Please Pray for the United States of America

I’ve spent most of the afternoon on social media, looking over reports about the protest that turned into a break-in at the US Capitol. Government officials had to be evacuated. One young woman was shot in the neck, and appeared to be in very bad condition.

There is an enormous amount of speculation going on about who is responsible, what should be done, whether or not the infiltrators are leftists disguised as conservatives, etc. None of this is accomplishing much of anything, other than this: the Right in this country continues to fragment and eat itself while the Left unites against it.

We argue, in large part, because we’re powerless and we know it. We want something we can control, but beating each other up, even if it’s only with words, isn’t going to help.

Conservatives should not expect any electoral victories in the near future, unless something very unexpected changes.

This is a historic moment, and not in the good sense. We have lost faith in our institutions, our leaders, our electoral process, and each other. Suspicion, distrust, animosity, and despair are on the rise. Truth is increasingly hidden beneath overwhelming amounts of mis and disinformation — and both sides of the political spectrum are responsible for this.

I’ve decided to hold off on publishing our usual column from Peter Kwasniewski today as all eyes focus on this developing situation.

This is a dangerous time. We’re being torn apart, and the future is bleak. Please pray for each other, and pray for this country.

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