Most 1P5 Articles Will Now Be Available in Spanish Through Adelante La Fe

Happy Monday, readers! I wanted to let you know that an opportunity has presented itself to allow us to fill a need with our content. We’ve come to an agreement with Adelante La Fe that allows them publish our articles in Spanish for their readers – something we’ve had requested by readers from time to time for a while now. They plan to translate most of the articles we publish, and they’ve given us our own section on the website, along side the other publications they currently translate.

We know that there are a number of folks out there who would like to read us in other languages; some enterprising folks have requested to do some translating of our articles into various languages from time to time, but nothing on this scale. We hope this will provide value to the many Catholic readers out there in the Spanish-speaking world. If you know someone — a parent, a family member, a friend — whom you’ve wanted to share our articles with but the language barrier was a problem, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to do so moving forward.

You can read the announcement at Adelante la Fe here.

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