At a Historic Crossroads, What Should Americans Pray For?

Last night, I posted this message on my various social media accounts. I wanted to share it with you, too:

Tonight as I sat to pray the rosary with my boys, I prayed for our country and for this election. But I became suddenly aware that I couldn’t pray for justice or prosperity without caveat; for if we receive justice, we will be chastised. If we receive prosperity, there will be no catalyst to return us to virtue.

Nothing but hardship, loss, and desperation, I found myself realizing with alarm, is likely to turn us back to God.

But I do not wish to endure such times, and I do not wish my children to see them, so I prayed instead that we will be given a victory we do not deserve. I prayed for the conversion of civil leaders who are hard of heart. I prayed that somehow the blessing of abundance that we seek would not also keep us on a path away from our eternal home.

We do not deserve a better, greater America, but I prayed for one anyway. If God grants us this unmerited gift, may He also give us hearts that will strive to earn it.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of the United States of America, ora pro nobis!

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