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New Pontifical Academy Head Promotes Idea of Children as “Change Agents”

As Vatican Radio reported on 22 June 2017, Pope Francis has named Professor Joachim von Braun as the new President of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS). Professor von Braun is Ordinary Professor of Economics and Technological Change, as well as Director of the Center for Decvelopment Research at the University of Bonn, Germany. According to Vatican Radio, von Braun will “seek solutions to inequality and the destruction of the environment.” He also said that the “80 members composing the Academy are from different countries and religious backgrounds and many hold Nobel Prizes for their contribution to science.” According to a 8 July interview with, the German bishops’ website, von Braun said that not all of the PAS members are Catholics or even believers, but that they have been chosen according to their scientific expertise. Professor von Braun, who is a Protestant, had first been appointed as a member of the PAS in 2012, by Pope Benedict XVI.

In November 2015, Professor von Braun participated in a Vatican Workshop as organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences under the leadership of Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo which was dedicated to “Children and Sustainable Development: A Challenge for Education.” (Among the speakers were leading population control advocate Jeffrey Sachs and Courtney Sale Ross, the founder of a New Age school in the U.S., both of whom are continuing their collaboration with the PAS.)  Alarmed by the fact that von Braun had then spoken about “children as change agents,” I myself had undertaken some research into this matter and published my findings in April 2016 in Christian Order, a British traditional-Catholic journal. I then wrote, as follows:

Among the speakers of this Vatican Workshop, there was, again, Jeffrey Sachs, close collaborator of George Soros, who is the third largest donor to Planned Parenthood. Soros is known for his success in making money in times of currency crises, as happened in England and in Russia. In his own talk at the Vatican Conference, Jeffrey Sachs spoke on “Education and Sustainable Development Goals.”

Also present was Professor Joachim von Braun. For many years he headed the International Food Policy Research Institute; a body funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, which in turn is known for its financial and ideological ties with Planned Parenthood since the founding of that pro-abortion organization. At the Vatican Workshop he [von Braun] spoke on the topic: “Children as Agents of Change for Sustainable Development.” Von Braun told me in an e-mail that he will only be able to finish his written manuscript in February (2016); the exact content of his talk is therefore still unknown at the time of writing [2016]. Thus, I asked him whether he could sum up the thesis of his talk and describe how he sees children as “change agents.” He responded:

“Looking at your further statements below, you seem to completely misunderstand the term ‘agency’ as used in scientific literature. Children should know about nature, technologies, rights, and sustainable development. This does not just relate to environment, but more broadly to health and wellbeing. Children need to be helped/educated to act responsibly in their families, and communities.”

I also wanted to know how he would respond to the possible reproach that he makes use of the children for his own intentions, and thereby indirectly undermines the parents and their authority by teaching children that they have to teach their own parents. The question from me also mentioned the analogy of the Hitler Youth Movement, which used the children for its own wider purposes, in order to re-educate the parents, to control them, and even to spy upon them. Von Braun answered:

“This strange thought of yours has never been raised to me before [sic]. It includes an insinuation about the intentions of my research work, to which I object. Children need to be respected. Of course they must be protected from oppressors.”

I pointed out that these cumulative concerns also arise due to the fact that it was the Catholic Church which organized this PAS Workshop, and that the Church teaches in the Fourth Commandment that children are to obey their parents, not the other way around. Additionally, the Catholic Church never bypassed the authority of the parents in order to approach children for the spreading of the Faith. Rather, the Church first sought the conversion of the adults themselves. Von Braun corrected me with regard to the Fourth Commandment, writing:

May I remind you what the 4th commandment states: “Honor thy father and thy mother.” Honor is not the same as “gehorchen” [obey], but it means to respect. Christianity very importantly emphasizes protecting, respecting, and recognizing children’s spiritual role (Matthew 19:13-14, 18:2-5). Important is also Mark 9:35-37, where Jesus equates [sic] the child with his twelve followers.” [emphasis added]

As can be seen from my e-mail exchange with Professor von Braun, he has obviously a limited understanding of the Fourth Commandment and seems to put children on the same level as adults, in this case the twelve Apostles. This same attitude can now be found in his published talk from that November 2015 Vatican workshop.

The general line of argument is that children, once informed about how to preserve nature, can help their parents and other adults to grow in that understanding, too, so that humanity may enhance the protection of the environment. While this approach in itself is highly problematic – for the very aspect of making children the purposive teachers of adults – a deeper look at the goals of these “Sustainable Development” discussions leads to the intentional change of social and cultural attitudes as well, as can be seen in the workshop’s explicit support of the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which promote the idea of contraception (or birth prevention) and “birth control.” (See here a promotion of this same idea on the website of International Planned Parenthood Federation.) The 2015 workshop explicitly spoke about our adequately recognizing that issues such as “violence, marginalization and exclusion should be considered as sustainability failures.” [emphasis added] Expressions such as marginalization and exclusion often are applied to those groups of people who do not live, nor desire to live, according to the traditional moral law. (See here and here websites that promote this approach, commenting on the SDGs: “What matters now is how this text gets interpreted and applied going forward.” [emphasis added]) It can be shown, thus, that the SDGs imply the promotion of a whole interconnected set of social and cultural changes.

Let us consider now von Braun’s own words at that 2015 workshop. He says:

Never before has the world had so many children. Children need protection, must have access to quality education to reach their potential, but children can also play critical roles as agents of change in their families and communities. […] Can children play a direct role even throughout childhood to address sustainability in its four dimensions, that is, socially, environmentally, economically and culturally? […] Children’s potential of making use of their right to participation can be constrained by several factors such as exclusion and inequality. […] This could mean that children become educators not only for their peers but also for adults. [emphasis added]

In this context, von Braun makes explicit reference to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which themselves point to children as “change agents”:

For the first time in the history of UN development goals, the so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) make explicit reference to children’s agency:

“What we are announcing today – an Agenda for global action for the next fifteen years—is a charter for people and planet in the twenty-first century. Children and young women and men are critical agents of change [emphasis added] and will find in the new Goals a platform to channel their infinite [sic] capacities for activism into the creation of a better world” (United Nations 2015, § 51).

It is here – in this context of expressions which resound Socialist ideas – that von Braun himself explicitly uses the highly loaded ideological words “gender inequality” and “children’s rights”:

The actual SDGs and their respective targets appropriately emphasize child health, education, gender inequality, and children’s rights—they do not comprise a concrete goal or target related to children’s agency. [emphasis added]

Von Braun makes again – as in his earlier personal e-mail to me – the claim that Jesus Christ Himself used children as “change agents”:

Different world religions and schools of ethics differ in their perspective on the role of children. Christianity emphasizes protecting, respecting, and recognizing children’s spiritual role (Matthew 19:13–14, 18:2–5). A quite remarkable statement can be found in Mark 9:35–37, where Jesus equates [sic] a child with his twelve followers, that is, with his agents of change.

Von Braun seems to propose that children’s malnourishment should be addressed especially so that they could better play their role as “change agents”:

There are, however, some basic preconditions that have to be met so that children’s agency can unfold (see bottom right of Fig. 2.2). Given that globally one in three children under the age of five are [sic – is] malnourished, improving children’s consumption of micronutrients, preventing and treating infections, and fighting stunting in general are basic preconditions for children’s agency that must be addressed.

In order to help with Sustainable Development, von Braun indicates that a re-definition of childhood might be needed:

Throughout history the perception and role of children have been subject to change. It may, again, be time to redefine [sic] childhood and the role of children both in today’s society and for future generations. This does not necessarily mean breaking with long-standing religious and philosophical traditions of the meaning of “childhood”. However, with new and emerging technology and inter-connectedness among children, they themselves may be about to redefine their childhoods.

In light of all these troubling statements and developments surrounding this Vatican Workshop, as well as von Braun’s own statements, I reached out, in 2016, to Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Auxiliary Bishop of St. Mary of Astana, Kazakhstan; and I requested from him a general comment about my findings, which he promptly and kindly provided:

I have read your report on the seminar of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences of last November 2015. One can realize here with shock the extent to which the declared enemies of the Catholic Faith are given scope for their activities at such an event in the Vatican. One has to protest against it. With the help of these speakers whose publications clearly oppose the Faith, the Faith itself and the natural moral law are being mocked in a subtle way. God does not allow His Being to be mocked. At some point, He will intervene and one has to have compassion with those persons who are responsible for such a conference because they will one day answer for this before the Judgment Seat of God. People who at such a conference sell the Holy Faith so cheaply — also when they are priests or bishops — may not forget this warning of Holy Scripture: “It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God” (Hebrews 10:31). We have to wish it for those so-called Catholics, priests and bishops, and say: “Convert from your hearts to Our Lord, while  there is time left!”

92 thoughts on “New Pontifical Academy Head Promotes Idea of Children as “Change Agents””

      • Oh, I know Mike. I understand what is happening. I just can’t help saying it anyway.
        Your second sentence I don’t get. You’ll need to help me on that one.

        • The Novus Ordo is at one location, and the Catholic Church at another????. Find an SSPX chapel and you’ll never look back.

          • Can I be a nuisance and ask what will you do when the SSPX sell out to Bergoglio? Serious question.

          • I don’t think it is ever going to happen. That’s my opinion, andit’s based upon the advice I have from those in the know. I could be wrong, but I am far more certain that it won’t go ahead.

            If you pay attention, you will notice that most of the media beatups come from conciliar, novus ordo sources. “The deal is just a stroke of the pen away!” “The SSPX will be regularised by 4pm today!” etc.

            The effect upon the faithful and the SSPX clergy is quite damaging. It causes division, fear, suspicion and fracture within the Society, as everyone can see.

            The novus ordo revolutionaries at the top, the ones driving the agenda to destroy the Church, sit back smiling at the destruction they cause. They absolutely hate the Catholic Faith, the Sacraments, the Traditions. Don’t forget that!

            Wolves are not nice to lambs, and it’s simply effeminate and weak to keep giving them the benefit of the doubt, and not call them out for what they really are.

          • A serious question demands a serious answer.

            Bp Fellay will decide how, when and why the SSPX will seek regularisation. Bp Fellay, advised
            and counselled by his two assistants, two bishops and several rectors, may obtain the views of his district superiors. These in turn may consider the views of their subordinate priors and priests. Laity attached to the SSPX are not consulted nor do they expect it for they trust their hierarchy and priests and give them their support and loyalty. It is a sure sign of weak and uncertain leadership to seek the opinions of laity who lack competence in such matters. Similarly, the views of others outside of the SSPX milieu are not sought.

            Bp Fellay may or may not as yet know the Will of God in this matter however he knows how to discern it. He has been well trained having observed Abp Lefebvre in action starting when the Abp visited Bp Charrière with a request to set up a religious society. The Abp said if Bp Charriere agreed he would see in it a sign of Divine Providence. Bp Charrière granted Abp Lefebvre’s request marking the 1970 approval and erection of the SSPX. Bp Fellay, together with his priests, have been taught how to discern the Will of God through the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius. Those laity who have completed the Ignatian Retreats run by the SSPX can testify to their powerful efficacy.

            Finally, Bp Fellay has continuously warned of what the future holds for us. Readers can be
            confident that whatever action he takes will be for their benefit. He has asked for our support ─ the Rosary Crusade; 12 million Rosaries and the offering of 50 million sacrifices.

            “The Crusade is a spiritual preparation for the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady
            of Fatima (May to October 1917). It runs from August 15, 2016 to August 22, 2017.

            You can download a tally sheet here, or submit your rosaries online.

            It follows the intentions indicated by the Blessed Virgin herself: (I) Jesus wishes to establish in the world the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

            In order to do so, all the faithful are invited:
            1 to recite the rosary daily, alone or as a family;
            2 to accomplish the devotion of the reparatory communion on five first Saturdays, and to multiply their daily sacrifices in a spirit of reparation for the outrages against Mary;
            3 to wear the Miraculous Medal themselves and to diffuse it around them;
            4 to consecrate their homes to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. (You may use the prayer found here)

            Besides the propagation of this devotion, we will also pray (II) for the triumph of the Immaculate
            Heart and (III) for the pope and all the bishops of the Catholic world to consecrate Russia to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

            And as a special intention we will add (IV) the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the Society of St. Pius X and all its members in addition to all the religious communities of Tradition.”

            A SSPX Rosary Crusade was made in 2006 to obtain a liberalization [of the restrictions on the celebration] of the Tridentine Mass. This resulted in the Motu Proprio, Summorum Pontificum of July 7, 2007 allowing priests to celebrate the Tridentine Mass.

            A second Rosary Crusade was made in 2008, this time to obtain a declaration of nullity of the sanctions imposed after the 1988 episcopal consecrations on Archbishop Lefebvre and the four bishops he consecrated. Subsequently the so called ‘excommunications’ were lifted.


          • Gerry – thank you so much for answering my question and for all the other things that you mentioned that I needed to know. I asked for a famine and you offered a welcome , and much needed , feast! God bless you.

  1. My daughter in law mentioned that our grandchild was learning about weather at his pre-school . Is he learning about global warming, I asked?
    I pray that he is not being used as an “agent of change”.

    • Yes, it is becoming more and more brazen and with the complete silence of the bishops, empowered to make no attempt to even pretend to affirm the ancient faith.

  2. Planned Parenthood, Dismemberer of Children Extraordinaire, will very soon hold pride of place within the Vatican. How profoundly evil is the scheming described above. It’s unbelievable, really. Very soon faithful Catholics may be experiencing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I’m sure many have severe anxiety already. The rosary, Adoration and the TLM are our best weapons.

  3. What a great servant of God and shepherd to His flock the Bishop Schneider is. May Our Lord bless him aboundantly!

  4. Dear Maike,

    I wish I could listen to your report, but I am not supposed to because powerful men have deemed you an unreliable source. Therefore, it no longer matters what you report, even if it is the obvious truth, I am now programmed to ignore you say and must believe and uphold the opposite.

    Sincerely, Under the Reign of Terror,

    Fr. RP

    PS: Bishop Schnieder better get his act together and quickly! He is not supposed to support anything you say, he is to OBEY! I must now report Him to Big Brother as being an infidel.

    • I think I know what you are referring to Father RP.

      Oh well. I guess others are entitled to their opinions, but boy were they strong. I am disappointed, and quite honestly a bit surprised by the attack.

      • But on the other hand, such attack is a good sign, meaning that they couldn’t ignore any more what 1P5 talks due to a lack of “veritable information” from Vatican. That happens when you ignore play with people and their patience. And I guess that those gentleman are more concerned about the truth coming out because it spoils their own “good image”.

        Maike’s tekst had almost 4k when it comes to shares and that is a quite strong and unexpected “punch in the face” of our “church aristocracy”.

        • That attack is the empire striking back, however I’m referring to the Catholic Blogosphere eating it’s own and doing it in a vicious manner.

          • Aaaa, ok. I didn’t understand well. Thank you for the explanation.

            I hope that such a “storm” will not be futile.

    • Bishop Schneider grew up learnig all about the Communist’s dictatorship and subversive technics. The peronist autocrat from Vatican won’t scare him so easily as others. Thanks to Our Lord!

  5. It’s all about the Revolution. Even as Communist economics shrivel world-wide, its cultural stranglehold grows. Even the upper reaches of the Hierarchy are taken in by it.

    All this has been foretold. There will be an end to it.

    Nevertheless, I find it telling that in Spadaro’s recent article lambasting evangelicals and “Integralist” Catholics (i.e, real ones) he makes a big play of saying that Bergoglio rejects all “prophetic formulas” that involve Apocalyptism or world conflict scenarios. So they know the time is short: they even try to hold back the Divine Vengeance which will sweep them all away. And in trying to hold back that Vengeance they pit themselves even against God Himself.

  6. Comrades, we have seen children used as “change agents” before.

    Remember the 1930s when children were taught by the Bolsheviks to denounce their own parents to the OGPU – NKVD.
    Remember the 1960s when 16-year olds in China screamed for the death of “the bourgeoisie” while waving their Little Red Books in the air.

    The list goes on. Now the Vatican (the seat of Holy Mother Church!!!) calls for Bolshevik tactics to manipulate and control adults, thereby overthrowing the natural order and the Fourth Commandment and evident common sense.

    How can anyone now not understand and agree that Rome has lost the Faith?

    • Pope Francis is a despot. He has always been after the youth. That has been his target all along.
      And I hope and pray Cardinal Burke and company call this apostate out and rid the Vatican of their stench

      And yes, dear Great Stalin, I loathe him and what they are doing.
      I do not prayer for Pope Francis, nor the pope’s intentions any longer, Haven’t for some time.
      He desires what is unholy, not good for others, particularly the vulnerable children, and that my friend is pure evil. I do not pray for evil people. Many would disagree with me, but I simply do not.
      I pray for sinners, but there is a difference here, in my mind of a great sinner and one who is evil.

      It is strictly between francis and God. Brace.

        • Well said! I don’t feel like praying for him either to be honest. However that is precisely why it’s so meritorious. If we forego our own desires to obey our Lord’s instruction to bless those who persecute us we open ourselves and the Church to tremendous graces.

          • To not wish harm or damnation to those who promote evil would be a blessing to that person.

            We are in a battle for the soul of our Church, for the soul of our children. This is not about persecution here. If it were, I would agree with you.

          • I take your point. I believe error must be refuted for the salvation of souls and I believe in courageously defending doctrines of the Faith so that the Truth induces hearts to turn away from attachments to sin and error.

            Yet we still have an obligation to pray for anyone who would persecute those who seek to defend the truths of the Gospel. With great sadness, I must admit that I fear Francis falls into this category, given his continuous denouncing of faithful Catholics as Pharisees.

            I believe his pride prevents him from seeing the truth and he has probably convinced himself that he is truly following the Lord. After all no one does something because it is evil because they pursue false goods.

            Yet we as human beings by refuting error can can only ever work on an exterior level. As important as this may be, we must firstly appeal to God in prayer to convert Francis interiorly.

            The Holy Spirit alone can make him docile to the Truth and uncloud the eyes of his mind so distorted by his modern Jesuit education.

          • Yes. If we strip away the trappings of this sad Papacy we see just another man who’s mind and heart have been captured by evil men. He has been nursed at the breast of Marxist theory, and Peronist totalitarianism. Poor Francis! He will be converted and escape the clutches of Satan if we ask Our Lady to take pity on him.

          • But does not Francis have a free will?

            He has been given many graces through ordination.
            He has been in the company of holy men as well.
            If Francis has been captured by evil men, he willingly allowed it.

            When a man is given great authority, and the papacy, is the greatest responsibility that could be given to any man, than he must be accountable for his actions.
            Much good was given to Francis as well, and he rejected it.

          • Barbara, I agree with your faith that through prayer we can effect a change for the good in the Pope and those around him – indeed all the bishops and clergy. If for every complaint we were to pray the rosary, or even a single Hail Mary, it would certainly do more good than tearing him to pieces.
            “There but by the grace of God, go I.” (If anyone’s next thought is snarky: “Pride goeth before the fall.”)

          • Doesn’t the New Testament say that if a person is sinful, we must reason with him; if he carries on we refer the matter to the Council; If he still refuses to repent – shake the dust of his house off your sandals and speak to him no more? There is a strict limit of evil that we can tolerate.
            One of the Saints said that if anyone changed one jot of the Scriptures let him be ANATHEMA. Those Saints didn’t hold back in their defence of the Church as so many of us do – which is WHY Francis has got away with heresy and Blasphemy! Pray for him as we must THEN leave him to God.
            Francis and his crew have already altered the Bible to suit themselves! [See the latest publication]. He is now working on desecrating the Holy Mass. Watch carefully in the Fall when next year’s Missal are produced!

          • An excellent point, under-appreciated in the age of relativism, tolerance of evil, and false mercy – we ought not tolerate evil.

          • It’s not a sad papacy. It’s a fradulant papacy. Bergoglio ain’t feedin no sheep…except poision perhaps.

          • He will or he won’t. We don’t know. Don’t we believe in free will? He has shown a fanatical determination in pursuing HIS will, against the Church, against the Word of God, against Tradition, against human decency.

          • I do have pity for him.

            In praying for him, in the past, i have found myself having empathy for him, which almost led me to questioning if perhaps, Francis is correct in simply wanting joy and happiness for people, and maybe the Church does prevent this in the rigid teachings.
            I had that momentary questioning, upon praying for this man.
            For, don’t we want all people to be happy?
            It was after a few weeks, when in Adoration, i simply sat there, not really praying, just sat to be close to Jesus. Such a pretty Adoration Chapel, and then I imagined a wedding, with a bride and groom facing the priest, and then I thought of Christ standing behind the priest, facing the couple.

            Need i say more? Fidelity to Christ first was what came to me.

            Perhaps I am too weak, but I must keep my guard, for I can easily be seduced
            with all this ” happy talk” from Francis, particularly, since I am part of a Catholic lay ministry. If you and others can pray for him, God has blessed you with a great grace, which I am short on right now. I wish him no harm, and truly do pity him.

          • God bless you CS, it sounds as though you are sincerely trying to follow the Lord. I admit such feel-good teachings can be seductive. Nonetheless, if we continue to make use of the weapons the Lord has given His Church – the Sacraments, prayer, fasting, almsgiving, the intercession of Our Blessed Mother and Catholic tradition then we will not go astray 🙂

          • Agreed and God bless you both. I find praying to the Holy Spirit for true discernment is a great help. And if tempted to feel any slight sorrow for empathy for Francis and his Cabal – I only need to think of what Jesus said should happen to anyone who gives scandal or causes children harm……THIS development is the case in point. Our children must and WILL be protected from the wolves.

          • We want people to be saved. Fighting evil in ourselves is hard and unpleasant, while making friends with it , tolerating it, coming before the Lord “as we are” and staying this way, makes us happy. Soon our conscience is asleep.
            We ought to pray for our enemy, but if we can’t, we can’t. I too have my limits.

      • I’ve completely lost my patience with Pope Francis – he and his homosexual appointees now threaten the moral safety of our children. He is a pagan and a traitor. I pray every day that his term as Pope ends as soon as possible.

        • Sorry Spitfire ─ You are inadequately armed for the mission.
          “But this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting.” Matt 17: 20
          If that fails try the 20mm Hispano cannon.

      • Well, have you considered that Francis is not the pope?I really do not understand all the anguish you seem to be suffereing. The man is an imposter. Once this is accepted, everything becomes understandable.

        • I believe in Apostolic Succession.
          There was a vote and Francis approached the balcony.
          What do I know, other than this?
          I shall let the Lord deal with ” the ifs”.

      • Even my old Mother doesn’t pray for him. She went to confession with this problem. The priest was very sympathetic.

    • You beat me to it.

      Pol Pot, the Congo, the list is endless.

      This does indeed reek of apostasy and cheap copycatting of godless Communism to-boot..

    • When they stand on the threshold of a seemingly complete victory, they will be dashed down and cast into Hell – where satan awaits them with glee, fire and the most horrific instruments of torture.

          • Very true – it completely outclassed the early model Spitfire MkV. Happily though the playing field was levelled by the arrival of the Spitfire MkIX in late 1942 with it’s 60 series Merlin – and in turn completely outclassed by the Griffon engined Spitfire MkXIV which arrived in 1943.

        • I was thinking more along the lines of being forced to watch re-runs of Gilligan’s Island for all eternity – with Cher playing full bore in the background. I think I’d perfer being shot up by FW 190’s….:)

    • I have been studying and writing about what is represented here specifically in the arena of education for some years. Many people lament the apparent insanity erupting at U.S. campuses, but their eyes glaze over when one points them toward the origins of this situation. They deplore the indoctrination of students, but they pay no attention to the fact that for generations the latter have been deliberately denied the oxygen of real academic content so that the information vacuum in their minds can easily be filled with the False Narrative du jour and their emotions manipulated to produce the desired reactions.

      At least the Soviets provided rigorous education. It was all presented through the Marxist-Leninist lens, but it was rigorous; all the Russian classics were included, except for Dostoevsky, who could not be tamed into any acceptable Marxist interpretation. Reading instruction was through phonics, so literacy was very high. Now the level of adult functional literacy is astronomical. An accident, comrades? I think not.

      The current push is for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Translate: turn students into good little Deltas and Gammas (no Alphas; the Overlords consider themselves the Alpha class). The push is very evident as well in so-called Character Education. Take a look at the Catholic Education Standards recently released as a purported response to the secular standards known in the U.S. as the Common Core. Where the seculars push Globalism, Environment, Social Justice, Racism/sexism/homophobia, the religious push Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. What’s wrong with that, ask you, my fellow Catholics? Just this: It is a Marxist instructional template. The Marxists call it Ascending from the Abstract to the Concrete. Content is placed at the service of abstractions. Aquinas would roll over in his grave. The Catholic standards also call for proper “dispositions” — right out of SEL. Example: student shows joy in grappling with challenging math problems. Presumably, the student who fails to demonstrate the requisite joy in repeatedly failing to master binomials will have this failure noted in his academic records. In the math standards, by the way, there is no math — just dispositions. I could go on for many more paragraphs, but I see eyes glazing over, and anyway, I have to get ready for Mass. I urge anyone who has persevered to this point and is sufficiently masochistic to want to inquire further to check out this link: Be sure to look at the website of the Academy for Systemic Change that produced slide 7. There you will find the New Age component of all this.

      Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

      • Amen. During my middle elementary years, I attended Our Lady of Fatima from 3rd grade through 5th. The school is now a staging area for Ford products. I also attended Our Lady of Mt. Carmel for a short time where my parents were married. It is now a Protestant church.—Every time that one of these churches dedicated to Mary was closed or merged, it wiped out the link to the Mother of God. The modernists have been very clever and manipulative. Mary had to go before the introduction of gay marriage and abortion.

    • Absolutely right. In China, there were cases (one actually witnessed by the US Ambassador, name ? I have forgotten) where children not only reported their parents to police, but stabbed their parents to death in a public execution. One child who did so was repeatedly pressured by brainwashing to do the act, and after time did so.

      • Many of the executions done by ISIS are handled by young children. There are videos of 8-10 year old boys, women are denigrated, blowing out the brains of adult males.

    • “How can anyone now not understand and agree that Rome has lost the Faith?”

      Is that a quotation from Martin Luther?

      • “Rome has lost the Faith, my dear friends! Rome is in apostasy! I am not speaking empty words! That is the truth! Rome is in apostasy! One can no longer have any confidence in these people! They have left the Church! They have left the Church! They have left the Church! It is certain! Certain! Certain! Certain! ”
        Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.


        “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of
        Antichrist.” Our Lady of La Salette.

        • Lefebvre and Luther apparently have a lot in common! They both believed that the Church of Rome had apostatized, and both were excommunicated by the pope.

          • This moment has never existed in Church history. Even the Arian heresy was impeded by the communication matrix of the era. The virulence and depth of the current aberrance cannot be over estimated.
            The corruption that ignited Luther was essentially of a political and economic character. His “theological” issues were a masque for his personal pathology, and commandeered by those with an interest in promoting the new “nation state.”
            Lefebvre is assuming prophetic status even among those who have resisted his observations in the past.

    • Another great post, Comrade, but we can’t omit the dreadful Hitler Youth who informed on family, friends and neighbors; and threw their weight around at every opportunity!

      Pope Francis has signed up to this Sustainable Goals rubbish which involves contraception, abortion, LGBTQ – ALL of which demean and trash Family life and values. Imagine a POPE who is supposed to walk in the shoes of the “Big Fisherman” being best buddies with none other than SOROS and reveling in his PICO initiative?

      We, the remnants of the true Catholic Church need to prepare to go underground and to sound out one or two priests who are faithful to their vows!

    • And more recently, we have Saul Alinsky and community organizing under the guises of “progress”, “change” and many other easily makletable moralistic slogans.

      The very idea of pitting children against parents and brother against brother in the name of some nebulous utopic ideal can be nothing but diabolically inspired, especially when you consider that the diabolical spirit is by definition the spirit of division.

      In that regard, the Hitler Youth comparison is very revealing since both thought they were getting close to a better future, in a twisted way (demons are nothing if not consistent it seems).

  7. Horror! It’s amazing that the thirty years Jesus “grew in grace” under the authority of His parents has not been considered here. To be like a child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven is an obvious virtue of guilelessness of heart. So are they saying that parents who work their behinds off to feed, clothe, and educate their children should obey their children’s commands? Perhaps the parable of properly serving one’s master means that after working all day, the parents should get fed after the kids? Maybe with the crumbs under the table the parents provided so that Johnny and Julie can be elements of change? Horror! Can’t they do any better than to resurrect “The Lord of the Flies?” Fear not little ones – no matter how old you are, we’ve got a Great King, age 33 for Eternity. The Vatican is the devil’s workshop for sure. It’s hiding such a Beautiful Religion where everyone gets fed and feels Hope!

    • Well said Patty – our children have been well prepared for this onslaught – they stick to Jesus and Mary like glue – and recognize the smell of a wolf a mile away.

  8. What a shame to see children simply as minions to do your bidding rather than as souls to be loved and guided towards a path that might lead to their salvation. The communists see people merely as agents to do their bidding, and Satan sees them the same way. I guess we have people in the Church like that too.

    Francis encouraged seminary formators to dig deeper to find the cause of rigidity in certain seminarians. I say dig deeper to find the cause of questionable fidelity to the Church’s authentic teaching. There usually is some moral teaching of the Faith that a person is unwilling to accept. VERY frequently, it is support for homosexual activity. It also might be contraception, or some other thing that is not of God.

  9. The children’s rights advocates never reveal that the agency they claim that children have is actually themselves acting in the name of the children.

  10. This is chilling. Just what we needed after all the rest: they are coming for the children. There is only one defence – grab your children from the clutches of public/Catholic schools and bring them home. Is there any sacrifice too great to save your children’s souls, and MINDS from this evil? I believe the plan will evolve to enslaving our children to sexual pleasure with adults. Their minds will be captured by this and they will believe anything and everything. The whole force of evil is ranging against us and the capture of the souls of all is the goal.

    As for the Muller Report being shown to be in error – what could be the reason the anonymous source might have lied? Why make statements that are so easily proven false? Mystery.

    The lines are being drawn ever finer and we are all to choose which side we want to be on.

  11. Today’s Gospel is apropos: ” Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will come forward against their parents and have them put to death. You will be universally hated on account of my name; but anyone who stands firm to the end will be saved.”

    Is the Catholic Church itself becoming an anti-Christ? It does seem that way.

  12. What are our prelates doing about the schism? And how will the laity know where to find the true Church? Enough trying to defend Francis and let’s start talking strategy. How do our bishops plan on handling Francis the heretic!? By the grace of God we are Catholic and it is time for any bishop who has the faith to stand up to this tyrant. Then again, is that not want Lefebvre did?

  13. According to von Braun, sustainability has four dimensions, which at the present time have a dreadful meaning, that is,

    social (population control; identity disolution, abolition of family, abortion and euthanasia),
    environmental (“pacha-mama“ idolatry),
    economical (materialism, red or blue)
    cultural (multiculturalism=total decculturation).

    I miss the spiritual dimension, even more because that exposition comes from who now is the head of a Pontifical Academy. Many experiments in History were contemptuous to the spiritual aspect of life, and they finished in ashes. I think Bishop Bergoglio is playing with fire.

    By the way, Jesus Christ didn’t use the children. Only evil people use other people for their own purposes.

  14. In one of the gender ideology programs installed into some of our government schools here, a unit within that program included political activist training in a school setting. Students were directed to an outside-school website. It instructed students on how to bring pressure on teachers by requesting visits by activists to the school. The longer term goal was to create a kind of anarchy in the school. Mao did the same thing in the cultural revolution. Just what you say Maike! chidren as change agents. Whenever I hear that phrase, I think marxist goals. It’s a tragedy that such delusional associations are being formed out of the Vatican.


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