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Islamic Converts Ask Pope in Open Letter To Change His Teaching on Islam

A new, open letter to the pope is making the rounds on the Internet, and it has gathered over 2,600 signatures so far.

“Most Holy Father,” it begins, “‬Many of us ‬have tried to contact you, ‬on many occasions ‬and for several years, ‬and we have never received the slightest acknowledgement of our letters or requests for meetings.”

The letter is not from the dubia cardinals, or from the more than 800,000 signers of the 2015 Filial Appeal, or from the signatories of the Filial Correction, but from a group of Islamic converts to Catholicism, who want Francis to answer a simple question: why did they literally risk their lives to become Catholic if Islam is “a good religion in itself” as the pope “seems to teach”?

It’s a question he refuses to answer, despite endless platitudes of how important it is to be close to the marginalized and to accompany those on the peripheries of the Church. The signers, however, are not dissuaded in their pursuit of a paternal answer:

You do not like to beat around the bush, and neither do we, so allow us to say frankly that we do not understand your teaching about Islam, as we read in paragraphs 252 and 253 of Evangelii Gaudium, because it does not account for the fact that Islam came AFTER Christ, and so is, and can only be, an Antichrist (see 1 Jn 2.22), and one of the most dangerous because it presents itself as the fulfillment of Revelation (of which Jesus would have been only a prophet). If Islam is a good religion in itself, as you seem to teach, why did we become Catholic? Do not your words question the soundness of the choice we made at the risk of our lives? Islam prescribes death for apostates (Quran 4.89, 8.7-11), do you know? How is it possible to compare Islamic violence with so-called Christian violence?  “What is the relationship between Christ and Satan? What union is there between light and darkness? What association between the faithful and the unfaithful?” (2 Cor 6: 14-17)In accordance with His teaching (Lk 14:26), we preferred Him, the Christ, to our own life. Are we not in a good position to talk to you about Islam?

The letter makes short work of the notion that Islam and Christianity can ever be compatible, or that Islam can serve as a path to salvation:

In fact, as long as Islam wants us to be its enemy, we are, and all our protestations of friendship cannot change anything. As a proper Antichrist, Islam exists only as an enemy of all: “Between us and you there is enmity and hatred forever, until you believe in Allah alone!” (Qur’an 60.4) For the Qur’an, Christians “are only impurity” (Quran 9.28),” “the worst of Creation” (Qur’an 98.6), all condemned to Hell (Qur’an 4.48), so Allah must exterminate them (Quran 9.30). We must not be deceived by the Quranic verses deemed tolerant, because they have all been repealed by the verse of the Sword (Quran 9.5). Where the Gospel proclaims the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection for the salvation of all, and the fulfillment of the Covenant initiated with the Hebrews, Allah has nothing to offer but war and murder of the “infidels” in exchange for his paradise: “They fight on the way of Allah, they kill and are killed.” (Quran 9:11) We do not confuse Islam with Muslims, but if for you “dialogue” means the voice of peace, for Islam it’s only another way to make war. Also, as it was in the face of Nazism and communism, naiveté in the face of Islam is suicidal and very dangerous. How can you speak of peace and endorse Islam, as you seem to do:  “To wring from our hearts the disease that plagues our lives (…) Let those who are Christians do it with the Bible and those who are Muslims do it with the Quran. “(Rome, January 20, 2014)? That the Pope seems to propose the Quran as a way of salvation, is that not cause for worry? Should we return to Islam?

The authors say that Islam can be no ally in the battle “against the powers that want to dominate and enslave the world” because “they share the same totalitarian logic based on the rejection of the kingship of Christ (Lk 4.7).” They contest the idea that speaking in an “Islamophilic tone” will help those Christians who are suffering persecution in Muslim countries, professing that  “apart from the fact that Jesus has never indicated any other way than that of the Cross, so that we must find our joy therein and not flee with all the damned, we do not doubt that only the proclamation of the Truth brings with it not only salvation, but freedom as well (John 8.32).”

The letter also contrasts the stance of Islamic countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia who “do not welcome any refugee” while Pope Francis preaches

the welcoming of migrants regardless of the fact that they are Muslims, something forbidden by Apostolic command: “If anyone comes to you but refuses this Gospel, do not receive him among you nor greet him. Whoever greets him participates in his evil works.” (2 John 1.10-11); “If anyone preaches to you a different Gospel, let him be accursed!” (Galatians 1.8-9)

The signatories go on to give voice to the utter scandal of the pope’s failure to carry out his evangelical mission as the Vicar of Christ to call home the members of the Islamic faith:

The pro-Islam speech of Your Holiness leads us to deplore the fact that Muslims are not invited to leave Islam, and that many ex-Muslims, such as Magdi Allam, are even leaving the Church, disgusted by her cowardice, wounded by equivocal gestures, confused by the lack of evangelization, scandalized by the praise given to Islam … Thus ignorant souls are misled…

Taking the matter further, they warn, too, of the physical danger the pope’s disposition toward Islam invites, saying that it has resulted in Christians

not preparing for a confrontation with Islam, to which St. John Paul II has called them (Ecclesia in Europa, No. 57). We are under the impression that you do not take your brother Bishop Nona Amel,  Chaldean-Catholic Archbishop of Mosul in exile, seriously, when he tells us: “Our present sufferings are the prelude to those that you, Europeans and Western Christians, will suffer in the near future. I have lost my diocese. The headquarters of my archdiocese and my apostolate have been occupied by radical Islamists who want us to convert or die. (…) You are welcoming into your country an ever increasing number of Muslims. You are in danger as well. You must make strong and courageous decisions (…). You think that all men are equal, but Islam does not say that all men are equal. (…) If you do not understand this very quickly, you will become the victims of the enemy that you have invited into your home.” (August 9, 2014) “. This is a matter of life and death, and any complacency towards Islam is treasonous. We do not wish the West to continue with Islamization, nor that your actions contribute to it. Where then would we go to seek refuge?

The signatories plea is that the pope will “quickly convene a synod on the dangers of Islam.”

What remains of the Church where Islam has installed itself? If she still has civil rights, it is in dhimmitude, on the condition that she does not evangelize, thus denying her very essence. In the interest of justice and truth, the Church must bring to light why the arguments put forward by Islam to blaspheme the Christian faith are false. If the Church had the courage to do that, we do not doubt that millions, Muslims as well as other men and women seeking the true God, would convert. As you said: “He who does not pray to Christ, prays to the Devil.” (14.03.13) If people knew they were going to Hell, they would give their lives to Christ. (cf. Quran 3.55)

It is a powerful letter giving voice to a rising desperation and alarm. Once again, we are reminded of the Gospel of Luke, chapter 11:

And which of you, if he ask his father bread, will he give him a stone? or a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?

Or if he shall ask an egg, will he reach him a scorpion?

It seems that every sincere request to our spiritual father, the pope, receives just such a response.

The signatories say that they will present the letter to the pope once it “reaches a significant number of signatories.” But we have seen this before, and the pleas always go unanswered.

Nevertheless, if he will not answer the letter, we will do all we can to make it known. You can see (and sign) the full letter here. 


137 thoughts on “Islamic Converts Ask Pope in Open Letter To Change His Teaching on Islam”

  1. Allah is not Abba.

    Judaism promised a Messiah who would be Emmanuel, God-with-us.

    Christianity has proclaimed that Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, God-with-us.

    Islam denies the divinity of Christ; denies that He is God-with-us; denies, then, that He is Emmanuel.

    is impossible to believe that the same Holy Spirit, by Whom Mary
    conceived the Savior of the world, then went on,
    post-the-advent-of-Christianity, to inspire a religion that denies that
    He is God.

    If a divine origin for Islam is ruled out, that means it has either a
    human or a demonic origin. Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, etc are most likely of human origin. At the very least they cannot be called anti-Christian, since they arose before the advent of Christ. Islam, having a post-Christian origin is, in denying His divinity, thoroughly demonic in origin.

    Allah is not Abba (Father). And how could He be? He would be a Father
    Who has no Son. Nowhere in Islam do I find any evidence that Muslims are
    encouraged to regard Allah with affectionate obedience or any other
    relational sentiment. Rather He is the Absolute Other, to Whom the only
    allowable posture is one of blindly submissive obedience.

    • Allah is the ancient pagan moon god of war. There is a reason Islamic flags (especially war flags) have the crescent on them.

      • Look at Our Lady at Guadalupe and in the Revelation: She has the crescent moon under her foot.

        They are just “created things” but she is the most glorious of all created things, the most humble and the most Full of Grace.

        Put your trust in her. She will lead us to Her Son.

        • It’s interesting but I am an Anglican convert to the TLM catholic rite. When I was sitting in the conference room waiting to talk to my priest about RCIA classes I studied that image of Guadalupe on the wall intently. As a student of history, cults and religions I immediately recognized that which was beneath mary’s Feet as the Muslim crescent. I was confused at the time since she is the patron for the America’s, but there could be no mistaking what it was. Allah is the pagan moon god of war after all, which is why the crescent moon is the Islamic symbol. 🙂

          • Her look: Humility.

            As proud as is the dark one, she is even more humble.

            It is her humility which simultaneously defeats and humiliates the dark one.

            She and her seed CRUSH the dark one.

          • The dark one took millions away from Her Son’s Church through the schism referred to as the “Reformation,” splitting off some 35,000 denominations. (Oct. 31, 1517)

            She will not be outdone. Dec. 9, 1531 she appeared to Juan Diego
            leading to the mass conversion of pagans into the Church.

            As the children of the revolution fade into spiritual tepidity, the Church and the faith are burning strong in S. and C. America, thus the funding and the efforts to inject pentacostalism into S. and C. America to destroy the Church. All the work of the dark one.

            We don’t lose faith. In the end, Her Immaculate Heart triumphs.

          • I’m not sure how strong the faith is burning under Vatican 2. I’m a TLM catholic and my church is thriving but we are a minority. Places like Poland and Hungary and among the eastern rite Catholics are very strong though. My dad was ukrainian Greek Catholic and in my otherwise Protestant wasp family I was the only one who would attend Divine Liturgy with my aunt, and that probably planted a seed for my conversion much much later.

  2. To our brothers and sisters in Christ who have come to us from the religion of Mohammed; please, dear friends, do not feel dejected. What we are experiencing is an aberration unique in the history of the Church. The Catholic Church is still Christ’s one true Church. Many of the men in authority within it are not being the shepherds that they are called to be. The Traditional Latin Mass Catholic Churches still teach the Truth even if it has become hard to find in so many of the Novus Ordo Churches. Stay with Christ. As Peter said in response to Jesus: ” To whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” Stay with Christ, dear friends.

    • As with all things, This “pope” will pass. Stay true to the catechism of the Catholic Church, and to our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. Wow. I wish these guys had addressed the Dubia questions to the Pope as well.
    Less grovelling, and more Truth is what needed in confronting Bergoglio.
    A tyrant needs to met front on…….not on a bended knee.

    Marvelous letter. May God continue to bless them.

  4. God bless this man. I would add however, that this ecumenical spirit goes back before Francis, to when Pope St JP II kissed the Q’uran, conducted the Assisi Prayer Meeting for Peace back in 1986 and even back to the Vatican II document “Nostra Aetate” in the words: “The Church regards with esteem also the Moslems. They adore the one God, living and subsisting in Himself; merciful and all- powerful, the Creator of heaven and earth”. I’ve experienced this myself with the several Franciscan and Jesuits who say they’ve read the Q’uran and yet echoes exactly what Pope Francis has said.

    • You seem to forget that Saint John Paul in the article was quoted saying the same premises you deny him Teaching…..stop Judging please, that is the Lord’s work, all will come out at God’s time…

      • You must make a distinction, I am only judging his external actions, not his soul. Have a read of the document, and what I have mentioned, then we can have a discussion as to whether these did cause scandal if not the appearance of scandal. You and I cannot deny that there has been much confusion over the past few decades over where we draw the red line with respect to other religions.

    • Bear in mind too that in the original Latin is simply says they adore one god, not THE one god, since there is no “the” in Latin.

      • Then the Vatican official English translation is wrong then and the addition of ‘the’ makes a whole world of difference.

        • It is definitely too loose. The original could have said “same god” if it wanted to equate the devilish god of the Muslims with the True God, but of course it didn’t.
          The English translation is saying something that isn’t there.

      • There is only one God who is all-powerful and the creator of all things.

        Since there is only one God, Muslims worship the one God.

          • Praying with Muslims is a sure guarantee of unintended farce – or it would be farce, if it was not so tragic. There was the 2014 occasion when Pope Francis invited an imam and a rabbi to the Vatican to pray for peace. You may feel a joke coming on here – the joke was definitely on Francis. Sure enough, the imam quite logically prayed for the triumph of Islam. True peace will come only when the whole world submits to sharia law. The Vatican spin doctors unsuccessfully tried to conceal this debacle.

            Then there was Epiphany 2017 when the Scottish Episcopal Church invited a lady Muslim to pray with them at the cathedral in Edinburgh. Sadly, the lady read from the Koran in Arabic and declared that God had no son.

          • Praying with ANYONE not a member of the Catholic Church is a very bad idea, and provides an opening for Satan. This goes for protestants as well. We call protestants “Christian” as a courtesy, not as a statement of fact. Any part of the Catholic Faith that is denied puts one outside the Church. Period. These are harsh words but I am paraphrasing past Popes who were not afraid to speak truth no matter what.

          • There was an intelligent and honest Catholic English Bishop, back in 1949 or thereabouts, who explained that Catholics and Protestants could not recite even the “Our Father” together. When Catholics pray “Thy Kingdom Come”. they are praying for the rule of Christ on earth in accordance with Catholic teaching and no Protestant could share such a prayer.

            This blindingly obvious explanation obviously cut no ice with the participants in the ARCIC (Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission). They have been chatting for 50+ years in one of the most sterile “fruits” of Vatican 2. They might have saved themselves 50 years of trouble and expense if someone had the nerve to discuss that 1949 advice in depth at their preliminary meeting in 1967.


        • Do they believe and worship THE Triune God?
          They worship a false god.
          Anyone who doesn’t have the Son heither have the Father.
          It is even more than this.
          Everyone who doesn’t have Maria as Mother neither have God as father.

          • A certain person said to me that Catholics, Jews and Muslims all worship the same God. I replied that they believe that there is only one person is God, while we believe that there are Three Persons in one God, I.e. the Holy Trinity. So how could he say that we worship the same God? He had no answer and walked away.

          • Of course he had no answer.
            Of course he walked away.
            Those are WORSE! And if we let THEM to make US WISE about complete nonsense and rubbish that we adore the same God, then we are precisely the same traitors as those disciples from John’s Gospel:

            “…Many therefore of his disciples, hearing it, said: This saying is hard, and who can hear it?
            But Jesus, knowing in himself, that his disciples murmured at this, said to them: Doth this scandalize you?
            If then you shall see the Son of man ascend up where he was before?
            It is the spirit that quickeneth: the flesh profiteth nothing. The words that I have spoken to you, are spirit and life.
            But there are some of you that believe not. For Jesus knew from the beginning, who they were that did not believe, and who he was, that would betray him.
            And he said: Therefore did I say to you, that no man can come to me, unless it be given him by my Father.
            After this many of his disciples went back; and walked no more with him.” (John 6,61-67)

            RIGHT ON! – “This saying is hard.”,… and then “walk away…”
            So then, let’s remind us and THEM each time when they WON’T repent, – to this:
            “Who is a liar, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son.
            Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father. He that confesseth the Son, hath the Father also.”
            (1 John 2, 22-23)

            Keep fighting good fight for our Lord Jesus Christ, and preach HIS Gospel. His truth to everybody. And let to them then to make their own decision, to repent and accept that Jesus IS Messias, which means he IS the Christ, or – to walk away!

          • A few years ago I heard the late Cardinal Murphy O’Conner interviewed on a BBC Radio current-affairs programme. The topic was Christianity and Islam. The presenter asked the Cardinal whether Christians and Moslems worshipped the same God. “There is only one God”, quipped the Cardinal. “That was clever”, thought I.

            But then I thought again. If the uniqueness of God means that Moslems worship “the same god” as Christians, then the same must, for example, have been true of the ancient pagans, modern Hindus and animists, etc. In other words, “they worship the same god” is meaningless.

          • Yes. Someone should have corrected King David when he wrote in Psalm 90 “The gods of the gentiles are devils”.
            Just because a religion worships “one God” does not mean they worship THE one God.
            I could start the cult of the Tooth Fairy tomorrow, but that does not mean the Tooth Fairy is God (even if Francis says she is).

          • Of course they don’t! They are deceived 14 centuries ago when their poor savage in the dessert, who just thought that some good angel of light was talking to him, and later torturing him… Indeed, it was an angel, but it was no other than lucifer himself! And, we know, he can make himself easy very shiny, when he needs it to deceive people, because,… wel, at least he was lucifer, the lux-detentor…before his fall.
            Let’s see what says st .Robert Bellarmin over their friends mohammedans and also lutherans:
            “Satanas… per Mahumetum in Oriente, per Lutherum in Occidente, tantum incendium excitavit, quantum multis annis et magno labore restingui non poterit.” (Oratio in scholis habita)
            What says st Francis of Assisi:
            “Filioli mei, Deus mihi mandavit, quod mittam vos ad terram Saracenorum ad praedicandum et confitendum eius fidem et legem Mahometicam impugnandam. Et ego etiam ibo per aliam partem ad infideles et fratres alios mittam per universum mundum. Idcirco, filii, paretis vos ad implendum Domini voluntatem.” (Collationes monasticae, XXIII.)
            Let see what says st. Daniel Fasanella who was ordained from St. Francis himself on 4.10.1226., who was sent with seven other franciscan brothers to the East (present) Morocco to preach the Gospel to Moors, and call them for conversion to the only true faith of our Lord Jesus Christ:
            “They came to give them full convictions and to the amazement of the public, how Muhammad is burning at the bottom of hell, and that all of his followers will end there, if they do not repent and turn to the one and only true Lord Jesus Christ.”

            Suggested reads:, and

          • St. Robert Bellarmin makes NO comparison. He clearly said from the east satan makes a fire trough the mohammedans, and from the west trough lutherans. Both are the tools of satan himself. That must be clear. If we cannot make that distinction, and we begin to talk and to dialogue about fairy-tales… we are then already astray.
            What the most Catholics of these, so-called modern times are missing, and not a little bit but badly missing, is actually – simple Faith.
            We all read daily dozens of articles, monthly maybe more than hundreds, if not thousands, some of us, but we cannot say that we have a simple, which is the purest form of the Catholic Faith. To much knowledge is not always helping achieving the true wisdom. The simple Faith should always be a fundament, and all other things, especially all those for which we cannot see true or any good in it, must be immediately rejected, clearly, openly and loudly.
            Otherwise, we push ourselves in the dialogue with the devil, or his servants.
            It should be yes for yes, and no for no.
            It should be Catholic Church which always was as it was, and must be so, and all those who don’t want to come in THAT and SUCH Church of Christ, without any compromising about anything, they may stay outside and happily wait until the devil come to collect his harvest.
            Anyone who is not with us is against us!
            But we should never be against us selves. That just can never be. So, those who seems they are from us, if they ar against us, they are NOT more from us and they don’t belongs to us anymore!
            That’ the way how things always have been, happens. And that’s the way how is (must be) it now too.
            Who are the true Catholics? “Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them.”
            So all of them with very bad fruits, which they bring not just for ONE season, cannot be called even Catholics.
            That’s a thrash which must be thrown away. Dumped, discarded, dismissed…

          • When a Lutheran, a Baptist, a Methodist or an Episcopalian, for examples, desire conversion to the Catholic faith they do not need to be re-baptized since their original baptism is considered valid.

            I don’t remember what year it was—possibly the late 90s—John Paul II issued a statement declaring that Mormons, on the other hand, on conversion need to be baptized again.The reason given is because “they don’t mean the same thing by the words Father, Son and Holy Spirit” as these others do.

            Muslims can claim that Allah is just Arabic for “God” but they do not mean the same thing, then, by God as Christians do.

            “Beware, many will come in My name…”

          • Very good point. Yes it was the CDF which issued the directive, I think about 2001.
            Another point to bear in mind. A pagan who has never heard the Truth can still know from reason that God is good and that He loves mankind, and hence he can offer imperfect worship to the True God.
            The false, capricious, bloodthirsty, pedophilic god of Islam, on the other hand, is so far removed from a natural law perception of God that it clearly refers to a diffetent god. Hence it is of no use for those who try to say Islam worships the True God, albeit imperfectly. Islam worships a demon.

          • [Twice it has happened, now, that a reply of mine has been directed to you when I intended it as a response to another. Either the algorithms are dancing or I’m suddenly not paying attention. In any case…]

            Your point is well taken; not one of the persons whom Jesus healed in His three-year earthly ministry received baptism, so far as there is any scriptural evidence. Yet He repeatedly told them “Your faith has saved you.” The good thief hanging next to Him simply appealed to Him “Remember me when You come into Your kingdom” and was told “This day you’ll be with me in paradise.”

            So yes, I fully accept the notion of baptism of desire or blood. And, no, Islam shares in none of this.

      • Indeed, translating v2 documents was yet another way of manipulating their contents in a liberal direction. As you point out, inclusion of “the” answers the hidden question “do muslims worship.the SAME God as Christians?” and good solid Catholics have answered no whilst others in high position in the Church suggest yes. This disagreement on such a fundamental question saps the resolve of Christians who then find it impossible to gather a phalanx of people of influence.

      • I tend to believe that John Paul’s missteps, such as the Assisi fiasco, were committed out of a misplaced sense of diplomacy.

        He certainly had his flaws. But he never gave me the feeling that he loathed traditional Catholicism as Francis does. I don’t believe for one minute that he in fact considered Islam equal to the Catholic Faith.

        • I don’t know what the heck that was all about, but when I see that picture of St. John Paul II kissing that compilation of crock, I don’t see it as a diplomatic thing as it was reported…but rather him kissing the wounds of Christ.

          • Interesting take. I did admire JPII, and do consider him a saint—if for no other reason than for the dignity with which he bore his infirmities in his last years. For me, that mitigated his earlier faults.

            [Which means that even Francis has time for redemption…and I do pray for it.]

          • Another wonderful thing about St John Paul II was that he was a great advocate of the Holy Rosary and also of Our Lady’s Brown Cloth scapular. There are some nice photos out there where he is seen wearing the Scapular. I think the most important thing a Pope, or anyone for that matter, can possibly do is to be an advocate of the Carmelite Scapular and the Holy Rosary as these are highest devotions to the Blessed Mother.

          • I see it (John Paul II) as giving credence to Islam…out of ignorance….which no Pope at this time should be ignorant of a false religion like Islam that threatens Christianity. Pope Francis (Bergoglio) is not ignorance and likely diabolical in my opinion. I pray each night for Bergoglio to do the Will of God but I find it hard to believe he is doing the Will of God….unless to usher in the end times and the rule of the Beast.

      • The way it reads implies we all worship the “same God” which is totally erroneous. I have had discussions with 5 priests on the “same God” mantra. One heated and I wondered if he would preach the Gospel to a Muslim with the ferocity he defended the “same God” mantra with Islam. The other would not debate me and cut me off when I sent him emails with articles like this. Another said he felt Muhammad was an opportunist when I said Satan revealed the Quran to Mo…lies in either case by the “father of lies” Satan. He also cut me off sending articles like this by email. Another, a vicar general, seemed to agree with me on many points of my letter to the Bishop relating to the first heated discussion, but then spoke of the Kassig beheading after Mass that “that religion does not teach that”. I sent him an email with Sura 8-12, “strike at their necks” and asked him why he felt he had to defend Islam, from him or higher up? One listened politely but when I asked him to address the congregation on Islam, said, “I don’t want to fight that battle”. His brand new church will likely be a mosque someday. This is truly bothersome to me as a life long Catholic Christian. I do not want a Pope reaching out to what I consider Satan’s religion. Consequently, I have been considering other Christian churches like the Anglicans. Preach the Gospel to Muslims trapped in Islam that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father, but give NO credence to this evil Satanic religion…as praying to the “same God” or that it is another Abrahamic faith…it is not!

        • God reward you for engaging the battle. The Church will survive this one, just like all the previous ones. But please dont let that dirtbag Bergoglio drive you out. That is just what he and his crew wants.

  5. They risk their lives for the true faith. The one who is supposed to uphold and defend it. would call it sheer nonsense. In his view. even atheists who do good works go to heaven. Since the deconstructionist pope loves to stage language events and to reinterpret words, traditions and the Word of God Himself, it would be interesting for someone to encourage him to define the meaning of good works. Are these heresy, sodomy, population control (Emma Bonino comes to mind, one of Italy’s greatest) theft and adultery?

  6. Writing letters to the Pope or the Vatican authorities is senseless. The only thing which will end the sick charade of Bergoglianism is when Vatican city is destroyed by an ISIS terrorist attack and the Pope and a big number of prelates are killed. Sad to say, I know, but the truth is often a sad affair.

  7. “Most Holy Father,” it begins, “‬Many of us ‬have tried to contact you, ‬on many occasions ‬and for several years, ‬and we have never received the slightest acknowledgement of our letters or requests for meetings.”

    Dear Muslims,

    At the moment, I feel that you are all too rigid.

    If you want to have a meeting with me, then have one or two of you change your gender (some of my friends can organize that) and then we can arrange a meeting. If some of you can become Lutheran or even Atheist that would be even better. It will demonstrate how inclusive and non-judgmental I am.

    Truly I prefer that you had just remained Muslims, then I would have seen you immediately. I would have even provided housing for you.

    I will ensure that the press corps is there to make our meeting known ubi et orbi.

    Your Holy and Humble Father,


  8. I am in awe. I believe this is the kind of language that needs to be used when addressing the crisis that is the leadership of the Church of our time. This is not out of disrespect, but to show that we, the laity, are just as much a part of the Church as the clergy and religious. And we are not just going to take this devastation of the Faith by those who are supposed to defend, proclaim and uphold it.

    • Respect?

      I suggest that if Jesus Himself had ever treated people the way this Pope treats anyone trying to be faithful, at least one of the Apostles—probably Nathanael, since he was an honest man and without guile—would have told him “You know something, Lord, sometimes you’re a real horse’s ass.”

  9. Unless you are a tranny couple, a gay couple, a famous abortionist…Bergoglio won’t even acknowledge receipt of your letters. The charade has been over for years.

  10. I think it’s fair to say that the Battle of Lepanto and the Siege of Vienna mean absolutely nothing to Francis. The heroic feats of our Christian forefathers in fighting off Muslim invaders are being trodden under foot as he vehemently demands that the modern day successors of the Ottomans be given unrestricted access to Europe under the name of his toxic “mercy”.

    As for his vacuous comments about Islam being a peaceful religion, if Islam is not Divine and it can’t be, since God is not a liar, then there is absolutely no a priori reason why Islam can not be a violent, brutal creed. None, whatsoever.

    • ‘The heroic feats of our Christian forefathers in fighting off Muslim invaders are being trampled under foot as he vehemently demands that the modern day successors of the Ottomans be given unrestricted access to Europe under the name of his toxic “mercy”.’
      Never, ever, said better.

      • Pres erdogan fancies himself as the next caliph. He is a neo ottoman and has reintroduced the ottoman language into Turkish schools. The Turks are salafi sufis, kind of a mystical version of Islam with their whirling dervishes.

    • Islam’s allah god is Satan. The allah god supposedly revealed the Quran to Muhammad via Gabriel (who was really Satan in my opinion). Since the allah god in the Quran denies Jesus Christ’s divinity and death on the cross, he is a LIAR. Jesus Christ says in John 8:44 that Satan is the father of all lies, so by Jesus Christ’s words, the allah god or revealor of the Quran is Satan…or Muhammad made it all up….LIES in either case. Per my readings, Muhammad thought he was possessed by a demon on his first encounter with the being in the cave in 610 AD, so I go with supernatural demonic revelation rather than Mo making it up. There are also the Satanic verses where Mo agreed to other gods with the Meccans and then got a revelation that Satan fooled him. Satan fooled him on the entire Quran in my opinion. BTW, the defeat of the Muslims at Vienna by King John Sobieski of Poland came on 9/11 and 12, 1683…coincidence to our 9/11 attack? Also, the Muslims wanted to name the Ground Zero Mosque the Cordoba Initiative…Cordoba was the Muslim capitol of Spain for some 700 years until Columbus’ time, 1492…again, coincidence?

        • Yes, I know. No teachings of Jesus are to be found any where in the Quran….or in the Hadiths or Sira per my readings. Instead of “love your enemies” you find “kill the unbelievers” in various forms. Just finished reading Nonie Darwish’s “Wholly Different” book and she does an excellent job of comparing Biblical values to Islamic values. Good read.

          • They also believe that the “prophet” Jesus will return to restore Islam. What a horrific thought. What is really odd is the muslims veneration of the Holy virgin. I’m catholic and I venerate her as the mother of Christ But it seems strange that the Koran devotes so much attention to her, by name no less. Mohammed was the great plagiarizer after all.

          • It is cat and mouse with Our Lady always winning.
            In the end the world WILL be devoted to her Immaculate Heart.

            Schismatics break from the Church in 1500s and millions leave?
            Our Lady takes the Americas and gains 9 million in 10 years (Guadalupe).
            Millions abandon the Faith for hedonism? Muslims getting ready to invade Europe?
            Our Lady shows up at “Fatima” to borrow a name.

            Yes, there will be Marian devotion. My thinking is that she will continue to outsmart the Dark One, one-up him, and eventually lead the masses towards her Most Beloved Son.

            God’s blessings.

          • There is one problem with your theory though. Having lived in Tucson for some time there are many Hispanics who have been attracted to the evangelical Pentecostal movement, and that draws them away from Catholicism. Still most of them are faithful Catholics but many are attracted to the signs and wonders of Pentecostalism (as do many anglos).

    • Nor does the expulsion of the moors from Spain mean anything to pope F, or Charles Mattel’s battle to keep the Arab and Berber muslims from crossing the Pyrenees. Nor does the Hungarian and Austrian victory over the ottomans mean anything to him after hungary had been dominated by ottomans for 200 years, or the constant battles with Serbia, Bulgaria, Sicily and Albania to keep them out. Even as far north as Ireland and Iceland saw Muslim domination. Finally, while he might have been a ghoul, we owe a debt of gratitude to Vlad tepische for halting the tide of ottomans into Romania and Eastern Europe by impaling them. It was harsh but it worked. I have a hard time with catholic apologetics with protestants when they bring up the Vatican 2 catechism that claims that muslims can go to heaven. That is heresy and my Baltimore catechism does NOT state such a thing.

  11. Converts
    are always more ‘roman’ than the pope. Do we have to change the
    catholic attitude towards judaism because of extremist jewish-zionist
    attacks on churches, convents (and mosks)? I don’t think so!…/catholic-bishop-arson…

  12. I found this article very helpful with much to reflect on . “If anyone comes to you but refuses this Gospel, do not receive him
    among you nor greet him. Whoever greets him participates in his evil works.” (2 John 1.10-11); “If anyone preaches to you a different Gospel,let him be accursed!” (Galatians 1.8-9) This Verse has been ignored within the Church in discussions about processing of asylum seekers and refugees and what Catholic Christians are required to do as an extension of Love thy Neighbour. We have had “Welcome the stranger” thrown at us as though this applied indiscriminately to vast numbers of non Christian people who are intent on non assimilation and even destruction of their hosts. The Verse also warns us Catholics to have nothing to do with Shepherds who preach heretical ideas because we know how much of a trap it is. We all want to have friendships at our parishes and even though we can be initially shocked to hear some ideas from the pulpit, often for the sake of the friendships we are tempted to do nothing; certainly leaving the parish does not cross our minds. We make excuses for the shepherd and say nothing. Trouble is, his ideas will over time be tolerated and then embraced. Then you suddenly find if you attempt to join a Bible Study, or pre Lenten or pre Christmas discussion group, the ideas being floated reveal you as a shag on a rock as far as true Doctrine is concerned. There is nothing easy about being Catholic. Active conscious-decision Catholics are what Jesus had in mind according to the First letter of John.

    • Given the verses from St. John et cetera that you cited, how is one to deal with relatives, coworkers and others who do not adhere to the criteria laid down by St. John and St. Paul as compared to the Gospel of the Last Judgement (Matt. 25: 31-46 – which is coming up 3 weeks from now on Meatfare Sunday)?

      • I believe we are meant to love our family and work without compromising what Christ wants from us. In doing that we are going to be rejected and criticsed sometimes but it is unavoidable (one example – supporting marriage between a man and a woman and not supporting any other ‘version’). We have to work peacefully with coworkers I think and being a peacemaker today can be heroic because lots of people dont make peace. In taking 1st letter of John to heart, I think it means not attending lectures nor Masses celebrated by dissenters from the Catholic Faith. Of course when you are out of town and there is only one Catholic Church available, you can end up where you would have preferred not to be. I still have friends from my early 20’s but over time we’ve grown apart over the things of God. They are closed to talk about morality. Matthew 25:40 “And the King will answer them, ‘Truly I say to you……one of the least of these my brethren…….to Me” Within the Church the meaning of this text I think has been applied universally so supposedly we are meant NOT to discriminate because every person is one of Christ’s brethren, but is that so? This issue was recently drawn to my attention by a monk who said the traditional teaching of the Church understood “brethren of Christ” as members of His church and primarily successors of the Apostles. I need to go find more commentaries on this, but the word “brethren” of Christ had tripped me up before. It could be related to the statement every person is a child of God, but only baptised Catholics are Sons of God; God has only one Son and we are made Sons of God when we are justified through (faith and) Baptism. But because of feminism, and because of political correctness, this scripture verse’s real meaning has been obscured.

        • If you compare v. 40 with v. 45, the word “brethren” is not in v. 45 whip it is in v. 40. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when we do good ad per v. 40, we do it to Him but if we don’t as per v. 45, we don’t do it to Him. Here’s the except from Matt. 25: 31-46:

          [40] And the king answering, shall say to them: Amen I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me.

          [41] Then he shall say to them also that shall be on his left hand: Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels. [42] For I was hungry, and you gave me not to eat: I was thirsty, and you gave me not to drink. [43] I was a stranger, and you took me not in: naked, and you covered me not: sick and in prison, and you did not visit me. [44] Then they also shall answer him, saying: Lord, when did we see thee hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister to thee? [45] Then he shall answer them, saying: Amen I say to you, as long as you did it not to one of these least, neither did you do it to me.

          [46] And these shall go into everlasting punishment: but the just, into life everlasting.

          This has always confused me. Maybe Fr. RP or Fr. Peter Morello can help?

  13. I read a book titled “The Price to Pay” by Joseph Fadelle, a Muslim convert to Christianity. It was horrifying, the things he went through – his own family members tried to kill him. I would only hope I could be capable of such courage for my faith. I think it strengthened my resolve even further to pray daily for the conversion of the Muslims. So many souls led astray…it’s heartbreaking.

  14. The reason for his support of Islam is simple. Francis is first and foremost a Pope of Socialism. Islamic immigration is a weapon the Marxists are using to breakdown Western society and capitalism, as they see the enemy of your enemy as your friend. For Islam this is simply an unholy alliance of convenience, until the Leftists are no longer required. No more dangerous Pope has ever led Christianity.

  15. The buffoon Bergoglio is manifestly not a Christian, let alone a Catholic, and therefore by definition is not a Pope.
    The church hierarchy are so uniformly pusillanimous that I begin to doubt there is a sincere Christian amongst them either.
    Time for the Catholics in the pews to stop being weak, wishy-washy do-gooders and hit them where it hurts – in the wallet.
    Continue to attend Mass but do not give to the collection anymore and make it clear that they get not another penny until these faithless weaklings start forthrightly proclaiming the faith they allegedly believe in.

  16. I read this when it was first reported and as a convert myself, I thought it represented just about everything I could possibly say to this Pope.

    I think they speak for converts from whatever past religious background.

  17. There are certain, scriptural ways to detect an unclean spirit. Ask a person who is guided by a spirit of questionable nature to affirm that (1) Jesus is Lord, (2) Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, and (3) Jesus is the Son of God. I’ve been surprised over the past few years how many participants in these online forums will avoid answering a request for that affirmation. wonder how Francis would react, if one were to ask him to affirm these truths.

      • I don’t know that implicitly is adequate; perhaps it is. I don’t know. Perhaps somebody could try to ask him explicitly personally or in writing if he believes those things.

        • Aren’t these people asked these questions when they are ordained or when they are installed? It would be a great time to ask each and every one of these men. Their behavior begs the questions.

  18. wouldnt it weird for a bunch of self-proclaimed “random converts” to think that they know more about the bible than all the born christiants? even worse now they’re trying to challenge the authority of the Holy father, who is according to the teaching of the First Vatican Council and Catholic tradition “infallible and guided by the divine assistance”. Instead, people of the catholic faith should restrain from letting this “reborn catholic” to bring their own agenda and personal conflict to the very foundation of catholic faith. Pope Francis’s view regarding Islam is align with the late pope Saint John Paul II whose urging the necesity for the catholic institution to “respect conciliation and, most of all, dialogue with the Islamic faith, confident in the ethical values Catholics and Muslims share”. supporting this letter implies that you have doubt in the teaching of the pope, the institution, and the sacred primacy of the Roman Pontiff and of his infallible magisterium.

    “Islam is the Antichrist” is an old accusation which has brought countless of wars and suffering between the two for hundred of years. it is absolutely horrendous if people nowadays still trapped in the same “middle ages” mentality while It is not a rocket science to see that what is happening now is mostly political. It would be easy to cherry pick some passages in Koran and use it according to their agenda because the general reader is mostlikely have their own prejudice and have no interest to verify all those passages anyway. Like The bible, Koran is an antique text which requires a set of methodology of interpretation otherwise it might lead to some gross misunderstanding when it taken out of its historical contexts.

    the true believer of catholic faith would refrain from this propaganda of hatred and instead stand together with the Pope as the Bishop of Rome, and therefore ex officio the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church.

    • You have things the wrong way round. These born Moslems are explaining to the Pope that they understand Islam better than he does. They are surely right about that.

    • “Like The bible, Koran is an antique text which requires a set of methodology of interpretation otherwise it might lead to some gross misunderstanding when it taken out of its historical contexts.”

      The Quran is one book, viewed as the eternal, verbatim words of the Islamic god Allah, given for the guidance and benefit of mankind,it is not given as an historical book, it is given as an eternal book, its “context “therefore is eternal, and in any case, the Quran has its own “interpretations” found in the tafsir.

      The Bible is a book containing many books of stories, prayers,and prophesies culminating in the appearance of the prophesied Messiah Jesus Christ. Unlike the Quran the Bible can be viewed as an historical book,because it records some historical events contained within an historical context, which are not given a eternal instruction for mankind’s benefit and guidance.

      The context of the Quran is defined by the action of its prophet Mohammed, who claimed he had been ordered to fight with the people until they accept Allah as the only god worthy of worship,Bukahri 52.4.196 in obedience to the Quran,and whatever Mohammed did is held as exemplary for Muslims for all times and places.

      Speaking the truth is not a “propaganda of hatred “what is “a propaganda of hatred “is preventing truth to be exposed, which is exactly what you are doing,apologising for a faith whose prophet meets the Bibles criteria for being a false prophet, and false prophets as Jesus warns us, “deceive many”.

    • These random converts as you ignorantly refer to them, obviously know more about Islam (and what it teaches about Christ – the deceiver and breaker of the cross) than either this misguided pope or you ever will.

    • This man Louis Massignon is the reason why the Catholic Church is so mis guided on the question of the Islamic faith, his version of Islam is not Islamically factual.

      Islam is defined by the actions of its founder Mohammed, who was as Islamic sources prove, a false prophet, who came with a message which diametrically opposes the Gospel, and used violence to bring people to accept Islam. e.g Al.Bukhari 52.4.196 Al Muslim Book 19 4292&4294

      The alleged god of Islam is not the God of the Bible, proved by Islamic sources.

      Allah is not a Trinity (4:171; 5:73; 5:116); he is a Father to no one (5:18; 19:88-93; 21:26); he has no love for unbelievers (3:32);

      Conversely, YaHWeH is a Father to mankind,He is Triune in nature,and He loves all humanity,regardless of faith.

  19. I want to sign that letter to the Pope – I have written to a few Dioceses (Bishops) and priests of several parishes around where I live, and went to several presentations and it is the same hogwash from the clergy – either no response (silence is acceptance of islam and its blasphemy and violent intent), or just pure hogwash that says that nothing will be done and ‘yes, you might have a point but I don’t want to do anything about it.’. The clergy and Popes since the Vatican II has put forward blasphemy and none will do a thing about it and people like me have no voice in the church to even ask them to read what I give them to show the blasphemy and violent intent. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  20. God bless these Islamic converts. They tell the truth as only they can. And yet the Holy Father ignores them. I feel so badly for the archbishop of Mosul who for so long has begged for help from the west.

  21. very powerful letter. thank God for these brave ex-muslims. as a convert, the statements of francis on islam and other religions were a big obstacle to me. i was unclear on the infallibility doctrine and knew that his stance was ahistorical and wrong. the crusaders knew the way to combat the evil of islam and the cancerous ideals and values it spreads


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