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Is the Vatican “Surrendering to China”?

On January 31, 2018, Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin gave an extensive interview to Vatican Insider in which he explains the reasons the Holy See wishes to engage the Chinese Patriotic Church in “constructive dialogue.”

Of course Parolin assures everyone that the only motive of the Holy See in this matter is “the good of the Chinese people” and “peace in the world.” Essentially, the Secretary of State says that that people who are upset about this new level of cooperation of the Holy See with the patriotic church are “too political’ in their thinking and need to look at this as a spiritual matter of “conversion, mercy, and trust.” These words are incredibly ironic given the hyper-political nature of the pontificate of Francis on every level.

Moreover, Parolin has the audacity to add that the best way to honor the numerous martyrs of the clandestine Church is to go along with the present initiative of the Holy See, because this is what God wants. Here’s the key quote:

Many Chinese Christians, when they celebrate their martyrs who have suffered unjust trials and persecutions, remember that they have been able to rely on God, even in their fragile humanity. Now, the best way to honor this testimony and make it fruitful in the present, is to entrust the present life of Catholic communities in China to the Lord Jesus. But this cannot be done in a spiritualistic and disembodied way. This is done by choosing fidelity to the Successor of Peter, with a spirit of filial obedience, even when not everything appears immediately clear and understandable. About your question, it is not a matter of wiping the slate clean, ignoring or, almost magically erasing the painful path of so many faithful and pastors, but of investing the human and spiritual capital of so many trials to build a more serene and fraternal future, with the help of God. The Spirit who has so far guarded the faith of Chinese Catholics is the same Spirit who supports them today on the new path they have embarked upon. [emphasis added]

It is noteworthy that this unilateral demand for obedience to Francis is the same argument used against those who raise any question about the validity of the teaching of Amoris Laetitia; essentially: “if you really love the Church and have always been concerned about obeying the Magisterium when previous popes issued encyclicals, you need to honor the magisterium now by obeying Pope Francis.”

The tables now have become completely turned; both the dissenters and the communists are now enforcing “orthodoxy”, while those who are faithful to Tradition and the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church are denounced as obstacles to unity. Perhaps we have more in common with the clandestine Chinese Church than we might think.

An excellent editorial published at La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana yesterday, February 1, 2018, gives outstanding insight into how outrageous this betrayal of faithful Chinese Catholics by the Holy See really is: 

The Vatican’s “Long March” Towards Surrender to China

By Riccardo Cascioli

(Translated into English by Giuseppe Pellegrino)

[Editor’s Note: The “Long March” was a military retreat undertaken by the Chinese Red Army between 1934-1936. It was a pivotal event in the rise to power of Mao Zedong.]

The news is true that two legitimate bishops have been asked by the Vatican to resign in order to make room for two bishops of the Patriotic Association. And Pope Francis knows and is involved in all the decisions made by his diplomats in China. This is what must be deduced from the one-two punch of the Holy See made in response to the Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun: first with the statement of the Holy See on January 30 and then with the long interview given to Vatican Insider by the Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

The clamorous news of the requested removal of the two legitimate bishops was first reported by Asia News and then confirmed by Cardinal Zen, who, first at Nuova BQ and then on his blog, also gave an account of his trip to Rome [during the second week of January 2018] in order to personally deliver to Pope Francis the painful letter of one of the two bishops, Bishop Zhuang Jianjian of Shantou (Guangdong Province). From his meeting with the Pope, Cardinal Zen had obtained the conviction that the Holy Father had no intention of proceeding in the direction of a total surrender to the Chinese communist regime, as the work of the Vatican diplomatic delegation in China seemed to indicate.

And now behold, right on cue, the statement of the Vatican Press Office appears to clarify that “the Pope is in constant contact with His collaborators, in particular those of the Secretariat of State, on questions regarding China, and he is continually informed by them in detail about the situation of the Catholic Church in China and about the steps of the ongoing dialogue between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China, which He accompanies with special solicitude.” A statement which does not hide its anger towards Cardinal Zen by aiming its acerbic closing sentence directly at him: “It therefore arouses surprise and regret that persons of the Church are affirming the contrary and thereby fueling confusion and controversy.”

No mention, however, of the story of the two bishops, an indirect confirmation of the veracity of the facts. And further reinforced by Cardinal Parolin who, after paying lip service about understanding and appreciation for the sufferings undergone by the so-called clandestine Church, confirms that this same Church must now pay the price of the normalization of diplomatic relations with the Chinese regime. One could already object to the excessively diplomatic language of the Secretary of State, who speaks with the language of Beijing (“New China” is the term used by Communist China) and, leaving behind tens of thousands of Catholics (among them bishops, priests, laity) who have been killed or imprisoned and tortured in the Laogai (the Chinese gulags), with the phrase “serious contrasts and acute sufferings”  liquidates the split of the Church due to the initiative of the Chinese regime to create a nationalist Church, separated from the Pope, with the formation of the Patriotic Association of Chinese Catholics.

Parolin takes issue with those who use words like surrender, betrayal, compromise, which have a political flavor, while the Church, he says, acts solely for pastoral reasons: thus one needs to use another vocabulary: service, dialogue, mercy, pardon, reconciliation, etc.

No one wants to deny the good intentions of the Secretary of State, but Cardinal Parolin must also realize that, even if the motivations of the Holy See are pastoral, what the Holy See is conducting is a political-diplomatic initiative. And the term “surrender” is more than appropriate for that with which it is assisting, because the Holy See is conceding to the Chinese Communist regime the power of nominating Catholic bishops (a fact already serious in itself) without receiving anything in return, considering that the government in recent months has intensified its repression of the Catholic community and beginning today, February 1, a new regulation takes effect on religious activities which will give further reason for a crackdown.

The affair of the removal of the two bishops is even more serious because the replacements desired by the Chinese government and endorsed by the Holy See are still “not reconciled” with Rome. They are not even among those who, despite having joined the Patriotic Association, have requested in recent years to be received into communion with the universal Church. A total humiliation of Catholics who for decades have undergone great sufferings for their faithfulness to the Pope, and a source of serious confusion. Because it is then legitimate to ask oneself if, in the opinion of the Holy See, the bishops, priests, and lay people who have accepted even martyrdom in order to remain faithful to the Church were wrong to have done so.

Especially since the same Cardinal Parolin recognizes that in [the Vatican’s] relations with Beijing, “the choice of bishops is crucial,” as indeed it has always been: this is in fact the heart of the matter of the division between the Patriotic Association, controlled by the communist party, and the clandestine Church. Although since the 1990’s the Holy See has had a very open and conversant attitude towards Beijing (contrary to what Cardinal Parolin asserts), today one notes a radical change. Until now in fact the obstacle was considered to be the Patriotic Association and the claim of the communist regime to have the right to name bishops. Today instead one understands that for the Holy See the obstacle is now sadly found in the clandestine Church.

Cardinal Parolin cites the famous letter of Benedict XVI to Chinese Catholics (27 May 2007) in order to claim that the present line of diplomacy is in continuity with that of the preceding pontificates. It is true that both John Paul II and Benedict XVI clearly expressed the need for a path of reconciliation between Catholics and their desire for the normalization of relations with China; they clearly stated that the Church is not interested in a political clash and that one can and should be both Roman Catholics and good Chinese citizens, but always in the context of a clear reference to principles which cannot be ignored as well as an appreciation of the value of the suffering of the persecuted Church.

Cardinal Parolin rightly quotes the passage of the letter of Benedict XVI, where Benedict says that “the solution to existing problems cannot be pursued via an ongoing conflict with the legitimate civil authorities”; Parolin however forgets to quote the second part of Benedict’s sentence: “at the same time, though, compliance with these authorities is not acceptable when they interfere unduly in matters regarding the faith and discipline of the Church.”  And further on, Benedict says, referring to the Patriotic Association, “The declared purpose of the afore-mentioned entities to implement ‘the principles of independence and autonomy, self-management and democratic administration of the Church’ is incompatible with Catholic doctrine, which from the time of the ancient Creeds professes the Church to be ‘one, holy, catholic and apostolic'”. And if this was not clear enough: “Communion and unity – let me repeat – are essential and integral elements of the Catholic Church: therefore the proposal for a Church that is ‘independent’ of the Holy See, in the religious sphere, is incompatible with Catholic doctrine.”

To pretend to overcome the scandal of an “independent” Church by simply recognizing it as legitimate is not mercy, it is unconditional surrender, and it is a betrayal.

96 thoughts on “Is the Vatican “Surrendering to China”?”

  1. Peter is handing the Suffering Church of China to the ‘dragon,’ literally and metaphorically. This pontificate will have to answer to the Lord Jesus for a betrayal of geopolitically staggering proportions.

    • yes, I don’t understand half of the twisting of language which comes out of his mouth. It’s the language of modernism in technicolor. Garbles. Someone said Parolin should move to China. But then he’d probably get a top level reception and be made Fake Pope of the Fake Church

      • It’s a natural evolution of Humpty Dumpty language. You know the one: “When I use a word, (or a sentence), it means exactly what I want it to mean.” Of course, Cardinal Secretary of State is a “diplomatic” (read political) appointment. There is none better qualified than Parolin when it comes to the use of deliberately two-directional and ambiguous language. He and Bergoglio make a “good” team. Of course, those who are concerned about the direction taken by the Vatican are “too political in their thinking and need to look at this a a spiritual matter of conversion, mercy and trust.” This is surely a cynical political operator talking. It is, after all the easiest thing in the world to deal with the most dangerous, lying and deceiving communist regime on the planet in a “non-political” manner but merely reaching out in “love, mercy and trust.”
        I have the text of two speeches delivered, circa 2003 by the then Chinese Defense Minister, Gen. Chi Haotian to the general assembly of the Chinese Communist Party. He was outlining China’s plans for the complete Chinese takeover of North America and Australia as “new China’s under direct, centralized control from Beijing. He maintained that, since North America, (the U.S./Canada) were settled by Asiatic peoples, the Chinese were there first and thus China has an incontestable moral right to re-possess what is rightfully their’s. He claimed that China would succeed where other imperial powers or potential imperial powers had failed because all the others were “Christian.” and that was their fatal weakness. But “Our, (China’s) greatest strength is our atheism. If people obey God, they won’t obey us, so …….!

        • Very interesting. Thank you . There is a pdf on line with Lenin’s plan. It is titled: ‘Better Fewer But Better’ He has said “Only through Asia could victory for world socialism be secured. and “He who controls China controls the world” Are the two speeches you have available anywhere? Actually we have the ultimate power in simply obeying Our Lady of Fatima. Shame on all of them!! (except a few)

          • Hi Caroline; I will look them up ASAP but, in the meantime, if you just Google General Chi Haotian you will probably find them. But in case you have no success, I will chase them up as soon as I can. But it is also interesting to note that there were a series of Marian apparitions in 1948 to a Carmelite novice, Teresita Castillo, in Lipa, Batangas, Philippines. (Then Lipa Archbishop Ramon C. Arguelles granted approval of Lipa at diocesan level in September 2015, only for then Prefect of the CDF, Gerhard Muller overruling Archbishop Arguelles and restoring the original negative finding in 1951. The original inquiry into the events at Lipa was a scandalous hatchet job). The apparitions of Our Blessed Lady at Fatima occurred in 1917, and their culmination in October coincided with the Bolsheviks seizing power in Russia. In 1949, Our Blessed Lady gave another message to Teresita “Teresing” Castillo in which She said; “Pray very much for China;China wants to invade the whole world, and the Philippines is one of its favorites …….. It is money that is leading the world to its ruin.” This message was given in October 1949; the very month and year that Mao Zedong and the REd Chinese finally seized all political power in China. And since then, China has pretty much “Invaded the whole world – by means of economic imperialism and in many strategic parts of the world, immigration; (this latter also being referred to by Chi Haotian as an essential part of the Chinese strategy for conquest.

          • Thank you Stewart. I found it and have read it. I am also familiar with Our Lady of Lipa. What a catastrophe that the Church came down upon it so hard. I think it was because of the title ‘Mary Mediatrix of all Grace’ which Our Lady wanted. That would have set the Church’s Communization plans back to give Mary that title at that time. The interconnection between the Church and Communism has been going on for a long time. Trouble is Nobody Will Listen To Us.!!! I have a dear friend who writes on what has been going on inside China as far as the jailing, torture, killing … of Priests and Sisters of the Catholic Faith. She actually goes looking for survivors, interviews them, etc It’s all in the books. BUT she has a lot of stories on her web site. I wrote some on my wordpress website about Lipa, China, the 10 dash line on the map and the floating arsenals. Thanks for the communication. God Bless.

          • My thanks to you, Caroline. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to visit the website you indicated, but I will just as soon as I am able. It obviously contains a wealth of information that should be disseminated far and wide.
            I have been a devotee of Lipa for a long time. I first heard of it over twenty years ago and knew, immediately that it is the truth. The Age of Mary is fast approaching its glorious climax. Jesus told Sr. Lucia that He wants devotion to the Immaculate Heart of His Mother placed alongside devotion to His own Sacred Heart. The reason, as simply as I can put it, is because the time has now come for the Church to make known to the world the fulness of what has been revealed to her about Mary. That Mary is the Mediatrix of All Grace is a role bestowed upon her by the Blessed Trinity, because, from the first instant after her conception, until the very last breath she drew on earth, she was entirely and perfectly conformed to the Divine Will, which she possessed as gift, just as Adam had done before the Fall. Mary participated in her Divine Son’s redemptive Passion and Death to the absolute maximum extent that is possible for a creature. The extent of her own sufferings, throughout her entire life, but culminating with Calvary and the burial of her Son, are comprehensible only to God. Nineteenth century French abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger stated that, “Such were the sufferings of Mary on Calvary that, were they to be shared equally among all creatures capable of suffering, they would be sufficient to cause all to die instantly.” (And, (by all creatures capable of suffering, we must assume that he meant everyone from Adam to the last one that will ever be born). never, throughout all eternity, will any created intellect know the full extent of her greatness. St. Louis de Montfort tells us that, “The choicest secrets of Mary, God has reserved for Himself for all eternity.

            The reason, in a nutshell, why Lipa has had, and continues to have such a hard time is that the Evil One knows that when the Church finally accords Mary that which is her due, his own reign is over.

          • Thank you so much for your faith strengthening words about Our Lady … particularly about Her being in the mind of the Trinity at the beginning, along with her title “Mary Mediatrix of All Grace’ Your last paragraph answers a query which I have been sifting in and out of for a long time. You are absolutely right. That’s it!

            I had a rose petal from Lipa with a miraculous picture on it. I gave it to a Priest of the FFI who was from the Philippines, and, he had heard about it and believed it. Strange things happen! I have been writing to Sister Celine at the shrine of Lipa for a couple of years. My cousin and his fiance went to the shrine and sent me their picture just a week ago taken with Sister Celine in the shrine chapel. He is a Mormon. His fiance loves “Mama Mary”

            I hope you do get a chance to visit my author friend’s website. It’s true that what she is writing needs to be widely disseminated but it seems that not many care. Her fondest wish is to see young people on pilgrimage over the trail of the death march of the Monks of Our Lady of Consolation Trappist Monastery. Her descriptions of the sufferings of our brothers and sisters in China will bring tears. That book is titled: ‘Blood of the Martyrs’ She also has many complete stories on her website. (in case I didn’t give it to you)

            Thanks again for your good words.

          • I ordered An Unbelievable Life (the story of Fr. Matthew Koo) from Theresa ( She was so gracious and kind! I was thrilled with the book. Forgive the cliche, but An Unbelievable Life is one of those books that you literally can’t put down – it’s that good.

            Please give my best wishes to Theresa. Thank you!

          • Its so true. Father Matthew Koo! Love that book. Theresa loves to hear from people, and, she will talk back to you. I love the way she wrote about his vocation and when it became apparent to him. She called it “a song in his heart.” Thanks Margaret.

          • Yes, last time I asked. He is a Monsignor in America. Somewhere there is a picture of him with the Pope. I’m glad he didn’t have to be in China for this terror that has been set upon the people. He suffered enough and by the grace of God, got to America … never to see his sweet family again.

          • Theresa has a forum on FaceBook called ‘Socialism Kills’ Everyday she puts on a picture of one of the martyrs of Mexico. Always a priest as there were 4,000 priests killed there in the most inhumane ways you could imagine. Viva Cristo Rey!

          • In the light of what you tell me, what a “coincidence” it is that the matter of Lipa should have been introduced into our discussion. Of course, there’s no such thing as “coincidence”. It’s only a “small thing” but one which gives us a real sense that our Blessed Mather is a party to the conversation. BTW, I’m sure that you would know that the miraculous rose petals that fell in their thousands at Lipa were confirmed by botanists to belong a type of rose native to Russia. God bless you, Caroline; our discussion has been a real delight.

          • I did read that. The rose petals are from Russia. Don’t you love Our Lady’s little links and hints? Yes, please keep in touch. We all need to talk to each other. God Bless!!

          • Yes indeed, we all gain great encouragement from talking to other like-minded Catholics. In my unhappy experience, they’re not too numerous. We do sometimes encounter fellow Catholics with whom we can have a discussion about such things at a certain fundamental level, but we’re often left with the impression that, somehow, it doesn’t quite gel with them. But referring back to the unknowable suffering that Mary endured throughout her entire life, and most acutely from the moment her Divine Son commenced His bitter Passion until the instant of His Resurrection.It was a burden of suffering which she accepted, not just out of her own free choice, but at her own request, such was the immense, nay perfect love which she had for the Father, for her Son, and for all of of us. The time has come for all of humanity to know this, for it is the key to world peace. Hence Jesus’ words to Belgian mystic Berthe Petit in 1914, just prior to the outbreak of WWI. “Recourse to My Mother under the title I wish for her universally, [Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary] is the last help that I shall give before the end of the world.” (Whether Jesus literally meant the end of history, or the end of this particular, most tumultuous period in salvation history, I do not know).

          • It all fits in, doesn’t it? Her beautiful title, Mediatrix, was in the mind of God because it’s true that Mary suffered the same as Jesus and never sinned. She is worthy to be Mediatrix. She has come so many times, hinting at that, but with great great humility. Then she said it. At Pellevoisin, France she appeared to Estelle Faguette 1876 and gave her a white scapular with the Sacred Heart on the front. During the last apparition, Estelle asked her what she should have on the back. Our Lady said to ask the clergy and let them decide. Subsequently Estelle had an audience with Pope Leo XII and he approved to put Our Lady on the back and he said to call her Mary, Mother of Mercy. Our Lady told Estelle that all she has to do is ask Jesus for some of the graces in his Heart, and, He will give them to her. On the front of the scapular Our Lady is holding her hands out and rain drops are falling from them. Each rain drop has a little name in it of a grace. Thank you Stewart for your fitting in the piece of the puzzle I had with Lipa. Isn’t it all wonderful how Our Lady works with her own people? Mary Anne (real name)

          • I had an awful time getting one. In France they are 17.00 plus a tariff of some kind, which brought it to something like 38.00 No where do they have them in the U.S. I finally got one from a priest on Twitter who mentioned that he had been to that shrine. I sent him a message and asked him how get one. He said he just bought a bunch and SENT ME ONE. Did you read about Pellevoisin? I can ask him for some again if he is still around. He loves the shrine and has written about it.

          • Stewart,

            Please check out the website of Theresa Marie Moreau as well as the website of Sweet Caroline. They’re fantastic.


          • I’m not familiar with the apparitions of Our Lady of Lipa. Please provide some more information. Thank you!

          • Hi Margaret, I fully intend to take a look at the website of Theresa Marie Moreau just as soon as I can. Also, re-Lipa; I will also get back to you ASAP. Right mow, I’m falling behind in life, but, God willing, I’ll soon catch up. And thank you for seconding “Sweet Caroline’s” recommendation.

          • Hi Margaret, I heard from Father about the Sacred Heart/Mother of Mercy scapular. He doesn’t plan to go back to the shrine of Pellevoisin for a couple of years. I’ll keep looking around.

          • Why am I not surprised to hear that! And of course, every single one of them, without exception, has one allegiance only. And it isn’t to the United States of America. Any allegiance to the U.S. would totally defeat the purpose of their being in the U.S.. And I think it can be reasonably presumed that at least the majority of those who have immigrated legally to the U.S. in recent times are exactly the same as the illegals with regard to their allegiances. That is why Beijing wants them in the U.S., Canada, Australia and many other countries where a significant, recently arrived, (within the last few years at least), number of Chinese migrants have settled.

        • Do you think you would write up your experience with Lipa and allow me to put it on as a guest post … with your name or not as you wish. Especially the part about Mary Mediatrix being in the mind of the Trinity in the beginning. Somewhere I have all the arguing that they did about that at Vatican II. I’ll find it. I don’t know how to put you in directly as a guest so I will have to learn. This time, if you send it to me, and, I send you pictures to pick from for it, it would work. No pressure. If not time I understand perfectly. Thanks for your consideration.

          • Hi Mary Anne, I started to address the matter of Mary in the mind of the Blessed Trinity throughout all eternity, but what I was writing is far too long for a ‘comments’ box. I am looking at the matter of our ‘misconception’ (pardon the pun), that Mary, the Immaculate Conception and Mother of the Eternal Word Incarnate, was a contingency plan necessitated by the Fall. So yes, I’m stating my firm conviction that that the Eternal Word of God would have Incarnated among men had there been no Fall. And Mary, who is by far the greatest of all God’s works of creation, was predestined to conceive and bare the Eternal Word. Except that he would not have been incarnated as Redeemer, because humanity would have remained in its original state pf perfection and harmony with his Creator, as was God’s purpose in creating man throughout all eternity. So, regardless of whether or not we fell from grace, Mary existed in the Eternal, Omnipotent Divine Will as the Mother of the Word Incarnate.

          • You are on the right track. In ‘The Mystical City of God by Sister Mary Agreda it is written by Sister Mary Agreda what Our Lady tells her) ” In the fourth instant of creation was to determine the gifts and graces which were to be conferred on the humanity of Christ, Our Lord, in union with the Divinity. Then was fulfilled what afterward David said: “The streams of water maketh the City of God joyful (PS: 45:5) Then it goes on about all the graces Christ would have.” ( So, it seems that God had Christ the Redeemer in His mind before he created Adam. What do you think?)

            ( is a new thought for me to be considering this part of creation.) Christ was also in the mind of God then in this “fourth instant of creation” We don’t need to understand this … it is faith and remember that God can do ANYTHING. I know … it’s hard. ” In the fifth instant of creation pertain the decree and predestination of the Mother of the Divine Word incarnate; for here, I understand, was ordained that pure Creature before aught else whatever. Thus, before all other creatures, was she conceived in the Divine Mind, in such manner and such state as befitted and became the dignity, excellence and gifts of the humanity of her most holy Son. To her flowed over, at once and immediately, the river of the Divinity and its attributes with all its impetuosity, in as far as a mere creature is capable and as is due to the dignity of the Mother of God.”

            So God made a Queen, according to Sister Mary Agreeda “In this Queen alone are comprehended and contained more treasures than in all the rest of things joined together, and the variety and the preciousness of her riches honor the Lord above all the multitudes of the other creatures.” I don’t understand it well. (Maybe you can skip over what you want.)

            I never read this before. It is amazing. Shall I go on? Essentially “God determined to create a locality and an abode, where the incarnate Word and His Mother should converse and dwell. For them primarily did He create the Heaven and earth with its stars and elements and all that is contained in them.” Well probably no one will believe that!
            I do. The book, The City of God is approved and published by The Blue army of Our Lady 1978 Imprimatur Edwin V Burne. D.D. Archbishop of Santa Fe wow! OS This isn’t something you Have to do. It would be great if you could. Don’t feel bad if it’s too much and you have work and family, etc. I did your Chinese General today who is going to eliminate America “all at once” Pretty bad. He’s on the web site My address is [email protected] if you wish to use it. Easier

          • Of course Christ had to be in the mind of God throughout all eternity, because the act of creation is one single eternal act, each part of it becoming manifest within history at its appointed time. Christ is fully divine, and therefore eternal and co-equal with the Father and the Holy Ghost. But His humanity, and His human soul, with all the attributes of the soul; will, intellect and memory, were created in time, immediately consequent upon Mary’s “Fiat” and His sacred humanity became hypostatically united with His divinity at the moment of His conception. But nothing that is created can equal the uncreated, that is, eternal divinity. Therefore, when we read in the Gospels that the Son is subordinate to the Father, it is only in His created humanity that has “come to do the Will of My Father.”
            The original condition of humanity, as manifested in Adam, perfectly reflected the Incarnate Word, with the obvious, and frankly immense difference that Adam, as creature, was endowed only with the nature proper to such a creature, which is, of course, human nature. But Adam became a “divinized” (not divine) creature when he received, as gift, the creative Will of the Blessed Trinity, while retaining his natural, infinitely inferior but now inoperative human will. It was for this purpose that humanity was created, so that man would co-operate in the eternal creative work of creation, an exclusively divine act, in such a manner as could never be possible for any other creature, including the angels. Thus the Blessed Trinity could gaze upon their creature, ‘man’ and be enraptured by seeing “Our creature, man, doing what We Ourselves do, exactly as We Ourselves do it.”
            It was the purpose of our creation that we should share intimately in the very life of God. Using the analogy of the sun and the earth, with the sun being the divinity, we were created to be completely within the “sun” as an intimate part of the sun’s “divine” activity. But when Adam sinned, he along with all his descendants to come, were ejected from the sun, and no longer formed an intimate part of its life. Now, we are separate from “the sun”. We enjoy its essential life-giving rays, which are all the necessary graces necessary to maintain our partially restored friendship with God, but not the full restoration of our original condition of perfect harmony and unity with the Divinity, and full co-operators with the Creator in the one, eternal act of creation.
            Adam was created from nothing by God, and received the gift of the Divine Will shortly thereafter. Eve was created from Adam’s side, so “woman” was taken from man. But Eve did not receive the gift of the Divine Will. This made Eve an easier conquest than the man. But “woman” was man’s achilles heel. When Eve relayed the serpent’s false promise, Adam was so enticed by this most fascinating and beautiful creature, and he set aside his absolute obligation to obey only the Will of his Creator. So, God created Adam, Eve was “born’ from that man; the woman, who was not as gifted as the man, tempted Adam, and we all know the rest of the story. Our redemption is a reversal of that sequence of events. The one, perfect woman, the “new Eve”, set aside from the rest of creation, gave birth to the “New Adam” who by means of His Passion, Death and Resurrection, would (partially) restore man’s shattered relationship with his creator. And this one, perfect creature, Mary, received as gift the Divine Will, which Adam and possessed and lost. It had to be this way, since regardless of how pure Mary was; regardless of how perfectly conformed her human free will was conformed to the Divine Will, had her “Fiat” been the work of solely of her human free will, it would have availed humanity of nothing at all. It would have been merely an act of the infinitely inferior human will, and therefore not worthy of the Divinity. Of course, she still possessed her human free will, and could, therefore, have hesitated, equivocated or even said “No” to the angel. But it would not have been fitting for the Divinity to descend and become incarnated in a place where the human will prevailed, regardless of how perfectly conformed that human will was to the Divine. Mary’s “Fiat” had to be a “divine” act. And it was the Will of the Blessed Trinity that this one perfect creature, whose eternally decreed purpose was that of human Mother of the Word Inacarnate, should also share maximally in her Divine Son’s redemptive act and thus merit for herself the role of Co-redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Grace. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the one source of all grace and Mercy; the Immaculate Heart of Mary was commissioned on Calvary as the depository and dispensary All Grace.
            The Fall from Original Grace was a tragedy of unknowable magnitude. But, it is not without good reason that it is referred to as “O happy sin of Adam.’ Without it, there would have been no reason for God to manifest that greatest of all His infinite attributes, which is Mercy, “unfathomable by any intellect, human or angelic.”
            And in our fallen state, the Mother of the Incarnate Word, out of absolute necessity, had to be immaculately conceived, so that in her, not even the slightest trace of the fallen human will remained. Mary, the Immaculate Conception, is by far the greatest of all of God’s works of creation. Had there been no Fall of man, all of humanity would have been remained in their, in our created state of sinless perfection. This is not to say that all of humanity would be on a par with the one who was to be Mother of the Incarnate Word because, as such, she would still have been immeasurably greater that the rest of creation. But the manifestation of that most unfathomable of mysteries, God’s greatest work of creation, the Immaculate Conception, would not have been necessary. And the Virgin Birth would also still be necessary, since, regardless of the sinless condition of all humanity, The Father of the Incarnate Word had to be, not human, but Divine.It would not have been sufficient for the father of the Word Incarnate be a human creature in which the Divine Will reigned, as it did with Adam before the Fall. Hence, The Eternal Word became incarnate though the intimate and utterly mysterious spousal union of the Holy Ghost and Mary. And the Eternal Word would have walked among men in His glorified human body, which all of humanity would perfectly reflect. Thereby manifesting in the sight of all creation, all of Heaven and earth, the glorious purpose for the creation of humanity as the pinnacle of creation, Man, the one creature out of all creation who was created to live in the Heart of the Blessed Trinity while still here on earth.

        • That’s for sure. To think that I wasted my time as a younger person trying to figure out those documents of Vatican II, thinking I was growing stupid! Makes me sick!

  2. The legitimate bishops may want to consider what Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre did to keep the Traditional Mass alive, but in this case to keep the Faith Itself alive. Consecrate new bishops to carry on what will be the new and very Underground Roman Catholic Church in China. Rome has abandoned our fellow Catholics to persecution, imprisonment, torture and death. We must pray harder for their fidelity and fortitude, and the conversion of Rome.

    • Dear Anna,

      How do we know that this scenario is not already in action. Though I have no inside info.

      Perhaps one hundred years or so from now Christ rises from a Chinese tomb and shakes the world.

  3. John Chp 10:
    [11] I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.
    [12] He who is a hireling and not a shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees; and the wolf snatches them and scatters them.
    [13] He flees because he is a hireling and cares nothing for the sheep.
    [14] I am the good shepherd; I know my own and my own know me,
    [15] as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for the sheep.

    Work to our Shepherds who have abandoned our brothers and sisters in China to the communists who serve Satan.

  4. I would say that this is not a ‘surrender’ but rather a willful and whole hearted cooperation. It is aimed at a further beheading of the Church, using the Supremacy to legitimize the forgoing of the Supremacy in favor of autonomous independent ‘churches’ in this case one headed by an Atheistic Temporal Power.

    This is the absolute and total destruction of the Catholic Church in China in favor of a State run church bearing the name catholic, with the Vatican as it’s willful accomplices. The faithful Chinese are openly declared enemies of the state (which they have been since the Communist take over of China) and are now denounced by the Church as such. Furthermore, according to the logic of Parolin, if they resist their Anti-Christ Shepherds, they are to be considered enemies of Jesus Christ by the Vatican politburo named Francis, Parolin et al.

    Indeed, they must as always, entrust themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ, except this time they do not have ‘His Church’ supporting them in that trust but actively working against it.

    Pope Francis recently preached on one needing to realize that they will Die (without mentioning Divine Judgement or Heaven and Hell) indeed, I pray that he realizes that he is indeed going to die and is filled with holy terror at the punishment that awaits him if he does not repent.

  5. Will these then ” new state appointed shepherds” denounce mandatory abortions for many women in their homeland?

    I didn’t think so.

    The leader of Christ’s Church on earth has just handed a part of Christ’s Church over to???????, who most assuredly will be in full cooperation with the regime.
    In high school, we used to call someone like that ” a rat”.

  6. ‘conversion, mercy and trust’??? …..Ugh!! ‘conversion, mercy and trust’ right into the ‘reeducation camps’!!!! Who are these people trying to kid???

    • Personally, I don’t think they are trying to kid anyone with that lingo.
      Only a fool would be given to believe this explanation: it is merely ” small talk”.
      The bigger picture, which they are telegraphing quite clearly is that the ” new Church” desires to be one with the world…….completely.

  7. The Communist Church serves Satan! The Communist Church is a Fake Church with no Apostolic Succession! Fake Church! Fake Sacraments! Bergoglio is the Destroyer!

    • ….and a liar and a deceiver and a Communist and a dictator and a traitor to Jesus Christ. George Orwell couldn’t have concocted a more telling plot.

      But we need not be surprised by these developments. The Communist government in China are Bergoglio’s comrades.

  8. I wish “unconditional surrender” could be considered an accurate description of what has happened between the Bergoglian Vatican and the repressive Chinese. Unfortunately, “calculated collaboration” might be a little closer to the mark.

  9. When Bergoglio raided the Peter’s Pence piggybank to send a fat check to Hillary Clinton, he knew he was sending a donation to a known persecutor of Christians.

    Only one person in public life (and he is not a Catholic bishop) has had the courage to say that Hillary Clinton hates Catholics.

    Bergoglio wants to destroy the Catholic Church everywhere. In China, the government will help him. In the U.S., the current administration will not help him. Which is why he donated to the candidate he thought would do so.

  10. Just like “God wanted” the disarming of the Christeros too, right?

    Perhaps Parolin meant “The God of Surprises”tm.

    Who for all we know is actually Xi Jinping.

    And also I recall that “God wanted” the clergy of France to swear oaths to the revolutionary National Constituent Assembly and join the officially authorized Constitutional Clergy? And then legalized divorce and took control of the birth, death, and marriage registers away from the Church.

    The King of France didn’t consecrate France to the Sacred Hart of Jesus, right? And 100 years later, Pope Pius VI faced the same dilemma… that the Pope of 2018 faces today, coincidentally, 100 years after another Consecration failure to another Heart… hmmmm… what was it I wonder…?

    Except back then Pius VI said, “No”, whereas the current one says, “Yes!”

  11. Who needs anymore of this double-talk from the Vatican? Where everything is a lie why bother trying to analyze? Why bother commenting. We need some kind of action now. Like a commitment by all readers to defund Papal and USCCB initiatives. Anybody for that? Anybody for action? Now?

    • Writing from England… it’s a long time since I’ve given any money or support of any kind to any agency of the English bishops’ conference, or to Peter’s Pence. As “action”, that’s pretty minimal.

      But what action is possible, apart from prayer, and supporting the faithful remnant?

      • Thanks Simon. Agree. My deal is trying not to get overly perplexed about the on-going devastation to orthodoxy. Taking some sort confrontational action at least makes me feel like I’m doing something aside from what you mentioned in closing.

  12. The upside-down Cross is an occult, satanic symbol. We are witnessing today the truths of the Church being turned on their head one after another. Diabolical disorientation indeed!

  13. “if you really love the Church and have always been concerned about obeying the Magisterium when previous popes issued encyclicals, you need to honor the magisterium now by obeying Pope Francis.”

    So, Francis IS the Catholic faith; and the Catholic faith IS Francis. What a monstrosity of metaphysics.

    Drain the Vatican swamp!

    • You jogged my memory:

      Save Your people, O Lord, and bless Your inheritance. Grant victory to Your Church over her enemies, and protect Your people by Your Cross.

      Tone 1, Troparion of the Holy Cross (sung on the Third Sunday of the Great Fast, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and almost every Wednesday anr Friday of the year with a few exceptions).

  14. Let’s stand up and pray for the Chinese Popiełuszkos and Mindszentys the Vatican is actually handing over to the superintending oppressive regime.

  15. ” Now, the best way to honor this testimony and make it fruitful in the present, is to entrust the present life of Catholic communities in China to the Lord Jesus. But this cannot be done in a spiritualistic and disembodied way. This is done by choosing fidelity to the Successor of Peter, with a spirit of filial obedience, even when not everything appears immediately clear and understandable.” The implication of this newspeak is that Jesus agrees with the Chinese Communist Party, an entity with the blood on its hands of way more than 45 million innocent human beings. The Chinese Communist Party can ‘boast’ of its status as the premier mass murderer in all human history. []

    Somehow I don’t think Jesus wants to be associated with this entity in any way, despite what the sycophantic nincompoop Parolin may say.

  16. Where are these governmental bishops coming from? Who ordained them as priests, then as bishops ?
    If the bishop who ordained these men was actually excommunicated, or if his ordination itself was invalid, then these two bishops neither are priests nor even less bishops.

  17. Parolin sounds full of sophisms, as a faker; too much talking; parole, parole, parole.

    . . . this is what God wants – that phrase is the authoritative argument.
    Does God want to subscribe the new pattern where the loyal and legitimate prelates must step down to become emeriti, so that the most ambitious and twisted clerics get their positions?
    The Bishop of Rome said that are the communists those who really think as Christians. Then, this is not what God wants, but what he wants, although he is neither God nor his Son.

      • Parole parole
        The song is an easy listening
        dialogue of Mina’s singing with Alberto Lupo’s declamation. The song’s
        theme are hollow words. It intertwines the female singer’s lamentation
        of the end of love and the lies she has to hear, while the male actor
        simply speaks. She reacts and scoffs at the compliments that he gives
        her, calling them simply empty words – parole.

  18. I cannot imagine any reason for this act of craven, immoral, naive stupidity other than the sympathy of the current Vatican regime for totalitarian communist regimes – Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia et all would be other examples. Post-modernism has no coherent philosophical system of its own and relies on neo-marxism to put forward a putatively viable alternative to Christian civilization and this is where Francis and Parolin have pitched their post-modern tent. Capitulation to the CCP is just their next phase in this “new paradigm”.

    The CCP is a totally untrustworthy interlocutor who keep to none of their agreements whether they be trade, territorial, economic or political in nature. Whatever they have promised to the Vatican will not come about – its all smoke and mirrors to demoralize and destroy the faithful. They don’t need to keep any agreement with the Vatican because the Vatican has absolutely nothing to offer them that they are interested in. The ONLY dog the Vatican had in this fight is the faith and goodwill of Chinese Catholics and now this has been thrown under the bus by these traitors. Dante put the sin of betrayal in the lowest circle of hell and that is exactly what Parolin and Francis deserve. I suppose we should pray for their repentance and conversion, but I am half minded to pray for God’s justice to be seen to be done.

  19. It’s all about the “legacy”. Francis wants to be remembered as the Pope who solved the China issue and normalized Sino-Vatican relations. As a reward, he anticipates an official invitation to visit China, to go where no pope has previously gone and he sees himself riding in on a large white horse to the acclaim of the chattering classes in the West as well as the Chinese government and a large part of the Chinese population.

    Not the Underground Church of course but hey, there’s not too many of them anyway and you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, right?

  20. And yet you at 1PV still call the communist in the Vatican “Pope” what a joke.
    Call him what he is: an anti-pope – an imposter – an apostate…

  21. The Chinese Catholics being thrown under the bus by Pope Francis are probably “traditionalist” Catholics. Based upon his statements and actions to date, Pope Francis regards traditionalist Catholics as Pharisee-like, rigid, narrowminded, stone-hearted people.

    On the other hand, at least since the time he worked in a chemical laboratory in Argentina, where his supervisor was a female atheist communist, the man who became Pope Francis has been at the very least sympathetic with the communist view of things which favors strict state controls of economic activities and forced redistribution of wealth based upon the hope and expectation that this will better the lot of “little people” during their sojourn here on earth.

    This attitude would tend to predispose Pope Francis to look with favor upon the “Patriotic” “Catholic” church in China, and to look with disfavor upon the underground Catholic Church in China, including Cardinal Zen.

  22. Francis shows as much concern for the Chinese Catholics as he does for traditional Catholics. Which is to say, not much. He and his No. 2, Cardinal “Paradigm”, master of verbosity and doublespeak, sold them out according to plan. Now there is nothing stopping the Chinese government from cracking down on those faithful who attend the true mass, because the pope has essentially abandoned them. This is not a capitulation by the Vatican, but a collaboration. Young Jorge may have studied chemistry in college, but he majored in communism.

  23. “Is the Vatican “Surrendering to China”?”
    The answer is YES!

    “The chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences praised the ‘extraordinary’ Communist state
    “Right now, those who are best implementing the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese,” a senior Vatican official has said…”

    And of course:
    “Beijing paper praises Pope Francis’s ‘wisdom’ on Chinese bishops”


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