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Please Pray for Dr. Robert Hickson

Dear readers of 1P5,

Over the past couple of years, Maike Hickson has become a very important part of our work here. She has helped us greatly in our coverage of European stories, particularly in the German-language press. She has built relationships with other international Catholic writers and thinkers like Marco Tosatti and Roberto de Mattei, among others. She has established communications with critical prelates in the Church — including members of the curia — which has not only given us access to their thoughts, but has given them an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the stories we cover. And she has done it all with one overarching motivation: her love for the Church, for Our Lady, for Our Blessed Lord, and for souls.

Dr. Robert Hickson

Behind the scenes, her work is greatly influenced and guided by her husband, Dr. Robert Hickson, who himself followed a career of distinguished military service with an equally long and illustrious tenure as a Catholic speaker and writer. Among other positions he held, he served as Professor and Chairman of the Literature and Latin department at Christendom college in Virginia, where he was a founding member of the faculty. Over the time I’ve worked with Maike, I’ve gotten to know Robert somewhat, having spoken with him a number of times on the phone as he gave important background on developments that occurred in the Church since the council, or as he filled me in on the thoughts of men like his friend Fr. John Hardon, his mentor Josef Pieper, and a host of other names many Catholics — especially traditional Catholics — would know well. I am always astonished at not just the breadth and scope of his knowledge, but at his magnanimity and good humor. He never treated me as less than an equal, which, having listened attentively to his words like a student to a teacher, I can assure you I am not.

Over the past week, Robert has fallen gravely ill. He had a heart attack last weekend, and has been in the hospital with complications ever since. Today, I received the following update from Maike:

Please allow me to approach you with a personal request for prayer. My dear husband, Dr. Robert Hickson, recently had a heart attack and is in the Intensive Care Unit. His heart is very weak, he has received three stents in his heart now, but his heart beat was yesterday so irregular that he went twice into cardiac arrest, and the nurses had to revive him. Our two little children [ages 9 and 7] need their wonderful father so much; I need my husband. The despairing idea of possibly losing him is what drives me to this unusual step. I thank you already now from my heart for your assistance in the Lord.

I ask you to please pray for Robert Hickson, for his recovery, and for strength and consolation for Maike and their children. They are not just colleagues in our work here, but friends; a very real part of the 1P5 community.

Thank you in advance for your kindness.

79 thoughts on “Please Pray for Dr. Robert Hickson”

  1. Almighty and Everlasting God, the eternal salvation of those who believe in You, hear us on behalf of Your servant Robert who is sick, for whom we humbly beg the help of your mercy, so that, being restored to health, he may render thanks to you in your Church.
    Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  2. “But do Thou, O Lord, the physician of our souls and bodies, the guardian of all flesh, look down, and by Thy saving power heal all the diseases of soul and body.” – Divine Liturgy of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Mark –

  3. Dear Maike. I will remember your husband Robert Hickson in my Mass tomorrow and will offer Mass for your family during the week and personal prayer.

  4. We are praying for you dear sister Maike and for the healing of your dear husband.
    Ave Maria, gratia plena
    Dominus tecum
    Benedicta tu in mulieribus
    et benedictus fructus ventris tui Jesus.
    Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis, peccatoribus
    nunc et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.

  5. Almighty and Eternal God,
    You are the everlasting health of those who believe in You.
    Hear us for Your sick servant Dr Robert Hickson
    for whom we implore the aid of Your tender mercy,
    that being restored to bodily health,
    he may give thanks to You in Your Church.
    Through Christ our Lord.

  6. In 2014 my daughter was in the hospital for three months, given ZERO chance for survival. Many times she hovered on the brink with doctors telling me that there was no hope. She is alive and relatively well today, raising her two young children.

    I can unequivocally say that Mother Teresa’s “Emergency Novena” was part of the miracle that brought her back to health. Someone had recommended I say it when she entered the hospital and it became THE “Go-To” prayer weapon for me. Every time, my daughter shortly turned the corner and came back from the brink.

    What’s this “Emergency Novena”? It’s simple — say the Memorare prayer nine times in a row. That’s it!

    I am going to say it now for Dr. Hickson. Tomorrow’s Mass will be said for his complete recovery, too!

    • I love the Memorare prayer for it has brought me and our family back from the brink several times – I will pray this prayer for Robert and ask the Great Physician to heal him completely. May the Lord give you and your children strength and courage at this difficult time.

      • Ahhhh! Never knew that — the first 9 always seemed to work, but you can rest assured that I’ll add those second 9 now that I know about them. THANK YOU!

      • I have also read that an ’emergency novena’ is a Rosary, a Chaplet of Divine Mercy and nine Memorares.
        I will try this one!

      • Thanks Granny and all others who recommended this. I too have a special love for the Memorare as I went to a Marist Sisters college and we prayed it every morning at assembly. Thank you Lord that the littlest of us can use this weapon through the humblest of creatures. ????????

    • I have just read Steve’s urgent request for prayers for Dr. Robert Hickson, and I will act upon it immediately. Thank you for recommending the “Emergency Novena of Mother Teresa; (and thanking g z for adding the essential nine Memorarae’s in thanksgiving). If I had heard of it previously, it had been deleted from my memory; (no pun intended).
      The Memorarae, attributed to St. Bernard of Clairvaux, probably occupies a special place in my heart; it is the most eloquent prayer of supplication to our most loving, gracious and generous Mother, who will always be attentive to our every need in accordance with the Will of God.
      I learned this beautiful prayer as a child, but the wording I learned was slightly different to that which is in use today. But even when praying the Memorarae in public, I still pray it according to the way I was taught it, (though I lower my voice at certain parts, so as not to confuse others). Last Sunday, the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, I ceased to be a sixty-nine-year-old and I have passed the point where I can re-program my ageing brain. Besides, being a cantankerous seventy-year-old, I retain a particular affection for the way I learned it when Adam was still a lad.

      Remember, O most loving Virgin Mary, that it is a thing unheard of that anyone, ever had recourse to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession, and was left forsaken. Filled, therefore, with confidence in thy goodness, I fly to thee, O Mother, Virgin of virgins: to thee I come, before thee I stand, a sorrowful sinner. Despise not my poor words, O Mother of the Word of God, but graciously hear and grant my prayer; Amen.

    • Thank you Granny! Although most of us practicing, rosary praying Catholics know the Memorare by heart, I had never heard of the Emergency Novena. I looked it up in my Laudate prayer app and voila, there is it, hiding in plain sight! 🙂 Prayers enroute to our Mother of Mercy for Dr Hickson’s recovery.

      • Now that you mention it, that’s probably where I first saw the prayer. I would often pull up Laudete while sitting by my daughter’s bedside, seeking prayers I could say for her.

  7. Dear Maike, at the altar of the Lord tomorrow when I celebrate mass, know that my intention will be for your husband and your family.

  8. I have drawn the sign of the cross over Robert’s heart three times. May it be as fresh and new as a newborn. Father, guide the hands of the medical team to bring him out of this trial. It is you oh Gracious God who can heal him. Do not leave his family orphaned oh compassionate God. Jesus I trust in you.

  9. I am praying for Robert and Maike and their Children. I will offer Mass for Robert on Monday and include Him as my personal intention at both of my Masses tomorrow.

    O Mary, Health of the Sick, pray for Robert Hickson and in thy benevolent mercy beseech the Blessed Son to grant Robert a full recovery that he may continue to father his children and support and comfort his wife. Amen.

  10. I am sorry to hear of another good man down. Of course, being a regular reader, I’ve read many articles by Maike Hickson. May Robert Hickson make a full recovery. Prayers as requested.

  11. May the merciful Lord return your beloved husband to you, healed and renewed. I will pray this night before the Blessed Sacrament for you all.

  12. I have remembered Dr. Hickson and his family in my Rosary intentions and will continue to do so. All you angels and saints, orate pro nobis.

  13. O Holy Father, Physician of souls and bodies, You sent Your only-begotten Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, to heal every infirmity and to deliver us from death. Heal Your servant Robert of every spiritual and bodily ill which afflicts him. Restore him by the grace of Your Christ through the prayers of our most holy Lady, the Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary, and of all Your Saints. For You, our God, are the Fountain of healing, and we glorify You together with Your only-begotten Son + and Your Consubtantial Spirit, now and ever and forever. Amen.

    From the Byzantine Mystery of Anointing of the Sick

    Source: Byzantine Book of Prayer, 1976, p. 61.

  14. Both Doctor Hicksons, Robert and Maike, as well as their children will be my Rosary intentions tomorrow, and I will include them among my regular intentions from now on.

    • A remarkable post…….thank you for this.

      We are praying for you dear good man and for your wife and children!

      Please dear Lady, we beseech you, so many graces your Beloved Son gave to him and how he has responded.
      Watch over Dr. Hickson and his family……we beg of you, your great intercession of healing, and protection of this family.

  15. Dear Maike and family, as I am consecrated to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I present all my prayers on your behalf — for every kind of healing, for strength, for comfort — to our Blessed Mother, to perfect them and present them to her Divine Son. You are all in the hands of Our Lady!

  16. I will pray for Dr. Hickson and family at a special Advent Mass tomorrow in Toronto, sponsored by the Sisters of Life.

    Holy Family, pray for us!

  17. I have been a cardiac nurse for years and am so sorry for his wife and children. I will keep him in my prayers for his complete recovery. It can happen. God bless them all!

  18. I have prayed for Dr. Hickson to revive at the earliest so that he may continue doing the good work he is doing for the Lord. I have prayed to Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Peter & St. Paul, St. Gonsalo Garcia, St. Francis Xavier, St. Thomas the Apostle, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Thereza of Calcutta, St. Michael, St.Gabriel, St. Raphael and my Guardian angel to intercede with Jesus on Mr. Hickson’s behalf. These r the saints and angels to whom I pray daily for their intercession for my own needs. May we get the good news of his full recovery soon. We r with Maike and their children in spirit to support them in their hour of need.

  19. Our Father in Heaven, look upon the father who is desperately needed by his family. I ask for the restoration of his health. But always, may Your will be done. Blessed Mother, comfort Maike and their children. In their pain, may they give glory to your Son.
    I ask this through Jesus Christ the Lord.

  20. Praying for you and will continue. May the Lord give you strength dear Maike and to your husband a full recovery so he can be with us for much longer in good health. God bless

  21. Robert’s name is now enrolled in the Perpetual Novena on Papa Stronsay. Will also ask my two favourite convents to pray for him and his whole family..

  22. Just went on my knees and prayed for his healing and strength for Maike and the children.
    In the name of Jesus
    With the intercession of Mary our Mother, her most chaste spouse St Joseph and the St Therese of Lisieux

  23. Dear Maike.

    I will offer my Mass today and include in my daily rosaries until your husband is healed, him, you and your children. May Our Lord give you courage, strength and peace.

  24. I will offer my Mass today for Robert, Maike and children, that the Lord Jesus restore him to health, and comfort his family with His loving peace and comfort. (and also keep the family in my Rosary!)

  25. From March 2015 to 10 September 2017 I have seen all these things about my father, heart attack, intensive care, stents, lacks of breathing, runs to hospital and so on, so I am quite aware of the situation. I offer my prayers for this brother to the Lord Jesus and the intercession of Our Lady and Saint Joseph.

    • Christmas isn’t exactly merry in my house. My maternal grandmother passed away Dec. 14, 1971. My maternal uncle passed away in his sleep Dec. 29, 2014. One of my dearest friends died on Dec. 27, 2013 but her official date of death is Dec. 28 because it was certified after midnight. The mother of one of my best friends died the day after Christmas.

      I pray that Dr. Robert Hickson makes a complete and full recovery not only for his own sake but for Dr. Maike Hickson and their children.

      O Lord God, You are praised by the whole world for the marvelous works in Your saints. I thank You for the grace you gave to Blessed Martyr Vasyl Velychkovsky to be a faithful witness to You unto the point of death. Through his intercession I ask for the following favor: a full and complete healing in body and soul for Robert Hickson, for Your Name is glorified forever. Amen.

      Imprimatur + Michael (Bzdel), C.Ss.R.

  26. Please Lord, be near him and help him. Please comfort his wife and family.
    You will all be in our prayers. Hang in there, God is so near you all.

  27. Maike? You are like a sister to us. Know that we haven’t forgotten you. We stand united in prayer for your precious husband, awaiting word. Until then, may our Blessed Mother wrap you and your children in Her warm mantle of Love.

  28. I am sorry to hear about Dr. Hickson’s medical emergency. I am praying for his recovery. Maike, I am praying for your strength in this time. May Our Lord and the Blessed Mother be ever close to you and your children. I remembered you during the Mass for today and will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  29. We have to keep praying!
    Update – 11.12.17: “Dear All,
    I haste. Robert had another heart arrest tonight. I will drive right now back to the Winchester Hospital. I thank you from my heart for all your prayers.
    In Christ,

  30. Our Lady of Good Success, Source of unfailing help, bring comfort and aid this faithful family.Grant that Dr. Robert, will be restored to full health. May they be strengthened in spirit to endure their suffering with patient resignation and Catholic fortitude. Amen.

  31. Our Lady gave stigmatist Marie Julie Jahenny a remedy for illnesses that attack the heart: hawthorn tea. She instructed us to boil water and then add the leaves, keeping the lid on tight – and to boil it for 14 minutes. Take it three times per day. She was very particular with the instructions. Clinical research studies have shown hawthorne to be equally and more effective than the most reliable medicines for heart conditions, and effective in days. Check PubMed for study results. Please pass this along to Maike. (This remedy was given to Marie as a remedy for an illness that will spread during the chastisement and which attacks the heart. Marie lived with the stigmata longer than any person in history and lived on the Eucharist alone for many years. Her visions and life were approved by a local Bishop of Nantes, however she was persecuted by many in the clergy. Most of her visions relate to end times and in particular the role of France, the decimation of France, the rise of France as the eldest daughter of the church, the great Monarch, and the Angelic Pope.) Praying for his recovery!!

  32. Signore Dio nostro, Padre Buono, noi ti preghiamo per questo nostro fratello, aiutalo in questo momento di bisogno e restituiscilo al più presto all’affetto dei suoi cari.


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