the catacombs.

    • But no matter where our church is, Our Lord has promised that our Holy Church will never end–Hell will not prevail against her. And it started NOT in catacombs but with Mary’s simple “Yes.”

  3. The publishers and authors should be “cast into the sea” for scandalizing the little ones.
    The left always attacks the children …provided they survive the womb .

  4. The faithful are persecuted today, subjected to unjust laws, in many places of the world they are raped and beheaded, In China they have to hide, and many are imprisoned. How tragic that the person/papa who should care for them has sided with their oppressors or rather – has become their leader!

  5. Today, I spoke with a priest at one of the most conservative, most traditional parishes in the diocese where I live. In response to my comments and concerns about what is happening in the Church (specifically, the dubia and AL), he told me he cannot talk about it. I was speechless. Why not? Are the priests being silenced by the Bishop?

    • Our priests won’t talk about it either in one of the most ‘conservative’ dioceses in the U.S.

      “Nobody can fight properly and boldly for the faith if he clings to a fear of being stripped of earthly possessions.” -St. Peter Damian

      • Read St. Peter Damian’s “The Book of Gomorrah”, in which the all-pervasive poison of sodomy is rightly described as polluting everything and leaving nothing foreign to filth. Sodomy produces madness, escalating fetishism, and pedophilic Sexual Transhumanism in one diabolical package, as human civilization now so clearly sees after delisting homosexualism from the catalog of psychological disorders decades ago. We reap what we sow, so the monstrous thing must be pulled up by the roots.

    • It could be. Here in Spain one of my best friends do not speak with me after the bishop recommended her not to talk with the “enemies” of Pope Francis. She even silenced me on WhatsApp…. I know a priest with a similar attitude… Praise the Lord!

    • Maybe for a bit, we shall have only their sacramental hands to cherish, as their lips may be sealed.
      If he is a good man, there must be a very good reason.

  6. Some time ago, Vaticanist Sandro Magister also exposed this Foundation Scholae Ocurrentes, and poointed out that it has nothing to do with Catholic education. Soros also gave $450,000 to influence the U.S.Bishops Conference some time before Francis visited the U.S. and the foundation which gave it considered itmoney well spent. It achieved its objective.

    • Unless I’m mistaken, it was actually $650,000. That’s no sacrifice for a man of Soros’ wealth. In fact, considering his evident motivation, it was a very sound investment, and appears to be paying dividends.

  7. When I first saw that main picture, I thought I’d been diverted to some obscure website decrying the demise of the school uniform or warning against the dangers of trusting experimental hairdressers – then I read the phrase ‘Pope Francis’s papal foundation to promote educational projects’ and all the pieces neatly fell into place again…

  8. All these multiple threads are going to make the subject of a great book one day. What’s the plan and whose plan is it?

  9. Could we ever have imagined we would have such a Pope who instead of proclaiming the moral teachings of Jesus support the immoral political program of George Soros? We must remember that the Church is still guided by Christ and it is by His ways that we must judge what comes out of the Vatican.

  10. At the end of the story, a donkey supports the cat in this desire, and the cat is shown sitting in a doghouse with a bone in front of it.

    This image, at least, is honest. You’d have to be an ass to accept such blatant ridiculousness.

  11. I believe this man actually believes that everything that comes out of his mouth is him speaking with the authority of the Holy Spirit. This is consistent with his heretical “God of Surprises”. Most Catholics and most of the heirachy are apparently fine with this.

  12. In an article “Cupich: Church will do everything it can ‘to end scourge of violence’ one paragraph says ~
    “In 2018, the archdiocese also will hold the first U.S. meeting of
    Scholas Occurrentes, a program active in 100 countries that brings young
    people together to meet and problem-solve. The gathering will involve
    young people from Cook and Lake counties.”

    One thing Ive noticed is that no one seems to bring up to help with violence is learning forgiveness. Jesus told us to forgive and thats a way to peace. I tried to leave a comment with links about forgiveness and peace on the article above and it was labeled spam. The article is The Boston Pilot website.

    Healing Hearts, Building Peace
    After a quarter-century of studying the moral virtue of forgiveness, Dr. Enright has become convinced that forgiveness is the missing piece to the peace puzzle.
    Over a dozen social scientific studies conducted in his lab at the
    University of Wisconsin-Madison demonstrate that as people forgive, they
    become less angry, depressed, and anxious, and more hopeful of their
    future. In other words, people become more peaceful within themselves,
    making the possibility of peace with others more likely…..


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