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Eric Sammons

Ordinariate Mass

Liturgical Diversity and My First Ordinariate Mass

Growing up in the United Methodist Church I was blissfully unaware of liturgical debates and differences within Christianity. Our church was what I’d call “Middle Church”—we didn’t embrace all the liturgical riches of High Church Anglicanism, nor did we succumb to the antics of Low Church Evangelicalism. In other words, we were solidly Midwest Boring.…


A New Day for OnePeterFive

Seven years ago, near the beginning of the current pontificate, OnePeterFive was born. Increasingly concerned by the words and actions of Pope Francis as well as the massive apostasy within the Catholic Church, Steve Skojec sought to resist these troubling trends and fight back. OnePeterFive was the result, and its stated purpose was to “rebuild…

Saints & Tradition

St. Helen and Holy Relics

Holy relics are a distinctive feature of Catholicism. Would you expect to see the bones of some ancient martyr on display at your local Evangelical church? To most non-Catholics, holy relics are just plain weird. Sadly, veneration of holy relics even among Catholics has also been a practice often relegated to “old-fashioned” Catholics—a quasi-superstitious holdover…

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