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Jim Gaffigan and Catholic Celebrity Canonizations

We all remember high school and its cliques: the jocks, the nerds, the stoners, etc…and of course the mass of kids who just hope to survive without any embarrassing moments on their permanent record. One thing was certain: you were either a cool kid, or you wanted to be one. If you were a cool kid, you did everything in your power to remain in that position, and if you weren’t, you did everything you could to be accepted by the cool kids.

Celebrity Crushes

I’m reminded of this Lord of the Flies scenario by the attitude of many practicing Catholics today. Being a Catholic today is like being the last kid picked for kickball, and the kid picked before you was on crutches. This impacts how we interact with our culture: we all have a natural desire to be liked and accepted. So we have a temptation to grasp any acceptance we can find, like an insecure teenage girl who wants the quarterback to notice her. Every few weeks Catholic social media gushes over a random celebrity who said something that wasn’t completely anti-Catholic. Did you hear? Mark Wahlberg said he goes to Mass! Hey, Patricia Heaton is pro-life! Melania Trump looked at a Mary statue! Catholics end up sounding like a Sally Field acceptance speech, “They like me – they really like me!”

One celebrity that has been highly feted in recent years by Catholics is the stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan. He’s been a speaker at a FOCUS conference, gave the commencement address at Catholic University, and was even featured at the World Meeting of Families in 2015. Catholics assumed that since he has more than 2.3 kids and doesn’t attack the Church like a typical Hollywood star, then he must be a practicing, orthodox Catholic. His public canonization was nearly complete.

Not so fast:

That’s right: model Catholic Jim Gaffigan publicly supported an event that celebrates objectively sinful activity. When’s that next World Meeting of Families so we can invite the president of Planned Parenthood? Of course, for those paying attention, it’s been clear for years that Gaffigan would only go so far in his support of Catholic teaching, as his shows have always been gay-friendly. The homosexual agenda is incredibly powerful in Hollywood, and anyone who dares to oppose it quickly finds themselves lower than Carrot Top in the Hollywood hierarchy.

American or Catholic?

The inferiority complex Catholics feel has a long history in this country. In fact, I would argue that it’s embedded in the American Catholic psyche. The United States is beyond question a Protestant country, with Protestant founders, and Protestant history, and a clear Protestant majority population. Catholics have long felt the need to “fit in” so that they can peacefully practice their faith without interference. But by fitting in, Catholics have often themselves “interfered” with their Church—by reshaping it in a more American-palatable image.

A supreme example was the presidential candidacy of John F. Kennedy in 1960. As potentially the first Catholic president, Kennedy made sure to downplay any connection between himself and the Vatican. In his famous address to Protestant clergy, Kennedy made clear that the Vatican—and by extension, Church teaching—would have no effect on his decision-making.

A couple decades later, Catholic governor Mario Cuomo ran for the 1984 presidential nomination in the abortion-loving Democratic party, and he made the now-infamous (and false) distinction between his private beliefs and public policy. Since then, many Catholic politicians have used the same cover when running on a pro-abortion platform.

But for Pride, Richard?

This rush for acceptance isn’t limited to political circles; Catholics in America by and large avoid parading any peculiar Catholic beliefs and practices, in order to fit in to our non- (and often anti-) Catholic culture. We throw away our Catholic beliefs in order to gain acceptance in a world suspicious of Catholicism. We’ve seen the same phenomenon inside the Church as well. Prelates are terrified to confront sinful lifestyles if it means challenging our rainbow-colored zeitgeist. Priests don’t preach against popular sins for fear of appearing out-of-touch, losing the support of well-heeled donors, or being called down to the chancery for a tongue-lashing. And popular ministries—many of which often are sincerely trying to follow Church teaching—lift up as models celebrities who follow the religion of “pride” more than God’s religion.

Our Lord told us, “For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?” (Mark 8:36). And what does it profit the Church, to gain the world’s acceptance, and suffer the loss of her soul? Instead of striving to find acceptance among the world’s elite, Catholics should be striving to be accepted by Heaven’s elite: Our Lord, Our Lady, and the Saints. Like St. Thomas More, we must be willing to face rejection by those in power—even in the face of death—in order to be faithful to Christ.

In those high school cliques, it’s usually the kids who don’t care about being “cool” who end up the most successful in life, for they, like St. Thomas More, are the most self-assured. The cool kids, on the other hand, often simply spend their days reliving their high school glory years, still pining for attention from others. Catholics can learn a lesson from this.

With Jim Gaffigan publicly supporting one of the “sins that cry to heaven” (CCC 1867), the only people laughing now are those who wish to see the Catholic Church, desperate for acceptance, continue its slide into cultural irrelevance.

103 thoughts on “Jim Gaffigan and Catholic Celebrity Canonizations”

  1. I was at that FOCUS conference. To boot, I had always liked Gaffigan (I saw him live once before.)

    In the words of Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, “Dammit, Jim”

    • Thomas…remember a little while ago you posted that beautiful poem by Joyce Kilmer about the Passion and Mary knowing why it wasn’t really Christ? What is the title of that poem? I looked for it under Kilmer’s works and couldn’t find it. Thank you. Regarding the Gaffigans, read Lifesite news’ article on them. Very telling on who is ‘evangelizing’ who.

  2. The spirit of Antichrist seems to be gaining momentum, among even Catholics who forget that their primary vocation is to do “spiritual battle” against the enemy of our souls: Satan and his demons. Even clerics within the Vatican support the open perversion of Sexual Transhumanism, and are celebrating with pedophilc delight the exposure of little children to the fetid arena of sexual fetishism and pollution.

    “I’m so proud of my gay kids”.

    How proud will we be when we have to face the Lord Jesus Christ, whom we nailed to the Cross with the filth of all our sins — including our sexual ones — when we have to face him at the Judgment? For He is the same Lord who said:

    “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea.” – Mark 9:43

    Catholics who have embraced the demonic sins of Sodom and all their Sexual Transhumanist outgrowths, beware. Now is the day of repentance. This vile sin — the sin of Sodom, will indeed be the downfall of untold numbers of Catholics.

    Remember what Our Lady of Fatima revealed to Saint Jacinta:

    “More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason. ”

    With the bloated horror of Sexual Transhumanism reaching a fever pitch and focusing wildly on children, we can certainly understand — more clearly than ever — why the Mother of God gave us this warning.

    Holy Family, deliver us in the evil day!

    • “t were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones.” Luke 17:2

    • I don’t think his kids are actually gay (sorry to use the parlance they prefer but “afflicted with same-sex attraction” is kind of a mouthful)

  3. The world is gone to Satan. The battle is being thrust upon the children in the fullest force possible by Satan.

    He is having a grand time. Not a soul to stop him; not really.

        • I think what Hidden One was referring to was “you” in the sense that not only you but each of us by prayer, good example and good works can help defeat the Enemy.

          Obviously, Our Lord vanquished Satan by His Passion, Death and Resurrection. Our Lady is the Woman who crushes the serpent’s head (Gen. 3: 15). However, we all have to cooperate with the graces given to us by God (especially yours truly).

          • Thank you Margaret. I appreciate the great importance of prayer and good works to defeat the Enemy. Maybe not enough as I should though.

            This battle is very, very big. It will take so much more.

          • Ditto. Pope Pius XII wrote in Mystici Corporis Christi about how one Catholic in the state of sanctifying grace can do so much good for the Church and the world.

    • I think Satan is having one of his best times with this globalist association of pedophiles, sex traffickers and Satanic ritual abuse/sacrifice that has been revealed. It is huge and has been going on for a very very long time. I mean it’s been going on these days aided by the digital age and the proliferation of obscene imagery is only a click away. This is the most important time to inform ourselves and act on this information in God’s army. It’s THE battle in Spiritual Warfare and good vs. evil.

  4. The final battle will be over marriage and the family. The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops. The gates of Hell will not prevail against it. Who am I to judge?

  5. When’s that next World Meeting of Families so we can invite the president of Planned Parenthood?


    You jest, but at the rate things are going…

  6. I’m naive. I actually thought Gaffigan hadn’t made those compromises.

    I saw the tweet a few hours ago. It’s disappointing, but given Hollywood, and how things are going, as you state, I suppose it’s not even that big a deal. But why did he have to drag his kids into it?

  7. I don’t mean to bring down the party for everybody, but is there any other evidence that Gaffigan takes this position on the gay lifestyle, other than some sympathy in the scripts for gay people? I ask this because when I first saw the photo of a father mentioning his “gay kids,” I thought it was another one of his jokes, like when kids say to other kids, “oh that’s so gay!” It’s true that we go ga-ga when Hollywood throws a bone of approval to the Faith. We’re also just as quickly disillusioned.

    • In what bizarre alternative universe would a Catholic father pose all five of his kids with rainbow flags, sending it out to the world under the caption, “Happy Pride Day,” as a “joke”? Any “father” doing this would make me sick.

      And it’s not a party.

    • I had the same thought David Alexander – like it was his brazen “let’s take back our rainbow and terminology” for what it really is.
      That’s my hope anyway.

    • “I thought it was another one of his jokes,”

      Okay, I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m also glad that I’m not the first person to say so, because I thought I might get stoned.

  8. I’m stunned. I’m a student of stand-up, everyone, everything, ever. Know almost every album of the past 50-60 years verbatim. As a Catholic too, I took interest in the Gaffigan family. It was really obvious that a gluttonous, off-color comedian like Gaffigan was not a strict or concientious Catholic. However, he says in several bits that his wife, Jeannie, is a “Sharia-law Catholic”. And it was obvious that the family planning and the speech before Francis were both his wife’s doing. I also knew that Jeannie just had brain surgery for a tumor: So when I saw your article here, I immediately thought of Jeannie, like, maybe, Jim’s trainer was out-of-commission and he was out-of-control. However, it appears Jeannie also posted gay pride pictures and was in full support from her instagram page: and

    So what we learn from this is that Jeannie as well as Jim openly dissents from Catholic teaching on sexuality. In retrospect, their being chosen to speak before the heretical Francis makes perfect sense. They’re of the same mind as he. I would have thought Jeannie’s recently brush with death would have made her more Catholic, not less. Another interesting fact, Jeannie and Jim, as can be seen in their posts, sold their souls for 1,000 “likes” a piece — in a world of 8 billion people and a country of 350 million people….. If they had never posted this, it would never have hurt his sales or deals in Hollywood. I doubt there would have been a bunch of media stories like “Jim Gaffigan didn’t support gay pride!” If anything, he will lose more than 1,000 sales now that he and his wife have let their faux-Catholic masks slip. There were at least a thousand people (in fact, many more) who supported him because of he Catholic-comedian status. He was under no pressure to do this. Certainly not his wife. They’re just really pro-sodomy it appears. Jeannie represents many Novus Ordo types who prove the adage that novus-ordoism is really just residual “Catholic” culture, not valid Catholic faith.

    And his comedy, apart from his funny-family-guy status, is not very good. There are many wickedly funnier Satanic comedians. Without his halo, he is just fat and dorky. Comedy is about strength in wit, and he just looks rudderless, weak and attention-seeking now. This was beyond dumb from both an earthly and a heavenly perspective.

    • Technically it’s “Shia (Shi’te? I don’t know how to spell these things) Catholic”

      Sharia is a law common to all Muslims while Shia is a branch of Islam.

    • To challenge your final paragraph, let me paraphrase Chesterton in saying that in order to be funny one must be a part of the joke.

      Those “wickedly funny comedians” aren’t really funny at all. As Chesterton said, they are “a fool playing a wit.”

  9. I heard Abp. Fulton Sheen once “reassured” a parent who mentioned worrying about whether their children would go to hell. He told them not to worry, that if their children go to hell, chances are they will be there, too.
    Words of wisdom to all of us as parents to persevere in the faith, even if it costs us. A buffet Catholic is useless in battle.

  10. This is the reason the Catholic faith failed to convert the nation by the 1940’s, when it was primed to do so:

    Americanism. It was the death of Catholic conversions because it placed being culturally American before being Catholic. And for all his mistakes Fr. Feeney DID get that much correct. Liberal Catholics won the day against national conversion. I am afraid even Fulton Sheen contributed to the problem in the sense of popularizing the priesthood through the media. It became cool.

    • Yes, the heresy of Americanism that Pope Leo XIII warned us about over a 100 years ago. Interesting argument about F. Sheen, he did become somewhat of a Catholic “star”. At least he stayed faithful and never gave scandal. Couldn’t you make the same argument about JPII, and his cult of personality?
      I think that’s why the outstanding traditional priests at ReginaProphetarum prefer to stay incognito, and not risk becoming idols.

      • Thank you for the information about these wonderful priests at Regina Prophetarum, and the generous laity who make the apostolate possible!

    • Oh boy, you guys sure are edgy.

      May I answer you with a Fulton Sheen quote that may hurt your ego?

      It goes like this:
      “Conscience, Christ, and the gift of faith make evil men uneasy in their sin. They feel that if they could drive Christ from the earth, they would be free from “moral inhibitions.” They forget that it is their own nature and conscience which makes them feel that way. Being unable to drive God from the heavens, they would drive his ambassadors from the earth. In a lesser sphere, that is why many men sneer at virtue–because it makes vice uncomfortable.”

  11. I am more concerned of the NY Yankees display than the ‘rainbows’ – I love Buck Rogers! In all seriousness, anyone that holds themselves out as Catholic publicly or NOT, if they are Catholic they will be held under the scrutiny of the public…as they should. We are under the call of the great commission, period. Many outsiders look at us Catholics (acting as flawed humans apply to the Catholic Church), and simply don’t want want any part of that ‘stuff’. We flaw by not acting the faith. We are to be the beacon of truth to the world. I worry (though I am not to worry, but trust) that Mr. Gaffigan is simply trying to earn a living for his family, and is flawed like all of us. Hollywood makes it darn difficult to swim when they are pumping baby ruth’s into the pool!

  12. I never cared for him. Maybe this is why. I didn’t think he seem very Catholic from other things he said. Lord have mercy. I will pray for his family, but mostly for those poor children!

  13. FOCUS is another one of those dopey bloated programs dreamed up as part of the “new evangelization”….no one seems to ask why college kids were never taught the Faith in the first place. It essentially subsidizes the stupidity of the bishops – and not very effectively at that.

  14. Yes, Catholics also painted Stephen Colbert in a favorable light just because he liked to talk about his Catholicism on TV. They couldn’t see that he was just another liberal “Catholic”, who was buddies with the Jesuit heretic Fr. Martin. Now just tune into his nightly show, and watch him ridicule the confessional, and commit detraction and calumny every night against the president.

  15. I went to a Catholic graduate school where there were some very popular, conservative and orthodox professors. There was a distinct culture of personality worship there that so totally turned me off, it almost felt like a cult. I got my degree and got out, have worked quietly “under the radar” ever since, because I don’t want to be part of that unhealthy idolatry, I don’t care how “orthodox” they are. Too much temptation and possibility of big falls, as a couple of “big” famous Catholic leaders here in the US have already undergone.

  16. May I respectfully suggest the immediate discontinuance of the use of the word “gay”. It is a vile little euphemism for sexual activity of the utmost depravity. This, of course, is the entire purpose of this disgusting little word; to totally blind Western post-Christian ‘civilization’ to the horrendous reality of homosexuality. Writing for LifeSiteNews in an article, “Nancy Pelosi says homosexuality is ‘consistent’ with Catholicism. Are Church leaders taking her lead?” (June 22 2017); Doug Mainwaring put it this way: “When a man and woman make love, the miracles of conception and birth are possible. When two men attempt the same, the most glorious result possible is an anal discharge of semen mixed with fecal matter.”

    What is “life”? My own answer to that question, as succinctly as I can put it would be; “the distilled essence of Divine Love”. And even in our pitiable, fallen state, God has permitted us to share intimately with Himself in the creation of new life. Sodomy is a hugely potent satanic ritual; it is a vile satanic mockery of this most sacred of divine gifts. And the Evil One, who has sworn to destroy the whole of God’s creation, attacks with particular vehemence, and violence, this most sacred of gifts. Hence, sodomy takes the Seed of Life and deposits it in a place of corruption and death. It encapsulates satan’s utter detestation of human life, and all of God’s creation.

    Over the years, I have heard demands for the use of such words as “homosexual” and “sodomy” to be declared illegal, or at least, be deleted from the lexicon. Language is a vehicle for the external communication of thought. If the language no longer makes provision for a given concept to be articulated, eventually, the concept itself is erased from our consciousness, from our understanding. There is nothing “gay” about the physical, social and spiritual pathology of homosexual acts. It is a word which, I, personally, have always steadfastly refused to us, except on those rare occasions when I am quoting someone or something.

    • “Nancy Pelosi says homosexuality is ‘consistent’ with Catholicism. Are Church leaders taking her lead?” (June 22 2017)”

      Yes, for two reasons:

      1. The Church, like mainline Protestantism, wants to be accepted by the modern world — and, like mainline Protestantism, it will become irrelevant.

      2. Given how pervasive homosexuality is in the priesthood, promoting homosexuality would give those priests the fig leaf they had been seeking since St. Peter Damian wrote “Liber Gomorrahianus.”

      • Yes, it is glaringly obvious that, were many bishops and priests to speak in condemnation of homosexuality, they would be speaking in condemnation of themselves. And this element, who are “legion”, currently have the upper hand. But their ascendancy, and the moral cesspit they have constructed is only for a season. And, please God; a brief season.

        • Their season does indeed seem to be coming to an end. But what desolation they have left in their wake!

          I live in a diocese where one of Bernard Cardinal Law’s acolytes ended up as bishop some two decades ago. Indulgence for clerical sodomy and sodomic practices soon became generalized, and it wasn’t long before the scandalous behavior was daily fodder for my state’s secular press. Our progressive bishop named a delayed-vocation priest as his point man, Fr. Ed. He donned his Roman collar already equipped with a business degree and was to handle finances….and the inquisitive press. Ed also specialized in quelling (he was a master of the quotably concise put-down) any sign of rebellion among the faithful. Years went by and businessman cum cleric Ed rose to prominence across the land. He designed the insurance plan for US dioceses now plagued with massive lawsuits thanks to their contempt for Leviticus and Romans. Before long he left his sinecure in our diocese for a more lucrative international position with an institute whose mission was to shepherd wayward priests.

          It was astonishing to see all this, but only a handful of the faithful seemed concerned. Their interactions with Ed told them he was a first-class rotter, a vicious and perhaps vitiated hypocrite who would stop at little to further his career. The average pew warmer, however, was oblivious to the whole matter. The bishop and his mouthy alter ego could have shot someone in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue , as a now-famous candidate once said of himself, but Joe Payandpray and wife wouldn’t have cared.

          Fast forward a decade. A new (and to date seemingly sound bishop) has been installed. Most if not all the diocesan sodomites have left ministry, either to go to their grave or to their boyfriend’s abode. And then, suddenly, Eddy reappears and vindicates in spades all the suspicions the “rebellious” faithful harbored ten years ago. He’s back in the papers, but this time indicted for embezzlement, big time embezzlement; he cheated the international institute he managed. Prison followed and, when he was finally released, he also left the priesthood officially. And then…. he checked into a “treatment center” for the sexually dysfunctional. In the end, it was all about sodomy, just as that remnant of faithful in the diocese inferred so many years ago.

    • Hear, hear! All the clouds of doubt and ambiguity that surround and confound us in this seriously deluded society can be dispelled with a single three-syllable word, viz. sodomite. Just for a single day replace “gay” in your vocabulary with this magic word and you will learn what really makes American society tick. Continue this salubrious practice a little longer and you’ll also discover you have a lot more time to pray, to think clearly, all those noisome social commitments having mercifully vanished. Veritas liberabit vos.

      • That is an excellent idea. A good way to take back the language. And here in Canada, I’ll not only have more time to pray, but could start up an extra hobby or two.

        • The loss of proper language is a great tragedy. I also suggest using the proper words and images for the deeds done by persons who suffer, and act upon, same sex attraction.

          If I were to ask my neighbours this question: “well, what do these people do when they ‘have sex?'” I wonder if any of them would have the courage to describe just what happens.

          It’s just the same with abortion. Use the words to describe what happens when that blob of tissue is taken out of its container – see them squirm.

    • Wow! You didn’t mince words. Reality can be harsh. Do you mind if I quote from your words? The truth is absolutely opposed to the syrupy brainwashing shoved down the throats of our kids.

      • By all means; the comments submitted to 1P5 are hardly subject to copyright. And yes, reality can be harsh; very harsh, for those who choose to avoid it. hence the accusations leveled at us of “hate speech.” Homosexual acts are so utterly contrary to human nature as ordained by God that no-one can possibly indulge in such behavior and retain any sense of dignity and self-respect. On the contrary, such acts are the cause of a sense of self-loathing, but rather than identify the problem and deal with it, they assign this hatred to others and then claim to be the innocent victims of it. This is evidenced by the psychopathic behavior, the sheer vindictiveness of homosexual activists; ‘homofascists’ of both sexes toward anyone who refuses to capitulate to their demands and therefore, must be utterly destroyed.

        “Let us lie in wait for the virtuous man, since he annoys us, and opposes our way of life.”

    • Anal sex is how so many men got sick and died of AIDS. The vagina is made for intercourse, self-lubricates, expands, tissues do not tear easily. The rectum does not, the tissues are thin and tear very easily, exposing the bloodstream to a sewer of pathogens. Combine that with fellatio and you begin to understand the epidemic of throat cancer, too. There is nothing natural or healthy about sodomy, it is NOT remotely on the level with marriage, not even close, any more than a mutilated, artificial estrogen-dosed man is a woman.

      Btw, Camille Paglia recently in an interview said the pharmaceutical industry is behind transsexualism. They’ve had to stop routinely treating post-menopausal women with hormones due to health risks, so are promoting transsexualism as a way of creating a new group of customers dependent on hormone therapy for life. Diabolical.

      • What Camille Paglia says about the pharmaceutical industry or “Big Pharma” is all-too believable. I have not the slightest doubt that the pharmaceutical industry is guilty of massive crimes against humanity. The main objective of the pharmaceutical industry is not to research and market cures for our diseases, but to keep us permanently in a state of “disease management” using their wholly unnatural, often highly toxic drugs. And, not infrequently, the side effects of these drugs results in further pathology, which then requires the administration of additional drugs.

        Many years ago, I read of a report by the Mayo Clinic which stated, in effect, that the incidence of breast cancer could be halved by abolishing the oral contraceptive pill. But then, I suppose, the same pharmaceutical companies that produce ‘the pill’ also produce the cytotoxic drugs that are used to treat breast cancer.

      • “Depends” adult diapers might have an interest in promoting this also. I don’t want to think about what damage is done to a person given to this activity. Ah, I wish Adam hadn’t fumbled the ball, like I haven’t also at times, dam.

    • To call the foul perversion of sodomy Marriage is even worse. It is an insult to every person in this world united by the Holy bond of Matrimony It is an insult to
      our parents and grand parents and to our ancestors….most of all it is an insult to almighty God who made them male and female for his divine purpose of populating the earth.

  17. “Kennedy made clear that the Vatican—and by extension, Church teaching—would have no effect on his decision-making.”

    There’s so much wrong with this statement. Where to begin?

    First, JFK’s family was far more secular than Catholic. Just look at the life of the family patriarch. Joseph Kennedy made his fortune by bootlegging and forged relationships with organized crime. He used those relationships to ensure that his son would win Illinois in the 1960 Presidential election through voter fraud. That is a historical fact. Just because a man holds ancestry from a predominantly Catholic nation, goes to church and receives the sacraments doesn’t necessarily make him a faithful, serious Catholic. It could just make him a great actor. If you don’t believe that, just look at some of the member of today’s hierarchy.

    If Joseph Kennedy was a serious Catholic, then so was Adolf Hitler. I think we all know that the latter was not the case!

    Second, and perhaps most importantly, the Vatican does not equal Church teaching and Church teaching does not equal the Vatican. Even a cursory history of the papacy shows how morally corrupt the Vatican has been — and, in many ways, still is. If Church teaching from Scripture and Tradition depended on the Vatican for its credibility, Catholicism would have been buried in the graveyard of discredited lies long ago.

    • Both hitler and the nazis openly worshipped the devil. hitler even spent his days making tarot cards for his best friend crowley.

      How voguely protestant of you to say what you are saying. The dismissive sneer of “cursory history” is hardly an argument. What does this “graveyard of discredited lies” entail? You are on a Catholic site yet seem to have no understanding of the Church whatsoever, instead opting for vague waving towards conspiracy theories you can’t even be tasked to mention.

      How exactly is the Vatican “morally corrupt?” How do you separate Church teaching, tradition, and scripture from the people that wrote Church teaching, tradition, and scripture?

      The Church is what Christ left upon this earth at Pentacost, you are merely allowing your current sedevacantism to morph you into you into a protestant heretic.

      You know that Pope Francis is the legitimate Pope and you HATE that. So you devolve into age old heretical errors to mentally get around that and make yourself believe you are still Catholic despite your hatred of the Church.

      • Oh, please, what does your rhetorical diarrhea have to do with anything I said? Besides, if you don’t think the Vatican is morally corrupt, then what do you think all the controversy about clerical sex-abuse and even Amortis Laetia have to do with?

        Besides, what evidence do you have that Hitler actually made tarot cards for Alister Crowley? I’ve studied that period of history and have never come across anything like that.

        How exactly is the Vatican “morally corrupt?” How do you separate Church teaching, tradition, and scripture from the people that wrote Church teaching, tradition, and scripture?

        That is nothing but institutional idolatry. You know bloody well that most of the Church Fathers would condemn a lot of the behavior that has masqueraded as the faith for centuries, whether it’s Johan Tetzl’s indulgence scheme or the antics of this Pope.

        Christ did not come to Earth to found an institution. He came to Earth to provide hope for humanity by becoming the ultimate atoning sacrifice for human sin, thereby making a relationship with God possible for those who receive Him. Anything else is from Satan.

        • What I said has everything to do with that you said, considering I am replying point-by-point to your message here. Sneering is not an argement.

          The scandal involved sodomites having sodomitic relationships, not to mention that sodomites cannot be priests so they lied to get into seminaries.

          hitler was best friends with crowley and submitted the pictures to be used in crowley’s “thoth” tarot deck. hitler was also a dedicated devil worshipper.

          It appears that your entire “knowledge” of the Church begins and ends with modern major news network propaganda. You clearly do not study any area of history, you just study anti-Catholicism and “fake news.”

          The Church Fathers were priests and bishops. The Church is the singular source for the tradition, the Church teaching, and scripture as the Church itself wrote it. And that Church IS the Vatican.

          An indulgence is simply doing one of the corporal or spiritual works of mercy. You can’t “scheme” about the works of mercy.

          Christ did come to found the Church as the Church exists to reunite mankind. God Himself personally founded the Church at Pentacost.

          The Cross paid the sin of Adam and Eve that is inborn into fallen man. You are still guilty for everything you do after the fact.

          How can you “receive God” outside of the Church? You can only have the sacraments within the Church that He created.

          By your “indulgence” and “personal relationship” comments, I can tell that you are a full-blown protestant and not just merely one with protestant rhetoric.

  18. There is a hard-core pro-family organization based out of Massachusetts since 1995, named MassResistance. (Get it?)

    It has chapters formed now in many states in the U.S., and is starting to form internationally. The group is extremely vocal and very active on the local level wherever a chapter exists, looking for more chapters to be formed, and determined to take down the LGBT movement as well as the abortion industry whether it be by education, legal action or other lawful means.

    Main website:

    See the next two links for a book just released on the explicit health dangers of homosexuality and the sodomite lifestyle overall.

    The information may make you swoon with shock, so be forewarned.

    I am a medical professional and I can tell you that many, many of our major medical centers utterly ignore the truths laid out in this book, even calling them lies, while meantime falling all over themselves to be named as LGBT friendly via the so-called “Healthcare Equality Index” rating scale which is developed and sanctioned by the LGBTQ community:

    It is a complete subversion of the Hippocratic Oath’s opening: “First, do no harm.”

    MassResistance, on the other hand, is determined to call-out and resist any form of pc speech or behavior pushing the LGBT agenda. Moreover, it respects no group or organization that gives cover to it, be it a religious organization/denomination, the medical profession, psychologists, etc.

    If you are fed-up with the tsunami of gay-friendly garbage we are fed daily, consider MassResistance and looking for some good old-fashioned activism to couple with your prayer and fasting, you might consider MassResistance!

  19. Jim Gaffigan could do with pondering on these words from the Curé d’Ars: ‘Don’t try and please everyone. Please God, the angels and the saints -*they* are your public.’

    That mention of Mark Wahlberg reminded me that I saw him enter a church with I presume his ‘minder’ a few minutes before Mass at lunchtime on Ash Wednesday 2013 (that’s if there is a lunchtime on Ash Wednesday). I was saying my prayers (honest) and I only noticed him as the church had an entrance to the left of the sanctuary as well a conventional one at the back. He walked around briefly looking at the church and then left again without unfortunately staying for Mass. I worked out afterwards that he was visiting the city on a promotional tour for his latest film.

    This article could prompt an obvious quip about sticking with the comedian in the Vatican but there hasn’t been much to laugh about from that quarter for the last 4+ years so I’ll just make do with Jackie Mason in non-risqué mode – now there’s a genuine Catholic comedian.

  20. I see comments here about the Cult of Personality. But one thought comes back to me. Belloc said that Personality is a great force (I’m paraphrasing, probably badly). He says that the Church has a Personality and a Voice. I think this is true, so the issue is when we place these lesser personalities above Christ and His Church.

  21. Prelates and priests are not so much terrified of the rainbow zeitgeist, as part of it. Yesterday a good friend was helping me with a barn repair project. He had been a seminarian around ten years ago, at a well known “conservative” Novus Ordo seminary. A professor, whom he respected, pulled him aside one day, and asked him if he knew what he was getting himself into, informing him that at least half the seminarians were practicing homosexuals. And that those in charge were aware of it.

    Repeat this in many other seminaries, and over a period of years, how many of our priests and prelates are sodomites?

  22. What’s he proud of? That the kids actually got in the car and did not have to be dragged to this horror show? I’m ‘proud’ to say I have never heard of this sorry excuse for a Catholic and after this little episode I hope I never have to hear of him again. I will pray for him and his children.

  23. For those who may not have fully realized it yet:
    If you are truly Catholic, the world is never, ever going to like you. If the world does like you, you’re doing something wrong.

    If you aren’t enough as you are, content enough, happy enough, secure enough, liked enough, when it is just you and God, no amount of external sources of affection and affectation will ever be enough.

    Seek allies when you find them, support your neighbors, be charitable towards those who need help, and store up your treasure of love, affection, and belonging in Heaven, where it cannot be taken from you, and where it will not diminish.

    March to the beat of a different drummer, but march on!

  24. Ya know what? I’m beginning to think that “celebrities” don’t have a whole lot to say to me as a Catholic.

    Seriously, I’m actually starting to question the proposition that entertainers carry a special moral gravitas. Oh horrors……what has become of me?

  25. In light of what the majority of our Catholic bishops here in the US teach and allegedly believe, why would anyone be surprised what a fellow Catholic believes? The recent elevation of prelates like Bishop McElroy, Cupich, not to mention the less recent elevations of bishops such as Dolan and O’Malley and Gomez betray a deep apostasy at the top. Comedian Jim Gaffigan’s beliefs only reflect what occurs in every parish and dioceses. If he was a plumber or an accountant, no one would take notice.

    • Are you not the same man who previously claimed elsewhere that mohammedans are more “manly” than Catholics and you found that “attractive?”

      It seems your favorite activity is claiming the sky is falling.

  26. I don’t think Gaffigan was supporting this event. I think he was mocking it, as well as the suddenly fashionable notion that children’s genders cannot be determined. Sometimes, subtle satire is more powerful than direct, overt opposition — especially when the people whose ideas are being mocked are too full of themselves to see that their ideas are being mocked!

    • I think so too, but it’s pretty racy to play the kids as props like that. OTOH, it does seem to be keeping with his Arid-Extra-Dry sense humor.

  27. I strive to be an American Catholic, not a Catholic American. What’s key is the noun being root, and the adjective being the flavor.

  28. Celebrity worship is pretty disgusting and mindless and worse, it means the system has you where it wants you.

    Disappointed in Gaffigan, but have no grounds to be surprised. As to the rest of the things that Catholics supposedly do to “fit in”, speak for yourself.

  29. Gaffigan is merely using his judgment. Thanks to Dignitatus Humanae, “Catholics” believe what they want! That’s what makes us “one body” now, the belief that we are all free to choose what we think is true, according to ourselves! Dignitatus Humane relativized religion and beliefs within religion.

    So, God’s main concern is that we are free to believe in what we want. WIth Digntatus Humanae, then, His/Her work is done!

  30. Pretty interesting Eric. I heard about him on Catholic Radio at some point, so eventually got around to watching some episodes of his show. It didn’t click. Why were Catholics plugging this show? You nailed it. No thanks.


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