I’m on the Catholic Phoenix Podcast!

I’ve been absolutely terrible about podcasting this year. Between travelling (a lot!) to take care of family on the other end of the country, a move that is still in progress, being in temporary accomodations on and off for way too long, etc., finding a quiet space to set up my equipment and record has been next to impossible (and I’m OCD about getting production values right.)

After meeting Doug Connelly of Catholic Phoenix on one of my journeys, he cajoled me into making time for a sit down. I evicted all the kids, fired up the trusty studio mic, and had a chat with him earlier this week. We talked about the origins of 1P5 and why I chose to dive into this as my full time job, as well as a pretty in-depth discussion of the timeline that led up to Amoris Laetitia and where we are now.

It was a good discussion, even if Doug caught me monologuing again. (Put a microphone in my face and I can’t shut up.) You can see the podcast page here, or subscribe to the Catholic Phoenix podcast on iTunes here.

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