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OPPORTUNITY: Days of Reparation

Dear OnePeterFive donors, supporters and readers,


I want to thank all the donors and supporters who gave to our spring fundraiser last month. We came up short of our goal, but we hope that in the coming months we can continue to grow and rebuild our monthly supporter base. Please consider becoming a monthly donor to help us in our crusade for souls and society:

As we enter the month of June dedicated to the Sacred Heart, we are presented with an opportunity of days of reparation. As the collect for the Sacred Heart speaks of reparation, we appeal again to our readers to join this crusade of Eucharistic reparation. Tomorrow is First Friday, a great day to fulfill a monthly obligation of Eucharistic adoration, giving God what is due to Him, in reparation for so many crimes against His glory. And in two weeks the great feast of Corpus Christi begins, bringing to mind the annual event that His Excellency envisioned when he first called this crusade:

It would be a pastorally urgent and spiritually fruitful measure for the Church to establish in all dioceses of the world an annual “Day of Reparation for the crimes against the Most Holy Eucharist.” Such a day could be the octave day of the Feast of Corpus Christi. The Holy Spirit will give special graces of renewal to the Church in our days when, and only when, the Eucharistic Body of Christ will be adored with all Divine honors, will be loved, will be carefully treated and defended as really the Holiest of Holies. Saint Thomas Aquinas says in the hymn Sacris sollemniis: “O Lord, visit us to the extent that we venerate you in this sacrament” (sic nos Tu visita, sicut Te colimus). And we can say without doubt: O Lord, you will visit your Church in our days to the extent that the modern practice of Communion in the hand will recede and to the extent that we offer to you acts of reparation and love.

This crusade means making a commitment to God to do one or all of these things:

  1. One hour Adoration per month in reparation for the sins committed against the Blessed Sacrament.
  2. Pray regularly the Prayer of the Crusade of Reparation to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

To these two practices outlined by His Excellency we add a third according to the new intention, as OnePeterFive columnist Fr. John Zuhlsdorf has outlined:

  1. Become a “Custos Traditionis” by paying the Memorare daily with weekly penance for the reversal of Traditionis Custodes.

Once you have committed to one or all of these prayers and penances, then consider doing one or all of the following:

  1. Read and share the articles and reflections we have published on this topic.
  2. Promote, plan and execute a weekly, monthly, and/or annual reparation Mass and devotions in your parish and diocese. His Excellency suggests a “Day of Reparation for Crimes Against the Most Holy Eucharist” in each diocese as the octave day of Corpus Christi.
  3. Gather a group in your parish or diocese to pray regularly these prayers for your bishop to restore the Latin Mass in your diocese and root our liturgical abuses and sacrileges.
  4. Read Kwasniewski’s manifesto of Eucharistic Reparation: Holy Bread of Eternal Life: Restoring Eucharistic Reverence in an Age of Impiety
  5. Read Bishop Laise’s treatise against Communion in Hand (Holy Communion), and His Excellency’s Dominus Est and buy all these books for priests and bishops.
  6. Send me an email (editor [at] to join our mailing list so that we can coordinate the promotion and spread of this crusade to as many souls as possible.
  7. Send us submissions on this topic! We will publish every month to promote this. What are you doing in your local parish or family that has worked to spread Eucharistic devotion and reparation? What can you write to promote this cause?

T. S. F.
Octave Day of the Ascension

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