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German Protestant Theologian: Cardinal Müller Refused to Head Up Female Deacon Commission

Image: Professor Thomas Schirrmacher (By Christliches Medienmagazin pro, via Wikimedia Commons)

Today, the Austrian Catholic website published an interview with Professor Thomas Schirrmacher who is a prominent German Protestant theologian and Associate General Secretary of the World Evangelical Alliance; and he has as such also participated at both Family Synods in Rome in 2014 and 2015. According to, Schirrmacher has manifold contacts within the Vatican and with different Catholic personalities also due to his engagement in certain life issues. He has, additionally, repeatedly met and talked with Pope Francis, and he even published a book about these meetings, entitled: Coffee Breaks with Pope Francis.

This interview is of importance because Professor Schirrmacher reveals here several pieces of background information that might be helpful in understanding better the circumstances of Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller’s recent dismissal from the position as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Professor Schirrmacher explains in the interview that new the Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine (CDF), Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, S.J., has been helping Pope Francis in his theological writings since 2013 and thus has been, effectively, already the “theological chief counselor of the pope.” Thus, says the German theologian, “it is only consequent” that Archbishop Ladaria has now this official position. What Schirrmacher reveals is that Ladaria had been already intimately involved in some of the theological publications of then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, for example the CDF document Dominus Jesus and the text on the question of the existence of Limbus (Limbo). Schirrmacher stresses also that Ladaria and Pope Francis have in common that they both studied, for a while, under the same teachers in at the Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology in Frankfurt, Germany.

When discussing the possible differences between Cardinal Müller and Pope Francis, Schirrmacher points out that it was the cardinal himself who refused to head up the new exploratory commission on a female diaconate: “Müller rejected it; he saw it as an entrance door for the topic of the ordination of women.” [my emphasis] Later during that same interview, Professor Schirrmacher repeats this statement that “Cardinal Müller had rejected the commission on the female diaconate.”

When further describing Cardinal Müller’s own theological positions, Schirrmacher insists that the German cardinal was “in certain areas more conservative, in others not.” He explains, saying:

His book The Mass opens up much room for ecumenical understanding and [it] rejects any all-too-materialistic [sic] conceptions of the Transubstantiation. He knew well Liberation Theology and approved of it, yes, even studied it intensively over many years.

Moreover, Professor Schirrmacher – who knows Cardinal Müller personally and well – describes, from his own experience (also as a member of the German-speaking group) during the second Family Synod in 2015, how the German cardinal was willing to find a compromise for the sake of unity:

Cardinal Müller was certainly always also attentive to the dignity of the papal office and the unity of the Church and has been involved – I was able to experience it in part myself – in avoiding a breach at the Synod. In spite of great concerns, he agreed upon the compromise.” [my emphasis]

This statement confirms what we have earlier reported, namely Cardinal Müller’s decisive role in a compromise in the important German-speaking group (to include Cardinal Walter Kasper and Cardinal Christoph Schönborn) concerning the “remarried” and divorced at the 2015 Synod that then enabled Pope Francis to write Amoris Laetitia with a more liberalizing orientation. It also confirms Cardinal Müller’s desire for unity which seems to have been supported at the time even by the ex-pope Benedict himself. (This story has never been officially denied by the Vatican, even though it had been first reported by Marco Ansaldo from La Repubblica, and based on a very good source.)

Professor Schirrmacher shows his own sympathy with Cardinal Müller when he describes him as a “German outsider within the Italian machinery” and a “victim of the cliques at the Vatican” because he was not himself a “politician.” Moreover, Schirrmacher thinks that Müller was dismissed from his position as the Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine because he had expressed his criticism of the pope in public, something that, in Schirrmacher’s eyes, no superior would accept for an extended period of time.

Interestingly, however, Schirrmacher at the same time criticizes Müller for his “more absolute understanding of the papal office than Francis, and perhaps also of Pope Benedict.” The German Protestant theologian – who has completely read Müller’s recent book on the papacy – sees that Müller “places the papal office too high.”

It is important to keep in mind that Professor Schirrmacher, as a Protestant, will have some different opinions about doctrinal and theological matters from those of a loyal Catholic. He also does not seem to be concerned about the theological direction into which Pope Francis now apparently leads the Catholic Church. However, this German Protestant professor’s revelations about the background of certain equivocal developments in the Vatican – and especially in the CDF – should still be of illuminating worth for our readers. As many Catholic observers have said in recent months, Cardinal Müller’s critique of the Dubia Cardinals was based on his understanding of the papal office, which seemed to put personal loyalty to a pope above loyalty to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Some of us would respond, in any case, that the basis of unity is truth.

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89 thoughts on “German Protestant Theologian: Cardinal Müller Refused to Head Up Female Deacon Commission”

  1. “”I was able to experience it in part myself – in avoiding a breach at the Synod. In spite of great concerns, he agreed upon the compromise.””

    This is the essence of the failure of Conciliar Catholicism – being prepared to compromise truth in order to maintain the appearance of a false unity. Of course without truth there is no unity so the compromise falls short both in its intent and its effect.

    I hope Cardinal Muller recants this compromise and learns that you cannot throw over Christ for the sake of appeasing a despot and expect anything good to come of it. Unity at all costs has never been the Catholic way – what has Christ to do with Belial?

    • You’ve nailed it, Reverend Deacon. But please, please, remember that what you call “conciliar catholicism” – nothing more, nothing less than a mix of truth and error – is a parody of Catholicism, i.e. no Catholicism at all.
      Please correct me if I’m wrong but, as far as Cardinal Müller is concerned, there are, apparently, many more errors that he must recant – i.e. errors dealing with the dogma of the Transsubstantiation, the dogma of the perpetual virginity of the Holy Mother of God, etc.
      Parce, Domine!

          • “A running camera would not have been able to make an audio-visual recording of either the Easter manifestations of Jesus in front of his disciples, nor of the Resurrection event, which, at its core, is the consummation of the personal relation of the Father to the incarnate Son in the Holy Ghost.

            In contrast to human reason, animals and technical devices are not capable of a transcendental experience and thus also lack the ability to be addressed by the Word of God through perceptible phenomena and signs. Only human reason in its inner unity of categoricality [sic] and transcendentality [sic] is determinable by the Spirit of God to enable it to perceive in the sensory cognitive image (triggered by the manifestation event) the person-reality of Jesus as the cause of this sensory-mental cognitive image.”

            (Gerhard L. Müller, Katholische Dogmatik, 8th ed. [Freiburg: Herder, 2010], p. 300.

          • Hmmm… I don’t think that’s quite as clear cut as saying he doesn’t believe in it. I can see it being interpreted either way. That said, that’s some pretty bad theology…

          • This is the method of the modernists. They throw a lot of bs intellectual-sounding terminology around, and bury the heresy within it.

            He is saying that the Resurrection was a transcendental experience; merely a sensory phantasm in the imaginations of the disciples. A nearby cow or bird would have seen nothing at all, according to this heretic. Neither would a camera or microphone have recorded anything, because there was no physical, bodily event to capture.

            It’s not bad theology, Jafin. It’s pure heresy. He doesn’t believe what the Church believes and teaches.

            It’s a quite surprising that you would even give this any leeway. Giving this diabolical crap half a chance is why we are where we are.

          • ‘In our last lecture we saw how Modernism deals with dogma, and we took as an illustration the dogma of Christ’s resurrection. The Modernist’s method is to accept the dogma, and to accept the very terms in which it is stated, and then to interpret them in his own way. Thus, in the example cited, a Modernist, like a Catholic, would profess his belief in Christ’s resurrection. he would say it is quite true. But if you ask him in what sense true, he would answer: “Not true to fact, not true historically, but true in another sense, and that other sense two-fold. First, it is true symbolically, as a symbol of truth.” And if you ask: “What is that truth of which Christ’s resurrection is a symbol?” the Modernist answers: “The truth that the divine personality of Jesus cannot die.” That, in the first place, is the truth which the Modernist tells us the dogma of Christ’s resurrection conveys to him. And this is a truth of a theoretical or speculative kind. But, besides this, he tells us that the dogma conveys to him a practical truth also, and that practical truth he states thus: “Jesus is risen, means deal with Him as you would have done before His death, as you deal with a contemporary.”

            For both these reasons, then, the Modernist assures us, the dogma of Christ’s resurrection is to be called true. (Modernism and Modern Thought / by J.M. Bampton, S.J.)

          • Modernism is the “synthesis of all heresies” according to St Pius X. The worst assault the Church has ever faced. Nothing is left untouched.

          • It is generally understood by historians and theologians that Pope St.Pius X overreacted with regards to what he called Modernism. It was an effort by a few theologians to buy into some theories in vogue among Protestants such as Schleirmacher and Sabatier, who considered revelation to be a kind of emotional experience of the heart. I cannot see how it was the “synthesis of all heresies”. What did it have to do with Arrianism, Nestorianism, Monophysitism, the Eucaristic heresy of Berengarius of Tours who thought that Christ is only symbolically present in the Eucharist. And so on. Many historiasn and theologians consider that the wors assualt the Church ever faced was Gnosticism. The one with the most nefarious effects was the Protestant Reformation, as it involved a long list of heresies. . Respectfully, I don’t think the judgment expressed by St. Pus X is borne out by the history of dogma. I understand that he would state that at the time, and he did a good service to the Church in rejecting the errors involved. During Pope Pius X’s Pontificate, under the auspices of his Secretary of State, Cardinal Merry del Vals, a system of spying and squealing on professors was established. It was called Sodalitio Piana. It was abolished by his successor Pope Benedict XV and Merry del Val was removed from his post and this pope began a more open attitude towards Biblical studies which came to full fruittion with Pope Pius XII’s encyclical Divino Afflante Spiritu of 1943. There was a negative environment of suspicion regarding Catholic Biblical Scholars using the the historical critical method as a legitimate tool for understanding te Bible. All that changed with Pius XII. So, it is not unusual for one Pope to change what his predecessor had established, not of curse in doctriinal matters.
            I would recommend that those who comment on sites like this refrain from making rash judgments on theologians as they may not have the sufficient training in theology to make such judgments. It may well be a lack of charity.

          • I’ve been around the block enough times to see diabolical deception wrapped up in an air of genteel, sophisticated, pseudo-intellectual nonsense. The effeminacy is sickening, especially in a time such as this. We need men and women to stand up to expose and refute the lies that are everywhere.

            You are welcome to pursue your restrained chin stroking approach if you like. You’ll do great in polite society, and I hope you enjoy yourself. I’ll just call out the modernist crap – which passes itself off as Catholicism – for what it is.

          • ‘It is generally understood by historians and theologians that Pope St.Pius X overreacted with regards to what he called Modernism.’ This appeal to anonymous ‘experts’ (Argumentum ad Verecundium) may be countered by an appeal to 612 orthodox, Thomistic trained priests who would claim the opposite.

            With the rise of the scientific age and by the time of Nietzsche’s ‘The Antichrist’ those who still believed in Christ and his message were considered morons. Some Catholics were embarrassed by this avalanche of criticism and opted for a faith without knowledge. By the turn of the 20th century Modernism emerged to attack the Church’s historic faith in Christ. Modernism was the effort of Catholic scholars captivated by contemporary philosophy and science, to modernise the Church by applying to its teachings and practices the principles
            of Kantian subjectivism. (The Catholic Catechism, John A Hardon SJ).

            Pope St Pius X wrote in his encyclical Pascendi ‘the Modernist sustains and includes within himself a manifold personality; he is a philosopher, a believer, a theologian, an historian, a critic, an apologist, a reformer. These roles must be clearly distinguished one from another by all who would accurately understand their system and thoroughly grasp the principles
            and the outcome of their doctrines.

            Regarding the ‘synthesis of all heresies’. Pope St Pius X wrote ‘and now with Our eyes fixed upon the whole system, no one will be surprised that We should define it to be the synthesis of all heresies. Undoubtedly, were anyone to attempt the task of collecting together all the errors that have been broached against the faith and to concentrate into one the sap and substance of them all, he could not succeed in doing so better than the Modernists have done. (Pascendi)

            Fr. Calmel, O.P., gave a panoramic view of the question of Modernism in its theological, moral, spiritual, and tactical aspects:

            ‘The classic heretic—Arius, Nestorius, Luther—even if he had some wistful desire to remain
            in the Catholic Church, did everything necessary to be ousted. He fought openly against Divine Revelation, the sacred deposit of which is guarded by the Church. The heretic, or more accurately the Modernist apostate like a Loisy or Teilhard de Chardin, deliberately rejects the whole doctrine of the Church, but desires to remain in the Church and takes the necessary measures to stay in. He dissembles and feigns with the hope of changing the Church in the long run—or, as the Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin wrote, to rectify the Faith — from the inside. The Modernist has in common with other heretics the rejection of Catholic Revelation. But he differentiates himself from other heretics, because he hides this rejection. We must insist on this: the Modernist is an apostate and a traitor.’

            The Church is in a shambles, sacramentally, theologically, missiologically, politically, and devotionally. Modernism, the root cause of the crisis, is described by Belgian philosopher Marcel de Corte as the sewer of all heresies ─ a spiritual degradation more profound than anything the Church has experienced in history, a cancerous sickness in which the cells multiply fast in order to destroy what is still healthy in the Mystical Body. It is an attempt to transform the Kingdom of God into the Kingdom of Man, to substitute for the Church consecrated to the worship of God a Church dedicated to the cult of Humanity. This is the most dreadful, the most terrible of heresies.

          • But you describe the problem perfectly. This heresy is insidious. It’s all about the perversion of language and meaning. Pius X was not able to go far enough as it turns out because Satan simply carried on in the guise of those few theologians, and in the hearts of those who wanted open rebellion in the Church. And in the hearts of weaker popes too.

            It’s ALL BAD. God Himself has permitted this synthesis of all heresies to flourish for two reasons: 1) to show us that this world is not our ‘heaven’ and 2) to show us just what we must believe, and what we must reject.

            So you think Modernism is just one more heresy that will pass like those you mentioned? Look around! The Holy Father himself has succumbed to it. Cardinals and Bishops, and priests, are arguing in public about the very marrow of our Faith. No problem? No worse than Arianism? This too will pass? How many millions of souls no longer believe and no long practice any faith at all? How bad does it have to get to convince you see that this is the final battle?

          • Thanks, this is helpful to understand how Muller can say what he does, and we can be confused because we don’t know the hidden meaning HE attributes to his nice-sounding words.

          • We don’t have to work out hidden meanings. We don’t have to read minds. We are neither capable nor allowed to do so. All we can judge is the manifest externals. When we do that with Mueller, we get a heretic, pure and simple.

            The Church thinks like this. Because she is a visible society, the Congregation of the faithful, then this automatically excludes public heretics – men who visibly deny the Faith that the Church believes and teaches.

            Public heretics are not Catholics.

            Mueller is a public heretic.

            Therefore Mueller is not a Catholic.

            If someone thinks that the Church can be governed by non-Catholics, then there’s not much hope for them.

          • If that is what he’s saying, then yes absolutely, that’s heresy. It’s strange and roundabout enough that it’s possible he’s saying something else. I’m not defending him out of some sort of loyalty to Mueller. He’s been orthodox enough that I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and, if I had the means, to give him the opportunity to defend himself. I also know that you find his very ordination doubtful, and that all or nearly all of the post-Vatican II clergy (if they are such) to be a bunch of modernists and none faithful as well… so there’s that.

            Giving the crap half a chance is why we’re here. Giving people half a chance is not.

          • When we see a man profess such outrageous heresies, it is not charity to give him the benefit of the doubt. We don’t wonder if a wolf is killing sheep because he thinks they’re not sheep, or whether he’s truly hungry or doesn’t really enjoy eating them. It doesn’t matter. He’s tearing g them to pieces regardless.

            Mueller knows the way the Church understands the Resurrection. He knows the dogma of Transubstantitation. (See my post to Michael Dowd nearby where I put up quotes from his heretical book in the Mass). He publicly denies them, and he’s the standard of orthodoxy in the Novus Ordo structure. No, we don’t give any quarter to these people, at least that’s what Catholics used to do.

            The new rite of Orders is not really the issue here though. But, while it’s on the side of the table for the moment, I still can’t get around the major problems with it. I wish I could.

          • “Orthodox enough?” What does that mean? Muller is to be orthodox in all points. How much poison will you accept in your glass of water? No, this is foolishness. If Muller thinks that unity is more important that what God Himself has revealed the hell with him.

            “Catholicism is the law of life, the life of the intelligence, the solution of all problems. Catholicism is the truth, and everything that departs from it ONE IOTA, is disorder, deception and ERROR.” (Juan Donoso Cortes)

            If Muller deviates ONE IOTA from the Faith he is in error – period.

          • What is wrong with the paragraph you quote? Are you trying to say it is “Modernism”. Is Modernismm a catch all with which you wnat to condemn those whose writings you don’t understand?

          • I’ve already said what’s wrong with it and I would not have been able to do that if I didn’t understand it.

            I know who you are and what your objective is, Thomas J. Keep up that restrained, intellectual air. Keep using it to defend your heretical overlords.

          • “The Ancient Doctors knew the capacity of innovators in the art of deception. In order not to shock the ears of Catholics, they sought to hide the subtleties of their tortuous manoeuvres by the use of seemingly innocuous words such as would allow them to insinuate error into souls in the most gentle manner.

            Once the truth had been compromised, they could, by means of slight changes or additions in phraseology, distort the confession of the faith which is necessary for our salvation, and lead the faithful by subtle errors to their eternal damnation. This manner of dissimulating and lying is vicious, regardless of the circumstances under which it is used.”

            Pope Pius VI, Auctorem Fidei

          • The empty tomb seems to have been accepted by all…so the body was gone from a closed and guarded tomb. The glorified body which has mystical properties and which mere humans will have after the final resurrection,
            is what was witnessed after Christ’s Resurrection’ which had been accomplished by his own Divine power. Christ seemed to choose who would see him; the scriptures say that number was about 500. The glorified body was material, Jesus ate with the Apostles and Thomas touched his wounds. Christ, united with his glorified body, after 40 days ascended by his own Divine power into heaven .

          • Absolutely 100% certain.

            Introducing the one and only Gerhard Mueller:


            It kind of bursts the bubble that the neoconservative mainstream Catholic media spin says about him, doesn’t it?

            Did you think he was good? So did I, once upon a time. Reading more widely in these dark times is essential. There are traitors in many influential places.

            He’s not an “orthodox defender of the Faith”, at least not the Catholic Faith. Cardinal Mueller is a full blown public heretic.

      • Cardinal Muller’s writing on these 2 Dogmas is at least confusing and seems to blur if not obliterate the essential material meaning of each.

  2. Such a shame.

    How did the Church leaders get so disorientated so as to have faith serve the virtue of obedience?
    Many, good and well intentioned laity have fallen into that same disorientation, as well as priests and bishops.

    I have always marveled and greatly respected the obedience given throughout the hierarchy.
    But, it seems things have gotten turned around here: Faith can never be the servant of obedience, even…..when the threat to the papacy or the unity of the Church may result. And that would NEVER happen, for God is always faithful to those who are faithful to Him.

    So hard to have such trust in the Holy Ghost, when one chooses to put Christ ahead of all else. I understand this.
    But,,,it is wrong and fool hearty. Too much book work and philosophical studies have weakened many prelates and turned squishy into mushy characters. They must trust the Holy Spirit more.

    • Yes. Have we forgotten that Luther’s heresies were answered perfectly before Trent, during Trent, and after Trent by holy Cardinals, Bishops and priests? But they let him go. How to keep him? So he was left after much effort to bring him and his followers back.

      The Rebellion was used by God to bring out all the truths Luther tried to make false. It was a golden opportunity really. Just as in our own day there are many who teach and preach and write the truth in response to Francis and 100 years of Modernism. This is a GOOD thing planned by God so He could bring out good from the evil He allows.

      As long as we keep the Faith we can be saved. The others, the ones with itchy ears who listen to a new gospel promulgated by Satan in disguise? God is letting them go in their own inventions. He wants us to cling to this Cross and endure.

  3. Cardinal Mueller is a modernist heretic. Period. Pope Pius X would have called him such (and every Pope before him). Either Pius X is right or we are wrong in our views concerning the nature of the Conciliar and post-Conciliar chaos of the past 50 years. Attempting to parse the theological positions of hierarchs in order to shoehorn them into an orthodox slipper is a colossal waste of time. Any other position is cooperation with diabolical disorientation.

    I’m at a point where I’m not even angry at these poor excuses for men and bishops. I want us all to get to heaven some day. But it’s time to be very frank in assessments. The devil is playing mind games with us — and he’s using these so-called “conservatives” to do it. We’re tying ourselves up in intellectual knots and turning our minds into pretzels. The Modernists have been in control for 50 years; the effort was spearheaded by a homosexual cabal who were probably either enthusiastic regarding their revolutionary role of transforming Holy Church into an effeminate limp wristed institution of compromised intellectual honesty and moral authority, or they were blackmailed into cooperating.

    We need saints — and an unambiguous intervention by Our Lord and Our Lady. There is no other path.

    • The only way the crisis in the Church and the world will end is when 1) the Holy Father reveals the Third Secret of Fatima (I.e. the exact words of Our Lady which follow: “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved…”) and 2) when the Holy Father orders and makes in union with all the bishops of the world the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

      God gave us the prescription for peace through Our Lady. As GKC wrote (and Bishop Sheen quoted him), if the doctor prescribes medicine for you, it doesn’t matter if you let it sit on the night stand next to your bed or throw it out the window, you won’t get well as long as you don’t take it. When you take it, then you’ll get well.

      The Church and the world are grievously ill. Let’s listen to the “Physician of souls and bodies” (Divine Liturgy).

      • The 3rd Secret has already been revealed in reality.
        —The utter devastation of the Church since Vatican II where Modernism prevailed.
        —The the very questionable presence of Pope Francis who appears to be heretical and has done nothing about the corruption in the Vatican that so troubled Pope Benedict.
        —The only question remaining is the timing of the divine punishment.

        • “—The only question remaining is the timing of the divine punishment.”

          Ask the mullahs and imams.

          They must have the schedule of events at least in draft form by now with the finalized copy ready for publication very soon .

          • Excellent point RodH. Islam could very well be used by God as His wrath. They are certainly up to the job and, even better for the mullahs, the potential victims are inviting them in. God has blinded much of the Western world to truth since the Western world will not speak the truth about God.

          • When it comes, keep your eye on ebay!

            What they don’t destroy they might sell. If so there might be some good deals on Michaelangelo stuff and I think it would be pretty neat to have a medieval bishop’s mitre on the knick-knack shelf.

          • In this case {I shudder to think of it} that satire might turn out to be the bald, honest truth.

            Our Muslim enemies in the “Caliphate” have already been reported to have sold online ancient artifacts looted from historical sites in the Middle East.

            So it is entirely possible they would do the same thing with some of the goodies snatched up from the Vatican. Maybe a Curial representative or even the Pope who is in good standing with the conquerors in the Religion of Peace could provide full detailed descriptions of the sale items. That’s always nice when shopping on ebay.

          • I think only those inspired to do so would believe it. Broadly speaking I agree with you If the secret concerned corruption in the Church it would not be released, but if found out somehow, would be denied or misrepresented, which our present situation. My position is that the facts of the Church’s condition speak for themselves to those who wish to see and is consistent with Our Lady’s messages at Fatima, LaSallette, Our Lady of Good Success(Quito, Ecuador)

        • It may have been revealed in reality, but it doesn’t change the fact that God wants the Third Secret (I.e. the exact words Our Lady spoke on July 13, 1917, NOT the vision) to be revealed.

          The late Fr. Malachi Martin said that when the Third Secret IS revealed, the churches will be packed with long lines of people for confession.

          • Thanks Margaret. I hope Malachi is right. Maybe he really means when the Third Secret is executed by divine intervention rather than merely revealed. I believe it is going to take an Act of God for the 3rd Secret to be revealed.

    • Well, the Saints do tell us that lusts of various kinds darken the intellect, and allow the poor blinded brain to embrace all kinds of heretical thought – you know what lusts I’m talking about? Gluttony, sexual licence, sodomy.

      We are all foodies now instead of fasters. We believe in screwing everything in sight as long as we don’t actually rape anyone, and we believe we can sodomize each other because it feels good.

      Sorry for the straight talk but we are all adults here and it’s time for straight talk.

  4. When I saw the ‘three’ lightening strikes over the Vatican after Benedict resigned and Bergoglio took over, I knew this was a sign from Our Mighty Savior for what was coming in His Church in the near future…..and the mother of God has been warning mankind for centuries now; Our Lady of Good Success, Our Lady of Akita, LaSallette, Fatima… The recent Eclipse of the Sun, as beautiful as it was, was also meant as a warning for what is to come

  5. I think Muller is a good and orthodox Catholic, and serving under a heretical pope was no longer possible. Francis will end in a disaster.

    • You’ve nailed it. We need to hear from Cardinal Muller as this article is one of DISinfor-
      mation that paints him as a compromiser. NONSENSE! His 5 year position at the Vatican was not renewed because he and 3 priests on his team were dropped by Pope Francis who claims to welcome “dialogue.” When asked by Muller just why the priests were let go, the pope’s answer was “because I am pope”!!

      • He is not some “tireless defender of orthodoxy”. He’s just another disgraceful, filthy heretic. He’s neither a friend of Catholics, nor one himself. Please read more widely.

        • I have read an extensive interview of Cardinal Mueller in the August 3, 2017 issue of The Wanderer and learned that he took issue with the rigging of the Marriage Synods as well as the intentionally confusing section 8 of Amoris Latitsia. Three young priests who served on CFD who did not agree w/thecpope were removed. When Cdl. asked why?, Francis’ response was a curt “Because I am the pope.”

          Could it be that there are two Cdls. naned Mueller as there are Schoenburgh–one orthodox, one heretical? for you to vecso deceived?


          • So he’s right about marriage, but if he denies the bodily Resurrection and Transubstantiation, he’s still a public heretic. There’s no need to be nice to heretics, to make excuses for them, especially on fundamental articles of Faith.

    • You have some wider reading ahead of you if you think Mueller is a good and orthodox Catholic!

      He’s a terrible, scummy heretic. Don’t believe the “mainstream Catholic” fake news spin about him. He’s dangerous.

  6. “compromise for the sake of unity” … . And that explains the cowardice of at least one part of the Episcopate.

    The martyrs understood that there can be no compromise with error. None.

    Unity is first of all a unity in the Faith, on doctrine. If there is no unity in faith, there is no unity full stop.

    • And what is the compromise these guys are always seeking to make?

      Methodism. Episcopalianism. Lutheranism.

      No matter how dead, dying, crippled or pathetic those groups may be, Catholic prelates seem utterly convinced that those heretical sects with their vapid doctrines are the way of the future…

  7. O Holy Ghost, Spirit of truth, come into our hearts; shed the brightness of Thy light upon the nations, that they may please in unity of faith. (From the Raccolta).

  8. This is further evidence of the on-going corruption of the faith which has been with us for years but somewhat under the surface. We can thank Maike for her diligence in sussing out the truth from the interview in question. And what is that truth exactly? Quite simply it is more evidence of the complete Protestantization formally begun at Vatican II complete with watchdog Protestant ministers to make sure it is carried out properly.

    The above article contains supporting evidence on how far gone Catholic theology has become with this very concerning statement from Cardinal Muller his book on the Mass: ” His book The Mass opens up much room for ecumenical understanding
    and [it] rejects any all-too-materialistic [sic] conceptions of the Transubstantiation.” The implication being that there is no real Transubstantiation; just a piece of bread, a symbol. How’s that for heresy folks?

    • Excellent, Michael. Thank you for your enlightening interpretation of the Protestant’s remarks on C. Muller’s concept of the Mass.

    • It’s more than just an implication. He comes right out and says we receive bread and wine in the book. That’s public heresy. He’s not a member of the Church. He’s just another heretic in a red hat.

      • Thanks Mike. I didn’t know that. Truly the devil has taken over the Church in many respects. Our Lady has spoken of this eventuality. Now it has come. We better batten down the hatches and get ready for the worst by lots of prayer, penance and personal sacrifice.

        • Click here to read Mueller denying the dogma of Transubstantiation:

          Here is the text:

          “In reality, body and blood of Christ does not signify the physical parts of the man Jesus during his life or in his glorified body. Body and blood here signifies specifically the presence of Christ in the symbolism of bread and wine. …

          We now have communion with Jesus Christ, through the eating and drinking of the bread and wine. Just as in an interpersonal relationship, a letter can show the friendship between persons and illustrate the affection of the sender for the recipient.” …

          “The nature of these gifts can be clarified only in their relation to man. The essence of the bread and the wine, therefore, must be defined in an anthropological way. [i.e man-centered]

          The natural character of these offerings [bread and wine] as a fruit of the earth and the work of human hands, as units of natural and cultural products, is to strengthen and nourish man and the human community in the character of a common meal. … This natural essence of the bread and wine is transformed by God in the sense that this nature of bread and wine now shows and achieves salvific communion with God.”

          (G. L. Müller, Die Messe, Quelle Christlichen Lebens. Augsburg: Sankt Ulrich Verlag, 2002, pp. 139-140)

          A complete heretic. Anyone who talks like this is not a Catholic, no matter what color hat he wears.

          • Thanks Mike. Astounding. Unvarnished heresy. Proof that the Church is becoming Protestant. Cardinal Muller is the new Luther emerging from Germany. This is the fruit of Vatican II. Lord have Mercy on us all.

          • It is astounding, but one thing to remember in all this: Because the Church is a Divinely constituted, supernatural institution, she is pristine pure in her unity of faith and government.

            What this means in practice is that heretics are by their very nature automatically excluded from membership. St Robert Bellarmine talked about this. It is essential to the visible nature of the Church.

            The foundation of the visiblility of the Church is the Faith. This is why public heretics, who visibly sever their bond of Faith, leave the Church.

            So don’t worry about the Church becoming Protestant. It can’t happen. Heretics really and truly leave the Church, and if they are prelates, their offices become vacant ipso facto.

          • Thanks Mike, I agree. But what you said makes it difficult to convert folks to the Catholic faith when even the Pope has fallen victim to heresy.

            By the way, I really like TIA web site you referenced. I asked to be put on their mailing list and made a $ contribution to the cause.

          • I just say to people that something went wrong around the time of John XXIII and Paul VI, and the changes that were introduced after VII and the new “mass” are evil and are to be avoided. It’s not that difficult in my rxperience. The Church is under an unprecedented kind of attack, and the way to survive is to “hold fast to tradition” as St Paul commanded.

            If one wants to practice the Faith in all it’s integrity, he should go to the Society of St Pius X. That’s my assessment anyway.

          • Thanks Mike. Both Popes you mentioned were Progressive and sympathetic towards Communism. They made a diplomatic deal with Russia that Vatican II would not condemn Communism–among many other weaknesses.

            I agree that SSPX is a good choice under the circumstances. Right now I’m sticking with my Novus Ordo parish where the deficiencies of the Church are in plain view beginning with tabernacle-less altar, symbolic of Christ being expelled from His Church at Vatican II.

            My e-mail is [email protected] if you would like to keep in touch.

          • Oh Dear! We’re not going to start talking about poop again are we – even the Devil’s!! Leave that to Francis ;}

    • Yes. If this poor heretic (Muller) is considered a conservative, orthodox (kinda) Cardinal there is very little hope for this generation of Catholics. Imagine Francis firing him for being too dogmatic!!!! Tis to laugh.

  9. I have to say I’m not surprised, sadly. It just shows the modernity in Rome. I find it interesting that Benedict himself apparently consulted this protestant. I think this just illustrates what is really going on. Very disgusting.

  10. Catholic Prelates: Soldiers for Christ fearlessly and tirelessly scouring the battlefield for any breathing enemy combatant who will accept their capitulation…no matter how gravely wounded that enemy combatant may be…..

  11. In other words Cdl Muller chose to remain an informal heretic rather than being outed as a formal heretic… his boss. Lets face facts. The Popes and their wolves of the Conciliar Church have masterfully employed the “Modernist Heresy” to change the defacto praxis of the Catholic Church to Protestant.
    There is a severe shortage of “Catholics” and a “Catholic Mindset” in the Vatican….beginning with the Chair of Peter. If CINO applies anywhere, surely it is an apt description for the wolves occupying Rome and their counterparts in Bishops Conferences throughout the world. The fact is the Church is no longer Catholic…It’s Protestant with few if any exceptions. May God Help Us.

    • The Church is still as Catholic as it was in the Middle Ages or at Pentecost.

      Public heretics are simply not Catholics. They are not members of the Church. Public heresy and membership in the Church, the “Household of Faith” as St Paul called it, are mutually exclusive by their very natures. If they happen to have held a place of authority, they automatically lose it the moment they cease to be Catholic. The visibility of the Church depends upon this fact.

  12. “…a Protestant, will have some different opinions about doctrinal and theological matters from those of a loyal Catholic.”

    You couldn’t possibly be referring to Gerhard Mueller as the “loyal Catholic” in this statement. I take it as simply a general observation of reality.

    Mueller publicly professes foul and disgusting heresies without blinking. He denies Transubstantiation. He denies the bodily Resurrection of Our Lord. So damn what if he’s against Amoris? He’s not the good guy. He’s not orthodox.

    One cannot publicly profess heresies on such fundamental doctrines and at the same time be a visible member of the Congregation of the Faithful, i.e. the Catholic Church.

    The principle of non-contradiction prohibits it.

  13. I doubt that Ladaria has been doing ghost writing for Francis. I have read some of this books and they contian no confusion or ambiguity. I would take what that Protestant has to say with a pinch of salt. During the Ratzinger tenure at the CDF, he didn’t write any of the documents himself. I have also read Cardinal Muller’s Manual of Dogmatic Theology and there is no confusion or ambitity about it. I do agree that Muller had no time for the Commission about ordaining deaconesses. It was one of Francis’s spur of the moment reactions to a question from a nun. It seems to me that a proper governance should not proceed in such a fashion. After all, The International Theological Commisison studied it not long ago and rejected it for sound reasons. Surely, deciding to set up a commission to study a matter, already studied and rejected, in an off the cuff manner should not be a proper modus operandi.


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