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Diocese of Poitiers, France: The European Sodomy Sweep Continues

The Diocese of Poitiers, France has published a pro-LGBT article in the latest issue of its diocesan journal. The article, entitled “Parents of Children who are ‘Different’, Homosexual” was written by “parents of homosexual children.”

They write:

We are trying to love our children, by not judging them, by trying to understand them and accept them as they are. Thanks to them, we have changed our attitude. They have taught us tolerance, how to come out of our conformism, to be in the truth. They have opened us to the Spirit of the Word of Christ, “Love one another,” by accepting their differences. Our children have the right to live an ordinary life. Just because they are different one must not imagine that they are to be treated differently. Pope Francis shows the way, he who says, “Who am I to judge?” What matters most to us … is the happiness of our children.

The article continues by declaring categorically that the Church has not supported them:

Unhappily, the Church has not helped us, since its positions, especially its position on the law regarding marriage for all, has revolted us. Society has just taken a big step forward, and, yet again, many Christians are lagging behind this evolution. It is difficult to be comfortable in a Church which does not recognize one part of its members. Will she ever be able to recognize her past errors?

They say they are waiting for the day when other Christians will ask them to share their experiences and acknowledge how they have suffered because of the intolerance of other Christians.

When priests will remember that our children are loved by God, and that God is with us, as they proclaim in the Liturgy, ‘The Lord be with you!’ Less [sic] long sermons and more concrete steps!

The signatories invoke the oft repeated words of Pope John Paul II, “Do not be afraid!,” and ask that the Church become a place where every person will be welcome “without distinction, without judgment. We wish for our homosexual children what Jesus always did, he who welcomed Zaccheus, Mary Magdalene, the Good Samaritan, the lepers whom he held in his arms.” In order to accomplish this change, “it is enough to return to the sources of the Gospel, getting rid of the straitjacket of fear which gave birth to a rigid morality, petrified over the course of history. May our local communities not reproduce this schema of guilt and judgment, but instead, may their priority be openness, respect, listening, compassion – in brief, welcoming all.”

The article concludes by thanking the local bishop for having dared to open the door and “explode the straitjacket” (of traditional Catholic moral teaching).

The French website Riposte-catholique comments on this article, saying:

It seems unacceptable to read such an article in an official Catholic journal denigrating the actions of its brothers who mobilized themselves against the Taubira law [purporting to redefine marriage to include sodomitical pairs in France in 2013]; the LMPT movement [against same] had nothing scornful to say against homosexuals. The author of the article (“12 parents of  homosexual children”) voluntarily employs a rebel tone and considers himself, just like the action of the diocese, to be in rupture with the doctrine of the Holy Catholic Church … and he is probably right.

There is manifest secularization in the Diocese of Poitiers that drifts toward a humanist conception of the Church adoring an impersonal god and relativized in a religion without any requirements, therefore without any sin. This diocese of Poitiers has been taken over by the left and is always living out the legacy of [former bishop] Joseph Rozier [1975-1994]; the last archbishops pursued the same politics.

The diocese now has almost no vocations. The few remaining candidates for the priesthood have for a long time preferred to go elsewhere for their formation, in order to receive a better quality of teaching.

Editor’s note: The material quoted herein was translated by Giuseppe Pellegrino.

116 thoughts on “Diocese of Poitiers, France: The European Sodomy Sweep Continues”

  1. The deadly spiritual poison of AL and the “New Paradigm” now considered a “straight jacket” by the poisoned has inflicted our beloved Church. We need not wonder why brave little Belgium has produced Cardinal Danneels, a Parliament whose members assuaged their filthy lusts on helpless children incarcerated in cellars, the scandal magically disappearing, the tolerance of deviate child abusing clergy. Love is an embrace that offers help, not accommodation of evil. The embrace offered by Belgian Hierarchy is that of Satan.

        • Cardinal O’Malley is a known wishy washy liberal who gives communion to public pro-aborts and presided at the funeral Mass of one Ted Kennedy, a latae sententiae excommunicate. In order for O’Malley to righteously preside at his funeral, the late, and most disgraceful, Edward Kennedy would have needed to publically repent of his public support of abortion etc…this never occurred.

          It was and is scandalous in the biblical sense of the word.

          • This is one of the reasons why Cicero said there is proof of God’s existence – He is the One who blessedly takes care of all the injustices of each person in this life in the life to come, especially those not remedied by those who have this sacred responsibility of doing so….

          • However Father, you are leading your own parish and you shall guide them in the truth. To all the Fathers you have the power through the holy spirit to lead not me or the other pew sitters.

    • However, the relationship that you and I have with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy spirit cannot be affected by those that wish to attack, change or destroy the faith.

  2. That bad bad old God…destroying Sodom and Gomorrah….thinking He knew everything just because He created the world! Well, I’m ME and I know better. This is 2018 after all!

  3. To decide that the Church has taught error concerning homosexuality for 2000 years is to say that God didn’t know what He was talking about. This 74 year old Catholic can’t and won’t swallow that garbage.
    Jesu, Deus meus, super omnia amo te.

    • However, it isn’t just homosexuality is it? It’s the pride and arrogance that many Catholics have today that has destroyed the truth of the faith.

      It’s the abuses of communion and the other sacraments, it’s the lack of reverence when entering a church, it’s the lack of prayer, it’s the lack of sacrifice and it’s the fear to speak up against those that commit these abuses. My trust is that Jesus Christ will deliver those / us that should be delivered through the best route………. mass, confession, adoration, sacrifice, the rosary, wearing the scapular and proclaiming our faith in our lives on the street.

    • Dear Sgt Pops,
      You are absolutely right. A thing is either true or it isn´t, especially the teaching of Christ. These people are just liars and charlatans.

  4. I posted this on the Remnant’s website earlier today. I think it encapsulates the same feelings I have on this article.

    “In all of this I prefer to take the mindset of our Eastern rite brethren. Namely, that, unless the pope is actually teaching as Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Catholic Church regarding a matter of Faith and Morals Ex Cathedra, then pay him no heed. Look, as I have written many times in the Remnant forum(s), the Catholic Churches of the East have NO DOG in this fight. They simply view the pope as an “Equal among Equals.” The Bishop of Rome is the Patriarch of the West, and, nothing more UNLESS he is invoking papal infallibility in accordance with the teaching of the First Vatican Council and prior Council pronouncements. We can argue until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Himself as to who is or who is not the true pope. Mr. Siscoe and Salza REFUSE to address the Universi Dominici Gregis document left by John Paul II (and unchanged by Benedict) governing the valid election of a cardinal to the papacy. Until then, all of this back and forth and the wringing of our collective hands over Bergoglio is absolutely academic. No one on this forum questions Bergoglio’s valid reception of Holy Orders or his subsequent consecration as a bishop, nor his elevation to the rank of cardinal. That said, the only question the faithful laity (and some clerics and prelates) have is the validity of Benedict’s resignation, and the validity of the 2013 conclave that elected Bergoglio. The entire issue of coercion/blackmail/conspiracy by the St. Gallen Mafia to force Benedict’s resignation and politic for Bergoglio is still in question (in my humble opinion). However, if and until all of these issues remain unanswered by the proper ecclesiastical authority in the Church, I wash my hands of this pontificate.”

    I will continue to pray and attend either the TLM or a Catholic Eastern rite parish. I will not leave the Catholic Church- be it because of this man on Throne of Peter, or any other in the future who will betray our Lord like Judas Iscariot. I am simply tired of all the articles. Either the College of Cardinals (those with the gall to actually DO something) will act, or we simply accept the fact that we have yet another bad pope in the history of the Catholic Church. Next issue, please…perhaps a little proper Catholic catechism???

    • I have been going to a Byzantine Catholic Church a couple of times a month. I asked someone what they thought about the happenings with the pope. I was told “Let the Romans do what the Romans do.”

    • Everyone knows. Everyone sees it in front of their faces on some level, whether it be in their parish, their Catholic school, their seminary, or their very effeminat, cheesy cloth robe -wearing priest who comes off the altar to perform the homily, dancing and waving his hands. I just heard from a priest’s lips, several months ago, expressing how the laity needs to have compassion and understanding for homosexuals wanting to adopt as they want to have children as well………

      This is really ‘olde’
      news,,,,that’s how old it is.

      • I’ve read that, perhaps, the reason PF is forcing a move toward women deaconesses is that there are Cardinal Deacons. That way they can skip women priests altogether and go straight to a woman Cardinal being made Pope. From their point of view this is perfectly logical.

      • Centuries ago, yes. This is no longer the case for a long time. Only a member of the College of Cardinals can be validly elected. Of course, a future pope can change this by rewriting the apostolic constitution on papal elections.

        • Not only Cardinals can be elected. Every male Catholic can become pope. In practice, however, this did not happen for a very long time.
          Woman Cardinals are actually not really a question. It’s a lib idea, but the Church’s teaching is so firm on the matter, that there can’t be any disputation. “Cardinal” is but a “prefix”, if you will. The important part is what follows: Cardinal BISHOP, Cardinal PRIEST, Cardinal DEACON. This comes from the historic fact that Cardinals used to be bishops, priests, and deacons. If a woman cannot become deacon, if she can’t be ordained, she can’t become a Cardinal. Some Cardinals in the past were created who refused to be ordained, which is a tradition among non-bishop theologians. Prominent examples are Hans Urs von Balthasar who died 2 days becore the Consistory, and Leo Cardinal Scheffczyk. Usually, with the Cardinalate comes the episcopal ordination (cf. can. 351 CIC/1983).

    • Sisco and Salza lost me when they began anathemizing Catholics and telling me who is and who is not a member of the Church. They seem to care more about enforcing their true pope thesis than actually fighting Francis. Too late guys that bus has left the station. Its not 2013 anymore.

    • Alas, there is no reason to refuse to accept the legitimacy of Pope Francis, nor the resignation of Benedict XVI (being pressured to abdicate is not sufficient). He’s the Pope, barring some dramatic new revelation, and…it’s extremely regrettable. He would not be the first extremely regrettable elevation to the See of Peter, though he may be the worst formed theologically.

      I mean, what happens when Benedict dies first (which is the the high probability)? Then we’re sedevacantists? If I’m going down that road, I might as well join the folks at St Gertrude the Great, and refuse to recognize any of the other post-conciliar popes, too.

      • I would add only one thing to this whole discussion regarding Bergoglio. That is, we, the laity, have but one “court” to take our case- the College of Cardinals. The laity can surely- by logical reasoning and the gathering and substantiating of facts- come to certain conclusions. However, just as in civil courts and law, the laity have “NO STANDING” to “SUE” in “COURT.” Read: the College of Cardinals. Why? Because we do not hold the rank or office of a cardinal. This is where the Sedevacantists take their argument- and lose me. This is a line I simply cannot see my way clear to cross over.

  5. What always amuses me is the belief these heritics hold about inevitable ‘progress’ in society about sin while in the same breath wanting to expound and inform us about ‘proper’ Christianity… Have none of these morons ever heard of or bothered to read the Apocalypse to St. John describing the future/our times? Does that sound like things in the world are going well? Do they ever reflect on that? How do they square this? How do they never notice the parallels?

    This is how I open the dialogue with these fools. Something I guess the VII era of cathechesis and readings and education left out for being very ‘negative.’

  6. Enough is enough!!!!! This will not aend until a Cardinal or Bishop stands up against this garbage. We all know if your a priest that says something you will be removed. As for us lay people were ignored. I’m tired of this squishy church.

  7. “It is difficult to be comfortable in a Church which does not recognize one part of its members.”

    Good, so go and Gen 1,28 yourselves.

  8. The article, entitled “Parents of Children who are ‘Different’, Homosexual” was written by “parents of homosexual children.”

    Much more likely, it was written by a homosexual propagandist! And easily torn to shreds with REAL love.

    Rear Admiral Sir Loafer lite, he’s on the high seas again and looking to prey upon our vulnerable Children, especially those
    confused by the prevailing winds of a diabolical culture and indeed confused by “parents” who are adrift, bereft of the substance
    of our Cathoilc Faith.

  9. It seems like I recall something along the words of “Repent, and believe”. Hmmm..repent. Does that mean we do not ‘accompany’ people in their perversion or sin???? Does that mean to withhold the truths of salvation? Guess this has been done for decades and we can see how it is turning out. The churches in this diocese will likely be either torn down or converted into mosques.

  10. Quote: “All we want is for our children to be happy”
    Truth: All we should want is eternal happiness with Christ in Heaven for our children.

    Quote: “Christians are lagging behind this evolution”
    Truth: Truth does not evolve. Society is to form itself to Christ, not vice versa.

    Quote: “When will the Church remember our children are loved by God”
    Truth: When will God’s children remember that they are to love Him above all else and that loving a parent means obedience and respect?

    Quote: “It’s difficult to be a member of Church which does not recognize one part of it’s member”
    Truth: To be a member of any group means abiding by the group’s bylaws. Those who refuse to follow God through the teachings of the Church are not members of the Church. People who believe, say and live by the Creed are members.

    Quote: “Will she ever be able to recognize her past errors”
    Truth: She is passing on the Word of God. The Church didn’t develop doctrine condemning sodomy. God did when he destroyed S&G.

    • The fact that they don’t support this outreach speaks volumes….

      Courage International, also known as Courage Apostolate and Courage for short, is an approved apostolate of the Catholic Church that counsels “men and women with same-sex attractions in living chaste lives in fellowship, truth and love”.Based on a treatment model for drug and alcohol addictions used in programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Courage runs a 12-step program aimed at helping “gay” people remain abstinent from sex.

      The organization runs support groups led by a Priest to encourage its members to abstain from acting on their sexual desires and to live according to the teachings of the Catholic Church on homosexuality. Courage also has a ministry geared towards the relatives and friends of “gay” people called Encourage.

      The apostolate was endorsed by the Pontifical Council for the Family in 1994 through the statement of Alfonso Cardinal López Trujillo.

      Courage has received criticism from other “LGBT” advocacy groups, including dissident Catholic groups such as the New Ways Ministry, which say that Courage’s methods are “problematic and very dangerous to people’s spiritual health”.In 2015, the Southern Poverty Law Center listed Courage International as one of the ten most prominent “ex-gay” anti-“LGBT” organizations.

      • The Courage Ministry has been rejected from this diocese and I am only slightly familiar . with their apostolate. If I am correct, Courage helps homosexuals to remain chaste.
        But, should that be end goal? Should it not to be live as authentically as God has made them to be? Is it enough to stop the behavior and not the disordered desire?
        And I am afraid as long as the disordered desire continues……..there is such a loss for each man and woman to live fully……something still remains very much amiss.

        • I believe it’s a demonic oppression that afflicts homosexuals, one of many disorders that Man has
          to battle with, given his FALLEN nature.
          Your 3 questions, CS: 1.No. 2.Yes. 3. I don’t know.
          The fact that the homosexual lobby are opposed to this apostolate says something about it’s merits….

    • Sadly, I believe that this is becomming more and more common in parishes that have a liberal “church of nice” or “church of me” Novus Ordo post-Vatican II flavour to them.

      And the majority of newer (i.e. “Millennials”) Novus Ordo Catholics have no idea about how anti-Catholic this stance (or embracing of) the whole homosexualist agenda actually is.

      Reason? Poor or non-existent understanding / teaching of the Catechism amongst young Catholics (or new members to the Catholic faith).

  11. We’re seeing the crystallization of a false Church, which preaches a false Christ under the guise of a false mercy. This “mercy” is not the mercy dispensed daily to repentant sinners in the Church’s confessionals located on all five continents. The mercy which has been freely dispensed to me numerous times during the course of my own chaotic life. No, this “mercy” tells sinners there’s no need to enter the confessional, that the confessional is a place of persecution and that it’s the Church which needs to enter it’s own confessional in order to beg for mercy from sodomites.

    At this stage, one is almost tempted to cheer for Team Islam as far as Western Europe is concerned. It seems like it will be the means used by God for the purification of the Church in that part of the world and the separation of the wheat from the chaff under the fire of a bloody persecution. One can see it coming and it will be horrific but it seems we’ve gone too far down the road of rebellion against God’s law to avoid it now. Poitiers used to be a Catholic beacon and is rich in Catholic history. St. Hilary of Poitiers is a famous saint, of course and Charles Martel stopped Muslim expansion at the Battle of Tours, not far from Poitiers. One of the great Catholic mystics of the 20th century, Sr. Josefa Menendez (“The Way of Divine Love”), lived in the convent of the Sacred Heart in Poitiers but like the rest of France, it has gone to hell in a hand-basket.

      • I’m starting to see more and more rosaries hanging from car mirrors and medals hanging from people’s necks in France.

        Until the middle of last year we were outnumbered at least 5 – 1 on the motorway with the stupid islamic prayer beads in comparison to rosaries being placed on the mirror of a car.

        • I wish that I actually knew God’s thought about all of this. It is confusing to a mortal. At least it is to this mortal. I will not change what I have believed and tried to practice from my earliest memories. However, the open contradictions remaining without being addressed either openly or sincerely, is cause for only confusion, conflict and injustice, as all the sides cite their own “experts/opinions…”

          To allow this to go on, knowingly, can not be defended as respectful to God. Even if the Church should fracture. God is still one.

          This mortal, will always listen to rational, concise, sincere points of view. But, this/these division/s cannot continue while claiming that doing nothing is what God, truly, wants, as we wait, hoping and praying, for God’s will to be apparent and to be manifested.

          A divided, broken, bleeding Church is nothing compared to what amounts to “giving the finger” to God, excused by “waiting patiently” for God to act.

          One is a sin of, perhaps ignorance. What is going on is intentional on all sides. There is no justification for this.

          Not in my opinion anyway.

          I do not see God being served by Jorge, or the advise of Cardinal Muller or the two remaining living Dubia authors. Perhaps others should have been cited by me, but I am a mere mortal stuck in, what appears to me to quite literally be PANDEMONIUM!

          May God forgive me if what I have written, truly, is contrary to His will. That is NOT my intention.

    • Given the number of Western converts to a harsh and demanding fake religion like Islam, it is blindingly clear that an effete and mercy-preaching religion has little appeal to anyone.

      Thanks for the reminder of Poitiers’ wonderful Catholic history. I had the good fortune to visit Tours in 2015 and treasure the memory of its wonderful churches – including, obviously, the one dedicated to St Martin.

      Plainly any modern militant defenders of Catholicism have to struggle with idiocies such as Pope Francis explaining how Islam is opposed to all forms of violence (Evangelii Gaudium, para 253) and telling people that the arms industry is not a fitting workplace for the Christian.

    • I hope that you know that near Poitiers they are many good fruits and there is a church being built that shall offer continual adoration.

      Sadly, today we do not hear about the fruit because we are frequently exposed to the s**t. The s**t is a deception to create anger and anger is scumboy satan’s best weapon against us.

      I shall state that our priest studied in Poitiers in the 1980’s and there were 3 or 4 future priests that fought against the liberal agenda, the seminary has been sold as of last year or the year before and the new batch of priests are coming through Bayonne where there is a good Bishop.

      Anger makes us tired very quickly it destroys the soul.

  12. No-one is denying that Jesus treated Mary Magdalene or the lepers with love and compassion. He did, however, ask the former not to sin anymore and He cured the lepers because He considered they needed to be cleansed of their leprosy Our Lord may indeed love us but He does expect us to try to amend our lives in accordance with His will.

  13. Then the cino liberal pro homosexual bishops wonder why the mass Exodus from.tne pews by laity and a lack of vocations through out France & Europe, Canada and most of the USA. Such fools in such high places .

    • The Church in many of these countries are being financed by the government. I don’t think they really care about the pewsitters. As the German Church attendance evaporates, the Church becomes more wealthy.

    • They like the lack of vocations. It fits their goal of women and married homo priests. .At least when Father Joe and Father Jim get divorced, they won’t have the issue of child custody.

  14. “What matters most to us … is the happiness of our children.”
    An extraordinary exhibition of the role parenting — inadequate parenting — plays in the cultivation
    of the disordered moral order.
    There is a rude reality to be swallowed by these individuals – indeed all of us.
    Temporal “happiness” is by its nature quite transient, fleeting and inadequate to the point of fraudulence. We don’t lay all our cards on the table for a “pot” that evaporates. That is the nature of happiness provided by the world, the flesh and devil.
    The Christian is not exempt from the desire for a satisfying life, but that satisfaction is derived by leading a rewarding life conformed to Holy Scripture, the Apostolic Tradition and the perennial Magisterium of the Church in order to achieve union with Jesus Christ – in as far as that is possible in time – but in total fulfillment in eternity.
    Almighty God created each one of us in order to know, love and serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him in Heaven. My favorite bit of wisdom from Saint Teresa of Jesus – “All the way to Heaven is Heaven.” Those who are willing to substitute the fantasy of ephemeral earthly gratification termed “happiness” for a rewarding life in the pursuit of eternal happiness are charlatans. They are found not among the laity alone, but with the greatest prominence in the
    Church. They are legion.
    They are atheists.
    They do not believe in the revelation of Almighty God in Holy Scripture – let alone His ultimate Word, the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.
    Apart from what has just been offered, anyone familiar with the homosexual subculture knows
    that despite the urgency experienced by individuals shouldering this moral conundrum, its aim cannot be achieved. That is just a simple fact. It is impossible. To confirm anyone on a course that is utterly futile is sadistic. Can the same-sex attracted find supportive and productive friendship? Undoubtedly. In a conjugal sense. Impossible.
    That is just reality. A bitter one at first for those who need to embrace it, but ultimately liberating.

    • It has become all too common for parents to turn their children into little idols. They want them to be happy, successful, prosperous…in this world. If they are, they’ve done their job (and a fine job, if I do say so myself). And they truly wish for a harmonious household, especially come the holidays. And if their children bring home a same-sex significant other, well, as long as they don’t frighten the horses in the living room, and the young man is polite and well-spoken, it’s easy enough to see him as just a nice-looking young man like his friends in high school, so what’s changed? What’s the big deal – love is love! Who wants to bring up such unpleasantness when we only see him a few times a year? And the kicker is, you actually have to believe to proclaim the Gospel, the real Gospel, to your children. If you have been saturated in the “gospel of nice”, if you haven’t come face to face with your own sinfulness, and truly repented, and confessed to a priest, and received absolution, and rejoiced, and done penance, and then done it all again and again, well, good luck, brother.

      • Let’s be frank. They love orgasm above all else. That is said not to be vulgar, but to specifically state exactly where their treasure is.

        The same goes for those in perpetual adultery. It is the act of orgasm they value more than eternal life.

      • The poor old Good Samaritan has been recruited for all manner of dodgy causes. I had the Good Samaritan waved at me by fellow parishioners who were outraged that I did not want to pay for Muslim ” refugees” to enter Britain. Jesus has the Good Samaritan taking the injured man to neutral ground at an inn, not into his own community.

    • “he who welcomed … the Good Samaritan…”
      Give me strength.
      I overlooked that. It is a glaring demonstration of the vacuous nature of this statement and comportment of those who composed it. It might be indicative of an ever spreading cognitive disorder found among those who count themselves theologians.
      Its almost Bergoglian!

      • Yes, they are ignoramuses at best. And the Diocese published it: one suspects that the current head within the Miter of Poitier may be empty.

        • They have been for decades — Roman Catholic theology metamorphosized by the “spirit of the council.” Of that there is no doubt.
          What is transpiring in Roman Catholic theology departments — not all, but most, I would think all Jesuit institutions, surely all those Roman Catholic institutions of higher education with real currency in the secular culture — they have been engaged in “the craft” for decades.
          Jorge would delight to see it termed Bergoglianism.
          He must have relevancy. Its symptomatic of clerics who require inordinate quantities of acknowledgement from a world which holds Jesus Christ in contempt.
          The need for personal relevancy is at the root of the problem in the Church today. Hubris. Pride.

      • “We wish for our homosexual children what Jesus always did, he who welcomed Zaccheus, Mary Magdalene, the Good Samaritan, the lepers whom he held in his arms.”

        One could arguably deduce from this statement that Zaccheus may have been a homosexual,
        Mary Magdalene a lesbian, the Good Samaritan bisexual, and the Lepers a bunch of trannies…!

    • Yes, I was puzzled by that, I don´t recall the Lord embracing the Good Samaritan….the whole letter is not only gushing, virtue-signalling and selfishly manipulative but profoundly ignorant as well. Only to be expected I suppose!

  15. Saint Hilary of Poitier, Bishop and Doctor of the Church: O Blessed Hilary do thou intercede with Christ on behalf of thy beloved Church of Poitier and seek the restoration of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith to thy beloved Diocese. As you fought so bravely against the vile heresy of Arianism in thy day, do thou so fight against the most vile heresy of Modernism in this our day. Assist whatever priests of Poitier thou canst to look upon thy heroic example and so imitate thee as thou didst imitate thy beloved Christ and give themselves fully to the defense of the Holy Faith. Amen.

  16. It is tragic even to read the first paragraph of the parents’ article; I could not continue after it.

    To read of brothers in Christ believing that their own children are walking manifestation of a sinful impulse — unnatural sexual perversion — is a trauma. Parents are actually believing that their children ARE the sins they commit, and are then blaspheming our Lord’s words “Love one another” to try to justify sexual perversion!

    Reading such horrifying assertions from these benighted parents is like being bludgeoned by the father of lies with a blunt instrument wrapped in sentimental appeals to tolerance and accepting differences — and iron fist in a velvet glove.

    But the souls of these children, and of their parents, are real, and they are in real danger. By rejecting the teachings of our Lord, His Apostles, and the Holy Catholic Church regarding sexual morality in order to embrace and romanticize sexual sin is a symptom of the most profound blindness and diabolical disorientation.

    Our loving Savior, Whose first command to us in the Gospel of Mark are “Repent, and believe” (Mark 1:15), will in the end judge those of us who cry “Lord, Lord”, but do not obey his commandments:

    You parents, who have come to identify your children with the sexual self-labeling and fixations of your children, listen to the words of our Lord, which have now been drowned out by political slogans dripping out of the mouths of bishops, priests, cardinals, and popes:

    “For from within the hearts of men come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, wickedness, deceit, debauchery, envy, slander, arrogance, and foolishness. All these evils come from within, and these are what defile a man.” – Mark 7:21-23

    And here:

    “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter the city by its gates. But outside are the dogs, the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the bright Morning Star.” – Revelation 22:13-16

    And again here:

    “Anyone who loves his father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me; and anyone who does not take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me. Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” – Matthew 10:37-40

    Dear parents, you are not helping your children toward Heaven, but you are helping to channel them on the path that leads to hell. Wake up! You have been seduced by worldly voices that do not come from the Holy Spirit, but are from the devil who comes to us as an angel of light to seduce us with raw emotions and attachments that overpower our faith and our reason.

    I urge those who have contributed to this false notion that people can turn evil into good simply because of the intensity of their feelings and obsessions to pray and repent. What does our Lord say about this?

    “I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich, white garments so that you may be clothed and your shameful nakedness not exposed, and salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see. 19Those I love, I rebuke and discipline. Therefore be earnest and repent. 20Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with Me.” – Revelation 3:18-12

    It is never to late to escape the clutches of the father of lies, with his rainbow banners and self-adhesive labels and slick media campaign. Our life on this earth is short, but eternity is long. Don’t let the allure of a few decades worth of orgasms drag your children — and yourselves as complicit parties — into hell. Take Jesus at His word.

  17. I read somewhere that sodomy is a form of brainwashing, that the best kept secret of the “esoteric” grades of Freemasonry
    is ritual sodomy.They believe it opens the “third eye” to Satanic “illumination”. It attacks a pressure point of nerves at the base of the spine causing temporary neurological paralysis and a shift of consciousness.

      • Yes, I could provide additional material but it’s too unspeakable.
        Suffice to say by way of a broad sweep the wholly vile and worldly revered: Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was a Sabbatean who sold his perverted satanist beliefs to the world in the guise of science and medicine. The diabolically-controlled media and education system hailed him as a great “prophet”.

        The Sabbateans were a sex cult that indulged in every sexual perversion imaginable as a way of spitting in God’s eye. This is what satanists do: incest, pedophilia, orgies, homosexuality, everything that is unnatural and unhealthy.

        Sigmund Freud illustrates that modern culture is controlled by a satanic cult, to degrade and enslave mankind. We have been duped by Satanists in the guise of science and medicine.

        Satanists promote sexual excess and deviance to enslave humanity. “Anything goes,” is the satanist watchword.

        “Free sex” tramples marriage and family, institutions necessary for social stability and health. It debases every human relationship to the lowest common denominator, sex. It presents sex and “relationships” as the single gateway to personal development and happiness.

        For the past 200 years, progress and enlightenment have been measured in terms of increased sexual license, until today society genuflects at the obscene antics of obese, naked “gay pride” paraders.

        This is “progress” in satanic terms. We are the victims of a diabolical multi-generational conspiracy which grows more brazen every day.

        • Yes to all of the above.

          And go ahead and read about Freud and his sick letters to his paramour about his incredible libido due to his use of Cocaine. And how he regularly prescribed massive amounts of Cocaine to his patients to treat their ‘repressive’ neurosis…

          He was a demonically possessed drug fueled madman that the secular world embraced to liberate themselves from morality and reason based in objective truth so that they could willfully give themselves over to their most vile desires without guilt.

          Hmm, is this Freud or Cardinal Coccopalmerio’s secretary?

          • I am not very fond of Freud, but to the best of my knowledge, it is unjust to accuse him of willful drug addiction. Cocaine was very new, it seemed to have medical benefits, it was, as most new medications are, over-hyped, and once Freud understood its dangers, he overcame his addiction to it and stopped using it. Like many physicians of his era, he experimented on himself first. Cocaine was not then known to be addictive.

            If you have information to the contrary, please give the citations.

        • PS: and we both know that the majority of ‘good’ Catholics have know idea of what we are talking about. Because, it’s all obfuscated and buried in the press and the pulpit. I actually preach on this stuff…

          • “Yes, I could provide additional material but it’s too unspeakable.”

            I don’t mean to be curt, but I suggest you research this your own way with the tool
            in front of you. Thank you.

            ps: there is more than sufficient recorded information on this.

      • That is very true regarding the oppressed, what a painful and difficult struggle. Though often a result
        of personal sin, some notable Saints carried such crosses.

  18. I don’t believe for one minute that anyone in the church has been cruel to them or condemned them. They are fighting against something that does not exist. The Church and the world , and the worldly church, support and exalt them, as they know very well. The Church has not openly condemned sexual sin in 50 years, maybe more.

  19. That’s going to be a pretty tough square to circle trying to make Church doctrine okay with sodomy. That can’t actually be the Church.

  20. The diocese now has almost no vocations.

    Given how quickly they are running out of laity in Poitiers, this is perhaps just as well.

  21. This is Bergoglio’s strategy – using children as “agents of change”.

    Vatican releases loaded survey for young people

    Vatican Cardinal: Youth synod will help the Church ‘change its
    ways of doing things’

    Vatican’s youth synod looks like another assault on the Catholic faith

  22. “Our children have the right to live an ordinary life.” What an astonishing statement. Even if you accept the premise, the fact remains that they have chosen not to do so. How is any of this a call for the Church to fundamentally alter its teaching?

  23. “There is manifest secularization in the Diocese of Poitiers that drifts toward a humanist conception of the Church adoring an impersonal god and relativized in a religion without any requirements, therefore without any sin.” What a fascinating passage from this article. Where have I heard this before?

    Of course – Auguste Comte’s Religion of Humanity, well described as Catholicism without Christianity. Appropriately, it was a French invention, which spawned imitators elsewhere in the world in the form of Ethical Societies. This formal non-religion hardly exists any more – rather like the Diocese of Poitiers.

  24. A synod of evangelising in France has been going on for over 1 year. Sadly, those that were chosen by our priest weren’t exactly virtuous.

    The objective most probably involves tolerance and inclusiveness for all! It’s interesting that tolerance isn’t ever mentioned in the bible (Our priest told us this)

    We have a catechist that gave up the catechism because she couldn’t children that there is no father christmas because of the back lash from the parents and this person is on the synod parish council. In the meantime we have been trying to have our 5 year old and 4 year old catechised but in France they do not start the process until the age of 8 which is too old!

    • Emigrate to somewhere where you will have a better chance of seeing your children and grandchildren grow up in the faith.

      I find myself telling folks that here in the States, too, where they are in dioceses of abomination.

      And never forget: The domestic Church is the most important place of formation on earth. Teach your children.

      God’s blessings on you.

  25. Their comments:

    We are trying to love our children, by not judging them, by trying to understand them and accept them as they are. Thanks to them, we have changed our attitude. They have taught us tolerance, how to come out of our conformism, to be in the truth. They have opened us to the Spirit of the Word of Christ, “Love one another,” by accepting their differences. Our children have the right to live an ordinary life. Just because they are different one must not imagine that they are to be treated differently. Pope Francis shows the way, he who says, “Who am I to judge?” What matters most to us … is the happiness of our children. Unhappily, the Church has not helped us, since its positions, especially its position on the law regarding marriage for all, has revolted us. Society has just taken a big step forward, and, yet again, many Christians are lagging behind this evolution. It is difficult to be comfortable in a Church which does not recognize one part of its members. Will she ever be able to recognize her past errors?

    My translation:

    We are irresponsible parents and Catholics by not instructing our children that homosexual acts are an abomination to the Lord and are always and everywhere evil, and they will be severely judged for it. We are not going to judge them, and will instead leave that to the Lord, Who will sentence them to Hell if they don’t repent of their sins. Thanks to them, we have changed our attitude regarding a sin that Sodom and Gomorrah were burnt down for. They have taught us to tolerate an act that Jesus said makes the Devil himself hurl, and have abandoned our “conformism” to Christ’s teaching, to be in the “truth” of the wickedness of the world and science falsely so called. We are opened to a spirit we mistake for that of Christ, and are going to love our children by putting them on the path to damnation. Our children have the right to an ordinary life, because unnatural sexual perversion is so ordinary and contracting multiple sexual diseases is also normal. We should not treat them differently, but we will treat orthodox Catholics who don’t accept them differently. And we are going to back up our lovingness by quoting a Pope who is destroying the very fabric of the family. What matters to us is that our children are happy….well, at least for this life. After that….. The Church does not help us because we are dissenters from Her teaching. Forgetting that Christ said we should not be of the world, we want the Church to reflect the latest sexual perversions of the world, and orthodox Catholics are not “evolved” like us. It’s uncomfortable to be excluded from the Church because I choose to live contrary to Her teaching. When will She recognise that for 2,000 yrs She was wrong, but I am right? My sexual proclivities should be accommodated by the Church! Even though science has proven homosexuality to be destructive to the person, I still want the Church to accept me!

    O glorious St. Hilarius, wilt thou not stretch forth thy crozier in protection of thy Church? Is not even thy Church spared the demonic madness which hath poured forth unto the Church Universal? Most noble Doctor, let the Sword of Truth issue forth from thy mouth and expel the stench which hath laid siege to thy throne! Let this be done for the honour of the Lord and the salvation of His Church. Amen


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