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The Pope’s Marxist Head of the Jesuits

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Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal, a Venezuelan Communist and Modernist, is carrying out Francis’s agenda.

Understanding the adage that personnel is policy, Pope Francis has been planting Marxists throughout the Church, including at the top of the troubled religious order to which he belongs. In 2016, the Jesuits, with the blessing of Pope Francis, installed as its general superior a Venezuelan, Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal, whose communist convictions have long been known.

Sosa has written about the “Marxist mediation of the Christian Faith,” arguing that the Church should “understand the existence of Christians who simultaneously call themselves Marxists and commit themselves to the transformation of the capitalist society into a socialist society.” In 1989, he signed a letter praising Fidel Castro.

Turn down any corridor in Francis’s Vatican, and you are likely to run into a de facto communist: Francis has a communist running his order, a communist running his Council of Cardinals (the Honduran cardinal, Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga), a communist running the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (Margaret Archer, a British sociologist who has said that she represents the “Marxian left”), and communists such as the renegade Brazilian liberation theologian Leonardo Boff and the Canadian socialist Naomi Klein drafting his encyclicals.

It is no coincidence that the only U.S. presidential candidate who made a visit to the Vatican during the campaign was a socialist who had honeymooned in the Soviet Union. Bernie Sanders turned up at the Vatican in April 2016, having received an invitation from Pope Francis’s close Argentine friend, Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo.

“We invited the candidate who cites the pope most in the campaign, and that is Senator Bernie Sanders,” explained Sorondo, who added that Sanders’s agenda is “very analogous to that of the pope.”

In this smug leftist atmosphere in Rome, Sosa’s elevation to the head of the Jesuits was inevitable. In the past, the Jesuits had been called the pope’s marines. Under Sosa, they are more like the pope’s Marxists, peddling his climate-change propaganda as a pretext for global socialism.

But Sosa’s ambitions, like Pope Francis’s, go well beyond meddling in economies. He is also pushing a moral revolution in the Church, evident in his astonishing claim that, since none of the Apostles tape-recorded Jesus Christ, his words on adultery can be elastically re-interpreted.

“You need to start by reflecting on what exactly Jesus said,” Sosa told an Italian interviewer in February. “At that time, no one had a tape recorder to capture the words. What we know is that the words of Jesus have to be contextualized, they’re expressed in a certain language, in a precise environment, and they’re addressed to someone specific.”

In other words, Sosa is confident that he understands Jesus’s meaning better than the Gospel writers. Like Francis, Sosa can’t resist the mumbo-jumbo of Modernist biblical scholarship, which always manages to dovetail conveniently with liberal views.

The Council of Trent explicitly condemned the claim that the Gospel writers were just making stuff up when recounting the words of Jesus Christ. But Sosa has no problem trafficking in that heresy.

“Over the last century in the Church there has been a great blossoming of studies that seek to understand exactly what Jesus meant to say,” he said.

The presumption here is extraordinary but typical of a Francis acolyte. The new orthodoxy is heterodoxy, and Sosa is wallowing in it. He is given to little sermonettes on relativism, such as this whopper:

The Church has developed over the centuries, it is not a piece of reinforced concrete. It was born, it has learned, it has changed. This is why the ecumenical councils are held, to try to bring developments of doctrine into focus. Doctrine is a word that I don’t like very much, it brings with it the image of the hardness of stone. Instead the human reality is much more nuanced, it is never black or white, it is in continual development.

Were St. Ignatius of Loyola alive today, the order he founded wouldn’t ordain him, and he would have wondered how a de facto Protestant ended up on the chair of St. Peter. Nor would St. Ignatius have believed the sheer sophistry that now passes for theological “sophistication” in his order.

Fr. Antonio Spadaro, another Jesuit close to Pope Francis, tweeted out earlier this year this profundity: “Theology is not #Mathematics. 2 + 2 in #Theology can make 5. Because it has to do with #God and real #life of #people.”

Gobsmacked by the relentless leftism of Francis and his aides, Al Gore asked in 2015, “Is the pope Catholic?” The question is no longer a joke.

George Neumayr is the author of The Political Pope

This essay originally appeared at The American SpectatorIt has been reprinted with the permission of the author. 

91 thoughts on “The Pope’s Marxist Head of the Jesuits”

  1. I heard a rumor that the Jesuits were actually Catholic. With all the dissension from Church teaching floating about in Jesuit run schools, a Marxist is “just another day” in the life of the black sheep.

  2. Problems lie with Jesuits throughout the Western world. Homosexual infestation of clergy with Jesuits Sf. Cal.prishes and many colleges. Also Franciscans homosexuals running St. Cecelia in Boston., Franciscan churches in Raleigh NC , Hartford CT and two Francis Xavier and Assi in NYC……. Tragic as well when Cardinal Newman society can only recognize twenty of two hundred sixty nine cino schools as authentic Catholic colleges in USA .. ……. That and liberation theology are the SCHiSM ruination of a dying RC cino church in the west Europe and the west hemisphere.

      • God revived the fading faith in East Europe and old Soviet Union. Anything is possible…. Not likely with Homosexual and Sadly bad Jesuits and Homosexuas,l Paglia etc.running the Vatican ,cino rc colleges and sadly .whole Diocese’s. Chi, NYC, Boston ,south. CAl, Eastern Canada are sad examples of the widespread rot that is so evident.

        • Yes it is dire. No use white washing the situation. It’s a heartbreak and an anguish of a singular grinding intensity. But we know what we must do. The Church is suffering her terrible Passion in imitation of Our Lord. What we can do is cling to the Blessed Mother, praying our hearts out,so that we get all the way to the Cross with her, and not flee for fear of the wolves. If we make it to the foot of the Cross, we’ll make it to Easter morning, God willing. My constant prayer these days is for final perseverance.

          • Hundreds (Thousands) of Carmelite Nuns spend their whole lives in prayer, but nothing changes.

          • “Nothing ever changes”?
            Change for the worse could easily have fallen on us by now.
            Because they offer their prayers and sacrifices to God night and day for us, they are holding back the arm of God’s justice from falling on us, even God blessings are still on us because of them. We need them desperately. We can join our prayers and sacrifices with theirs in an appeal to God.
            Make no mistake about it, the powerful prayers from Nuns and Monks may be the only reason why we still enjoy the freedom we do have right now.

        • Vatican has been run by homosexuals before. Popes have been brazenly active homosexuals. This too shall pass.

          • Apples and Oranges. Your arguments are tired, strawmen Thomas. Why do I keep running in to them when I see your posts?

            Sins against the flesh, as bad as they are, do not sever one’s bond with the Church.

            Yes, there have been popes and clergy who have practised bad moral lives, but they did not leave the Church. There are however, three sins which do sever one from membership in the Church: Schism, heresy and apostasy. If someone is guilty of any of these, he ceases to be a Catholic.

            “For not every sin, however grave it may be, is such as of its own nature to sever a man from the Body of the Church, as does schism or heresy or apostasy.” Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Chrisiti, 23.


          • Oh…I’m sorry I refuse to give in to hysterics and assume the world’s ending and the Church is falling apart.

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      • Time to remember GK Chesterton’s wonderful quip: The Catholic Church has gone to the dogs at least four times in history and each time it’s the dog who died.

    • Completely agree, Comrade. They have led the destruction of once-great Jesuit education, they have led the “inculturation” battle won at Vatican II (which resulted in the complete destruction of Catholic culture), they even went into the jungles of South America armed with Kalashnikovs, and now this awful man. They have become a plague and must be suppressed. Poor Sts. Ignatius, Francis Xavier and all the others!

      • How you are saying that latest sentence it’s almost funny. But message is clear my dear Benedict! And well said as usual.
        How about our great saint Robert Bellarmine, one of the toughest apologetics from Jesuits, or st. Peter Canisius? When we see them and read the great apologetic works of them, and compare it with all that banana-nonsense crap what these so-called modernists (the heretics) are spitting out on a daily basis, then we must conclude one of these two possibilities:
        Or we do not belong to their church!
        Or they don’t belong to our Church!

          • I don’t know bro. Because some of them, we think, are probably validly elected?
            I don’t think so. Being a real Catholic is not having just a baptism document. A true Catholic must pray, act, preach and live as a Catholic in fully accordance with Gospel of Jesus Christ.
            There cannot be any Catholic with ‘just a little bit’ or much more than that – a very different understanding of the very basic, fundamental teaching of our Lord the God Himself, and all of hundreds Church Fathers and thousands Saints through all the times since Christ’s Catholic Church was established by Jesus Christ.
            Since we not just believe but we also know that our Christ is the Head of His own Church, any part of His mystical Body which acts contrary to Head must be healed or imputed.
            . . .
            “Woe to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but nevertheless woe to that man by whom the scandal cometh.
            And if thy hand, or thy foot scandalize thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee. It is better for thee to go into life maimed or lame, than having two hands or two feet, to be cast into everlasting fire.
            And if thy eye scandalize thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee. It is better for thee having one eye to enter into life, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire.” (Matthew 18,7-9)
            . . .
            The same rule applies to the Church in its entirety.

          • It’s actually not that hard to define a Catholic Ivan.

            Since the Vatican has given nothing but hot air for fifty years, (not the Church, but the Vatican, note well) Catholics think that the Church is not really worth listening to. But if you go to pre-Vatican II sources, Church teaching is clear and concise and very much worth the time to learn what she teaches.

            Pope Pius XII infallibly teaches that one must “profess the true Faith” to be considered a member of the Church. Yes, it is as simple as that. The opposite of this means that heretics cannot in any way be considered members of the Church, because they do not profess the Faith. They profess heresy, and thereby sever their bond with the Church.

            “Actually only those are to be included as members of the Church who have been baptised and profess the true faith, and who have not been so unfortunate as to separate themselves from the unity of the Body, or been excluded by legitimate authority for grave faults committed.” Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Christi, 22


        • “Their” church? “Our” church? Seems JESUS has been left out of the equation. Where is HIS Church? …Beyond you.

      • Turns out one of the most brilliant Catholics in history, Blaise Pascal, was right about the Jesuits. I can almost hear his voice: “Je vous le disais, les amis!”

      • Well the good news is that both St. Alphonsus and the Curé d’Ars loved and admired the Jesuits, with the former asserting that even if there was only one Jesuit left on earth, he would be capable of reinvigorating the Society; while the latter declared in 1843 that he was quite confident that the Society would endure.

        The bad news is that neither saint could have foreseen the depths to which the Society of Jesus has sunk in the 21st century.

        • Bl. Elizabeth Canori Mora had an interesting prophecy about the Jesuits concerning their role in the restoration of the Church during these times of confusion. Perhaps the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of our Blessed Mother will effect something really astounding in their order, as the other religious orders also need, shortly. Let us pray and trust in God’s Grace and how God will, through the Queen of Heaven, perform all that we aspire to be restored in the Church.
          In the meantime, we have to pray and work in our own capacity as Catholics and soldiers of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

          • The Queen of Heaven was Ashtoreth a goddess of the canaanites,she has been incorporated into the catholic church as Mary the mother of Jesus.There is no Queen of Heaven and the bible states quite plainly that ‘there is no mediator between God and man but Christ Jesus.

          • You don’t have to feel sorry for me,just read the new testament instead of adhering to the myths of the catholic heirarchy.The apostle Paul says all scripture is inspired by God so we must all follow that not idolatry or the words of man.

          • Luke 1:28; Luke 1:43; Luke 1:48; Luke 2:35; John 2:1-5; John 19:26-27; Apocalypse 11:19-12:2
            Have you pondered what these might mean and how they are glossed over by so-called Christians? Study some more and pray even more for the Holy Spirit to enlighten you about Grace and Truth. Strive to understand how the apostles transmitted the Truth of what they heard and saw from Christ. Not how you interpret Scripture but how God wished it to be transmitted through the Apostles. Saint Paul made this clear in 2 Thessalonians 2:15. You can ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit with a humble heart. The Blessed Trinity will hear a humble heart in prayer. Then maybe, you will find that the humblest among all women indeed prays for you, too as well as all her children, as Christ entrusted us as her children at the foot of the Cross. I hope you do realize that all that was mentioned in the Gospel narratives are there for very specific reasons ordained by God. The Blessed Virgin is Queen of Heaven because God ordained it so, praying humbly and studying the Church Fathers (who were immediate disciples of the Apostles) will show you the Truth; that is if you really want to get to the Truth rather than engage in one-upmanship.

        • I wonder how it came to it, Long time ago the Jesuits were THE stronghold against all sorts of deviations…and now? They themselves are the source of them…

          • The Marxists have always infiltrated the places of higher learning and intellectual establishments, like universities and the Jesuits. From there they can poison learning.

    • What’s sad is that they actually legitimately need to be now where before the suppression was for political reasons

  3. This man is in effect an atheist leading a religious order of the Church. After suppressing the Jesuits, can the College of Cardinals and at least one half the Bishops be suppressed along with them? (just dreaming)

    • You speak just like the Demoncrats that cannot bring themselves to admit that President Trump is actually doing what he said he would do and MAGA. Do not get caught following the fringe element for tomorrow ye may be judged with those on Jesus’ left as He says “Away ye accursed…”

  4. The quintessential example of the revolting frauds riding roughshod over religious orders and indeed the entire Church. And he is celebrated by the Bishop of Rome.
    Need there be a further question as to what is transpiring in our Church?
    This filth need be excised.

  5. “The Church has developed over the centuries, it is not a piece of reinforced concrete….” This is how I would edit this line: “The [material] Church has [devolved] over the centuries, it is not nurturing souls….” One well-timed Passover of a dark night such as Egypt received will cull the tares from the wheat. Whether God desires that type of clean-up activity is unknown. Thank you for the articles on this site – they certainly are well thought out and researched. I trust God is very aware of these things.

  6. Why do these high-ranking Jesuits (including Pope Francis) have to look so ‘jolly’? Trying to appear as ‘nice guys’ in the eyes of the world as they go about destroying the Church?

    • The devil does not come dressed in horns and a pointy tail, he comes dressed as everything you’ve ever wanted…

      • In traditional folklore he sometimes appears as a gentleman, in tailcoat and white tie and top hat etc., (a bit like Fred Astaire come to think of it) only sometimes his cloven feet show.

  7. The sobering question to me is, will Catholics accept this false Church of secular ease and its new Gospel of secular comfort?

  8. Dear Morons
    If you a Catholic Bible, you would realize that there was no Original Sin , and.Adam and Eve were not the first humans,.only the.forst Hebrews ( Gensis 4:4).

    If you get past that you would see that Paul/Saul was the first used car salesman that moved to a better selling brand.
    St Peter recognized that but lost in a Roman (ala Paul) power struggle

    Christ meant only to save the Jews from the Romans, not us (we Gentiles were never condemned in the first place.
    Read more, but write less.

    • Wow, you really think highly of yourself. Your thinking is so smudged that your shell game could lead the weak out of bounds. Starting with confusing The Christ with what Jesus did, you are all over the page. Methinks you read too much and listen very little. The first words of your blab raises the alarm and exposes your lack of humility, literally screaming, “no truth in this post”.

      • A lot of BS criticism but NO counter argument. Have you ever been to a Divinity School ? That is the worst part;the Catholic Church has been mired in language and “new rules and conditions for salvation which Christ never said, implied or insinuated. The Church rules the ignorant by assuming unconditional belief as the go on and on. Not any more. ( Sorry for the typos, but I was taught by a Brother of Mary)

  9. Thank you for featuring an article about this man. Of course his line of thinking are not original to him, but it is important that someone who is in a level like his be exposed. Too many people are simply oblivious to this happening in the Church.

  10. This pope needs to go away. He needs to be taken down permanently before he corrupts any more easily brainwashed people. He is a left-wing, overly liberal, scripture-denying, salvation-denying, Bible-twisting, homosexual who is proudly doing the work of Satan. He and all those in his organization must be stopped dead in their tracks.

  11. Thank you very much 1P5, for reprinting this article. A while back I requested for an exposé of this man. He is among many in the Church who are causing the degradation of faith of many Catholic clergy, religious and laity.

  12. Jesus Christ is Risen! He has conquered death! Eternal life is granted to all who believe in Him. All that Jesus taught, the miracles, the signs and the parables, are all proven as pure truth. He is Truth! He is The Christ! He is The Messiah! Because of the Resurrection, we know He is NOT just another teacher, prophet or Rabbi. He is what He says He is: Jesus Christ is The Son of God! There is no other way to God except through His Son. NO OTHER WAY! It doesn’t matter what the world says. It only matters what God says

  13. DeFacto Protestant? You are truly ignorant of the truth, albeit your eyes are open just enough to see that your Pope is NOT a follower of Jesus. Jesus was very plain in His commands to those who would follow Him. No Pope EVER, has followed Jesus, according to His command. When YOU begin following Jesus, rather that usurpers that have exalted themselves against Jesus WORD, you will have gained some wisdom. Until then, remain the fool you are. Exalt Pharisaic impostors that have installed themselves over you. Be ABASED and made low, as they will be.

  14. If this clown of a priest was able to stand in the presence of Padre Pio’s discerning eye he would he would hurl himself off a cliff like in NT.

  15. Pope Satan who followed Pope Nazi both began setting the table for the Vatican to be Lucifer’s Throne on Earth. When Pope Satan begged the World to take Rapeugees ask yourself Why doesn’t the Vatican take Rapeugees – they have the room don’t they? No they don’t because all of those rooms are for the Gay Prostitutes servicing the Demons in the Vatican. The Vatican is Satanic Cauldron if Filth – a Toilet.

  16. There is No Roman Catholic Church in The Bible. Don’t follow organized Religion – Follow Jesus & Read The Bible. Forget Churches(False Prophets).

  17. The Pope is a phony. Always has been, always will be. It is a man’s religion. It has nothing to do with G*d. All to do with man. I only wish he would quit RIPPING off the true one.

  18. Just one question, why does the author call Francis a “Protestant”, like it’s a slur? No actual Protestant (and I don’t mean reprobates posing as Christians; both Protestants and Catholics have to deal with those people) would permit this kind of filth in their church, some Catholics really need to get off their high horse.

  19. How do those who see the words of God, of Jesus as changeable during human history and time possible, when they exist beyond our idea of time and place. Through Scripture , the prophets and the apostles, approved saint and seers, They spoke and speak only one unchanging truth.

  20. If St. Ignatius could have realized to what depts of depravity his Order would reach these days, he probably would never have founded it.


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