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Knights of Malta Coup Turns Sights on Cardinal Burke

(Image Source: EWTN)

Last month, we recounted the long and sordid story of the toppling of the Knights of Malta. Three particularly troubling events stood out at the conclusion of that story:

First, the resignation of Fra’ Matthew Festing, Grand Master of the Order, forced by Pope Francis with an alleged demand that he state for the record that Cardinal Raymond Burke was responsible for what had transpired. Also, the subsequent nullification of his previous acts and decrees to such an extent that a number of important pieces of historical information on the Order’s website were erased.

Second, the Vatican-ordered reinstatement of Abrecht von Boeselager as Grand Chancellor, despite evidence that during his tenure as Grand Hospitaller for the order, he oversaw programs that distributed contraceptives as part of the relief services and aid that the Order provides.

Third, the imposition of a “papal delegate” — Archbishop Becciu —  who would act as liaison and “exclusive spokesman” between the Vatican and the Order — a task which should have fallen under the purview of the Order’s Cardinal Patron, Raymond Burke.

These are not the only troubling elements of the story, but are perhaps the most noteworthy for our purposes, all under the larger umbrella of papal interference in the governance of an entity that has sovereignty under international law.

In a January 7, 2017 report — before Festing was forced out but after Boeselager was dismissed — Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register asked Cardinal Burke what happened with regard to Boeselager’s removal from the Order:

Cardinal Burke told the Register: “I can’t make any comment on these decisions because I was never consulted. I was present at the dismissal.” But he added that what concerns him “very much” in the entire “unfortunate reaction to the grand master’s just action is the loss of the heart of what is at stake, namely, a grave violation of the Church’s moral teaching and, indeed, of the natural moral law by a high profile and historic Catholic institution.” [emphasis added]

This story did not, however, come to an end with Festing’s “resignation”.

On January 29, Vaticanista Sandro Magister wrote a column entitled, After the Grand Master, Another Head Is About To Fall: That of Cardinal Burke. If the headline were not descriptive enough, Magister made plain what was coming:

What reversed the fortunes within the Order, to the point of driving it to this act of total submission to the bidding of Pope Francis, were three acts carried out in rapid succession by the pontiff himself: the summoning of the Grand Master on January 24 with the order given to him to resign; the letter on the following day from secretary of state Cardinal Pietro Parolin with the specification of the pope’s wishes; and finally two letters on January 27 from the pope himself, with a further specification of the role to be performed by the “special delegate” whose arrival has been announced: “for the spiritual and moral renewal of the Order.”

And it is this last element that is the most newsworthy in the statement released this evening by the Order. As Settimo Cielo had correctly reported, Pope Francis has in effect granted the Order the faculty of proceeding according to its constitutions concerning its interim regency – now assumed by the Grand Commander of the Order, Fra’ Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein – and the appointment of the new Grand Master. So the pope’s “special delegate” will neither replace nor overlap the legitimate governance of the Order, as many had hoped or feared. Instead he will accompany it with the task of “spiritual” guide. A task, that is, very similar to the one that already belongs by statute to the cardinal patron.

The decapitation inflicted by Pope Francis on the Order of Malta is therefore twofold. Because what is falling is not only the head of Grand Master Festing, but also, de facto, that of cardinal patron Raymond Leo Burke.

Within days, Festing’s formerly quiet indignance exploded in a report from Christopher Lamb at The Tablet, known colloquially as “The Bitter Pill” for its hard-edged liberal bias. Why Festing, himself an Englishman, would give an interview to Lamb, who seemed eager to dig up dirt on the former Grand Master, remains a subject of mystery. But on February 3, Lamb had an exclusive featuring combative quotes from the man who had fallen to the Vatican’s coup:

The Knights of Malta’s former leader has come out fighting saying the saga involving him, the Vatican and his leadership of the order is “by no means finished”

Matthew Festing resigned as Grand Master last week after a meeting with Pope Francis, a move that signalled his capitulation in a very public battle between the knights and the Holy See.

But speaking to The Tablet, Festing has stressed the complex dispute is far from over, raising the possibility of him trying to make a comeback as Grand Master or even a legal challenge to the validity of his resignation.

“This is an extremely complex situation, it is extremely fluid, and by no means finished” he said in a brief telephone conversation. “Given all this it is not appropriate for me to say anymore.”


Festing’s resignation was formally accepted by the Sovereign Council of the Order last Saturday in a meeting that he chaired where, according to sources inside the Order, he described the Pope as his “enemy.”

On February 15, as Cardinal Burke was preparing to leave for Guam to conduct depositions in a sexual abuse investigation regarding the Island’s Archbishop, Anthony S. Apuron, Ludwig Hoffman von Rumerstein, the Knights of Malta’s former Grand Commander, now acting Grand Master, gave an interview to the Austrian daily Der Standard in which he blamed Cardinal Burke for Boeselager’s ouster. In an English-language piece on that interview, papal biographer and Crux contributing editor Austen Ivereigh related Rumerstein’s accusation:

Journalists’ accounts that sourced the cardinal have described Festing asking the German to resign, while Burke sat silently present. Burke has elsewhere denied Boeselager’s account that the cardinal invoked the pope’s authority for the dismissal.

But in an interview with an Austrian newspaper, Hoffman-Rumerstein presents a very different picture.

“The conversation took place in a normal conversation form,” he told the Austrian daily Der Standard. “Boeselager said no to Cardinal Burke’s call for him to stand down. And I followed the cardinal to the car.”

Asked for the cardinal’s reaction, Hoffman-Rumerstein said: “He shook his head. He was displeased, one could say. He would have expected Boeselager to resign.”

Later in the interview, Rumerstein confirms that the December 6 meeting “was actually a conversation between Cardinal Burke and Boeselager.”

Sources in the order have long insisted that the cardinal was behind the dismissal, but until now no one has claimed on the record that Burke actually made the request.

The revelation will also prompt fresh questions about statements made by the order in December in response to letters from the secretary of state calling for Boeselager to be reinstated.

The statements, which insisted that the Order of Malta was sovereign and had no need to give an account of itself to the pope, are said to have been at Burke’s instigation.

But if Hoffmann-Rumerstein’s account is accurate, it was Burke, not the pope, who may have violated the Knights’ sovereignty: a decision to sack a member of the Sovereign Council can only be made by the order’s General Chapter, not by the pope’s chaplain, or patronus, who represents the Holy See.

Burke’s own words from Pentin’s January 7th report stood in immediate contrast to Rumerstein’s account: “I can’t make any comment on these decisions because I was never consulted.”

Pentin, therefore, reached out to Burke in Guam to ask for a comment, and received an incredulous reply:

“The account given by Fra’ Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein is not accurate. I had no authority to ask the Grand Chancellor to resign. I simply stated that the person who knowingly permitted the distribution of contraceptives in the Order’s works should take responsibility, and then the Grand Master once again asked the Grand Chancellor to resign which he refused to do. Then the Grand Master proceeded to his dismissal without my involvement at all. The account of the Grand Master and myself stands.

To be frank, I am stunned by what Hoffmann von Rumerstein states in the article. I consider it a calumny.” [emphasis added]

Pentin indicated, in his brief report on the matter, that there would be more on the story this week. Thus far, however, no additional details have emerged. One source told me that Burke was unusually difficult to reach over the past few days, though his work in the sex-abuse investigation in Guam may well explain that. Burke is reported to have left Guam earlier today, so it is possible that more information will be forthcoming as he returns to Rome.

Faced with directly contradictory statements about what transpired, important questions are raised. Cardinal Burke is known as a man of strict integrity, and not even his opponents can credibly accuse him of dishonesty. Rumerstein’s account on its own would, therefore, be odd; in conjunction with the pope’s alleged insistence that Festing put the blame for Boeselager’s dismissal at Burke’s feet in his apparently involuntary resignation letter adds weight to questions of a conspiracy against the American cardinal.

Now, in a new report, Boeselager himself has indicated that Burke has been superseded by the papal delegate in his duties at the Order of Malta:

In comments translated by The Tablet, Von Boeselager told the Archdiocese of Cologne’s website,, that delegate Archbishop Angelo Becciu is now fulfilling Cardinal Burke’s role.

Becciu “has the full confidence of the Pope and is his spokesman,” von Boeselager said. “That means that Cardinal Burke as Cardinal Patron of the Order is now de facto suspended.”

As the most visible leader of the resistance to Amoris Laetitia via the dubia, opposition to Cardinal Burke has become very ardent indeed. It would be a worthy thing to pray for his safety, before another trap is sprung.

This post has been updated to reflect Boeselager’s comments about Burke’s “de facto” suspension. 

75 thoughts on “Knights of Malta Coup Turns Sights on Cardinal Burke”

  1. And the White Elephant in this room full of claim, counterclaim and general mayhem and confusion? None other than ‘Make-a-Mess’ Francis.

  2. Persecution of the faithful by the Vicar of Christ.

    Strange days indeed.

    How do you protect yourself from the one who is supposed to protect you?

    In a way I am glad this is all happening. The evil is being exposed. Now everyone knows what he really is like. The truth cannot be hid.

    Thank you for your courageous and timely reporting.

    All those reading 1P5, do support this endeavour financially.

    • God’s mercy, not Bergoglio is pouring down to his people by exposing all disguised evils. Now we all know the lying and betraying man is not a “Vicar of Christ.” Christ is meek and loyal to friends. Please God, stop him.

  3. Whom to believe? Cardinal Burke, whose honesty is unquestionable? Or Bergoglio, whose intellectual dishonesty is known to the whole world?

      • If us is given a True Spirit, then we always believe to Jesus Christ, who is the Word of God and Son of The Father.
        If we always believe to His truly Word, we should always know, whom to believe and whom not to believe.

        • The faithful shall truly need this piece of holy advice in the days to come.
          For when there are questions as what our Lord desires in all things, a holy fear in the Truth humbles one, I believe, and one shall know it and find great peace.

          We pray Lord, do not let us be deceived!

          • “Then I saw the wicked buried; they used to go in and out of the holy place, and were praised in the city where they had done such things. This also is vanity. Because sentence against an evil deed is not executed speedily, the heart of the sons of men is fully set to do evil. Though a sinner does evil a hundred times and prolongs his life, yet I know that it will be well with those who fear God, because they fear before him; but it will not be well with the wicked, neither will he prolong his days like a shadow, because he does not fear before God.”
            (Ecclesiastes 8,10-13)

            The Gifts of Wisdom:
            “…for my mouth will utter truth;
            wickedness is an abomination to my lips.
            All the words of my mouth are righteous;
            there is nothing twisted or crooked in them.
            They are all straight to him who understands
            and right to those who find knowledge.”

            (Proverbs 8,7-9)

            Because, Wisdom says:
            “The fear of the LORD is hatred of evil.”
            (Proverbs 8,13)

            Truly, we must know that we always should have only that one fear, – fear to never offend our Lord God.

    • Hi Jafin – Francis is acting like every leader guilty of crimes has done so before. Undermine those who can credibly prosecute their criminal acts in a court charged with upholding the law. Rally the support of those within their criminal network whom they have placed in positions of influence because they knew the day when their crimes were exposed would come. Intimidation of the jury, making claims that anyone who finds them guilty invalidates the Authority they derive from the Organization they lead, And finally when all attempts to prevent those who seek to hold them accountable for their crimes prove fruitless, those who seek such justice are silenced, often permanently. Sounds like the actions perfected by some of the Latin American Dictators of recent decades. Evidently imitation is the sincerest form of flattery among the criminal class.

        • Hi Dankin – I agree, and from that perspective it is hard to come up with anyone in the history of the world that has the potential to commit a more damning sin than Francis. I think that might have been part of the third secret of Fatima – that a pope like Francis would come if the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was put off by John XXIII. That wasn’t done and now it has. Malachi Martin, who claimed to have been shown the third secret said it contained the worst thing you could possibly imagine, Francis bringing Schism from within the Church, and the turmoil that will bring, fits that description for me. From such chaos could arise the Antichrist and the persecution he will bring. Jesus returns for a reason.

  4. This is making me sick. You know this site which I love , I can’t even Post on some of my sites because there are so many people fooled by this Pope and the administrators don’t want to lose people. One guy message me about something else and I said well even though we have a bad Pope and some priest I still pray for them and this is what proceeded. He said he loved the Pope and I said he has caused so many scandals. I said he wasn’t promoting the pro life issue the number one none negotiable for voting and promoting climate change and immigration a negotiable. Then I told him on Election Day he was praising an abortionist, not for abortion but still. He said he absolutely did not praise an abortionist. He said Pro-life is not simply an anti-abortion one trick pony. What???? And he supports him and the bishops on immigration and climate change. And he said that was slander and I said I don’t lie and I don’t slander it would be a sin. He said it was all properganda. I said I had faithful Catholic sites that reported the Pope. Anyway , if I showed him the last post from this site about SOROS he would have hit the roof. I just told him we will have to agree to disagree and he said I’m thinking this conversation is over anyway and I said ok and he didn’t even respond after I said god bless. This is suppose to be a faithful Catholic???? I used to go to church militant and every now and again to see if he is posting things like soros. I don’t get him really. We have a Pope that is so dangerous yet let’s keep that quiet and bash everyone else, so they stay in the dark. Will Burke still be able to do something if the Pope doesn’t answer the Dubia? God help us!

    • Dear Jesus!! Such a pagan world, full of impurity.
      Disgusting to see this exhibit in front of Pope Francis!
      I would love to SMACK whoever orchestrated this to be seen by his eyes.

      Yes, I have a lot , many, numerous concerns with this pope…..but this was not deserved to be shown in front of his eyes. yes, he laughs and kisses the child….what else is he to do?

      Those two little cats ( women), reminded me of two little demons playing to the pope.

      • It is extremely disturbing. Grossly immodest. This is what Francis has chosen in lieu of the sacred music concerts — favored by Benedict — that he deliberately scorned after becoming pope.

        • We must truly pray our Lady intercedes for him Brian Miles. His soul is in great peril, I believe.
          He was once a young child, a young priest who heard the Lord’s calling, and will presume it was the Lord’s for the sake of charity.

          He has been captured by the demons of pride and anger, I fear.
          Underneath his white robe, he once wore a collar, but for who did he wear the collar; for Christ and His Church or for himself? Will he recognize the choices he has made and continue to make? ONLY our Lady can beg Her Son for His mercy? But, there is a point, where enough has been done to anger the Lord, and His mercy is no more, Is Francis at that point, our Church, our pagan and base world?

          Let us pray and make this Lenten Season truly one of fast, pray and penance in reparation for the sins of the world.

          • Wow, I had only seen pictures. I had to stop watching after 20 seconds in to avoid committing a mortal sin. Those aren’t performers, they’re quasi-demonic pole dancers complete with disgusting club music.

          • I think it summed up Bergoglio’s pontificate profoundly;

            Starting with the Theme Song for the Bergoglio Circus Pontificate and moving on to meaningless, slightly sleazy, and not very skillfully done.

            What a mirror of this papacy…a mediocre circus!

        • I agree that the concerts are by far more edifying, but to get upset over circus performers wearing tights is straining a point. I mean, surely you all have taken a gander at what Michelangelo painted in the Sistine Chapel? As someone pointed out on another website, better this than another interview with that old atheist who can’t remember to bring a tape recorder to the interview – then publishes as best he can remember.

          • Well a mortal sin I guess would be possible watching that film but generally no. However it was very tacky and highly immodest and Francis has disgraced the Papacy and his name deserves undying infamy if he doesn’t repent.

      • I am sure Pope Francis had no problem with the performance. And as the Pope, he has full control over who performs for him.

    • To say that this ‘performance’ was ‘inappropriate’ is a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT!!! The ‘Cat Ladies’ were enough to do me in, performing for the Vicar of Christ!! Of course, Francis himself might call us too ‘RIGID’. Lord HAVE MERCY!!

    • It is events such as these that reveal this individual and his sycophants for being exactly what they are. Shallow, undiscerning, ignorant old fools who need to be in a facility. We are led by a wack-job and his cowards.
      Yes, I wrote it. And it is no longer possible to refrain from conveying the simple truth. This man is a crafty ignorant fool who doesn’t have an iota of spiritual discernment or common sense. He is being used by the most nefarious and quite willingly so.
      His credibility among those with any engaged cognitive skills and maturity is nonexistent. He has become a joke.

  5. Steve, in the last part of this article, are you implying they might actually try to physically harm Card Burke? I don’t ask this rhetorically, but just to clarify. Of course, I put nothing beyond this Malachi-Martinesque Vatican any longer.

    • To be honest, I can’t say that was my intention, but I have been worried about that, so perhaps it came through subconsciously.

      I think his well being is in jeopardy, even if his physical safety is not. If they’re willing to set him up and calumniate him through multiple false witnesses, what more damaging things might they do to his reputation? He was just sent to Guam to investigate and Archbishop accused of sexual abuse. What if he could somehow be accused of criminal negligence in his handling of the case? I’m a terrible liar, so it’s somewhat difficult for me to come up with likely scenarios, but I do not believe be is out of danger as long as he resists.

      • Steve:

        This is what we were discussing earlier. This Guam thing looks like a setup, an opportunity to show Burke in a bad light just as the Malta affair did.

        What strikes me in this current piece you write is that Burke’s version of the Malta affair fits perfectly with his stated duties as a spiritual adviser. Namely, he offers his moral advice about the issue and leaves the details of administration to the authorities possessing that reprehensibility. Now it appears they are trying to redefine his activity into one of usurpation of authority.

        Burke’s story sounds perfectly correct. H/R’s sounds like BS to me.

        REGARDLESS of whether Burke is in some way officially punished, he is being derailed {slowed down…serpent in the grass, striking at heel…} with meddlesome chatter. He needs to be the paperboy who ignores the stick thrown in his spokes by the town bully and get his papers delivered on foot if need be. The papers I’m thinking of are those comprising the Correction. He cannot allow this stuff to stop him BECAUSE THEY WILL NEVER QUIT.

        Yet again, the parallels with Trump are eerie. The Leftists are not going to stop hammering away at Trump and he seems to understand that so damn the torpedoes and all that. Burke needs take a lesson there and to gather his allies who are of similar mind and press forward. He’s just going to have to multitask and handle the accusations at the same time. If he thinks he is going to first take care of the trouble Bergoglio has brewed up for him and THEN take up the Dubia issue, well, it’ll never get done. This is not the last of the trouble the Freemasons have for him. They will never quit. He might as well just face it.

        As I keep saying, this whole process is not going to go smoothly. Those who think Burke is going to snap his fingers and fix the Church are terribly deluded. This Pope is now without a doubt attempting to radically change Church teaching and practice. I think that is now self-evident.

        As your piece says, Burke’s reputation is impeccable. Bergoglio’s? HAHAHA!!!

        • The most powerful Evil Force, NWO is behind controlling and directing the useful liars, PF and his minions to destroy the main target, Jesus Christ’s Church. Pride causes blind that they has already forgotten that even their master, chief fallen angel, Lucifer, his false prophet and the gang are solely God’s creatures. Angel of God, St. Michael, the Archangel will defeat them and push them down the fire abyss forever.

      • They’re experts of false accusation, duplicity, slander and setting trap to harm him physically and ruin his name. Praying that God grant him strength to endure and protect him.

    • Let’s not forget this Pope’s support for Marxist agitators in California . It is unconscionable that he is offering his encouragement to these communists. Great trouble is likely to result from that conference.

  6. Christ is front of Pilate! That is all I can say at that moment on this, other thank you for your excellent reporting.

    I have great trust in OnePeterFive.
    And I thank them for having trust in the laity, that we can “handle” the Truth. That is won’t diminish our faith, but will encourage us to be courageous and persevere.

  7. Do we believe Bergolio is true Pope and that Card. Burke is not being forthright or we side with Card. Burke and understand Bergolio is not true pope. Either way, the laity are being put in a potentially damning position. The next move for Card. Burke appears to be a correction and pray that he is given the graces necessary to make it.

  8. There is, my opinion, already an informal schism. If the four cardinals enact/submit their correction to the pope, that will more than likely accelerate the process to fullblown schism. The problem is the wrong guy is in the seat.

  9. When will everyone drop the presumption this Pope should be obeyed or respected at all- he has adequately proven he is a defacto heretic who has brought great confusion on the Faithful and his actions the past 3 years are the actions of a fraud who has plans to rip the morals of the Faith to pieces. Not to mention his countenance is an embarrassment he doesn’t represent the holiness a Pope should as the leader of the entire Church. I have gotten over pray, pay and obey- this leftover Marxist doofus from the hippy generation needs to be ejected asap and the Church needs to put Vatican 2 in the dustbin and return to the way it was before 1960. Cardinal Burke needs to use every possible means to bring this catastrophe to an end.

  10. All you need to know:

    The condom giveaway guy is now the hero, riding off into the sunset on his high horse. The guy who attempted to enforce Catholic moral teaching and insisted on accountability from the official who flouted it, has just had his butt kicked and his name is now “mud”.

    This, friends, is the Francis pontificate in miniature. This little cameo is a metaphor for the last 4 years. It summarizes and encapsulates everything about this lousy, faithless, reign of terror of the “merciful one”.

    • PF’s agenda is simple: to relax the Church’s teachings on abortion, contraception, and divorce. This stink-up with the SMOM is all about PF’s program to legitimize contraception. Amoris Laetitia is all about legitimizing divorce. The Vatican’s invitation to pro-abortion advocate Paul Ehrlich to speak at a conference there is all about legitimizing abortion. PF predicted that he would create schism. He is right.

  11. It’s worth noting that the Archbishop Apuron is a member, protector and protege of the ‘Neocatechumenal Way’. If the Card. Burke judgment will be whether to Archbishop is guilty, then that will bring upon himself the wrath of those who support the Neocatechumenal Way; but dismiss the accusations, it shall be said how CB is protecting pedophiles. Is this not either way a win-situation for FPF?
    Do we know, how many ‘neocatechumenal members’ are here around the globe? There are with many! And what they on earth are doing, anyway?
    Hint: it’s one of the fruits of the IIVC.

  12. Quito. Fatima.

    “For the message of Our Lady of Good Success is, like that of Our Lady at Fatima, a message of great hope. She promised a band of stalwart souls filled with confidence who would help to effect the happy Restoration. She promised her intercession at the very moment when the evil will appear triumphant and when the authority abuses her power. This would mark, as She said, “the arrival of my hour, when, in a marvelous way, I will dethrone the proud and accursed Satan, trampling him under my feet and fettering him in the infernal abyss.” These words harmonize perfectly with the message of hope Our Lady delivered to the three children at Fatima in 1917: “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

    This is the secret for success of the Counter-revolution: to be convinced of the victory Our Lady promised. It is not sufficient to merely maintain a firm resolution to suffer… it is necessary to have something that is both more onerous while more suave. It is to maintain the conviction that in the end the things will end up succeeding.

    To become worthy of the success, the victory that Our Lady predicted, we need a supernatural confidence. We need to be entirely convinced of that victory – the promise of Our Lady at Fatima in 1917: “In the End My immaculate Heart will Triumph.” We need to be completely convinced of the happy restoration: the words of Our Lady at Quito in 1634: “To test this faith and confidence of the just, there will be occasions where all will seem to be lost and paralyzed. This, then, will be the happy beginning of the complete restoration.””

  13. I have no doubt that there are few things these Church manipulators would do in order to achieve their goals. Calumny, lies, slander, political maneuvering, unfair practices, duplicity, these and more are to be expected from worldly men with an insatiable appetite for destruction of their nemesis, our faith.

  14. It is now crystal clear that Pope Francis is a Heretic. According to Cardinal Burke this makes a Pope no longer the successor of St. Peter. If the High Ranking Officials will not declare this now, then the Laity have the right to declare Pope Francis an Anti-Pope excommunicated Latae Sententiae. He is no longer Pope (never was to begin with). Pope Francis is no longer a Roman Catholic but only another Anti-Christ. The true Pope remains, Pope Benedict XVl, no longer Pope Emeritus.

  15. I hate this stuff. Pray for the good Cardinal’s spiritual safety, his strength and resilience in the face of his persecution, and also, his physical safety. Does that sound too much like a bad detective novel? Perhaps.

  16. What remains unknown is the mean the Pope used against Fra’ Festing to oblige him to resign. I suspect that traitors inside the SMOM prepared a file about Festing’s some mishandlings at the head of the Order which the Pope threatened to reveal.
    If so, the resignation is plainly invalid.

  17. Like the Templars before them, the Hospitallers, when faced with an attack by an occupant of the Chair of Peter, collapse like a stack of cards, revealing them to be pretty much just ordinary people.

  18. Outrageous. Quibblingly accusing the pope of endangering Burke (Do not clumsily attempt to deny your imputation.) is deeply offensive. Such pride, which you share with Burke, is inconsistent with the commonweal of the community of Christ. It is typical of the corrupt. These aer the same fascist, dishonest tactics we see in the fascism percolating in the USA today. It is anathema to good of the Church and the faithful. Shame on you radical deceivers, presuming to judge His Holiness in your quest for temporal power and recidivist control.


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