“Return to Beauty”

Dear OnePeterFive donors, readers and supporters,

Please see the press release below for this upcoming event, entitled “Return to Beauty,” in association with OnePeterFive writers and composers Dr. Mark Nowakowski and Massimo Scapin. As our editorial stance says concerning the movement of Traditionalism, “the soul of the movement has always been liturgical…and its heart aesthetic.” Dietrich von Hildebrand comments,

Contact with an environment permeated by beauty not only offers real protection against impurity, baseness, every kind of letting oneself go, brutality, and untruthfulness; it has also the positive effect of raising us up in a moral sense. It does not draw us into a self-centered pleasure where our only wish is to indulge ourselves. On the contrary, it opens our hearts, inviting us to transcendence and leading us in conspectu Dei, before the face of God (Aesthetics, vol I, p. 6-7).

It is this heart which we fight for, and that which is promoted at this event, described below for interested readers. Please say a Hail Mary for the success of this event.

As always, please contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions.


T. S. Flanders
St. Jerome

After the ravages of pandemic and shutdowns, the Catholic Art Institute is proud to announce its 3rd  international conference! This year’s conference will take place in Chicago on October 24th. Titled “Return to Beauty”, the conference and gala will feature speakers Elizabeth Lev (Vatican Art Historian), Sohrab Ahmari (prolific Catholic author and commentator), and filmmaker Cameron O’Hearn of “Mass of the Ages” fame.

The conference begins at St. John Cantius Church with a Solemn High Mass featuring Renaissance choral music. After the mass, attendees have the option of leaving their vehicles at the Church and taking a bus over to the beautiful Drake Hotel, where they will be met with a lunch buffet. The three speakers follow, after which attendees can attend a four course dinner banquet in the conference’s resplendent banquet hall. At the conclusion of the dinner there will be a panel conversation with the three features speakers, moderated by The Federalist art critic William Newton. While the evening officially ends at this point, attendees of previous conferences know all about the wonderful after-conference gathering which unofficially takes place, and this year should prove to be no exception.

There is a real opportunity here for attendees to both support and find themselves in the very middle of the new Catholic Artistic Renaissance, so much of which is emerging from traditional Catholics and traditional Catholic organizations. Fans, patrons, artists, and all manner of people are invited to attend. For more information about the conference or to purchase tickets, please go to:   https://www.catholicartinstitute.org/conference2021

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