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A Private Letter to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Revealed

An Earnest Call to Publish the Missing Third Secret of Fatima

The recent courageous and encouraging initiative of the Four Cardinals Letter to Pope Francis has also energized the faithful and given them hope that an effective resistance is being mounted against the heretical statements of Pope Francis’ post-synodal exhortation Amoris Laetitia. It encourages us all to keep requesting the fullness of Catholic Truth, trusting that God will provide us with the necessary Grace and prudent means if we loyally do what He would want us to do.

“At what cost has the former pope made up his mind to remain silent?”Since I have been especially inspired by the four Cardinals, I have decided to publish a personal letter that I had written in May of 2016 to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. I was moved to write the letter after my reporting on the “Dollinger affair” provoked the publication of a terse (though largely unspecific) Vatican press release intended to refute my claim – based on Dr. Ingo Dollinger’s own personal witness – that there is, indeed, a part of the Third Secret of Fatima that is still missing. (Go here to read our profile of the extraordinary life of Fr. Dollinger, friend not only to Joseph Ratzinger but also to St. Pio of Pietrelcina.) My letter to Pope Emeritus Benedict was given to the former pope in person, as I was reliably informed by a trusted contact in Rome.

A photo of Cardinal Ratzinger and his friend, Fr. Ingo Dollinger taken together in 1997

The reason I wrote to Benedict was that I wanted to plead with him to release the missing part of the Third Secret, for the sake of all the Catholic faithful in the world who are in need of Our Lady’s merciful warnings and wise counsel in this time of ecclesiastical confusion and deep disorder. However, I never received any response, neither from Pope Emeritus Benedict himself, nor from his personal secretary, Archbishop Gänswein. With the latest development — truly a historic situation — of Cardinal Burke having announced that formal steps might now need to be taken to stop Pope Francis from further spreading at least material heresy, I would like to redouble my earnest request to Pope Benedict that he make a statement and himself release the as-yet missing but morally necessary content of the Third Secret of Fatima.

Since the aforementioned “Dollinger affair”, I have been blessed to receive several additional confirmations that this missing part does, indeed, exist. One well-informed source, Dr. Robert Moynihan, even made his findings public. As an additional witness, the personal secretary of Dr. Dollinger for many years has, in the time since my initial report, told me how Dr. Dollinger himself came back from Rome in 2000, after the official release of the (incomplete) Third Secret of Fatima, reporting to her about his conversation with then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger who told him that there is still a part of the text missing. Other high-ranking sources in Rome and elsewhere have also given me enough information that I believe it to be the truth that some missing part of the Fatima secret yet exists.

It seems more important now than ever that it be published.

We have a situation within the Catholic Church that is increasingly reminiscent of Communist times, where free speech is not possible and where so-called “counter-revolutionaries” are being removed from their positions if they dare to speak up and defend certain parts of Catholic truth. Two prominent Italian journalists, Dr. Sandro Magister and Marco Tosatti, have recently used the word “purge” to describe certain ongoing Vatican affairs. One source in the Vatican has told me: “The air is so thick in Rome, one can barely breathe.” Another source — a conservative and well-connected Catholic priest — commented in a personal communication to me about the recent changes at the Congregation for Divine Worship as follows:

The great “reform of the Curia” has been, as far as I can see, lamentable: removing Cardinal Burke from the Congregation for Bishops and then from his position of Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura; replacing all the members of the Congregation for Divine Worship (he [Pope Francis] must not have foreseen how strong, orthodox, outspoken, and articulate Cardinal Sarah was.) Maybe the restructuring that ended with the Congregation for the Family (or whatever it’s called) was a good thing. But putting Paglia in charge of the JPII Institute [for Studies on Marriage and the Family]?

When I asked him why the changes at the Congregation were undertaken, he answered:

It would probably have been politically difficult (even for the papal caudillo [authoritarian leader])  to remove Sarah. So he replaced everyone else.

These are only a few glimpses into the current doctrinal and administrative situation in the Church.

We need the freeing truth of Fatima. Now. May Pope Benedict have mercy on the Church that he once promised to guide and to protect.

A source in Rome told me that Pope Benedict, just as he has not responded to my letter, has decided not to respond to the Four Cardinals letter, either. He has made up his mind to remain quiet in the face of this major confusion in the Church. My source added: “If Benedict would say something controversial in this situation, the split in the Church would be accomplished.”

At what cost has the former pope made up his mind to remain silent?

The following is a loyal translation of my original letter to Pope Emeritus Benedict in German, with addresses and names of private persons removed for privacy’s sake. I have also added a few links for the readers’ convenience.

Dr. Maike Hickson

23 May 2016


His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI,

through XXX

Your Holiness,

Please allow me to address you. You might be already aware of my name, since I provoked the Statement from the Vatican Press Office on 21 May concerning the Third Secret of Fatima. But beforehand, I also would like to mention that my husband, Dr. Robert Hickson, was a student of Professor Josef Pieper, and he has also been a many-year-long friend of Dr. XXX; and that I myself in the recent times have repeatedly worked together, publicly, with Father XXX.

Now, I would like to relate to you finally how Father Ingo Dollinger – or Professor Dollinger – had spoken about you when I called him by telephone on Pentecost Sunday in Germany. As you know well, he is a holy priest. When he confirmed to me over the phone what has been circulating on the Internet for some years now – namely, that you yourself had earlier admitted to him that there is still an unpublished part of the Third Secret and that, therein, there are warnings concerning a bad council and a bad Mass – he had a warm tone in his voice. He reflected carefully with me whether we should even mention your name in my then-proposed article. He also merely confirmed for me what I had told him and what I had read elsewhere about you. He gave me his blessing and showed himself to be very concerned about the newer developments within the Church concerning the teachings on marriage.

I attach my article so that you can see how I have reported on this telephone conversation. When the public statement from the Vatican then came out, I immediately called Father Dollinger once again (please see attached a second article). He again was very friendly. When I told him that you now publicly declare that you have never spoken with him about Fatima, he responded: “What nonsense! That people nowadays are not any more keeping with the truth.” He added that he has, after all, already spoken with other people about Cardinal Ratzinger and the Third Secret of Fatima. He also compassionately added that it could be the case that you, Holy Father, are already now a little bit old and that thus, perhaps, your own memory has failed you in this matter. [As I have written elsewhere, Dr. Dollinger has now decided to remain silent “since Rome has spoken.”]

However, such a priestly mildness I could not at all detect in the [abrupt terse] words of the press statement from the Vatican which has now been attributed to you. These words which are now being put into your mouth do not even mention that you likewise might have said that, perhaps, your own old friend has himself erred a little, or that he has misunderstood you and your own earlier words to him.

To be honest, Holy Father, I do not even believe that these words from the Press Office stem from you. You are much milder than these blunt quotes from the Press Statement make you seem.

As we have publicly said on our website OnePeterFive, we do not even claim that you yourself had been lying when you said, on 26 June 2000, that the Third Secret of Fatima has now been published completely. We can well imagine that, at the time, you acted in obedience toward your superiors and that you yourself perhaps believed that the unpublished part of the Third Secret might contain, rather, some uncertain additions from Sister Lucia. At that time, perhaps it was not yet so clear that the warnings were realistic, even if, of course, Sister Lucia really could not have been able to know that, so soon after 1960, a council would be convoked and that a new Mass would later also be introduced and promulgated.

At any rate, we now seem to be exactly in that situation where we have to observe a lapse in Faith at the top of the Church. Or how else would you interpret Amoris Laetitia, against which even Cardinal Gerhard Müller – recently in Spain – substantially has had to resist, and in a courageous way – while at the same time showing his respect – and he even then said that one cannot change at all the teaching on marriage, even if one is pope?

Do we not now see that the part [of the Third Secret] which the Vatican did not publish in 2000 is becoming a reality?

Dr. Alice von Hildebrand – whose husband is of course known to you – only recently published on our website a report (see attachment), where she herself remembers a witness who told her and her husband [in 1965] that the Third Secret speaks about an apostasy and an infiltration at the top of the Church. We KNOW, Holy Father, that there is still more than what was published on 26 June 2000.

Both witnesses – Professor Dollinger and Dr. von Hildebrand – have an advanced age. Both perhaps are aware that they should not take a certain knowledge with themselves into the grave, since it pertains to the whole Church – especially now, where almost everything seems to be up for debate – even the dogma of infallibility. Do you yourself not now have similar thoughts? We all, after all, will be standing in front of Our Lord and will have to give an account of our lives. It is for this reason that I myself also have taken this grave step and have put you publicly under pressure by publishing the witness of Father Dollinger. I myself shall also have to appear before Our Lord one day.

In honor of the Mother of God of Fatima, I therefore ask you to make available to all of us the missing text. The Catholics in the world need it, in order to arm themselves well and in order to protect their souls against these confusions of our current times. Much is at stake. Even if it should be difficult at the beginning, I firmly believe that our knowing the truth here will set us free. Please do make this freeing act. For too long now, there have been all these rumors and speculations. Such a situation is of course neither pastoral nor trust-building.

You and I both are Germans. My Bible-believing ancestors suffered much under Hitler (one even died), but they did not give up their own Christian witness. Should we ourselves not also show that courage, even if “hell” should threaten to come down upon us?

Could you not simply and in an elegant manner publish the missing text – in our enlightened age! –  and say that this text is not being regarded as an official part of the Third Secret, but, rather, only as an addition made by Sister Lucia herself? And that, since the speculations concerning this text do not cease, it has now been decided to publish it as is, and thus to make it available for discussion among enlightened and informed Catholics – of course especially the theologians and the experts?

This way, nobody really would lose face, especially since the pope who was responsible for the publication [in 2000] is already deceased.

In the name of Our Lady of Fatima, I herewith once more plead with you to give us this text in its entirety and to make available to all of us – to all Catholics in the world – the possible truth [of Fatima] which could also help us to save our souls.

Please be assured of my daughterly love. I ask you for your blessing for my husband, for our two little children XXX and XXX, as well as for myself.

With heartfelt greetings in the Lord,

Maike Hickson

72 thoughts on “A Private Letter to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Revealed”

  1. It is rather heartbreaking to see the children pleading with their parents, who turn a deaf ear to them. We are being fed stones and serpents.

  2. Your letter to PB is very much appreciated. I feel PF will have to be deposed before we finally hear the full Third Secret. Even then it might come from another source. PB is a Modernist the same as his predecessors & PF and one has to wonder if any of them truly believe in God. It is doubtful now that we can avoid a schism as these people are adamant in provoking one by dumbing down all Traditionalists who have been striving for the past sixty years to keep the faith & pass it on to their children, with no assistance from the prelates & clergy of the CC. We can only keep praying for the ‘Fab Four’ that they will not lose their courage & for those supporting their action in the face of this grave situation that they will come out of their hiding places & resolutely affirm their commitment to Christ & His First Apostles whom they have been privileged to be counted among their successors.

  3. I understand and indeed share the gravity of your concern, Dr. Hickson, but I am also inclined to agree with your source who said, “If Benedict would say something controversial in this situation, the split in the Church would be accomplished.”

    One could argue that this can be extended to the third secret itself. It would seem to me, and surely even moreso to as wise a mind as his, that we are in an extremely precarious situation at this point. With tangible resistance finally mounting to the material heresies imparted by the current pontificate, it must surely be evident to the pope emeritus that with the weight he carries, he must exercise utmost caution and reflection in making any publicly critical statements, lest the unity of the faithful be put at risk.

    The proposition as you propose it in this letter would seem to be a balanced and modest move, in light of the circumstances. Nevertheless, I can sympathize with the pope emeritus in such a perilous situation as this. Even the simple request you ask could be enough to spark an unwarranted and detrimental debate about who truly occupies the Chair of Peter. Perhaps Benedict realizes from a wider perspective that his voice would do more harm than good.

    • What “unity of the faithful”? There is nothing but devastation, and betrayal. Approximately 80% of “Catholics” in the West are heretics or apostates. Of th e remaining 20%, the regular mass goers, what percentage receive Holy Communion Worthily?

      You don’t get that BXVl and JPll were thoroughly Modernist. I used to make excuses for them, just like you do. They were so compromised in their faith, Because they had made so many “small” compromises with the worst heresy in the church’s history, over the course of their clerical lives, that they could only envision sticking their fingers in the duke to prevent the inevitable flood, once the dam broke with Vat ‘ll. So they ended up Iying to themselves to justify their betrayal of Christ. It’s claimed they were afraid of schism if they spoke out.

      If they truly loved Christ and His church, they would have taken an implacable stand(think Pope St. Pius X)against just about everything Vat ‘ll stands for. They would have gladly shed their blood. Because their authority and power, given to bishops by Christ, would have obliged them to face reality, that there can never be compromise with evil. And today we have the consequences of their betrayal. “Pope” Francis. As President Harry Truman used to say in a strictly political context, – “the buck stops here.”

      They didn’t because they were compromised in their faith, and were unwilling to beg Christ to forgive their betrayal.

      Instead they made statements about the “silent apostasy” And the “culture of relativity” as though they had played no part in these calamities.

      Francis, the apostate would not have been possible if his two predecessors had not paved the way with their modernist, heretical aspirations to reach out ecumenically to Protestants and Jews. The obscenity of the Assisi meetings with every pagan religion on the planet, to “pray for world peace.” And that is just scratching the surface.

      I do not wish to judge their souls before God, nor do I wish to any longer make excuses for those two men.

  4. I pray that he will reply soon. There’s no doubt the truth contained within it is extraordinarily difficult, so much so that Sr. Lucia, who saw a Vision of Hell as a little child, had more trouble writing down the 3rd Secret than she did recounting what Hell was like. So much so that only after another Apparition was she finally able to do so.

    Which begs the question… What could be worse than Hell?

    I might answer – Knowledge that many are going there.

    But then again, is that revelation really new information?

    And I might have to go further – That the instruments that the Church gives us to avoid going there are somehow compromised.

    And this would tie in with what we’ve heard that the 3rd Secret may allude to – The Dogmas of the Faith, the Mass, the Sacraments.

    Knowing that would certainly scare me!

  5. Thank you, Maike. This is very grave. If the 3rd Secret says what many think it says, then I cannot imagine Pope Benedict BEING ALLOWED to post it even if he wants to.

  6. On a personal level, I understand why you are seeking this clarity Dr Hickson – and sincerely thank you for sharing your heartfelt letter with us – however, for those of us who think we know what Fatima was really about and are convinced of the missing part of the secret, do we really need further proof? What will change for us? We already know. And for the millions of Catholics around the world, will they really care or really come to their senses? Would they even look up? I doubt it. Didn’t Jesus once say in a parable that they would not even believe if a man were to be resurrected from the dead?

    • I posted this above, but I’m reposting it here for you:

      Yes, we DO need to see the rest. That is the only way the Holy Father will get the graces he needs to order and make in union with all the bishops of the world the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  7. “If Benedict would say something controversial in this situation, the split in the Church would be accomplished.”

    Good! Let the wolves and sheep finally get separated. I am tired of all these Modernist, heretical, apostates. They have run the Church into the ground. The seminaries, convents, monasteries, and religious communities remain devastated. Marriages, baptisms, etc., remain in the negative. The stats speak for themselves!

  8. Well written and Nice Try. However, the very fact that any person, whether layman or cleric, would feel compelled to write such a letter speaks volumes about what the modernist have inflicted on the OTF….A DIABOLICAL INDUCED DISASTER is not too strong a description.
    The fact is all of the Popes from John 23 to PF have been and are modernist. The only question is one of degree.
    The 3rd Secret has been widely conjectured to deal with apostasy, a bad council and destruction of the liturgy in the Church..with grave consequences of biblical proportions unless Russia is properly concentrated as requested by BVM. It hasn’t but will be….even if late per BVM.
    Until then we must assume that the secret has to be something that is so horrendous that the Modernist Heretics running the Church won’t dare reveal it for fear of exposure and subsequent wrath from their boss….SATAN.
    One must assume we are being deliberately deceived and constantly lied to. We must take personal responsibility and act accordingly. Prayer, Penance, Fasting, Rosary, Novenas, Traditional Mass, Learn the OTF, stay informed…..Become warriors in place. Don’t be afraid to defend the OTF and push back as necessary. Remember, no one is getting out of here alive. How and by what means we die is nothing in comparison to eternity. We know who wins. Let us stay faithful be not afraid. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us and protect us.

  9. For those who believe that there is a missing part of the Third Secret yet to be released:

    1) This belief and this article [even I physically sense it] are nothing more than a diversionary tactic by the enemy, because there just isn’t a missing part of the Third Secret [can argue this a number of ways as you have witnessed me do on a number of topics].

    2) The Age of Mary [=period of peace] has just concluded.

    3) Our Lady is quite capable of speaking for herself [if there was a missing part, she doesn’t appear to be very much concerned especially given 4) below] and since the 3 visionaries are dead, I would only put my trust in a person she had appointed in their place. That’s how heaven usually works as regards prophecy. Heaven continues to press the issue. (One argument)

    4) Even from a casual observer it is clear that that world events are rapidly moving toward a denouement, therefore:

    a) (This is a link): We would do well to prepare ourselves, families, and others. Add to it Fr. RP’s call for more intense prayer +fasts/sacrifices.

    b) (This is a link): It behooves us to choose a side wisely.
    What a pity it would be that those who are unfortunately holding on to such a belief to be overtaken by the impending events.
    PS Even the OF (disparagingly referred to as “Novus Ordo”) readings are apt cf. those in the 33rd week beginning with (This is a link): those in Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time .

    • If you think we have had even one single moment of peace since 1914 please provide some evidence. There has been no peace, there is no peace now, and it looks like there will be no peace to come. In fact the world is getting more and more violent.

      You say Our Lady can speak for herself, and you are right. She spoke in 1917, and after that several times to Sr. Lucia – all faithfully reported by that good sister. Our Lady is patient, but she may not be patient much longer.

      • The scriptural test that a prophet is true and was sent by God, is that what they said would happen eventually turns out to be true even after their death. We shall see. It is not far off now,

    • Wow wow wow wow wow. So much, and yet so little.
      1) “This belief and this article…” Too difficult to even know where to begin.
      2) “The age of Mary…” Manifestly false, incorrect, specious, and facile.
      3) “Our Lady is quite able…” Again, too difficult to even know where to begin.
      4) “Even from….” Always have been
      a) ”We would do well…” Amen. Pray and fast.
      b) ”It behooves…” Good. Very clearly, succinctly and well put.
      running out of steam…

    • Dear FM,

      I always enjoy reading your posts, but I must disagree with you here. The Third Secret proper IS the exact words of Our Lady which follow: “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved…”.

      This is main difference between the version of the July 13th apparition in the Third and Fourth Memoirs.

      Our Lady does NOT talk in incomplete sentences. Therefore, there MUST be a missing portion of the Third Secret.

      Prior to this, Our Lady showed the three children the Vision of Hell, THEN She said: “You have seen Hell, where the souls of poor sinners go.”.

      In sum, She showed them the Vision of Hell, then She explained it to them, just like any mother shows her children an image of Jesus and says: “See, this is Jesus. He loves you very much.”

      Please check out the above link by Darrell. Also please check out They are the best resource on Fatima.

      Thank you for your kind wishes. Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. Philemon 1:3 (Douay-Rheims)

      In Christ the King,


  10. January 4, 1944:

    Now I will reveal the third part of the secret;
    This part is the apostasy in the Church! (1)
    Our Lady showed us a vision of someone who I describe as the ‘Pope’, standing in front of a praising multitude.
    But there was a difference with a real Pope, the evil
    look, this one had eyes of evil. (2)
    Then after a few moments we saw the same Pope entering
    a church, but this church was like the church of hell, there is no way to describe the ugliness of this place, it seemed like a fortress made of gray cement, with broken angles and windows like eyes, there was a beak on top of the building. (3)
    We then looked up at Our Lady who said to us:
    you have seen the apostasy in the Church, this message can be opened by The Holy Father, but must be announced after Pius XII and before 1960. (4)
    During the kingdom of John Paul II the cornerstone from Peter’s tomb must be removed and transferred to Fátima.
    Because the Dogma of faith is not preserved in Rome, her
    authority will be removed and given to Portugal. (5)
    The cathedral of Rome must be destroyed and a new one built in Fátima. (6)
    If 69 weeks after this command is announced Rome continues it’s abomination, the city will be destroyed. (7)
    Our Lady told us this is written, Daniel 9 24-25 and Mathew 21 42-44. (8)

    69 weeks after amoris laetitia was signed is 13 July 2017, the one hundred year aniversary of the giving of the three secrets.

  11. A beautiful letter! I don’t know what is happening with BXVI now but I don’t think we should count on him. In his inaugural discourse, he asked us to pray that he would not fall before the wolves. It was chilling at the time and I had no idea what he meant.
    But he did fall before the wolves and he was devoured. I have my personal theories on what the Kasperites used to get him out (think World Court and making the Pope liable, ala RICO, for clerical pederasty) but whatever it was, I don’t think we should look to him anymore. He’s either too scared or, more likely, too drugged and confused to even focus on this. Also, why should he have to answer the questions that were asked of Francis? So I think nobody should look to him and everybody should just leave him alone. He made his decision and his future is up to God now.

  12. There is an abundance of evidence that there is a written part of the Third Secret, besides the vision the children had which was published in 2000. The evidence, including statements made by several Vatican prelates who read the Secret, can be found in Christopher Ferrara’s excellent book, “The Secret Still Hidden,” which can be read online here:

  13. How would things be different if we knew the 3rd Secret? Would it change anything?
    Ezekiel 12:2
    “Son of man, you live in the midst of the rebellious house, who have eyes to
    see but do not see, ears to hear but do not hear; for they are a rebellious house.”

  14. Dearest,
    We are now traveling on the 100th orbit around our sun since Our Lady of Fatima, presented the Dancing of the Sun, to over 70,000 witnesses.

    Hail Mary, Full of Grace, . . .


  15. We must above all LIVE the message of Fatima, so that we may efficaciously spread the message, just as we must be vessels filled with grace in order to become efficacious channels of grace to others. We are in a monumental spiritual battle against Satan, his fallen cohorts, and his agents on earth, including, and even especially, apostate priests, bishops, and religious. Maybe Pope Benedict is still the real pope, having been pressured to abdicate, in which case the abdication would not be valid, since under duress. If that is the case – and there is good evidence for it, even that Benedict knows it (hence his still wearing the papal white and residing in the Vatican) – then Pope Francis would be an anti-pope. We know these things can happen, as we’ve had a number of anti-popes in the past, esp. during the renaissance period. We must accept this possibility and be valiant spiritual warriors, courageous and with strong faith, and pray “many rosaries,” as OL of Fatima said Blessed Francisco must do. We must take this immeasurably powerful spiritual weapon in our hand and see ourselves as Knights of the Holy Rosary (in fact there is an organization with that name). When enough of us do so, then the real pope, whoever it may be at the time, will receive enough grace to have the courage to consecrate Russia the the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and then the forces of evil will be miraculously overcome. Ave Maria!

  16. Utterly fascinating, Maike! My heart is breaking for all of us! I love Papa Benedict so. He is disparaged by so many faithful Catholics. I can’t help but believe some sort of incredible ruse has been manufactured in regards to his resignation and the ascent of Pope Francis.

    In the fullness of time, all will be revealed. Thank you for your daughterly charity in regards to Benedict and your sisterly charity in regards to us, your readers.

  17. Dr. Hickson,

    I notice in your article that you do not address the letter of Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI to Yves Chiron wherein the former states that what was published was the complete (integral) text and that there exists nothing else.

    Were you aware of the existence of this letter? I draw your attention to this matter over on my web site:

    I would also like to bring to your attention that I am writing a book that covers this topic:

    There are issues about which I would like to discuss with you. I invite you to correspond with me, privately and confidentially, via E-mail, Skype or phone (

    Sincerely in Christ,
    -Kevin J. Symonds

    • Do you really not yet understand that to a great many Catholics, these denials are not believable? That there is too much evidence to the contrary? And frankly, as Benedict continues his silence even as the dubia have been treated by disdain by Francis, his credibility wanes even further…

      • Steve, I am speaking only about Fatima right now.

        Do you really need to ask me this question? You KNOW that I know people’s concerns. I would have thought that clear from our phone conversation back in May. That is why I am writing my book! To help people get straight these issues.

        Chiron, may it be noted, is respected within “traditionalist” circles. Case in point: Angelus Press carries one of his books.

        P.S. If you would like to speak again via phone, I will be glad to do so. Do you still have my number?

        • Mr. Symonds, there is nothing in the essay on your web page that removes my conviction that we have not received the entire message of Fatima.

          (1) Reference is made to a Fourth Secret. Use of the term “Fourth Secret” was a journalistic device of Antonio Socci used as the title of his long pamphlet on the subject of the alleged withholding of the entire Third Secret. You must know that. Many simply believe that the entire THIRD Secret has not been delivered. Why do they believe this?

          (2) Because Ratzinger in The Ratzinger Report clearly states themes of the Third Secret (which he had read) which are found nowhere in the 2000 release by Sodano’s State Department. Was he fabricating then? Or was he fabricating with Chiron?

          • Good evening senrex. Thank you for commenting.

            I wrote my essay for the 24th Mariological Congress in Fátima last September. However, the purpose of that essay was not to debunk conspiracy theories on the so-called “fourth secret of Fátima.”

            In my previous comment I referenced my upcoming book. Perhaps you missed that page on my web site?

            As to the precise contents of my book, I am remaining tight-lipped about that until publication. I do, however, invite you to read my article wherein you will receive a better understanding of my thinking on the third part of the secret:

            Again, thank you for responding. Have a good night!

  18. I’m still of the belief that perhaps it had something to do with the abuse scandal. Nothing has rocked this church in as much as that has, nor destroyed their credibility in the eyes of not only the world, but every Christian, and every single Catholic. If it came out that there was a mention of the abuse scandal, which they failed to heed, would it not be also damning that not only did they defile the laity, but Our Lady as well by ignoring it. I cannot believe that this single devastating issue, which is so church wide, and goes against every single faith tenet we hold would go unmentioned. How could Our Mother knowing what was going on, fail her little ones by not addressing this in some way large or small, as well as those who defiled her Sons Church.

    • Hi NDaniels – Perhaps we should pray for his final witness to the Truth, and an end to his silence in that regard. He still has time, but, God will bring that to an end in His Good Time, and then he will face the Truth he served or did not serve at the end of his life.

      • I’ll say it again, we don’t know, nobody has proven to us that he is free to say what he wants. Sorry, but I don’t trust the vatican to give us truthful statements from Pope Benedict. I doubt he’s getting any mail they’re not intercepting. Every time I make this point someone says “he was a modernist, he’s just not speaking because he agrees with Francis”.
        It’s a dumb argument, I’ve seen the pictures of him in a business suit back at the time of the council, and from some of his writings over the years, it’s no revelation he was a modernist but that doesn’t prove to me he’s today receiving and making communications freely.

        This situation seems almost akin to a rich old person, who is essentially being held captive by a nursing home or someone with power of attorney because someone is exploiting them or trying to steal their money. I’m NOT saying this IS the situation, just stating that it seems similar to that type of situation.

        • Hi J – Ratzinger was one of the cardinals who was behind the incomplete release of the third secret in the first place. He could have spoken up then, but, he didn’t. I have absolutely no doubt that any objection to Francis would get out. I also have hope that those objections could still come, as Francis pushes the boundaries into areas which make it ever the more clear that he is not the Vicar of Christ.

          • Whether he had the opportunity in the past to speak or not means nothing. Nobody has a video recording of him speaking today so for all I know a Jorge operative could be writing these statements that are attributed to him. The only thing I DO know is not to trust those in charge of the Vatican.

  19. Thanks for your efforts Dr. Hickson. I know that the late Fr. Gruner would be happy that someone is taking up the fight. We’re in the pivotal year of 2017 so hopefully we know the secret perhaps while it can still help some souls. I have my doubts about whether they let Pope Benedict correspond or read incoming documents and news so hopefully he did indeed read your letter.

    I am personally confidant that the first part of the secret which pertains to the chastisement is already public but I don’t believe it’s that nonsense they released in 2000, rather it’s the “padded” Third secret released in Neues Europa in 1963. The “part B” or the “4th secret” as Antonio Socci calls it would be good to know as well, it can only be an exposure of the council, nothing else would create such cause for the elaborate cover up and deceptions over the last decades not the least of which was that imposter sister Lucia they trotted out. We need to pray to the actual Sr. Lucia that she help get this revealed.

  20. The Third Secret exposes both Francis and Benedict, it will only be released as part of their penance for refusing to release it, And for that they have to repent of the grave sin of refusing to obey the messenger God sent to Fatima 100 years ago. Do they have it in them? If not expect what Our Lady was warning would be the fruits of the growing Apostasy, Catholi-Schism.

  21. Should we expect another earthquake in Italy — maybe with a magnitude of 8.0 — only this time with an epicenter of the City of Rome; more specifically, right under the Vatican itself?

  22. I don’t think it necessary to insist on the third message of Fatima. It appears that the message given by Our Lady at Akita in Japan is the continuation of that of Fatima, and so states the bishop of the place who approved, and whose approval was supported, at least verbally by then Cardinal Ratzinger in 1988. Here is the pertinent part of the message:
    “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see Cardinals opposing Cardinals, Bishops against other Bishops. The priests who venerate Me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres (other priests). Churches and altars will be sacked. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises, and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.
    “The demon will be especially implacable against the souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of My sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will no longer be pardon for them.
    “…Pray very much the prayers of the Rosary. I alone am able to still save you from the calamities which approach. Those who place their confidence in Me will be saved.”

    At least the part of this message which refers to cardinals and bishops against one another is unfolding at this time.

  23. “In Portugal the dogma of Faith will always be preserved, etc. [3rd Secret] This you don’t tell anyone. To Francisco yes, you may tell him.” (Our Lady at Fatima)


    The published 3rd Secret is only a vision which Francisco could see it as well as the other children. He just couldn’t hear, for some reason.

    “I can only say yes, I did see it.” (Francisco, in 1st Lucia’s memoir)

    But do we really need to see the rest? Just read the daily news coming form Rome…

    • Yes, we DO need to see the rest. That is the only way the Holy Father will get the graces he needs to order and make in union with all the bishops of the world the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

      • Russia is still waiting for the consecration (or the conversion) but, a few days ago, the head of the Ukrainian Catholics had consecrated the Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, right in the Shrine of Fatima, and almost nobody noticed it.

        I suppose the people didn’t realize the dimension of this act of consecration during the present geopolitical situation of the world in light to the Message of Fatima. The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (the biggest and fast growing Eastern Catholic Church) is the only big stone in the shoe of those who are promoting the “cultura del encuentro” between the Roman Catholic Church and Russia instead of the “conversion” asked by Our Lady. It would be good if anyone could translate his homily into English.

        • THANK YOU very much for the link! I wish I could hug you right now. I sent it to our church newspaper so they could print it.

          Actually, you are right re the UGCC. We have always been “a sign of contradiction” (cf. Luke 2). To the Orthodox we either 1) don’t exist, 2) if we DO exist, we are a “problem”, 3) to the Vatican Ostpolitik, we are an “embarrassment”, 4) to most of the NO RCs we’re shocking e.g. “You’re Catholic? I thought you were Orthodox.” “Yes, we’re Catholic. Same Pope, different Liturgy.” (You get the idea.)

          Re the homily: I think it might be the address of His Beatitude on the bishops’ meeting in Lisbon. They are trying to find ways to keep our people from converting to the Latin Rite. Pope Benedict XIV (no typo – yes, it’s 14) and Leo XIII said that no one can change Rites (sic) without the permission of the Apostolic See. Yet over the centuries, because of Latinization, war, the Holodomor etc., we have become smaller in the West.

          I am a hybrid, so to speak. I am Ukrainian Greek Catholic, yet we were raised with Latin prayers and traditions. Example:

          Hail, Virgin Mother of God, [full of grace,] the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, for thou hast given birth to Christ, the Savior and Delivered of our souls.

          Byzantine version of the Angelical Salutation


          Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

          Latin version of the Angelical Salutation

          When I pray the Rosary, I wonder if I can gain the same indulgences if I prayed our version of the Angelical Salutation. Someone posted that I could but he is not a priest so I’m still hesitant to do so.

          When I go to Confession, I pray the Latin Act of Contrition, because that’s what I learned as a child from the Sisters (SSMI).

          Imho, I probably know more about the Latin Tradition than some NO RCs. There’s a lot I have learned from the TCs who blog here (including you! ?)

          This is just a wild guess, but I have a hunch that the reason PF doesn’t genuflect during Mass (which he should do) is because he is familiar with our Tradition (we don’t genuflect – we bow), since he knew His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk before he became Pope.

          Please forgive the long post – I had to get this out of my system.

          Again, thank you VERY MUCH for the links.

  24. Dear Ms Hickson, if you ever send any other letter to the Holy Father Benedict XVI, please ask him if the 2nd Part of the Secret of Fatima has been fully published. Thank you.

    From my point of view, confronted with all the available documentation and stamens regarding to the message of Fatima (I’m a native Portuguese speaker), I must accept that that document called “3rd Part of the Secret” is complete because it is published with an introductory statement, date and signed. Indeed, it is authentic, as it was recently submitted to some kind of “forensic” investigation by a scholar from the University of Coimbra.

    What is really missing on the Fatima’s documentation then? Maybe not the 3rd Part of the Secret but, instead, the rest of the 2nd Part. Because if the half sentence “In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved etc…” belongs to the 2nd Part of the Secret, the other missing half of the very same sentence, and perhaps the next few sentences regarding the same subject, should belong to that same 2nd Part as well, I suppose. It could all be just a matter of concept or mental reservation…

    • From my point of view, confronted with all the available documentation and stamens regarding to the message of Fatima (I’m a native Portuguese speaker), I must accept that that document called “3rd Part of the Secret” is complete because it is published with an introductory statement, date and signed. Indeed, it is authentic, as it was recently submitted to some kind of “forensic” investigation by a scholar from the University of Coimbra.
      Thank you!

  25. The missing part of Fatima’s message (2nd, 3rd, 4th Part of the Secret, call it whatever you want) must be precisely about this very moment we are living know. We have a bishop dressed in white who seems to be the Holy Father, even when he is hidden and in silence but, at the same time, we have a Pope going around and daily saying crap like this:

    He carries in his pocket something referred as the “Via Crucis” of Jesus Christ, the Stations of the Cross, and calls that, with emphasis on his voice, “la historia del fracaso de Dios”, meaning “THE HISTORY OF GOD’S FAILIURE”. And he explains:

    «Es cómo Jesús fue sufriendo desde que lo condenaron a muerte hasta que fue sepultado. Con estas dos cosas, me arreglo como puedo, pero gracias a estas dos cosas, no pierdo la esperanza.»

    «It is how Jesus was suffering since He was sentenced to death until He was buried. With these two things, I do what I can, but thanks to these two things, I do not lose the hope.»

    So, with the rosary back in his pocket, he explains those two things which make him “do the best he can” and “never lose hope”. When he pronounces “two things”, he is pointing to both pages, (1) the one of the condemnation to death and (2) the other of the burying.

    But that is not even the worst part! The worst is the people laughing and clapping… I’m not complaining about the Pope, during this three and half years, he has just been doing and saying what most of the people want him to do, perhaps some are even praying for that. As we see, even here, in this forum, many people love this kind of stuff…

    Thank God that in Portugal, and native Portuguese countries, the Stations of the Cross still are the HISTORY OF GOD’S TRIUMPH, we usually sing “VICTORY” in the end of the “Via Crucis”.

    Vitória! Tu reinarás! Ó Cruz tu nos salvarás. (Victory! You will reign! O Cross you will save us.)


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